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Economics of kodo-millet for high hills of Satpura plateau zone of Madhya Pradesh, India

Thakur, N.S.; Pannase, S.K.; Sawarkar, S.D.

International Journal of Tropical Agriculture 12(1-2): 36-38


Accession: 002599177

In a field experiment with kodo-millet, the treatment of seed with monosan, the line sowing, and the application of N and P improved the yield, the yield attributes and the economic gains in comparison with the traditional method of broadcasting. The mean grain yields and cost benefit ratios, respectively, were: 686 and 2.13 with N-20 and P-2O-5-20 kg/ha; 587 and 1.89 with N-10 kg and P-2O-5-10 kg/ha; and 369 and 1.37 in control (broadcasting).

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