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Effect of fertilizer application method and location on the slope on productivity of crop rotations with different anti-erosion capacity. II. Productivity of crop rotations

Klima, K.; Stupnicka Rodzynkiewicz, E.

Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej im Hugona Koataja w Krakowie, Sesja Naukowa 32(260): 169-177


Accession: 002601684

Four fodder crop rotations were grown for 5 years on slopes at 530-570 m altitude, which were divided into 3 zones (upper, middle and lower), and given different rates of NPK fertilizer to compensate for wash-down losses or uniformly on all slope zones. The highest crude protein and oat fodder unit yields were obtained in rotations including a perennial legume-grass mixture. The highest productivity for all crop rotations was obtained on the least steep, middle slope zone.

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