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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 2603

Chapter 2603 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Obradovic, V.; Rajic, I.; Obradovic, J., 1994:
Effect of grain maize silage on growth performance and health of weaned piglets

Hopkins, D.L.; Holst, P.J.; Hall, D.G., 1995:
Effect of grain or silage supplementation on meat quality attributes of cryptorchid lambs grazing lucerne or annual grass-clover pastures

Facknath, S., 1993:
Effect of grain tumbling on infestation by some insect pests

Chen, G.H.; Curtis, J.L.; Mody, C.H.; Christensen, P.J.; Armstrong, L.R.; Toews, G.B., 1994:
Effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor on rat alveolar macrophage anticryptococcal activity in vitro

Peros, J.P.; Berger, G.; Ride, M., 1995:
Effect of grapevine cultivar, strain of Xylophilus ampelinus and culture medium on in vitro development of bacterial necrosis

Suarna, M.; Ogo, T.; Lana, K.; Sukanten, W.; Putra, S.; Nitis, I.M., 1989:
Effect of grass and legume on the nodulation of Gliricidia and Leucaena in dryland farming area in Bali

Abernethy, R.J.; Mitchell, R.B., 1994:
Effect of grass-selective herbicides on certain pasture and weed species

Gauthier, G.; Hughes, R.J.; Reed, A.; Beaulieu, J.; Rochefort, L., 1995:
Effect of grazing by greater snow geese on the production of graminoids at an arctic site (Bylot Island, NWT, Canada)

Henning, W.P.; Barnard, H.H.; Venter, J.J., 1995:
Effect of grazing cycle on milk production of cows on kikuyu pasture

Conlan, D.J.; Dear, B.S.; Coombes, N.E., 1994:
Effect of grazing intensity and number of grazings on herbage production and seed yields of Trifolium subterraneum, Medicago murex, and Ornithopus compressus

Rafique, S.M., 1994:
Effect of grazing management and fertilizer application on vegetation and soil properties of a moist temperate forest range in Siran Valley (Mansehra), NWFP

Singh, S.N.; Singh, R.P.; Pandey, D.D., 1995:
Effect of grazing on biomass, productivity and nutritive value of Bermuda grass

Vladychenskiy, A.S.; Ul'yanova, T.Y.; Balandin, S.A.; Kozlov, I.N., 1995:
Effect of grazing on juniper forest soils of the southwestern Tyan-Shan region

Prasad, S., 1995:
Effect of grazing on nutritive value of Cynodon dactylon at Barbigha, Munger, Bihar

Pastor, J.; Hernandez, A.J.; Estalrich, E.; Urcelay, A.; Gonzalez, T., 1993:
Effect of grazing on plants and soil in an agrosystem previously devoted to cereals

E.Din, S.S.T., 1993:
Effect of grazing season on the productivity parameters of five range shrubs

Bindra, A.D.; Thakur, R.C., 1995:
Effect of green manuring in combination with fertilizer N, P and K on yield, nutrient uptake by paddy and disease incidence (paddy blast) in paddy-wheat crop sequence

Walia, K.K.; Mehta, N.; Gupta, D.C., 1994:
Effect of green manuring on Rhizoctonia and root-knot nematode complex on tomato

Joshi, R.C.; Haokip, D.D.; Singh, K.N., 1994:
Effect of green manuring on the physical properties of soil under a rice-wheat cropping system

Young, G.L.; Karr, B.L.; Leopold, B.D.; Hodges, J.D., 1995:
Effect of greentree reservoir management on Mississippi bottomland hardwoods

Kabeya, H., 1993:
Effect of grinding on bound water in cellulosic materials

Bengs, U.; Lonnberg, B.; Lucander, M., 1995:
Effect of grinding zone length in wood grinding

Norman, C.P., 1995:
Effect of groundwater pump management on reclaiming salinised land in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria

Nielsen, B.L.; Lawrence, A.B., 1993:
Effect of group size on the behaviour and performance of growing pigs

Janowiak, J., 1994:
Effect of growing cereals in monoculture and in crop rotation on some properties of soil organic matter

Apostol, P.A.; Borisov, A.V.; Krylov, O.N.; Novikov, V.V., 1992:
Effect of growing conditions on accumulation of nitrates in greenhouse cucumbers

Seetharama, N.; Gupta, S.C., 1993:
Effect of growing extra-short duration pigeonpeas on the performance of postrainy season sorghums

Gul, A.; Sevgican, A., 1992 :
Effect of growing media on glasshouse tomato yield and quality

Salem, S.E.; Abdel Rahman, A.M.; Myhob, M.A., 1995:
Effect of growing media on growth and leaf mineral content of sour orange rootstock seedlings

Janse, J., 1995:
Effect of growing methods on the incidence of rubber necks in cucumber fruits

Jendrzejczak, E., 1994:
Effect of growing root chicory for seed by direct sowing on different dates in relation to weather

Park, B.H.on; Park, B.S.ik, 1992:
Effect of growing season and plant density on yield components of early and late variety in silage corn

Baron, J.P., 1994:
Effect of growing temperature on the development of the grinding resistance of Lolium multiflorum Lam

Olivares, E.A.; Ortiz, S.G., 1991:
Effect of growth habit of espino (Acacia caven) on its flower and fruit production

Ouattara, S.; Weaver, D.B., 1995:
Effect of growth habit on yield components of late-planted soybean

Yeh, J.K.; Aloia, J.F.; Chen, M.; Sprintz, S., 1994:
Effect of growth hormone administration and treadmill exercise on the body composition of rats

Susanto, S.; Nakajima, Y.; Hasegawa, K., 1993:
Effect of growth hormone application on the development of parthenocarpic fruits of pummelo trees grown in a plastic house

Zwierzchowski, L.; Siadkowska, E.; Zebrowska, T., 1993:
Effect of growth hormone on the expression of beta -casein and whey acidic protein genes in rabbit mammary gland explants

Rajesh Uppal; Khosla, P.K., 1993:
Effect of growth hormones on vegetative propagation of Adhatoda vasica Nees., Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz., Murraya koenigii Spreng., Prinsepia utilis Royle and Carissa carandas Linn

Kim, K.Y.; Frank, J.F., 1994:
Effect of growth nutrients on attachment of Listeria monocytogenes to stainless steel

Lacasse, P.; Petitclerc, D.; Guilbault, L.A.; Block, E., 1992:
Effect of growth rates before and after gestation on milk yield, health, and somatomedin-C (IGF-I) and progesterone concentrations in dairy heifers

Azab, A.S.M.; Ahmed, F.M.M.; E.H.lawany, S.H.M., 1993:
Effect of growth regulator (Atonik) on growth, yield and earliness of cotton plant

Yang, Z.H.; Ludders, P., 1993:
Effect of growth regulator and media on in vitro shoot tip culture of different cultivars of mango (Mangifera indica L.) rootstocks

Trabelsi, M.; Khamassy, N.; Sayadi, D., 1993:
Effect of growth regulator application on early aubergine production

Lapa, V.V.; Bosak, V.M., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators and copper on yield and quality of winter wheat

Bhale, V.M.; Hunsigi, G., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators and cultural treatment on productivity of ratoon cane

Sekhon, N.K.; Singh, G., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators and date of sowing on grain development in wheat

Harminder Kaur; Aulakh, P.S.; Kapur, S.P.; Singh, S.N., 1990:
Effect of growth regulators and micronutrients on granulation and fruit quality of sweet orange cv. Jaffa

Dashora, L.D.; Jain, P.M., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators and phosphorus levels on growth and yield of soybean

Hore, J.K.; Sen, S.K., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators and synergists on air-layering of water apple

Shirol, A.M.; Patil, A.A., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on biochemical constituents and rooting of Ixora

Granados Friely, M.C.J.C., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on budding of sapote (Calocarpum sapota)

Sangeeta ; Varshney, K.A., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on chlorophyll contents and yield attributes in Avena sativa L

Venkatesan, K.; Mohideen, M.K., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators on fruit characters and yield of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) cv. Ganesh

Grewal, S.S.; Gurmail Singh; Dhillon, W.S., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on fruit drop and quality of fruit in ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk)

Ghosh, S.N.; Chattopadhyay, N., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators on fruit retention, yield and quality of Nagpur Santra

Song, C.Y.ung; Lee, J.S.k, 1995:
Effect of growth regulators on growth and flowering of potted camellia

Pasqual, M.; Ishida, J.S., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on in vitro proliferation of shoots in the apple rootstock MI-793

Cointry, E.L.; Mroginski, L.A.; Picardi, L.A., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on in vitro shoot formation in three explants of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Yui, E.; Pasqual, M.; Ramos, J.D.; Nagig, N.; Chalfun, J.; Ishida, J.S., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on in vitro shoot proliferation in the apple rootstock M.7

Nixon, S.E.; Wilfret, G.J., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on leaf development of caladium

Gowda, P.H.R.; Krishnan, R., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on morphological characters and solasodine content of diploid and induced autotetraploids of Solanum viarum Dunal

Jadhavar, V.T.; Jature, S.D.; Jogdand, S.D.; Ankush, G.S., 1991:
Effect of growth regulators on physico-chemical composition of Nagpur Santra (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Mujib, A.; Pal, A.K.; Jana, B.K., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on plantlet regeneration of carnation from shoot tip and node cuttings in vitro

Thukral, B.R.; Ranvir Singh; Misra, K.K.; Jaiswal, H.R., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on regulation of crop and fruit quality in lemon (Citrus limon Burm.)

Gupta, V.N., 1994:
Effect of growth regulators on rooting in Sambucus nigra L. semi-hardwood cuttings under intermittent mist

Panwar, R.D.; Gupta, A.K.; Sharma, J.R.; Rakesh, 1994:
Effect of growth regulators on rooting in bougainvillea var. Alok

Mariappan, S.; Prabakaran, J.; Sambandamoorthy, S., 1995:
Effect of growth regulators on sex expression and fruit set in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

Nucci, T.A. de; Falh, J.I.; Carelli, M.L.C.; Matthes, L.A.F., 1991:
Effect of growth regulators on the growth and flowering of pelargoniums

Parthasarathy, V.A.; Parthasarathy, U., 1993:
Effect of growth regulators on transplanted embryoids of Citrus reticulata Blanco

Bhonde, S.R.; Srivastava, K.J.; Lacchiman Ram; Pandey, U.B., 1992:
Effect of growth regulators on yield of kharif onion

Romek, B.; Dzienia, S.; Sciazko, D., 1994:
Effect of growth retardants and mineral fertilizers on the protein yield and quality of winter triticale grain

Suma, B.; Philipose Joshua, 1994:
Effect of growth retardants on tuber production of dahlia (Dahlia variabilis Desf.)

Biswas, B., 1994:
Effect of growth substances on growth, flowering and fruiting of papaya

Li, X.Z., 1992:
Effect of growth substances on pollen germination and fruit production in Camellia oleifera

Chen, S.Y.; Li, Q.R., 1993:
Effect of growth substances on the stevioside content of Stevia rebaudiana callus

Stakhiev, Y.M.; Makarov, V.V., 1992:
Effect of guides on the oscillations of a circular saw blade rigidly fixed on the saw arbor

Tripathi, P.N.; Sharma, N.L., 1995:
Effect of gypsum and pyrites on yield and quality of mustard in salt-affected soils of western Uttar Pradesh

Tiwari, R.J., 1994:
Effect of gypsum on soil properties of a salt affected black clay soil of Madhya Pradesh

Yadav, H.D.; Kumar, V.; Sultan Singh; Yadav, O.P., 1992:
Effect of gypsum on some kharif crops in sodic soil

Anand Swarup; Adhikari, S.; Biswas, A.K., 1994:
Effect of gypsum on the behaviour of soil phosphorus during reclamation of a sodic soil

Southwood, O.I.; Knap, P.W.; Jagger, S.; Steen, H.A.M. van der, 1994:
Effect of halothane carrier and non-susceptible genotype on eating quality of pig meat

Elbers, A.R.; Vos, J.H.; Hemke, G.; Hunneman, W.A., 1995:
Effect of hammer mill screen size and addition of fibre or S-methylmethionine-sulphonium chloride to the diet on the occurrence of oesophagogastric lesions in fattening pigs

Phetpradap, S.; Hampton, J.G.; Hill, M.J., 1994:
Effect of hand pinching and plant growth regulators on seed production of field grown hybrid dahlia

Kline, D.; Regalado, C.W.ngert, E.; Lamb, F.; Araman, P., 1993:
Effect of hardwood sawmill edging and trimming practices on furniture part production

Thomazelli, L.F.; Silva, R.F. da; Biasi, J.; Sediyama, C.S.; Faoro, I., 1993 :
Effect of harvest date and flower stalk length on onion seed yield and quality

Vasilakakis, M.D.; Manseka, S.V., 1995:
Effect of harvest date, antioxidants, growth regulators and storage conditions on storage performance of Granny Smith apples

Taylor, M.A.;, V.A., 1995:
Effect of harvest maturity and storage regimes on the quality of Celebration plums sampled in Simondium, Ceres and Elgin

Taylor, M.A.; Kock, V.A. de, 1992:
Effect of harvest maturity and storage regimes on the storage quality of Peeka apricots

Roth, G.W.; Ashmawy, F.; Rosenberger, J.L.; Fox, R.H.; Piekielek, W.P., 1995:
Effect of harvest method and feed value on the economic optimum nitrogen rate for corn

Seo, Sung, 1992:
Effect of harvest time and cutting height on the grass growth, yield and botanical composition in pasture mixtures

Xiao, S.S.; Wang, Y.Z.; Wu, H.X., 1994:
Effect of harvest time on the keeping ability of Hayward kiwifruit

Giandana, E.H.; Grosso, R.; Lamarque, A., 1994:
Effect of harvesting date on quantitative and qualitative yields of groundnuts cv. Florman INTA

Marotti, M.; Dellacecca, V.; Piccaglia, R.; Giovanelli, E., 1993:
Effect of harvesting stage on the yield and essential oil composition of peppermint (Mentha x piperita L.)

Barwal, Vishal Singh, 1993:
Effect of harvesting time and handling period on quality of apple

Hornok, L.; Domokos, J.; Hethelyi, E., 1992:
Effect of harvesting time on the production of Nepeta cataria var. citriodora Balb

Dominguez, G.H.; Fraga, C., 1993:
Effect of hay in an ensiled maize (Sorghum vulgare Pers) forage and sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) on nutrient digestibility consumption

Levakhin, G.I.; Zubakin, V.I.; Pyl' tsin, A.I.; Kalugin, N.V., 1994:
Effect of hay quality on diet assimilation by young bulls

Krajewski, A.J.; Rabe, E., 1995:
Effect of heading and its timing on flowering and vegetative shoot development in Clementine mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Kosikova, B.; Zakutna, L.; Micko, M.M., 1992:
Effect of heart rot on the ultrastructure of aspen wood and lignin extractability

Zhong, H.X.; Zhao, Y.Z.; Zhou, R.; Du, Q.; Zhou, J.H.; Liang, H.M., 1993:
Effect of heat shock on seed germination and on flower bud differentiation in cultured cotyledons in Cucumis sativus

Deyhim, F.; Teeter, R.G., 1994:
Effect of heat stress and drinking water salt supplements on plasma electrolytes and aldosterone concentration in broiler chickens

Antoine, D.; Pattabiraman, S.R., 1994:
Effect of heat stress and gonadotropic hormone treatment on folliculogenesis

Sethi, R.K.; Bharadwaj, A.; Chopra, S.C., 1994:
Effect of heat stress on buffaloes under different shelter strategies

D.P.eez, J.H.; Willemse, J.J.; Van Ark, H., 1994 :
Effect of heat stress on conception in a dairy-herd model in the Natal highlands of South Africa

Shafie, M.M.; Murad, H.M.; E.B.dawy, T.M.; Salem, S.M., 1994:
Effect of heat stress on feed intake, rumen fermentation and water turnover in relation to heat tolerance response by sheep

Wolfenson, D.; Thatcher, W.W.; Badinga, L.; Savio, J.D.; Meidan, R.; Lew, B.J.; Braw-Tal, R.; Berman, A., 1995:
Effect of heat stress on follicular development during the estrous cycle in lactating dairy cattle

Febbraio, M.A.; Snow, R.J.; Stathis, C.G.; Hargreaves, M.; Carey, M.F., 1994:
Effect of heat stress on muscle energy metabolism during exercise

Hamada, A.A.; Koch, W.; Hamdoun, A.; Kunisch, M.; Sauerborn, J., 1993:
Effect of heat stress on subsequent germination and viability of wild sorghum (Sorghum arundinaceum (Dew) Stapf.) seeds

Kelmani Chandrakanth; Chandramouli, V.K.; Srinivasan, R.A.; Natarajan, A.M., 1993:
Effect of heat treatment in milk on biochemical activities of lactic acid bacteria

Sugha, S.K.; Tyagi, P.D.; Develash, R.K., 1993:
Effect of heat treatment of bulb and spray of fungicides in management of purple blotch (Alternaria porri) of onion (Allium cepa)

Boekel, M.A.J.S. van; Walstra, P., 1995:
Effect of heat treatment on chemical and physical changes to milkfat globules

Giavedoni, P.; Lerici, C.R.; Aureli, P., 1994:
Effect of heat treatment on microorganisms inoculated into filled fresh pasta

Peck, M.W.; Lund, B.M.; Fairbairn, D.A.; Kaspersson, A.S.; Undeland, P.C., 1995:
Effect of heat treatment on survival of, and growth from, spores of nonproteolytic Clostridium botulinum at refrigeration temperatures

Geissen, A.; Du, Q.P., 1995:
Effect of heat treatment on the accuracy of wood moisture content determination by electrical resistance-type meters

Lucey, J.A., 1995:
Effect of heat treatment on the rennet coagulability of milk

Fie, M.; Zee, J.A.; Amiot, J., 1994:
Effect of heat treatment on vitamin B12 availability in milk

Hatanaka, T.; Hosoi, E.; Matsui, T.; Yano, H., 1994:
Effect of heat treatments of dried grass on release rate of forage minerals (Cu and Zn) in the rumen: a study using the artificial rumen method

Kumar, M.Y.; Prasad, J.R.; Krishna, N., 1994:
Effect of heat, formaldehyde or extrusion cooking on rumen protein degradability of rapidly degradable protein supplements in crossbred cattle

Koh, J.H.; Kim, Y.K., 1994:
Effect of heat-induced interaction between kappa -casein and beta -lactoglobulin on chymosin action

Marcos, E.; Luis, E.; Tarrega, R., 1994:
Effect of heating and ash on soil physical and chemical properties

Holt, C., 1995:
Effect of heating and cooling on the milk salts and their interaction with casein

Muro, L.; Romero, I.; Domingo, S.; Garcia Jalon, I., 1992:
Effect of heating in a microwave oven on the survival of bacteria causing food poisoning

Misra, S.G.; Mishra, U.S., 1994:
Effect of heavy metals on the life span of earthworms

Miranda, M., 1993:
Effect of height on the peelability of poplar wood

Hasuike, Y.; Inaba, Y., 1995:
Effect of heparin on haemagglutination by bovine herpesvirus 1

Teuber, N.; Laidlaw, A.S., 1995:
Effect of herbage rejection by steers on white clover (Trifolium repens) branching and development in continuously stocked grass-clover swards

Carsky, R.J.; Singh, L.; Ndikawa, R., 1994:
Effect of herbicide and handweeding on current and subsequent season Striga hermonthica density on sorghum

Tuteja, S.S.; Lakpale, R.; Pandey, N.; Tripathi, R.S., 1995:
Effect of herbicide and phosphorus on yield and quality of soybean (Glycine max)

Kim, D.K.; Kim, J.W.; Park, S.K.; Hwang, K.Y., 1992:
Effect of herbicide hexazinone application under different ground and target tree conditions

Mummigatti, U.V.; Panchal, Y.C.; Chetti, M.B.; Doddamani, M.B., 1995:
Effect of herbicides and growth conditions on biophysical characters in eupatorium (Chromolaena odorata K & R)

Mummigatti, U.V.; Chetti, M.B.; Panchal, Y.C.; Doddamani, M.B., 1995:
Effect of herbicides and nitrogenous carriers on membrane permeability parameters in eupatorium (Chromolaena odorata K & R)

Malik, N., 1994:
Effect of herbicides applied during establishment on smooth bromegrass forage yield

Alvarez, D.P.; Luque, A.G.; Papa, J.C.; Cuesta, C.; Passamonti, M.E., 1994:
Effect of herbicides for weed control in wheat on the total mycote of soils

Nayak, B.S.; Prusty, J.C.; Mohanty, S.K., 1994:
Effect of herbicides on bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes in sesame (Sesamum indicum) soil

Ramamoorthy, K.; Palaniappan, S., 1994:
Effect of herbicides on control of Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. and yield of upland rice

Kasera, P.K.; Sen, D.N., 1993:
Effect of herbicides on growth parameters and yield of wheat crop in Indian desert

Subbaiah, H.; Nanjappa, H.V.; Balakrishna, A.N., 1994:
Effect of herbicides on soil microbial biomass

Gurcharan Singh; Kundra, H.C.; Brar, L.S.; Gupta, R.P., 1994:
Effect of herbicides on soil microorganism dynamics, Rhizobium-legume symbiosis and grain yield of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Pandher, M.S.; Gurmehar Kaur; Gosal, S.K.; Gupta, R.P., 1994:
Effect of herbicides on the growth and nitrogen fixation by blue green algae

Murawa, D.; Adomas, B.; Bowszys, T., 1993:
Effect of herbicides on the yield and biological value of winter rape seeds

Nandal, D.P.; Singh, C.M., 1995:
Effect of herbicides on weed control and nutrient uptake in direct seeded puddled rice

Roy, D.K., 1993 :
Effect of herbicides on weeds and yield of direct sown deep water rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Bhutani, V.P.; Raina, S.S.; Khokhar, U.U., 1994:
Effect of herbicides, mulching and clean cultivation on weed population, growth and cropping of apple trees

Goebiowski, W.; Turowski, J.; Zdun, K., 1993:
Effect of herd concentration on energy consumption of milk production

Agakishiev, D.; Gurbanov, C., 1992:
Effect of heteroauxins on seed germination and growth of small roots of seedlings of fine-fibred cotton

Arafonov, B.A.; Ivlev, A.V., 1992:
Effect of heterogeneity of herds on the accuracy of genetic evaluation of breeding animals

Jeyaprakash, P.; Das, L.D.V., 1994:
Effect of heterosis in sorghum for leaf area and dry fodder yield

Nelson, L.R.; Fang, X.B., 1994:
Effect of heterosis on Septoria nodorum disease level and plant yield in wheat

Zakharov, V.M.; Shchepotkin, D.V.; Strunnikov, V.A., 1995:
Effect of heterozygosity and temperature on the developmental stability of silkworms (Bombyx mori)

Pyl' nev, V.M.; Pyl' nev, V.V.; Khassan Radzhaa, 1994:
Effect of heterozygosity on yield per ear in winter bread wheat

Ganathy, V.; Reddy, D.S.; Reddy, S.L.N.; Shankaraiah, K., 1994:
Effect of hexachlorocyclohexane on biochemical composition of the fish Channa punctatus

Hamza, F.; Castaigne, F.; Couture, R.; Makhlouf, J., 1994:
Effect of high CO2 on phenolics content and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity in Romaine lettuce

Jamadar, S.J.; Jalnapurkar, B.V., 1994:
Effect of high ambient temperature on humoral immune response of broilers

Jamadar, S.J.; Jalnapurkar, B.V., 1995:
Effect of high ambient temperature on iron status of broilers

Milne, D.B.; Nielsen, F.H., 1993:
Effect of high dietary fructose on copper homeostasis and status indicators in men during copper deprivation

Teng, Q.; Scarlata, S., 1993:
Effect of high pressure on the association of melittin to membranes

Dudeja, S.S.; Khurana, A.L.; Chaudhary, K., 1993:
Effect of high temperature on production of hydrolytic enzymes by Bradyrhizobium sp. (Cajanus)

Zhang Fang; Zhang LiangCheng; L.S.nYu, 1995:
Effect of high temperature stress on leaf photosynthesis of citrus during blossom and young fruit stage

Takagaki, M.; Sato, S.; Ito, T., 1993:
Effect of high temperature treatment on growth and net photosynthetic rate of four pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) varieties

Kocisová, J., 1994:
Effect of high- and low-nitrogen diets on cell ultrastructure in the cortical part of the ovine kidney

Nakao, S., 1995:
Effect of high-density rearing on the incidence of Brachypterae in female Thrips nigropilosus Uzel (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Greenberg, C.H.; Neary, D.G.; Harris, L.D., 1994:
Effect of high-intensity wildfire and silvicultural treatments on reptile communities in sand-pine scrub

Saltveit, Mikal, E.Jr, 1993:
Effect of high-pressure gas atmospheres and anaesthetics on chilling injury of plants

Urban, L., 1994:
Effect of high-pressure mist and daytime continuous CO2 enrichment on leaf diffusive conductance, CO2 fixation and production of Rosa hybrida plants grown on rockwool

Suri, V.K.; Goswami, K.P., 1992:
Effect of hoeing on simulated soil microbial respiration

Nath, M.C.; Deka, B.C.; Borgohain, B.N., 1994:
Effect of holding time on quality of frozen boar semen

Clinch, Rw, 1993:
Effect of holes on static flexural stiffness of a wood composite I-beam

Okuyama, S.; Uozumi, M.; Tomita, M., 1994:
Effect of homogenization pressure on physical properties of sour cream

Zalasinska, A.; Wiackowski, S.K., 1994:
Effect of honey bees on black currant (Ribes nigrum) cropping

E.S.khon, S.N.; Abu Harfeil, N.; Sallal, A.K., 1994:
Effect of honey on bacterial growth and spore germination

Antoine, D.; Napolean, R.E.; Kathiresan, D.; Pattabiraman, S.R., 1994 :
Effect of hormone induced estrus in Madras Red ewes during summer

Shemesh, M.; Shore, L.S., 1994:
Effect of hormones in the environment on reproduction in cattle

Shukla, A.N., 1995:
Effect of hormones on the production of shiitake Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Sing

Morrison, D.G.; Foil, L.D., 1995:
Effect of horn fly (Diptera: Muscidae) control during the spring on calf production by fall-calving beef cows

Valia, R.Z.; Bhatt, J.P.; Jadav, R.G.; Kapadia, P.K., 1994:
Effect of horticulture practices and fertilization on the production of fig (Ficus carica L.)

Koul, V.K.; Bhagat, K.C., 1994:
Effect of host plants on the developmental stages of the fruit fly, Dacus cucurbitae Coquillett

Ahlawat, D.S.; Verma, A.N.; Singh, H.; Singh, D., 1993:
Effect of host plants on the larval and post larval development of red hairy caterpillar, Amsacta moorei Butler

Yang LeEn, 1995:
Effect of host plants on the susceptibility of the green peach aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) to insecticides

Bourchier, R.; Smith, S.; Corrigan, J.; Laing, J., 1994:
Effect of host switching on performance of mass-reared Trichogramma minutum

Singh, R.; Srivastava, M., 1990:
Effect of host-extract on the life-table of the parasitoid, Trioxys indicus Subba Rao & Sharma (Hymenoptera: Aphididae)

Sharma, H.C.; Vidyasagar, P.; Nwanze, K.F., 1993:
Effect of host-plant resistance on economic injury levels for the sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola

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Effect of infestation by the hemiparasite Striga hermonthica on the carbohydrate content of sorghum

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Effect of infestation of cultivars of bambarra groundnuts (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verde) by Callosobruchus subinnotatus (Pic.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on biochemical deterioration and germination of the seeds

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Effect of inorganic salts on the callus growth and regeneration in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Effect of inorganics and organics on the yield and nutrient uptake by three crops in a rotation on an acid Alfisol

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Effect of insecticides on Calosoma granulatum P. (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

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Effect of integrated tending on the current increment and quality of Scots pine wood

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Effect of intensive administration of selenium on calves

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Effect of intensive tending fellings on the growth of Pinus koraiensis

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Effect of inter-row spacing on the production of tagasaste and associated pastures

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Effect of intercrop on the incidence of groundnut leafminer

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Effect of intercropping Asparagus scandens with sour orange seedling in comparison with nematicidal and root exudate treatments on Tylenchulus semipenetrans larvae

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Effect of intercropping and planting patterns on yield and yield components of wheat

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Effect of intercropping coconut lands on soil water retention

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Effect of intercropping cotton with maize under different nitrogen rate and different hill spacing of maize

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Effect of intercropping maize and closely spaced Leucaena hedgerows on soil conservation and maize yield on a steep slope at Ntcheu, Malawi

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Effect of intercropping on infestation of borer complex on early and medium maturing cultivars of pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp

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Effect of intercropping on the yield and yield components of two soyabean varieties

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Effect of intercropping pattern on photosynthetic pigments content and growth analysis of maize plants

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Effect of intercropping systems and planting methods on the population of onion pests

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Effect of intermating in early segregating generations on character associations in rice

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Effect of interplot interference on the assessment of partial resistance to stem rust in durum wheat

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Effect of interruption of chilling on bud break in Japanese pear

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Effect of interstock on the vigour and premature die-back of some apricot cultivars

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Effect of intertunnel distance and nest-surface aspect on progeny production rate and sex ratio in the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

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Effect of intrauterine infusion of 2% PVP-I solution on the reproductive performance in post-farrowing sows, with comparison of two farms with different length of suckling

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Effect of intrauterine therapy on postpartum endometritis in dairy animals

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Effect of intravenous infusion of glucose or volatile fatty acids on nitrogen balance in growing sheep

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Effect of introducing chlorine dioxide during chlorination on the properties of sulfate hardwood pulp

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Effect of introgressive hybridization of Siberian and European spruce on population structure and differentiation

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Effect of iodine on milk production of cows

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Effect of ionic composition of the supporting medium on phosphate sorption characteristics of soils

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Effect of lime and potassium on lime and phosphate potential and crop yield on an Alfisol

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Effect of liming on mineral nutrition of groundnuts. Magnesium

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Effect of liming on the amount of crown biomass and its content of elements in a Norway spruce stand

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Effect of liming on white clover nourishment

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Effect of liming with or without fertilizer on the biogeochemical cycle of nutrients in a declining spruce stand (Picea abies) in the Vosges

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Effect of lindane - a gamma -isomer of benzene hexachloride on the spleen of albino rat

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Effect of long-term organic manuring and mineral fertilization on phosphorus fractionation in soil under rye monoculture and bare fallow

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Effect of mechanical damage of greenhouse lettuce on some biochemical processes occurring in it during storage

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Effect of mechanically restricting lateral growth on the sugar concentration in fleshy turnip roots

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Effect of mechanized collection of fruits and seeds on the condition of the trees

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Effect of mechanized thinnings of the condition of the soil

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Effect of medium with different growth regulators on the growth of young wheat x maize hybrid embryos

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Effect of melamine on the amount of free formaldehyde in urea-formaldehyde adhesives used for glued joints of birch wood

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Effect of melanin biosynthesis inhibiting compounds on Gaeumannomyces species

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Effect of melatonin feeding on testicular development, reproductive behaviour and sperm production in Suffolk rams

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Effect of mepiquat chloride under high nitrogen rates on productivity of cotton plant

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Effect of mepyramine maleate, prednisolone and tetramisole hydrochloride on cutaneous responses in rabbits inoculated with tissue extracts of Boophilus microplus

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Effect of mercurial reagents on the activity of pectinmethylesterase from aubergine (Solanum melongena L.)

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Effect of mercury on the seminiferous epithelium of the fowl testis

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Effect of mercury-dominated heavy metal emission on the course of pasture helminthoses in sheep

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Effect of metal ions on Steinernema carpocapsae nematodes

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Effect of metallic salts on the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

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Effect of metals on biomethanation of mixture of cheese whey, poultry waste and cattle dung

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Effect of meteorological conditions on the transpiration rate of oak with inadequate soil moisture

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Effect of meteorological factors on calf mortality in subtropical zone of West Bengal

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