Effect of season of calving, first lactation length and milk yield, age and body weight at first calving on first calving interval of red Sindhi cows

Jagdish Prasad; Sushobhan Maji

Livestock Adviser 19(6): 19-22


Accession: 002604261

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The effect of season of calving, 1st lactation length, milk yield, age and body weight at 1st calving on 1st calving interval in 60 Red Sindhi cows was determined from the records of the cows maintained under similar management conditions at the dairy farm of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad, India. In general the effect of season of calving and 1st lactation length on 1st calving interval period of cows was significant but the effect of age and body weight at 1st calving and 1st lactation milk yield on calving interval of Red Sindhi cows was not significant on rainy season calvers belonging to the group of <300 days lactation. Cows yielding <1000 kg milk per lactation had a shorter calving interval than other groups. Milk production of animals is largely governed by their genetic make up. Breeding efficiency is also adversely affected by longer calving intervals resulting in a decrease in the number of calves, lifetime milk production and an increase in generation interval. Thus the performance is affected by certain physiological as well as environmental factors.