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Effects of ovary type, oocyte grade, hormone, sperm concentration and fertilization medium on in vitro maturation, fertilization and development of bovine follicular oocytes

Im, K.S.; Kim, H.J.; Chung, K.M.; Kim, H.S.; Park, K.W.

Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 8(2): 123-127


ISSN/ISBN: 1011-2367
Accession: 002608634

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In vitro embryo production (IVP) is affected by various factors during in vitro maturation, fertilization, and development. In this experiment, the effect of ovary type, quality of follicular oocyte, medium used for fertilization, presence of hormone in medium, sperm concentration on in vitro maturation and fertilization were examined for effective IVP. In vitro maturation was carried out using TCM-199 supplemented with 15% FCS and hormones in 5% CO-2 incubator for 24h. In vitro fertilization was performed with frozen-thawed sperm in modified mTALP medium containing 0.3% BSA, 10 mu-g/ml heparin, and 5mM/ml caffeine for 24 h. The fertilized embryos were co-cultured on monolayer of cumulus cells in TCM-199. When oocytes were collected from functionally active and inactive ovaries, maturation rate was 76.9 and 7.7%, respectively. When oocytes were classified morphologically to good and poor grades, maturation rate was 75 and 58.8%, respectively. FSH + LH + E-2 (86.4%) showed higher maturation rate than control (53.0%) and FSH (73.0%). The fertilization rate was 28.2, 100 and 91.7% in 1.6 times 10, 5.0 times 10-5 and 10.0 times 10-5 sperm concentration per ml. When oocytes were fertilized in mTALP and BO media, fertilization and cleavage rates of oocytes in mTALP were higher (84.3 and 56.9%) than those (67.4 and 23.3%) in BO medium. In this experiment, in vitro maturation, fertilization and development of oocytes were affected by type of ovary, grade of oocyte, hormones, sperm concentration and fertilization medium.

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