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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2610

Chapter 2610 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kastanas, P.; Ravanis, S.; Lewis, M. J.; Grandison, A. S., 1995: Effects of raw milk quality on fouling at UHT conditions

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Wilkiewicz Wawro, E., 1994: Effects of rearing and slaughter value of interspecific hybrid ducks fed ad libitum or a limited ration

Wilkiewicz Wawro, E., 1994: Effects of rearing and slaughter values of interspecific hybrid ducks fed ad libitum or a limited ration

Urawa, S., 1995: Effects of rearing conditions on growth and mortality of juvenile chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) infected with Ichthyobodo necator

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609006

Fernandes, David N.; Sanford, Robert L.Jr, 1995: Effects of recent land-use practices on soil nutrients and succession under tropical wet forest in Costa Rica

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609008

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609016

Garcia Rodriguez, A.; Molina Mancebo, R.; Cruz Hernandez, E., 1993: Effects of recycling semichemical bagasse pulp on the properties of paper

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Boone, Rs; Winandy, Je; Fuller, Jj, 1995: Effects of redrying schedule on preservative fixation and strength of CCA-treated lumber

Elsaesser, M., 1994: Effects of reduced N application on mineral N contents, DM yield and botanical composition of permanent grassland

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Henry, Y., 1995: Effects of reduced dietary lysine on voluntary feed intake and growth in finishing pigs

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Zaleski, Hm; Winn, Rj; Jennings, Rl; Dziuk, Pj; Sherwood, Od, 1995: Effects of relaxin administration in early gestation or prior to mating on uterine length and fetal survival in gilts

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609039

Trottier, F.; Im, PengChea, 1995: Effects of release on the growth of conifer species and on the competing vegetation

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609041

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609042

Jacobson, S.; Nohrstedt, H. O., 1993: Effects of repeated nitrogen supply on stem growth and nutrients in needles and soil

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Li Ling, 1995: Effects of resorcinol and salicylic acid on the formation of adventitious roots on hypocotyl cuttings of Vigna radiata

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Hoy, S., 1994: Effects of respiratory diseases on the growth and reproductive performance of pigs

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609055

Murphy, T. A.; Loerch, S. C., 1994: Effects of restricted feeding of growing steers on performance, carcass characteristics, and composition

Masuda, Atsuko; Oishi, Tadashi, 1995: Effects of restricted feeding on the light-induced body weight change and locomotor activity in the Djungarian hamster

Ahmed, Muna M. M.; Abdelatif, A. M., 1994: Effects of restriction of water and food intake on thermoregulation, food utilization and water economy in desert sheep

Branen, L.; Fletcher, J., 1994: Effects of restrictive and self-selected feeding on preschool children's food intake and waste at snacktime

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609060

Grinspoon, Steven K.; Baum, Howard B. A.; Peterson, Scott; Klibanski, Anne, 1995: Effects of rhIGF-I administration on bone turnover during short-term fasting

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609067

Thompson, Tn; Rister, Me; Grant, Wr; Mccauley, Gn; Turner, Ft; Stansel, Jw; Klosterboer, Ad, 1994: Effects of rice quality on profit-maximizing ratoon crop nitrogen decisions

Zaman, M. S.; McNiven, M. A.; Grimmelt, B.; MacLeod, J. A., 1995: Effects of roasting of lupins (Lupinus albus) and high protein variety of soybeans (AC Proteus) on chemical composition and in situ dry matter and nitrogen disappearance in dairy cows

Bunte, K.; Poesen, J., 1994: Effects of rock fragment size and cover on overland flow hydraulics, local turbulence and sediment yield on an erodible soil surface

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Ismail, A. E.; Hasabo, S. A., 1995: Effects of root diffusates of some weeds associated with corn plantations on the hatchability of the corn cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609075

Ruthven, Donald C. IIi; Hellgren, Eric C.; Beasom, Samuel L., 1994: Effects of root plowing on white-tailed deer condition, population status, and diet

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609112

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609124

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609128

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609131

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609134

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609184

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609188

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609195

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609201

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609202

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609861

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609862

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609870

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609974

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Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609995

Section 3, Chapter 2610, Accession 002609996

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