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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 2610

Chapter 2610 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Hse, C.Y.; Xia, Z.Y.; Tomita, B., 1994:
Effects of reaction pH on properties and performance of urea-formaldehyde resins

Benziane, T.; Campan, M., 1993:
Effects of rearing in isolation on gonadotrophic development, production of cuticular hydrocarbons and sexual behaviour in Calliphora vomitoria (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

Gong, J.G.; McBride, D.; Bramley, T.A.; Webb, R., 1994:
Effects of recombinant bovine somatotrophin, insulin-like growth factor-I and insulin on bovine granulosa cell steroidogenesis in vitro

Elahi, D.; McAloon-Dyke, M.; Fukagawa, N.K.; Sclater, A.L.; Wong, G.A.; Shannon, R.P.; Minaker, K.L.; Miles, J.M.; Rubenstein, A.H.; Vandepol, C.J., 1993:
Effects of recombinant human IGF-I on glucose and leucine kinetics in men

He, P.; Aherne, F.X.; Nam, D.S.; Schaefer, A.L.; Thompson, J.R.; Nakano, T., 1994:
Effects of recombinant porcine somatotropin (rpST) on joint cartilage and axial bones in growing and finishing pigs

Zhang, Q., 1993:
Effects of recombinant-tuna growth hormone (R-tGH) on growth of carp fingerling

Garcia Rodriguez, A.; Molina Mancebo, R.; Cruz Hernandez, E., 1993:
Effects of recycling semichemical bagasse pulp on the properties of paper

Watanabe, J.; Ohishi, H.; Akiyoshi, H.; Fujita, M.; Okamoto, M., 1994:
Effects of red light exposure on skin coloration and sugar content in rind and juice of Miyauchi iyo (Citrus iyo hort. ex Tanaka) tangor

Boone, R.; Winandy, J.; Fuller, J., 1995:
Effects of redrying schedule on preservative fixation and strength of CCA-treated lumber

Elsaesser, M., 1994:
Effects of reduced N application on mineral N contents, DM yield and botanical composition of permanent grassland

Haase, N.U., 1992:
Effects of reduced N fertilizer application on the product quality of processing potatoes

Henry, Y., 1995:
Effects of reduced dietary lysine on voluntary feed intake and growth in finishing pigs

Sichert Hellert, W.; Kersting, M.; Westerhoff, M.; Schoch, G., 1995:
Effects of reduced fat content of sausages on intake of energy and nutrients in children and adolescents

Roslon, Ewa, 1994:
Effects of reduced herbicide application on weeds and crop yield

Henderson, K.P.; Taji, A.M.; Williams, R.R., 1994:
Effects of reduced humidity and paclobutrazol on acclimatisation of tissue-cultured plants

Zollitsch Stelzl, J.; Lettner, F.; Wetscherek, W., 1994:
Effects of reducing crude protein content of pig rations

Wondra, K.J.; Hancock, J.D.; Kennedy, G.A.; Behnke, K.C.; Wondra, K.R., 1995:
Effects of reducing particle size of corn in lactation diets on energy and nitrogen metabolism in second-parity sows

Bowerman, P.; Young, J.E.B.; Cook, S.K.; Jones, A.E.; Green, M.R., 1995:
Effects of reducing pesticide inputs in the first four years of TALISMAN

Johansen, H.N.; Knudsen, K.E., 1994:
Effects of reducing the starch content in oat-based diets with cellulose on jejunal flow and absorption of glucose over an isolated loop of jejunum in pigs

Tanaka, K.; Fujiwara, K.; Kozai, T., 1992:
Effects of relative humidity in the culture vessel on the transpiration and net photosynthetic rates of potato leaflets in vitro

Zaleski, H.M.; Winn, R.J.; Jennings, R.L.; Dziuk, P.J.; Sherwood, O.D., 1995:
Effects of relaxin administration in early gestation or prior to mating on uterine length and fetal survival in gilts

Parry, L.J.; Poterski, R.S.; Summerlee, A.J., 1994:
Effects of relaxin on blood pressure and the release of vasopressin and oxytocin in anesthetized rats during pregnancy and lactation

Edwards, J.H.; Walker, R.H.; Bannon, J.S., 1994:
Effects of repeated application of noncomposted organic wastes on cotton yield

Lee, J.K.; Kwun, H.B., 1994:
Effects of repeated halothane anaesthesia on canine haematology and blood chemistry

Omar, E.A.; Osman, M.F.; Nour, A.M., 1993:
Effects of replacing dried rumen liquor (DRL) in diets of carp, tilapia and mullet on growth performance, feed utilization and carcass composition

Talha Gonullu, M.; Farquhar, G.J., 1994:
Effects of residual configuration on the rate of trichloroethylene (TCE) dissolution

Eler, U.; Ortel, E., 1992:
Effects of resin production on the seed yield of natural stands of Pinus brutia in Antalya region

Ross, M.H.; Cochran, D.G.; Bret, B.L., 1993:
Effects of resistance on insecticide repellency

Campbell, W.W.; Crim, M.C.; Young, V.R.; Joseph, L.J.; Evans, W.J., 1995:
Effects of resistance training and dietary protein intake on protein metabolism in older adults

L.Ling, 1995:
Effects of resorcinol and salicylic acid on the formation of adventitious roots on hypocotyl cuttings of Vigna radiata

Staal, S.J.; Davis, C.G., 1992:
Effects of resource constraints on the production systems and earnings potential of small farm households in the West Province of Cameroon

Hoy, S., 1994:
Effects of respiratory diseases on the growth and reproductive performance of pigs

Apple, J.K.; Dikeman, M.E.; Minton, J.E.; McMurphy, R.M.; Fedde, M.R.; Leith, D.E.; Unruh, J.A., 1995:
Effects of restraint and isolation stress and epidural blockade on endocrine and blood metabolite status, muscle glycogen metabolism, and incidence of dark-cutting longissimus muscle of sheep

Murphy, T.A.; Loerch, S.C., 1994:
Effects of restricted feeding of growing steers on performance, carcass characteristics, and composition

Grinspoon, S.K.; Baum, H.B.; Peterson, S.; Klibanski, A., 1995:
Effects of rhIGF-I administration on bone turnover during short-term fasting

Choi, S.K.; Lee, J.I., 1993 :
Effects of rhizome size and mulching materials on agronomic characteristics and yield in Zingiber mioga Rosc

Aoe, S.; Oda, T.; Tojima, T.; Tanaka, M.; Tatsumi, K.; Mizutani, T., 1993:
Effects of rice bran hemicellulose on 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-induced intestinal carcinogenesis in Fischer 344 rats

Thompson, T.; Rister, M.; Grant, W.; Mccauley, G.; Turner, F.; Stansel, J.; Klosterboer, A., 1994:
Effects of rice quality on profit-maximizing ratoon crop nitrogen decisions

Wang, Y.L.; Xu, J.K.; Bian, Y.; Cai, J.Z., 1993:
Effects of root activity:florets ratio on grain filling in rice and its analysis

Ismail, A.E.; Hasabo, S.A., 1995:
Effects of root diffusates of some weeds associated with corn plantations on the hatchability of the corn cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae

Ruthven, D.C.I.i; Hellgren, E.C.; Beasom, S.L., 1994:
Effects of root plowing on white-tailed deer condition, population status, and diet

Skogerbo, G., 1992:
Effects of root pruning and trunk girdling on xylem cytokinin content of apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.)

Shishido, Y.; Kumakura, H., 1994:
Effects of root temperature on photosynthesis, transpiration, translocation and distribution of 14C-photoassimilates and root respiration in tomato

Zhuang, Y.M.; Wang, R.J.; Xie, Z.N.; Chen, L.X.; Xu, W.B., 1993:
Effects of rootstock on the growth, fruiting and leaf mineral content of Ponkan mandarin

Karlsson, I.; Woods, J.H., 1992:
Effects of rootstock source on the size, cone production, and compatibility of Douglas-fir grafts

Ercoli, L.; Masoni, A., 1995:
Effects of row spacing and orientation on yield and yield components of winter wheat

Marko, F., 1994:
Effects of row spacing and seed rates on grain yield and properties of winter wheat seed

Sabanc, C.O.; Urem, A., 1994:
Effects of row spacing and sowing rate on green and dry matter yields of Persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum L.)

Nauryzov, N.Zh, 1993:
Effects of row spacing on yield of Kochia prostrata and Ceratoides papposa

Lafond, G.P., 1994:
Effects of row spacing, seeding rate and nitrogen on yield of barley and wheat under zero-till management

Takada, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Hayashida, M., 1993:
Effects of row width and plant density on yield and quality of sugarbeet roots

Itabashi, H.; Matsumoto, M.; Kobayashi, T., 1994:
Effects of rumen-bypass tryptophan and ethanol treatment of soyabeans on digestibility, nitrogen retention, urinary allantoin excretion and plasma free amino acids in goats

Judkins, M.B.; McCracken, B.A.; Holcombe, D.W.; Park, K.K., 1994:
Effects of ruminal degradable methionine supplementation on wool growth, digesta kinetics and ruminal fermentation

Santos, H.P. dos; Reis, E.M., 1994:
Effects of ryegrass and forage black oats cultivation on root diseases and yield of wheat

Vieira, A.M.; Figueiro, P.R.P., 1992 :
Effects of ryegrass pasture under two systems of cultivation on late rearing performance and weight at mating of Polwarth sheep

Huang, C.J., 1993:
Effects of saccharides and cooking methods on digestibility of protein of Chinese-style sausage

Fu, Y.K.; Jia, D.J.; Li, G.D.; Deng, B.; Wen, S.W.; Xu, C.L., 1993:
Effects of sainfoin stubble grazing supplemented with green hay on grasslamb fattening

Satti, S.M.E.; Lopez, M.; A.R.wahy, S.A., 1995:
Effects of saline nutrient solutions on the growth and accumulation of mineral elements in some tomato cultivars

Khan, M.Y.min; Rauf, A.; Makhdoom, I.; Ahmad, A.; Shah, S.M.sood, 1992:
Effects of saline-sodic soils on mineral composition of eight wheats under field conditions

Zekri, M., 1993:
Effects of salinity and calcium on seedling emergence, growth, and sodium and chloride concentrations of citrus rootstocks

Shafroth, P.B.; Friedman, J.M.; Ischinger, L.S., 1995:
Effects of salinity on establishment of Populus fremontii (cottonwood) and Tamarix ramosissima (saltcedar) in southwestern United States

Younis, M.E.; Abbas, M.A.; Shukry, W.M., 1993:
Effects of salinity on growth and metabolism of Phaseolus vulgaris

Mohd Razi Ismail; Burrage, S.W., 1994:
Effects of salinity on growth, water relations and photosynthetic rate of tomatoes grown in nutrient film technique

Marin Hernandez, E.; Manuel Gonzalez, L.; Vega Rodriguez, M.; Zamora Palacios, R.; Meneses, S., 1993:
Effects of salinity on several variables of the water regime in rice seedlings

Bruno, V.; Agostini, F.; Siena, C. de; Mocali, P., 1993:
Effects of salinity on the hydraulic properties of a sandy clay loam soil treated with polyvinyl alcohol

Zhao, J.Y.ng; Shimojo, M.; Masuda, Y.; Goto, I., 1995:
Effects of salinomycin on forage digestion and forage protein degradation in the rumen of goats

Parvathappa, H.C.; Rao, B.S.; Reddy, B.P., 1992:
Effects of salt water on aggregate stability and volume expansion of soils

Toriyama, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Goto, Y.; Kojima, M., 1994:
Effects of salts on RNA polymerase activity and conformation of filamentous nucleoproteins of rice stripe virus

Van Den Avyle, M.J.; Maynard, M.A., 1994:
Effects of saltwater intrusion and flow diversion on reproductive success of striped bass in the Savannah River estuary

Aumont, G.; Saminadin, G.; Cerneau, P.; Xande, A., 1994:
Effects of sample preparation on nitrogen degradability of pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens) and tropical tree legumes

Churchill, Tracey, B., 1993:
Effects of sampling method on composition of a Tasmanian coastal heathland spider assemblage

D.R.oij Van Der Goes, P.C.E.M.; Van Der Putten, W.H.; Peters, B.A.M., 1995:
Effects of sand deposition on the interaction between Ammophila arenaria, plant-parasitic nematodes, and pathogenic fungi

Sundin, P.; Waechter Kristensen, B.; Jensen, P., 1995:
Effects of saprophytic bacteria in the closed hydroponic culture of greenhouse crops

Kadam, S.G.; Nawale, R.N.; Khandekar, R.G., 1995:
Effects of scion storage media and duration on success of in situ softwood grafting in cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

Tuckova, M.; Baranova, D.; Fialkovicova, M.; Kozak, M.; Bekeova, E., 1995:
Effects of season changes in thyroid hormone levels and the state of health of dogs

Ceular, A., 1994:
Effects of season on the productivity of heavy breeding hens

Tuckova, M.; Fialkovicova, M.; Baranova, D.; Bekeova, E.; Kozak, M.; Palenik, L', 1995:
Effects of season on thyroid hormone concentrations in the blood serum of German Shepherds and Dachshunds and their health status

Norton, R.A., 1993:
Effects of second and third generation apple varieties on the Northwest industry: potentials and problems

Liu, H.X.; Goodall, G.J.; Kole, R.; Filipowicz, W., 1995:
Effects of secondary structure on pre-mRNA splicing: hairpins sequestering the 5' but not the 3' splice site inhibit intron processing in Nicotiana plumbaginifolia

Li, J.Y.; Shen, Q.Y.; Liu, X.L.; Liu, G.Y.; Kang, Z.S.; Dong, X.L.; Wei, G.R., 1994:
Effects of seed coating formulation No. 17 on the histopathology and ultrastructure of Puccinia striiformis in wheat

Wajid, A.; Shaukat, S.S.ahid, 1993:
Effects of seed dispersal unit and the position of seed relative to substrate on germination of three composites

Mauromicale, G.; Cavallaro, V.; Ierna, A., 1994:
Effects of seed osmoconditioning on emergence characteristics of the summer squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)

Mauromicale, G.; Cavallaro, V., 1995:
Effects of seed osmopriming on germination of tomato at different water potential

Ciccarese, L., 1995:
Effects of seed position and planting depth on development of Juglans regia nursery seedlings

Chowdhury, S.R.y; Choudhuri, M.A., 1994:
Effects of seed pretreatment with CCC, cinnamic acid and Na-dikegulac on germination and early seedling growth performance from ageing jute seeds under water deficit stress

Bockstaller, C.; Girardin, P., 1994:
Effects of seed size on maize growth from emergence to silking

Bahuguna, V.K.; Pyare Lal, 1992:
Effects of seed sowing density and shade and mulch on the germination and growth of seedlings of Grewia optiva Drum. (syn. C. oppositifolia Roxb. ex Mart.)

Silva, D.B. da; Charchar, M.J. d' A.; Vivaldi, L.J., 1993:
Effects of seed treatment on the emergence of wheat and barley at two sowing depths

Vieira, A.R.; Vieira, M. das G.G.C.; Carvalho, V.D. de; Fraga, A.C., 1994:
Effects of seed treatments on dormancy breaking in rice seeds and on peroxidase activity

Suzuki, H.; Obayashi, S., 1994:
Effects of seed treatments on the seedling emergence, growth and yield of spring-sown carrot

Salonen, V.; Suhonen, J., 1995:
Effects of seed weight on growth, reproduction and competitive ability of Linum usitatissimum seedlings

Humphreys, J.; Cooke, B.M.; Storey, T., 1995 :
Effects of seed-borne Microdochium nivale on establishment and grain yield of winter-sown wheat

Sloan, J.P., 1992:
Effects of seeder design and seed placement on seedling size and cull rates at western forest nurseries

Gaudet, D.A.; Puchalski, B.J.; Entz, T., 1994:
Effects of seeding date and cultivar susceptibility on effectiveness of carbathiin for control of common bunt (Tilletia tritici and T. laevis) in winter wheat in southern Alberta

Asai, M.; Ito, M.; Kusanagi, T., 1995:
Effects of seeding methods and mowing on the establishment of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) cover for weed suppression

Lee, C.W.; Yun, Y.D.; Oh, Y.J., 1993:
Effects of seeding methods and seeding rates on growth and yield components of rice in dry soil

Surata, K., 1993:
Effects of seedling height on growth of sandalwood (Santalum album L.) in the field

Upton, S.J.; Tilley, M.; Brillhart, D.B., 1995:
Effects of select medium supplements on in vitro development of Cryptosporidium parvum in HCT-8 cells

Kim, H.K.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, B.S.; Chung, S.J., 1995:
Effects of selected hydroponic systems and nutrient solutions on the growth of leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa)

Harode, S.M.; Kokate, V.G.; Zend, J.P., 1993:
Effects of selected treatments on longevity and freshness of selected flowers in home decoration

Kikuchi, S.; Yajima, T.; Nakamura, F.; Shimizu, O.; Sawai, O.; Seino, M., 1994:
Effects of selection cutting on forest dynamics in the Shiretoko National Forest. Stand condition and regeneration pattern, five years after cutting

Napel, J. ten; Vries, A.G. de, 1994:
Effects of selection for a short weaning-to-oestrus interval on distribution of data

Luan, Z.S.; Zhang, Q.P., 1994:
Effects of selection of male-fertile maternal lines on 7 horticultural characteristics in Welsh onion

Satoh, M.; Obata, T., 1994:
Effects of selection on litter size at birth and litter weight at weaning based on a multiple-trait animal model in golden hamsters

Yusop, Z.; Suki, A., 1994:
Effects of selective logging methods on suspended solids concentration and turbidity level in streamwater

Mortensen, L.M.; Moe, R., 1992:
Effects of selective screening of the daylight spectrum, and of twilight on plant growth in greenhouses

Hoffmann, L.A.; Redente, E.F.; Mcewen, L.C., 1995:
Effects of selective seed predation by rodents on shortgrass establishment

Fisher, D.D.; Saxton, S.W.; Elliot, R.D.; Beatty, J.M., 1995:
Effects of selenium source on Se status of lactating cows

Wever, G.; Hertogh Pon, M.H., 1993:
Effects of self-heating on biological, chemical and physical characteristics of peat

Rota, A.; Ström, B.; Linde-Forsberg, C., 1995:
Effects of seminal plasma and three extenders on canine semen stored at 4 degrees C

Lin, X.Z.; Jin, Z.H., 1995:
Effects of sennosides, rhubarb polysaccharides and emodin on the cytoplasmic free calcium in isolated rat brain cells

Ellis, J.; Morrison, D., 1995:
Effects of sequence alignment on the phylogeny of Sarcocystis deduced from 18S rDNA sequences

Kurose, Y.; Yano, H.; Miyazaki, A., 1995:
Effects of serotonin antagonist, cyproheptadine, and serotonin depletor, p-chlorophenylalanine, on feeding in rats kept at high and temperate-ambient temperatures

Hong, D.; Forsberg, N.E., 1994:
Effects of serum and insulin-like growth factor I on protein degradation and protease gene expression in rat L8 myotubes

Ryu, S.Y.; Yoon, W.K.; Cho, S.W.; Kim, M.K.; Kim, T.H., 1994:
Effects of serum on lymphokines producing capabilities of CD8+ T cells

Fujiyama-Fujiwara, Y.; Umeda-Sawada, R.; Kuzuyama, M.; Igarashi, O., 1995:
Effects of sesamin on the fatty acid composition of the liver of rats fed N-6 and N-3 fatty acid-rich diet

Sherman, R.A.; Wyle, F.A.; Thrupp, L., 1995:
Effects of seven antibiotics on the growth and development of Phaenicia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae) larvae

Liu, F.; Cao, M.Q.; Sato, T., 1993:
Effects of several antibiotics on the morphogenesis of explants culture in vitro

Kawarabayashi, Waichiro, 1993:
Effects of several conditions in aerated liquid culture on in vitro multiplication of bulbs of Lilium japonicum Thunb

Egashira, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Ohta, T.; Sanada, H.; Kuno, M.; Mitsui, F.; Kokubu, T., 1995:
Effects of several dietary proteins on D-galactosamine hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats

Salim, R.; A.S.bu, M.M.; Ismail, Y.S.S., 1995:
Effects of several factors on the growth and on the metal uptake and uptake distribution of okra plant treated with cadmium

Salim, R.; A.S.bu, M.M.; Ismail, Y.S.S., 1995:
Effects of several factors on the growth and on the metal uptake distribution of pepper plants treated with cadmium

Xia, L.J.; Hua, L.; Bai, L.Y.; Wei, D.P., 1994:
Effects of several soil solutions on the activities of Cu, Pb, Cd and their complexation character

Biddinger, D.J.; Hull, L.A., 1995:
Effects of several types of insecticides on the mite predator, Stethorus punctum (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), including insect growth regulators and abamectin

Ruppert, M.; Overlack, A.; Kolloch, R.; Kraft, K.; Lennarz, M.; Stumpe, K.O., 1994:
Effects of severe and moderate salt restriction on serum lipids in nonobese normotensive adults

Carvalho, N.M.druga de; Olivo, C.J.; Buriol, G.A.eli, 1993:
Effects of shade availability on the milk yield of Holstein cows during the summer

Rousi, M.; Tahvanainen, J.; Henttonen, H.; Uotila, I., 1993:
Effects of shading and fertilization on resistance of winter-dormant birch (Betula pendula) to voles and hares

Yanagi, T.; Ueda, Y.; Sato, H.; Hirai, H.; Oda, Y., 1995:
Effects of shading and fruit set order on fruit quality in single truss tomato

Yim JaeHong; Kim KiSun, 1995:
Effects of shading on the vegetative growth of Korean lawngrass (Zoysia japonica Steud.)

Lionakis, S.; Chouliaras, V.; Gerasopoulos, D., 1994:
Effects of shading on vegetative, reproductive and fruit maturity aspects of 'Hayward' kiwifruit

Takeuchi, A.; Matsumoto, S.; Hayatsu, M., 1995:
Effects of shading treatment on the expression of the genes for chalcone synthase and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in tea plant (Camellia sinensis)

Ko, K.D.; Park, S.K.; Lee, E.H., 1993:
Effects of shading, medium and ionic strength on the growth of hydroponically grown shallot (Allium ascalonicum L.) in the summer season

Schubert, A.; Restagno, M.; Novello, V.; Peterlunger, E., 1995:
Effects of shoot orientation on growth, net photosynthesis, and hydraulic conductivity of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cortese

Goto, Y.; Saito, M.; Hasebe, K.; Nakamura, S.; Ohe, M.; Hoshikawa, K., 1994:
Effects of short period treatments at low temperature (9 degrees C) on growth of rice plants at the tillering stage

Martinez, F.X.; Fabregas, X.; Tapia, L.; Caballero, A., 1993:
Effects of short term substrate flooding on gaseous exchange of carnation

Johansson, E.; Vahl, K. de, 1993:
Effects of short time exposure of cynomolgus to high doses of sodium selenite

Garrelds, I.M.; Elliott, G.R.; Zijlstra, F.J.; Bonta, I.L., 1994:
Effects of short- and long-term feeding of L-carnitine and congeners on the production of eicosanoids from rat peritoneal leucocytes

Xu, J.X.; Zhang, H.; Xu, Y.F., 1994:
Effects of short-period feeding of zinc oxide supplemented diet on laying performance and egg yolk zinc content of laying hens

Kawabata, T.; Hida, A.; Suzuki, M.; Hasegawa, K., 1994:
Effects of short-term feeding of triolein, tripalmitin, tristearin and trilinolein on serum lipids and lipoproteins in healthy young woman

Smeulders, S.M.; Gorissen, A.; Joosten, N.N.; Veen, J.A. van, 1995:
Effects of short-term ozone exposure on the carbon economy of mature and juvenile Douglas firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco)

Fink, M., 1993:
Effects of short-term temperature fluctuations on plant growth and conclusions for short-term temperature optimization in greenhouses

Takele, A.; McDavid, C.R., 1994:
Effects of short-term waterlogging on cultivars of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

Scott, Graham, B., 1994:
Effects of short-term whole body vibration on animals with particular reference to poultry

Fan, N.T., 1994:
Effects of shortening juvenility on the grapefruit seedling

Petersen, S.O.; Klug, M.J., 1994:
Effects of sieving, storage, and incubation temperature on the phospholipid Fatty Acid profile of a soil microbial community

Ketsa, S.; Thampitakorn, F.; Piluek, C., 1993:
Effects of silver nitrate and silver thiosulfate on vase-life of cut roses

Eler, U.; Keskin, S., 1992:
Effects of silvicultural treatments applied as delayed first thinnings of Calabrian pine (Pinus brutia) plantations in the Antalya region

Eler, U.; Keskin, S.S., 1989 :
Effects of silvicultural treatments applied at initial thinnings on Pinus brutia plantations in the Antalya region

Mackinnon, D.S.; Freedman, B., 1993:
Effects of silvicultural use of the herbicide glyphosate on breeding birds of regenerating clearcuts in Nova Scotia, Canada

Granger, R.L.; Khanizadeh, S.; Meheriuk, M.; Berard, L.S.; Dalpe, Y., 1995:
Effects of simazine and the mycorrhizal population in soil beneath an apple tree canopy

Miwa, M.; Izuta, T.; Totsuka, T., 1993:
Effects of simulated acid rain and/or ozone on the growth of Japanese cedar seedlings

Cappelli, M.; Colpi, C.; Accordi, E.M.M., 1995:
Effects of simulated acid rain on Norway spruce seedlings

Matsumura, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Kohno, Y.; Izuta, T.; Totsuka, T., 1995:
Effects of simulated acid rain on dry weight growth and gas exchange rate of Japanese cedar, Nikko fir and Japanese white birch seedlings

Izuta, T.; Ohtani, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Horie, K.; Totsuka, T., 1993:
Effects of simulated acid rain on the growth of fir seedlings

Zhang, F.; Yang, X.; Zhang, J., 1994:
Effects of simulated acid rain on the injury and physiological responses of crops

Honkanen, T.; Haukioja, E.; Suomela, J., 1994:
Effects of simulated defoliation and debudding on needle and shoot growth in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris): implications of plant source/sink relationships for plant-herbivore studies

Tausch, R.J.; Nowak, R.S.; Bruner, A.D.; Smithson, J., 1994:
Effects of simulated fall and early spring grazing on cheatgrass and perennial grass in western Nevada

Hjalten, J.; Danell, K.; Ericson, L., 1993:
Effects of simulated herbivory and intraspecific competition on the compensatory ability of birches

Sacher, R.; Burian, K., 1994:
Effects of simulated orbital light/dark cycles on the photosynthesis of mungbean, soybean and millet

Bergstrom, R.; Danell, K., 1995:
Effects of simulated summer browsing by moose on leaf and shoot biomass of birch, Betula pendula

Campa, H.IIi; Haufler, J.B.; Beyer, D.E.Jr, 1992:
Effects of simulated ungulate browsing on aspen characteristics and nutritional qualities

Hoque, M.S.; Jahiruddin, M., 1994:
Effects of single and multiple applications of sulphur and zinc in a continuous rice cropping pattern

Nielsen, B.L.; Lawrence, A.B.; Whittemore, C.T., 1995:
Effects of single-space feeder design on feeding behaviour and performance of growing pigs

Ojala, J.; Johansson, S.G.; Kaarakka, V.; Otsamo, A., 1993:
Effects of singling coppice in irrigated Prosopis juliflora at Bura, Kenya

Kim, K.H.; Lee, C.Y.; Lee, W.K., 1992:
Effects of site condition on the dry season storage of reservoirs in small forested watersheds

Tobita, H.; Enoki, T.; Kawaguchi, H., 1993:
Effects of site conditions on natural regeneration in a Pinus thunbergii plantation on Mt. Tanakami

Fleming, R.L.; Black, T.A.; Eldridge, N.R., 1994 :
Effects of site preparation on root zone soil water regimes in high-elevation forest clearcuts

Oda, T.; Hashiba, H., 1994:
Effects of skim milk and its fermented product by Lactobacillus acidophilus on plasma and liver lipid levels in diet-induced hypertriglyceridemic rats

Chu, Y.I.; Horng, S.B., 1994:
Effects of slag and nitrogen fertilizer on the damage of Asian corn borer to field corn

Staaf, H.; Olsson, B.A., 1994:
Effects of slash removal and stump harvesting on soil water chemistry in a clearcutting in SW Sweden

Sveistrup, T.E.; Marcelino, V.; Stoops, G., 1995:
Effects of slurry application on the microstructure of the surface layers of soils from northern Norway

Goodson, N.J.; Stevens, D.R.; Bailey, J.A., 1991:
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Effects of temperature and leaf wetness on the latent period of Rhynchosporium secalis (leaf blotch) on leaves of winter barley

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Effects of temperature and light on nitrate content of radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

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Effects of temperature and moisture on the number, size and septation of ascospores produced by Leptosphaeria maculans (blackleg) on rapeseed stubble

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Effects of temperature and nutrient medium on anther culture of Triticum aestivum L

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Effects of temperature and nutritional conditions on the population increase of the white-backed planthopper

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Effects of temperature and pathogen isolate on strawberry resistance to anthracnose caused by three species of Colletotrichum

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Effects of temperature and photoperiod in the summer on the flowering of Camellia hiemalis Nakai

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Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the bud formation of Hydrangea

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Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the bud formation of Rhododendron obtusum 'Wakakaede'

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Effects of temperature and photoperiod on the duration of hatching, swimming, and copepodid survival of the parasitic copepod Salmincola edwardsii

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Effects of temperature and restoration of osmotic equilibrium during thawing on the induction of plasma membrane damage in cryopreserved ram spermatozoa

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Effects of temperature during grain-filling on starches from six wheat cultivars

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Effects of temperature on carp leukocyte mitogen-induced proliferation and nonspecific cytotoxic activity

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Effects of temperature on extractable manganese and distribution of manganese among soil fractions

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Effects of temperature on germination of stratified seeds of three ash species

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Effects of Temperature on Infected Cell O2 Concentration and Adenylate Levels in Attached Soybean Nodules

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Effects of temperature on isolates of Fusarium moniliforme causing fig endosepsis and Aspergillus niger causing smut

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Effects of temperature on phenological synchrony and altitudinal distribution of jumping plant lice (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) on dwarf willow (Salix lapponum) in Norway

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Effects of temperature on some physiological activities in soybean plants sprayed with glyphosate

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Effects of temperature on the population growth of Macrosiphum avenae (Fabricius)

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Effects of temperature on the simultaneous production of zearalenone and deoxynivalenol by Fusarium graminearum on maize

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Effects of temperature on the sterility of rice in photo-sensitive and thermo-sensitive male sterile lines

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Effects of temperature on tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) pupal diapause, initiation and final stage of movement of stemmatal eyespots and adult emergence

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Effects of temperature, humidity and foodstuff on the reproductivity of mushroom nematode (Aphelenchoides composticola)

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Effects of temperature, light and mechanical treatment on seed germination of Chrysanthemum coronarium L

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Effects of Temperature, pH, and NaCl on Growth and Pectinolytic Activity of Pseudomonas marginalis

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Effects of temperature, vapour pressure deficit and radiation on infectivity of conidia of Botrytis cinerea and on susceptibility of gerbera petals

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Effects of the EU marketing regulations for bananas on international trade and price formation

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Effects of the application of chemical ripener glyphosate on the starch concentration of harvested sugarcane

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Effects of the composition and concentration of nitrogen on the growth of sugarbeet seedlings with rockwool substrate and relationships to the growth stage

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Effects of the corticosteroid Kenalog on the carrier state of juvenile channel catfish exposed to Edwardsiella ictaluri

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Effects of the degree of polymerization on the binding of xyloglucans to cellulose

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Effects of the dynamics of the heartwood formation process on the pattern of natural pruning of stems in pine production forests

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Effects of the employment status of the secretary of a primary co-operative society on its performance

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Effects of the general institutional framework on the regional development of agricultural structures

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Effects of the inclusion of treated jack beans (Canavalia ensiformis) and the amino acid canavanine in chick diets

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Effects of the incorporation of high molecular-weight novolac on the durability of phenol-melamine-formaldehyde adhesive

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Effects of the Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA) Transport Inhibitors N-1-Naphthylphthalamic Acid and Morphactin on Endogenous IAA Dynamics in Relation to Compression Wood Formation in 1-Year-Old Pinus sylvestris (L.) Shoots

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Effects of the inoculum size on batch alcoholic fermentation

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Effects of the introduction of home gardening on the production and consumption of target, interaction, and control groups: a case study from Bangladesh

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Effects of the length of suspension links on the work of a flat screen

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Effects of the length of the snow-free period on leaf longevity in alpine shrubs: a cost-benefit model

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Effects of thinning on the health of spruce plantations

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Effects of three promoters on stable integration of the herbicide resistant gene in wheat cultured cells through particle bombardment

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Effects of three sorts of tea on CSFs production of healthy and blood-deficient murine splenic lymphocytes

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Effects of timing of seed collection and method of establishment on Brosimum alicastrum, S.W., reproduction

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Effects of tree spacing and height reduction on cone production in two Douglas-fir seed orchards

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Effects of tree species on maize fodder yield in hill zone of Karnataka

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Effects of triiodothyronine on body weight and on bone and calcium metabolism in rats

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Effects of trunk barriers on larval gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) density in isolated- and contiguous-canopy oak trees

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Effects of trunk-injected abamectin on the elm leaf beetle

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