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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2611

Chapter 2611 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cascio, G.; Mantia, G.; Fontana, G.; Vetri, P., 1994: Effects on the carbohydrate metabolism of Coffea robusta unroasted coffee-beans extract

Pheifer, J. Hugh; Briggs, Dennis E., 1995: Effects on the endogenous thiols and disulphides of steeping barley in solutions of dormancy-breaking substances

Das, K. K.; Rajkonwar, C. K., 1995: Effects on the motility of buck semen during freezing with lactose egg yolk glycerol extender

Barantsev, A. S.; Sannikov, Yu G., 1990: Effects on the soil of machinery used for harvesting resinous stumpwood

Soler Rovira, J.; Jimenez Aguilar, C., 1993: Effects on the soil on the retirement and abandonment of arable land and its rehabilitation

Gothe, Leif.; Soderberg, Hakan.; Sjolander, Erik.; Nohrstedt, Hans-Orjan., 1993: Effects on water chemistry, benthic invertebrates and brown trout following forest fertilization in central Sweden

Fernandez San Juan, P. M., 1995: Effects produced by hydrogenation of edible oils and fats. Trans-unsaturated fatty acids in foods

Hirao, A.; Sugita, S.; Fujiwara, K., 1994: Efferent and afferent connections of the bulbus olfactorium in the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610008

Sozeri, S.; Maden, S., 1994: Efficacies of low dosages and repeated applications of some herbicides against Russian knapweed (Acroptilon repens (L.) D.C.)

Ishikawa, H.; Kudoh, S.; Mizutani, T.; Sugitani, T., 1994: Efficacious gum using Palatinose (Palatinit)

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610011

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610012

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610013

Nibouche, S.; Goze, E., 1993: Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the phytosanitary protection methods extended on cotton growing in Burkina Faso

Tomar, R. K. S.; Namdeo, K. N.; Tiwari, K. P.; Raghu, J. S., 1994: Efficacy and economic feasibility of integrated weed control methods in soybean on farmer's fields

Badaya, A. K.; Deshpande, R. R.; Ali, S. A., 1991: Efficacy and economics of different insecticides for the control of okra fruit and shoot borer, Earias vitella Fab

Singh, G. P.; Sinha, R. P.; Singh, S. P.; Hameed, S. F., 1993: Efficacy and economics of some insecticides against sesame shoot and leaf webber Antigastra catalaunalis Dup. (Lepidoptera : Pyralidae)

Parsai, S.; Choudhary, R.; Deshpande, R., 1991: Efficacy and economics of some insecticides in the management of soyabean stemfly, Melanagromyza sojae (Zehntner)

Vencill, W. K.; Wilcut, J. W.; Monks, C. D., 1995: Efficacy and economy of weed management systems for sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) and morningglory (Ipomoea spp.) control in soybean (Glycine max)

Hiruma, M., 1994: Efficacy and limitations of new antifungal drugs used against subcutaneous mycoses

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610023

Chick, B. F.; Cobb, R.; Kieran, P.; Fraser, G., 1993: Efficacy and persistent effect features of moxidectin pour-on when used for parasite control in cattle

Slawson, D. D.; Gillespie, M. J., 1994: Efficacy and physical/mechanical data requirements for approval of seed treatments in the UK

Jacquiet, P.; Mulato, C.; Thiam, A.; Gueye, S.; Cheikh, D., 1994: Efficacy and residual activity of amitraz (Taktic) against adult Hyalomma dromedarii ticks on the dromedary. Preliminary study

Mackie, G. L.; Kilgour, B. W., 1995: Efficacy and role of alum in removal of zebra mussel veliger larvae from raw water supplies

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610029

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610030

Isolauri, Erika; Sutas, Yelda; Makinen Kiljunen, Soili; Oja, Simo S.; Isosomppi, Riitta; Turjanmaa, Kristiina, 1995: Efficacy and safety of hydrolyzed cow milk and amino acid-derived formulas in infants with cow milk allergy

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610034

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610035

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610036

Terragni, L.; Caputo, R., 1993: Efficacy and tolerability of Kevis Nails associated with an antimycotic in the treatment of onychomycosis. A double-blind evaluation versus placebo + antimycotic

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610038

Ringwald, P.; Louis, F. J.; Bickii, J.; Ringwald, C.; Daban, A.; Ravinet, L., 1995: Efficacy and tolerance in adults of a short (3 days) course of quinine for uncomplicated falciparum malaria

Kinde Gazard, D.; Anagonou, S. Y.; Gninafon, M.; Tawo, L., 1993: Efficacy and tolerance of Helmintox in patients undergoing anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy in a Pneumo-Phthisiological Department at Cotonou

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610041

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610042

Bull, D. L.; Meola, R. W., 1994: Efficacy and toxicodynamics of pyriproxyfen after treatment of insecticide-susceptible and -resistant strains of the house fly (Diptera: Muscidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610044

Hussain, A.; Khokhar, M. A.; Awan, A. H.; Chaudry, M. A., 1990: Efficacy of Butalex (buparvaquone) in naturally affected cattle with Theileria annulata

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610046

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610047

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610048

Albert, M. M.; Adams, K.; Luther, M. J.; Sun, S. H.; Graybill, J. R., 1994: Efficacy of AmBisome in murine coccidioidomycosis

Burgio, G.; Maini, S.; Barreca, A., 1994: Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner subsp. kurstaki based preparations against european corn borer infesting pepper

Hasan, R.; Khan, A. M.; Emden, H. F. van, 1994: Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis against caterpillars of Corcyra cephalonica Stainton

Saharan, H. S.; Satyavir, 1994: Efficacy of Bavistin on the incidence of red rot of sugarcane caused by Colletotrichum falcatum Went

Wegensteiner, R., 1992: Efficacy of Beauveria-species against Ips typographus (Col., Scolytidae)

Ehteshamul Haque, S.; Abid, M.; Ghaffar, A., 1995: Efficacy of Bradyrhizobium sp. and Paecilomyces lilacinus with oil cakes in the control of root rot of mungbean

Blasco, J. M.; Marin, C.; Jimenez De Bagues, M. P.; Barberan, M., 1993: Efficacy of Brucella suis strain 2 vaccine against Brucella ovis in rams

Upendra, H. A., 1992: Efficacy of Butox against demodicosis in canines

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610057

Williams, RN.; Ellis, MS.; Bartelt, RJ., 1995: Efficacy of Carpophilus aggregation pheromones on nine species in northeastern Ohio, and identification of the pheromone of C. brachypterus

Singh, J.; Gill, J. S., 1993: Efficacy of Charmil against sarcoptic mange in bovines

Balicka Laurans, A., 1994: Efficacy of Cydectin in the control of parasitoses in pregnant sows

Musa, M. M.; Abdoon, A. M. O.; Nasir, B. T.; Salim, Y. I.; Abdel Rahman, A. Y.; Shommein, A. M., 1994: Efficacy of Cymelarsan in the treatment of natural chronic Trypanosoma evansi infection in camels in the Sudan

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610063

Irshad, M.; Talpur, S., 1992: Efficacy of Damfin against stored grain insect pests

Singh, S.; Kumar, R.; Chhabra, M. B., 1992: Efficacy of Dipel-8L and Sumicidin 20-EC against mammalian lice

Soto, J.; Martinez, R.; Fonschiffrey, G.; Dember, J., 1995: Efficacy of FansidarReg. for acute uncomplicated malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum in Colombia

Ekpo, E. J. A.; Banjoko, K. M., 1994: Efficacy of Fernasan D and wood ash in the control of seed-borne fungi, pre-emergence mortality and seedling blight of maize

Narladkar, B. W.; Shastri, U. V.; Ratnaparkhi, M. R.; Moregaonkar, S. D., 1991: Efficacy of Gamascab lotion against sarcoptic mange in sheep

Sarode, S. V.; Thakare, H. S.; Deotale, R. O., 1993: Efficacy of Heliothis nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the management of Helicoverpa armigera on chickpea

Klement' eva, E. V., 1987: Efficacy of Ivomek against Oedemagena and Cephenemyia infection in reindeer

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610071

Dwivedi, G. K.; Dwivedi, M.; Singh, R. V., 1995: Efficacy of Lalitpur and Mussoorie rockphosphate mixed with superphosphate for frenchbean in frenchbean-wheat and wheat-frenchbean sequences

Brihuega, B.; Hutter, E., 1995: Efficacy of Leptospira vaccine in dogs

Malinowski, E.; Dudko, P.; Kossowska, A.; Markiewicz, H.; Szalbierz, M.; Branicki, T.; Kuzma, R.; Janicki, C., 1995: Efficacy of Lydium-KLP preparation in the treatment of subclinical mastitis

Zwet, T. van der; Lightner, G. W., 1993: Efficacy of MARYBLYT forecasting system to predict blossom blight in West Virginia (1984-1992)

Krukowski, H.; Majewski, T., 1994: Efficacy of Mastisan PN/DC in the prevention of mastitis in ewes

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610078

Grego, S.; Badalucco, L.; Cesare F. de; Moscatelli, C.; Gioacchini, P.; Antisari, L. V., 1995: Efficacy of NBPT to slow down the degradation of urea in field conditions

Walters, S. Alan; Barker, Kenneth R., 1994: Efficacy of Paecilomyces lilacinus in suppressing Rotylenchulus reniformis on tomato

Das, S. S., 1993: Efficacy of Pestoban aerosol spray in treatment of canine demodecosis

Das, S. S.; Bhatia, B. B.; Kumar, A., 1993: Efficacy of Pestoban-D against common poultry lice

Mathiassen, S. K.; Kudsk, P., 1995: Efficacy of Puma Super in mixture with broadleaf herbicides

Thakur, M. S.; Gour, A. K.; Bhatt, V. K.; Shrivastava, S., 1993: Efficacy of Receptal in induction of estrus in buffaloes by different dose and route of administration

Somo Moyou, R.; Mittelholzer, M. L.; Sorenson, F.; Haller, L.; Sturchler, D., 1994: Efficacy of Ro 42-1611 (arteflene) in the treatment of patients with mild malaria: a clinical trial in Cameroon

Stepanova, G. N., 1994: Efficacy of Russian aerosol preparations against the house dust mites Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Troussart, 1897) and D. farinae Hugnes, 1961 (Acari: Pyroglyphidae)

Bingham, J.; Kappeler, A.; Hill, FWG.; King, AA.; Perry, BD.; Foggin, CM., 1995: Efficacy of SAD (Berne) rabies vaccine given by the oral route in two species of jackal (Canis mesomelas and Canis adustus)

Mullerat, J.; Klapes, N. A.; Sheldon, B. W., 1994: Efficacy of SalmideReg., a sodium chlorite-based oxy-halogen disinfectant, to inactivate bacterial pathogens and extend shelf-life of broiler carcasses

Kirkpatrick, T. L., 1993: Efficacy of Temik 15 G for root-knot nematode control in cotton

Postal, J. M., 1995: Efficacy of a 0.25% fipronil based formulation spray in the treatment and prevention of flea infestations of dogs and cats

Dinsmore, Rp; Cattell, Mb; Stevens, Rd; Gabel, Cs; Salman, Md; Collins, Jk, 1995: Efficacy of a Propionibacterium acnes immunostimulant for treatment of chronic Staphylococcus aureus mastitis

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610097

Purdy, C. W.; Straus, D. C., 1995: Efficacy of a capsule preparation and ultraviolet-killed Pasteurella haemolytica A1 vaccine in goats

Miller, J. Allen; George, John E., 1994: Efficacy of a combination neckband and tailtag containing amitraz or cyhalothrin K against lone star ticks on pastured cattle

Ismetullova, F. M., 1993: Efficacy of a combined, inactivated vaccine against enterobacterial infections in pregnant cows and their offspring

Franc, M.; Cadiergues, M. C., 1995: Efficacy of a dichlorvos-fenitrothion combination against cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis)

Gallo, G. F.; Berg, J. L., 1995: Efficacy of a feed-additive antibacterial combination for improving feedlot cattle performance and health

Ahuja, K. N.; Yaduraju, N. T., 1995: Efficacy of a few herbicides in mustard, lentil and chickpea under rainfed conditions

Das, S. S.; Banerjee, P. S.; Pandit, B. A.; Bhatia, B. B., 1994: Efficacy of a herbal compound against sarcoptic mange in goats

Rajmane, B. V., 1994: Efficacy of a new B-complex electrolyte preparation in broilers

Giannetti, P. L.; Baldi, J., 1995: Efficacy of a new natural aphicide on some horticultural crops and flowers

Cother, E. J.; Gilbert, R. L., 1994: Efficacy of a potential mycoherbicide for control of Alisma lanceolatum and Damasonium minus in Australian rice crops

Vartak, P. H.; Mukherjee, S. N.; Sharma, R. N., 1993: Efficacy of a simple device used for continuous rearing of Spodoptera litura F

Williams, J. C.; Loyacano, A. F.; Broussard, S. D.; Coombs, D. F.; Derosa, A.; Bliss, D. H., 1995: Efficacy of a spring strategic fenbendazole treatment program to reduce numbers of Ostertagia ostertagi inhibited larvae in beef stocker cattle

Thompson, J. M.; Hansen, D. E.; McCoy, R. D., 1995: Efficacy of a vaccine against Fusobacterium necrophorum for control of foot rot in sheep

Yakobouski, M. V.; Myastsova, T. Ya; Vyarenich, S. I.; Lavor, S. I.; Lysenka, A. P.; Milyutkin, V. V., 1994: Efficacy of a vaccine against strongyloidosis in animals. II

Gutierrez, Cesar B.; Rodriguez Barbosa, Jose I.; Suarez, Juan; Gonzalez, Oscar R.; Tascon, Ruben I.; Rodriguez Ferri, Elias F., 1995: Efficacy of a variety of disinfectants against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 1

Pecetti, L.; Annicchiarico, P., 1995: Efficacy of a visual assessment for drought tolerance in durum wheat improvement under dryland conditions

Jyothi, K. N.; Sighamony, S.; Prasuna, A. L.; Prasad, A. R.; Yadav, J. S., 1995: Efficacy of abamectin against the safflower aphid Uroleucon compositae (Theobold)

Bhathal, S. S.; Darshan Singh; Swaranjit Singh; Dhillon, R. S., 1993: Efficacy of alantolides and coumarin as feeding deterrents against the hairy caterpillar Spilosoma obliqua Walker

Maske, D. K.; Sardey, M. R.; Gore, A. K., 1991: Efficacy of amitraz against mange of rabbits

Somani, L. L.; Totawat, K. L.; Gulati, I. J., 1994: Efficacy of ammonium polyphosphate as compared to diammonium phosphate

Shinde, S. V.; Kohale, S. K.; Deshmukh, V. A.; Khonde, H. W., 1993: Efficacy of ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer in comparison to other P fertilizers for peanut and their residual effect on wheat

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610120

Clark, Perry; Van Roekel, Dennis E., 1994: Efficacy of an Escherichia coli bacterin for the control of coliform mastitis in dairy cows

Vizio, E. A.; Brihuega, J. M., 1993: Efficacy of an aqueous extract of Ctenocephalides spp. in the treatment of allergic dermatitis caused by fleas in dogs

Cairns, Russ; Chu, Hsien Jue; Chavez, Lloyd G.; Schnackel, John A., 1993: Efficacy of an outer membrane complex Haemophilus somnus bacterin in preventing symptoms following Haemophilus somnus challenge

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610124

Wandurski, A., 1995: Efficacy of antibiotics and their combinations in the treatment of MMA in sows

Tojo, J.; Santamarina, M. T.; Ubeira, F. M.; Leiro, J.; Sanmartin, M. L., 1993: Efficacy of antiprotozoal drugs against gyrodactylosis in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

De Rezende, Nilton Alves; Dias, Mariana Borges; Campolina, Delio; Chavez Olortegui, Carlos; Diniz, Carlos Ribeiro; Amaral, Carlos Faria Santo, 1995: Efficacy of antivenom therapy for neutralizing circulating venom antigens in patients stung by Tityus serrulatus scorpions

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610129

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610131

Rivera Mendoza, P.; Lugo, E.; Lopez, D.; Lopez, M.; Delgado, M.; Larios, F.; Espinoza, P., 1993: Efficacy of benciocarb against the malaria vector Anopheles albimanus in urban areas of Nicaragua

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610133

Gholve, S. G.; Sankpal, V. Y.; Jadhav, S. B., 1993: Efficacy of biofertilizers under varying levels of nitrogen on nitrogen economy, growth and yield of adsali sugarcane

Singh, K. J.; Singh, O. P., 1993: Efficacy of biopesticides on eggs and adults of cowpea-pod bug (Chauliops fallax) infesting soybean (Glycine max)

Snowder, G. D.; Field, R. A.; Busboom, J. R., 1994: Efficacy of body wall thickness and backfat depth for estimating percentage yield of retail cuts of lamb

Chaudhry, M. I., 1992: Efficacy of botanical pesticides against Plecoptera reflexa Guen. (Noctudiae, Lepidoptera), shisham defoliator

Ram Chandra; Sheo Govind, 1991: Efficacy of cane sugar and auxins in relation to rooting and survival of guava layers in acid Alfisol

Henke, C. L.; Howie, N. M.; Smith, F. J.; Arfi, L.; Kausche, F. M., 1994: Efficacy of ceftiofur sodium (ExcenelTM) for the treatment of acute foot rot (interdigital necrobacillosis) in cattle

Ahmed, S.; Javed, N.; Ahmad, R.; Inam ul Haq, M., 1993: Efficacy of certain chemicals in controlling Meloidogyne incognita infecting cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Umechuruba, C. I.; Nwachukwu, E. O., 1994: Efficacy of certain fungicides against seed-borne fungi of African yam bean (Sphenostylis stenocarpa (Hochst ex A. Rich) Harms) seeds

Patel, B. N.; Patel, J. B., 1992: Efficacy of certain fungicides and Trichoderma harzianum against damping-off in Bidi tobacco nursery

Patel, M. B.; Patel, C. B.; Pastagia, J. J.; Patel, H. M., 1993: Efficacy of certain granular insecticides against borer pests of sugarcane

Bhat, B. N.; Yandagoudar, B. A.; Hundekar, A. R.; Satyanarayana Rao, 1994: Efficacy of certain suckericides for sucker control in bidi tobacco

Rao, G. P.; Kumar, P.; Mathuresh Singh; Singh, H. N.; Pandey, O. P., 1994: Efficacy of chalcone, hydrazide and oxadiazole derivatives against fungal pathogens of sugarcane

Suntornsuk, W.; Hang, Y. D., 1994: Efficacy of chemicals for controlling colony spread by Rhizopus species

Chavan, V. B.; D' Souza, T. F.; Kokate, S. B.; Sawant, D. M., 1992: Efficacy of chemicals in restricting onion bulb rots in storage

Pejsak, Z.; Wasinski, B.; Trela, T.; Mokrzycka, A., 1995: Efficacy of chemotherapeutics in the treatment of experimental pneumonia in piglets

Creffield, Jw; Chew, N., 1995: Efficacy of chlorothalonil and chlorothalonil plus chlorpyrifos against termite attack

Grace, Jk; Laks, Pe; Yamamoto, Rt, 1993: Efficacy of chlorothalonil as a wood preservative against the Formosan subterranean termite

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610152

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610153

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610154

Smith, M. C.; Bagwell, R. D.; Tugwell, N. P.; Frans, R. E., 1994: Efficacy of clomazone with disulfoton and aldicarb

Gupta, S. C.; Yadav, S. C., 1994: Efficacy of closantel against immature Fasciola gigantica infection in goat

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610157

Jacob, S., 1994: Efficacy of coconut oil in protecting different pulse grains from the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis Linn

Variar, M.; Maiti, D.; Shukla, V. D., 1993: Efficacy of combination of fungicide formulations on management of rice-blast (Pyricularia oryzae) in rainfed upland

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610160

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610161

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610162

Hernandez Apaolaza, L.; Garate, A.; Lucena, J. J., 1995: Efficacy of commercial Fe(III)-EDDHA and Fe(III)-EDDHMA chelates to supply iron to sunflower and corn seedlings

Chulakova, N. V., 1987: Efficacy of control measures against Alveonasus lahorensis

Prozell, S.; Reichmuth, C., 1992: Efficacy of controlled atmospheres on Sitophilus granarius Linne, Sitophilus oryzae Linne, Oryzaephilus mercator Fauvel, Glycyphagus domesticus de Geer and Ephestia kuehniella Zeller

Heer, A.; Tinius, H. G.; Mickwitz, G. v, 1995: Efficacy of controlling atrophic rhinitis in piglet-rearing units by vaccination combined with antibiotic prophylaxis and improvements in housing and hygiene

Rabaey, T. L.; Harvey, R. G., 1994: Efficacy of corn (Zea mays) herbicides applied at reduced rates impregnated in dry fertilizer

Khan, M. H.; Srivastava, S. C., 1993: Efficacy of coumaphos against ticks

Payne, R. C.; Sukanto, I. P.; Partoutomo, S.; Jones, T. W.; Luckins, A. G.; Boid, R., 1994: Efficacy of cymelarsan in Fresian Holstein calves infected with Trypanosoma evansi

Medleau, L.; Willemse, T., 1995: Efficacy of daily amitraz on generalised demodicosis in dogs

Medleau, L.; Willemse, T., 1995: Efficacy of daily amitraz therapy for refractory, generalized demodicosis in dogs: two independent studies

Singh, H. P.; Sharma, S. N., 1993: Efficacy of dalapon and 2,4-D on chlorophyll content of two emergent weeds (Eleocharis plantaginea and Zizania aquatica)

Goswami, B. K.; Rao, U.; Manton, M. A., 1993: Efficacy of decomposed products of some oil-seed cakes and ABCD collected at different time intervals on hatching and mortality of Meloidogyne incognita

Murty, P. S. N.; Ramaprasad, G.; Sitaramaiah, S., 1992: Efficacy of deoiled neem cake extracts against Spodoptera litura on tobacco

Argimon, J. M.; Fiol, C.; Pinto, X.; Hurtadom, I.; Gracia, V., 1994: Efficacy of detection of hypercholesterolaemia in high risk persons compared to opportunistic detection

Balyan, R. S.; Malik, R. K.; Panwar, R. S., 1993: Efficacy of diclofopmethyl applied alone and in combination with other herbicides for weed control in wheat

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610178

Negi, R. S.; Chaurasia, R. K., 1995: Efficacy of different chemicals/sterilents for the control of post-harvest rotting of betelvine leaves

Stolz, M., 1994: Efficacy of different concentrations of seven pesticides on Phytoseiulus persimilis A.-H. (Acarina: Phytoseiidae) and on Tetranychus urticae K. (Acarina: Tetranychidae) in laboratory and semifield test

Archavala, A. I.; Robles, A. M.; Negroni, Ricardo; Bianchi, M. H.; Taborda, A., 1993: Efficacy of different diagnosis methods in systemic mycoses associated with AIDS

Ahmed, H. U.; Hossain, M. M.; Alam, S. M. K.; Huq, M. I.; Hossain, M., 1991: Efficacy of different fungicides in controlling anthracnose and sooty mould of mango

Ramana, B. S.; Hari Singh; Sandhu, K. S., 1994: Efficacy of different herbicides for chemical weed control in seed crop of Indian palak (Beta vulgaris var. benegalensis L.)

Mandam, A. R.; Maiti, R. G., 1994: Efficacy of different herbicides for weed control in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)

Alexandre, S. R.; Bressan, M. C. R. V., 1994: Efficacy of different insecticide treatments in guineapigs infected with Chirodiscoides caviae

Noorani, A. M.; Shah, A. D.; Jugtani, T. K.; Lohar, M. K., 1994: Efficacy of different insecticides against gram podborer, Heliothis armigera Hub. on gram crop under field conditions

Abbasi, Q. D.; Hussain, T.; Talpur, M. A.; Memon, M. A., 1994: Efficacy of different insecticides in controlling ber fruit fly, Carpomyia vesuviana Costa

Upadhyay, S.; Agrawal, R. K., 1993: Efficacy of different insecticides on incidence of mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi) on Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) and its economics

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610189

Toit, W. J. du; Brink, T., 1992: Efficacy of different treatments against the brown snail, Helix aspersa Muller on Citrus in South Africa

Chen, X. F.; Xu, H. M.; Sun, S. Z.; Zhu, Y., 1993: Efficacy of diflubenzuron against tea geometrids

Barennes, H.; Renouil, M.; Macaigne, F.; Raoseta, V.; Raoelina, Y., 1993: Efficacy of diluted injectable quinine given rectally to children with malaria, and urinary excretion of quinine

Takeo, Y.; Oie, S.; Kamiya, A.; Konishi, H.; Nakazawa, T., 1994: Efficacy of disinfectants against biofilm cells of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Ratnaparkhi, M. R.; Shastri, U. V.; Rajurkar, S. R.; Jamkhedkar, P. P., 1993: Efficacy of distodin (Pfizer) against Fascioliasis in cattle, buffaloes and goats under field condition

Watson, T. G.; Hosking, B. C.; Hooke, F. G., 1995: Efficacy of doramectin against experimental infections by some nematode parasites in cattle in New Zealand

Lombardero, O. J.; Moriena, R. A.; Racioppi, O.; Errecalde, J. O., 1995: Efficacy of doramectin against natural Boophilus microplus infestations in cattle in the province of Corrientes, Argentina

Watson, T. G.; Hosking, B. C.; Hooke, F. G., 1995: Efficacy of doramectin against naturally acquired adult and inhibited larval infections by some nematode parasites in cattle in New Zealand

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610198

Muniz, R. A.; Anziani, O. S.; Ordonez, J.; Errecalde, J.; Moreno, J.; Rew, R. S., 1995: Efficacy of doramectin in the protection of neonatal calves and post-parturient cows against field strikes of Cochliomyia hominivorax

Cross, D. L.; Caldwell, W. J.; Strickland, J. R., 1994: Efficacy of drought-stressed whole corn plants as a feed for ruminants. 1. Effect of drought stress on nutrient accumulation in whole corn plant

Cross, D. L.; Caldwell, W. J.; Strickland, J. R., 1994: Efficacy of drought-stressed whole corn plants as a feed for ruminants. 2. Effect on digestibility and performance of ruminants consuming whole corn plant

Hogan, Js; Smith, Kl; Todhunter, Da; Schoenberger, Ps; Dinsmore, Rp; Canttell, Mb; Gabel, Cs, 1994: Efficacy of dry cow therapy and a Propionibacterium acnes product in herds with low somatic cell count

Hogan, J. S.; Smith, K. L.; Todhunter, D. A.; Schoenberger, P. S., 1994: Efficacy of dry cow therapy and a Propionibacterium acnes product in low somatic cell count herds

Ahmed, K. S.; Haque, M. A.; Islam, B. N., 1993: Efficacy of edible and non-edible oils against the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Parsai, S. K.; Verma, R. S.; Shaw, S. S.; Badaya, A. K., 1994: Efficacy of edible oils on the incidence of Callosobruchus chinensis Linn. and their effect on cooking quality of pigeonpea

Leibee, G. L.; Jansson, R. K.; Nuessly, G. S.; Taylor, J. L., 1995: Efficacy of emamectin benzoate and Bacillus thuringiensis at controlling diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) populations on cabbage in Florida

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610207

Section 3, Chapter 2611, Accession 002610208

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