Section 3
Chapter 2,613

Environmental water flows

Collins, D.; Scoccimarro, M.; Knights, P.; Fitzgerald, B.; Denham, R.; Doolan, J.M.; Fitzpatrick, C.R.; Hoey, D.

Commodity markets and natural resources Proceedings of the National Agricultural and Resources Outlook Conference, Canberra, 7-9 February 1995: 241-277


Accession: 002612595

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This section contains four papers on the theme of environmental water allocation in Australia. These comprise: (1) Economic issues in the creation of environmental water allocations (Collins and Scoccimarro, pp.241-251); (2) Environmental flow policy development in New South Wales (Knights, Fitzgerald and Denham, pp.252-261); (3) Protecting our rivers through property rights and water trading (Doolan and Fitzpatrick, pp.262-269); and (4) Implications of environmental flows for land and water management plans in the Murray region (Hoey, pp.270-277). Concern over deterioration in rural water quality and degradation of riverine environments have resulted in growing interest in changes to the use of water resources in rural catchments.

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