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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2618

Chapter 2618 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wiederhold, A., 1994: Examination of the iridocorneal angle of German Hunting Terriers

Porat, R.; Reiss, N.; Atzorn, R.; Halevy, A. H.; Borochov, A., 1995: Examination of the possible involvement of lipoxygenase and jasmonates in pollination-induced senescence of Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchid flowers

Backman, S. J.; Veldkamp, C., 1995: Examination of the relationship between service quality and user loyalty

Ogden, Jane; Fox, Pauline, 1994: Examination of the use of smoking for weight control in restrained and unrestrained eaters

Bachmann, H. P.; Isolini, D., 1995: Examination of wild-type propionic acid bacteria strains in model Emmental cheese

Kraft, W.; Weskamp, M.; Dietl, A., 1994: Examination on serum cholesterol in the dog

Guarda, F.; Fatzer, R., 1995: Examinations of brains of slaughter cattle for the occurrence of BSE in Italy with particular reference to nonspecific neuronal vacuoles

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617009

Papp, S.; Tompa, K., 1991: Examining afforestation of alkaline soils in Bucsa-Jenomajor

Richards, C.; Host, G., 1994: Examining land use influences on stream habitats and macroinvertebrates: a GIS approach

Unglaub, W.; Ney, G., 1995: Examining residues for evidence of tranquillizers

Anshel, M. H., 1995: Examining social loafing among elite female rowers as a function of task duration and mood

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617014

Hinton, M. J.; Schiff, S. L.; English, M. C., 1994: Examining the contributions of glacial till water to storm runoff using two- and three-component hydrograph separations

Ko, W. H.; Huang, J. M.; Leow, S. S., 1993: Examining the difference of dietary intake among diabetic patients with and without nephropathy

Quirk, D.; Hartmann, G., 1995: Examining the dynamics of the United States ski industry

Staurowsky, E. J., 1995: Examining the roots of a gendered division of labor in intercollegiate athletics: insights into the gender equity debate

Looze, M. A. de, 1993: Example of a technological survey: nitrogen fixation

Loschenberger, F., 1993: Example wheat: NIT technology in breeding for quality

Allen, A. A., 1995: Examples of antennal and fore-limb teratology in Coleoptera

Ashley, R. P., 1994: Examples of groundwater modelling in environmental assessment studies

Price, J. C., 1995: Examples of high resolution visible to near-infrared reflectance spectra and a standarized collection for remote sensing studies

Lappalainen, Hanna, 1994: Examples of plant phenological events in Finland and their relation to temperature

Rosenstock, A., 1992: Excavator-planting for ecologically orientated afforestation

Fischer, E., 1995: Excel 5.0: the new generation of dairy accounting procedures

Trudgill, S. T.; Ball, J.; Ferguson, R. I., 1994: Excel modelling of hydrological systems

Freund, U.; Bayr, S., 1995: Excel-supported production program planning in dairies

Tripathi, A. K.; Jain, D. C., 1993: Excelsin: an insect feeding-deterrent isolated from Ailanthus excelsa (Simarubaceae)

Villeneuve, N., 1994: Exceptional forest ecosystems in Quebec

Clastrier, J.; Grand, D.; Legrand, J., 1994: Exceptional observations in France of Forcipomyia (Pterobosca) paludis (Macfie), a parasite on the wings of dragonflies (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae and Odonata)

Anonymous, 1995: Excerpt from the 1994 annual report

Anonymous, 1995: Excerpt from the 1994 herdbook report

Anonymous, 1994: Excerpt from the Herdbook Department report for 1993

Albertson, O. E., 1995: Excess biofilm control by distributor-speed modulation

Denke, M. A.; Sempos, C. T.; Grundy, S. C., 1994: Excess body weight. An under-recognized contributor to dyslipidemia in white American women

Messenger A.S.; Hrudy B.A., 1992: Excess calcium and magnesium associated with lower crown mortality of pin oak

Brannlund, R.; Lofgren, K. G., 1992: Excess demand, monopsonistic price setting and stochastic input supply: an interpretation of happenings in the wood market

Jokela, A.; Back, J.; Huttunen, S.; Jalkanen, R., 1995: Excess nitrogen fertilization and the structure of Scots-pine needles

Guinel, F. C.; LaRue, T. A., 1993: Excessive aluminium accumulation in the pea mutant E107 (brz)

Davis, Caroline; Fox, John, 1993: Excessive exercise and weight preoccupation in women

Griffin, H. D., 1995: Excessive fatness in broiler chickens

Menzies, N. W.; Bell, L. C.; Edwards, D. G., 1994: Exchange and solution phase chemistry of acid, highly weathered soils. I. Characteristics of soils and the effects of lime and gypsum amendments

Menzies, N. W.; Bell, L. C.; Edwards, D. G., 1994: Exchange and solution phase chemistry of acid, highly weathered soils. II. Investigation of mechanisms controlling Al release into solution

Schneider, A.; Schatten, T.; Rennenberg, H., 1994: Exchange between phloem and xylem during long distance transport of glutathione in spruce trees (Picea abies (Karst.) L.)

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617046

Tarrega, R.; Luis Calabuig, E. de; Marcos, E., 1993: Exchange in the soil and the relation with vegetation in the post-fire regeneration of oaks

Janzen, H. H.; Gilbertson, C., 1994: Exchange of 15N among plants in controlled environment studies

Herrmann, R.; Ommeh, H., 1994: Exchange rate devaluation and the contribution of agriculture to the current account: the case of Kenya

Herrmann, R.; Ommeh, H., 1995: Exchange rate devaluation and the contribution of agriculture to the current account: the case of Kenya

Conley, D. M.; Peterson, E. W. F., 1995: Exchange rates and agribusiness trade: a case study of Nebraska beef exports to Japan

Baharumshah, A. Z.; Yusoff, M. B., 1994: Exchange rates and agricultural exports: the Malaysian case

Meyer, W. L.; Arp, P. A., 1994: Exchangeable cations and cation exchange capacity of forest soil samples: effects of drying, storage, and horizon

Fernandez Bermejo, M. C.; Iglesias Lopez, J.; Palomar, M. L.; Gonzalez Parra, J., 1993: Exchangeable cations and iron in forest soil after a fire

Moreno Garcia, A. M.; Perez Carreras, L.; Gonzalez Parra, J., 1995: Exchangeable heavy metals in central Spanish soils

Yuhki, Naoya; O'brien, Stephen J., 1994: Exchanges of short polymorphic DNA segments predating speciation in feline major histocompatibility complex class I genes

Isono, K.; Lazarova, G.; Sakai, T.; Tomaru, M.; Matsubayashi, H.; Oguma, Y., 1995: Excitatory and inhibitory control of mating activity in Drosophila auraria and biauraria by light

Gross, M. E.; Clifford, Charlotte A.; Hardy, Douglas A., 1994: Excitement in an elephant after intravenous administration of atropine

Anderson, J. L., 1994: Exclosures on the Beaver Dam Slope in Arizona and Utah

Hata, Trent Y.; Hara, Arnold H.; Hu, Benjamin K. S.; Kaneko, Ryan T.; Tenbrink, Victoria L., 1995: Excluding pests from red ginger flowers with insecticides and pollinating, polyester, or polyethylene bags

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617061

Tapiz, A.; Vila, D.; Valdes, V.; Dorca, E.; Badal, J.; Marcos, J. M., 1994: Exclusively cutaneous presentation of cryptococcosis in a patient with AIDS

Jurcic, J. G.; Koll, B.; Brown, A. E.; Crown, J. P.; Yahalom, J.; Gulati, S. C., 1994: Excretion of Ascaris lumbricoides during total body irradiation

Durand, M. P., 1993: Excretion of Coxiella burnetii, agent of Q Fever, in milk and placenta by the cow. Importance and prevention

Karagiannidis, A. K., 1995: Excretion of MPA in the milk of lactating ewes treated for synchronization of estrus

Abrahamsson, M.; Aman, P.; Hallmans, G.; Zhang, Jie Xian; Lundin, E., 1995: Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on low-fibre wheat or high-fibre rye bread in human subjects with ileostomies

Abrahamsson, M.; Aman, P.; Hallmans, G.; Zhang, Jie Xian; Tidehag, P., 1995: Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on wheat flour or oat bran in human subjects with ileostomies

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617068

Dikshit, Manisha; Misra, Shailja; Singh, D. P.; Chatterjee, R. K., 1995: Excretory-secretory antigens of rodent filariid, Acanthocheilonema viteae and their cross-reaction with human filarial sera

Ichikawa, Hidetaka; Ikeda, Teruaki, 1995: Excretory/secretory antigens of adult Paragonimus ohirai recognized by a monoclonal antibody

Casu, RE.; Pearson, RD.; Jarmey, JM.; Cadogan, LC.; Riding, GA.; Tellam, RL., 1994: Excretory/secretory chymotrypsin from Lucilia cuprina: purification, enzymatic specificity and amino acid sequence deduced from mRNA

Chung, Young Bae; Kong, Yoon; Joo, Il Jung; Cho, Seung Yull; Kang, Shin Yong, 1995: Excystment of Paragonimus westermani metacercariae by endogenous cysteine protease

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617073

Hill, James O.; Peters, John C., 1995: Exercise and macronutrient balance

Richard, Denis, 1995: Exercise and the neurobiological control of food intake and energy expenditure

Despres, Jean Pierre; Lamarche, Benoit; Bouchard, Claude; Tremblay, Angelo; Prud'homme, Denis, 1995: Exercise and the prevention of dyslipidemia and coronary heart disease

Segal, Karen R., 1995: Exercise and thermogenesis in obesity

Carey, Gale B.; Sidmore, Kimberly A., 1994: Exercise attenuates the anti-lipolytic effect of adenosine in adipocytes isolated from miniature swine

Douthitt, V. L.; Harney, M. L., 1995: Exercise counseling - how physical educators can help

Bracette, Susan B.; Schoeller, Dale A.; Kushner, Robert F.; Neil, Karen M., 1995: Exercise enhances dietary compliance during moderate energy restriction in obese women

Aravich, P. F.; Stanley, E. Z.; Doerries, L. E., 1995: Exercise in food-restricted rats produces 2DG feeding and metabolic abnormalities similar to anorexia nervosa

Dickinson, P. J.; Sullivan, M., 1994: Exercise induced hyperthermia in a racing greyhound

Akbar, S. J.; Derksen, F. J.; Billah, A. M.; Werney, U., 1994: Exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage in racing camels

Seaman, J.; Erickson, B. K.; Kubo, K.; Hiraga, A.; Kai, M.; Yamaya, Y.; Wagner, P. D., 1995: Exercise induced ventilation/perfusion inequality in the horse

Grediagin, Ma; Cody, M; Rupp, J; Benardot, D; Shern, R., 1995: Exercise intensity does not effect body composition change in untrained, moderately overfat women

Norman, K. A. van, 1995: Exercise programming for older adults

Fiatarone, Maria A.; O'neill, Evelyn F.; Ryan, Nancy Doyle; Clements, Karen M.; Solares, Guido R.; Nelson, Miriam E.; Roberts, Susan B.; Kehayias, Joseph J.; Lipsitz, Lewis A.; Evans, William J., 1994: Exercise training and nutritional supplementation for physical frailty in very elderly people

Larue Achagiotis, Christiane; Rieth, Nathalie; Louis Sylvestre, Jeanine, 1994: Exercise training modifies nutrient self-selection in rats

Saris, W. H. M., 1995: Exercise with or without dietary restriction and obesity treatment

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Tremblay, Angelo; Almeras, Natalie, 1995: Exercise, macronutrient preferences and food intake

Poehlman, Eric T.; Toth, Michael J.; Fonong, Tekum, 1995: Exercise, substrate utilization and energy requirements in the elderly

Tilles, Stephen; Schocket, Alan; Milgrom, Henry, 1995: Exercise-induced anaphylaxis related to specific foods

Crozier, Penthea G.; Cordain, Loren; Sampson, David A., 1994: Exercise-induced changes in plasma vitamin B-6 concentrations do not vary with exercise intensity

Mougios, Vassilis; Kotzamanidis, Christos; Koutsari, Christine; Atsopardis, Sotiris, 1995: Exercise-induced changes in the concentration of individual fatty acids and triacylglycerols of human plasma

King, N. A.; Burley, V. J.; Blundell, J. E., 1994: Exercise-induced suppression of appetite: effects on food intake and implications for energy balance

Tremblay, Angelo; Buemann, Benjamin, 1995: Exercise-training, macronutrient balance and body weight control

Larson, D. L.; Cortez, L. A. B., 1995: Exergy analysis - essential to effective energy management

Mendis, C.; Noden, B. H.; Beier, J. C., 1994: Exflagellation responses of cultured Plasmodium falciparum (Haemosporida: Plasmodiidae) gametocytes to human sera and midguts of anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Scott, Danny W.; Yager, Julie A.; Johnston, Kathleen M., 1995: Exfoliative dermatitis in association with thymoma in three cats

Kurade, N. P.; Jalnapurkar, B. V.; Mantri, A. M., 1993: Exfoliative vaginal cytology and serum progesterone levels in normal and abnormal oestrous cycle of cow

Vera Rebollo, J. F.; Monforte Mir, V. M., 1994: Exhausting classical tourism models. Evaluating a territorial strategy: the experience of the Valencia region

Kirk, T. K., 1993: Exigencies of U.S. forest products research

Fitzgerald, M. A.; Barnes, S. H.; Blackmore, S.; Clader, D. M.; Knox, R. B., 1994: Exine formation in the pollinium of Dendrobium

Chen, Jia; Wang, Xuechen, 1995: Existence and characteristics of nitrate reductase in plasma membrane of maize roots

Kaleczyc, J.; Lakomy, M.; Majewski, M.; Sienkiewicz, W., 1994: Existence and coexistence of catecholamine-synthesizing enzymes and some neuropeptides in nerve fibres supplying the bovine ovary and its blood vessels

Hirano, Masumi; Kiyohara, Hiroaki; Yamada, Haruki, 1994: Existence of a rhamnogalacturonan II-like region in bioactive pectins from medicinal herbs

Miyake, Y. I.; Murakami, R. K.; Kaneda, Y., 1993: Existence of minute fragment and its elimination at the next generation in heritable Robertsonian translocation (1/21) from the Holstein cattle

Kaneko, J., 1993: Existence ratio of the silver Y moth, Autographa gamma (L.) after overwintering in a cabbage field at Sapporo, Japan

Bostedt, G., 1993: Existence values, animal population management and sustainability

Sikka, B. K.; Raman, T.; Vaidya, C. S., 1994: Existing problems and emerging needs of horticultural marketing in north western Himalayan region of India

Patarroyo, J. H.; Prates, A. A.; Tavares, C. A. P.; Mafra, C. L.; Vargas, M. I., 1995: Exoantigens of an attenuated strain of Babesia bovis used as a vaccine against bovine babesiosis

Hoelldobler, B.; Peeters, C.; Obermayer, M., 1994: Exocrine glands and the attractiveness of the ergatoid queen in the ponerine ant Megaponera foetens

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617120

Roldan, Eduardo R. S.; Murase, Tetsuma; Shi, Qi Xian, 1994: Exocytosis in spermatozoa in response to progesterone and zona pellucida

Lopez Martinez, R.; Manzano Gayosso, P.; Mier, T.; Mendez Tovar, L. J.; Hernandez Hernandez, F., 1994: Exoenzymes from dermatophytes isolated from chronic and acute tineas

Chambers, C. A.; Kang, J.; Pawling, J.; Huber, B.; Hozumi, N.; Nagy, A., 1994: Exogenous Mtv-7 superantigen transgene expression in major histocompatibility complex II I-E

Gaudichon, Claire; Mahe, Sylvain; Benamouzig, Nils Roos Robert; Luengo, Catherine; Huneau, Jean Francois; Sick, Hinrich; Bouley, Christine; Rautureau, Jacques; Tome, Daniel, 1995: Exogenous and endogenous nitrogen flow rates and level of protein hydrolysis in the human jejunum after milk and yoghurt ingestion

Coppens, Isabelle; Courtoy, Pierre J., 1995: Exogenous and endogenous sources of sterols in the culture-adapted procyclic trypomastigotes of Trypanosoma brucei

Saris, W. H. M.; Goodpaster, B. H.; Jeukendrup, A. E.; Brouns, F.; Halliday, D.; Wagenmakers, A. J. M., 1993: Exogenous carbohydrate oxidation from different carbohydrate sources during exercise

Bo, G. A.; Adams, G. P.; Pierson, R. A.; Mapletoft, R. J., 1995: Exogenous control of follicular wave emergence in cattle

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617129

Top, E; Smet, I. De; Verstraete, W; Dijkmans, R; Mergeay, M., 1994: Exogenous isolation of mobilizing plasmids from polluted soils and sludges

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617131

Rossi, Antonello; Maccarrone, Mauro; Buganza, Maurizio; Agro, Alessandro Finazzi, 1995: Exogenously added copper does not increase the production of copper amine oxidase in lentil seedlings

Junttila, O., 1993: Exogenously applied GA4 is converted to GA1 in seedlings of Salix

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617134

Berget, Susan M., 1995: Exon recognition in vertebrate splicing

Schwaiger, F. W.; Epplen, J. T., 1995: Exonic MHC-DRB polymorphisms and intronic simple repeat sequences: Janus' faces of DNA sequence evolution

Slifkin, M.; Small, J. A., 1995: Exophiala jeanselmei variety lecanii-corni associated with subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis

Roberts, Cynthia M.; Fett, W. F.; Osman, S. F.; Wijey, C.; O'connor, J. V.; Hoover, D. G., 1995: Exopolysaccharide production by Bifidobacterium longum BB-79

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Leigh, J. A.; Walker, G. C., 1994: Exopolysaccharides of Rhizobium: synthesis, regulation and symbiotic function

Lara Martez, J.; Acosta, N.; Vicente, N., 1994: Exoskeleton of shrimp for the control of root knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita in tomato and in the greenhouse

Braack, LEO.; Maggs, KAR.; Zeller, DA.; Horak, IG., 1995: Exotic arthropods in the Kruger National Park, South Africa: modes of entry and population status

Thalheimer, R.; Ali, M. M., 1995: Exotic betting opportunities, pricing policies and the demand for parimutuel horse race wagering

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Kirov, S. M.; Brodribb, F., 1993: Exotoxin production by Aeromonas spp. in foods

Burgdorf, T.; Schnitzler, W. H., 1993: Expanded clay aggregate also suitable for raising vegetables. Behaviour of seedlings in further culture (II)

Burgdorf, T.; Schnitzler, W. H., 1993: Expanded clay aggregates also suitable for raising vegetables. Emergence and growth in different substrates (I)

Bravo, F. P.; Morales, J. J.; Chersi, L., 1993: Expanded clays as substrate in hydroponics. I. Effects on the nutrient solution

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617155

Sluis, W. van der, 1995: Expanding Malaysian poultry industry is going public

Winjum, J. K.; Meganck, R. A.; Dixon, R. K., 1993: Expanding global forest management: an 'easy first' proposal

Anonymous, 1995: Expanding mix-proof options

Jermyn, W. A.; Lancaster, J. E.; McCartney, E. P., 1993: Expanding onion exports from Canterbury

Mcqueen Mason, S. J., 1995: Expansins and cell wall expansion

Namura Ochalska, A., 1993: Expansion of Tussilago farfara L. in disturbed environments. III. Successful colonization and the properties of individuals

Knight, Christina L.; Briggs, John M.; Nellis, M. Duane, 1994: Expansion of gallery forest on Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas, USA

Okamura, Kazuhiko; Nakanishi, Teruyuki; Kurosawa, Yoshikazu; Hashimoto, Keiichiro, 1993: Expansion of genes that encode MHC class I molecules in cyprinid fishes

Albert, V. A.; Pettersson, B., 1994: Expansion of genus Paphiopedilum Pfitzer to include all conduplicate-leaved slipper orchids (Cypripedioideae: Orchidaceae)

Vu Ngoc, U.; Nguyen Kim, Q.; Truong Trong, N.; Bosteels, T.; Rothuis, A. J., 1995: Expansion of improved-extensive shrimp culture in the Mekong Delta

Anonymous, 1994: Expansion of juice purification plant at Breda

Lecoeur, J.; Wery, J.; Turc, O.; Tardieu, F., 1995: Expansion of pea leaves subjected to short water deficit: cell number and cell size are sensitive to stress at different periods of leaf development

Park, S. B.; Song, H. B., 1994: Expansion of porcine cumulus oophorus is inhibited by membrana granulosa cells

Heyde, H. C. van der; Elloso, M. M.; Roopenian, D. C.; Manning, D. D.; Weidanz, W. P., 1993: Expansion of the CD4-, CD8- gamma delta T cell subset in the spleens of mice during non-lethal blood-stage malaria

Grange, R. I.; Andrews, J., 1994: Expansion rate of young tomato fruit growing on plants at positive water potential

Jen, I., 1995: Expectation and historical review of cypress (Chamaecyparis spp.) timber production in Taiwan

Seegers, H.; Bedouet, J.; Bouin, V., 1994: Expectations of dairy farmers from Mayenne (France) regarding monitoring of herds by veterinarians

Chow, C. S., 1994: Expected Malaysian palm oil production 1995 and some consideration on factors affecting palm oil prices

Hamsvoort, C. P. C. M. van der; Luijt, J., 1995: Expected benefits of the private provision of nature conservation and landscape amenities

Mencel, A.; Ratajczak, E.; Strykowski, W., 1992: Expected changes in the structure of woodworking industries in Poland in relation to the raw material base

Sindelar, J., 1993: Expected development of climatic conditions in Central Europe and responses of partial populations of some forest tree species to environmental changes

Phocas, F.; Colleau, J. J.; Menissier, F., 1995: Expected efficiency of selection for growth in a French beef cattle breeding scheme. I. Multistage selection of bulls used in artificial insemination

Phocas, F.; Colleau, J. J.; Menissier, F., 1995: Expected efficiency of selection for growth in a French beef cattle breeding scheme. II. Prediction of asymptotic genetic gain in a heterogeneous population

DeVuyst, C. S.; DeVuyst, E. A.; Baker, T. G., 1995: Expected farm mortgage default cost

Tiwari, S.; Bansal, S.; Rai, S., 1993: Expected performance indices of some planted trees of Bhopal

Czaplewski, R. L.; Reich, R. M., 1993: Expected value and variance of Moran's bivariate spatial autocorrelation statistic for a permutation test

Aldrich, James R., 1994: Expected value estimates of the long-term liability from landfilling hazardous waste

Anonymous, 1992: Expedition planners' handbook & directory 1993-94

Nweke, Felix I.; Okorji, E. C.; Njoku, J. E.; King, D. J., 1994: Expenditure elasticities of demand for major food items in south-east Nigeria

Vial, I.; Camhi, R.; Infante, A., 1993: Experience and dilemmas encountered in getting the School Feeding Programme into focus

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Schnitzler, W. H.; Michalsky, F., 1993: Experience and problems of growing tomatoes in expanded clay aggregate

Fischer, E., 1994: Experience from rural development in Hesse from the point of view of citizen participation

Marchetti, M.; Campaiola, F.; Lozupone, G., 1995: Experience in applying a differential GPS to the monitoring and management of forest resources

Gao, J. F.; Duan, S. Z., 1992: Experience in control of Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee) with Trichogramma dendrolimi Matsumura

Kudinov, A. I., 1993: Experience in establishing Scots pine plantations

Devaux, A.; Estrada, N.; Carrasco, E.; Silva, M. A., 1994: Experience in field testing of transgenic potatoes with an added antifreeze gene in Bolivia

Schindler, L., 1992: Experience in forest utilization in the high mountains of Pakistan

Rengarajan, T.; Reddy, M. M.; Tole, K. M., 1995: Experience in implementation of advanced controls and optimisation at KRIBHCO ammonia plant

Ge Gan; Tong Yiu, 1993: Experience in improving land productivity in the Ningxia reclamation area

Yakhimovich, A. V., 1992: Experience in the introduction of woody plants in the 'dendropark' of the Elite Science-Production Association, Zhitomir

Hanel, G., 1993: Experience of a practising forester with Siberian larch

Filipovic, D.; Ivancan, S.; Kosutic, S., 1995: Experience of developed European countries in biodiesel fuel application

Vostokova, E. A.; Kozlova, T. S., 1994: Experience of ecological mapping using space photographs

Carulla Fornaguera, J., 1995: Experience of harvest, postharvest, and normalization of fruits and vegetables in a developing country

Glatzl, M.; Krafek, G.; Kissling, R., 1994: Experience of immunizing turkeys against rhinotracheitis

Glomb, V.; Sequens, J.; Jura, S., 1994: Experience of measuring the relative vitality of trees by the electrical resistance method

Michelatti, G.; Pinoggi, G.; Schreiber, G.; Mozzone, G. C., 1994: Experience of rational control of the hazelnut eriophyid (Phytocoptella avellanae Nal.) studied for 5 years in Piemonte

Ylisuutari, S., 1994: Experience of start-up and operation of an automatic robot station for sugar analyses

Merkulov, Yu I.; Drozhzhin, S. V.; Burykin, A. I.; Makeeva, I. A., 1993: Experience of the operation of evaporating and drying equipment at the Lianozovskii Dairy Complex

Harris, H. C.; Nordblom, T. L.; Rodriguez, A.; Smith, P., 1994: Experience of the use of systems analysis in ICARDA

Pezzi, G.; Vallini, G., 1995: Experience of using hydrogen peroxide in extraction

Eisfelder, Michael; Okamoto, Shoji; Toyama, Keiji, 1993: Experience with 241 cases of sporotrichosis in Chiba, Japan

Kustner, F., 1993: Experience with a chip-fired heating system

Schenk, S., 1994: Experience with advance planting for conversion

Kosutic, S.; Filipovic, D.; Ivancan, S., 1995: Experience with different tillage methods in wheat, oil seed rape and maize production

Bell, Sj; Borlase, Bc; Swails, W; Dascoulias, K; Ainsley, B; Forse, Ra, 1994: Experience with enteral nutrition in a hospital population of acutely ill patients

Weigel, C., 1993: Experience with forest biotope mapping of the whole area of state forests in Lower Saxony

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617219

Roelofs, F. P. M. M., 1994: Experience with storage of red currants in 1993: unexpected quality problems come to the surface

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617221

Moog, C., 1992: Experience with the wet storage of high-value beech stemwood

Conrad, C.; Vielitz, E.; Voss, M., 1994: Experience with two vaccines for preventing coccidiosis in poultry

Schult, W., 1995: Experiences and results with the Sibomat - a screen filter for thick juice and standard liquor with very high viscosity

Hagner, J., 1993: Experiences for East German farm businesses: motivation and incentives in farm businesses

Lenzi, M., 1992: Experiences for the management of Orbetello Lagoon: eutrophication and fishing

Munck, O.; Sundberg, H., 1994: Experiences from a Danish large scale test by means of a new method of treatment by attack of true dry rot fungus (Serpula lacrymans ) in buildings

Buchting, A. J., 1995: Experiences from release experiments with rhizomania resistant sugarbeet

Bellus, Z.; Herdovics, M.; Komka, G.; Zsak, J., 1994: Experiences gained by testing of a modern drying-storage system

Cassells, B.; Matthews, P., 1995: Experiences in improving production by the use of supplements

Ghosh, S. R., 1994: Experiences in maintenance of urea stripper

Schwarz, H., 1992: Experiences in managing a deciduous fruit nursery in the highlands of Boyaca, Colombia

Friedemann, I., 1995: Experiences in operating Rota-Jet waste gas scrubbers

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617234

Siitonen, Markku, 1993: Experiences in the use of forest management planning models

Mccracken, A. R.; Dawson, W. M., 1994: Experiences in the use of mixed-clonal stands of Salix as a method of reducing the impact of rust diseases

Greet, T. R. C., 1995: Experiences in treatment of epiglottal entrapment using a hook knife per nasum

Smithers, H.; Walker, S., 1995: Experiences in updating an integrated decision-support system for sustainable water resource management in northwest England

Szabo, I. Cs; Halmagyi, T.; Tatar, J., 1994: Experiences of 1933 and perspectives for 1994 in plant protection in Department Bekes

Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617240

Andrasi, M.; Szantone, V. M., 1994: Experiences of cereal leaf beetle control in cereal cultures in county Nograd

Lynch, M.; Stephenson, T., 1994: Experiences of digested sludge thickening by Aercon

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Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617452

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Section 3, Chapter 2618, Accession 002617982

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