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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2620

Chapter 2620 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jung, G.A.; Shaffer, J.A.; Everhart, J.R., 1994:
Fall management effects on 'Grasslands Matua' prairie grass production and sward characteristics

Gowling, G.R.; Van Emden, H.F., 1994:
Falling aphids enhance impact of biological control by parasitoids on partially aphid-resistant plant varieties

Hoshi, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Kawamura, H.; Shinohara, K.; Shibata, Y.; Kozlenko, M.T.; Takatsuji, T.; Yamashita, S.; Namba, H.; Yokoyama, N., 1994:
Fallout radioactivity in soil and food samples in the Ukraine: measurements of iodine, plutonium, cesium, and strontium isotopes

Sebillotte, M.; Allain, S.; Dore, T.; Meynard, J.M., 1993:
Fallow and its agronomic, economic and environmental functions. Current diagnosis

Mojto, J.; Kartusek, V., 1995:
Fallow deer from a game reserve. Chemical composition and physical-technological quality of the longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus muscles in different age categories

Bodet, J.M.; Verdier, J.L.; Laurent, F.; Bouchet, C., 1994:
Fallow: managing this new precedent

Floret, C.; Pontanier, R.; Serpantie, G., 1994:
Fallows in tropical Africa

Armstrong, G., 1994:
False Leeds: the construction of hooligan confrontations

Chiarappa, L.; Buddenhagen, I.W., 1994:
False erosion of horizontal resistance to phylloxera in California vineyards. Considerations and outlook

Fairhead, J.; Leach, M., 1995:
False forest history, complicit social analysis: rethinking some West African environmental narratives

Mtisi, E.; Milliano, W.A.J. de, 1993:
False mildew on pearl millet and other hosts in Zimbabwe

Young, P.J.; Megonigal, J.P.; Sharitz, R.R.; Day, F.P., 1993:
False ring formation in baldcypress (Taxodium distichum) saplings under two flooding regimes

Cardenosa, N.; Munoz, C.; Prats, G.; Badell, I.; Querol, J.; Bordes, R.; Cuatrecasas, M., 1994:
False-positive Leishmania serology in Castleman's disease

Hernandez Lopez, J.; Vargas Albores, F., 1994:
False-positive coliform readings using membrane filter techniques for seawater

Sellers, T.A.; Drinkard, C.; Rich, S.S.; Potter, J.D.; Jeffery, R.W.; Hong, C.P.; Folsom, A.R., 1994:
Familial aggregation and heritability of waist-to-hip ratio in adult women: the Iowa Women's Health Study

Cabello, P.H.; Lima, A.M.; Azevedo, E.S.; Krieger, H., 1995:
Familial aggregation of Leishmania chagasi infection in northeastern Brazil

Esposito-Del Puente, A.; Scalfi, L.; D.F.lippo, E.; Peri, M.R.; Caldara, A.; Caso, G.; Contaldo, F.; Valerio, G.; Franzese, A.;, S., 1994:
Familial and environmental influences on body composition and body fat distribution in childhood in southern Italy

Germain, M.; Gourdeau, M.; Hebert, J., 1994:
Familial chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis complicated by deep Candida infection

Weir, J.A.; Yager, J.A.; Caswell, J.L.; Parker, W.M.; Johnstone, I.B.; Basrur, P.K.; Emms, C., 1994:
Familial cutaneous vasculopathy of German shepherds: clinical, genetic and preliminary pathological and immunological studies

Khalil, L.F., 1994:
Family Acoleidae Fuhrmann, 1899

Jones, A., 1994:
Family Amabiliidae Braun, 1900

Beveridge, I., 1994:
Family Anoplocephalidae Cholodkovsky, 1902

Quentin, J.C., 1994:
Family Catenotaeniidae Spasskii, 1950

Jones, A.; Bray, R.A., 1994:
Family Davaineidae Braun, 1900

Bona, F.V., 1994:
Family Dilepididae Railliet & Henry, 1909

Jones, A., 1994:
Family Dioecocestidae Southwell, 1930

Jones, A., 1994:
Family Dipylidiidae Stiles, 1896

Mazzucconi, S.A.; Bachmann, A.O., 1993:
Family Gerridae (Heteroptera): comparative study of the wings of species from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

Czaplinski, B.; Vaucher, C., 1994:
Family Hymenolepididae Ariola, 1899

Saxena, H.O.; Brahmam, M., 1994:
Family Malvaceae in Orissa

Rausch, R.L., 1994:
Family Mesocestoididae Fuhrmann, 1907

Kornyushin, V.V.; Georgiev, B.B., 1994:
Family Metadilepididae Spasskii, 1959

Jones, M.K., 1994:
Family Nematotaeniidae Luhe 1910

Georgiev, B.B.; Kornyushin, V.V., 1994:
Family Paruterinidae Fuhrmann, 1907 (senu lato)

Buritica, P.; Hennen, J.F., 1994:
Family Phakopsoraceae (Uredinales). 1. Anamorphic and teleomorphic genera

Khalil, L.F., 1994:
Family Progynotaeniidae Fuhrmann, 1936

Rausch, R.L., 1994:
Family Taeniidae Ludwig, 1886

Bergmann, B.A.; Stomp, A.M., 1994:
Family and clonal variation in susceptibility of Pinus radiata to Agrobacterium tumefaciens in relation to in vitro shoot growth rate

D.Castro, John M., 1994:
Family and friends produce greater social facilitation of food intake than other companions

Anonymous, 1994:
Family farming in a changing world

Puljiz, V.; Zupancic, M., 1994:
Family farms in Croatia

Gorlach, K.; Nowak, P.; Serega, Z., 1994:
Family farms in post-communist Poland: from repressive tolerance to oppressive freedom

Brabenec, V.; Sarecovaa, P., 1995:
Family farms in the spectrum of Czech agricultural enterprises

Polegato, R.; Zaichkowsky, J.L., 1994:
Family food shopping: strategies used by husbands and wives

Barrow, C., 1992:
Family land and development in St. Lucia

Schmitt, G.; Schulz Greve, W.; Lee, M., 1995:
Family or wage labour in agriculture? That is the question here. A neglected aspect of the theory of agricultural factor use

Thapa, S.; Pandey, K.R., 1994:
Family planning in Nepal: an update

V.Quy Nhan, 1994:
Family planning programme in Vietnam

Mbacke, C., 1994:
Family planning programmes and fertility transition in sub-Saharan Africa

Newman, J.L.; Gertler, P.J., 1994:
Family productivity, labor supply, and welfare in a low income country

Stafleu, A.; Staveren, W.A. van; Graaf, C. de; Burema, J.; Hautvast, J.G.A.J., 1994:
Family resemblance in energy, fat, and cholesterol intake: a study among three generations of women

Pharoah, P.O.D., 1994:
Family spacing, breastfeeding and contraception

War, J., 1994:
Family structures, customary laws, and religion: the Khasi context

Schulz Greve, W., 1995:
Family workers: an empirical investigation of their participation in farm work

Barthez, A., 1994:
Family-business relationships in agriculture: the double game

Webb, P.; Habtu, Y., 1994:
Famine in Africa

Kasimila, B.J., 1993:
Famine in Ethiopia: causes and control strategies - a case study of Kembatana Hadiya (South Chewa)

Odegi Awuondo, C., 1994:
Famines in East Africa: timetable for a catastrophe

Meszaros, G.; Kuli, B.; Judak, E.; Pulai, S., 1994:
Fan control system based on heat loss sensor

Bark, H.; Perk, R., 1995 :
Fanconi syndrome associated with amoxicillin therapy in the dog

Gantz, W.; Wenner, L.A., 1995:
Fanship and the television sports viewing experience

Capararo, G.; Mitchell, P., 1995:
Fantastic plastic - geotextiles stabilise a walking track

Davenport, K., 1995:
Fantasy Island caravan park

Bilodeau, P.; Lafontaine, J.G.; Bellemare, G., 1994:
Far upstream activating promoter regions are responsible for expression of the BnC1 cruciferin gene from Brassica napus

Blom, T.J.; Tsujita, M.J.; Roberts, G.L., 1995:
Far-red at end of day and reduced irradiance affect plant height of Easter and Asiatic hybrid lilies

Tuinen, A.V.n; Kerchkhoffs, L.; Nagatani, A.K.ndrick, R.; Koornneef, M., 1995:
Far-red light-insensitive, phytochrome A-deficient mutants of tomato

Clarke, A., 1995:
Farewell to welfare? The changing rationales for leisure and tourism policies in Europe

Dixon, J.M.; Hall, M.; Hardaker, J.B.; Vyas, V.S., 1994:
Farm and community information use for agricultural programmes and policies

Coles, G.C., 1994:
Farm animal health in Europe and the threat posed by drug resistant parasites

Curtis, S.E., 1994:
Farm animal welfare: obligations, realities and compromises

Swanson, J.C., 1995:
Farm animal well-being and intensive production systems

Canas, J.A.; Domingo, J.; Martinez, J.A., 1994:
Farm appraisal in Campinas and Subbetica, Cordoba, according to the method of function distribution

Talukder, R.K.; Begum, R., 1993:
Farm business analysis under alternative farming systems in a selected area of Bangladesh

Davey, B., 1994:
Farm business management and agricultural policy in Canada

Nuthall, P.L.; Bishop Hurley, G.J., 1995:
Farm computer uptake and practices in New Zealand

Koch, H., 1993:
Farm development in the new Federal Lander (Part 3): management and leadership problems

Koch, H., 1993:
Farm development in the new Federal Landern: prospects and difficulties

Slee, B.; Walker, F., 1994:
Farm diversification and environmental products: a case study of the north of Scotland

Wossink, G.A.A.; Renkema, J.A., 1994:
Farm economic modelling of integrated plant production

Adesimi, A.A., 1991:
Farm enterprise combination and resource use among smallholder farmers in Ijebu, Nigeria

Chatelin, M.H.; Mousset, J.; Papy, F.; Quievreux, D., 1994:
Farm equipment advisory services based on simulations of work schedules

Vonderach, G., 1993:
Farm family economy in transition

Izumida, Y., 1994:
Farm finance and purpose conversion problem - implication for rural development finance

Pichler, G. et al., 1995:
Farm foodstuffs and securing quality

Singh, T.P., 1992:
Farm forestry - a comparative study of the seedlings distribution pattern in Moradabad and Rae Bareli districts of Uttar Pradesh

Kihiyo, V.B.M.S., 1992:
Farm forestry for the market: the declining status of black wattle (Acacia mearnsii de Wild.) as a cash crop in West Usambara, Tanzania

McKinnon, J., 1994:
Farm forestry in southwest China: farmer or state control?

Dhubhain, A.N.; Gardiner, J., 1995:
Farm forestry in the rural economy in the Republic of Ireland

Anonymous, 1994:
Farm forestry study tour of New Zealand, 23rd September-1st October 1994

Moreddu, C., 1995:
Farm household incomes

Kruseman, G.; Ruben, R.; Hengsdijk, H.; Ittersum, M.K. van, 1995:
Farm household modelling for estimating the effectiveness of price instruments in land use policy

Phimister, E., 1995:
Farm household production in the presence of restrictions on debt: theory and policy implications

The Tuan, D., 1994:
Farm households, diversification, and macro constraints: lessons in methodology from an experience in Vietnam

S.C.r, L.; Richer, F.; Dumas, C.; Dupuis, J.P., 1994:
Farm inheritance in Quebec: a matter of daughters and sons

Thilmany, D.; Martin, P.L., 1995:
Farm labor contractors play new roles in agriculture

Rao, A.; Pederson, G.D.; Boehlje, M.D., 1994:
Farm lender asset and funding decisions: a micro-model application

Pernito, R.; Garrity, D.P., 1992:
Farm level evaluation of drainage technology for mungbeans grown prior to lowland rice

Shylendra, H.S., 1995:
Farm loan waivers: a distributional and impact analysis of the Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief Scheme, 1990

Khan, R.A.R., 1994:
Farm loans recovery problem in Pakistan: its possible solution

Islam, M.S.; Salokhe, V.M., 1994:
Farm machinery fatalities and safety features

Wahby, M.F.; A.S.haibani, S.A., 1993 :
Farm machinery performance in green-house farms in Saudi Arabia

Duong, L.T.anh; Cho, K., 1994:
Farm management and farming systems development in Vietnam

Havet, A.; Kerneis, E.; Chevallier, C.; Bar or, D., 1994:
Farm management and the development of sustainable land use: the case of the Marshlands of Charente

Gray, D.I.; Yuretich, P.A.; Lynch, G.A., 1994:
Farm management implications of a seasonal price differential for factory supply milk production

Parker, W.J.; Gray, D.I.; Lockhart, J.C.; Townsley, R.J., 1994:
Farm management research in New Zealand and its contribution to animal production

Frank, R.G., 1995:
Farm management with inflation: practical experience of a 50 year inflation

Pariyar, M.P.; Gajendra Singh, 1995:
Farm mechanization in Nepal

Fasterding, F., 1995:
Farm operators' succession in West Germany

Bahner, T., 1995:
Farm organization according to personal objectives

Chandel, B.S.; Mehta, P., 1993:
Farm planning based on regional factors of income variation - a study of District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Goswami, S.N., 1993:
Farm planning in hills under risk and uncertainty: a parametric linear programming approach

Arias, P., 1994:
Farm planning under risk using MOTAD and Markowitz models. An application to the area of La Campina (Guadalajara)

Gajanana, T.M.; Sharma, B.M., 1994:
Farm planning under risk: MOTAD approach

Brangeon, J.L.; Jegouzo, G., 1995:
Farm poverty in France during the 1980s

Surendra Singh; Mittal, V.K.; Singh, M.P.; Pannu, C.J.S.; Bhangoo, B.S., 1992:
Farm power and machinery availability and utilization in a selected village of Punjab

Guither, H.D.; Baumes, H.S.; Meyers, W.H., 1994:
Farm prices, income, stability, and distribution

Hossain, M.I., 1994:
Farm productivity and income of farmers under three communal irrigation systems in Bulacan, Philippines

McGrath, J., 1995:
Farm productivity in Tararua district

Welsh, R., 1995:
Farm profile: the Cecchini family dairy farm

Anonymous, 1995:
Farm restructuring and land tenure in reforming socialist economies: a comparative analysis of Eastern and Central Europe

Davison, R.M., 1995:
Farm sector exchange rates, production, financial trends and aggregate output

Wijk, J. van, 1993:
Farm seed saving in Europe under pressure

Collins, J.L., 1995:
Farm size and non traditional exports: determinants of participation in world markets

Zyl, J. van, 1994:
Farm size efficiency, food security and market assisted rural land reform in South Africa

Banik, A., 1994:
Farm size, factor productivity and returns to scale under different types of water management

Thakur, B.; Thakur, D.S., 1993:
Farm size, returns to scale and disguised unemployment in the low-hill zone subsistence agrarian economy of Himachal Pradesh

Pedrini, E., 1994:
Farm structure in a dynamic economy

Muro, P. de; Storti, D., 1994:
Farm structures and performance: a regional analysis of olive production

Coughlan, M., 1994:
Farm tax policy-making

Gibbard, R., 1995:
Farm tenancies: paradise leased or paradise lost?

Johansson, J., 1994:
Farm tractor as base machine. Ford 276 Versatile with a single-grip harvester head and grapple loader and wagon

Ihonen, M., 1994 :
Farm tractor mountable AM 200 cutting device in first thinnings

Anonymous, 1995:
Farm trade surplus up 6.1% in 1994

Perrot, C.; Pierret, P.; Landais, E., 1995:
Farm trajectories analysis: a way of updating farm typology and of studying local agricultural changes

Hoffmann Folkersamb, W.; Wehner, R.; Johansson, E., 1994:
Farm transfer: wills, contracts, taxation

Jain, D.K.; Dhaka, J.P., 1993:
Farm typology in farming systems research

Pattanaik, T., 1994:
Farm women in post-harvest operations

Clark, G.M.; Johnson, J.A., 1993:
Farm woodlands in the Central Belt of Scotland: a socio-economic critique

Toit, A. du, 1994:
Farm workers and the 'agrarian question'

Turner, J.C.; Davies, W.P., 1995:
Farm-based tourism and recreation in the United Kingdom

Teague, M.; Bernardo, D.; Mapp, H., 1995:
Farm-level economic analysis incorporating stochastic environmental risk assessment

Oglethorpe, D.R.; O.C.llaghan, J.R., 1995:
Farm-level economic modelling within a river catchment decision support system

Moussie, M.; Foaguegue, A., 1994:
Farm-level evaluation of adoption and retention of maize variety in Central Province, Cameroon

Gray, A.; Richardson, J.; Mcclaskey, J., 1995:
Farm-level impacts of revenue assurance

Ray, S., 1994:
Farm-non-farm interaction in a labour surplus economy

Keeling, J.W.; Lyle, W.M.; Abernathy, J.R., 1994:
Farm-scale validation of conservation tillage cropping systems for sandy soils

Reid, J.I.; McRae, A.F.; Brazendale, R., 1993:
Farmer First Research: a review of phase one results in relation to farmers' willingness and ability to change

Cincotta, R.P.; Pangare, G., 1995:
Farmer and pastoral strategies in Saurashtra, Gujarat: an analysis of landless pastoralism and dependence on the manure market

Bullock, W.I.; Ortmann, G.F.; Levin, J.B., 1994:
Farmer characteristics, risk sources and managerial responses to risk in vegetable farming: evidence from large- and small-scale commercial vegetable farmers in KwaZulu-Natal

Mortiss, P.; McGarry, D., 1993:
Farmer consultations on soil compaction - their implications for extension and research

Phillips, J.M., 1994:
Farmer education and farmer efficiency: a meta-analysis

Hafliger, H., 1995:
Farmer identity

Bruin, R. de; Roex, J., 1994:
Farmer initiatives as countervailing power: a new approach to sustainable agricultural development

McCorkle, C.M., 1994:
Farmer innovation in Niger

McCorkle, C.M.; McClure, G.D., 1995:
Farmer know-how and communication for technology transfer: CTTA in Niger

Rao, D.S.K., 1995:
Farmer management of public tubewells in West Bengal

Kinnon, F., 1993:
Farmer networking at international level

Suphanchaimat, N., 1994:
Farmer participation and gender concerns for better farming systems research

Stroup, W.W.; Hildebrand, P.E.; Francis, C.A., 1993:
Farmer participation for more effective research in sustainable agriculture

Lightfoot, C.; Dalsgaard, J.P.; Bimbao, M.A.; Fermin, F., 1993:
Farmer participatory procedures for managing and monitoring sustainable farming systems

Gold, C.S.; Ogenga Latigo, M.W.; Tushemereirwe, W.; Kashaija, I.; Nankinga, C., 1993:
Farmer perceptions of banana pest constraints in Uganda: results from a rapid rural appraisal

Fragata, A., 1994:
Farmer practices and technological improvements in disadvantaged areas. The case of maize, bean, and 'mirandesa' cattle in northern Portugal

Vandeveer, M.L.; Loehman, E.T., 1994:
Farmer response to modified crop insurance: a case study of corn in Indiana

Durand, F., 1995:
Farmer strategies and agricultural development: the choice of cocoa in Eastern Indonesia

Chauveau, J.P., 1995:
Farmer strategies: the history and utility of a multi-disciplinary concept in Francophone development studies

McGregor, M.; Willock, J.; Deary, I., 1995:
Farmer stress

Holt Gimenez, E.; Cruz Mora, O., 1993:
Farmer to farmer: the Ometepe project, Nicaragua

Preusse, T., 1993:
Farmer, miller and baker in one boat

Garcia Padilla, V., 1993:
Farmer-based training and education programs: a key to promoting sustainable farming systems in the Philippines

Buadaeng, K.; Eckert, M. van, 1993:
Farmer-centered sustainable farming systems for the highlands of northern Thailand

Operio, S.C., 1992:
Farmer-centred tree-growing trials and extension

Dhakal, N.P.; Sharma, M.; Osanami, F.; Doi, T., 1994:
Farmer-managed and government-managed irrigation systems in Nepal

Khan, A.H.; Majid, A.; Hussein, M.H.; Vander Velde, E.J., 1994:
Farmer-managed irrigation systems in Chitral

Browne, W.P.; Paik, W.K., 1994:
Farmers and the U.S. Congress: rethinking basic institutional assumptions about agricultural policy

Bager, T.; Sogaard, V., 1994:
Farmers and the environment - study of attitudes and behaviour with the aid of a questionnaire

Shah, P., 1995:
Farmers as analysts, facilitators and decision-makers

Amante, V.D.R.; Rasco, E.T.J., 1994:
Farmers as partners in cultivar assessment

Perrier Cornet, P.; Capt, D., 1995:
Farmers facing the new CAP: what perspectives for which areas?

Anonymous, 1994:
Farmers for a sustainable future: the leadership role of agriculture. Policy document adopted by the IFAP 31st General Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, May 1994

Rao, V.M., 1994:
Farmers in market economy: would farmers gain through liberalisation?

Piters, B.D.S.; Freco, L.O., 1995:
Farmers managing their most scarce natural resource: an example of local level soil fertility management in Northern Cameroon

Nurmalinda ; Buurma, J.S., 1994:
Farmers practices for chemical pest/disease-control in shallot

Hiemstra, W.; Benedictus, F.; Bruin, R. de; Jong, P. de, 1993 :
Farmers search for new ways of cooperating: networking in the Friesian woodlands of the Netherlands

Rhoades, R.; Bebbington, A., 1995:
Farmers who experiment: an untapped resource for agricultural research and development

Baxter, J., 1995:
Farmers who fallow with trees

Jha, B.K.; Jha, D., 1995:
Farmers' attitude towards risk in the greenbelt of India

Wikberger, C., 1995:
Farmers' costs for plant protection in 1994

Thapa, B.; Sinclair, F.L.; Walker, D.H., 1994:
Farmers' ecological knowledge of management and use of farmland tree fodder resources in the eastern hills of Nepal: implications for research and development

Jacobsen, B.H., 1994:
Farmers' economic decision making behaviour

Dhar, B.; Pandey, B.; Chaturvedi, S., 1995:
Farmers' interests recognized in Indian PBR bill

McHenry, H., 1995:
Farmers' interpretation of their situation: some implications for environmental schemes

Singh, K.P., 1994:
Farmers' involvement in improving farming systems in an area of resource-poor rainfed agriculture in the tribal region of Bihar, India

Bellon, M.R., 1995:
Farmers' knowledge and sustainable agroecosystem management: an operational definition and an example from Chiapas, Mexico

Barlier, F., 1993:
Farmers' land use adaptations in Central France, in the face of CAP reform

Lyson, T.A.; Gillespie, G.W.J.; Hilchey, D., 1995:
Farmers' markets and the local community: bridging the formal and informal economy

Haverkort, B., 1993:
Farmers' networks: key to sustainable agriculture

Perkin, P.; Rehman, T., 1994:
Farmers' objectives and their interactions with business and life styles: evidence from Berkshire, England

Arnaiz, M.E.O., 1995:
Farmers' organisations in the technology change process: an annotated bibliography

Mwape, B., 1994:
Farmers' organization in Africa: a case study of the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF)

Ng' ethe, N.; Odero, K.K., 1994:
Farmers' organizations in Kenya: state agents or civil institutions?

Anonymous, 1995:
Farmers' organizations: their contribution to sustainable agriculture and rural development (S.A.R.D.)

Rahman, M.H.; Kashem, M.A., 1995:
Farmers' perception about the growing and marketing problems of oilcrops in Bangladesh - a farm level study

Sharma, R.K., 1994:
Farmers' perception of constraints in milk marketing and measures for development of efficient extension system for milk marketing in rural areas

Malik, J.S.; Sharma, R.K., 1994:
Farmers' perception of the Krishi Gyan Kendras

Adesina, A.A.; Baidu Forson, J., 1995:
Farmers' perceptions and adoption of new agricultural technology: evidence from analysis in Burkina Faso and Guinea, West Africa

Shivakoti, G.P., 1994:
Farmers' perceptions of performance in farmer and agency managed irrigation systems in Nepal

Ndiaye, S.M.; Sofranko, A.J., 1994:
Farmers' perceptions of resource problems and adoption of conservation practices in a densely populated area

Olana, G.; Storck, H.; Demeke, M., 1995:
Farmers' response to new technologies in coffee production: the case of small farmers in Ghimbi CIPA, Wollega

Paul, B.K., 1995:
Farmers' responses to the Flood Action Plan (FAP) of Bangladesh: an empirical study

Fujisaka, S.; Guino, R.A.; Lubigan, R.T.; Moody, K., 1993:
Farmers' rice seed management practices and resulting weed seed contamination in the Philippines

Bouzit, A.M., 1995:
Farmers' risk attitude analysis using anticipated utility theory

Beinart, W., 1994:
Farmers' strategies and land reform in the Orange Free State

Bonnis, G., 1995 :
Farmers, forestry and the environment

Porter, G.; Phillips Howard, K., 1995:
Farmers, labourers and the company: exploring relationships on a Transkei contract farming scheme

Floch, J.M., 1995:
Farmers: departmental changes in demography

Toussaint, G., 1995:
Farmhouse Rocamadour

Anonymous, 1994:
Farmhouse cheese: tradition in an uncertain world

Kammerlehner, J., 1995:
Farmhouse cheesemaking with raw milk. Symptomatic or safe?

Jaouen, J.C. le, 1993:
Farmhouse cheesemaking: research into genetics and milk protein content

Jaouen, J.C. le, 1993:
Farmhouse dairies. Exemptions to EU legislation - but pay attention to the deadlines

Anonymous, 1995:
Farming and employment

Carcamo, H.A.; Niemala, J.K.; Spence, J.R., 1995:
Farming and ground beetles: effects of agronomic practice on populations and community structure

Sandoz, M., 1994:
Farming and land management in Switzerland: production and/or protection

Anonymous, 1995:
Farming and the environment in the USA

Cavassa, A., 1994:
Farming communities and market formation in South Andean farming systems in Peru

Oberbeck, H.; Oppermann, R., 1995:
Farming confronted by new problems of social acceptance and professional orientation

Pouliquen, A., 1994:
Farming in Eastern and Central Europe: what production for which markets?

Anonymous, 1994:
Farming in a new South Africa; ANC farm policy stresses market pricing strategies

Challinor, S.J.; Scott, C.R., 1994:
Farming in northern England 1993/94: results of the Newcastle Farm Business Survey Report

Askew, M. et al., 1994:
Farming in the UK will be much tougher as the result of GATT

Schmitz, I.M.J., 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of Achtkarspelen. District 200

Kleef, H.A. van, 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of Beemster. District 208

Kleef, H.A. van, 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of Beltrum-Eibergen. District 207

Schmitz, I.M.J., 1994:
Farming pattern inventory of Coastal West Zealand-Flanders. District 214

Schmitz, I.M.J.; Kleef, H.A. van; Naeff, H.S.D., 1994:
Farming pattern inventory of De Bird and the Zwette district. District 215

Schmitz, I.M.J.; Kleef, H.A. van; Naeff, H.S.D., 1994:
Farming pattern inventory of Enschede North. District 216

Schmitz, I.M.J., 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of Enschede South. District 202

Schmitz, I.M.J.; Kleef, H.A. van; Naeff, H.S.D., 1994:
Farming pattern inventory of Olst-Wesepe. District 213

Kleef, H.A. van, 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of Schoonebeek. District 209

Kleef, H.A. van, 1993:
Farming pattern inventory of the margin of the town of Zwolle. District 205

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Feeding value of tetracycline waste and its pathogenic effects in Japanese quail

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Feeding value of wilted silages with graded proportions of perennial ryegrass and white clover

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Feeding values of beet pulp compared with corn, grass hay and alfalfa hay cube for dairy cows

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Feeding variability among individual aquatic predators in experimental channels

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Feeding whole-grain sorghum (Feteraitea) as a resting agent in egg-type breeder hens

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Feeding, development and reproduction of Amblyseius barkeri (Acarina: Phytoseiidae) on various kinds of food substances

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Feeding, growth, and survival of soybean looper (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in response to nitrogen fertilization of nonnodulating soybean

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Feeding, home-remedy practices, and consultation with health care providers during childhood illness in rural Bangladesh

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Feeding, reproductive and locomotor activities in diapausing and non-diapausing adults of Drosophila

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Feeding-induced changes in energy expenditure in children with cystic fibrosis

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Feeding-induced increase in urinary dopamine excretion is independent of renal innervation and sodium intake

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Feedlot gain and feed conversion of Brahman crossbred cattle

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Feedlot growth performance of steers on salinomycin, monensin and a daily rotation between the two

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Feedlot performance and carcass characteristics for small, medium and large framed wethers backgrounded on wheat pasture

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Feedlot performance of bulls fed with treated straw

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Feedlot performance of steers from different genetic groups

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Feeds for piglets. Less dietary protein against piglet diarrhoea?

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Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana Berg)

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Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana Berg.) a promising fruit for Colombia

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Feijoa and tamarillo cultivars developed by HortResearch

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Feijoa history and improvement

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Felicola subrostratus in domestic cats in Montevideo

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Feline Addison's disease

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Feline and canine milk lysozymes

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Feline cutaneous and subcutaneous neoplasms

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Feline cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

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Feline demodicosis: a retrospective study of 9 cases

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Feline dermatology

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Feline dermatophytosis. Recent advances and recommendations for therapy

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Feline dysautonomia in Norway

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Feline immunodeficiency virus replicates in salivary gland ductular epithelium during the initial phase of infection

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Feline immunodeficiency virus reverse transcription: expression, functional characterization, and reconstitution of the 66- and 51-kilodalton subunits

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Feline leukemia virus

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Feline meningo-encephalomyelitis (staggering disease) in Austria

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Feline primary ocular sarcoma

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Feline retroviruses

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Feline spongiform encephalopathy in a cat in Norway

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Feline toxoplasmosis in Singapore

Anonymous, 1995:
Fellesmeieriet 1994: a sound result and a possible merger

Anonymous, 1994:
Fellesmeieriet last year: poorer result than for 1992, a peak year

Moberg, L., 1991:
Felling and manual bunching of small-dimension trees to a strip road

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