Farming, rural, and local systems: pluriactivity in Languedoc, Southern France

Campagne, P.

Recherches systeme en agriculture et developpement rural Symposium international, Montpellier, France 21-25 novembre 1994 Communications: 137-142


Accession: 002619295

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It is difficult to characterize a rural area, the organization of which is no longer determined by its farming activity. Comparative research was conducted into the transformation of household agriculture in some Mediterranean areas, with particular emphasis on Languedoc in southern France. Systems analysis was employed to explain the observed phenomena. Initially, analysis involved a farming systems approach, but this was quickly seen to be inadequate considering the great importance of off-farm activities in the areas studied. Moreover, the farming activity appeared to rely on a complex system of household pluriactivity. Hence the concept of rural system was adopted instead. However, for better understanding of these phenomena, they must be examined at local level: the ideal conceptual approach is provided by the local system.