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Flower flavonoid distribution in Rosa rugosa Thunb. ex Murray and interspecific Rosa hybrids

Mikanagi, Y.; Yokoi, M.; Saito, N.; Ueda, Y.; Hirabayashi, H.; Suzuki, S.

Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science 62(4): 857-866


DOI: 10.2503/jjshs.62.857
Accession: 002621848

Flower flavonoids from interspecific hybrids between Rosa rugosa (section Rosa) and Rosa species of sections Synstylae (R. wichuraiana and R. multiflora), Pimpinellifoliae (R. foetida var. persiana) and Rosa (R. davurica) were analysed. The major flavonoids in R. rugosa petals were kaempferol (K) and/or quercetin (Q) 3-sophorosides. These flavonols were present in the petals of all intersectional hybrids.

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