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Flower visiting pattern of two species of bumble bees on Menziesia multiflora Maxim on Mt. Hakkoda, Aomori Pref. (Hymenoptera: Bombidae)

Tezuka, T.; Maeta, Y.

New Entomologist 42(3/4): 36-43


Accession: 002621873

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The relationship between the diurnal nectar secretion pattern of M. multiflora flowers and the flower visits of 2 bumble bee species, Bombus beaticola and B. ardens, was studied at Mt. Hakkoda, Aomori, Japan. The flowers opened continuously between 07.00 h and 18.00 h, with 2 peaks in the morning and evening. Nectar volume per flower peaked at 07.00 h and 17.00 h in bagged inflorescences.

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