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Genetic studies of male sterility in rape (Brassica napus L.) . II. Analysis of esterase isoenzymes in an allo-nuclear male sterility system

Liu, G.H.; Cai, M.; Sheng, X.Y.; Qin, X.Y.

Oil Crops of China 16(4): 1-3


Accession: 002626404

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Leaves, young buds and anthers of the allo-nuclear male sterile genotype NCa (derived from the cross Zhong You 821 (B. napus) x 77-1299 (B. carinata)) its maintainer CaN (derived from 77-1299 x Zhong You 821) and their parents were taken, respectively, at the seedling, budding and full flowering stages and subjected to PAGE. Banding patterns of NCa and CaN suggested realignment of nuclear genes and recombination.

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