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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2633

Chapter 2633 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632000

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632001

Almela, V.; Zaragoza, S.; Primo Millo, E.; Agusti, M., 1994: Hormonal control of splitting in 'Nova' mandarin fruit

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632003

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632005

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632011

England, G. C. W., 1994: Hormonal manipulation of breeding in the bitch

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Huang XueJun; Xue RuiDe, 1991: Hormonal regulation of blood-feeding behaviour of mosquitoes

King, William, : V.; Thomas, Peter; Sullivan, Craig V., 1994: Hormonal regulation of final maturation of striped bass oocytes in vitro

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632022

Plancha, Carlos E.; Albertini, David F., 1994: Hormonal regulation of meiotic maturation in the hamster oocyte involves a cytoskeleton-mediated process

Kumar, P. Ananda; Lakshmikumaran, Malathi; Abrol, Y. P., 1993: Hormonal regulation of nitrate reductase gene expression in Hordeum vulgare

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632026

D'avino, Pier Paolo; Crispi, Stefania; Furia, Maria, 1995: Hormonal regulation of the Drosophila melanogaster ng-genes

Egawa, Takanobu; Ito, Hiroaki; Nakamrua, Hideji; Yamamoto, Hideo; Kishimoto, Susumu, 1992: Hormonal regulation of vitamin D-binding protein production by a human hepatoma cell line

Chinzei, Y.; Taylor, D., 1994: Hormonal regulation of vitellogenin biosynthesis in ticks

Anita, C. V.; Reddy, G. M., 1993: Hormonal response and seed viability of Porteresia coarctata, a brackish water species

Gurung, S. B., 1992: Hormonal role in the sterility of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632033

Belov, A. D.; Lysenko, N. P.; Topuriya, G. M.; Chetverikova, O. P., 1993: Hormonal status and morphological blood picture of cows at different seasons of the year in territory having high radioactive contamination

Vijayan, M. M.; Pereira, C.; Moon, T. W., 1994: Hormonal stimulation of hepatocyte metabolism in rainbow trout following an acute handling stress

Koldovsky, O., 1994: Hormonally active peptides in human milk

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632041

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632043

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632048

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632049

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632050

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632051

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632052

Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632053

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632107

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632139

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632144

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632153

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632192

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632210

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632213

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Section 3, Chapter 2633, Accession 002632243

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