Influence of different crude protein and energy levels on growth and carcass traits of Simmental bulls. 1. Experimental schedule, growth and feed intake

Schwarz, F.J.; Kirchgessner, M.

Zuchtungskunde 67(1): 49-61


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 002638956

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In a 2-factorial design, 144 German Simmental bulls were supplied with different amounts of energy and CP during finishing from 212 to 623 kg liveweight. Energy supply at 3 levels was varied by different amounts of roughage: maize silage restricted-fed (A), maize silage ad libitum (B), maize silage mixed with 10% ground maize ad libitum (C) and concentrate 1.8, 2.3, 3.5 kg/day for diets A, B and C, respectively. CP intake throughout finishing was 750, 950, 1120 and 1320 g/day (I-IV). Average daily gain was 1231, 1299 and 1319 g, feed intake 6.95, 7.53 and 8.10 kg, and ME intake 78.0, 85.4 and 92.9 MJ/day for A, B and C, respectively. Increasing CP intake improved average daily gain; values were 1150, 1288, 1351 and 1341 g, respectively, and feed intake increased (taking B and C, ad libitum feeding only), amounting to 7.5, 7.8, 7.9 and 8.1 kg/day, respectively. The effects of different CP and energy intake were clearest from 212 to 471 kg liveweight. Significant interactions between energy and CP supply were not observed.