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Influence of nitrogen fertilization and orchard floor management on yield, leaf nutrition and fruit quality of 'Fairhaven' peach

Meheriuk, M.; Neilsen, G.H.; Hogue, E.J.

Fruit Varieties Journal 49(4): 204-211


Accession: 002639488

Peach Fairhaven trees were subjected to combinations of 2 rates of N fertilizer application (150 and 300 kg/ha as NH4NO3, reduced to 30 and 60 kg/ha, respectively, in the fourth year), single or split application of N, and year-round or partial annual control of vegetation within the tree row. Yield, leaf nutrient concentration and fruit quality were assessed over 6 growing seasons. Yield was increased by the higher rate of N in 3 of the 6 years. Vegetation control had little effect on yield.

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