Influence of spring nitrogen fertilizer application on yield, yield components and seed quality of double low oilseed rape

Wojtowicz, M.; Krotka, K.; Wielebski, F.

Postepy Nauk Rolniczych 40/45(6): 51-58


Accession: 002639983

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In pot trials in 1990/91 and 1991/92, eight winter rape cultivars were given 0.8 g N/pot at the start of growth in spring or 2.4 g/pot in equal split applications at this stage and at the bud stage. Effects on plant growth, yield components and seed yield and chemical composition are reported. N rate affected all characteristics studied except plant height, diameter of the stem base at the start of flowering and number of seeds/pod. The higher N rate gave greater increases in pod number and seed and oil yield from lateral branches than from the main stem.