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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2644

Chapter 2644 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Joshi, K.C.; Singh, H.P., 1995:
Interrelationships among vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae population, soil properties and root colonization capacity of soil

Oost, R. van der; Heida, H.; Opperhuizen, A.; Vermeulen, N.P.E., 1991:
Interrelationships between bioaccumulation of organic trace pollutants (PCBs, organochlorine pesticides and PAHs), and MFO-induction in fish

Castoria, R.; Altamura, M.M.; Fabbri, A.A.; Tomassi, M.; Fanelli, C., 1995:
Interrelationships between browning and phytoalexin accumulation elicited by arachidonic acid

Armellini, F.; Zamboni, M.; Castelli, S.; Robbi, R.; Mino, A.; Bergamo Andreis, T.V.T.descoo Andrea; Bosello, O., 1994:
Interrelationships between intraabdominal fat and total serum testosterone levels in obese women

Brussaard, L., 1994:
Interrelationships between soil structure, soil organisms and plants in sustainable agriculture

Tanaka, S.; Ito, Y., 1995:
Interrelationships between the eusocial aphid, Pseudoregma bambucicola, and its syrphid predator, Eupeodes confrater

Iwamoto, H.; Gotoh, T.; Nishimura, S.; Takahara, H., 1995:
Interrelationships between the histological properties of biopsy muscle materials and beef marbling score in the Japanese Black steers

Catska, V., 1994:
Interrelationships between vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza and rhizosphere microflora in apple replant disease

Sankaralingam, A.; McGawley, E.C., 1995:
Interrelationships of Rotylenchulus reniformis with Rhizoctonia solani on cotton

Guilland, J.C.; Carvalho, M.J.C.sta De; Moreau, D.; Boggio, V.; Lhuissier, M.; Fuchs, F., 1994:
Interrelationships of alcohol intake with blood vitamin status in nonalcoholic subjects

Langman, C.B., 1993:
Interrelationships of parathormone, phosphate, and 1,25(OH)2D3

Devi, T.P.; Goswami, B.K., 1992:
Interrelationships of root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne incognita and Macrophomina phaseolina with cowpea

Holt, C., 1993:
Interrelationships of the concentrations of some ionic constituents of human milk and comparison with cow and goat milks

Kinnell, P.I.A., 1993:
Interrill erodibilities based on the rainfall intensity-flow discharge erosivity factor

Ghidey, F.A.berts, E., 1994:
Interrill erodibility affected by cropping systems and initial soil water content

Grosh, J.; Jarrett, A., 1994:
Interrill erosion and runoff on very steep slopes

Bradford, J.M.; Huang, C.H.a, 1994:
Interrill soil erosion as affected by tillage and residue cover

Fujisawa, M.; Takahashi, J.; Yasuda, Y.; Endo, T.; Sakuma, Y., 1994 :
Interruption of implantation by the treatment of RU 486 in rat

Stevens, R., 1994:
Interseeding and transplanting to enhance species composition

Wood, C.D.; Tiwari, B.N.; Plumb, V.E.; Powell, C.J.; Roberts, B.T.; Padmini Sirimane, V.D.; Rossiter, J.T.; Gill, M., 1994:
Interspecies differences and variability with time of protein precipitation activity of extractable tannins, crude protein, ash, and dry matter content of leaves from 13 species of Nepalese fodder trees

Falkengren Grerup, Ursula, 1995:
Interspecies differences in the preference of ammonium and nitrate in vascular plants

Schmidt, J.E.; Ahring, B.K., 1995:
Interspecies Electron Transfer during Propionate and Butyrate Degradation in Mesophilic, Granular Sludge

Kurtz, A.; Zimmer, A., 1995:
Interspecies fluorescence in situ hybridization further defines synteny homology between mouse chromosome 11 and human chromosome 17

Sokolov, V.E.; Karavaeva, E.A.; Belaya, Z.A.; Zinkevich, E.P., 1995:
Interspecific action of boar sex pheromone: effects on oestrous cycle in cattle

Yao,; Cohen, D.; Rowland, R.E.liston, 1995:
Interspecific albino and variegated hybrids in the genus Zantedeschia

Pilch, J.; Gowacz, E.; Kubara Szpunar, ; Gajda, Z., 1994:
Interspecific and intergeneric hybrids as a source of resistance to Septoria nodorum blotch in wheat

Hoste, H.; Beveridge, I., 1993:
Interspecific and intergeneric relations between nematodes parasitic in the stomachs of kangaroos and wallabies

Veit, M.; Beckert, C.; Hoehne, C.; Bauer, K.; Geiger, H., 1995:
Interspecific and intraspecific variation of phenolics in the genus Equisetum subgenus Equisetum

Sousa, Wayne P., 1993:
Interspecific antagonism and species coexistence in a diverse guild of larval trematode parasites

Inbar, M.; Eshel, A.; Wool, D., 1995:
Interspecific competition among phloem-feeding insects mediated by induced host-plant sinks

Trumbo, S.T.; Fiore, A.J., 1994:
Interspecific competition and the evolution of communal breeding in burying beetles

Richardson, B.; Vanner, A.; Davenhill, N.; Balneaves, J.; Miller, K.; Ray, J., 1993:
Interspecific competition between Pinus radiata and some common weed species - first-year results

Koppenhofer, A.; Kaya, H.; Shanmugam, S.W.od, G., 1995:
Interspecific competition between steinernematid nematodes within an insect host

Caille, T., 1994:
Interspecific competition for weed control in Brachiaria decumbens in Martinique

Hirose, T.; Ujihara, A.; Kitabayashi, H.; Minami, M., 1994:
Interspecific cross-compatibility in Fagopyrum according to pollen tube growth

Horn, W., 1994:
Interspecific crossability and inheritance in Pelargonium

Mia, M.W.; Yamauchi, A.; Kono, Y., 1993:
Interspecific differences in early root growth among several food legume species

Lunau, K., 1993:
Interspecific diversity and uniformity of flower colour patterns as cues for learned discrimination and innate detection of flowers

Sunagawa, M., 1992:
Interspecific heterokaryon formation between Auricularia auricula-judae and Auricularia polytricha by electrical protoplast fusion

Meshram, L.D.; Tayyab, M.A., 1994:
Interspecific hybrid between Gossypium hirsutum L. x Gossypium australe F. Muell

Nassar, H.N.; Nassar, N.M.A.; Vieira, C.; Saraiva, L.S., 1994:
Interspecific hybrid of cassava and its cytogenetic behaviour

Rao, P.N.; Nirmala, A., 1994:
Interspecific hybridization and genome relationships of Coix lacryma-jobi L. and C. aquatica Roxb

Renaud, R.; Salesses, G., 1994:
Interspecific hybridization and rootstocks breeding for European plums

Hong, K.H.; Om, Y.H.; Park, H.G., 1994:
Interspecific hybridization between Cucurbita pepo and C. moschata through ovule culture

Hammett, K.R.W.; Murray, B.G.; Markham, K.R.; Hallett, I.C., 1994:
Interspecific hybridization between Lathyrus odoratus and L. belinensis

Benitez, A.L.; Ramirez, F.; Kuruvadi, S.; Borrego, F., 1993:
Interspecific hybridization between Parthenium argentatum Gray and Parthenium lozanianum Bartlett

Tucovic, A., 1987:
Interspecific hybridization of black poplars and its evolutionary stage

Benzie, J.A.H.; Kenway, M.; Ballment, E.; Frusher, S.; Trott, L., 1995:
Interspecific hybridization of the tiger prawns Penaeus monodon and Penaeus esculentus

L.B.oRong; Salomon, B.; Bothmer, R. von, 1995:
Interspecific hybridizations with Elymus confusus and E. dolichatherus, and their genomic relationships (Poaceae: Triticeae)

Kobayashi, R.S.; Bouwkamp, J.C.; Sinden, S.L., 1994:
Interspecific hybrids from cross incompatible relatives of sweetpotato

Bijral, J.S.; Sharma, T.R.; Gupta, B.B.; Kuldip Singh, 1995:
Interspecific hybrids of Brassica maurorum with Brassica crops and their cytology

Lehmiller, D.J., 1992:
Interspecific hybrids of Crinum americanum L. (Amaryllidaceae)

Ishizaka, H.; Uematsu, J., 1995:
Interspecific hybrids of Cyclamen persicum Mill. and C. purpurascens Mill. produced by ovule culture

Tucovic, A., 1994:
Interspecific incompatibility of oaks

Herben, Tomas, 1995:
Interspecific interactions and persistence of an invasive moss, Orthodontium lineare, in invaded communities of indigenous cryptogams

Schall, J.J.; Bromwich, C.R., 1994:
Interspecific interactions tested: two species of malarial parasite in a West African lizard

Pijls, J.W.A.M.; Poleij, L.M.; Alphen, J.J.M. van, 1993 :
Interspecific interference between Epidinocarsis lopezi and E. diversicornis, parasitoids of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti

Mizutani, N., 1994:
Interspecific larval competition among three egg parasitoid species on the host, Riptortus clavatus (Thunberg) (Heteroptera: Alydidae)

Woltz, P.; Stockey, R.A.; Gondran, M.; Cherrier, J.F., 1994:
Interspecific parasitism in the Gymnosperms: unpublished data on two endemic New Caledonian Podocarpaceae using scanning electron microscopy

Rieseberg, L.H.; Desrochers, A.M.; Youn, S.J., 1995:
Interspecific pollen competition as a reproductive barrier between sympatric species of Helianthus (Asteraceae)

Takehara, T.; Kumata, A.; Aono, S., 1993:
Interspecific protoplast fusion between some Pleurotus species using auxotrophic mutants

White, P.S.; Morales, F.; Roossinck, M.J., 1995:
Interspecific reassortment of genomic segments in the evolution of cucumoviruses

Kisanuki, H.; Kurahashi, A.; Kato, H.; Terauchi, R.; Kawano, S.; Ide, Y.; Watanabe, S., 1995:
Interspecific relationship of the genus Larix inferred from the RFLPs of chloroplast DNA

Bergmann, R.; Penner, A.; Kohler, H.; Friedt, W., 1993:
Interspecific somatic hybridisation in the genus Linum for producing novel fatty acid variants

Ward, A.C.; Phelpstead, J.S.J.; Gleadle, A.E.; Blackhall, N.W.; Cooper Bland, S.; Kumar, A.; Powell, W.; Power, J.B.; Davey, M.R., 1994:
Interspecific somatic hybrids between dihaploid Solanum tuberosum L. and the wild species, S. pinnatisectum Dun

Flores Foxworth, G.; Coonrod, S.A.; Moreno, J.F.; Byrd, S.R.; Kraemer, D.C.; Westhusin, M., 1995 :
Interspecific transfer of IVM IVF-derived red sheep (Ovis orientalis gmelini) embryos to domestic sheep (Ovis aries)

McKee, K.L., 1995:
Interspecific variation in growth, biomass partitioning, and defensive characteristics of neotropical mangrove seedlings: response to light and nutrient availability

Zociak, A., 1992:
Intersterile groups of Heterobasidion annosum (Fr.) Bref. - identification of Polish isolates

Castillo, C.; Bogardus, C.; Bergman, R.; Thuillez, P.; Lillioja, S., 1994:
Interstitial insulin concentrations determine glucose uptake rates but not insulin resistance in lean and obese men

Johnstone, A.C., 1991:
Interstitial pneumonia of deer

Alonso, A.; Caccuri, R.L.; Scavini, L.M.; Rodríguez, S.M.; Marino, G.A., 1994:
Interstitial pneumonitis induced in guinea pigs by Triatoma infestans antigens

Regad, F.; Lebas, M.; Lescure, B., 1994:
Interstitial telomeric repeats within the Arabidopsis thaliana genome

Veal, A.J., 1994:
Intersubjectivity and the transatlantic divide: a comment on Glancy (and Ragheb and Tate)

Alvarez, A.; Casimiro Herruzo, A.; Zekri, S., 1995:
Intertemporal profits from soil conservation practices in Mediterranean dry farming

Saber, A.S., 1994:
Intertubular topography of the testis of donkey

Haley, C.S.; Knott, S.A., 1994:
Interval mapping

X.Y.nBi; Shen ZongTan; X.J.Chen; Zhu Heng; Chen Ying; Zhu LiHuang, 1995:
Interval mapping of quantitative trait loci by molecular markers in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Abrol, D.P., 1993:
Intervarietal differences in nectar production affecting pollinator attractiveness and fruit set in almond

Ramesh, B.; Sharma, T., 1994:
Intervarietal nuclear DNA variation in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Salimuddin ; Ramesh, B., 1994:
Intervarietal nuclear DNA variation in lentil

Vahidy, A.A.; Jahan, Q.; Mujeeb Kazi, A., 1994:
Intervarietal polymorphism of heterochromatin in bread wheat, Triticum aestivum L

Verschoor, G., 1994:
Intervenors intervened: farmers, multinationals and the state in the Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica

Ludvigsson, Johnny, 1993:
Intervention at diagnosis of type I diabetes using either antioxidants or photopheresis

Liebig, G., 1993:
Intervention without effect. Brood development is not affected by scratching out the food stores

Fulginiti, L.E.; Perrin, R.K., 1994:
Interventions and production sector waste in LDC agriculture

Andrien, M., 1994:
Interventions in social communication on nutrition

Pistorius, R., 1994:
Interview with Richard Jefferson, director of CAMBIA

Christensen, M.S.; Høy, C.E.; Becker, C.C.; Redgrave, T.G., 1995:
Intestinal absorption and lymphatic transport of eicosapentaenoic (EPA), docosahexaenoic (DHA), and decanoic acids: dependence on intramolecular triacylglycerol structure

Tuboly, S.; Bernáth, S.; Glávits, R.; Kovács, A.; Megyeri, Z., 1995:
Intestinal absorption of colostral lymphocytes in newborn lambs and their role in the development of immune status

Barlet, J.P.; Davicco, M.J.; Coxam, V., 1995:
Intestinal absorption of inorganic phosphorus

Kramer, W.; Wess, G.; Neckermann, G.; Schubert, G.; Fink, J.; Girbig, F.; Gutjahr, U.; Kowalewski, S.; Baringhaus, K.H.; Böger, G., 1994:
Intestinal absorption of peptides by coupling to bile acids

Komnick, H.; Wachtmann, D., 1995:
Intestinal absorption of radioactive long-chain saturated fatty acids by the larval dragon-fly Aeshna cyanea and co-absorptive effects of other stable fatty acids

Casirola, D.M.; Vinnakota, R.R.; Ferraris, R.P., 1995:
Intestinal absorption of water-soluble vitamins in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)

Ghosh, P.K.; Castellanos Barba, C.; Ortiz Ortiz, L., 1995:
Intestinal amebiasis: cyclic suppression of the immune response

Ghosh, P.K.; Mancilla, R.; Ortiz-Ortiz, L., 1994 :
Intestinal amebiasis: histopathologic features in experimentally infected mice

Ahlman, B.; Ljungqvist, O.; Persson, B.; Bindslev, L.; Wernerman, J., 1995:
Intestinal amino acid content in critically ill patients

Krapat, R.; Schnorr, B.; Kressin, M., 1993:
Intestinal blood vessels in the domestic fowl

Pitcher, T.; Buffenstein, R., 1995:
Intestinal calcium transport in mole-rats (Cryptomys damarensis and Heterocephalus glaber) is independent of both genomic and non-genomic vitamin D mediation

Chakraborty, A.; Chaudhury, B., 1994:
Intestinal candidiasis in captive wild herbivores

Tamura, C.S.; Ritter, R.C., 1994:
Intestinal capsaicin transiently attenuates suppression of sham feeding by oleate

Dinmore, A.J.; Edwards, J.S.; Menzies, I.S.; Travis, S.P., 1994:
Intestinal carbohydrate absorption and permeability at high altitude (5,730 m)

Scaglia, M.; Gatti, S.; Bassi, P.; Viale, P.L.; Novati, S.; Ranieri, S., 1994:
Intestinal co-infection by Cyclospora sp. and Cryptosporidium parvum: first report in an AIDS patient

Pillai, K.M.; Subramanian, H., 1993:
Intestinal coccidiosis of rabbits in Kerala

Weber, R.; Sauer, B.; Lüthy, R.; Nadal, D., 1993:
Intestinal coinfection with Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Cryptosporidium in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected child with chronic diarrhea

Mgheni, D.M.; Hvelplund, T.; Weisbjerg, M.R., 1994:
Intestinal digestibility of rumen undegraded dietary protein from tropical roughages estimated by the mobile bag technique

Lim, S.G.; Menzies, I.S.; Nukajam, W.S.; Lee, C.A.; Johnson, M.A.; Pounder, R.E., 1995:
Intestinal disaccharidase activity in human immunodeficiency virus disease

Guerrero, O.; Chinchilla, M.; Catarinella, G.; Castro, A.; Abrahams, E., 1994:
Intestinal distribution pattern of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts in the rat, mouse and hamster

Rajan, A.; Gangadharan, B.; George, P.O., 1994:
Intestinal diverticulitis in a nilgai (Bucelaphus tragocamelus)

Aalto-Setälä, K.; Bisgaier, C.L.; Ho, A.; Kieft, K.A.; Traber, M.G.; Kayden, H.J.; Ramakrishnan, R.; Walsh, A.; Essenburg, A.D.; Breslow, J.L., 1994:
Intestinal expression of human apolipoprotein A-IV in transgenic mice fails to influence dietary lipid absorption or feeding behavior

Chesta R.J.; Antezana J.C.; Alegria Q.S., 1993:
Intestinal fermentation of lactulose and absorption of lactose in Chilean patients with liver cirrhosis: implications for the therapy of hepatic encephalopathy

Ahn, Y.K., 1994:
Intestinal flukes of the genus Metagonimus and their second intermediate hosts in Kangwon-do

Majumdar, S.; Panda, J.N., 1994:
Intestinal glucose absorption capability of high, medium and non-laying birds

Penali, L.K.; Broalet, E.Y.; Kone, M., 1993:
Intestinal helminth and protozoal infections in pregnant women in Cote d'Ivoire

Erico, B.; Tedla, S., 1993:
Intestinal helminth infections at Zeghie, Ethiopia, with emphasis on schistosomiasis mansoni

Gbakima, A.A.; Sherpard, M.; White, P.T., 1994:
Intestinal helminth infections in rural school children in Njala, Sierra Leone

Guberti, V.; Stancampiano, L.; Francisci, F., 1993:
Intestinal helminth parasite community in wolves (Canis lupus) in Italy

Birrie, H.; Erko, B.; Tedla, S., 1994:
Intestinal helminthic infections in the southern Rift Valley of Ethiopia with special reference to schistosomiasis

Kaskhedikar, P.; Fernandez, L.; Chaskar, D.; Chaskar, R., 1993:
Intestinal histopathological changes in cysticercosis during experimental Hymenolepis nana infection in albino mice

Trylesinski, A.; Carbonnel, F.; Bouchaud, O.; Beaugerie, L.; Gharakanian, S.; Rozenbaum, W.; Cosnes, J.; Gendre, J.P.; L.Q.intrec, Y., 1995:
Intestinal histoplasmosis in AIDS patients: report of three cases observed in France and review of the literature

Bhatti, A.R.; Micusan, V.V., 1995:
Intestinal immune response induced in mice by staphylococcal enterotoxin B

Jakob, W.; Wesmeimer, H.H., 1995:
Intestinal inflammation associated with flagellates in snakes

Hallgren, T.; Oresland, T.; Cantor, P.; Fasth, S.; Hulten, L., 1995:
Intestinal intraluminal continuity is a prerequisite for the distal bowel motility response to feeding

Hölzer, H.H.; Turkelson, C.M.; Solomon, T.E.; Raybould, H.E., 1994:
Intestinal lipid inhibits gastric emptying via CCK and a vagal capsaicin-sensitive afferent pathway in rats

Magne, D.; Chochillon, C.; Favennec, L.; Kapel, N.; Savel, J.; Gobert, J.G., 1994:
Intestinal lipid metabolism in suckling rats infected with Giardia duodenalis

Kleint, M., 1994:
Intestinal lymphangiectasia in the dog. A literature review with case report

Miro, O.; Moreno, A.; Valls, M.E.; Miro, J.M.; Pique, J.M.; Bordas, J.M.; Moreno Martinez, A.; Bombi, J.A.; Gatell, J.M., 1995:
Intestinal microsporidiosis in patients with AIDS: three case reports

Franzen, C.; Fatkenheuer, G.; Salzberger, B.; Muller, A.; Mahrle, G.; Diehl, V.; Schrappe, M., 1994:
Intestinal microsporidiosis in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - report of three more German cases

D.L.renzo, C.; Flores, A.F.; Buie, T.; Hyman, P.E., 1995:
Intestinal motility and jejunal feeding in children with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction

Santhi, G.; Ramanadham, M., 1994:
Intestinal mucosal immune response in experimental vitamin A deficiency: reduction in helper T cell number and mitogenic stimulation of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL)

Sood, A.; Mahajan, R.; Varshney, P.; Chawla, L.S.; Singh, A., 1994:
Intestinal myiasis - report of two cases

Vanhatalo, A.; Aronen, I.; Varvikko, T., 1995:
Intestinal nitrogen digestibility of heat-moisture treated rapeseed meals as assessed by the mobile-bag method in cows

Ferraris, R.P.; Vinnakota, R.R., 1995:
Intestinal nutrient transport in genetically obese mice

Sargison, N.D.; Scott, P.R.; Dun, K.A., 1995:
Intestinal obstruction in a blue-faced Leicester ram associated with a phytobezoar lodged at the pelvic inlet

Vaugelade, P.; Posho, L.; Darcy-Vrillon, B.; Bernard, F.; Morel, M.T.; Duée, P.H., 1994:
Intestinal oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism during nutrient absorption in the pig

Kim, C.H.; Na, Y.E.; Kim, N.M.; Shin, D.W.; Chang, D.Y., 1994:
Intestinal parasite and Clonorchis sinensis infection among the inhabitants in the upper stream of Taechong Dam, Kumgang (River)

Saha, S.S.; Behl, J.P.; Kumar, A., 1993:
Intestinal parasite infections in selected rural populations of Kurukshetra, Haryana

Park, M.S.; Kim, S.W.; Yang, Y.S.; Park, C.H.; Lee, W.T.; Kim, C.U.; Lee, E.M.; Lee, S.U.; Huh, S., 1994:
Intestinal parasite infections in the inhabitants along the Hantan River, Chorwon-gun

Gendrel, D.; Kombila, M.; Richard Lenoble, D., 1994:
Intestinal parasites and malnutrition

Chintu, C.; Luo, C.; Baboo, S.; Khumalo-Ngwenya, B.; Mathewson, J.; DuPont, H.L.; Zumla, A., 1995:
Intestinal parasites in HIV-seropositive Zambian children with diarrhoea

Kam, K.M., 1994:
Intestinal parasites in Hong Kong

Omar, M.S.; Soufi, H.E.; al-Amari, O.M., 1992:
Intestinal parasites in a Saudi center for mentally retarded children

Magalhaes, V.; Lima, R. de A.; Melo, V.M.; Magalhaes, M.; Alencar, L.C.A.; Carrera, M.; Lucena, T.A.L.; Rangel, F., 1993:
Intestinal parasites in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Recife

Houze Savage, S.; Gool, T. van; Bouchaud, O.; Geoffray, C.; Verdon, R.; Ruggeri, C.;, J., 1993:
Intestinal parasites isolated in the stools of HIV positive patients with chronic diarrhoea

Huh, S.; Sohn, W.M.; Chai, J.Y., 1994:
Intestinal parasites of cats purchased in Seoul

Landsoud Soukate, J.; Tutin, C.E.G.; Fernandez, M., 1995:
Intestinal parasites of sympatric gorillas and chimpanzees in the Lope Reserve, Gabon

Chehter, L.; Cabeca, M.; Catapani, W.R., 1994:
Intestinal parasitic infections

Anonymous, 1995:
Intestinal parasitic infections and schistosomiasis. Mauritania

Gbakima, A.A., 1994:
Intestinal parasitic infections and swamp development in Sierra Leone

Erko, B.; Medhin, G.; Birrie, H., 1995:
Intestinal parasitic infections in Bahir Dar and risk factors for transmission

Mangali, A.; Sasabone, P.; Syafruddin; Abadi, K.; Hasegawa, H.; Toma, T.; Kamimura, K.; Miyagi, I., 1993:
Intestinal parasitic infections in Campalagian district, south Sulawesi, Indonesia

Yamada, S.; Yamada, R.; Pan, Y.; Mori, Y.; Tsukidate, S.; Fujita, K., 1995:
Intestinal parasitic infections in natives and residents of Mozambique

Huh, S.; Ahn, C.; Chai, J.Y., 1995:
Intestinal parasitic infections in the residents of an emigration camp in Tijuana, Mexico

Belhadj, S.; Souissi, Z.; Khaled, S.; Kooli, J.; Kennou, M.F.; Rachid, M.S.B., 1994:
Intestinal parasitism in workers who handle foodstuffs

Salem, G.; Velden, L. van de; Laloe, F.; Maire, B.; Ponton, A.; Traissac, P.; Prost, A., 1994:
Intestinal parasitoses and environment in Sahelo-Sudanian towns: the case of Pikine (Senegal)

de Silva, N.R.; de Silva, H.J.; Jayapani, V.P., 1994:
Intestinal parasitoses in the Kandy area, Sri Lanka

Lopez Brea, M.; Vallejo, P., 1994:
Intestinal parasitoses in the Nineties: new microorganisms in new patients

Longuet, C.; David, C.; Klotz, F., 1993:
Intestinal parasitoses in the south-east district of Dominica

Leone, F.; Antognoli, A.; Miglietta, A.S.; Ventriglia, A.; Ilardi, I., 1993:
Intestinal parasitoses: are they still topical in our climates? Observations on a recent study in Rome

Gulay, Z.; Orhan, V.; Gulay, H.; Yulug, N., 1995:
Intestinal parasitosis in renal transplant recipients

Vauthay, L.G.; Gonzalez Ariki, S.; Slobodianik, N.; Roux, M.E.; Bonaparte, Y.P. de, 1993:
Intestinal parasympathetic ganglia in immunodeficient Wistar rats due to protein deprivation at weaning

Harris, K.K.; Chauhan, K.; Gupta, A.K., 1995:
Intestinal pathology of Channa punctatus resulting due to infection with Pallisentis nagpurensis Bhalerao, 1931 (Acanthocephala: Pallisentidae) and histochemical alterations in the intestinal wall of the host

Heneghan, S.J.; Li, J.; Petrossian, E.; Bizer, L.S., 1993:
Intestinal perforation from gastrointestinal histoplasmosis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Case report and review of the literature

Catassi, C.; Bonucci, A.; Coppa, G.V.; Carlucci, A.; Giorgi, P.L., 1995:
Intestinal permeability changes during the first month: effect of natural versus artificial feeding

Tepper, R.E.; Simon, D.; Brandt, L.J.; Nutovits, R.; Lee, M.J., 1994:
Intestinal permeability in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

Rutgers, H.C.; Batt, R.M.; Hall, E.J.; Sorensen, S.H.; Proud, F.J., 1995:
Intestinal permeability testing in dogs with diet-responsive intestinal disease

Ferreira, H.S.; Coutinho, E.M.; Teodósio, N.R.; Cavalcanti, C.L.; Samico,, 1993:
Intestinal protein absorption in malnourished mice with acute schistosomiasis mansoni

Lai, K.P., 1992:
Intestinal protozoan infections in Malaysia

Benlounes, N.; Chedid, R.; Thuillier, F.; Desjeux, J.F.; Rousselet, F.; Heyman, M., 1995:
Intestinal transport and processing of immunoglobulin G in the neonatal and adult rat

Son, W.Y.; Huh, S.; Lee, S.U.; Woo, H.C.; Hong, S.J., 1994:
Intestinal trematode infections in the villagers in Koje-myon, Kochang-gun, Kyongsangnam-do, Korea

Severo, N.F.; Castilhos, H.A.F.; Barros, P.L.F.F.; Machado, C.A.A.; Jannke, H.A., 1993:
Intestinal volvulus caused by Ascaris lumbricoides: 2 case reports

Jackson, S.; Duke, G.E., 1995:
Intestine fullness influences feeding behaviour and crop filling in the domestic turkey

Mehlin, H.; Schottle, R., 1992:
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Intramural blood vessels of the large intestine of domestic ruminants

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Intraosseous epidermoid cysts in the terminal phalanx of the dog

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Intraplant nuclear DNA content variation in diploid nuclei of maize (Zea mays L.)

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Intraspecific variation in diaspore colour in steppe turf grasses

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Intraspecific variation in the response of Taxodium distichum seedlings to salinity

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Intraspecific variation in wing loading affects habitat use by little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus)

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Intraspecific variation of Taenia taeniaeformis as determined by various criteria

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Intraspecific variation of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) revealed by RAPD-PCR

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Intraspecific variations in the bee Megachile rotundata (F.): morphological, eco-ethological and biochemical comparisons of two strains, a Canadian and a French

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Intrathylakoid pH in Isolated Pea Chloroplasts as Probed by Violaxanthin Deepoxidation

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Intratree and intertree variation in selected wood quality characteristics of European oak (Quercus petraea and Quercus robur)

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Intratree variation in foliage development influences the foraging strategy of a caterpillar

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Intrauterine insemination of ewes

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Intravarietal differences in mitochondrial DNAs of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

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Intravascular cryptococcal culture filtrate (CneF) and its major component, glucuronoxylomannan, are potent inhibitors of leukocyte accumulation

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Intravenous lipid infusion results in myocardial lipid droplet accumulation combined with reduced myocardial performance in heparinized rabbits

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Intraventricular but not intraparaventricular nucleus metergoline elicits feeding in satiated rats

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Intraventricular haemorrhage and hydrocephalus caused by intraventricular parasitic granuloma suggesting cerebral sparganosis

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Intrinsic earliness and basic development rate assessed for their response to temperature in wheat

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Intrinsic mesoscopic spatial variability in macroscopically uniform soils

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Intrinsic rate of increase of Lysiphlebus testaceipes Cresson (Hym.; Braconidae), a parasitoid of Aphis gossypii Glover (Hom., Aphididae) at different temperatures

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Intrinsic, non-milk extrinsic and milk sugar consumption by Scottish adults

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Introducing Weigela subsessilis

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Introducing a supervised credit system for the production of CDPs: linking extension and credit for higher productivity

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Introducing mulberry sericulture in coconut based farming systems

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Introducing plant-based products from developing countries into Western markets

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Introducing the eco-friendly hotel

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Introducing uncertainty of aquifer parameters into an optimization model

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Introduction and application of Wynn cassia to hilly red soil region

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Introduction and designation of tobacco in Korean early agriculture references

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Introduction experiment with autumn tomato cultivars in Jiashan county

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Introduction of Bombus terrestris terrestris in southern Spain for the pollination of greenhouse crops

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Introduction of Echinacea purpurea and Leuzea carthamoides into cultivation in Finland

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Introduction of Puccinia polysora, polysora rust of maize in India

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Introduction of a loss-of-function point mutation from the SH3 region of the Caenorhabditis elegans sem-5 gene activates the transforming ability of c-abl in vivo and abolishes binding of proline-rich ligands in vitro

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Introduction of bark beetles and wood borers into China in coniferous logs from North America

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Introduction of bioremediation ability into granular sludge

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Introduction of broadleaved species into Scots pine stands on poor coniferous forest sites

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Introduction of cellulolytic bacteria into the rumen of cattle to increase fibre digestibility

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Introduction of chopping units on round- and square-bale presses

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Introduction of commercial bumble bees into Japan

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Introduction of daikon in the Non-chernozem zone

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Introduction of double-strand breaks into the genome of mouse cells by expression of a rare-cutting endonuclease

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Introduction of exogenous sodium ascorbate into lettuce (butter head type) grown hydroponically

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Introduction of exotic entomopathogenic nematodes (Rhabditida: Heterorhabditidae and Steinernematidae) for biological control of insects: potential and problems

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Introduction of exotic tropical pines for industry

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Introduction of impermeable molecules into pollen grains by electroporation

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Introduction of oxygenated functional groups into 3-carene and 2-pinene by cultured cells

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Introduction of plants of the sub-family Prunoideae in the Kaliningrad region

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Introduction of pollutants into streams and rivers. Impact of rain and runoff

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Introduction of predatory midge Aphidoletes aphidimyza (Rondani) for control of cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, on greenhouse cucumbers

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Introduction of quarantined seed for Crop Science registration

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Introduction of red clover in pastures by banded or overall direct drilling

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Introduction of resistance to bovine rotavirus by gene transfer

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Introduction of the Jersey breed in Trancas

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Introduction of the Sylvana Selective/Ford Versatile cleaning machine to Alberta

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Introduction of the characteristics of Lilium concolor into L. x 'Asiatic hybrids' by crossing through style-cutting pollination and embryo culture

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Introduction of the off-highway tridem trailer

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Introduction of the pea cultivar Taichung 11

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Introduction of tomato cultivar Red Agate 140 into Bazhou region, Xinjiang

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Introduction of tropical germplasm in forage maize breeding

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Introduction of woody plants and problems of silviculture

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Introduction of woody plants in south-east Ukraine

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Introduction regions of Lithuania and their use in amenity planting, introduction and acclimatization of woody species

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Introduction to HACCP, to good manufacturing standards and good laboratory practice

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Introduction to a bio-economic production model for sugar beet growing

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Introduction to broiler lameness - an inability to walk

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Introduction to chemigation

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Introduction to endoscopy of the dog and cat

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Introduction to forest and renewable resources

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Introduction to forest resource economics

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Introduction to genetics of subarctic fish and shellfish

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Introduction to insect pest management

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Introduction to management in the hospitality industry

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Introduction to molecular & cellular research: 1995 syllabus

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Introduction to national and regional needs, constraints and priorities related to safety in biotechnology

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Introduction to plant-protection-systems-engineering

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Introduction to quantitative genetics: inbreeding, heritability estimates and artificial selection

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Introduction to sport psychology interventions

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Introduction to termite research in China

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Introduction to the World Reference Base for Soil Resources

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Introduction to the hospitality industry

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Introduction to the knowledge and management of indurated volcanic soil horizons

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Introduction to the study of the Heterobasidiomycetes

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Introduction to the symposium 'George E. Ball: Student and Exponent of Diversity'

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Introduction to tourism

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Introduction trials of Acacia mangium - an exotic in nursery stage for the production of plantable seedlings

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Introduction trials of tropical pines in Western Ghats, Maharashtra

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Introduction, expression, and growth-enhancing effect of rainbow trout growth hormone cDNA fused to an avian chimeric promoter on rainbow trout fry

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Introduction: Natural resource-dependent communities and persistent rural poverty in the U.S. - Part III

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Introduction: family farming in a changing world

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Introduction: genomic organization, diversity and evolution of plant reoviruses

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Introduction: protected areas in the modern world

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Introduction: sports labour migration in the global arena

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Introduction: stillborn in the USA?

Billard, R., 1994:
Introduction: the exploitation of the water living resources and its interactions with environment

Anonymous, 1993:
Introduction: water use in relation to productivity

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Introductions and transfers of species in fish culture. Necessity or opportunism?

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Introductory overview: soil, water, and civilization

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Introductory remarks on microsporidia in the AIDS era

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Introductory study for the optimization of growth and alkaloid production by cell cultures of Datura stramonium L

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Introgression analysis of an interspecific hybrid population in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) using RFLP and RAPD markers

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Introgression between Apis mellifera capensis Escholtz and Apis mellifera scutellata Lepeletier: the sting pheromones

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Introgression into the Pietrain genome of the normal allele at the locus for halothane susceptibility

Chetelat, R.T.; Deverna, J.W.; Bennett, A.B., 1995:
Introgression into tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) of the L. chmielewskii sucrose accumulator gene (sucr) controlling fruit sugar composition

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Introgression of Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray genes into the Phaseolus vulgaris L. genome

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Introgression of resistance to Columbia and Northern root-knot nematodes from Solanum bulbocastanum into cultivated potato

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Introgression of the Florida largemouth bass genome into stream populations of northern largemouth bass in Oklahoma

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Intron length variation of the Adh gene in Brachyscome (Asteraceae)

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Intron-dependent transient expression of the maize GapA1 gene

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Introns and the origin of protein-coding genes

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Intubation of weight-selected chicks with soybean oil or residual yolk: effect on early growth and development

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Inulin and inulin-containing crops

Anonymous, 1994:
Inulin and oligofructoses: natural fructans of vegetable origin with unique nutritional and technical characteristics

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Inulin degradation by Pediococcus pentosaceus

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Inundative release of predatory stink bugs for control of Colorado potato beetle

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Invalidity and professional illnesses of forest workers

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Invariant morphological and production characteristics of the crowns of small-leaved trees

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Invasibility of experimental habitat islands in a California winter annual grassland

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Invasion by exotic forest pests: a threat to forest ecosystems

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Invasion history and ecology of Lythrum salicaria in North America

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Invasion mechanism of Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on Vicia faba crop

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Invasion of Bassendean Dune Banksia woodland by Phytophthora cinnamomi

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Invasion of Toxoplasma gondii occurs by active penetration of the host cell

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Invasion of Varroa jacobsoni into drone brood cells of the honey bee, Apis mellifera

Boot, W.J., 1995:
Invasion of Varroa mites into honey bee brood cells

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Invasion of a community in an early stage of secondary succession by a parthenogenetic species of scorpion

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Invasion of bovine mammary epithelial cells by Streptococcus dysgalactiae

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Invasion of houses on the outskirts of Goiania by Cavernicola pilosa Barber, 1937 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

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Invasion of human skin fibroblasts by the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi

Erichsen, C.; McGeoch, M.A.; Schoeman, A.S., 1993:
Invasion of orchards by the avocado beetle Monolepta apicalis (Sahlberg) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): assessment of damage to leaves and fruit

Peroni, P.A., 1994:
Invasion of red maple (Acer rubrum L.) during old field succession in the North Carolina Piedmont: age structure of red maple in young pine stands

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Invasion of subalpine meadows by lodgepole pine in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A

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Invasion of the trachea with the nematode Oslerus osleri in a dog

al-Tawil, Y.S.; Gilger, M.A.; Gopalakrishna, G.S.; Langston, C.; Bommer, K.E., 1994:
Invasive Blastocystis hominis infection in a child

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Invasive Trichophyton rubrum infection in the immunocompromised host: report of three cases

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Invasive aspergilloma of the skull base

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Invasive aspergillosis after transplantation

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Invasive aspergillosis in the intensive care unit

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Invasive aspergillosis. A complication of treatment of temporal arteritis

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Invasive aspergillosis: epidemiology, diagnosis and therapy

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Invasive bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in a child with bone marrow aplasia. Diagnosis by fiberoptic bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage

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Invasive fungal dermatitis in the <=1000-gram neonate

Anonymous, 1995:
Invasive fungal infections in cancer patients

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Invasive lung infections with Aspergillus species as a life-threatening complication in patients suffering from chronic granulomatous disease

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Invasive metastasing pulmonary aspergillosis under polychemotherapy

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Invasive mycotic and actinomycotic oropharyngeal and craniofacial infection in two patients with AIDS

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Invasive oral aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients with leukemia

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis as a primary manifestation of AIDS

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis complicating allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in an 8-year-old girl suffering from cystic fibrosis

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in an HIV-infected patient. Role of bronchoalveolar lavage in diagnosis

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in four patients with acute on chronic respiratory failure

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis occluding the descending aorta and left pulmonary artery: CT features

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis. Series of necropsies

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Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis: CT diagnosis of a peribronchial sinus track in an AIDS patient

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Invasive pulmonary pseudallescheriasis with direct invasion of the thoracic spine in an immunocompetent patient

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Invasive rhinosino-orbital aspergillosis with precipitous visual loss

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Invasive zygomycosis due to Conidiobolus incongruus

Grimault, V.; Prior, P., 1994:
Invasiveness of avirulent strains of Pseudomonas solanacearum in tomato cultivars, resistant or susceptible to bacterial wilt

Mendra, I.K., 1994:
Inventarization and production of indigenous pasture genera of Bali

Brown, D., 1995:
Inventing New England: regional tourism in the nineteenth century

Uibrig, H., 1991:
Inventories for the rehabilitation of degraded conifer forests in the mountains of eastern Ethiopia

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Inventory and ecology of aquatic insect predators of Culex mosquito larvae in four regions of Colombia

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Inventory and importance of fungal and bacterial diseases of potato in the Meknes region

Scheeder, T., 1994:
Inventory and planning in near-natural commercial forests

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Inventory and preliminary biogeographical analysis of species from the Curculionoidea (Coleoptera) collected on Genisteae in the mountains of central Spain (Iberian Peninsula)

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Inventory and quantitative estimation of indigenous uses - a case for conservation in Thimmalapura forest

Gadow, K. von; Stuber, V., 1994:
Inventory methods in forest management

Morandini, R.; Ducci, F.; Menguzzato, G., 1991:
Inventory of Abies nebrodensis in 1992

Duperon Laudoueneix Monique; Duperon Jean, 1995:
Inventory of Mesozoic and Cenozoic woods from Equatorial and North Equatorial Africa

Brown, S.D.nald; Reed, S.C., 1994:
Inventory of constructed wetlands in the United States

Miscicki, S.; Szerszenowicz, A., 1992:
Inventory of damage by fallow deer within the framework of forest management

Joshi, G.C.; Pandey, N.K.; Uniyal, M.R., 1993 :
Inventory of disappearing angiosperms of Kumaun and Garhwal Himalaya - causes and suggestions

Anonymous, 1994:
Inventory of federal-provincial electronic information activities

Musia, J., 1993:
Inventory of forest resources in the light of the need for harvest regulation

Lubini, A.; Mossala, M.; Onyembe, P.M.L.; Lutaladio, N.B., 1994:
Inventory of indigenous fruits and vegetables consumed by the populations of Bas-Zaire in southwest Zaire

Paula, J.E. de; Encinas, J.I.; Silva Pereira, B.A. da, 1993:
Inventory of one hectare of a gallery forest

Bambozzi, C.; Sanesi, G., 1995:
Inventory of urban forests and outline of a management plan, a case study: an area of Ancona

Weidenbach, P.; Karius, K., 1993:
Inventory on a sample basis as an element of modern forest management

Borromeo, V.; Berrini, A.; Möller, F.; Secchi, C., 1995:
Inverse control of growth hormone and prolactin secretion in clonidine-stimulated dairy cattle

Wernsdorfer, W.H.; Landgraf, B.; Wiedermann, G.; Kollaritsch, H., 1994:
Inverse correlation of sensitivity in vitro of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine and mefloquine in Ghana

Rajeev Misra, 1995:
Inverse method for operational control of canal systems

Salen, G.; Batta, A.K.; Tint, G.S.; Shefer, S.; Ness, G.C., 1994:
Inverse relationship between plasma cholestanol concentrations and bile acid synthesis in sitosterolemia

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Inversion of surface parameters from passive microwave measurements over a soybean field

Sterner, R.; Decker, H., 1994:
Inversion of the Bohr effect upon oxygen binding to 24-meric tarantula hemocyanin

Jacquemoud, S., 1993:
Inversion of the PROSPECT + SAIL canopy reflectance model from AVIRIS equivalent spectra: Theoretical study

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Inversion polymorphism in the malarial mosquito Anopheles messeae. IX. Cannibalism in larvae as a factor of selection

Gordeev, M.I.; Burlak, V.A., 1990:
Inversion polymorphism of the malarial mosquito Anopheles messeae. Communication X. Resistance of larvae with different genotypes to toxins of the crystal-forming bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (serotype H14)

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Inversions produced during V(D)J rearrangement at IgH, the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus

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Invertase activity in Epichloe/Acremonium fungal endophytes and its possible role in choke disease

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Invertase-sucrose relationship in young and mature stem of sugarcane

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Invertebrate colonization of a new, man-made stream in southern Sweden

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Invertebrate communities in boreal forest canopies as influenced by forestry and lichens with implications for passerine birds

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Invertebrate community structure and herbivory in a tropical rain forest canopy in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Hugo

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Invertebrate fauna of wastewater ponds in southeastern Idaho

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Invertebrate pests, plant pathogens and beneficial organisms in extensive natural grassland

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Invertebrate pests, plant pathogens and beneficial organisms of improved temperate pastures

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Invertebrate pets and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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Invertebrate recolonization of small patches of defaunated hyporheic sediments in a Sonoran Desert stream

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Invertebrates associated with soil in forests of Nothofagus pumilio (Poepp. et Endl.) Krasser, XII region - Chile, with special reference to insects

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Invertebrates in monitoring environmental quality and change

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Inverted humus mounds: follow-up field assessments

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Inverted repeat structure and homologous sequences in the LD1 amplicons of Leishmania spp

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Invertibility of a 1-D discrete ordinates canopy reflectance model

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Investigating and analysing the biological characters of chestnut trees

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Investigating dynamics resistance of maize grain hybrid Bc 492 dried by standard and 'cooking' method

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Investigating impacts of anomalous land-surface conditions on Australian climate with an advanced land-surface model coupled with the BMRC GCM

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Investigating prediction capability of HEC-1 and KINEROS kinematic wave runoff models

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Investigating the accuracy of sampling advance growth beneath the canopy

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Investigating the benefits of training - a low cost method

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Investigating the effect of falling cereal prices on weed management using a stochastic dynamic programming model

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Investigating the effect of hydrogen peroxide on Norway spruce trees

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Investigating the influence of size on family farms. I

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Investigating toxicity of pyrethroid and resistance in different wild lines of Drosophila melanogaster

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Investigation and determination of optimum planting density for sunflower hybrid variety Mehre in irrigated conditions

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Investigation and feeding of natural enemies of Acaphylla theae Watt

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Investigation and management of dryland salinity at Wanilla on Lower Eyre Peninsula

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Investigation and management of dryland salinity in a catchment at Jamestown in the Mid North of South Australia

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Investigation and management of dryland salinity in a catchment near Darke Peak on Upper Eyre Peninsula

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Investigation and modelling of the processes in experimental catchments in Pinus sylvestris forests in Bulgaria

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Investigation and practice on the epiphytotic tendency prediction of spring wheat yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) in Ningxia

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Investigation and results into Trichinella spiralis infection in humans in 1987 in West Germany

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Investigation and selection of suitable pollinizer for four commercial cultivars

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Investigation and thoughts on the developing village farms of Wuxi County

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Investigation and utilization of tomato genetic resources in Bulgaria

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Investigation and valuation of fish kills

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Investigation by meta-analysis of the effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha administered post partum on the reproductive performance of dairy cattle

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Investigation into boar infertility. (1) Clinical examination

Glossop, C.E., 1995:
Investigation into boar infertility. (2) Examination of semen quality

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Investigation into manganese deficiency in mature oil palms (E. guineensis) in Malaysia

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Investigation into sow infertility

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Investigation into the behaviour and familiarization of dairy cows with a milking robot

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Investigation into the effect of genetic background on QTL expression using three connected maize recombinant inbred lines (RIL) populations

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Investigation into the effects of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2 receptor agonists on the abomasal spiking activity in sheep

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Investigation into the efficacy of maintenance fertilizing for maize on hypogley in crop rotation winter wheat-sugarbeet-maize

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Investigation into the helminths found in enclosures holding fallow deer (Dama dama L.), including control

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Investigation into the microbiological contamination of fresh meat and utensils in butcher's shops

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Investigation into the potential physiological sources of rat milk IGF-I and IGF-binding proteins

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Investigation into the relationship between milk progesterone and udder health in dairy cows

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Investigation into the use of constructed reedbeds for municipal waste dump leachate treatment

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Investigation of 'mustard oil' glucosinolates in cell cultures of three species of Cruciferae

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Investigation of Anopheles anthropophagus naturally infected with Wuchereria bancrofti

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Investigation of Candida albicans transmission in a surgical intensive care unit cluster by using genomic DNA typing methods

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Investigation of Cryptosporidium spp. in patients with neoplastic diseases

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Investigation of Kashar cheese starter culture

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Investigation of Korean plant extracts for potential phytotherapeutic agents against B-virus hepatitis

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Investigation of Listeria in raw milk and comparison of culture and ELISA methods

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Investigation of N mineralization-immobilization dynamics in blanket peat to optimize the N economy of improved grass pasture

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Investigation of PCB and DDT levels in tissue samples of the amberjack (Seriola dumerilii)

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Investigation of Paecilomyces lilacinus strains isolated from soil and from Globodera rostochiensis cysts and eggs taken from under potatoes grown in a simplified crop rotation

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Investigation of Sarcocystis as a causative agent in cardiac disease

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Investigation of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in women of Sivas region by indirect hemagglutination method

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Investigation of a chlorsulfuron-resistant chickweed population

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Investigation of a radioactive particle and a soil sample from Windscale area in 1956

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Investigation of activities of various antifungal agents against the aflatoxigenic molds

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Investigation of alternative protein sources in practical diets for juvenile shrimp, Penaeus monodon

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Investigation of an algorithm for non-linear and dynamic problems in soil-machine systems

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Investigation of an outbreak of bovine cysticercosis in Idaho

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Investigation of an outbreak of mucosal disease in a beef cattle herd in southwestern Saskatchewan

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Investigation of anatomical and physical-mechanical properties of the mangrove tree species Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lamb. and Rhizophora apiculata Blume from Vietnam

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Investigation of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in patients with Behcet's disease

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Investigation of anti-equine influenza antibodies in the sera of horses with chronic pulmonary disease

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Investigation of anti-toxoplasma gondii antibodies in patients with leukaemia or lymphoma

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Investigation of antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii in persons with suspected to toxoplasmosis from Konya

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Investigation of antibodies against Toxoplasma in patients who had had abortions, using indirect fluorescent antibody technique

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Investigation of antibodies against proteinase-producing Candida albicans by using ELISA

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Investigation of antixenosis and antibiosis as mechanisms of resistance in rice to the rice weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

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Investigation of arsenic exposure from soil at a superfund site

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Investigation of assay for the proteolytic activity of proteinase and papain preparations used in food manufacture

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Investigation of azole resistance in the Ustilago maydis sterol demethylase mutant erg 40

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Investigation of bioabsorbable screw usage for long bone fracture repair in the horse: interfragmentary compression and axial load response in equine cadaver longbone fractures

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Investigation of biogas production in a laboratory flow-type reactor

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Investigation of charm test II receptor assays for the detection of antimicrobial residues in suspect meat samples

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Investigation of chemical composition of Scrophularia nodosa L. seeds

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Investigation of chloroquine intake in Biombo region, Guinea Bissau

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Investigation of chromium metabolism by using 51Cr-isotope as a marker. 1. Turnover of chromium measured in a metabolism trial using chromium-oxide as a marker

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Investigation of chromium metabolism using 51Cr-isotope as a marker. 3. Resorption of chromium from intestine and its effect on chromium content of tissues

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Investigation of compatibility of some pea varieties and Rhizobium leguminosarum strains

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Investigation of component characteristics of dried fruits

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Investigation of crystal growth in a laboratory fluidized bed

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Investigation of cultural techniques for obtaining high yields of Navel orange in the western part of Sichuan Province

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Investigation of deformation of loose feed batch under pressing at constant pressure in closed chamber

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Investigation of demodectic mange in cattle in some farms in Belarus

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Investigation of different sawing patterns applied on automatically graded saw logs

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Investigation of dry matter degradation and acidotic effect of some feedstuffs by means of in sacco and in vitro incubations

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Investigation of effects of forest stress factors along exposure gradients in the United States

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Investigation of entomopathogenous viruses in Latvia and their potential as pest control agents

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Investigation of enzyme proteolytic activity in the fitch digestive tract

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Investigation of fenamiphos and isazophos residues in bananas, mandarins and lemons

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Investigation of flavonoid complex of Sideritis montana L. from different localities in Serbia

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Investigation of flow and transport in certain cases of nonstationary conductivity fields

Yoo, S.O.; Bae, J.H., 1993:
Investigation of flower bud differentiation of Korean native Chinese chives

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Investigation of flowering in Banksia baxteri R. Br. and B. hookeriana Meissner for improving pruning practices

Hedtke, C., 1994:
Investigation of foraging product (nectar) by Bombus

Lui, H.B.; Liu, M.R.; Chen, Y.J., 1992:
Investigation of forced strawberry culture using a double film covering

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Investigation of forest dirt roads on slopes from the point of view of erosion

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Investigation of fungal metabolites and acute toxicity studies from fruit-bodies of Hypholoma species (Strophariaceae)

Lin, C.Y.; Lin, C.S., 1994:
Investigation of genotype-environment interaction by cluster analysis in animal experiments

Juronis, V., 1993:
Investigation of hop pests in Kaunas Botanical Garden

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Investigation of in-vitro methods for measuring eggplant resistance to Verticillium dahliae

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Investigation of intestinal parasites of convicts and staff at the Izmir Sirinyer Reformatory

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Investigation of kidney lesions in imported alpacas

Mettu, S.; Vodkin, L.O.; Hymowitz, T., 1995:
Investigation of lectin nulls in perennial Glycine species introduction

Morishita, Toshiko, 1993:
Investigation of limonoid in the stem and the leaf of Citrus Banpeiyu

Turpin, G.; Bruckert, E.; Beucler, I., 1994:
Investigation of lipid metabolism

Il' inova, M.K.; Kanyuchkova, G.K., 1994:
Investigation of lipid metabolism in shoots of pine differing in sexual specialization

D.V.ies, H.; Harren, F.; Voesenek, L.; Blom, C.; Woltering, E.J.; Van Der Valk, H.; Reuss, J., 1995:
Investigation of Local Ethylene Emission from Intact Cherry Tomatoes by Means of Photothermal Deflection and Photoacoustic Detection

Haznedaroglu, T.; Tanyuksel, M.; Gun, H., 1993:
Investigation of malaria cases at military hospitals during 1988-1992

Muller, H., 1994:
Investigation of marble spleen disease and other adenovirus infections in pheasants

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Investigation of mass mortality among rainbow trout in marine cages in SW Netherlands

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Investigation of Metal Binding Sites on Soil Fulvic Acid Using Eu(III) Luminescence Spectroscopy

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Investigation of metronidazole suspension efficacy in children with intestinal amoebiasis

Chen MingTaso; Guo, S.Len; Wang ShihYun; Liu DengCheng, 1994:
Investigation of microbiological quality and freshness of egg products on the local market

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Investigation of monooxygenase oxidation enzymes in human lymphocytes and liver exposed to the action of chlorophenoxyherbicides

Nuriddinova, M.R.; Saidkhodzhaev, A.I.; Malikov, V.M., 1992:
Investigation of natural compounds by the HPLC method. I. Microcolumn HPLC separation of esters of carotane alcohols form the roots of Ferula tenuisecta

Nuriddinova, M.R.; Malikov, V.M.; Kushmuadov, A.Y.; Saidkhodzhaev, A.I., 1992:
Investigation of natural compounds by the HPLC method. II. HPLC fingerprint method for the epigeal organs of Ferula kuhistanica and F. tenuisecta

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Investigation of nitrogen fixation efficiency in wheat

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Investigation of nitrolignins

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Investigation of oxygen-derived free radical generation in cancellous bone specimens obtained from dogs

Baklanova, O.V.; Chaika, V.N.; Lappa, N.V., 1994:
Investigation of patterns of development of a community of quarantined potato-pest insects

Choi InHwa; Chang KyungSik; Chang ChoonGeun, 1994:
Investigation of permanent experimental plots of Korean white pine stand (V)

Kubiak, R., 1994:
Investigation of pesticide volatilization from plant and soil surfaces

Paunovic, S.A.; Paunovic, A.S., 1994:
Investigation of plum and prune genotypes (Prunus domestica L. and Prunus insititia L) in-situ in SFR Yugoslavia

Ssemwanga, J.K.; Thompson, A.K., 1994:
Investigation of postharvest and eating qualities likely to influence acceptability of matooke banana cultivars to be introduced in Uganda

Riechert, S.E.; Singer, F.D., 1995:
Investigation of potential male mate choice in a monogamous spider

Singer, J.; Jackson, J.; Rice, R., 1995:
Investigation of potential toxicity and mutagenicity of distillates from the drying of five species of wood

Williams, M.H.; Nell, T.A.; Barrett, J.E., 1995:
Investigation of proteins in petals of potted chrysanthemum as a potential indicator of longevity

Koseoglu, A.T., 1995:
Investigation of relationships between iron status of peach leaves and soil properties

Ristic, M.S.; Samardzic, Z.J.; Kovacevic, N.N.; Menkovic, N.R.; Tasic, S.R., 1993:
Investigation of relic Pinus species. I. The essential oil of Pinus peuce

Laurow, Z.; Porter, B.; Porter, K., 1992:
Investigation of selected technological processes of logging in the conditions of clear cuts

Sengupta, A.; Chaudhuri, S., 1992:
Investigation of soil-water salinity of Sundarban by hydrological and physico-chemical analysis

Goncharik, I.I.; Aleksandrovich, K.M., 1994:
Investigation of solubility in the K, NH4||Cl, SO4-(CH3)2CO-H2O system at 20 degrees C

Forst, C.; Schafer, K.; Andl, A.; Stieglitz, L., 1994:
Investigation of sorption of some chlorinated pollutants on soil in oil contaminated systems by static and dynamic methods

Jan, M.R.; Shah, J.; Masoud, R., 1991:
Investigation of spectrophotometric method for determination of organophosphorus pesticides

Zimmermann, W.; Schmithusen, F.; Portier, L., 1993:
Investigation of state measures to promote forestry in Switzerland, adjacent countries and the EC

Jagoret, P.; Jadin, P., 1992:
Investigation of suitable techniques for replanting cocoa in Togo. III. Preliminary results for technical innovations proposed for replanting cocoa in a peasant environment

Augelli, R.; Tantillo, G.; Briganti, G., 1994:
Investigation of sulphites in fresh products based on minced meat: comparison of methods of analysis

Sachsse, H.; Langer, U., 1994:
Investigation of technically important wood properties of the tulip tree from a trial planting in northern Germany

Markevich, I.A.; Shuzhmov, A.A., 1992:
Investigation of the 'anthropogenic' natural territorial complexes in the Valaam archipelago

Lin, C.G., 1994:
Investigation of the Chinese rural poverty line

Shi, Y.L.; Liu, Y.S.; Xue, M.; Liu, Y.J., 1994:
Investigation of the Diaspididae (Homoptera: Coccoidea) of Shandong, China

Jones, D.; Brook, D., 1995:
Investigation of the GAMMA-CHECK-C test as a means of evaluating IgG levels in equine colostrum

Nemeskeri, E., 1994:
Investigation of the adaptability of legumes in the Hungarian climate

Rodnyanskii, A.M.; Smol' yanov, A.N., 1992:
Investigation of the aerial phytomass of spruce/fir stands in the Perm region

Hofele, J.; Sietz, M.; Grote, M.; Janssen, E., 1994:
Investigation of the beryllium content of potatoes and soils

Brnetic, D.; Pelicaric, V.; Kacic, S.; Katalinic, M., 1993:
Investigation of the better utilization of the reproductive potential of female Opius concolor Szepl. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae-Opiinae)

Hund, K.; Grolms, U.; Bunemann, T., 1994:
Investigation of the biodegradation process of a synthetic lubricant base stock

Riga, E.; Perry, R.N.; Barrett, J.; Johnston, M.R., 1995:
Investigation of the chemosensory function of amphids of Syngamus trachea using electrophysiological techniques

Haschemi, H., 1992:
Investigation of the cold tolerance of different strains of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica (L.), Blattodea, Blattidae) under laboratory conditions

Prokhorchuk, T.I.; Pranovich, A.V.; Kibasova, E.N.; Kiprianov, A.I., 1992:
Investigation of the composition and growth-activating properties of non-volatile water-soluble substances of sulfate black liquor

Avci, M., 1992:
Investigation of the condition of a new subdivision of plots in the land consolidation project areas of Yeni Harmandal and Karaagacl, Manisa

Travkin, Y.V.; Gerasimov, A.T., 1992 :
Investigation of the content of toxic substances of the carcenogenic group beneath the bonnet of lorries

Yoo JaiKi; Choi InHu; Lee JeangOon, 1995:
Investigation of the control probability on beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, using synthetic sex pheromone in Welsh onion fields

Lin, Y.J.; Hu, C.F.; Gao, R.X., 1994:
Investigation of the diseases in nane trees in Fujian, China

Ndamba, J.; Lemmich, E.; Mølgaard, P., 1994:
Investigation of the diurnal, ontogenetic and seasonal variation in the molluscicidal saponin content of Phytolacca dodecandra aqueous berry extracts

Barcic, J.I.; Dinarina, P.; Maceljski, M., 1993:
Investigation of the dynamics of aphid flight in Croatia

Ratnayake, W.M.N.; Pelletier, G.; Hollywood, R.; Malcolm, S.; Stavric, B., 1995:
Investigation of the effect of coffee lipids on serum cholesterol in hamsters

Trnka, M., 1994:
Investigation of the effect of drying temperature and wet-bulb temperature on the course of drying

Robinson, N.A.; Hygate, L.C.; Matthews, M.E., 1994:
Investigation of the effect of growth factor and proto-oncogene variants on wool quality

Appleton, Z.; Dalton, G.; Brannigan, J., 1995:
Investigation of the effect of social characteristics on farm development in the Highlands and Islands enterprise area

Kayapinar, A.; Kornosor, S., 1993:
Investigation of the effect of the predatory insects on larval stages of Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner (Lep., Pyralidae)

Gaze, A.I., 1990:
Investigation of the effectiveness of current provisions for ventilation of cavities (wall, floor, roof) in housing. Main report

Liu, D.Y.; Shi, L.Y.; Huang, B.R.; Dong, Q.Y., 1993:
Investigation of the effects of cultivation method on the root system, root vigour and plant characteristics of winter wheat

Stankovic, R.; Sinzar, B.; Elezovic, I., 1995:
Investigation of the efficacy of herbicides imazaquin and imazethapyr in a soyabean crop in Banat

Ciuciulka, A.; Slapaitiene, P., 1994:
Investigation of the efficiency of different types of working surfaces of the drum potato washer

Makek, Z.; Herak, M.; Cergolj, M.; Rudan, D.; Herak, M.; Barac Getz, I.; Vendl, T.; Tucek, Z.; Cerovecki, I.; Mihatovic, K.; Dobranovic, T., 1994:
Investigation of the efficiency of superovulation, superovulatory response, number of transferred embryos, and the results of their transfer in cows and heifers

Pfirrmann, A., 1994:
Investigation of the entry of viruses into the air from waste treatment plants

Mallavarapu, G.R.; Ramesh, S.; Chandrasekhara, R.S.; Rao, B.R.R.jeswara; Kaul, P.N.; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1995:
Investigation of the essential oil of cinnamon leaf grown at Bangalore and Hyderabad

Georgoudis, A.; Abas, Z.; Zervas, N., 1994:
Investigation of the genotype by environment interaction between Greece and some exporting countries of semen from progeny tested bulls

H.W.nQing; Zhou ShiHu, 1995:
Investigation of the infection of Paragonimus heterotremus in its second intermediate host

Marcok, M.; Kurjatko, S., 1992:
Investigation of the influence of intensive ultrasonic waves on the penetration of liquid through wood

Caemmerer, B.; Kroh, L.W., 1995:
Investigation of the influence of reaction conditions on the elementary composition of melanoidins

Isamukhamedov, A.S.; Ganiev, S.S.; Auelbekov, S.A., 1993:
Investigation of the lipids of two species of Alhagi

Minassian, C.; Ajzannay, A.; Riou, J.P.; Mithieux, G., 1994:
Investigation of the mechanism of glycogen rebound in the liver of 72-hour fasted rats

Chui, Y.C.; Esaw, B.; Laviolette, B., 1994:
Investigation of the metabolism of azaperone in the horse

Startseva, A.I.; Polukazakova, A.I.; Burlov, S.A., 1992:
Investigation of the modification of wood by a composition based on polyethylhydrosiloxane

Ikincisoy, Y.; Kornosor, S.; Sertkaya, E., 1994:
Investigation of the natural enemies of Acantholeucania loreyi Duponchel (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in Cukurova region

Ho, J.O.; Budde, W.L., 1994:
Investigation of the natural pesticide rotenone in water using liquid-solid disk extraction, supercritical fluid elution, and liquid chromatography/particle beam mass spectrometry

Carnat, A.; Petitjean Freytet, C.; Lamaison, J.L., 1993:
Investigation of the pharmaceutical quality of violet flower samples

Yastrebov, A.B.; Lychanaya, N.V., 1993:
Investigation of the phytogenic fields of trees in Scots pine forests of the lichen/moss type

Jiang HanHua; Guo HaiMing; Chen ChangMing, 1992:
Investigation of the phytoseiid predatory mite resources in the tea plantations of Hunan Province

Zhang, J.Q.; Han, B.Y., 1993:
Investigation of the population of beneficial coccinellids in tea plantations and dynamics of the dominant species

Nout, M.J.; Nche, P.F.; Hollman, P.C., 1994:
Investigation of the presence of biogenic amines and ethyl carbamate in kenkey made with maize and maize-cowpea mixtures as influenced by process conditions

Ferrini, A.M.; Filesi, C.; Mannoni, V.; Sanzini, E.; Aureli, P.; Bellomonte, G., 1994:
Investigation of the presence of sulphonamide residues in milk from the Agro Pontino Province

Hubert, C.; Distl, O., 1994:
Investigation of the pressure distribution under the feet of German Black Pied and German Simmental cattle

Kharitonov, V.V.; Starodubets, B.G., 1992:
Investigation of the probability processes in measuring diameters and calculating the volumes of roundwood

Minaev, A.N.; Nuller, B.M., 1993:
Investigation of the process of movement of a wood-water slurry in a pressure pipe

Gould, D.J.; Petersen-Jones, S.M.; Sohal, A.; Barnett, K.C.; Sargan, D.R., 1995:
Investigation of the role of opsin gene polymorphism in generalized progressive retinal atrophies in dogs

Dennis, M.J.; Massey, R.C.; Bigwood, T., 1994:
Investigation of the sorbitol content of wines and an assessment of its authenticity using stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Labudin, B.V.; Serov, E.N.; Varfolomeev, Y.A.; Kataev, V.A., 1990:
Investigation of the strength of glued wood in tension at different angles to the grain

Vtyurina, Z.D., 1990:
Investigation of the stress in the closing cable of a grab when picking up a bunch of logs

Morozov, V.S., 1991:
Investigation of the stress/strain state of two-layer winter roads on bogs

Smith, A.G.; Marsh, O.; Elder, G.H., 1993:
Investigation of the subcellular location of the tetrapyrrole-biosynthesis enzyme coproporphyrinogen oxidase in higher plants

Baier, U. von, 1994:
Investigation of the temperature dependence of the eonymph-pronymph transformation of the spruce webspinning sawfly Cephalcia abietis L. (Hym., Pamphiliidae)

Tiris, C.; Tiris, M.; Dincer, I., 1995:
Investigation of the thermal efficiencies of a solar dryer

Chen IouZen; Tsai ChunMing, 1992:
Investigation of the timing of cutting-grafting and the growth of grafted tea plants

Gerasimov, A.T., 1992:
Investigation of the toxicity of diesel engines

Hasky, K.; Buttner, C.; Schickedanz, F.; Sadowska Rybak, M., 1993:
Investigation of the transmission of plant viruses in nutrient solutions of recirculating systems

Poviliunas, J.A., 1994:
Investigation of the utilization of waste water from washing agricultural machinery

Wesson, D.M.; McLain, D.K.; Oliver, J.H.; Piesman, J.; Collins, F.H., 1993:
Investigation of the validity of species status of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) using rDNA

Muller, M.J.; Standfast, H.A., 1993:
Investigation of the vectors of bovine ephemeral fever virus in Australia

Gow, N.A.; Perera, T.H.; Sherwood-Higham, J.; Gooday, G.W.; Gregory, D.W.; Marshall, D., 1994:
Investigation of touch-sensitive responses by hyphae of the human pathogenic fungus Candida albicans

Vojnovic, S., 1995:
Investigation of tourist turnover concentration measures in Istria and Kvarner

Gungor, C.; Ataoglu, H.; Altntas, K., 1993:
Investigation of toxoplasma IgM, IgG and Sabin Feldman antibodies in acute leukaemia patients taking immunosuppressive drugs

Ohmiya, K., 1994:
Investigation of traffic effects on soil compaction by visualization technique

Shuval, Hillel I., 1993:
Investigation of typhoid fever and cholera transmission by raw wastewater irrigation in Santiago, Chile

Li, X.; Iwasaki, S.; Nakahara, T., 1993:
Investigation of various conditions in microfertilization of bovine oocytes and subsequent changes in nuclei and development to embryos

Collin, S.; Osman, M.; Delcambre, S.; E.Z.yat, A.I.; Dufour, J.P.erre, 1993:
Investigation of volatile flavor compounds in fresh and ripened Domiati cheeses

Kokavec, J., 1989 :
Investigation of wood swelling with a laser interferometer

Streitz, E.; Baulain, U.; Kallweit, E., 1995:
Investigation on body composition of growing lambs by means of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Obsioma, A.R.; Roxas, N.P.; Lapitan, R.M.; Momongan, V.G., 1994:
Investigation on carabao (Bubalus bubalis) reproduction using clinical and radioimmunoassay techniques

Moghaddam, H.D.; Abaii, M.G.; Hosseini, M.; Abadi, A.A.H., 1993:
Investigation on comparative effects of some cotton defoliants on the population of white fly

Shimaxu, M.; Teixeira Alves, R.; Kishino, K.I., 1994:
Investigation on entomogenous fungi in the Cerrado Region and their utilization for microbial control of pests

Botta, R.; Vallania, R.; Me, G.; Luzzati, A.; Siragusa, N., 1995:
Investigation on factors affecting early dropping in Dolcetto (Vitis vinifera L.)

Csicsor, J.; Hano, G., 1993:
Investigation on fulvic acid combinations in grapevine

Toplu, F.; Tunctaner, K.; Tulukcu, M., 1987:
Investigation on growth and resistance to European shoot moth (Evetria buoliana Schiff.) of radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don) origins in Kocaeli Peninsula

Goszczynski, W.; Cimanowski, J.; Zwierz, J.; Rejnus, M., 1993:
Investigation on injury threshold for powdery mildew on Cortland apple

Qin, T.C.; Chen, J.G.; Xu, M.L.; Deng, D.X.; Bian, Y.L., 1994:
Investigation on male sterility in Zea mays. VIII. A preliminary study on identifying the group of YII-1 type male-sterile cytoplasm

Cataldo, D.; Bufano, G., 1992:
Investigation on mastitis occurrence in purebred and crossbred ewes

Oldigs, B.; Jarfe, A.; Baulain, U.; Kallweit, E., 1995:
Investigation on outdoor piglet production and animal welfare. 2nd communication: evaluation by behavioural traits

Oldigs, B.; Link, M.; Baulain, U.; Kallweit, E., 1995:
Investigation on outdoor piglet production in respect to animal welfare. First communication: evaluation by performance, technopathies and physiological reactions

Regmi, S.K.; Pun, L.; Pandey, I.R., 1992:
Investigation on physiology of bulb formation in some short-day onion varieties

Trifonova, Z.; Sotirova, V., 1993:
Investigation on resistance of tomato wild species to Globodera rostochiensis (Woll 1923, Mulkey, Stone, 1976)

Mathews, K.C.; Chandrasekhara Rao, A.S.; Narayana Prasad, T.R.; Zoolagud, S.S., 1993:
Investigation on rotary cutting, drying and gluing characteristics of commonly used imported species of timbers

Kong FanJi; Zhao ShuGong; Huo XinBei; Kong XiangLiang; Kong XiangLi, 1992:
Investigation on seasonal fluctuation of common fly species and their main breeding habits in Konglin of Qufu, Shandong

Wu, Q.; Schleuss, U.; Blume, H.P.ter, 1995:
Investigation on soil lipid extraction with different organic solvents

Kong FanJi et al., 1993:
Investigation on species and habits of biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in Qufu City, Shandong, China

Wang, H.S.; Wang, P.S., 1993:
Investigation on tea germplasm resources in Yunnan Province and the establishment of the national germplasm garden for macrophyll tea germplasm

Jabonski, B.; Kotowski, Z., 1993:
Investigation on the beekeeping value of false acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Agaoglu, Y.S.; Kara, Z., 1993:
Investigation on the bud fertility of some grape cultivars grown in Tokat region

Li, M.Y.; Wu, D.H., 1994:
Investigation on the causal factor of tiger skin disease in dried chilli

Hu, M., 1992:
Investigation on the control of Clania variegata by its natural enemies

Xie, D.X., 1992:
Investigation on the control of the tea yellow mite with buprofezin

Luo, Y.P.; Xu, H.R.; Tong, Q.Q., 1993:
Investigation on the correlation between biomass and photosynthetic characteristics of improved tea clones at the nursery stage

Luo, Y.P.; Xu, H.K.; Tong, Q.Q., 1993:
Investigation on the correlation between the biological yield and the photosynthetic character of some Fujian tea germplasm in the plantlet stage

Gruntzig, M.; Fuchs, E.; Pfeilstetter, E.; Kai, B.A.; Otto, F., 1994:
Investigation on the distribution of mechanically transmissble viruses in trees of pome and stone fruits

Zecconi, A.; Bronzo, V.; Piccinini, R.; Madinelli, R.; Casula, A.; Ruffo, G., 1994:
Investigation on the evaluation of mammary gland immune defences by the means of assessment of some milk cells functions

Lei, D.D., 1991:
Investigation on the factors of thickness variation control in particleboard, part I

Sarvari, J., 1991:
Investigation on the forestry utilization of European walnut and its comparison with other species

Lin, S.Y.; Chen, R.W.ei; Lii, C.Y., 1995:
Investigation on the influence of sodium carbonate on gelatinization of rice starch

Zhou, Z.H.; Xian, X.Y., 1994:
Investigation on the morphology and parasitism of Ooencyrtus sp

Anonymous, 1993:
Investigation on the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the cloud geometrid (Buzura thibetaria Obder.)

Ye, X.X. et al., 1994:
Investigation on the occurrence of Aphis gossypii and its control

Deng JiGuang; Liu GouCheng; L.J.nHui; Yin GuangChun, 1995:
Investigation on the organization structure of apple fruits

Hu, C.; Ye, G.Y.; Wang, X.M., 1992:
Investigation on the parasitoids of wild mulberry silkworms

Ling, Q.H.; Zhang, H.C.; Cai, J.Z.; Su, Z.F.; Ling, L., 1993:
Investigation on the population quality of high yield and its optimizing control programme in rice

Magalhães, J.B.; Andrade, S.G., 1994:
Investigation on the possibility of spontaneous cure of mice infected with different strains of Trypanosoma cruzi

Scarponi, L.; Martinetti, L., 1992:
Investigation on the presence of residues of metalaxyl and penconazole in Italian wines

Guo, Y.G., 1993:
Investigation on the primary reproductive characteristics of tea plants

Fischer, H.W., 1994:
Investigation on the quality properties, especially strength, of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) lumber produced from non-pruned stems

Jobst, H.; Analysis), V.D.utscher Landwirtschaftlicher Untersuchungs Forschungsanstalten (Section X.E.vironmental, 1994:
Investigation on the quantification of pesticides with mass selective detectors

Dortbudak, N.; Yilmaz, D.; Aydn, M., 1992:
Investigation on the resistance to protective chemical used against granary weevil (Sitophilus granarius L.) destructive on stored grain in Ankara and Eskisehir

Guo, J.X., 1993:
Investigation on the spatial dispersion of the tea moth (Parametriotes theae Kusn.) in tea plantations

Feng, Y.B.; Liu, C.Z.; Zheng, J.A.; Liu, B.J.; Chen, X.D.; Cui, Q., 1991:
Investigation on the species distribution of sugar beet weevils and their control in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu Province

Liu, A.P.; Song, Y.F.; Xu, S.T.; Bai, W.H., 1993:
Investigation on the species of pest insects in the major types of northern grassland

Xie, Z.L., 1993:
Investigation on the structure sequence of insect populations in the tea gardens of Guangdong Province (China)

Adebajo, L.O.; Oyesiku, O.O., 1994:
Investigation on the toxicity of fungi from rootstock snacks

Guha, P.K.; Saha, J.; Subhendu Chaudhuri; Srikumar Pal; Anjan Bhattacharyya; Narayan Adityachaudhury, 1995:
Investigation on the transformation of fluchloralin by soil fungi: identification of some metabolites

Han, S.S.; Park, K.H.; Yoo, C.H.; Lee, Y.K., 1993:
Investigation on the use of paraquat and diquat as a desiccant for sesame harvest aid

Yang, D.Y.; Yang, H.K.; Wang, Q.; Xu, D.K., 1994:
Investigation on the vertical distribution of non-migratory grasshoppers and the population dynamics of dominant species on the Yimeng Mountain

Ferrari, G., 1991:
Investigation on the wood characteristics of some Eucalyptus species

Staszkiewicz, J., 1993:
Investigation on variability of cones of coniferous trees from Korea (Korea People's Republic)

Anonymous, 1994:
Investigation reveals no codling moth in east China

Sharif, R.L., 1994:
Investigation to assess the potentialities of soil-bitumen stabilisation in Jordan

Reule, I.; Schumann, K., 1994:
Investigations about the etiology of problems in germination and initial development on Kentucky bluegrass

Eibach, R., 1994:
Investigations about the genetic resources of grapes with regard to resistance characteristics to powdery mildew (Oidium tuckeri)

Richter, G.H.; Flachowsky, G.; Schneider, A.; Wirth, R.; Schwartze, J.; Jahreis, G., 1994:
Investigations about the influence of blister smut (Ustilago zeae) on feed value of maize for silage making

Szukiel, E., 1993:
Investigations aimed at working out repellents for protection of trees against debarking and browsing by herbivorous mammals

Musslein, S., 1992:
Investigations at the forest climate stations in Bavaria

Lochbihler, E.; Usleber, E.; Terplan, G.; Engelhardt, G.; Wallnofer, P., 1995:
Investigations by means of enzyme immunoassays on the occurrence of antibiotics and sulfonamides in Bavarian market milk

Niemz, P., 1992:
Investigations concerning characterization of chip mixtures

Braathe, P., 1992:
Investigations concerning the development of regeneration of Norway spruce which is irregularly spaced and of varying density. 3. Supplementary planting

Hingst, V.; Klippel, K.M.chael; Sonntag, H.G.enther, 1995:
Investigations concerning the epidemiology of microbial resistance to biocides

Bottcher, I.; Horn, G., 1992:
Investigations for destroying the seed-borne black leg fungus of sugarbeet, Phoma betae Frank (teleomorph Pleospora bjoerlingii Byford), by heat treatment

Holtershinken, M.; Figueiredo, P.D.M.; Feldmann, M.; Scholz, H., 1994:
Investigations for using different yeasts against acidotic conditions in rumen fluid (in vitro)

Schindler, U.; Dannowski, R.; Muller, L., 1994:
Investigations in the reason of waterlogging at underdrained sites

Buchler, R., 1994:
Investigations into a method of standardized colony infestation for the test of Varroa population development

Jorgensen, R.J.; Blom, J.Y., 1994:
Investigations into bone disorders in calves

Gabel, M.; Papstein, I., 1995:
Investigations into empty body weight gain, protein, fat and energy deposition as well as into the utilization of metabolizable energy for energy deposition in Black and White bulls. 3. Relations between energy deposition and intake of metabolizable energy

Wozniak, M.; Pomorski, Z.; Gadysz, K.; Winiarczyk, S., 1995:
Investigations into fading puppy syndrome

Maranga, R.O.; Irungu, L.W.; Mutinga, M.J., 1994:
Investigations into phlebotomine sandflies in the Nairobi area

Redl H., 1992:
Investigations into possible accumulations of copper in must and wine caused by plant protection agents

Shiels, B.R.; Kinnaird, J.; Dickson, J.; Tetley, L.; McKellar, S.; Glascodine, J.; Brown, C.G.D.; Tait, A., 1992:
Investigations into regulation of stage differentiation in Theileria annulata

Todorova, R., 1993:
Investigations into resistances in barley and the use of anther culture

Tillich, H.J., 1994:
Investigations into seedling structure in the Philydraceae and Pontederiaceae (Monocotyledons)

Berkelmann, B.; Wohanka, W.; Breidbach, J., 1994:
Investigations into the certain detection of Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii in geranium cuttings

Drews, F.W., 1995:
Investigations into the development of the population of Sitobion avenae (Fabr.) and Rhopalosiphum padi L. on wheat plants infested by Septoria nodorum Berk

Taylor, D.L.; Larick, D.K., 1995:
Investigations into the effect of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction on the fatty acid and volatile profiles of cooked chicken

Schnieder, T.; Heidemann, R.; Epe, C.; Stoye, M., 1994:
Investigations into the efficacy of doramectin on reactivated somatic larvae of Ancylostoma caninum Ercolani 1859 (Ancylostomatidae) in pregnant bitches

Reichel, M.P., 1994:
Investigations into the epidemiological status of hydatidosis/echinococcosis in the Falkland Islands

Reiter, J., 1994:
Investigations into the group size of fattening rabbits kept in Hohenheimer group-housing on a slatted floor

Eidelsburger, U.; Kirchgessner, M., 1995:
Investigations into the intestinal nickel transfer from mucosa to serosa and from serosa to mucosa, measured in vitro with everted sacs from rats

Hurlbert, R.E., 1994:
Investigations into the pathogenic mechanisms of the bacterium-nematode complex

Derbyshire, H.; Miller, E.R.; Turkulin, H., 1995:
Investigations into the photodegradation of wood using microtensile testing. Part 1: The application of microtensile testing to measurement of photodegradation rates

Khuri, S.; Moorby, J., 1995:
Investigations into the role of sucrose in potato cv. Estima microtuber production in vitro

Brink, A.; Drews, F.W., 1994:
Investigations into the simultaneous attack of wheat by the wheat aphid, Sitobion avenae (Fabr.) and the brown rust Puccinia recondita Rob.ex Desm. f.sp. tritici (Erikks)

Burkhard, A.; Kraft, W., 1994:
Investigations into the thyrotropin-releasing-hormone (TRH) test in the dog: injection or infusion?

Bluthgen, A.; Heeschen, W.; Ruoff, U., 1995:
Investigations into the transfer of selected polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans into the milk of lactating cows after oral supplementation

Richter, G.; Lemser, A., 1993:
Investigations into the use of home-grown triticale in poultry feeding. 3. Laying hens

Deboer, D.; Moriello, K., 1995:
Investigations of a killed dermatophyte cell-wall vaccine against infection with Microsporum canis in cats

Jenkin, M.; Hu, H.; Brown, P.; Graham, R.; Lance, R.; Sparrow, D., 1993:
Investigations of boron uptake at the cellular level

Schmidt, L., 1993:
Investigations of cutting management of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) in the highlands of Madagascar

Siebers, J.; Smolka, S.E.; Nolting, H.G., 1994:
Investigations of dichlofluanid and endosulfane in greenhouse air after pesticide application in cucumbers and chrysanthemums

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