Isolation and Characterization of Mutants of Thiophene Synthesis in Tagetes erecta

Jacobs, J.. J..; Arroo, R.. R..; De Koning, E.. A..; Klunder, A.. J..; Croes, A.. F..; Wullems, G.. J..

Plant Physiology 107(3): 807-814


ISSN/ISBN: 1532-2548
PMID: 12228405
DOI: 10.1104/pp.107.3.807
Accession: 002644996

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Two mutants of Tagetes erecta displaying aberrant thiophene composition were identified by screening more than 300 plants from a mutagenized M2 population using high-performance liquid chromatography analysis of root extracts. Both mutants, which may have originated from the same mutational event, contained high amounts of the C13 monothiophene 2-(but-3-en-1-ynyl)-5-(penta-1,3-diynyl)-thiophene that was previously not found in T. erecta and also high amounts of two C13 bithienyls that were absent or present at low concentrations in the wild type. The mutant phenotype was also expressed in 21 Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformed root clones derived from both mutants. Feeding experiments with root cultures derived from one mutant and from the wild type indicated that the monothiophene accumulating in the mutant is the common precursor for all bithienyl thiophenes in wild-type and mutant Tagetes erecta. These experiments also showed that one mutant is deficient in demethylation of the monothiophene.