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Keeping quality of market butter oil in comparison with samna

Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 24(2): 27-38

Keeping quality of market butter oil in comparison with samna

The quality of 20 random samples of imported butter oil from Cairo markets was compared with that of laboratory-prepared samna (ghee) during storage in metal containers for up to 11 months at room temperature. Butter oil and ghee respectively had mean fat content of 99.5 and 99.7% and moisture content of 0.47 and 0.30% and levels were not significantly affected by age of the sample.

Accession: 002646077

Related references

Lange, W., 1961: Continuous manufacture of ripened -cream butter by the Contimab machine. Part I. Equipment, process, factors which affect the quality and keeping quality of the butter, fresh butter and buttermilk.. A French continuous buttermaking machine with an hourly output of 900-1, 000 kg. was used in this experiment. For the processing of ripened cream a special roughened churning cylinder had to be used, requiring about 554 1. cooling water hourly at...

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Nagypal, I., 1938: The sensitivity to pH and the effect on the keeping quality of butter of some micro-organisms which occur in sour cream butter. The author tested the ability of a number of organisms to grow at low pH and to grow in and affect the flavor of both sour and sweet cream butters. Bacteria of the typhoid-paratyphoid group died rapidly in butter with pH 52 to 4.8 and had no effec...

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