Long-term effect of minimum soil treatment for spring barley and winter wheat on yields and performance of the crop rotation

Suskevic, M.

Rostlinna Vyroba 40(9): 817-823


ISSN/ISBN: 0370-663X
Accession: 002649565

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Three cultivation treatments were applied to a chernozem soil in a 6 crop rotation (sugarbeet/spring barley/Medicago sativa/M. sativa/winter wheat/winter wheat) in 1974-93. Treatment 1 involved soil tillage to a depth of 0.22-0.24 m for all crops, treatment 2 involved full depth tillage for sugarbeet with minimum tillage (depth 0.12 m) for the cereals. Treatment 3 involved full depth tillage for the sugarbeet with the cereals being sown into untreated soil. Average sugarbeet and M. sativa yields were slightly higher in treatments 2 and 3 than in 1. Over the 20-year period average yields of cereal units were 5291, 5305 and 5314 for treatments 1, 2, and 3, respectively.