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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2651

Chapter 2651 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tani, M.; Higashi, T.; Nagatsuka, S., 1995:
Low-molecular-weight aliphatic carboxylic acids in some Andisols of Japan

Rampilli, M.; Contarini, G.; Gatti, M.; Olivari, G., 1995:
Low-sodium Caciotta cheeses: evaluation of experimental batches

Maille, P., 1991:
Low-tech leaf mulch experiment in Madagascar: negative effects of Tamarindus indica on corn

Ceccardi, T.L.; Heath, R.L.; Ting, I.P., 1995:
Low-temperature exotherm measurement using infrared thermography

Lindstrom, O.M.; Anisko, T.; Dirr, M.A., 1995:
Low-temperature exotherms and cold hardiness in three taxa of deciduous trees

Yoshida, M.; Abe, J.; Moriyama, M.; Takaya, T., 1994:
Low-temperature germination and winter survival in spring wheat sown in early winter

Grimstad, S.O., 1995:
Low-temperature pulse affects growth and development of young cucumber and tomato plants

Orion, D.; Wergin, W.P.; Chitwood, D.J.; Erbe, E.F., 1995:
Low-temperature scanning microscope observations of the Meloidogyne incognita egg mass: the gelatinous matrix and embryo development

Monroy, A.F.; Dhindsa, R.S., 1995:
Low-temperature signal transduction: induction of cold acclimation-specific genes of alfalfa by calcium at 25 degrees C

Ji, Z.L.; Zhang, Z.Q.; Wang, Y.; Li, X.P., 1994:
Low-temperature storage and chilling injury of mangoes

Kubota, C.; Kozai, T., 1994:
Low-temperature storage for quality preservation and growth suppression of broccoli plantlets cultured in vitro

Heins, R.D.; Kaczperski, M.P.; Wallace, T.F.J.; Lange, N.E.; Carlson, W.H.; Flore, J.A., 1995:
Low-temperature storage of bedding plant plugs

Buyanov, O.N.; Ostroumov, L.A.; Buyanova, I.V., 1994:
Low-temperature storage of hard rennet cheese

Nobel, P.S.; Wang, N.; Balsamo, R.A.; Loik, M.E.; Hawke, M.A., 1995:
Low-temperature tolerance and acclimation of Opuntia spp. after injecting glucose or methylglucose

Avery, S.V.; Harwood, J.L.; Lloyd, D., 1994:
Low-temperature-induced adaptations in fatty acid metabolism of Acanthamoeba castellanii cultures of different ages: relationship to changes in cell division, oxygen uptake and phagocytotic activity

Friedl, K.E.; Moore, R.J.; Martinez-Lopez, L.E.; Vogel, J.A.; Askew, E.W.; Marchitelli, L.J.; Hoyt, R.W.; Gordon, C.C., 1994:
Lower limit of body fat in healthy active men

Hanley, K.A.; Fisher, R.N.; Case, T.J., 1995:
Lower mite infestations in an asexual gecko compared with its sexual ancestors

Mansky, L.M.; Temin, H.M., 1994 :
Lower mutation rate of bovine leukemia virus relative to that of spleen necrosis virus

Lorri, W.; Svanberg, U., 1994:
Lower prevalence of diarrhoea in young children fed lactic acid-fermented cereal gruels

Asatryan, M.Ya, 1993:
Lower scales in bulbs of some representatives of the family Amaryllidaceae

Salmon Ceron, D.; Fontbonne, A.; Saba, J.; May, T.; Raffi, F.; Chidiac, C.; Patey, O.; Aboulker, J.P.; Schwartz, D.; Vilde, J.L.; Group, T.S.udy, 1995:
Lower survival in AIDS patients receiving dapsone compared with aerosolized pentamidine for secondary prophylaxis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Clark, D.D., 1995:
Lower temperature limits for activity of several Ixodid ticks (Acari: Ixodidae): effects of body size and rate of temperature change

Swaran Dhingra, 1994:
Lower toxicity impact of common insecticides used for more than three decades as exemplified by the relative susceptibility of adults of Diaphorina citri Kuw. (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

Buffington, C.A., 1994:
Lower urinary tract disease in cats--new problems, new paradigms

Buffington, C.A.T.; Chew, D.J., 1994:
Lower urinary tract disease in cats: new directions

Kirchgessner, M.; Roth, F.X., 1993:
Lowering nitrogen excretion in pigs

Nishimura, Minoru, 1993:
Lowering of eating quality induced by sterility due to cool weather damage in Hokkaido rice varieties

Murakami, T.; Hayashi, M.; Yoshizumi, H., 1995:
Lowering of the vascular tissue angiotensin I-converting enzyme activity and suppression of the hypertrophy of vascular wall in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats fed Euglena (Euglena gracilis Z) diet

Shevkhuzhev, A.F.; Mambetov, M.M.; Mogilenets, O.N.; Sivakov, V.A., 1993:
Lowering the consumption of concentrates during rearing and fattening of young bulls

Klamt, E., 1992:
Lowland soils of Mato Grosso do Sul

Forster, C.; Knox, M.; Domoney, C.; Casey, R., 1994:
lox1:Ps:2, a Pisum sativum seed lipoxygenase gene

Knuckey, IA.; Davie, PJF.; Cannon, LRG., 1995:
Loxothylacus ihlei Boschma, (Rhizocephala) and its effects on the mud crab, Scylla serrata (Forskal), in northern Australia

Yu, W.Z.; Sun, S.L.; Zhou, D.Q.; Wang, Z.F., 1993:
Lu Sun Yu 1, an elite maize cultivar for baby corn

Zillken, B.A., 1995:
Lubricants as a design element

Castro, H.C.; Gallardo, M.R.; Quaino, O.R., 1993:
Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) pasture. 1. Effect of the daily herbage allowance on intake and nutritive value of the diet

Oleszek, W., 1990:
Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) root saponins - chemical structure, biological activity, determination

Mauries, M.; Potier, J.; Violleau, S., 1993:
Lucerne management and use in dairy systems at medium altitude

Crawford, M.C.; Macfarlane, M.R., 1995:
Lucerne reduces soil moisture and increases livestock production in an area of high groundwater recharge potential

Follas, G.; Welsh, R.; Bland, S.; Patterson, T.M., 1994:
Lufenuron - an insect growth inhibitor for the control of leafrollers in apples and kiwifruit

Foster, M.R.; Friedenberg, Z.B.; Passero, F., 1994:
Lumbar Petriellidium boydii osteomyelitis with a systemic presentation

Matsushita, K., 1993:
Lumber demand and supply in Ryukyu Islands

Wengert, G.; Denig, J., 1995:
Lumber drying. Today and tomorrow

Anonymous, 1992:
Lumber protection in the 90's

Loehnertz, S.P.; Lowell, E.C.; Simpson, W.T.; McDonald, K.A., 1993:
Lumber recovery from Pacific yew logs. An exploratory study

Schultz, V.A.; Watson, A.G., 1995:
Lumbosacral transitional vertebra and thoracic limb malformations in a Chihuahua puppy

Philpott, D.J.; Kirk, D.R.; Butzner, J.D., 1993:
Luminal factors stimulate intestinal repair during the refeeding of malnourished infant rabbits

Duncan, S.; Glover, L.A.; Killham, K.; Prosser, J.I., 1994:
Luminescence-based detection of activity of starved and viable but nonculturable bacteria

Lykova, N.I.; Timonov, E.V.; Veretennikova, N.L., 1994:
Luminescent microscopic method for studying the functional condition of the organs of Aspiculuris tetraptera (Schulz, 1924)

Saiyari, M.; Khatermohammadi ; Sharma, R.N., 1993:
Lung and liver lesions caused by Cysticercus tenuicollis in sheep in Iran

Bruno, M.D.; Bohinski, R.J.; Huelsman, K.M.; Whitsett, J.A.; Korfhagen, T.R., 1995:
Lung cell-specific expression of the murine surfactant protein A (SP-A) gene is mediated by interactions between the SP-A promoter and thyroid transcription factor-1

O'Doherty, M.J.; Thomas, S.H.; Gibb, D.; Page, C.J.; Harrington, C.; Duggan, C.; Nunan, T.O.; Bateman, N.T., 1993:
Lung deposition of nebulised pentamidine in children

Faridi, M.M.; Gupta, P.; Prakash, A., 1995:
Lung functions in malnourished children aged five to eleven years

Solak, H.; Ceran, S.; Ozpinar, C.; Yeniterzi, M.; Yuksek, T.; Sunam, G.S.; Odev, K.; Akkus, I., 1994:
Lung hydatid cyst rupture and its surgery

Morris, J.T.; Beckius, M.L.; Jeffery, B.S.; Longfeld, R.N.; Heaven, R.F.; Baker, W.J., 1995:
Lung mass caused by Phoma species

Stefancíková, A., 1994:
Lung nematodes of chamois in the Low Tatra National Park, Slovakia

Michel, G.; Thuret, I.; Chambost, H.; Scheiner, C.; Mary, C.; Perrimond, H., 1994:
Lung toxoplasmosis after HLA mismatched bone marrow transplantation

Holler, W.R.; Sega, W.; Steininger, E.K.; Holler, K.A.; Regele, H., 1994:
Lung tumours in dogs: clinical features, diagnosis (including immunohistochemical techniques) and treatment of four selected cases

Pennisi, M.G.; Niutta, P.P.; Giannetto, S., 1994:
Lungworm disease in cats caused by Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Crippa, L., 1995:
Lungworm infection in laboratory dogs reared in Italy

Kotani, T.; Horie, M.; Yamaguchi, S.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Onishi, T.; Ohashi, F.; Sakuma, S., 1995:
Lungworm, Filaroides osleri, infection in a dog in Japan

Pomares, C.C.; Galloway, D.B.; Holmes, J.H.G.; Clarke, I.J.; Tilbrook, A.J., 1995:
Lupin and cowpea supplements for growth, wool production, and reproduction in rams

Hertrampf, J.W., 1995:
Lupin grains - but they must be sweet

Atkins, C.A., 1995:
Lupins in the sustainable wheat-legume rotation based farming systems of the western Australian wheat belt

Bolland, M.D.A., 1995:
Lupinus cosentinii more effectively utilizes low levels of phosphorus from superphosphate than Lupinus angustifolius

Kono, D.H.; Burlingame, R.W.; Owens, D.G.; Kuramochi, A.; Balderas, R.S.; Balomenos, D.; Theofilopoulos, A.N., 1994:
Lupus susceptibility loci in New Zealand mice

S.RouQiu, 1993:
Luring adults of cotton bollworm (Heliothis armigera) with carrot flowers

Parthasarathy, S.; Chopra, S.K., 1995:
Lustre properties of wool - its importance and evaluation

Cardenas, H.M.clure, K.; Pope, W., 1993:
Luteal function and blastocyst development in ewes following treatment with PGF2 alpha and GnRH

Flint, A.P.; Krzywinski, A.; Sempéré, A.J.; Mauget, R.; Lacroix, A., 1994:
Luteal oxytocin and monoestry in the roe deer Capreolus capreolus

Tébar, M.; Bellido, C.; Sánchez-Criado, J.E., 1995:
Luteinizing hormone (LH) and corticosterone in proestrous afternoon restore the follicle-stimulating hormone secretion at early estrus in adrenalectomized LH-releasing hormone antagonist-treated rats

Skinner, D.C.; Malpaux, B.; Delaleu, B.; Caraty, A., 1995:
Luteinizing hormone (LH)-releasing hormone in third ventricular cerebrospinal fluid of the ewe: correlation with LH pulses and the LH surge

Meek, L.R.; Lee, T.M., 1994:
Luteinizing hormone and prolactin in mated female meadow voles housed in long and short day lengths

Peters, K.E.; Bergfeld, E.G.; Cupp, A.S.; Kojima, F.N.; Mariscal, V.; Sanchez, T.; Wehrman, M.E.; Grotjan, H.E.; Hamernik, D.L.; Kittok, R.J., 1994:
Luteinizing hormone has a role in development of fully functional corpora lutea (CL) but is not required to maintain CL function in heifers

Uilenbroek, J.T.; van der Schoot, P.; Mattheij, J.A.; Swarts, J.J., 1995:
Luteolytic and antiluteolytic effect of the antiprogestagen RU486 in pseudopregnant rats

Andresen, P.; Rexha, S., 1994:
Luteolytic and clinical activity of cloprostenol after introduction into the bovine vagina

Light, J.E.; Silvia, W.J.; Reid, R.C., 1994:
Luteolytic effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha and two metabolites in ewes

Chohan, K.R.; Iqbal, J.; Ali, M.; Mahmood, T., 1993:
Luteolytic response of Prostaglandin F2 alpha at reduce dose via intra-vulvo-submucosal route in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

Girsh, E.; Greber, Y.; Meidan, R., 1995:
Luteotrophic and luteolytic interactions between bovine small and large luteal-like cells and endothelial cells

Hirako, M.; Kamomae, H.; Domeki, I., 1995:
Luteotropic effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin in cattle

Gonzalo Orden, J.M.; Del Rio Lozano, J.; Sanchez, J.; Gonzalo, J.M., 1994:
Luxation of the patella in cattle referred to the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Leon

Trematerra, P.; Dioli, P., 1993:
Lyctocoris campestris (F.) (Heteroptera Anthocoridae) in stores of Triticum spelta L. in central Italy

Malinowski, E.; Tarasiuk, K.; Nadolny, M., 1995:
Lydium KLP in the therapy of periparturient disorders in sows

Sreenarayanan, V.V.; Rubikala, M.; Jayas, D.S., 1995:
Lye-peeling of cassava (Manihot esculenta cv. Crantz)

Kyto, Maarit, 1992:
Lygus bugs as agents of growth disorders in permethrin-treated pine seedlings in regeneration areas

Polyakov, V.A.; Medkov, A.A.; Rozhkova, V.M., 1989:
Lymantria dispar in the Krasnodar region

Lightfoot, R.W., 1991:
Lyme antibodies and Lyme disease: when to measure and who to treat

Caputo, G.M., 1991:
Lyme anxiety

Federlin, K.; Becker, H., 1989:
Lyme borreliosis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Klein, J.; Stanek, G.; Bittner, R.; Horvat, R.; Holzinger, C.; Glogar, D., 1991:
Lyme borreliosis as a cause of myocarditis and heart muscle disease

Barry, R.D.; Hudson, B.J.; Shafren, D.R.; Wills, M.C., 1994:
Lyme borreliosis in Australia

Christen, H.J.; Hanefeld, F.; Eiffert, H.; Thomssen, R., 1994:
Lyme borreliosis in children

Wilske, B.; Pfister, H.W.lter, 1995:
Lyme borreliosis research

Fry, G.; Kenny, V., 1994:
Lyme borreliosis: an under-diagnosed African problem?

Casati, D.; Bonsembiante, P.; Iob, L.; Marchione, S.; Turilli, C., 1993:
Lyme disease (borreliosis) in the bovine population of the Triveneto area. A three-year serological survey

Steere, A.C., 1993:
Lyme disease - 1993

Welker, R.D.; Narby, G.M.; Legare, E.J.; Sweeney, D.M., 1993:
Lyme disease acquired in Europe and presenting in CONUS

Simitzis L.F.ohic, A.M.; Rea L.H.issier, C.; Lay, G. le; Prigent, Y.; Chastel, C., 1988:
Lyme disease and arbovirus serology

Veronesi, R.; Silva, P.D.; Portela, M.M.; Andrade, M.A.T.; Andrade, M.M.; Zampieri, G.; Paiola, M.A.; Santos, B.N.F.O., 1993:
Lyme disease in Brazil: serological investigation in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo

Felz, M., 1991:
Lyme disease in Georgia: a physician survey of disease incidence and diagnostic difficulties

Ferguson, J.L.; Barnes, W.G.; Dall, L.; Ryan, J., 1988:
Lyme disease in Missouri

Zahaf, A.; Bouassida, S.; Boudaya, S.; Turki, H., 1994:
Lyme disease in Sfax

Gibson, M.D.; Young, C.R.; Omran, M.T.; Palma, K.; Edwards, J.F.; Rawlings, J.A., 1994:
Lyme disease in an experimental cat model

Reddy, S.; Gibson, M.D.; Rawlings, J.; Stoica, G.; Young, C.R., 1994:
Lyme disease in an experimental mouse model

Feng, S.; Barthold, S.W.; Bockenstedt, L.K.; Zaller, D.M.; Fikrig, E., 1995:
Lyme disease in human DR4Dw4-transgenic mice

Gregory, R.P.; Green, A.D.; Merry, R.T., 1993:
Lyme disease in military personnel

Kolchanova, L.P.; Gurbo, G.D.; Shcherbakov, S.V.; Filatov, V.G. , 1993:
Lyme disease in the Tyumen region

Carpenetti, S.R.; Sulewski, M.E.; Ringel, D.M., 1995:
Lyme disease related keratitis

Paparone, P.W.; Glenn, W.B., 1994:
Lyme disease with concurrent ehrlichiosis

Mainil, J.G., 1994:
Lyme disease: a new disease?

Lawrence, S.J., 1992:
Lyme disease: an orthopedic perspective

Smith, D.E., 1994:
Lyme disease: the cause, diagnosis, and treatment

Bruyn, G.A.; D.K.ning, J.; Reijsoo, F.J.; Houtman, P.M.; Hoogkamp-Korstanje, J.A., 1994:
Lyme pericarditis leading to tamponade

van den Bergen, H.A.; Smith, J.P.; van der Zwan, A., 1993:
Lyme psychosis

Belz, G.T.; Heath, T.J., 1995:
Lymph pathways of the medial retropharyngeal lymph node in dogs

Choi, W.Y.; Nam, H.W.; Baek, E.J.; Cho, S.Y., 1995:
Lymphadenitis in experimental murine toxoplasmosis induced by intramuscular injection of tachyzoites

Barral, A.; Guerreiro, J.; Bomfim, G.; Correia, D.; Barral-Netto, M.; Carvalho, E.M., 1995:
Lymphadenopathy as the first sign of human cutaneous infection by Leishmania braziliensis

Jensen, G.L.; McGarvey, N.; Taraszewski, R.; Wixson, S.K.; Seidner, D.L.; Pai, T.; Yeh, Y.Y.; Lee, T.W.; DeMichele, S.J., 1994:
Lymphatic absorption of enterally fed structured triacylglycerol vs physical mix in a canine model

Anonymous, 1995:
Lymphatic filariasis: ready now for global control

Munster, M., 1995:
Lympho-plasmacytic enteritis in dogs and cats. Clinical findings and results from therapy

Bottei, E.; Flaherty, J.P.; Kaplan, L.J.; Duffee-Kerr, L., 1994:
Lymphocutaneous Nocardia brasiliensis infection transmitted via a cat scratch: a second case

Seddon, M.; Parr, D.; Ellis-Pegler, R.B., 1995:
Lymphocutaneous Nocardia brasiliensis infection: a case report and review

Accioly Filho, J.W.A.; Magalhaes, V. de T.; Candau, F.A.I.; Oliveira, J.C. de; Mendonca, I.R. dos S.M.; Azulay, R.D., 1993:
Lymphocutaneous nocardiosis

Hwang, E.K.; Kim, J.H.; Yoon, S.S.; Kim, B.H.; Yoon, Y.D., 1994:
Lymphocyte subpopulations of the peripheral blood of pigs experimentally inoculated with swine fever virus

Sasaki, K.; Sugiura, H.; Uehara, M., 1992:
Lymphocyte transformation test for house dust mite in atopic dermatitis: relationship between mite antigens for type I and type IV allergy

Rae, C.A., 1994:
Lymphocytic enteritis and systemic vasculitis in sheep

Haziroglu, R.; Atasever, A.; Gulbahar, M.Y.vuz; Karagenc, H.G.ler, 1995 :
Lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis in cats

DiSanto, J.P.; Muller, W.; Guy Grand, D.; Fischer, A.; Rajewsky, K., 1995:
Lymphoid development in mice with a targeted deletion of the interleukin 2 gamma receptor chain

Freedman, D.O.; Bui, T.; D.A.meida Filho, P.J.; Braga, C.; Maia e Silva, M.C.; Maciel, A.; Furtado, A.F., 1995:
Lymphoscintigraphic assessment of the effect of diethylcarbamazine treatment on lymphatic damage in human bancroftian filariasis

Abtew, W.O.eysekera, J., 1995:
Lysimeter study of evapotranspiration of cattails and comparison of three estimation methods

Dettori, S.; Filigheddu, M.R., 1994:
Lysimetric estimation of water consumption by orange cv. Washington Navel

Glabiszewski, J.; Sadowski, J.; Kiepul, J.; Kostowska, B.; Rola, J., 1993:
Lysimetric studies on displacement of Stomp 330 EC herbicide in soil

Tantawy, M.M.; Abou Hadid, A.F.; E.B.ltagy, A.S., 1993:
Lysimetric studies on water consumption in tomato

Ballif, J.L.; Herre, C.; Gobert, D., 1995:
Lysimetry and monoliths in a brown rendzina on cryoturbed chalk: IV. Plant composition. Losses in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Mineral balance in a bare soil, under vine, grass or cultivated

Baillif, J.L., 1994:
Lysimetry and monoliths of a brown rendzina on cryoturbed chalk. II. Mineral losses in nitrogen, sulfur and chloride in soils under vine, grassed, cultivated, or bare

Henin, S., 1995:
Lysimetry: an introduction

Schlegel, L.; Cynober, L., 1995:
Lysine in clinical nutrition

Ball, R.O.; Batterham, E.S.; van Barneveld, R.J., 1995:
Lysine oxidation by growing pigs receiving diets containing free and protein-bound lysine

Liebert, F., 1995:
Lysine utilization in broilers

Yu, H.; Zhuge, R.; Hsu, W.H., 1995:
Lysine vasopressin-induced increases in porcine myometrial contractility and intracellular Ca2+ concentrations of myometrial cells: involvement of oxytocin receptors

Lyashova, L.V., 1992:
Lysiphlebus against aphids on vegetable crops

Pérez-Jordá, J.L.; Ibánez, C.; Muñoz-Cervera, M.; Téllez, A., 1995:
Lyssavirus in Eptesicus serotinus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae)

D.C.l, A.; Pascual, S.; Melgarejo, P., 1994:
Lytic enzymes in the biological control of Fusarium wilt of tomato

Wertheim, S.J., 1992:
M.20, an apple rootstock for the future?

Wagenmakers, P.S.; Wertheim, S.J., 1995:
M.27 gives better fruit quality than M.9

Vercammen, J., 1993:
M.9, M.27 or an interstock of M.27

Akram Lodhi, A.H., 1995 :
M.H. Khan, A.V. Chayanov and the family farms of the North-West Frontier Province

Ashfaque, R.M., 1993:
M.SC. forestry thesis research at the Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar 1990-92 course

Wheeler, W.C.; Gladstein, D.S., 1994:
MALIGN: A multiple sequence alignment program

Stebbings, H.; Hunt, C.; Anastasi, A., 1991:
MAPs and motors in insect ovaries

Mortensen, H., 1995:
MD Foods Ingredients takes off

Anonymous, 1994:
MED: the Hungarian ethnobotanical database; CMED: Clusius - Beythe - Cvittinger (1583, 1584, 1711), Stirpium nomenclator pannonicus, Historical thesaurus of Hungarian ethnobotany; Applications: essays on the history of biology

Wu, Y.; Han, M.; Guan, K.L., 1995:
MEK-2, a Caenorhabditis elegans MAP kinase kinase, functions in Ras-mediated vulval induction and other developmental events

Pietta, P.G.; Mauri, P.L.; Bruno, A.; Merfort, I., 1993:
MEKC as an improved method to detect falsifications in Arnicae flos DAB 10

Pietta, P.G.; Mauri, P.L.; Bruno, A.; Merfort, I., 1994:
MEKC as an Improved Method to Detect Falsifications in the Flowers of Arnica montana and A. chamissonis

Simard, A.J.; Eenigenburg, J.E., 1990:
METAFIRE: a system to support high-level fire management decisions

Rzhetsky, A.; Nei, M., 1994 :
METREE: a program package for inferring and testing minimum-evolution trees

Southern, J.W., 1995:
MFC expands in Thailand

Dietert, R.R.; Bloom, S.E.; Lin, H.K., 1993:
MHC chromosomal damage and chicken macrophage function

Shaw, M.K.; Tilney, L.G.; Musoke, A.J.; Teale, A.J., 1995:
MHC class I molecules are an essential cell surface component involved in Theileria parva sporozoite binding to bovine lymphocytes

Allison, J.D.; Brown, D.S., 1995:
MINTEQA2/PRODEFA2-a geochemical speciation model and interactive preprocessor

Desanker, P.V.; Prentice, I.C.lin, 1994:
MIOMBO - a vegetation dynamics model for the miombo woodlands of Zambezian Africa

Smit, A.F.; Riggs, A.D., 1995:
MIRs are classic, tRNA-derived SINEs that amplified before the mammalian radiation

Davis, D.W.; Fritz, V.A.; Pfleger, F.L.; Percich, J.A.; Malvick, D.K., 1995:
MN 144, MN 313, and MN 314: garden pea lines resistant to root rot caused by Aphanomyces euteiches Drechs

Ching, H.T.; Clark, A.E.; Hendrix, V.J.; Kobrine, A.I.; Schwartz, A.M., 1994:
MR imaging appearance of intracerebral schistosomiasis

Kumar, J.; Kimm, J., 1994:
MR in Toxocara canis myelopathy

Funaki, B.; Rosenblum, J.D., 1995:
MR of central nervous system actinomycosis

Miaux, Y.; Guermazi, A.; Bourrier, P.; Singer, B.; Leder, S., 1994:
MR of cerebral aspergillosis: different patterns in the same patient

Rhodes, A.P.; Aspin, M.D., 1993:
MRDC monitor farms - using information

Türker, A.; Altinörs, N.; Aciduman, A.; Demiralp, O.; Uluoglu, U., 1995:
MRI findings and encouraging fluconazole treatment results of intracranial Cladosporium trichoides infection

Patronas, N.J.; Makariou, E.V., 1993:
MRI of choroidal plexus involvement in intracranial cryptococcosis

Zee, C.S.; Segall, H.D.; Destian, S.; Ahmadi, J.; Apuzzo, M.L., 1993:
MRI of intraventricular cysticercosis: surgical implications

Puntschart, A.; Claassen, H.; Jostarndt, K.; Hoppeler, H.; Billeter, R., 1995:
mRNAs of enzymes involved in energy metabolism and mtDNA are increased in endurance-trained athletes

Headley, J.V.; Peru, K.M.; Lawrence, J.R.; Wolfaardt, G.M., 1995:
MS/MS identification of transformation products in degradative biofilms

Dixon, G.R.; Craig, M.A.; Burgess, P.J.; Thomas, J., 1994:
MTF 651: A new soil-applied fungicide for the control of plasmodial fungi

Laat, P.J.M. de, 1992:
MUST, A pseudo steady-state approach to simulating flow in unsaturated media

Kirby, K.A., 1994 :
Macadamia nut production in selected countries

Rosa, S.; Kirby, K., 1994:
Macadamia situation for selected countries

Irani, P., 1994:
Macaroni quality survey of durum wheat varieties

Carrijo, I.V., 1993:
Macarrao Preferido AG-482: a new snap bean cultivar resistant to rust and anthracnose

Hendrix, T., 1994:
Machine harvesting of iceberg lettuce

Birkner, U.; Filler, G., 1993:
Machine investment

Guan, B.T.; Gertner, G., 1991:
Machine learning and its possible roles in forest science

Rao, K.R.S., 1993:
Machine milking and mastitis

McNabb, D.H.; Baker Katz, K.; Tesch, S.D., 1993:
Machine site preparation improves seedling performance on a high-elevation site in southwest Oregon

Smith, I.; Chui, Y.H.; Perez, V.; Campos, A., 1993:
Machine stress grading of Chilean radiata pine lumber

Egorov, L.I.; Gugelev, S.M.; Savitskii, V.Y., 1992:
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Macroconidial formation in Trichophyton mentagrophytes

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Macroeconomic factors shaping the supply of agricultural products

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Madrid, centre for tourist attractions

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Magnetic resonance in the investigation of intracellular phosphate

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Magnetic separation of wood flour

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Magnitude and pattern of genetic variation in European black pine (Pinus nigra var. pallasiana) populations in Turkey

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Magnitude of groundwater exploitation

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Magnitude of soil losses throughout the Caribbean

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Magnolia 'Gold Star' and other yellow-flowered magnolias

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Magnolia propagation

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Main trends in the development of the world market for casein

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Main trends in the development of trace element research

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Main ultrastructural changes during maturing stage of Persian lime fruit

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Maintaining market quality of litchis overseas without SO2

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Maintaining production levels in layers through low cost feeds

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Maintaining the quality of fiber produced by woodlands operations

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Maintaining the real value of the assets of basic organizations of associated labour during inflation

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Maintaining udder health and milk quality during periods of hot weather

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Maintenance and growth respiration of the aboveground parts of young field-grown hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

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Maintenance and inspection practices in Indo Gulf fertilisers

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Maintenance energy requirement of five popular species of ornamental fish

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Maintenance of Bulgarian and introduced potato varieties in vitro for breeding purposes

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Maintenance of a circadian rhythmic pattern of carbohydrate reserves in developing pupal forms of Achaea janata Linn

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Maintenance of contagious ecthyma virus at a temperature of +4 degrees C

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Maintenance of euglycemia is impaired in gluconeogenesis-inhibited iron-deficient rats at rest and during exercise

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Maintenance of infective Borrelia burgdorferi Sh-2-82 in 4% oxygen - 5% carbon dioxide in vitro

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Maintenance of seed purity in nonnodulating lines of chickpea

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Maintenance of the physical potentialities of land: case of Andalusia

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Maintenance respiration and stand development in a subalpine lodgepole pine forest

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Maintenance respiration and the cost of plant adaptation

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Maize (Zea mays L.) or elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Schum.) cultivar Napier silages in the feeding of beef calves in confinement

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Maize (Zea mays L.) stem borer (Chilo partellus Swinhoe) infestation/damage and plant resistance

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Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center

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Maize aphid species

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Maize breeding in Bernburg

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