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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2658

Chapter 2658 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Xia, X.; Bollinger, J.; Ogram, A., 1995:
Molecular genetic analysis of the response of three soil microbial communities to the application of 2,4-D

Giovannoni, J.J.; Noensie, E.N.; Ruezinsky, D.M.; Lu, X.; Tracy, S.L.; Ganal, M.W.; Martin, G.B.; Pillen, K.; Alpert, K.; Tanksley, S.D., 1995:
Molecular genetic analysis of the ripening-inhibitor and non-ripening loci of tomato: a first step in genetic map-based cloning of fruit ripening genes

Nguyen, H.T.; Joshi, C.P., 1994:
Molecular genetic approaches to improving heat and drought stress tolerance in crop plants

Smith, L.G.; Hake, S., 1994:
Molecular genetic approaches to leaf development: Knotted and beyond

Carlson, J.; Olson, K.; Higgs, S.; Beaty, B., 1995:
Molecular genetic manipulation of mosquito vectors

Dirlewanger, E.; Bodo, C., 1994:
Molecular genetic mapping of peach

Liddell, R.A.; Thibaudeau, G.; Maddison, P.; Goldstein, C.; McHugh, K.M.; Siracusa, L.D.; Pavan, W.J., 1994:
Molecular genetic mapping of the lethal spotting (ls) mutation in the mouse

Bancroft, D.R.; Pemberton, J.M.; Albon, S.D.; Robertson, A.; Maccoll, A.D.; Smith, J.A.; Stevenson, I.R.; Clutton-Brock, T.H., 1995:
Molecular genetic variation and individual survival during population crashes of an unmanaged ungulate population

Dovc, P., 1993:
Molecular genetics in animal breeding

Hobbie, L.; Timpte, C.; Estelle, M., 1994:
Molecular genetics of auxin and cytokinin

Wanner, Barry L., 1994:
Molecular genetics of carbon-phosphorus bond cleavage in bacteria

Thomashow, M.F., 1993:
Molecular genetics of cold acclimation in Arabidopsis

Keon, J.P.R.; Hargreaves, J.A., 1995:
Molecular genetics of fungicide targets in the maize pathogen, Ustilago maydis

Bradshaw, H.D.; Stettler, R.F., 1994:
Molecular genetics of growth and development in Populus. II. Segregation distortion due to genetic load

Bradshaw, H.D.; Stettler, R.F., 1995:
Molecular genetics of growth and development in populus. IV. Mapping QTLs with large effects on growth, form, and phenology traits in a forest tree

Murrell, J.Colin, 1994:
Molecular genetics of methane oxidation

Staskawicz, B.J.; Ausubel, F.M.; Baker, B.J.; Ellis, J.G.; Jones, J.D.G., 1995:
Molecular genetics of plant disease resistance

Meinke, David W., 1995:
Molecular genetics of plant embryogenesis

Rinchik, E.M.; Bell, J.A.; Hunsicker, P.R.; Friedman, J.M.; Jackson, I.J.; Russell, L.B., 1994:
Molecular genetics of the brown (b)-locus region of mouse chromosome 4. I. Origin and molecular mapping of radiation- and chemical-induced lethal brown deletions

Rinchik, E.M., 1994:
Molecular genetics of the brown (b)-locus region of mouse chromosome 4. II. Complementation analyses of lethal brown deletions

Schoffl, F., 1993:
Molecular genetics of the heat shock response

Muehlbauer, G.J.; Somers, D.A.; Matthews, B.F.; Gengenbach, B.G., 1994:
Molecular genetics of the maize (Zea mays L.) aspartate kinase-homoserine dehydrogenase gene family

Schwerin, M., 1994:
Molecular genome analysis in animal breeding

Vanlerberghe Masutti, F., 1994:
Molecular identification and phylogeny of parasitic wasp species (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) by mitochondrial DNA RFLP and RAPD markers

Weissman, Z.; Berdicevsky, I.; Cavari, B., 1995:
Molecular identification of Candida albicans

Blackall, Linda L., 1994:
Molecular identification of activated sludge foaming bacteria

Willekens, H.; Villarroel, R.; Montagu, M. van; Inze, D.; Camp, W. van, 1994:
Molecular identification of catalases from Nicotiana plumbaginifolia (L.)

Blancho, G.; Gianello, P.; Germana, S.; Baetscher, M.; Sachs, D.H.; LeGuern, C., 1995:
Molecular identification of porcine interleukin 10: regulation of expression in a kidney allograft model

Hartl, L.; Weiss, H.; Stephan, U.; Zeller, F.J.; Jahoor, A., 1995:
Molecular identification of powdery mildew resistance genes in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Tellam, J.T.; McIntosh, S.; James, D.E., 1995:
Molecular identification of two novel Munc-18 isoforms expressed in non-neuronal tissues

Vasil, Indra K., 1994:
Molecular improvement of cereals

Oakeshott, J.G.; Boyce, T.M.; Russell, R.J.; Healy, M.J., 1995:
Molecular insights into the evolution of an enzyme; esterase6 in Drosophila

Zheng, Y.L.; Ballance, G.M., 1994:
Molecular interaction between wheat and Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (I) PR gene(s) expression induced by pathogen

Harrison, R.E.; Luby, J.J.; Furnier, G., 1993:
Molecular investigation of the chloroplast genome in Fragaria spp

Reimer, D.; Frey, J.; Jansen, R.; Veit, H.P.; Inzana, T.J., 1995:
Molecular investigation of the role of ApxI and ApxII in the virulence of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 5

Kershaw, E.E.; Chua, S.C.; Williams, J.A.; Murphy, E.M.; Leibel, R.L., 1995:
Molecular mapping of SSRs for Pgm1 and C8b in the vicinity of the rat fatty locus

Nelson, J.C.; Deynze, A.E. van; Autrique, E.; Sorrells, M.E.; Lu, Y.H.; Merlino, M.; Atkinson, M.; Leroy, P., 1995:
Molecular mapping of wheat. Homoeologous group 2

Berry, S.T.; Allen, R.J.; Barnes, S.R.; Caligari, P.D., 1994:
Molecular marker analysis of Helianthus annuus L. 1. Restriction fragment length polymorphism between inbred lines of cultivated sunflower

Berry, S.T.; Leon, A.J.; Hanfrey, C.C.; Challis, P.; Burkholz, A.; Barnes, S.R.; Rufener, G.K.; Lee, M.; Caligari, P.D., 1995:
Molecular marker analysis of Helianthus annuus L. 2. Construction of an RFLP linkage map for cultivated sunflower

Song, K.; Slocum, M.K.; Osborn, T.C., 1995:
Molecular marker analysis of genes controlling morphological variation in Brassica rapa (syn. campestris)

Winter, P.; Kahl, G., 1995:
Molecular marker technologies for plant improvement

Burstin, J.; de Vienne, D.; Dubreuil, P.; Damerval, C., 1994:
Molecular markers and protein quantities as genetic descriptors in maize. I. Genetic diversity among 21 inbred lines

Seetharama, N.; Magill, C.W.; Miller, F.R., 1994:
Molecular markers for cold tolerance in sorghum

Autrique, E.; Singh, R.P.; Tanksley, S.D.; Sorrells, M.E., 1995:
Molecular markers for four leaf rust resistance genes introgressed into wheat from wild relatives

Sterk, P.; Vries, S.C. de, 1993:
Molecular markers for plant embryos

Bachmann, K., 1994:
Molecular markers in plant ecology

Ozias Akins, P.; Lubbers, E.L.; Arthur, L.; Hanna, W.W., 1994:
Molecular markers linked with apomixis: evolutionary and breeding implications

O.B.ien, E.P.; Novak, E.K.; Zhen, L.; Manly, K.F.; Stephenson, D.; Swank, R.T., 1995:
Molecular markers near two mouse chromosome 13 genes, muted and pearl, which cause platelet storage pool deficiency (SPD)

Bray, C.M.; Ashraf, M.; Davison, P.A.; Taylor, R.M., 1993:
Molecular markers of seed quality

Lubbers, E.L.; Arthur, L.; Hanna, W.W.; Ozias-Akins, P., 1994:
Molecular markers shared by diverse apomictic Pennisetum species

Naohara, J.; Manabe, M., 1994:
Molecular mass and solubility changes in pectins during storage of satsuma mandarin fruits (Citrus unshiu Marc.)

Van Beresteijn, E.C.H.; Peeters, R.A.; Kaper, J.; Meijer, R.J.G.M.; Robben, A.J.P.M.; Schmidt, D.G., 1994:
Molecular mass distribution, immunological properties and nutritive value of whey protein hydrolysates

Yamamoto, I.; Yabuta, G.; Tomizawa, M.; Saito, T.; Miyamoto, T.; Kagabu, S., 1995:
Molecular mechanism for selective toxicity of nicotinoids and neonicotinoids

Takahashi, T.; Ohnishi, J., 1995:
Molecular mechanism of follicle rupture during ovulation

Wahlgren, M.; Carlson, J.; Helmby, H.; Hedlund, I.; Treutiger, C.J., 1992:
Molecular mechanisms and biological importance of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte rosetting

Wang, C.C., 1995:
Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic approaches to the treatment of African trypanosomiasis

Jones, G., 1995:
Molecular mechanisms of action of juvenile hormone

Schaefer, Wilhelm, 1994:
Molecular mechanisms of fungal pathogenicity to plants

Berendt, A.R.; Ferguson, D.J.; Gardner, J.; Turner, G.; Rowe, A.; McCormick, C.; Roberts, D.; Craig, A.; Pinches, R.; Elford, B.C., 1994:
Molecular mechanisms of sequestration in malaria

Myles, D.G., 1993:
Molecular mechanisms of sperm-egg membrane binding and fusion in mammals

Karagezyan, M.K.; Ovakimyan, S.S.; Ovsepyan, L.M.; Boyadzhyan, A.S.; Osipyan, L.L.; Karagezyan, K.G., 1995:
Molecular mechanisms of zearalenone toxicity

Henry, R.J., 1994:
Molecular methods for cereal identification

Oyaizu, H.; Naruhashi, N.; Gamou, T., 1992:
Molecular methods of analysing bacterial diversity: the case of rhizobia

Avila, J.L., 1992:
Molecular mimicry between Trypanosoma cruzi and host nervous tissues

Ellis, J.R.; Taylor, R.; Hussey, P.J., 1994:
Molecular Modeling Indicates that Two Chemically Distinct Classes of Anti-Mitotic Herbicide Bind to the Same Receptor Site(s)

Churchill, G.C.; Reaney, M.J.T.; Gusta, L.V., 1994:
Molecular modeling of the (S)-ABA binding site of the receptor involved in the induction of freezing tolerance: a hypothetical receptor model

Anachi, R.B.; Bansal, M.; Easwaran, K.R.; Namboodri, K.; Gaber, B.P., 1995:
Molecular modeling studies on amphotericin B and its complex with phospholipid

Robson, K.J.; Gamble, Y.; Acharya, K.R., 1993:
Molecular modelling of malaria calmodulin suggests that it is not a suitable target for novel antimalarials

Kumar, A.; Rai, K.S., 1993:
Molecular organization and evolution of mosquito genomes

Schmid, J.; Amrhein, N., 1995:
Molecular organization of the shikimate pathway in higher plants

Sternberg, J.; Graham, S., 1994:
Molecular parasitology in Scotland

Marshall, G., 1995:
Molecular perspectives in crop protection: integration with arable crop production

Orso, S.; Gouy, M.; Navarro, E.; Normand, P., 1994:
Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Nitrobacter spp

Ueda, T.; Suga, Y.; Matsuguchi, T., 1995:
Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a soil microbial community in a soybean field

Xie, H.; Bain, O.; Williams, S.A., 1994:
Molecular phylogenetic studies on Brugia filariae using Hha I repeat sequences

Xie, H.; Bain, O.; Williams, S.A., 1994:
Molecular phylogenetic studies on filarial parasites based on 5S ribosomal spacer sequences

Littlewood, D.T.; Johnston, D.A., 1995:
Molecular phylogenetics of the four Schistosoma species groups determined with partial 28S ribosomal RNA gene sequences

Russo, C.A.; Takezaki, N.; Nei, M., 1995:
Molecular phylogeny and divergence times of drosophilid species

Lark, K.G.; Evans, J.; Wilhelm, P.; Atkinson, S.; Christensen, M.; Crockett, B.; Dunford, B.L.; Jones, C.E.; Mendenhall, S.; Messick, T.E.; Prout, C.C.; Soloman, P.E.; Stevens, M.E.; Terry, I.; Walker, C.; Wong, C.L.; Ellison, R., 1993:
Molecular phylogeny as a tool for soybean breeding II

Terry, I.; Ellison, R.; Woolstenhulme, L.; Jagar, A.; Allen, B.; Barton, J.; Corneli, P.; Cornia, R.; Fuller, D.; Gowans, M.; Hall, M.; Heaton, W.; Howard, J.; Nielson, B.; Perry, S.; Richards, R.; Sexton, J.; Thompson, D.; Troy, J.D.; Weber, A.; Wells, B.; Wood, S.; Wright, D., 1995:
Molecular phylogeny as a tool for soybean breeding IV

Miao, B.; Turner, B.; Mabry, T., 1995:
Molecular phylogeny of Iva (Asteraceae, Heliantheae) based on chloroplast DNA restriction site variation

Kass, E.; Wink, M., 1995:
Molecular phylogeny of the Papilionoideae (family Leguminosae): rbcL gene sequences versus chemical taxonomy

Hsiao, C.; Chatterton, N.J.; Asay, K.H.; Jensen, K.B., 1995:
Molecular phylogeny of the Pooideae (Poaceae) based on nuclear rDNA (ITS) sequences

Fielding, C.J.; Fielding, P.E., 1995:
Molecular physiology of reverse cholesterol transport

Gale, M.D.; Flintham, J.E., 1994:
Molecular plant breeding - progress and promise for breeding sprouting resistant wheats

Koch Nolte, F.; Hollmann, C.; Kuhl, M.; Haag, F.; Prochazka, M.; Leiter, E.; Thiele, H.G., 1995:
Molecular polymorphism in the Rt6 genes of laboratory mice correlates with the allotypes of the H1 minor histocompatibility system

Rosato, E.; Peixoto, A.A.; Barbujani, G.; Costa, R.; Kyriacou, C.P., 1994:
Molecular polymorphism in the period gene of Drosophila simulans

Wu,; Fung, K.P.i; Zeng, L.H.a; Wu, J.; HempelAndrew; Grey, A.A.; Camerman, N., 1995:
Molecular properties and myocardial salvage effects of morin hydrate

Zheng, Y.; Duranti, D., 1995:
Molecular properties and thermal secretion of lupin seed acid phosphatase

Lorenzen, L.L.; Reth, K.J.; Shoemaker, R.C., 1993:
Molecular relatedness among ancestral 'types'

Pipe, N.D.; Buck, K.W.; Brasier, C.M., 1995:
Molecular relationships between Ophiostoma ulmi and the NAN and EAN races of O. novo-ulmi determined by RAPD markers

Hsu, Y.L.; Cheng, C.C.eng; Wu, J.L.ih, 1995:
Molecular relationships in infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Knight, C.D.; Sehgal, A.; Atwal, K.; Wallace, J.C.; Cove, D.J.; Coates, D.; Quatrano, R.S.; Bahadur, S.; Stockley, P.G.; Cuming, A.C., 1995:
Molecular Responses to Abscisic Acid and Stress Are Conserved between Moss and Cereals

Elbein, S.C.; Yeager, C.; Kwong, L.K.; Lingam, A.; Inoue, I.; Lalouel, J.M.; Wilson, D.E., 1994:
Molecular screening of the lipoprotein lipase gene in hypertriglyceridemic members of familial noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus families

Hungria, M., 1994:
Molecular signals associated with the nodulation of legumes by rhizobia

Hood, E.E.; Lanoue, K.; Hood, K.R.; Fritz, S.E.; Baasiri, R.A., 1993:
Molecular similarities among Amaranthus species

Hagiwara, K.; Nakayama, A., 1994:
Molecular similarity of peroxidizing herbicides: bioisosterism in Delta superscript 2-1,2,4-thiadiazolines and related heterocyclic compounds

Pant, H.K.; Vaghan, D.; Edwards, A.C., 1994:
Molecular size distribution and enzymatic degradation of organic phosphorus in root exudates of spring barley

Westermark, U.; Gustafsson, K., 1994:
Molecular size distribution of wood polymers in birch kraft pulps

Haldane, G.M.; Logan, B.E., 1994:
Molecular size distributions of a macromolecular polysaccharide (dextran) during its biodegradation in batch and continuous cultures

Lyon, W.G.; Rhodes, D.E., 1993:
Molecular size exclusion by soil organic materials estimated from their swelling in organic solvents

Khush, R.S.; Wach, M.P.; Horgen, P.A., 1995:
Molecular strategies for Agaricus breeding

Nguyen, H.T.; Joshi, C.P., 1993:
Molecular strategies for the genetic dissection of water and high-temperature stress adaptation in cereal crops

Bidlack, J.; Malone, M.; Benson, R., 1992:
Molecular structure and component integration of secondary cell walls in plants

Berryere, T.G.; Muggli Cockett, N.; Robbins, J.W.; Schmutz, S.M., 1994:
Molecular studies of DRB relative to Staphylococcus aureus mastitis

Bujarski, J.J.; Nagy, P.D.; Flasinski, S., 1994:
Molecular studies of genetic RNA-RNA recombination in brome mosaic virus

Park, Y.J.; Fallon, A.M., 1992:
Molecular studies of mosquito (Aedes albopictus) ribosomal RNA genes and dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene

Wienecke, R.; Zöchling, N.; Neubert, U.; Schlüpen, E.M.; Meurer, M.; Volkenandt, M., 1994:
Molecular subtyping of Borrelia burgdorferi in erythema migrans and acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans

Vilgalys, R.; Cubeta, M.A., 1994:
Molecular systematics and population biology of Rhizoctonia

Foisset, N.; Delourme, R.; Barret, P.; Renard, M., 1995:
Molecular tagging of the dwarf BREIZH (Bzh) gene in Brassica napus

Curran, J.; Driver, F., 1994:
Molecular taxonomy of Heterorhabditis

Reid, A.P., 1994:
Molecular taxonomy of Steinernema

Macneil, L.; Kauri, T.; Robertson, W., 1995:
Molecular techniques and their potential application in monitoring the microbiological quality of indoor air

Lepoivre, P.; Kummert, J.; Colinet, D.; Duterme, O.; Anceau, C., 1994:
Molecular techniques for detection and identification of plant pathogens

Wilson, Kate J., 1995:
Molecular techniques for the study of rhizobial ecology in the field

Leguern, C.; Shimada, H.; Emery, D.W.; Germana, S.; Sachs, D.H., 1993:
Molecular transplantation of MHC class II genes as a means for inducing transplantation tolerance in miniature swine

Dromer, F.; Varma, A.; Ronin, O.; Mathoulin, S.; Dupont, B., 1994:
Molecular typing of Cryptococcus neoformans serotype D clinical isolates

Miyashita, N.T.; Mori, N.; Tsunewaki, K., 1994:
Molecular variation in chloroplast DNA regions in ancestral species of wheat

Li, X.C.; Lei, B.J.; Lu, C.H.; Qian, H.; Zhou, S.J.; Lu, Y.B.; Xie, W.W.; Wang, B., 1994:
Molecular verification of the introduction of foreign DNA in soyabean to induce earliness using the RAPD technique

Wink, M.; Kaess, E.; Kaufmann, M., 1993:
Molecular versus chemical taxonomy

Osman, M.M.; Helmy, M.H., 1994:
Molecular weight determination of Fasciola antigens specific for diagnosis of acute fascioliasis

Hickman, D.R.; Roepstorff, P.; Shewry, P.R.; Tatham, A.S., 1995:
Molecular weights of high molecular weight subunits of glutenin determined by mass spectrometry

Pupilli, F.; Businelli, S.; Caceres, M.E.; Damiani, F.; Arcioni, S., 1995:
Molecular, cytological and morpho-agronomical characterization of hexaploid somatic hybrids in Medicago

Veldboom, L.R.; Lee, M., 1994 :
Molecular-marker-facilitated studies of morphological traits in maize. II: Determination of QTLs for grain yield and yield components

Rogot, M.; Sisco, P.H.; Hoisington, D.A.; Stuber, C.W., 1995:
Molecular-marker-mediated characterization of favorable exotic alleles at quantitative trait loci in maize

Kohidai, L.; Lemberkovics, E.; Csaba, G., 1995:
Molecule dependent chemotactic responses of Tetrahymena pyriformis elicited by volatile oils

Smith, J.F.; Sytsma, K.J., 1994:
Molecules and morphology: congruence of data in Columnea (Gesneriaceae)

Pollock, R.; Willis, D., 1995:
Moleskins and akubras: it's Tamworth's country music festival

Genov, T.; Stoykova Hajinikolova, R.; Meszaros, F., 1992:
Molinostrongylus spp. (Nematoda: Molineidae) from bats in Bulgaria, with a review of European species

Amusan, O.O.G.; Msonthi, J.D.; Makhubu, L.P., 1995:
Molluscicidal activity of Spathodea campanulata, Andrachne ovalis, Phytolacca dodecandra and Hypoxis rooperi

Singh, K.; Singh, A.; Singh, D.K., 1995:
Molluscicidal activity of different combinations of the plant products used in the molluscicide Pestoban

Aladesanmi, A.J.; Adewunmi, C.O., 1995:
Molluscicidal activity of ferrubietolide

Mendonca, M.M. de, 1993:
Molluscicidal effect of Viscum album extracts on Lymnaea truncatula from the Azores

Ogur, J.A.; Nawwar, G.A.M.; Saleh, N.A.M.; Mosharrafa, S.A.M., 1994:
Molluscicidal efficacy of certain Kenyan indigenous plants

Winder, O.; Friedrich, C.; Jumbam, N.D.; Griengl, H.; Kartnig, T., 1994:
Molluscicidal saponins from Koelreuteria paniculata Laxm. (Sapindaceae) tested against the snail Biomphalaria glabrata (Say) (Basommatophora)

Souza, C.P., 1995:
Molluscicide control of snail vectors of schistosomiasis

Bowen, I.D.; Antoine, S., 1995:
Molluscicide formulation studies

Araujo, J.L. de B.; Keller, D.G., 1993:
Molluscs of economic importance in Brazil. III. Subulinidae, Leptinaria unilamellata (Orbigny) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora)

Burke, W.H.; Attia, Y.A., 1994:
Molting single comb White Leghorns with the use of the Lupron DepotReg. formulation of leuprolide acetate

Bibak, A.; Borggaard, O.K., 1994:
Molybdenum absorption by aluminium and iron oxides and humic acid

Turnlund, J.R.; Keyes, W.R.; Peiffer, G.L., 1995:
Molybdenum absorption, excretion, and retention studied with stable isotopes in young men at five intakes of dietary molybdenum

Turnlund, J.R.; Keyes, W.R.; Peiffer, G.L.; Chiang, G., 1995:
Molybdenum absorption, excretion, and retention studied with stable isotopes in young men during depletion and repletion

Stallmeyer, B.; Nerlich, A.; Schiemann, J.; Brinkmann, H.; Mendel, R.R., 1995 :
Molybdenum co-factor biosynthesis: the Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA cnx1 encodes a multifunctional two-domain protein homologous to a mammalian neuroprotein, the insect protein Cinnamon and three Escherichia coli proteins

Phillips, R.L.; Meyer, R.D., 1993:
Molybdenum concentration of alfalfa in Kern County, California: 1950 versus 1985

Igarza, L.M.; Auza, Y., 1995:
Molybdenum in ruminants: a review of the physiological and toxic aspects

Subba Rao, I.V.; Adinarayana, V., 1995:
Molybdenum research and agricultural production

Cantone, M.C.; Bartolo, D. de; Giussani, A.; Molho, N.; Pirola, L.; Gambarini, C.; Hansen, C.; Werner, E.; Roth, P., 1993:
Molybdenum stable isotopes for absorption studies in humans

Duquesne, F.; Verschoore, R., 1995:
Moment arm and rolling radius of elastic tyres

Harper, M.W., 1993:
Mompha divisella Herrich-Schaffer (Lepidoptera: Momphidae): a new pabulum

Wanji, S.; Gantier, J.C.; Petit, G.; Rapp, J.; Bain, O., 1994:
Monanema martini in its murid hosts: microfiladermia related to infective larvae and adult filariae

Mattern, A., 1994:
Monardas of merit

Vagnoni, D.B.; Craig, W.M.; Gates, R.N.; Wyatt, W.E.; Southern, L.L., 1995:
Monensin and ammoniation or urea supplementation of bermudagrass hay diets for steers

Weisman, Y.; Wax, E.; Bartov, I., 1994:
Monensin toxicity in two breeds of laying hens

Zargham Khan, M.; Szarek, J.; Rotkiewicz, T., 1994:
Monensin toxicosis in broiler chicks concurrently fed selenium or lead: light and ultrastructural alterations

Rajendra Singh; Lal, K.; Prasad, S., 1994:
Monetary contribution of milk and milk products in livestock sector

Anonymous, 1995:
Money-go-rounds: the importance of rotating savings and credit associations for women

Steinwand, D., 1994:
Moneylending and modern times: informal credit in Thailand

Ruegg, J.; Siegfried, W., 1992:
Monilia - a major problem in quince production

Das, K.L.; Misra, P.R.; Panda, S.K., 1993:
Moniliasis in poultry

Laurenson, M.R.; Manktelow, D.W., 1992:
Monitor: a computer-based tool for monitoring apple black spot infection periods

Balice, V.; Carrieri, C.; Rindone, B.; Rozzi, A., 1991:
Monitored biodegradation of concentrated waste waters by means of traditional and mass spectrometric methods

Elhag, E.T.A., 1992:
Monitoring Agromyza sp. (Diptera: Agromyzidae) wheat leafminer with yellow sticky trap

Zumr, V.; Stary, P., 1995:
Monitoring Hylobius abietis (L.) (Col., Curculionidae) by baited pitfall traps in relation to planting and treatment of seedlings in a re-forested area

Meyer, W.S.; White, R.J.G.; Smith, D.J.; Baer, B.D., 1994:
Monitoring a rice crop to validate the CERES rice model

Anonymous, 1993:
Monitoring adjustment and poverty in Bangladesh

Stewart, J.G., 1994:
Monitoring adult European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in potatoes on Prince Edward Island

Teli, V.S.; Salunkhe, G.N., 1993:
Monitoring adults of sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius Fab. with sex pheromone

Bugiani, R.; Govoni, P.; Bottazzi, R.; Giannico, P.; Montini, B.; Pozza, M., 1995:
Monitoring airborne concentrations of sporangia of Phytophthora infestans in relation to tomato late blight in Emilia Romagna, Italy

Buttner, M.P.; Stetzenbach, L.D., 1993:
Monitoring airborne fungal spores in an experimental indoor environment to evaluate sampling methods and the effects of human activity on air sampling

Chapman, M.D.; Heymann, P.W.; Sporik, R.B.; Platts Mills, T.A.E., 1995:
Monitoring allergen exposure in asthma: new treatment strategies

Decau, M.L.; Salette, J., 1992:
Monitoring ammonium and nitrate seasonal variations in grassland soils after sward destruction

Welty, C., 1995:
Monitoring and control of European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), on bell peppers in Ohio

Maddock, N., 1994:
Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural and rural development projects: a review

Harrington, R.; Mann, J.A.; Plumb, R.T.; Smith, A.J.; Taylor, M.S.; Foster, G.N.; Holmes, S.J.; Masterman, A.J.; Tones, S.J.; Knight, J.D.; Oakley, J.N.; Barker, I.; Walters, K.F.A., 1994:
Monitoring and forecasting for BYDV control - the way forward?

Sinha, A.K.; Gajendra Prasad, 1994:
Monitoring and identification of mycotoxins in marketed bakery bread during monsoon

Mulligan, D.F.C.; Jones, E.E.rian; Deacon, J.W., 1995:
Monitoring and manipulation of populations of Pythium oligandrum, Pythium mycoparasiticum and a Papulaspora species in soil

Melcer, H., 1994:
Monitoring and Modeling VOCs in Wastewater Facilities

Chung, G.F.; Sim, S.C.; Hon, K.M.; Ramli, K., 1995:
Monitoring and surveillance system for integrated pest management of leaf eating caterpillars in oil palm

Chen, C.C.; Tseng, Y.H., 1993:
Monitoring and survey of insect pests with potential to invade the Republic of China

Scopel, I.; Rocha, H.O. da; Moraes, M.E.S. de; Valerio Filho, M., 1991:
Monitoring areas with indexes of soil erosion losses greater than the critical limit. I.Estimations with reference to 1980 and 1987

Fisher, G.E.J.; Waterhouse, A., 1994:
Monitoring botanical change in semi-natural hill in Scotland

Ribed, P.S.ljestrom; Moreno Lopez, A., 1995:
Monitoring burnt areas by principal components analysis of multi-temporal TM data

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Monitoring change in the extent of salt-affected soils in northern India

Reddy, R., 1993:
Monitoring cheese milk setting by Gelograph-MReg.

Kofer, J.; Fuchs, K., 1994:
Monitoring chemical residues in meat. III. Organochlorine pesticides in kidney fat

Aneja, V.P.; Murthy, A.B., 1994:
Monitoring deposition of nitrogen-containing compounds in a high-elevation forest canopy

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Monitoring diamondback moth, Plutella maculipennis Curtis in the north-west Himalaya

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Monitoring dietary change in populations and the need for specific food targets; lessons from the North West Thames Regional Health Survey

Bragg, J.R.; Prince, R.J.; Atlas, R.M., 1993:
Monitoring effectiveness of bioremediation of the Alaskan oil spill

Dawson, M.W.; Daniel, J.E., 1995:
Monitoring final mill effluent by TOC (total organic carbon)

Ramsey, E.W.IIi, 1995:
Monitoring flooding in coastal wetlands by using radar imagery and ground-based measurements

Lambert, R., 1994:
Monitoring food security and coping strategies: lessons learnt from the SADS project, Mopti region, Mali

Herne, S., 1995:
Monitoring food standards in private homes

Dorny, P.; Vercruysse, J., 1994:
Monitoring for anthelmintic resistance

Grafton Cardwell, E.E.; Vehrs, S.L.C., 1995:
Monitoring for organophosphate- and carbamate-resistant armored scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) in San Joaquin Valley citrus, G.E.S.A.; Rashwan, M.H.; E.B.rmawy, Z.A.; Radwan, H.S.A.; Hussein, A.H.M., 1991:
Monitoring for resistance in the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.), against insecticide mixtures with benzoylphenyl ureas

Kanga, L.B.H.; Plapp, F.W.J.; Wall, M.L.; Elzen, G.W.; Lopez, J., 1994:
Monitoring for resistance in the tobacco budworm to organophosphorus, carbamate, and cyclodiene insecticides

Rignot, E.; Way, J.B., 1994:
Monitoring freeze-thaw cycles along north-south Alaskan transects using ERS-1 SAR

Byers, M.E.; Tyess, D.; Antonious, G.F.; Hilborn, D.; Jarret, L., 1995:
Monitoring herbicide leaching in sustainable vegetable culture using tension lysimeters

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Monitoring insecticide resistance of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Pakistan

Hockland, S.; Hines, C.; Furk, C.; Devonshire, A.L.; Devine, G.J.; Dewar, A.M.; Read, L.A., 1992 :
Monitoring insecticide resistance of aphids in sugar beet and potatoes in England and Wales 1982-1991

Tunstall, Brian, 1995:
Monitoring land condition in Australian army training areas

Hill, J., 1993:
Monitoring land degradation and soil erosion in Mediterranean environments

Zhu Feng, 1995:
Monitoring land desertification at the middle reaches of the Tarim River in Xinjiang

Kofer, J.; Fuchs, K., 1995:
Monitoring meat for residues. IV. Therapeutic substances, hormones and hormone antagonists

Beaubien, A.; Hu, Y.; Bellahcen, D.; Urbain, V.; Chang, J., 1995:
Monitoring metabolic activity of denitrification processes using gas production measurements

Comis, D., 1995:
Monitoring methane

Zheng, B.Z.; Gao, X.W., 1994:
Monitoring method for insecticide resistance in adult of greenhouse whitefly

Kotcon, J.B.; Wimmer, M., 1993:
Monitoring movement of fenamiphos through soil water in peach orchards using quantitation by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Meyer, P.D.; Valocchi, A.J.; Eheart, J.W., 1994:
Monitoring network design to provide initial detection of groundwater contamination

Wander, M.M.; Shuman, L.M.; Pitts, R.B., 1995:
Monitoring nitrate in soils with coated wire ion specific electrodes

Tonderski, A.; Grimvall, A.; Dojlido, J.R.; Van Dijk, G.M., 1995:
Monitoring nutrient transport in large rivers

Butcher, L.V., 1991:
Monitoring of Alouatta monkeys as an early warning system in yellow fever surveillance

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Monitoring of BYDV strains in 1992-93

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Monitoring of Coleoptera infesting cereal grains

Abelleira, A.; Mansilla, J.P., 1993:
Monitoring of Meloidogyne hapla Chitwood populations in kiwi fruit plants (Actinidia deliciosa (A. Chev.) Liang & Ferguson)

Tuttobene, R., 1994:
Monitoring of Phoma tracheiphila inoculum

Cho JumRae; Kim YoungJoon; Ahn YoungJoon; Yoo JaiKi; Lee JeongOon, 1995:
Monitoring of acaricide resistance in field-collected populations of Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Korea

Llugany, M.; Poschenrieder, C.; Barcelo, J., 1995:
Monitoring of aluminium-induced inhibition of root elongation in four maize cultivars differing in tolerance to aluminium and proton toxicity

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Monitoring of auto exhaust pollution by roadside plants

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Monitoring of bacterial sugars and hydroxy Fatty acids in dust from air conditioners by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Franke, C.R.; Greiner, M.; Mehlitz, D., 1994:
Monitoring of clinical, parasitological and serological parameters during an experimental infection of capybaras (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) with Trypanosoma evansi

Svobodova, Z.; Vykusova, B.; Piacka, V.; Machova, J.; Bastl, J.; Hrbkova, M.; Svobodnik, J., 1994:
Monitoring of contamination in fish from Labe river at Opatovice locality

Jalon, M.; Urieta, I.; Pablo, B. de; Macho, M.L., 1994:
Monitoring of contamination of milk and milk products by aflatoxin M1 in the Basque Autonomous Region

Dhanorkar, B.K.; Puri, S.N., 1993:
Monitoring of cotton bollworms using sex pheromone traps in Marathwada

Sakuma, T.; Domoto, H.; Satoh, F.; Kobayashi, S.; Tanaka, Y., 1994:
Monitoring of dry deposition rates by a foliar extraction method using potted young trees

Rignot, E.; Way, J.B.; McDonald, K.; Viereck, L.; Williams, C.; Adams, P.; Payne, C.; Wood, W.; Shi, J.C., 1994:
Monitoring of environmental conditions in taiga forests using ERS-1 SAR

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Monitoring of extensive livestock farms in pasture land: case study in Montmorillonnais, France

Babusiaux, C., 1992:
Monitoring of food products at the beginning of 1993

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Monitoring of forest ecosystems in the Russian subarctic: effects of industrial pollution

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Monitoring of harmful organisms in apple orchards for the evaluation of harvested products

Anastasio, A.; Ranaldi, C.; Santoro, A.; Cortesi, M.L., 1994:
Monitoring of hygiene in some types of meat-based pre-cooked meals

Wang WeiZhuan; Chen WeiPing; L.S.uQin; X.Y.oKui, 1993:
Monitoring of insecticide resistance in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) to chlorfluazuron and Bacillus thuringiensis in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Tan, J.G.; Zou, B.H., 1993:
Monitoring of insecticide resistance of rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis (Walker) and studies on the monitoring method

Bhavnani, S.M.; Preston, S.L., 1995:
Monitoring of intravenous quinidine infusion in the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Kumar, Y.; Byrtus, G., 1993:
Monitoring of methoxychlor residues in the Athabasca River system in northern Alberta after treatment for control of black fly larval populations

Maurer, M.; Gujer, W., 1995:
Monitoring of microbial phosphorus release in batch experiments using electric conductivity

Ronco, C.; Faure, E., 1993:
Monitoring of naturally occurring mirids on tomatoes grown in tunnels

Porte, C.; Barcelo, D.; Albaiges, J., 1992:
Monitoring of organophosphorus and organochlorinated compounds in a rice crop field (Ebro Delta, Spain) using the mosquitofish Gambusia affinis as indicator organism

Gomez Gomez, C.; Arufe Martinez, M.I.; Romero Palanco, J.L.; Gamero Lucas, J.J.; Vizcaya Rojas, M.A., 1995:
Monitoring of organophosphorus insecticides in the Guadalete River (southern Spain)

Ulberth, F.; Roubicek, D., 1995:
Monitoring of oxidative deterioration of milk powder by headspace gas chromatography

Bu ; um ; chi, R., 1993:
Monitoring of parasitoids of the cabbage seed weevil, Ceutorhynchus assimilis during 1990 and 1991 in Switzerland

Dubey, J.K.; Nath, A., 1995:
Monitoring of pesticide residues in temperate horticulture produce in India

Kreuger, J., 1995:
Monitoring of pesticides in subsurface and surface water within an agricultural catchment in southern Sweden

Arno, J.; Arino, J.; Marti, M.; Tio, M., 1994:
Monitoring of populations of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in tomato cultivation

Kipp, W.; Kielmann, A.A.; Kwered, E.; Merk, L.G.; Rubaale, T., 1994:
Monitoring of primary health care services: an example from western Uganda

Hasholt, B.; Hansen, B.S., 1995:
Monitoring of rill formation

Hardy, P.B., 1994:
Monitoring of selected butterfly species and their hostplant-habitats by 100 msuperscript 2 units

Calvo B.C.M., 1994:
Monitoring of sensitivity of Mycosphaerella fijiensis to benomyl

Chozhan, K.; Regupathy, A., 1993:
Monitoring of six organophosphorus insecticides in cardamom

Sadowski, J.; Kostowska, B.; Rola, J., 1994:
Monitoring of surface and groundwater contamination by herbicides in the province of Wrocaw

Achurra, X.; Salinas, J., 1993:
Monitoring of the level of compliance with the conditions of the International Code of Marketing of Human Milk Substitutes

Tekeli, T.; Aksoy, M.; Ozsar, S.; Guven, B.; Coyan, K.; Semacan, A.; Alan, M., 1994:
Monitoring of the luteolytic effect of a reduced dose of cloprostenol in cows from signs of oestrus and plasma progesterone concentration

Spanjers, H.; Temmink, H.; Klapwijk, A., 1994:
Monitoring of the maximum respiration rate

Alves, P.M.P.; Lima, J.O.G. de; Oliveira, L.N. de, 1992:
Monitoring of the resistance of the coffee leafminer, Perileucoptera coffeella (Guerin-Meneville, 1842) (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae), to insecticides, in Minas Gerais

Schwedes, C.; Grunbaum, E.G., 1994:
Monitoring of treatment of renal failure in dogs

Kasischke, E.S.; French, N.H.F.; Harrell, P.; ChristensenNorman L.Jr.; Ustin, S.L.; Barry, D., 1993:
Monitoring of wildfires in boreal forests using large area AVHRR NDVI composite image data

Prest, H.F.; Richardson, B.J.; Jacobson, L.A.; Vedder, J.; Martin, M., 1995:
Monitoring organochlorines with semi-permeable membrane devices (SPMDs) and mussels (Mytilus edulis) in Corio Bay, Victoria, Australia

Brown, L.J.; Stephens, P.R., 1995:
Monitoring pasture productivity in New Zealand-an investigation using NOAA-11 AVHRR data and dairy farm milk fat production

Plowman, T., 1995:
Monitoring pesticide residues in fresh fruit and vegetables: 1992-94

Wang, Y.T.; Strong, K.J., 1993:
Monitoring physical and chemical properties of freshly harvested field-grown Aloe vera leaves. A preliminary report

Landivar, J.A.; Livingston, S.; Parker, R.D., 1993:
Monitoring plant growth and yield in short-season cotton production using plant map data

Ince, M.E.; Ojo, T.I., 1994:
Monitoring pollution in Lagos lagoon systems

Niederer, M.; Maschka-Selig, A.; Hohl, C., 1995:
Monitoring polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals in urban soil, compost and vegetation

Lapietra, G.; Allegro, G., 1994:
Monitoring population dynamics of Paranthrene tabaniformis with pheromone traps

Prince, S.D.; Goetz, S.J.; Goward, S.N., 1995:
Monitoring primary production from earth observing satellites

Ibeun, M.O.; Atinmo, M.I., 1995:
Monitoring publication on Lake Kainji in Nigeria: librarian's approach

Greiner, R., 1994:
Monitoring regeneration by permanent samples

Monfort, S.L.; Schwartz, C.C.; Wasser, S.K., 1993:
Monitoring reproduction in captive moose using urinary and fecal steroid metabolites

Lee, H.L.; Tadano, T., 1994:
Monitoring resistance gene frequencies in Malaysian Culex quinquefasciatus Say adults using rapid non-specific esterase enzyme microassays

Huang, H.J.; Huang, Y.Y., 1994:
Monitoring resistance of the citrus red mite (Panonychus citri) to Torque in Guangdong

Kopke, V.; Tuchola Haas, M.; Schultz, D.G., 1992:
Monitoring soil nutrient status and dynamics by means of reference plot analysis

Vanclooster, M.; Mallants, D.; Vanderborght, J.; Diels, J.; Van Orshoven, J.; Feyen, J., 1995:
Monitoring solute transport in a multi-layered sandy lysimeter using time domain reflectometry

van Belkum, A.; Boekhout, T.; Bosboom, R., 1994:
Monitoring spread of Malassezia infections in a neonatal intensive care unit by PCR-mediated genetic typing

Kaku, Shosuke, 1993:
Monitoring stress sensitivity by water proton NMR relaxation times in leaves of azaleas that originated in different ecological habitats

Hildebrandt, M., 1993:
Monitoring success in the rehabilitation of protection forest

Courault, D.; Bertuzzi, P.; Girard, M.C.aude, 1993:
Monitoring surface changes of bare soils due to slaking using spectral measurements

Hussain, S.S.; Erenstein, O., 1993:
Monitoring sustainability issues in agriculture in Swat Valley, northern Pakistan

Lozano Garcia, D.F.; Fernandez, R.N.; Gallo, K.P.; Johannsen, C.J., 1995:
Monitoring the 1988 severe drought in Indiana, U.S.A. using AVHRR data

Ward, J.C.; Hedley, S.J., 1994:
Monitoring the New Zealand coastal policy statement: a preliminary assessment

Birkhead, A.L.; James, C.S.; Olbrich, B.W., 1995:
Monitoring the bank storage dynamics component of the riparian water balance in the Sabie River, Kruger National Park

Banerjee, D.; Fedorak, P.; Hashimoto, A.M.sliyah, J.; Pickard, M.; Gray, M., 1995:
Monitoring the biological treatment of anthracene-contaminated soil in a rotating-drum bioreactor

Kovalev, B.I., 1994:
Monitoring the condition of the forests in the area affected by atmospheric pollution from the Norilsk industrial region

Haskins, S.; Aldrich, J., 1994:
Monitoring the critically ill patient

Antonacci, D.; Liuzzi, V.A.; Notte, E. la, 1994:
Monitoring the decline in pesticide residues during maturation of the 'Italia' grape. Note II. Influence of cultural techniques

Liuzzi, V.A.; Antonacci, D.; Notte, E. la; Leone, A.M.; Gambacorta, G., 1994:
Monitoring the decline in pesticide residues during the maturation of the 'Italia' grape. Multiresidues analysis

McIntosh, P.D.; Allen, R.B.; Patterson, R.; Aubrey, B.; McGimpsey, P., 1994:
Monitoring the effects of pastoral use on upland and high country soils in South Island, New Zealand

Kane, M.D.; Poulsen, L.K.; Stahl, D.A., 1993:
Monitoring the enrichment and isolation of sulfate-reducing bacteria by using oligonucleotide hybridization probes designed from environmentally derived 16S rRNA sequences

Hecht, J.E., 1995:
Monitoring the environmental impacts of trade policy reform in Africa: lessons from Chad

Wendt Potthoff, K.; Backhaus, H.; Smalla, K., 1994:
Monitoring the fate of genetically engineered bacteria sprayed on the phylloplane of bush beans and grass

Brannas, E.; Alanara, A., 1993:
Monitoring the feeding activity of individual fish with a demand feeding system

Zanni, M.L.; Poglayen, G.; Marzadori, F.; Benassi, M.C.; Capucci, L.; Carpene, E.; Fabbi, M.; Magnino, S.; Tagliabue, S.; Roda, R.; Tasselli, A.; Serra, R.; Venturi, L.; Bartolucci, M.; Galuppi, R.; Lavazza, A., 1995:
Monitoring the health of hares (Lepus europaeus Pallas) in Ravenna province

Racko, J.; Pavlenda, P.; Mankovska, B.; Tothova, S.; Bucha, T., 1994:
Monitoring the health state of forests in Slovakia

Copus, A.K., 1995:
Monitoring the initial impact of CAP reform at the sub-regional level in Scotland

Henrion, B.; D.B.ttista, C.; Bouchard, D.; Vairelles, D.; Thompson, B.D.; L.T.con, F.; Martin, F., 1994:
Monitoring the persistence of Laccaria bicolor as an ectomycorrhizal symbiont of nursery-grown Douglas fir by PCR of the rDNA intergenic spacer

Ruohoniemi, M.; Hilden, L.; Salo, L.; Tulamo, R.M.ri, 1995:
Monitoring the progression of tarsal ossification with ultrasonography and radiography in three immature foals

Benuzzi, M.; Tommasini, M.G.; Gervasini, E., 1994:
Monitoring the quality of biological control agents used for biological and integrated control

Gu, Z.Y.; Han, L.J.; Wang, Q.; Huang, X.L.; Xu, X.L., 1993:
Monitoring the reproduction rate of the cotton aphid and carmine spider mite on cotton and the resurgence of the cotton aphid under pyrethroid pressure

Tao, L.Y.; Wu, G.R.; Yu, X.P., 1992:
Monitoring the resistance of several rice varieties to the brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stahl.)

Vaissayre, M., 1994:
Monitoring the sensitivity to pesticides of some cotton pests in francophone Africa and Madagascar

Castagnetti, G.B.; Cuoghi, F.; Gambini, G., 1993:
Monitoring the urea content in bulk milk from the area producing Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

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Monitoring tolerance to insecticides in boll weevil populations (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Mexico

Kuhn, A.J.; Bauch, J.; Schroeder, W.H., 1995:
Monitoring uptake and contents of Mg, Ca and K in Norway spruce as influenced by pH and Al, using microprobe analysis and stable isotope labelling

Burgan, R.E.; Hartford, R.A., 1993:
Monitoring vegetation greenness with satellite data

Dantas, R.T.; Ramana Rao, T.V., 1994:
Monitoring water stress in maize with an infrared thermometer

Diraviam, J.; Uthamasamy, S., 1993:
Monitoring whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) on sunflower with yellow sticky traps

S.N.nYao; Thoms, E.M.; Ban, P.M.; Scheffrahn, R.H., 1995:
Monitoring/baiting station to detect and eliminate foraging populations of subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) near structures

Barnola, L.F.lipe; Hasegawa, M.; Cedeno, A., 1994:
Mono- and sesquiterpene variation in Pinus caribaea needles and its relationship to Atta laevigata herbivory

Scavone, C.; Mckee, M.; Nathanson, J.A., 1994:
Monoamine uptake in insect synaptosomal preparations

Radek, Renate., 1994:
Monocercomonoides termitis n. sp., an oxymonad from the lower termite Kalotermes sinaicus

Cuq, F.; Herrmann Gorline, S.; Klaebe, A.; Rossignol, M.; Petitprez, M., 1993:
Monocerin in Exserohilum turcicum isolates from maize and a study of its phytotoxicity

Diez, A.; Alvarez, M.J.; Prieto, M.I.abel; Bautista, J.M.; Garrido Pertierra, A., 1995:
Monochloroacetate dehalogenase activities of bacterial strains isolated from soil

Bagçi, H.; Kohen, F.; Kusçuoglu, U.; Bayer, E.A.; Wilchek, M., 1993:
Monoclonal anti-biotin antibodies simulate avidin in the recognition of biotin

Müller, B.; Bizub-Bender, D.; Andrake, M.D.; Jones, K.S.; Skalka, A.M., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies against Rous sarcoma virus integrase protein exert differential effects on integrase function in vitro

Viyanant, V.; Gajanadana, O.; Upatham, E.S.; Sobhon, P.; Kruatrachue, M.; Ahmed, S.; Ardseungnoen, P., 1993:
Monoclonal antibodies against Schistosoma mekongi surface tegumental antigens

Azwai, S.M.; Carter, S.D.; Woldehiwet, Z., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies against camel (Camelus dromedarius) IgG, IgM and light chains

Siwicki, A.K.; Vergnet, C.; Charlemagne, J.; Dunier, M., 1994:
Monoclonal antibodies against goldfish (Carassius auratus) immunoglobulin: application to the quantification of immunoglobulin and antibody-secreting cells by ELISPOT and seric immunoglobulin and antibody levels by ELISA in carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Kaushal, D.C.; Kaushal, N.A.; Chandra, D., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies against lactate dehydrogenase of Plasmodium knowlesi

Maruyama, S.; Katsube, Y., 1993:
Monoclonal antibodies against larval excretory secretory antigen of Toxocara canis

Wang, J.L.; Zhang, Z.D.; Li, Z.R.; Gu, L.Y.; Yin, S.X., 1994:
Monoclonal antibodies against mycotoxin zearalenone and its application in immunoassay

Cheng, C.P.; Chen, C.T.; Deng, T.C.; Su, H.J., 1993:
Monoclonal antibodies against sugarcane mosaic virus

Getz, H.P.ter; Thom, M.; Maretzki, A., 1994:
Monoclonal antibodies as tools for the identification of the tonoplast sucrose carrier from sugarcane stalk tissue

Niedrig, M.; Klockmann, U.; Lang, W.; Roeder, J.; Burk, S.; Modrow, S.; Pauli, G., 1994:
Monoclonal antibodies directed against tick-borne encephalitis virus with neutralizing activity in vivo

Hahnau, S.; Weiler, E.W., 1993:
Monoclonal antibodies for the enzyme immunoassay of the mycotoxin cyclopiazonic acid

Pettersen, E.F.; Fyllingen, I.; Kavlie, A.; Maaseide, N.P.; Glette, J.; Endresen, C.; Wergeland, H.I., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies reactive with serum IgM and leukocytes from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Jones, W.T.; Harvey, D.; Jones, S.D.; Ryan, G.B.; Wynberg, H.; Ten Hoeve, W.; Reynolds, P.H.S., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies specific for the organophosphate pesticide azinphos-methyl

Guthrie, N.; Crandall, I.E.; Marini, S.; Fasciglione, G.F.; Sherman, I.W., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies that react with human band 3 residues 542-555 recognize different conformations of this protein in uninfected and Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes

Coleman, J.O.D.; Hiscock, S.J.; Dewey, F.M., 1993:
Monoclonal antibodies to purified cutinase from Fusarium solani f.sp. pisi

Allen, C.A.; Green, D.P., 1995:
Monoclonal antibodies which recognize equatorial segment epitopes presented de novo following the A23187-induced acrosome reaction of guinea pig sperm

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Monoclonal antibodies: production and potential uses in veterinary biotechnology

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Monoclonal antibody S37 induces apoptosis in bovine T lymphoma cells

Alves, M.S.; Martins, M.S.; Pena, S.D., 1995:
Monoclonal antibody against a 52 K sperm surface protein inhibits sperm-zona pellucida interactions in the rat

Camargo, Z.P.; Gesztesi, J.L.; Saraiva, E.C.; Taborda, C.P.; Vicentini, A.P.; Lopes, J.D., 1994:
Monoclonal antibody capture enzyme immunoassay for detection of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis antibodies in paracoccidioidomycosis

Brandon, D.L.; Binder, R.G.; Bates, A.H.; Montague, W.C.Jr, 1994:
Monoclonal antibody for multiresidue ELISA of benzimidazole anthelmintics in liver

Chang, F.L.n; Chen, C.C.ung; Lin, C.P.n, 1995:
Monoclonal antibody for the detection and identification of a phytoplasma associated with rice yellow dwarf

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Monoclonal antibody labels olfactory and visual pathways in Drosophila and Apis brains

Mukherjee, J.; Cleare, W.; Casadevall, A., 1995:
Monoclonal antibody mediated capsular reactions (Quellung) in Cryptococcus neoformans

Takai, S.; Iie, M.; Kobayashi, C.; Morishita, T.; Nishio, T.; Ishida, T.; Fujimura, T.; Sasaki, Y.; Tsubaki, S., 1993:
Monoclonal antibody specific to virulence-associated 15- to 17-kilodalton antigens of Rhodococcus equi

Hirata, A.; Adachi, Y.; Itoh, W.; Komoda, M.; Tabata, K.; Sugawara, I., 1994:
Monoclonal antibody to proteoglycan derived from Grifola frondosa (Maitake)

Eterradossi, N.; Toquin, D.; Adam, G.; Picault, J.P.; Drouin, P.; Guittet, M.; Bennejean, G., 1994:
Monoclonal antibody typing of recent isolates of infectious bursal disease virus from France

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Monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for the detection of ethyl parathion

Brandon, D.; Binder, R.; Bates, A.; Montague, W.J., 1992:
Monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for thiabendazole in liver

Koppel, M.M. van de; Schots, A., 1995:
Monoclonal antibody-based double-antibody sandwich-ELISA for detection of Verticillium spp. in ornamentals

Barna-Vetró, I.; Gyöngyösi, A.; Solti, L., 1994:
Monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of Fusarium T-2 and zearalenone toxins in cereals

Sherchand, J.B.; Thammapalerd, N.; Riganti, M.; Tharavanij, S.; Punpoowong, B., 1994:
Monoclonal antibody-based immunohistochemical demonstration of Entamoeba histolytica in liver tissues of experimentally infected hamster (Mesocricetus auratus)

Adegboye, D.S.; Rasberry, U.; Halbur, P.G.; Andrews, J.J.; Rosenbusch, R.F., 1995:
Monoclonal antibody-based immunohistochemical technique for the detection of Mycoplasma bovis in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded calf lung tissues

Gallardo, F.; Miginiac-Maslow, M.; Sangwan, R.S.; Decottignies, P.; Keryer, E.; Dubois, F.; Bismuth, E.; Galvez, S.; Sangwan-Norreel, B.; Gadal, P., 1995:
Monocotyledonous C4 NADP(+)-malate dehydrogenase is efficiently synthesized, targeted to chloroplasts and processed to an active form in transgenic plants of the C3 dicotyledon tobacco

Noltie, H., 1995:
Monocotyledons of Bhutan

Paul, P.K.; Varshney, V.; Sharma, P.D., 1995:
Monocrotophos induced changes in amino acid and monosaccharide contents of tobacco leaves

Nestor, J., 1994:
Monocultures: a legible reform

Rovid, A.H.; Carpenter, S.; Roth, J.A., 1995:
Monocyte function in cattle experimentally infected with bovine immunodeficiency-like virus

Maury, W., 1994:
Monocyte maturation controls expression of equine infectious anemia virus

Williams, A.E.; Ryder, S.; Blakemore, W.F., 1995:
Monocyte recruitment into the scrapie-affected brain

Shaio, M.F.; Lin, P.R.; Liu, J.Y.; Tang, K.D., 1994:
Monocyte-derived interleukin-8 involved in the recruitment of neutrophils induced by Trichomonas vaginalis infection

Pronai, L.; Hiramatsu, K.; Lang, I.; Feher, J., 1993:
Monocytes generate more superoxide in hypertriglyceridemia but not in diabetes mellitus

Kurosu, U.; Aoki, S., 1995:
Monoecious life cycle of the tropical aphid Astegopteryx roepkei (Homoptera)

Khrimian, A.P.; Demilo, A.B.; Waters, R.M.; Liquido, N.J.; Nicholson, J.M., 1994:
Monofluoro analogs of eugenol methyl ether as novel attractants for the Oriental fruit fly

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More for less

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More forms of leisure

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More goats and more milk in the Aveyron

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More high-quality pelts

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More hybrids of mango

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More jobs at Panova

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More pruning a stem for apples. Multi-branch system gives higher production

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More spurges for the garden

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More than half the sales are of yoghurt

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More than the beach - looking after Australia's marine resources

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More to supervise during change over

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More trouble from ticks

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Morphology and growth of stolons and rhizomes in three clonal grasses, as affected by different light supply

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Morphology and histology of male accessory reproductive glands of Poecilocerus pictus Fabr. (Orthoptera: Phygomorphidae)

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Morphology and life cycle of Crithidia bombi Gorbunov 1987 (Kinetoplastida, Trypanosomatidae)

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Morphology and life cycles of two new species of Stenoductus (Apicomplexa: Cephalina) from the millipede, Chondromorpha kelaarti in Kerala, India

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Morphology and life history of Neozygites cf. adjarica, an entomopathogenic fungus parasitized on the two spotted spider mites, Tetranychus urticae in Taiwan

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Morphology and location of attached follicular cumulus-oocyte complexes in horses, cattle and llamas

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Morphology and microtubule organization in Arabidopsis roots exposed to oryzalin or taxol

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Morphology and morphometrics of three oxyurids parasitic in primates with a description of Lemuricola microcebi n. sp

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Morphology and pattern of root distribution in Prosopis cineraria, Dalbergia sissoo and Albizia lebbek in an arid region of north-western India

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Morphology and physico-chemical properties of red soils (Alfisols) under irrigated and unirrigated conditions of Nagarjunsagar Project Area of Andhra Pradesh

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Morphology and spatial distribution of bee antennal lobe interneurones responsive to odours

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Morphology and subsequent development in culture of bovine oocytes matured in vitro under various conditions of fertilization

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Morphology and systematics of the adult male of Lopholeucaspis japonica (Cockerell) (Coccinea Diaspididae)

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Morphology and taxonomic application of orbicules (Ubisch bodies) in the genus Euphorbia

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Morphology and taxonomy of the genus Fictor Paramonov, 1952 (Rhabditidae: Diplogasteridae)

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Morphology and ultrastructure of cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus grown in associations with plant cells

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Morphology and ultrastructure of secreting and nonsecreting foliar trichomes of Helichrysum aureonitens (Asteraceae)

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Morphology and ultrastructure of the convoluted gland in the ant Dinoponera australis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Morphology of 2-armed trichomes in relation to taxonomy: Malpighiales

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Morphology of Agrostis stolonifera (Poaceae) on heavy metal soils

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Morphology of adult Pthirus pubis

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Morphology of cystacanths of some acanthocephalans from aquatic and terrestrial intermediate hosts in the Ukraine

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Morphology of different developmental stages of Nothocriconema annuliferum (Nematoda, Criconematina)

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Morphology of epicuticular waxes in Pinus pinea needles in relation to season and pollution-climate

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Morphology of germlings of urediniospores and its value for the identification and classification of grass rust fungi

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Morphology of hepatic siderosis in birds

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Morphology of immature and adult stages of Cornuaspis beckii (Newman, 1869) and Insulaspis gloverii (Packard, 1869) (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae)

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Morphology of infection of onion leaves by Alternaria porri

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Morphology of life cycle stages of Goussia bohemica n. sp. (Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae), a parasite of the goblet and epithelial cells of the gudgeon (Gobio gobio L.)

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Morphology of long- and short-day eggs of Aedes atropalpus and A. epactius (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Morphology of marine free living nematodes of one rare and two new species of Pseudolella (Nematoda, Axonolaimidae) and diagnosis of the genus

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Morphology of pollen grains of chosen evergreen woody plants

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Morphology of postpollination fruit abortion in pecan

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Morphology of protoscoleces of Echinococcus granulosus

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Morphology of sensilla on the proboscis of flesh flies under scanning electron microscopy

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Morphology of supraependymal cells and their occurrence in the cerebral ventricles of sheep and goats. A scanning electron microscopy study

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Morphology of the cyst of Blastocystis hominis

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Morphology of the digestive tube of workers of the genus Termes (Isoptera: Termitidae) of the Neotropical region

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Morphology of the female reproductive system of Phanerotoma (Phanerotoma) ocularis Kohl (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

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Morphology of the mesothoracic tubercles of the pupae of some Lepidoptera (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Hesperiidae, Sphingidae)

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Morphology of the specialized setae on the body extremities of Trombiculidae

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Morphology of the thoracic skeleton of the nymph and adult of Cicadetta montana Scop. (Homoptera, Cicadidae)

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Morphology, characteristics and classification of soils under Sisal (Agave sisalana) cultivation

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Morphology, composition and fertilization of carp eggs: a review

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Morphology, distribution and dynamics of root systems of Artemisia halodendron and Caragana microphylla

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Morphology, fertility and cross-compatibility of somatic hybrids between Brassica oleracea L. and B. campestris L

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Morphology, homogonic development, and lack of a free-living generation in Strongyloides robustus (Nematoda, Rhabditoidea), a parasite of North American sciurids

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Morphology, morphometry and ultrastructure of the maxillary gland of the terrestrial isopod Porcellio scaber (Crustacea, Oniscidea)

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Morphometric analysis of Apis mellifera L. populations from south-eastern Europe

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Morphometric analysis of Bavarian honey bees: 'race standard' and regional differences

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Morphometric analysis of cypselas and cotyledons in two species of Onopordum L. (Asteraceae)

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Morphometric analysis of enteric lesions in C3H/HeN mice inoculated with Serpulina hyodysenteriae serotypes 2 and 4 with or without oral streptomycin pretreatment

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Morphometric analysis of the deposition and mineralization of enamel and dentine from rat incisor during the recovery phase following a low-calcium regimen

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Morphometric and demographic variation of Phaleria testacea Say (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae) from two beaches in Rio de Janeiro

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Morphometric and electrophoretic analysis of two populations of European black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.)

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Morphometric and enzymatic comparison between populations of Mythimna unipuncta (Haworth) (Lep: Noctuidae) from 3 islands in the Azores

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Morphometric and histologic changes in the pulmonary system of broilers raised at simulated high altitude

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Morphometric and histometric studies on the gonads and uterus of sexually mature rabbits. A contribution to the evaluation of reproductive fitness of purebred and crossbred spotted rabbits of different types in relation to systematic effects

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Morphometric aspects of maximum workers of Acromyrmex landolti balzani (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Morphometric changes in microvasculature in rat myocardium during malnutrition

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Morphometric characterization of seeds of Euphorbia lagascae

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Morphometric comparisons of Aphytis species in the lingnanensis group (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

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Morphometric evaluation of 20 Heterorhabditis isolates from Puerto Rico

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Morphometric features of immature stages of Culicoides spp. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) prevalent in Marthwada region

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Morphometric relationships and energy allocation in the apical rosette galls of Solidago altissima (Asteraceae) induced by Rhopalomyia solidaginis (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

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Morphometric techniques do not detect intermediate and low levels of Africanization in honey bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) colonies

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Morphometrical changes of the arterial walls of main arteries from heart to the abdomino-inguinal mammary glands of rat from virgin through pregnancy, lactation and post-weaning

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Morphometrical investigation in Syrian honeybees

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Morphometrical study of Sardinian honey bee populations

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Morphometrics of Africanized honeybees in Tachira state

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Morphometrics of Musca domestica L. from a caged layer poultry system

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Morphometrics of Infective Juveniles of Steinernema spp. and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Nemata: Rhabditida)

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Morphometry and stereology of the conversion of thin-walled yeasts to phase I yeast cells of Wangiella dermatitidis

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Morphometry of Aphytis holoxanthus DeBach (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

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Morphometry of antennae and eyes in insects: data for investigation of coevolution in sensory systems within the Sesiidae family (Lepidoptera)

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Morphometry, age and growth of silver carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (Valenciennes) from Gobindsagar, Himachal Pradesh, India

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Morphophysiological and agronomic studies in four Stylosanthes guianensis accessions under three cutting heights and under grazing

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Morphophysiological peculiarities of the flea Xenopsylla gerbilli during the autumn-winter diapause

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Morphophysiological response of young wheat plants to root flooding

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Morphoregulative effects and transport of Rastim 30 DKV in etiolated pea seedlings

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Morphotypes of friable embryogenic maize callus

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Mortality among aerial pesticide applicators and flight instructors: a reprint

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Mortality among hybrid poplar clones in a stool bed following leaf rust caused by Melampsora medusae f.sp. deltoidae

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Mortality and growth of urea-fertilized Douglas-fir on a Phellinus weirii-infested site in Oregon

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Mortality and morbidity in young children in a region with stable hyperendemic malaria, in the commune of Nyanza-Lac, South Imbo, Burundi

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Mortality and reproductive parameters in Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera, Bombycidae) in response to low dosage treatment with the insecticide Insegar (fenoxycarb)

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Mortality factors in Ips typographus

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Mortality in equines at an organized farm - a retrospective study

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Mortality in laboratory colonies of Solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) treated with Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycetes)

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Mortality in one to six-month-old West African Dwarf lambs

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Mortality models for mountain and alpine ash

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Mortality of Atlas cedar on dolomite in Aveyron

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Mortality of Candida albicans-infected mice is facilitated by superinfection of Escherichia coli or administration of its lipopolysaccharide

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Mortality of European corn borer larvae by natural enemies in different corn microhabitats

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Mortality of Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) eggs in cotton as a function of oviposition sites, predator species, and desiccation

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Mortality of Terminalia ivorensis in Costa Rica

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Mortality of birds of prey following field application of granular carbofuran: a case study

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Mortality of captive Arapaima gigas (Osteoglossidae) heavily infected with gill monogenean Dawestrema cycloancistrium

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Mortality of cultured seabream (Sparus aurata) caused by an infection with a trematode of the genus Microcotyle

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Mortality of dairy cows in an ecopathological survey in Brittany

Warren, J.T.; Mysterud, I., 1995:
Mortality of domestic sheep in free-ranging flocks in southeastern Norway

Inglis, G.; Peniuk, R.; Goettel, M.; Johnson, D., 1995:
Mortality of grasshoppers exposed to Beauveria bassiana during oviposition and nymphal emergence

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