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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2659

Chapter 2659 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Menezes, A.V.; Sigesmund, D.A.; Demajo, W.A.; Devenyi, R.G., 1994:
Mortality of hospitalized patients with Candida endophthalmitis

Montoya, J.M., 1992:
Mortality of oak forests: silvicultural prospects and climatic factors. The problem of Hypoxylon mediterraneum in the cork oak forest of Mamora (Morocco)

Scott, W.P.; Mulrooney, J.E.; Womac, A.R., 1994:
Mortality of susceptible and resistant Heliothis virescens larvae exposed to various petroleum oils and insecticide rates

Sharp, J.L., 1995:
Mortality of sweetpotato weevil (Coleoptera: Apionidae) stages exposed to gamma irradiation

Oswald, B.P.; Neuenschwander, L.F., 1995:
Mortality of western larch seedlings in relation to seedbed characteristics at the dry end of its ecological range

Lalrintluanga, C.; Baruah, G.K., 1993:
Mortality pattern in broilers in Assam

Srivastava, S.P.; Sharma, V.K.; Jha, S.P., 1994:
Mortality patterns in breast versus artifically fed term babies in early infancy: a longitudinal study

Farghaly, H.M.; E.D.rawany, A.A.; Yamani, K.A., 1994:
Mortality rate in purebred commercial rabbits under Egyptian conditions

Condit, R.; Hubbell, S.P.; Foster, R.B., 1995:
Mortality rates of 205 neotropical tree and shrub species and the impact of a severe drought

Dejean, A.; Akoa, A.; Djieto Lordon, C.; Lenoir, A., 1994:
Mosaic ant territories in an African secondary rain forest (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Ohashi, M.; Kamiunten, H., 1994:
Mosaic disease of grain amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.) caused by cucumber mosaic virus (CMV)

Maiuri, L.; Rossi, M.; Raia, V.; Garipoli, V.; Hughes, L.A.; Swallow, D.; Norén, O.; Sjöström, H.; Auricchio, S., 1994:
Mosaic regulation of lactase in human adult-type hypolactasia

Sinelikov, E.A.; Tzyplenkov, A.E., 1994:
Mosaic viruses influence the susceptibility of barley to net blotch and frit fly

Andreadis, T.G.; Capotosto, P.M.; Shope, R.E.; Tirrell, S.J., 1994:
Mosquito and arbovirus surveillance in Connecticut, 1991-1992

McCormack, D.R.; Salata, K.F.; Hershey, J.N.; Carpenter, G.B.; Engler, R.J., 1995:
Mosquito bite anaphylaxis: immunotherapy with whole body extracts

Ruas-Neto, A.L.; Silveira, S.M.; Colares, E.R., 1994:
Mosquito control based on larvicides in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: choice of the control agent

Mulla, M.S.; Freeborn, S.B., 1994:
Mosquito control then, now, and in the future

Barata, J.M.S.; Natal, D.; Lagos, C.B.T.; Urbinatti, P.R.; Rocha, R.M., 1993:
Mosquito fauna (Diptera, Culicidae) of the Purus river basin (Acre, Brazil). Identification of immature forms in a colonization project area

Gakhar, S.K.; Vandana, 1994:
Mosquito fauna of Rohtak district - Haryana

Julvez, J.; Mouchet, J., 1994:
Mosquito fauna of the South West Indian Ocean Islands

Kitthawee, S.; Edman, J.D.; Upatham, E.S., 1993:
Mosquito larvae and associated macroorganisms occurring in gem pits in southern Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

Saxena, A.; Harshan, V.; Saxena, R.C., 1992:
Mosquito larvicidal activity of Annona squamosa extract

Sikder, N.; Gopalan, N.; Prakash, S.; Vinod, V.K.; Rao, S.S.; Rao, K.M., 1994:
Mosquito repellency & toxicity of isomeric N,N-diethyltolylacetamides

Tunon, H.; Thorsell, W.; Bohlin, L., 1994:
Mosquito repelling activity of compounds occurring in Achillea millefolium L. (Asteraceae)

Calder, L.; Laird, M., 1994:
Mosquito travellers, arbovirus vectors and the used tyre trade

Schreiber, E.T.; Walton, W.E.; Mulla, M.S., 1993:
Mosquito utilization of resting sites at an urban residence in southern California

Clark, G.G., 1995:
Mosquito vector control and biology in Latin America-a fifth symposium

Yu, H.S.k.; Heung Chul Kim.; Kyung Hyung Yang., 1993:
Mosquito vector control by the use of native fish (Aphyocypris chinensis) and Bacillus thuringiensis (H-14) in natural rice paddies and parsley fields in Korea

Charlwood, J.D.; Billingsley, P.F.; Hoc, T.Q., 1995:
Mosquito-mediated attraction of female European but not African mosquitoes to hosts

Wegner, E., 1991:
Mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) of the Swietokrzyski National Park

Okróy-Rysop, G.; Wegner, Z.; Stańczak, J., 1991:
Mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) found in the coastal region from Wejherowo to Darłowo

Ramsdale, C.D.; Snow, K.R., 1994:
Mosquitoes from north-western Europe not recorded in Britain: II. Genera Anopheles, Culex and Culiseta

Snow, K., 1994:
Mosquitoes in the home

Pramanik, M.K.; Achary, P.M.; Sarkar, S., 1993:
Mosquitoes of Sagar Island

Teodoro, U.; Guilherme, A.L.F.; Lozovei, A.L.; Salvia Filho, V. la; Sampaio, A.A.; Spinosa, R.P.; Ferreira, M.E.M.C.; Barbosa, O.C.; Lima, E.M., 1994:
Mosquitoes of peri- and extradomiciliary environments in southern Brazil

Farley, J., 1994:
Mosquitoes or malaria? Rockefeller campaigns in the American South and Sardinia

Young, S., 1995:
Mosquitoes that kill malaria

Yang ZhenZhoy et al., 1989:
Mosquitoes, midges and horse flies on the borders of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Ravi, N.M.ore, V.L.oyd, S.; Hales, B.; Huynh, B., 1994:
Mossbauer characterization of the metal clusters in Azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase VFe protein

Singer, M.J.; Bowen, L.H.; Verosub, K.L.; Fine, P.; TenPas, J., 1995:
Mossbauer spectroscopic evidence for citrate-bicarbonate-dithionite extraction of maghemite from soils

Thiede, G., 1994:
Most EU farms cannot provide a living

Munishamanna, K.B.; Hegde, S.V., 1994:
Most Probable Number (MPN) technique for estimation of rhizobia nodulating pulse crops

Mercik, S., 1994:
Most important soil properties and yields in long-term static fertilizing experiments in Skierniewice

Moeur, M.; Stage, A.R., 1995:
Most similar neighbor: an improved sampling inference procedure for natural resource planning

Steinhauser, H.; Pahl, H., 1994:
Mother cows, sheep & Co. The position and trends in extensive livestock farming procedures

Saraswathy, S.; Dharmalingam, C., 1992:
Mother crop nutrition influencing seed quality of mustard (Brassica juncea) grown in the western tract of Tamil Nadu

Vandenbergh, J.G.; Huggett, C.L., 1994:
Mother's prior intrauterine position affects the sex ratio of her offspring in house mice

Prakasam, C.P., 1993 :
Mother's reproduction and pregnancy loss in a rural set-up

Chandra, K.; Kumar, S., 1992:
Moths (Heterocera: Lepidoptera) of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Saad, S.M.I.; Iaria, S.T.; Furlanetto, S.M.P., 1995:
Motile Aeromonas spp. in retail vegetables from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pote, L.M.; Waterstrat, P., 1993:
Motile stage of Aurantiactinomyxon sp. (Actinosporea: Triactinomyxidae) isolated from Dero digitata found in channel catfish ponds during outbreaks of proliferative gill disease

Kamm, M.A., 1994:
Motility and functional diseases of the large intestine

Harayama, H.; Kusunoki, H.; Kato, S., 1993:
Motility and penetrability into zona-free hamster eggs of boar spermatozoa collected from various regions of the epididymis

Schaefer, P.L.; Kondagunta, G.V.; Ritzmann, R.E., 1994:
Motion analysis of escape movements evoked by tactile stimulation in the cockroach Periplaneta americana

Mwanaumo, A.; Preckel, P.V.; Farris, P.L., 1994:
Motivation for marketing system reform for the Zambian maize market

Rebula, E., 1980:
Motivation for more productive work in forestry

George, T.R.; Feltz, D.L., 1995:
Motivation in sport from a collective efficacy perspective

Goll, G.E., 1994 :
Motivation is answering the question why?

Nassar, S., 1995:
Motivations and future of the economic reform in Egyptian agriculture

Marquart, L.; Koszewski, W.S.bal, J., 1994:
Motivations, risks, and nutrition counseling for weight loss in athletes

Andereck, K.L.; Caldwell, L.L., 1994:
Motive-based segmentation of a public zoological park market

Ogawa; Kawakami; Yamaguchi, 1995:
Motor pattern of the stinging response in the honeybee Apis mellifera

Diallo, I.; Ly, A.; Sakho, C., 1995:
Motorcycles for nurses in rural health posts of Senegal

Pandiaraj, G.T.S., 1991:
Motorised mechanical harvesting

Abedajo, L.O.; Bamgbelu, O.A.; Olowu, R.A., 1994:
Mould contamination and the influence of water activity and temperature on mycotoxin production by aspergilli in melon seed

Celli, G.; Maccagnani, B., 1994:
Mould control by the harvester ant Messor structor (Latr.) (Hymenoptera Formicidae) on stored seeds

Hanssen, H.P., 1995:
Mould control in the meat processing industry: using a BioRid coating system

Plagemann, O.; Weber, A., 1993:
Mould fungus Mortierella wolfii as a cause of sporadic bovine abortion

Haasum, I., 1995:
Mould growth can be prevented by means of controlled storage conditions

Singh, J., 1994:
Mould growth in buildings- a consultant's viewpoint

Viitanen, H.; Bjurman, J., 1994:
Mould growth on wood under fluctuating humidity conditions

Dragoni, I.; Cantoni, C.; Papa, A., 1992:
Mouldiness of cured meat products

Krysinska Traczyk, E., 1994:
Moulds as an aetiological factor of occupational diseases in agricultural and forestry working environments

Cafarchia, C.; Celano, G.V.; Tiecco, G., 1994:
Moulds detection in some cheeses

Kovacs, F.; Vanyi, A., 1994:
Moulds-mycotoxins-food contamination - human health aspects. Survey for the continuing education

Todd, PA., 1992:
Mountain beaver habitat use and management implications in Yosemite National Park

Schaupp, W.C.J.; Pasek, J.E.; Schmid, J.M.; Mata, S.A.; Lister, C.K., 1993:
Mountain pine beetle emergence from infested logs during hauling

Gibson, K.E.; Schmitz, R.F.; Amman, G.D.; Oakes, R.D., 1991:
Mountain pine beetle response to different verbenone dosages in pine stands in western Montana

Huber, B., 1994:
Mountain-biking: change in the law not desired in Rhineland-Palatinate. Bikers and walkers seek a consensus

Vinod Kumar, 1994:
Mounted nursery beds and self-pruning

Bondar' , V.B.; Mitsyn, G.P.; Tarasenko, S.I.; Pozin, B.M., 1994:
Mounting linkage mechanism for tractor loosener: choice of scheme

Gabai, E.V.; Mutovkin, S.D.; Kholin, A.I., 1994:
Mounting mechanism parameters for tractor being a member of Class 0.9-1.4 MES (mobile energetic mean)

Mattei, M.G.; Bruce, B.; Karsenty, G., 1993:
Mouse alpha 1 type V collagen gene maps to the [A2-B] region of chromosome 2

Trauth, K.; Mutschler, B.; Jenkins, N.A.; Gilbert, D.J.; Copeland, N.G.; Klempnauer, K.H., 1994:
Mouse A-myb encodes a trans-activator and is expressed in mitotically active cells of the developing central nervous system, adult testis and B lymphocytes

Muragaki, Y.; Timmons, S.; Griffith, C.M.; Oh, S.P.; Fadel, B.; Quertermous, T.; Olsen, B.R., 1995:
Mouse Col18a1 is expressed in a tissue-specific manner as three alternative variants and is localized in basement membrane zones

Eppig, J.T.; Sharpe, S.B.; Richardson, J.E., 1995:
Mouse DNA clones and probes

Matsuo, I.; Kuratani, S.; Kimura, C.; Takeda, N.; Aizawa, S., 1995:
Mouse Otx2 functions in the formation and patterning of rostral head

Alkhawajah, A.M.; Jain, S.; Larbi, E.; Algindan, Y.; Abahussein, A., 1994 :
Mouse as an animal model for cutaneous leishmaniasis: a comparison between two sites

Stachecki, J.J.; Yelian, F.D.; Leach, R.E.; Armant, D.R., 1994:
Mouse blastocyst outgrowth and implantation rates following exposure to ethanol or A23187 during culture in vitro

Lyon, M.F.; Kirby, M.C., 1995:
Mouse chromosome atlas

Lebon, J.M.; Tam, P.P.; Singer-Sam, J.; Riggs, A.D.; Tan, S.S., 1995:
Mouse endogenous X-linked genes do not show lineage-specific delayed inactivation during development

Peters, J.; Selley, R.; Cocking, Y., 1995:
Mouse gene list

Soldaini, E.; Pla, M.; Beermann, F.; Espel, E.; Corthesy, P.; Barange, S.; Waanders, G.A.; MacDonald, H.R.; Nabholz, M., 1995:
Mouse interleukin-2 receptor alpha gene expression

Takeda, K.; Ohnishi, A.; Mikami, H.; Inumaru, S., 1994:
Mouse mitochondrial DNA as cytoplasmic marker

Lindsay, D.S.; Lenz, S.D.; Cole, R.A.; Dubey, J.P.; Blagburn, B.L., 1995:
Mouse model for central nervous system Neospora caninum infections

Shedlovsky, A.; McDonald, J.D.; Symula, D.; Dove, W.F., 1993:
Mouse models of human phenylketonuria

Zhao, J.; Schmieg, F.I.; Simmons, D.T.; Molloy, G.R., 1994:
Mouse p53 represses the rat brain creatine kinase gene but activates the rat muscle creatine kinase gene

de Beer, M.C.; Kindy, M.S.; Lane, W.S.; de Beer, F.C., 1994:
Mouse serum amyloid A protein (SAA5) structure and expression

Kwon, B.S.; Halaban, R.; Ponnazhagan, S.; Kim, K.; Chintamaneni, C.; Bennett, D.; Pickard, R.T., 1995:
Mouse silver mutation is caused by a single base insertion in the putative cytoplasmic domain of Pmel 17

A.Himaidi, A.R., 1993:
Mouse strain variations to superovulation by human post menopausal gonadotrophins and human chorionic gonadotrophins

Shiroishi, T.; Sagai, T.; Wakana, S.; Moriwaki, K., 1992:
Mouse visible mutations of the intra-MHC recombinants

Zebedee, S.L.; Koduri, R.K.; Mukherjee, J.; Mukherjee, S.; Lee, S.; Sauer, D.F.; Scharff, M.D.; Casadevall, A., 1994:
Mouse-human immunoglobulin G1 chimeric antibodies with activities against Cryptococcus neoformans

Hribar, L.J., 1993:
Mouthpart morphology and feeding behavior of biting midge larvae (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Bizik, J.; Balogh, Z., 1994:
Movement and accumulation of inorganic nitrogen in an Orthic Luvisol

Young, Michael K., 1994:
Movement and characteristics of stream-borne coarse woody debris in adjacent burned and undisturbed watersheds in Wyoming

Seedq, M.A.; Soliman, S.; Salem, N., 1992:
Movement and distribution of Fe, Mu, Zu and Cu in sandy soil as affected by the application of sewage sludge

Walker, S.R.; Blacklow, W.M., 1995:
Movement and persistence of triazine herbicides in soils used for lupin production in Western Australia: field measurements and interpretations with the aid of a simulation model

Antonov, G., 1993:
Movement and redistribution of chemical elements in aqueous solutions in various mountain soils

Marler, T.E.; Lawton, P.D., 1995:
Movement influences carambola leaflet chlorophyll fluorescence and temperature under sunny conditions

Swarup, A.; Beese, F.; Ulrich, B., 1994:
Movement of Zn, Pb and Cd through an undisturbed column of a soil under forest

Jury, William A., 1993:
Movement of agricultural chemicals in soils

Johnson, D.C.; Selim, H.M.; Ma, L.; Southwick, L.M.; Willis, G.H., 1995:
Movement of atrazine and nitrate in Sharkey clay soil: evidence of preferential flow

Makkouk, K.M.; Kumari, S.G., 1993:
Movement of bean yellow mosaic virus in susceptible and resistant faba bean genotypes

Rachman, L.M., 1994:
Movement of chlorpyrifos-insecticide in soil

Kiselev, P.A., 1994:
Movement of fresh groundwater with a mineralized water sublayer

Takagi, M.; Tsuda, Y.; Suzuki, A.; Wada, Y., 1995:
Movement of individually marked Aedes albopictus females in Nagasaki, Japan

Saini, S.P.; Kansal, B.D., 1990:
Movement of lead and cadmium in loamy sand and loam soils

Burgard, D.J.; Dowdy, R.H.; Koskinen, W.C.; Cheng, H.H., 1994:
Movement of metribuzin in a loamy sand soil under irrigated potato production

Yamamuro, Yutaka; Sensui, Naoto; Mizuno, Hideo, 1993:
Movement of milk components between mammary glands and plasma by exogenous oxytocin in lactating rats

W.Xun, 1994:
Movement of potassium in the soil during its development from Quaternary red clay and the diagnosis of potassium deficiency in tea gardens of low-hilly red earth areas

Tsukamoto, J., 1993:
Movement of soil and litter down slopes in three types of forests. (II.) Movement of gravel in comparison with movement of soil

Zayed, A.A.; Hilali, M.; Meguid, A.A.; Madbouly, M.H., 1993:
Movement of stomach bots (Gasterophilus intestinalis and Gasterophilus pecorum larvae) in the oral cavity of donkeys (Equus asinus)

Huneke, K.; Peters, A.; Ehlers, R.U., 1994:
Movement patterns of dauer juveniles in response to host cues

Blandon, P., 1994:
Movements in the parameters of the gentan probability distribution

Krebs, C.J.; Kenney, A.J.; Singleton, G.R., 1995:
Movements of feral house mice in agricultural landscapes

Smock, Leonard A., 1994:
Movements of invertebrates between stream channels and forested floodplains

Poulsen, Bent Otto, 1994:
Movements of single birds and mixed-species flocks between isolated fragments of cloud forest in Ecuador

Anonymous, 1994:
Moving forward on genetic analysis

Clarke, F.R.; Baker, R.J.; Depauw, R.M., 1994:
Moving mean and least squares smoothing for analysis of grain yield data

Sakata, N.; Yamamoto, K.; Nakahara, H.; Marumoto, T., 1995:
Moving of nitrogen from fertilizer coating in soil

Higley, L.G.; Browde, J.A.; Higley, P.M., 1993:
Moving towards new understandings of biotic stress and stress interactions

Belen' kiy, V.R., 1992:
Moving towards the market: a mosaic of problems, interests, and contradictions

Neff, R., 1992:
Mowed pasture or meadows?

Salaiz, T.A.; Horst, G.L.; Shearman, R.C., 1995:
Mowing height and vertical mowing frequency effects on putting green quality

Dernoeden, P.H.; Carroll, M.J.; Krouse, J.M., 1994:
Mowing of three fescue species for low-maintenance turf sites

Peterson, P.W.; Yoder, J.I., 1995:
Mox: a novel modifier of the tomato Xa locus

D.Jongh, M., 1994:
Mozambican refugee resettlement: survival strategies of involuntary migrants in South Africa

Prato, O.S. del, 1993:

Anonymous, 1994:
Mozzarella cheese protected by ultraviolet disinfection

Correra, C., 1993:
Mozzarella cheese: after DOC (denomination of origin) for Campania buffalo milk specificity must be achieved for the others

Correale, E., 1995:
Mozzarella di Bufala Campana cheese

Correra, C., 1993:
Mozzarella from buffalo milk can be given the denomination of origin only if it is 'Campana': abrogates typical Mozzarella

Iannello, G.A., 1994:
Mozzarella moves north

Anonymous, 1993:
Mozzarella substitutes

Singh, B.K., 1992:
Mpdels for implementing community forestry and the concept of user groups: the case of Nepal

Wagg, S., 1995:
Mr Drains, go home: football in the societies of the Middle East

Warren, C.; Walbot, V., 1994:
MuDR-like elements in Zapalote chico maize

Wilson, R.B.; Beckman, S.L., 1995:
Mucinous oligodendroglioma of the spinal cord in a dog

Magnavita, N., 1993:
Mucocutaneous candidosis after occupational exposure to enzymes: a case report

Don, P.C.; Shen, N.N.; Koestenblatt, E.K.; Sierra, M.F.; Stone, R.K.; Bamji, M., 1995:
Mucocutaneous fungal colonization in HIV-infected children

Akagi, K.; Yamada, K.; Sekido, N.; Negishi, M.; Ajisawa, A.; Masuda, G.; Iozumi, K., 1994:
Mucocutaneous involvements of fungal infections complicating HIV disease

Miralles, E.S.; Núñez, M.; Hilara, Y.; Harto, A.; Moreno, R.; Ledo, A., 1994:
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis and HIV

Rodriguez, G.; Sarmiento, L.; Hernandez, C.A., 1994:
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis and other destructive lesions of the central facial area

Speare, R.; Thomas, A.D.; O'Shea, P.; Shipton, W.A., 1994:
Mucor amphibiorum in the toad, Bufo marinus, in Australia

Viaud, J.F.; Gin, H.; Couprie, B.; Stoll, D.; Aubertin, J., 1994:
Mucorales infection in 2 diabetic patients

Margolis, P.S.; Epstein, A., 1994:
Mucormycosis esophagitis in a patient with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Alloway, J.A.; Buchsbaum, R.M.; Filipov, P.T.; Reynolds, B.N.; Day, J.A., 1995:
Mucormycosis in a patient with sarcoidosis

Andrews, P.A.; Abbs, I.A.; Koffman, C.G.; Ogg, C.S.; Williams, D.G., 1994:
Mucormycosis in transplant recipients: possible case-case transmission and potentiation by cytomegalovirus

Hagspiel, K.D.; Kempf, W.; Hailemariam, S.; Marincek, B., 1995:
Mucormycosis of the liver: CT findings

Yuce, A.; Yucesoy, M., 1993:
Mucormycosis: case report

Bistoni, F.; Cenci, E.; Mencacci, A.; Schiaffella, E.; Mosci, P.; Puccetti, P.; Romani, L., 1993:
Mucosal and systemic T helper cell function after intragastric colonization of adult mice with Candida albicans

Morsy, T.A.; Khalil, N.M.; Salama, M.M.; Hamdi, K.N.; al Shamrany, Y.A.; Abdalla, K.F., 1995:
Mucosal leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica in Saudi Arabia

Acosta, N.; Vargas, R.; Roman, O.; Vicente, N.; Sanchez, L., 1995:
Mucuna deeringiana soil incorporated vs. non incorporated and yield in subsequent plantings of tomato, beans or corn

Abaraham, C.C.; Thomas, J., 1995:
Mud slurry as a base and carrier of insecticides for swabbing of banana pseudostem against the weevil Odoiporus longicollis Oliv

Takahashi, Y.; Kanai, H.; Itagaki, M.; Noro, A.; Omi, K., 1995:
Mulberry heart disease on a pig farm

Castellane, P.D.; Fujimura, R.K.; Araujo, J.A.C.D.; Ferreira, M.E., 1993:
Mulch and topdressed nitrogen effects on bell pepper

Buschbeck, T., 1991:
Mulch plates against weed competition in broadleaved plantations

McDonald, P.M.; Helgerson, O.T., 1990:
Mulches aid in regenerating California and Oregon forests: past, present, and future

Robinson, J.C., 1993:

Farre, J.M.; Hermoso, J.M., 1993:
Mulching and irrigation effects on growth, cropping and fruit quality of the mango cv. Sensation

Mostert, P.G., 1993:
Mulching in citrus culture

Spiess, E., 1994:
Mulching in potato growing too?

Manrique, Luis A., 1995:
Mulching in potato systems in the tropics

Antonaroli, R., 1993:
Mulching the chestnut stoolbed. Third contribution

Duncan, R.A.; Stapleton, J.J., 1994:
Mulching young Prunus trees with black polyethylene film increases blossoming and yield, reduces need for irrigation, eliminates weeds, and controls pathogenic nematodes

Anonymous, 1994:
Muller goes for horizontal automation

Anonymous, 1994:
Muller is the fashion

Kondrashov, A.S., 1994:
Muller's ratchet under epistatic selection

Behringer, R.R.; Finegold, M.J.; Cate, R.L., 1994:
Mullerian-inhibiting substance function during mammalian sexual development

Luckman P.G.; Thompson R.C., 1993:
Multi-attribute monitoring of impacts of erosion control measures in steeplands

Brown, J.R.; Osburn, D.D.; Redhage, D.; Gantzer, C.J., 1995:
Multi-crop comparisons on Sanborn Fields, Missouri, USA

Vauclin, M.; Chopart, J.L., 1992:
Multi-disc infiltrometry for the in situ determination of the surface hydrological characteristics of a gravelly soil in the Ivory Coast

French, R.J., 1995:
Multi-disciplinary teams to conduct integrated research on farming systems: a challenge

Kovacs, M.; Penksza, K.; Turcsanyi, G.; Kaszab, L.; Szoke, P., 1993:
Multi-element analysis of the species in a forest in the Hungarian forest-steppe

Visser, M.; Deurenberg, P.; van Staveren, W.A., 1995:
Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance for assessing total body water and extracellular water in elderly subjects

Deurenberg, P.; Tagliabue, A.; Schouten, F.J., 1995:
Multi-frequency impedance for the prediction of extracellular water and total body water

Hoy, S., 1995:
Multi-gas monitoring in pig fattening and in broiler production

Radomyos, P.; Radomyos, B.; Tungtrongchitr, A., 1994:
Multi-infection with helminths in adults from northeast Thailand as determined by post-treatment fecal examination of adult worms

Raynor, B., 1992:
Multi-purpose trees for atolls: possibilities and preliminary recommendation

Hutson, J.L.; Wagenet, R.J., 1995:
Multi-region water flow and chemical transport in heterogeneous soils: theory and application

Anonymous, 1994:
Multi-trip polycarbonate bottles

Raenovic, B., 1994:
Multi-year testing of effects of agroecological conditions on the variation in quality of lucerne cv. OS-66 seed

Bousquet, F.; Antona, M.; Weber, J., 1994:
Multiagent simulations and management of renewable resources

Foltz, J.; Lee, J.; Martin, M.; Preckel, P., 1995:
Multiattribute assessment of alternative cropping systems

Wolfaardt, G.M.; Lawrence, J.R.; Robarts, R.D.; Caldwell, S.J.; Caldwell, D.E., 1994:
Multicellular organization in a degradative biofilm community

Pridgeon, A.M., 1994:
Multicellular trichomes in tribe Diurideae (Orchidaceae): systematic and biological significance

Wingen, A.; Fabian Bach, C.; Mehis, O., 1992:
Multicentre randomized study on the effect of a low- protein diet on the progression of renal failure in childhood: one-year results

DaVid, T.; Schemel, A.; Arndt, J.; Kornberg, L.; Juhasz, C.; Tsur, I.; Susztak, B.; Marienberg, W.; Haider, U., 1994:
Multicentre study of treating canine hip dysplasia by triple pelvic osteotomy and axial pelvic reorientation

Derouin, F.; Garin, Y.J.F.; Buffard, C.; Berthelot, F.; Peithory, J.C.; Parasitologie, L.G.oupe D.T.avial Toxoplasmose D.C.ntrole National D.Q.alite En, 1994:
Multicentre study on serological testing for toxoplasmosis using various commercial ELISA reagents

Swetnam, T.W.; Lynch, A.M., 1993:
Multicentury, regional-scale patterns of western spruce budworm outbreaks

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Mustard tolerance to clopyralid applied alone or with ethametsulfuron

Nekrasov, V.I., 1993:
Mustila arboretum (Finland)

Vandana, 1993:
Mutagen sensitivity effects induced by ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS) and diethyl sulfate (DES) in faba bean

Przybyla, A., 1994:
Mutagenesis in the breeding of vegetatively propagated plants

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Mutagenesis of specificity and toxicity regions of a Bacillus thuringiensis protoxin gene

Haley, A.; Richardson, K.; Zhan, X.; Morris, B., 1995:
Mutagenesis of the BC1 and BV1 genes of African cassava mosaic virus identifies conserved amino acids that are essential for spread

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Mutagenesis with intra-MHC recombinant strains

Kim, J.M.; Ji, H.W.; Jung, Y.M., 1994:
Mutagenic activity of both Bupleurum falcatum and Soshihotang extracts

Cerna, M.; Zavadil, J., 1994:
Mutagenic activity of crops irrigated by water contaminated with xenobiotic organic substances

Felton, J.S.; Knize, M.G.; Dolbeare, F.A.; Wu, R., 1994:
Mutagenic activity of heterocyclic amines in cooked foods

Nascimento Junior, A. do; Carvalho, F.I.F. de; Barbosa Neto, J.F.; Federizzi, L.C., 1994:
Mutagenic agents and genetic variability intensity on plant stature of oat (Avena sativa L.)

Leitão, A.C.; Braga, R.S., 1994:
Mutagenic and genotoxic effects of mate (Ilex paraguariensis) in prokaryotic organisms

Zargar, G.H.; Zeerak, N.A.; Ahanger, H.U.; Wani, S.A., 1994:
Mutagenic effect of gamma rays, ethyl methanesulphonate and their combination in top-onion (Allium cepa var. viviparum)

Solanki, I.S.; Sharma, B., 1994:
Mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency of gamma rays, ethylene imine and N-nitroso-N-ethyl urea in macrosperma lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

Thakur, J.R.; Sethi, G.S., 1995:
Mutagenic interaction of gamma rays with EMS and NaN3 in barley (Hordeum vulgare L. em. Bowden)

Xiao, L.Z.i; Ichikawa, S., 1995:
Mutagenic interactions between maleic hydrazide and X rays in the stamen hairs of Tradescantia clone BNL 4430

O'brien, J.; Morrissey, P.A., 1994:
Mutagenicity study of Maillard reaction products of monosodium glutamate and glucose

Höger, H., 1994:
Mutant allele frequencies in domestic cat populations in Austria

Piao, T.F., 1994:
Mutant effects of Gengshengmycin on barley

Osorio, J.; Fernandez Martinez, J.; Mancha, M.; Garces, R., 1995:
Mutant sunflowers with high concentration of saturated fatty acids in the oil

Browse, J.; McConn, M.; James, D.J.; Miquel, M., 1993:
Mutants of Arabidopsis deficient in the synthesis of alpha -linolenate

Okubara, P.A.; Anderson, P.A.; Ochoa, O.E.; Michelmore, R.W., 1994:
Mutants of downy mildew resistance in Lactuca sativa (lettuce)

Novak, F.J., 1991:
Mutation breeding by using tissue culture techniques

Smith, M.K.; Hamill, S.D.; Langdon, P.W.; Pegg, K.G., 1994:
Mutation breeding for banana improvement in Australia

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Mutation breeding for earliness in IAC-8 soyabean cultivar

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Mutation breeding in maize - methods and achievements

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Mutation breeding in wheat cultivar IAC-24 for resistance to diseases

Przybyla, A., 1992:
Mutation breeding of Alstroemeria in Poland

Jamaluddin, S.H., 1994:
Mutation breeding of banana in Malaysia

Beer, Z.C. de; Visser, A.A., 1994:
Mutation breeding of banana in South Africa

E.H.ssewy, A.A.; Khush, G.S., 1994:
Mutation breeding study in rice (Oryza sativa L.), development of low amylose mutants of the rice variety Giza 175

Li, X.Z.; Liu, J.P.; Zhang, Z.L., 1994:
Mutation in Cucurbita moschata induced by gamma -ray radiation

Gupta, S.C.; Sharma, K.D., 1994:
Mutation induced variability in rice

Couvet, D.; Ronfort, J., 1994:
Mutation load depending on variance in reproductive success and mating system

Shukla, R.; Datta, S.K., 1993:
Mutation studies on early and late varieties of garden Chrysanthemum

Muehlbach, H.P.ter; Kern, R.; Lorenzen, P.; Werner, R., 1992:
Mutation, recombination and selection criteria in the evolution of infectious viroid RNA

Mouncey, N.J.; Mitchenall, L.A.; Pau, R.N., 1995:
Mutational analysis of genes of the mod locus involved in molybdenum transport, homeostasis, and processing in Azotobacter vinelandii

Sung, Y.K.; Coutts, R.H., 1995:
Mutational analysis of potato yellow mosaic geminivirus

Yang, B.; Gathy, K.N.; Coleman, M.S., 1994:
Mutational analysis of residues in the nucleotide binding domain of human terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase

Staebler, A.; Pierce, J.H.; Brazinski, S.; Heidaran, M.A.; Li, W.Q.; Schlegel, R.; Goldstein, D.J., 1995:
Mutational analysis of the beta -type platelet-derived growth factor receptor defines the site of interaction with bovine papillomavirus type 1 E5 transforming protein

Hoffman, M.A.; Palmenberg, A.C., 1995 :
Mutational analysis of the J-K stem-loop region of the encephalomyocarditis virus IRES

Cadd, T.L.; MacBeth, K.; Furlong, D.; Patterson, J.L., 1994:
Mutational analysis of the capsid protein of Leishmania RNA virus LRV1-4

Flasinski, S.; Dzianott, A.; Pratt, S.; Bujarski, J.J., 1995:
Mutational analysis of the coat protein gene of brome mosaic virus: effects on replication and movement in barley and in Chenopodium hybridum

Reitter, J.N.; Sergel, T.; Morrison, T.G., 1995:
Mutational analysis of the leucine zipper motif in the Newcastle disease virus fusion protein

Pethel, M.; Falgout, B.; Lai, C.J., 1992:
Mutational analysis of the octapeptide sequence motif at the NS1-NS2A cleavage junction of dengue type 4 virus

Scheeren-Groot, E.P.; Rodenburg, K.W.; den Dulk-Ras, A.; Turk, S.C.; Hooykaas, P.J., 1994:
Mutational analysis of the transcriptional activator VirG of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Golyaeva, O.D., 1995:
Mutational variation in apple breeding

Starich, T.A.; Herman, R.K.; Kari, C.K.; Yeh, W.H.; Schackwitz, W.S.; Schuyler, M.W.; Collet, J.; Thomas, J.H.; Riddle, D.L., 1995:
Mutations affecting the chemosensory neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans

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Mutations in Rubus: their value in breeding and problems for propagation

Harrison, R.L.; Summers, M.D., 1995:
Mutations in the Autographa californica multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus 25 kDa protein gene result in reduced virion occlusion, altered intranuclear envelopment and enhanced virus production

Liscum, E.; Briggs, W.R., 1995:
Mutations in the NPH1 locus of Arabidopsis disrupt the perception of phototropic stimuli

Wong, A.; Boutis, P.; Hekimi, S., 1995:
Mutations in the clk-1 gene of Caenorhabditis elegans affect developmental and behavioral timing

Rogalski, T.M.; Gilchrist, E.J.; Mullen, G.P.; Moerman, D.G., 1995:
Mutations in the unc-52 gene responsible for body wall muscle defects in adult Caenorhabditis elegans are located in alternatively spliced exons

Burns, C.C.; Poss, M.L.; Thomas, E.; Overbaugh, J., 1995:
Mutations within a putative cysteine loop of the transmembrane protein of an attenuated immunodeficiency-inducing feline leukemia virus variant inhibit envelope protein processing

Greene, B.; Walko, R.; Hake, S., 1994:
Mutator insertions in an intron of the maize knotted1 gene result in dominant suppressible mutations

Vicenti, A.; Schiavone, M.; Dario, C.; Bufano, G., 1993:
Mutton production using crossbred rams. 1. Performance of F1 (Suffolk x Leccese) x Leccese lambs

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Mutual interaction between silicon and calcium on the growth of lowland rice in paddy field conditions

Krishnamurthy, K.V.; Hariharan, G.N.; Kocheril, J.T., 1993:
Mutualism between Metisa sp. (Lepidoptera : Psychidae) and Lepraria sp. (Lichens imperfecti)

Bultman, T.L.; WhiteJames F.Jr.; Bowdish, T.I.; Welch, A.M.; Johnston, J., 1995:
Mutualistic transfer of Epichloe spermatia by Phorbia flies

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Mutually exclusive interactions of two nuclear orphan receptors determine activity of a cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-responsive sequence in the bovine CYP17 gene

Diodato, M.A.; Santos, H.R. dos, 1993:
Mycelial growth and diameters of colonies of Beauveria bassiana (Linhagem SnLt), when submitted to different photoperiods and to ultraviolet light

Hirt, A.; Schnitzler, W., 1994:
Mycelial growth of Hericium erinaceus and Ganoderma lucidum on spawn substrates

Freitas, M.H. de; Siqueira, J.O., 1994:
Mycelial growth of pre-germinated spores of the endomycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora gigantea in liquid medium supplemented with nitrogenous organic compounds

Magalhaes, B.P.ixoto; Dias, J.M.nuel Cabral D.S.usa; Ferreira, C.M.rtins, 1994:
Mycelial production of Metarhizium anisopliae in liquid culture using different sources of carbon and nitrogen

Predtechenskaya, O.O., 1994:
Mycelium biomass and productivity of macromycetes in the cranberry pine forest in the middle taiga zone

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Mycetoma by Nocardia asteroides: a 9 year follow-up

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Mycetoma in the Department of Dermatology, Dakar, Senegal. Epidemiological aspects of 111 cases

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Mycetoma of the foot; a disease from the tropics

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Mycetoma of the hand due to Pseudallescheria boydii (Scedosporium apiospermum). Report of a case

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Mycetomal micro-organisms of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker (Lophopidae: Fulgoroidea: Homoptera)

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Mycetophiloids from Guizhou Province, with one species new to China (Diptera: Mycetophiloidea)

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Myclobutanil as a curative agent for chrysanthemum white rust

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Mycobacterial meningitis as a cause of ataxia and weight loss in a deer

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Mycobacteriosis in domestic dogs. Report of two cases in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Mycobacteriosis in pet birds: frequency, pathological, histological and microbiological findings

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Mycobacteriosis in pigs due to Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare

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Mycobacterium avium complex in water, food, and soil samples collected from the environment of HIV-infected individuals

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Mycobacterium avium infection in a farmed deer herd

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Mycobacterium bovis

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Mycobacterium bovis infection in a cattle herd in Austria

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Mycobacterium malmoense isolated from soil

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Mycobacterium xenopi, a cause of lymphadenitis in pigs

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Mycobiota of Medicago L. species seeds in Lithuania. 1. Composition and distribution of micromycete species of cultivated and wild alfalfa seeds

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Mycobiota of seeds of Medicago L. species in Lithuania. 2. Micromycetes of alfalfa seeds and their root rot agents

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Mycocentrospora cladosporioides from olive drupes in Sardinia

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Mycocoenology of stands of Fagus sylvatica L. in the northeastern Netherlands

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Mycoflora and natural occurrence of mycotoxins in tobacco from cigarettes in Egypt

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Mycoflora associated with chilli seeds collected from Bogra District

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Mycoflora of Basmati 385 rice seeds collected from Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sheikhupura and Sialkot districts

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Mycoflora of Chinese aster seeds with special respect to the occurrence of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. callistephi

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Mycoflora of aluminium rich soil of Hail region, Saudi Arabia

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Mycoflora of cereal flakes

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Mycoflora of developing sorghum grains with special reference to Aspergillus flavus

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Mycoflora of dust particles accumulated on filters of air conditioning systems in United Arab Emirates

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Mycoflora of leaf rot affected coconut palms

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Mycoflora of needles and roots of pines tapped and not tapped for resin

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Mycoflora of seeds and fruits of broadleaved trees

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Mycoflora, aflatoxins, and resistance of groundnut cultivars from eastern Ethiopia

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Mycofloristical conditions and dominant species of macromycetes of beech forest ecosystem on EES Kremnica Uplands

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Mycological aspects of aflatoxin formation

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Mycological evaluation of chemically-treated unshelled peanuts

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Mycological monitoring for sanitary evaluation in the Japanese food industry

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Mycological monitoring in the air-polluted regions of the Czech Republic

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Mycological monitoring of soils: capabilities and prospects

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Mycological records 1: Diplodia taxi (Sowerby) de Notaris

Ridley, G.S., 1994:
Mycological records 2: Neurospora intermedia Tai

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Mycological survey in dwellings and factories: application to diagnosis of extrinsic allergic alveolitis

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Mycophagy and spore dispersal by a rat-kangaroo: consumption of ectomycorrhizal taxa in relation to their abundance

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Mycoplasma adleri sp. nov., an isolate from a goat

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Mycoplasma associated with subclinical mastitis and its survival during processing of some dairy products

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Mycoplasma bovis: spread of a new pathogen in the cattle population of Switzerland?

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Mycoplasma canis in a British calf

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Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in chukar partridges, pheasants, and peafowl

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Mycoplasma infection in a commercial goat dairy caused by Mycoplasma agalactiae and Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (caprine biotype)

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Mycoplasma infections in cattle, sheep and goats: methods for diagnosis and prophylaxis

Pfutzner, H., 1993:
Mycoplasma infections of pigs

Perrin, J.; Muller, M.; Zangger, N.; Nicolet, J., 1994:
Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides LC (large colony type) infection in wild goat kids (Capra aegagrus cretica) in Bern Zoo (Switzerland)

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Mycoplasma prevalence in breeding bulls in India

Pikaleva, A.V.; Rakovskaya, I.V.; Rakhimova, E.A., 1993:
Mycoplasma testing of common lilac (Syringa vulgaris L.) affected with the leaf-roll necrosis complex (LRN-complex) in the Moscow University Botanical Gardens

Sakkaf, S.M., 1994:
Mycoplasma-like organisms associated with Vicia faba L. phyllody in Yemen

Chang, K.F.; Hwang, S.F.; Mirza, M., 1995:
Mycoplasma-like organisms associated with phyllody of Brassica chinensis L

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Mycoplasmal flora in local breed chickens in the South Kyushu district

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Mycoplasmalike organisms as causes of slow growth and decline of trees and shrubs

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Mycoplasmalike organisms from milkweed, goldenrod, and spirea represent two new 16S rRNA subgroups and three new strain subclusters related to peach X-disease MLOs

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Mycoplasmas in the respiratory tract of bovines

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Mycoprotein reduces glycemia and insulinemia when taken with an oral-glucose-tolerance test

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Mycorrhiza inoculation at time of sowing

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Mycorrhiza inoculum potentials in tropical secondary succession

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Mycorrhiza: its biology and application

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Mycorrhizae and plant protection

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Mycorrhizae and soil conservation

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Mycorrhizae in Hawaiian epiphytes

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Mycorrhizae in sustainable agriculture. I. Effects on seed yield and soil aggregation

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Mycorrhizae: biofertilizers for the future. Proceedings of the Third National Conference on Mycorrhiza, New Delhi, India, 13-15 March 1995

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Mycorrhizae: ectomycorrhiza and ectendomycorrhiza

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Mycorrhizal colonization and drought interactions of Mediterranean shrubs under greenhouse conditions

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Mycorrhizal colonization increases herbicide toxicity in apple

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Mycorrhizal colonization, hyphal lengths, and soil moisture associated with two Artemisia tridentata subspecies

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Mycorrhizal dependence of Andropogon gerardii and Schizachyrium scoparium in two prairie soils

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Mycorrhizal dependency and nutrient uptake by improved and unimproved corn and soybean cultivars

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Mycorrhizal dependency of two Hawaiian endemic tree species: koa and mamane

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Mycorrhizal ecology of shrub-steppe habitat

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Mycorrhizal encapsulation

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Mycorrhizal fungi of Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra)

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Mycorrhizal fungi-superphosphate interactions and their effects on growth and nutrient content of coffee seedlings in non-fumigated soil

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Mycorrhizal growth responses of Pueraria phaseoloides in phosphorus-deficient soils

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Mycorrhizal inoculation effect in Acacia mangium grown in an acid oxisol amended with gypsum

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Mycorrhizal inoculation of Caesalpinia cacalaco

Costa, N. de L.; Paulino, V.T., 1992:
Mycorrhizal inoculation of Desmodium gyroides

Peredo, H.L.; Alono, O.; Valenzuela, E., 1992:
Mycorrhizal inoculation of Pinus ponderosa in the forest nursery at Junin de los Andres, Argentina

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Mycorrhizal interactions with plants and soil organisms in sustainable agroecosystems

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Mycorrhizal situation of native trees in the Brazilian tropical ecosystems Varzea, Igapo, and Terra firme

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Mycorrhizal status of Deschampsia antarctica in the Palmer Station area, Antarctica

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Mycorrhizal status of an abandoned rubber tree plantation after burning and during cultivation

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Mycorrhizas and seedling growth of slow-growing sclerophylls from nutrient-poor environments

Garbaye, J., 1994:
Mycorrhization helper bacteria: a new dimension in mycorrhizal symbiosis

Romano, A.; Martins Loucao, M.A., 1994:
Mycorrhization of cork oak (Quercus suber) micropropagated plantlets

Lovato, P.E.; Hammatt, N.; Gianinazzi Pearson, V.; Gianinazzi, S., 1994:
Mycorrhization of micropropagated mature wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) and common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.)

Müller, J.; Remus, N.; Harms, K.H., 1995:
Mycoserological study of the treatment of paediatric cystic fibrosis patients with Saccharomyces boulardii (Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen CBS 5926)

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Mycoses of the facial skin

Gruber, A.; Enders, F.; Backmann, T.; Marquart, U.; Hewicker Trautwein, M., 1995:
Mycosis fungoides in three dogs: differential diagnosis by immunohistochemical demonstration of T-cell-specificity of the cutaneous infiltrate

Mourichon, X., 1994:
Mycosphaerella fijiensis: diversity and possibilities for the early screening of germplasm for resistance

Crous, P.W.; Alfenas, A.C., 1995:
Mycosphaerella gracilis and other species of Mycosphaerella associated with leaf spots of Eucalyptus in Indonesia

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Mycosphaerella musae and Cercospora non-virulentum from Sigatoka leaf spots are identical

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Mycotic aneurysms of the intracranial vessels

Menon, S.; Edwards, J.C., 1994:
Mycotic arthritis of the knee due to Madurella grisea

Knoke, M.; Bernhardt, H.; Wiersbitzky, M.; Kairies, M., 1995 :
Mycotic complications in patients with chronic liver diseases and pancreatitis

Conkova, E.; Para, L', 1994:
Mycotic contamination of feed mixtures for broiler chickens

Imwidthaya, P., 1995:
Mycotic keratitis in Thailand

Chang, P.; Logemann Lima, H., 1994:
Mycotic leukonychia

Alberici, F.; Viale, P., 1994:
Mycotic meningitis

Moore, A.H.; Hanna, F.Y., 1995:
Mycotic osteomyelitis in a dog following nasal aspergillosis

Werner, M.; Nenoff, P.; Meier, P.; Schwenke, H., 1993:
Mycotic panophthalmitis in generalized aspergillosis

González Cabo, J.F.; Espejo Serrano, J.; Bárcena Asensio, M.C., 1995:
Mycotic pulmonary disease by Beauveria bassiana in a captive tortoise

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