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Nitrogen-15 fertilizer recovery in spring wheat and soil as related to the rate and time of application

Isfan, D.; Lamarre, M.; D' Avignon, A.

Nuclear techniques in soil plant studies for sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation Proceedings Vienna, Austria, 17-21 October 1994: 175-187


Accession: 002661819

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The efficiency and recovery of fertilizer 15N were determined in single and split applications in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum), and both the soil and fertilizer residual N at harvest in the 0-100 cm soil profile were evaluated on 3 soils at sites in Quebec, Canada. When total fertilizer N was applied once at sowing, the N taken up by the top plant derived more from the soil (62.7%) than from the fertilizer (37.3%). Of the 100 kg N/ha applied, only 34.4% was recovered in the plant.