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Plasma pyridoxal 5'-phosphate concentrations and urinary 4-pyridoxic acid: creatinine ratios of adults of various ethnicities

Driskell, J.A.; Kies, C.V.; Giraud, D.W.; Dempsey, S.L.; Ganji, V.K.; Edionwe, A.O.; Kandiah, J.

Ecology of Food and Nutrition 32(3/4): 129-136


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-0244
DOI: 10.1080/03670244.1994.9991394
Accession: 002673053

The vitamin B-6 status of adults, mostly international graduate students having various ethnic backgrounds, 22-47 years, who were participants in five different metabolic studies for 8 weeks was determined. There were 15 men and 24 women; 7 were Caucasians from North America, 12 Hispanics from Latin America, 6 Indians from Asia, 13 Orientals from Asia, and one black from Africa. Their daily intakes (mean +/- SD) of protein and vitamin B-6 as analyzed were: 68.5 +/- 19.0 g and 1.36 +/- 0.43 mg, respectively. Plasma pyridoxal 5'-phosphate concentrations of all the subjects in the five studies and urinary 4-pyridoxic acid:creatinine ratios of all the subjects in the three studies in which this parameter was assessed were indicative of adequate vitamin B-6 status. These values were similar for subjects across sex, metabolic study, and ethnic groups. Vitamin B-6 requirements of these men and women of different ethnicities seemed to be satisfied by daily consumption of 1.36 +/- 0.43 (mean +/- SD) mg of the vitamin and 68.5 +/- 19.0 g of protein for 8 weeks.

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