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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2675

Chapter 2675 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yu, W.S.; Chen, X.M.; Li, H.; Yang, L., 1993:
Polyphenols from Rhodiola crenulata

Ohara, S.; Yanagi, K., 1995:
Polyphenols in Salix species I. Polyphenols from the bark of Salix rorida Lackschewitz

Debenedetti, S.L.; Palacios, P.S.; Wilson, E.G.; Coussio, J.D., 1994:
Polyphenols of Pterocaulon polystachium

Mwangi, J.W.; Malii, P.; Gathu, L.; Tanaka, T.; Nonaka, G., 1994:
Polyphenols of Ximenia americana var. caffra

Zybina, E.V.; Zybina, T.G.; Isakova, G.K.; Kiknadze, I.I., 1994:
Polyploid mitosis in cells of the mink trophoblast

Corazza Nunes, M.J.; Pagliarini, M.S.; Silva, I.; Silva, N., 1993:
Polyploidy and its consequences in Aloysia lycioides (Verbenaceae)

Baltaeva, G.M., 1993:
Polyporaceae, Ganodermataceae and Hymenochaetaceae fungi of Uzbekistan

Wang, C.Z.; Shen, Z.B.; Chen, X., 1992:
Polyprenols from Ginkgo biloba leaves

Dalman, P.; Parikka, P.; Touvinen, T., 1993:
Polypropylene row cover in pesticide-free production of strawberry in Finland

Smith, B.G.; Harris, P.J., 1995:
Polysaccharide composition of unlignified cell walls of pineapple [Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.] fruit

Kiho, T.; Hui, J.; Yamane, A.; Ukai, S., 1993:
Polysaccharides in fungi. XXXII. Hypoglycemic activity and chemical properties of a polysaccharide from the cultural mycelium of Cordyceps sinensis

Kiho, T.; Tsujimura, Y.; Sakushima, M.; Usui, S.; Ukai, S., 1994:
Polysaccharides in fungi. XXXIII. Hypoglycemic activity of an acidic polysaccharide (AC) from Tremella fuciformis

Yadav, V.K., 1993:
Polysomes and RNA analysis of high lysine barley mutant Notch-2 and its parent NP113

Porankiewicz, J.; Gwozdz, E.A., 1995:
Polysomes in lupin roots exposed to heat shock

Hammarling, L.; Gustavsson, H.; Svensson, K., 1995:
Polystyrene food packaging presents no problem if correctly used

Bell, I.R.; Markley, E.J.; King, D.S.; Asher, S.; Marby, D.; Kayne, H.; Greenwald, M.; Ogar, D.A.; Margen, S., 1993:
Polysymptomatic syndromes and autonomic reactivity to nonfood stressors in individuals with self-reported adverse food reactions

Camara Hernandez, J.; Miante Alzogaray, A.M., 1994:
Polytely: a general character in Poaceae

Saunders, R.D.; Ashburner, M.; Coulson, D.; Glover, D.M.; Kafatos, F.C.; Louis, C.; Modolell, J.; Rimmington, G.A.; Savakis, C.; Sidin-Kiamos, I., 1993:
Polytene chromosome microdissection and molecular genome mapping in Drosophila and other dipterans

Poopittayasataporn, A.; Baimai, V., 1995:
Polytene chromosome relationships of five species of the Anopheles dirus complex in Thailand

Heino, T.I., 1994:
Polytene chromosomes from ovarian nurse cells of the Drosophila melanogaster otu mutant. II. Photographic map of the X chromosome

Raederstorff, D.; Loechleiter, V.; Moser, U., 1995:
Polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism of human skin fibroblasts during cellular aging

Iritani, N.; Fukuda, H., 1995:
Polyunsaturated fatty acid-mediated suppression of insulin-dependent gene expression of lipogenic enzymes in rat liver

Zampelas, A.; Peel, A.S.; Gould, B.J.; Wright, J.; Williams, C.M., 1994:
Polyunsaturated fatty acids of the n-6 and n-3 series: effects on postprandial lipid and apolipoprotein levels in healthy men

Howard, B.V.; Hannah, J.S.; Heiser, C.C.; Jablonski, K.A.; Paidi, M.C.; Alarif, L.; Robbins, D.C.; Howard, W.J., 1995:
Polyunsaturated fatty acids result in greater cholesterol lowering and less triacylglycerol elevation than do monounsaturated fatty acids in a dose-response comparison in a multiracial study group

Young, C.C.; Burghoff, R.L.; Keim, L.G.; Minak-Bernero, V.; Lute, J.R.; Hinton, S.M., 1993:
Polyvinylpyrrolidone-agarose gel electrophoresis purification of polymerase chain reaction-amplifiable DNA from soils

Levin, G.M., 1994:
Pomegranate (Punica granatum) plant genetic resources in Turkmenistan

Burmistrov, L.A., 1993:
Pomegranate culture in central Asia

Jiang ShiGao; Wang JiLong; Yang YingLong, 1995:
Pomegranates of Huizhai county

Makowski, N., 1995:
Pomeranian Coarsewool sheep on the island of Rugen

Sivakov, L.; Ristevski, B.; Karakasova, L., 1993:
Pomological and technological characteristics of some Russian almond cultivars in Macedonia

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Fragaria spp. L. (strawberry). Cultivar Carezza (NF33)

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Malus communis Mill. (apple). Cultivar Galaxi

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Prunus armeniaca L. (apricot). Cultivar Aurora

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Prunus persica (peach). Cultivar Summer Rich

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Big Top

Anonymous, 1995:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Dixitime AM10

Anonymous, 1995:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Lady Erica

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Queen Crest

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Royal Gem

Anonymous, 1994:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Cultivar Silvia

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Rich Lady

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Royal Glory

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Prunus persica L. (peach). Royal Red

Anonymous, 1993:
Pomological description. Pyrus communis L. (pear). Cultivar Concorde

Starrantino, A.; Perri, F.; Terranova, G., 1994:
Pomological descriptions: clementine. Rubino

Janick, J., 1995:
Pomological education in North America

Testoni, A.; Albertini, A., 1993:
Pomological-qualitative aspects of storage of several sour cherry cultivars in relation to fresh consumption

Rom, C.R., 1994:
Pomology 101, balancing growth and cropping: which comes first, the canopy or the crop?

Middendorp, A.J.; Huisman, E.A., 1995:
Pond farming of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.), in northern Cameroon. Comparing two different strategies for feeding cottonseed cake in tilapia male monosex culture

Racault, Y., 1993:
Pond malfunction: case study of three plants in the south-west of France

Sloan, J.P., 1991:
Ponderosa and lodgepole pine seedling bud burst varies with lift date and cultural practices in Idaho Nursery

McDonald, P.M.; Fiddler, G.O., 1990:
Ponderosa pine seedlings and competing vegetation: ecology, growth, and cost

Stewart, J., 1994:
Ponerorchis. Alpine orchid gems from Japan

Anonymous, 1995:
Pongola expands

Tallis, J.H., 1994:
Pool-and-hummock patterning in a southern Pennine blanket mire II. The formation and erosion of the pool system

Burt, Oscar R., 1995:
Pooling experiments over time to quantify the dynamics of dryland winter wheat yield response

Lucas, R.E., 1995:
Poor correlation between density of malaria parasitaemia and clinical symptoms in the Solomon Islands

Gascon, J.; Gomez Arce, J.E.; Menendez, C.; Valls, M.E.; Corachán, M., 1994:
Poor response to primaquine in two cases of Plasmodium vivax malaria from Guatemala

Schneeberger, P.M.; Kortbeek, L.M.; Schneider, M.M.E.; Geelen, S.P.M.; Leeuwen, M.S. van; Hoepelman, I.M., 1994:
Poor result of albendazole treatment of echinococcosis in 7 patients

Abdul-Aziz, T.A., 1995:
Poorly differentiated pancreatic adenocarcinoma in a chicken

Arlat, M.; Van Gijsegem, F.; Huet, J.C.; Pernollet, J.C.; Boucher, C.A., 1994:
PopA1, a protein which induces a hypersensitivity-like response on specific Petunia genotypes, is secreted via the Hrp pathway of Pseudomonas solanacearum

Ziegler, K.E.; Ashman, B., 1994:

Pajic, Z.; Babic, M., 1994:
Popcorn hybrids - development and utilization

Anonymous, 1992:
Poplar and willow growing in combination with agriculture. Proceedings, 19th Session of the International Poplar Commission, Zaragoza, 22-25.10.92. Volume II

Coleman, G.D.; Banados, M.P.; Chen, T., 1994:
Poplar Bark Storage Protein and a Related Wound-Induced Gene Are Differentially Induced by Nitrogen

Weisgerber, H., 1993:
Poplar breeding for the purpose of biomass production in short rotation periods in Germany: problems and first findings

Frison, G., 1994:
Poplar cultivation and environment in the Po valley

Borelli, M.; Chiarabaglio, P.M.; Coaloa, D.; Frison, G., 1994:
Poplar cultivation in the hilly zone of Monferrato: technical and economic aspects

Ostry, M.E., 1994:
Poplar disease research: host resistance and pathogen variability

Morley, P.M.; Balatinecz, J.J., 1993:
Poplar utilization in Canada: past, present and future

Kopitovic, S.; Klasnja, B., 1992:
Poplar wood in the production of stone groundwood pulp

Watson, D., 1994:
Popular athletics on Victorian Tyneside

Salazar M.G., 1993:
Popular hydroponics: a sustainable agricultural ecotechnology for urban food production

Smout, I.K., 1995:
Popular small-scale irrigation technology

Nowak, D.J.; Sydnor, T.D., 1992:
Popularity of tree species and cultivars in the United States

Kouki, J.; Hanski, I., 1995:
Population aggregation facilitates coexistence of many competing carrion fly species

Okano, M.; Nagano, T.; Kino, K.; Yasueda, H.; Baba, Y.; Saito, C.; Masuda, Y.; Ohta, N., 1994:
Population analysis of cellular responses to synthetic peptides of Der p II, a major allergen molecule of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, in allergic and nonallergic subjects

Malo, D.; Hu, J.; Skamene, E.; Schurr, E., 1994:
Population and molecular genetics of susceptibility to intracellular pathogens

Toulmin, C., 1993:
Population and social conflicts - household strategies for dealing with risk and ensuring survival in the Sahel

Abha Dubey; Gupta A.K.; Agarwal, S.M., 1993:
Population biology of monogenean species in freshwater fishes at Raipur

Woolhouse, M.E.J., 1992:
Population biology of the freshwater snail Biomphalaria pfeifferi in the Zimbabwe highveld

Mohasin, M.; De, B.K., 1993:
Population build up of aphid vectors in potato in the plains of West Bengal

Jayanthi, M.; Singh, K.M.; Singh, R.N., 1993:
Population build up of insect pests on MH 4 variety of groundnut influenced by abiotic factors

Akhauri, RK.; Sinha, MM.; Yadav, RP., 1994:
Population build-up and relative abundance of pod borer complex in early pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp

Scribner, K.T.; Avise, J.C., 1994:
Population cage experiments with a vertebrate: the temporal demography and cytonuclear genetics of hybridization in Gambusia fishes

Hu, F.; Wu, S.M., 1993:
Population characteristics of earthworms in red soils under different land uses

Georgoudis, A.; Ligda, C.; Boyazoglu, J., 1995:
Population characteristics of water buffaloes in Greek wetlands

Neira C.M.; Tapia P.R.; Pessot Z.R.; Carrillo Ll, R.; Mundaca B.N., 1992:
Population composition of Vespula germanica (Fab), (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) and its association with climatic, biological and physical variables of the nest

Choudhury, B.N.; Phukan, P.N., 1990:
Population densities of plant parasitic nematodes on different cultivars of banana

Fang, Min Nan, 1993:
Population density and control of Frankliniella intonsa on pea

Zvereva, E.L.; Kozlov, M.V.; Neuvonen, S., 1995:
Population density and performance of Melasoma lapponica (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in surroundings of smelter complex

Rimon, D., 1994:
Population density in cotton

Vats, L.K.; Sharma, P., 1991:
Population density of Culex tritaeniorhynchus and its control by phototoxic compound, 2- (2'-thienyl)-4-flourophenyl-thiazole

Dabaj, K.H.; Edongli, E.A., 1994:
Population density of citrus nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans on different citrus rootstocks under field conditions of Libya

Inozemtsev, A.A., 1992:
Population density of forest birds in the European part of the USSR and factors determining it

Majumder, S.; Deb, D.C., 1991:
Population density of soil microarthropods in relation to different crop plants

Drake, D.R.; Mueller Dombois, D., 1993:
Population development of rain forest trees on a chronosequence of Hawaiian lava flows

Milgroom, M.G.; Lipari, S.E., 1995 :
Population differentiation in the chestnut blight fungus, Cryphonectria parasitica, in eastern North America

Simwat, G.S.; Dhawan, A.K., 1995:
Population distribution of cotton jassid (Amrasca biguttula biguttula) and whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) on upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) at different times during day and levels of plant canopy

Chandramohan, N.; Nanjan, K., 1992:
Population distribution, host range and control of glass house white fly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (W)

Venable, D.L.; Dyreson, E.; Morales, E., 1995:
Population dynamic consequences and evolution of seed traits of Heterosperma pinnatum (Asteraceae)

Kharub, RS.; Singh, H.; Rohilla, HR.; Chopra, NP., 1993:
Population dynamics and biology of Spodoptera litura (Fab.) on groundnut Arachis hypogaea Linn

Luque, J.L., 1994:
Population dynamics and community structure of metazoan parasites of Menticirrhus ophicephalus (Pisces: Sciaenidae) from the Peruvian coast

Mustafa, T.M.; Masha' l, M.M., 1994:
Population dynamics and flight activity of the cabbage aphid Brevicoryne brassicae L. (Homoptera: Aphididae) in the Jordan Valley

Monicke, G., 1995:
Population dynamics and its influence on the infrastructure in rural areas - the example of the Werra-Meissner-Kreis and Landkreis Emsland regions

Rols, J.L.; Mauret, M.; Rahmani, H.; Nguyen, K.M.; Capdeville, B.; Cornier, J.C.; Deguin, A., 1994:
Population dynamics and nitrite build-up in activated sludge and biofilm processes for nitrogen removal

Youm, O.; Gilstrap, F.E., 1993:
Population dynamics and parasitism of Coniesta (=Haimachia) ignefusalis, Sesamia calamistis, and Heliocheilus albipunctella in millet monoculture

Toscano, N.; Henneberry, T.J.; Castle, S., 1994:
Population dynamics and pest status of silverleaf whitefly in the USA

Patronek, G.J.; Glickman, L.T.; Moyer, M.R., 1995:
Population dynamics and the risk of euthanasia for dogs in an animal shelter

Bauer, C.; Schulz, T.F.; Lorenz, D.; Eichhorn, K.W.; Plapp, R., 1994:
Population dynamics of Agrobacterium vitis in two grapevine varieties during the vegetation period

Patel, B.S.; Jhala, R.C.; Patel, C.B., 1993:
Population dynamics of Chickoo moth, Nephopteryx eugraphella (Ragonot). (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) in relation to weather parameters

Jin, L.; Chakraborty, R., 1994:
Population dynamics of DNA fingerprint patterns within and between populations

Moya Raygoza, G., 1993:
Population dynamics of Dalbulus spp. (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on maize (Zea mays) (Gramineae) and its close relatives

Latif, M.A.; Mian, I.H., 1992:
Population dynamics of Ditylenchus angustus associated with leaf sheath and panicle of rice

Pavan, F.; Picotti, P., 1994:
Population dynamics of Empoasca vitis (Gothe) (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) and Anagrus atomus (Linnaeus) (Hymenoptera, Mymaridae) in vineyards and kiwifruit orchards

Ismail, A.E.; Abadir, S.K.; Kheir, A.M., 1993:
Population dynamics of Heterodera zeae on some corn hybrids in relation to soil temperature

Salas Araiza, M.D.; Bravo Mojica, H.; McCully, J.E.; Alatorre Rosas, R.; Salazar Solis, E., 1993:
Population dynamics of Lepidoptera feeding on cruciferous crops in El Bajio, Mexico

Issa, S.; Marcano, R., 1994:
Population dynamics of Liriomyza sativae and its parasites on tomato

Comer, J.A.; Kavanaugh, D.M.; Stallknecht, D.E.; Corn, J.L., 1994:
Population dynamics of Lutzomyia shannoni (Diptera: Psychodidae) in relation to the epizootiology of vesicular stomatitis virus on Ossabaw Island, Georgia

Rahman, M.H.; Sardar, M.A.; Hoque, M.R., 1991:
Population dynamics of Micraspis discolor (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) in rice and its susceptibility to insecticides

Lopez Granados, F.; Garcia Torres, L., 1994:
Population dynamics of Orobanche crenata on Vicia faba as affected by crop sowing dates

Pazini, W.C.; Gravena, S., 1994:
Population dynamics of Parlatoria cinerea Hadden (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) and its parasitism on Citrus sinensis (Osbeck) in the region of Bebedouro, SP

Lindow, S.; Wilson, M., 1993:
Population dynamics of Pseudomonas fluorescens strain A506 in pear flowers following inoculation in relation to strategies of biological control of fire blight and frost injury

Dmitriev, A.P., 1994:
Population dynamics of Puccinia coronata Cda. and the structure of immunological variability of oats

Rubtsov, V.V.; Rubtsova, N.N.; Utkina, I.A., 1989:
Population dynamics of Tortrix viridana in the Tellerman oak forest

Kumar, S.; Goel, SC., 1994:
Population dynamics of a pyralid, Antigastra catalaunalis (Dup.) on sesamum in relation to abiotic factors

Belda, J.; Aguirre, A.; Mirasol, E.; Cabello, T., 1994:
Population dynamics of alate green-flies (Hom.: Aphididae) on tomato crops in Almeria

Sihag, R.C., 1993:
Population dynamics of andrenid pollinators at sub-tropical Hisar (India)

Dewit, I.; Coosemans, M.; Srikrishnaraj, K.; Wery, M., 1994:
Population dynamics of anophelines in a malathion treated village in the intermediate zone of Sri Lanka

Jebanesan, A.; Selvanayagam, M., 1994:
Population dynamics of aquatic hemipterans in the river Cooum, Madras

Sharma, RP.; Yadav, RP., 1994:
Population dynamics of bean aphid (Aphis craccivora Koch.) and its predatory coccinellid complex in relation to crop type (lentil, Lathyrus and faba bean) and weather conditions

Gao, M.Y.; Kuang, X.C., 1994:
Population dynamics of citrus red mite Panonychus citri McG. in fields and its relationship to environmental factors

Medina, L.M.; Jordano, R., 1995:
Population dynamics of constitutive microbiota in BAT type fermented milk products

Nandihalli, B.S.; Patil, B.V.; Lingappa, S., 1993:
Population dynamics of cotton whitefly Bemisia tabaci (Genn.)

Radhakrishna, R.; Kamalavalli, A.L.; Mohamad Kasim, H., 1993:
Population dynamics of crustacean wood-borers at Tuticorin Harbour - South India

Robertson, L.N., 1993:
Population dynamics of false wireworms (Gonocephalum macleayi, Pterohelaeus alternatus, P. darlingensis) and development of an integrated pest management program in central Queensland field crops: a review

Almeida, J.R. de; Xerez, R. de; Caldas, A., 1993:
Population dynamics of four species of Dysdercus (Hemiptera, Pyrrhocoridae) and the phenology of host plants

Mattison, R.G.; Dunn, T.S.; Hanna, R.E.B.; Nizami, W.A.; Ali, Q.M., 1995:
Population dynamics of freshwater gastropods and epidemiology of their helminth infections with emphasis on larval paramphistomes in northern India

Kulichevskaya, I.S.; Guzev, B.S.; Panikov, N.S., 1995:
Population dynamics of hydrocarbon-oxidizing yeasts introduced into oil-contaminated soil

Bhattacharyya, P.R.; Adhikary, R.K.; Bordoloi, D.N., 1993:
Population dynamics of insect pests and damage of the white button mushroom in the environment of North East India

Shrivastava, N.; Katiyar, O.P.; Shrivastava, S.; Das, S.B., 1994:
Population dynamics of linseed budfly Dasyneura lini Barnes (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on linseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Araki, N.; Harada, H., 1994:
Population dynamics of methanogenic biofilm consortium during a start-up period of anaerobic fluidized bed reactor

Sarkar, T.K.; Gayen, P., 1992:
Population dynamics of paddy stem borer (Scirpophaga incertulas Walk., Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) with respect to some weather factors

Faccini, D.E.; Nisensohn, L.A., 1994:
Population dynamics of pigweed (Amaranthus quitensis H.B.K.). Effects of the chemical and mechanical treatments in a soyabean plantation

Ramakrishnan, S., 1992:
Population dynamics of rice root nematode

Patel, D.R.; Patel, M.B.; Patel, C.B., 1993:
Population dynamics of sugarcane leaf hopper (Pyrilla perpusilla Wlk.) and its ectoparasite (Epiricania melanoleuca F.) in relation to climate

Tenhymberg, B.; Poehling, H.M., 1989:
Population dynamics of syrphids (Diptera, Syrphidae) in winter wheat

Stamenkovic, S.; Milenkovic, S., 1992:
Population dynamics of the plummoth Cydia funebrana Tr. (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) in the Cacak region

Singh, P.B.; Ashook Varma, 1995:
Population dynamics of the sugarcane shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snellen in Andhra Pradesh, India

Ocano, C.; Ruiz, M.; Rosa, J.; Chong, A., 1992:
Population dynamics of the sweet potato weevil Cylas formicarius elegantulus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Lu, W.M., 1993:
Population dynamics of the tea geometrid and its forecasting

Rao, G.R.; Chari, M.S., 1992:
Population dynamics of whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Gen. in cotton and tobacco in relation to weather factors

Willebrand, E.V.rwijst, T., 1993:
Population dynamics of willow coppice systems and their implications for management of short-rotation forests

Brown, M.W.; Schmitt, J.J., 1994:
Population dynamics of woolly apple aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in West Virginia apple orchards

Shuangjiang, L.; Jicui, H.; Xiasheng, G., 1993:
Population dynamics on anaerobic sludge granulation in UASB reactors

Vangilder, L.D.; Kurzejeski, E.W., 1995:
Population ecology of the eastern wild turkey in northern Missouri

Finch, D.M., 1991:
Population ecology, habitat requirements, and conservation of neotropical migratory birds

Fischer, H.Z.; Patel, P.N., 1993:
Population fluctuation and behaviour of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) and their parasitoids (Hymenoptera and Diptera) on avocado (Persea americana)

Khosrowshahi, M.; Nikkhoo, F., 1994:
Population fluctuation of Tetranychus turkestani in sugar beet cultivation and its chemical control measures

Furiatti, R.S.; Almeida, A.A. de, 1993:
Population fluctuation of the aphids Myzus persicae (Sulzer, 1778) and Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas, 1878) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and the relation with temperature

Domiciano, N.L.; Ota, A.Y.; Tedardi, C.R., 1993:
Population fluctuation of thrips on onion, its association with climatic elements and control

Mart, C.; Kilincer, N., 1993:
Population fluctuations and number of generations of carob moth, Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) in the Southeast Anatolia region

Sipes, B.S.; Schmitt, D.P., 1994:
Population fluctuations of Rotylenchulus reniformis in pineapple fields and the effect of the nematode on fruit yield

Nakata, Tadafumi., 1995:
Population fluctuations of aphids and their natural enemies on potato in Hokkaido, Japan

Davis, R.F.; Kane, R.T.; Wilkinson, H.T.; Noel, G.R., 1995:
Population fluctuations of three nematode genera in putting greens in northern Illinois

Vaughan, D.A.; Fukuoka, S.; Okuno, K., 1995:
Population genetic diversity of wild soybeans on the Kanto plain, Japan

Lokker, C.; Susko, D.; Lovett Doust, L.; Lovett Doust, J., 1994:
Population genetic structure of Vallisneria americana, a dioecious clonal macrophyte

Jasieniuk, M.; Maxwell, B.D., 1994:
Population genetics and the evolution of herbicide resistance in weeds

Biondo, S.; Genduso, P.; Pirrone, A.M., 1994:
Population genetics of Apis mellifera L. colonies in central and western Sicily and isolation of Apis mellifera sicula Grassi

Bowling, A.T., 1994:
Population genetics of Great Basin feral horses

Wolfe, M.S.; McDermott, J.M., 1994:
Population genetics of plant pathogen interactions: the example of the Erysiphe graminis-Hordeum vulgare pathosystem

Biémont, C., 1992:
Population genetics of transposable DNA elements. A Drosophila point of view

Mortimore, M.; Tiffen, M., 1994:
Population growth and a sustainable environment. The Machakos story

Nozato, K., 1995:
Population growth of Aphis gossypii (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in the warmer region of Japan

Fitzsimmons, N.N.; Buskirk, S.W.; Smith, M.H., 1995:
Population history, genetic variability, and horn growth in bighorn sheep

Amalraj, D.D.; Das, P.K., 1994:
Population interaction of Toxorhynchites splendens and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in the laboratory

Giri, D.G.; Daware, D.G.; Dahiphale, V.V., 1993:
Population level of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) as influenced by different agronomic regimens

McAuslane, H.J.; Johnson, F.A.; Knauft, D.A., 1994:
Population levels and parasitism of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on peanut cultivars

Hall, D.G.; Irey, M.S., 1992:
Population levels of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with sugarcane in Florida

Snodgrass, G.L.; Stadelbacher, E.A., 1994:
Population levels of tarnished plant bugs (Heteroptera: Miridae) and beneficial arthropods following early-season treatments of Geranium dissectum for control of bollworms and tobacco budworms (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Clausen, P., 1995:
Population of fur bearers in 1995

Costa Comelles, J.; Santamaria, A.; Ferragut, F.; Garcia Mari, F., 1994:
Population of mites in the vegetation cover of apple orchards

Heisler, C., 1993:
Population of straw bags in arable surfaces of different compaction

Omelchenko, V.T., 1994:
Population organization of pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha: analysis of concepts

Evstigneev, O.I.; Korotkov, V.N.; Bakalyna, L.V., 1992:
Population organization of the hornbeam forests in the Kanev Reserve

Amantea, M.A.; Bowden, R.A.; Forrest, A.; Working, P.K.; Newman, M.S.; Mamelok, R.D., 1995:
Population pharmacokinetics and renal function-sparing effects of amphotericin B colloidal dispersion in patients receiving bone marrow transplants

Tuladhar, J., 1993:
Population policies and programme in Nepal

Agrawal, A., 1995:
Population pressure = forest degradation: an oversimplistic equation?

Eboh, E.C.; Lemchi, J.I., 1994:
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Population structure, fitness surfaces, and linkage in the shifting balance process

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Population study of major genes affecting the content of alpha s1 and beta casein in goat milk

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Population supporting capacity of Palawan province: a case study in the application of the AEZ methodology

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Population suppression for control of the blowfly Lucilia sericata and sheep blowfly strike

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Population variability in a domestic stored product pest, the parthenogenetic psocid Liposcelis bostrychophila: implications for control

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Population viability analysis for red-cockaded woodpeckers in the Georgia Piedmont

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Population, biomass and the environment in central Sudan

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Population, fertility and mortality in Tonga

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Population, the environment, and resources in Zimbabwe

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Population-based registries - how can they be used for nutrition and dietetic research?

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Population-environment relationship: method of approach and research findings

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Population-genetical studies on Dryobalanops (Kapur) species

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Populations dynamics of tortricids (Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hb.) and Epichoristodes acerbella (Walk.)) on ornamentals, with special reference to the potential use of sex-pheromones for monitoring, mass-trapping and mating disruption

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Populations of Amblyseius aberrans (Oud.) resistant to organophosphorus esters and dithiocarbamates

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Populations of Apis mellifera L. in the Oltrepo pavese (northern Italy): results of a morphometric study

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Populations of citrus tristeza virus contain smaller-than-full-length particles which encapsidate sub-genomic RNA molecules

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Populations of the sharpnosed leafhopper vector, Scaphytopius spp. and blueberry stunt infection periods in highbush blueberry

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Populations of wood-destroying insects of Fagus orientalis and Abies nordmanniana on felled areas and in forest stands

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Populus wilsonii and Populus lasiocarpa - root grafting trials

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Porcine calbindin-D9k gene: expression in endometrium, myometrium, and placenta in the absence of a functional estrogen response element in intron A

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Porcine circovirus: a serological survey of swine in the United States

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Porcine clinical biochemistry

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Porcine colonic spirochetosis: a retrospective study of eleven cases

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Porcine conceptus and endometrial retinoid-binding proteins

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Porcine growth hormone for pigs: effect on leg weakness and osteochondrosis

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Porcine haematology: reference ranges and the clinical value of haematological examination in the pig

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Porcine membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type II: an autosomal recessive deficiency of factor H

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Porcine ovarian granulosa cells secrete insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins-4 and -5 and express their messenger ribonucleic acids: regulation by follicle-stimulating hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1

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Porcine parvovirus vaccination efficacy assessed by Monte Carlo simulation

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Porcine parvovirus. Occurrence in 12 Danish herds

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Porcine parvovirus. Preliminary study: haemagglutination inhibition test

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Porcine pleuropneumonia in Croatia. I. Antibodies to Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in breeding pigs

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Porcine pregnancy-associated glycoproteins: new members of the aspartic proteinase gene family expressed in trophectoderm

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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS): experimental studies on the effects of infection on the immune response and resistance to Aujeszky virus and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections

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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome: NEB-1 PRRSV infection did not potentiate bacterial pathogens

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Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome: clinical disease, pathology and immunosuppression

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Porcine respiratory coronavirus-mediated interference against influenza virus replication in the respiratory tract of feeder pigs

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Porcine somatotropic regulation of thymic weight, thymosin beta 4, and insulin-like growth factors in lean and obese swine

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Porcine zona pellucida antigen 4 (PZP-4) as a contraceptive vaccine

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Pore properties of Lymnaea stagnalis neuron stretch-activated K+ channels

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Pore structures of oil-contaminated, aggregated oil-contaminated and uncontaminated soils in relation to microbial activities

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Pore-diameter analysis: a possible method for detecting certain mosquito coil quality problems

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Pore-size distribution of some red soils of Andhra Pradesh using mercury intrusion porosimetry

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Porewater quality of uranium tailings during laboratory aging and its relation to the solid phase

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Pork carcass evaluation with an automated and computerized ultrasonic system

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Pork production facilities scheduling (PIGFLOW)

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Pork production in Taiwan

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Porosity characterization in two Spanish soil profiles with hydromorphic features

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Porosity, moisture release characteristics and infiltration rates of three golf green rootzones

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Porrocaecum muraenesoxi n. sp. (Nematoda: Heterocheilidae) from the intestine of marine eel fish Muraenesox talabonoides (Bleeker)

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Porrocaecum vittatii sp. nov. (Nematoda: Heterocheilidae) from the stomach of a fresh water catfish Mystus vittatus

Rajyalakshmi, I.; Shyamasundari, K., 1993:
Porrocaecum wallagus n. sp. (Nematoda: Heterocheilidae) from the intestine of freshwater catfish, Wallago attu (Bloch and Schneider)

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Portable cyst extractor: detecting cyst nematodes in the field

Kakkar, V.K.; Kaur, S., 1994:
Portable feeder for feeding liquid urea-molasses to dairy animals

Hamilton, W.J., 1994:
Portable handling facilities to improve the welfare of farmed red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Faber, B.; Douner, J.; Yates, L., 1993:
Portable soil moisture meters

Senft, D., 1994:
Portable water gauge patented

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Portal and hepatic fluxes in sheep and concentrations in cattle ruminal fluid of 3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propionic, benzoic, 3-phenylpropionic, and trans-cinnamic acids

Van den Ingh, T.S.; Rothuizen, J.; Meyer, H.P., 1995:
Portal hypertension associated with primary hypoplasia of the hepatic portal vein in dogs

Anonymous, 1994:
Portfolio: Brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa)

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Portion size data for foods consumed by a randomly selected sample of Geelong adults

Anonymous, 1995:
Ports in the news

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Position Dependent Control (PDC) of plant production

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Position and future prospects of quality meat in the Mediterranean basin

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Position independent expression and developmental regulation is directed by the beta myosin heavy chain gene's 5' upstream region in transgenic mice

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Position of the beta -amylase locus (Bmy1) on chromosome 4 of barley

Anonymous, 1994:
Position of the Canadian Dietetic Association and the American Dietetic Association: nutrition intervention in the care of persons with human immunodeficiency virus infection

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Position of the tropical tribe Phricanthini and some other tropical tortricids in the system of the family Tortricidae (Lepidoptera) based on study of the functional morphology of the male genitalia

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Position on rootstocks of European plum

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Position-dependent variegation of globin transgene expression in mice

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Position-independent expression of whey acidic protein transgenes

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Positional and genetic information in insect limb buds

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Positional distribution of omega 3 fatty acids in marine lipid triacylglycerols by high-resolution 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Positional distribution of stearic acid and oleic acid in a triacylglycerol and dietary calcium concentration determines the apparent absorption of these fatty acids in rats

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Positioning agricultural economics departments to serve agribusiness graduate and professional education markets

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Positioning and yield determination in grain harvesting during 1990 and 1991

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Positioning of 14 simple sequence repeat loci relative to markers on the gene-based map of the mouse X chromosome

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Positive analysis of the imbalance of rural development and strategic thought

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Positive and negative aspects of clonal selection in spruce

Jin ZhiQing; G.D.oKuo; Chen Hua; Zheng Xilian, 1994:
Positive and negative effects of global climate change on soyabean production in China

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Positive and negative regulation of retinoid X receptor gene expression by thyroid hormone in the rat. Transcriptional and post-transcriptional controls by thyroid hormone

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Positive effects of pollination on subsequent size, reproduction, and survival of Primula veris

Kimmo, I.K., 1994:
Positive environmental role of balanced fertilization in Asia

Mora, C., 1995:
Positive externalities of dairy farming

Kola, J., 1995:
Positive externalities of joint agriculture and forestry: the roles and rules of agricultural and forest policies in Finland

Varma, A.; Schuepp, H., 1994:
Positive influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus on in vitro raised hortensia plantlets

Anonymous, 1994:
Positive results from the dairy market

Mellini, E.; Campadelli, G., 1994:
Positive results in the rearing on artificial diets of the parasitoid Exorista larvarum L. (Diptera, Tachinidae)

Raj, R.K.; Satapathy, C.; Das, P., 1992:
Possession and use of mass media by farmers

Daniel, P.; Rompf, R., 1994:
Possibilities and limits in the utilization of Silphium perfoliatum as a fodder plant, renewable raw material and a landscape conservation-plant

Baeumer, K., 1994:
Possibilities and limits of the formation of soil-utilization-systems in view of the increased utilization of self-regulatory mechanisms in the agroecosystem

Hevesi, M.; Szoboszlay, S.; Kriszt, B., 1994:
Possibilities and new directions in controlling bacterial plant diseases

Oestergaard, H., 1994:
Possibilities and perspectives for the use of CAF in fertilizer application

Petersen, H.H., 1994:
Possibilities and perspectives for the use of CAF in plant protection

Lamp, J.; Basten, M., 1994:
Possibilities and perspectives of computer-aided plant production (CAF) for soil conservation

Jones, A.T., 1993:
Possibilities and problems for the control of viruses infecting Rubus and Ribes crops in Europe

Anonymous, 1994:
Possibilities and prospects in genetics and milk quality

Blud' ovsky, Z., 1994:
Possibilities and urgency of the optimization of organizational structures of forest property under the new conditions

Konarski, H.; Szarek, J., 1993:
Possibilities for and obstacles to cow milk production in the Middle East and North Africa

Fischer, P., 1992:
Possibilities for biological control of Cephalcia abietis L. with entomoparasitic nematodes

Pasca, R., 1995:
Possibilities for change in agricultural research and experimentation

Meinert, G., 1994:
Possibilities for closing control gaps. New crop protection legislation requires use registration

Beratliev, C., 1991:
Possibilities for control of the cabbage moth Mamestra brassicae L. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by gamma radiation

Wilson, C.G., 1995:
Possibilities for further collaboration in weed management between Australia and Timor

Folkman, I., 1991:
Possibilities for mitigation of consequences of longterm intense fertilization of seminatural grassland by alternate intensity fertilization

Loffler, H., 1995:
Possibilities for re-organization in forestry

Krivec, A., 1978:
Possibilities for skidding wood on steep terrain

Serrao, E.A., 1995:
Possibilities for sustainable agricultural development in the Brazilian Amazon: an EMBRAPA proposal

Shternshis, M.V., 1992:
Possibilities for the application of biopreparations for plant protection in Siberia

Coosemans, J., 1993:
Possibilities for the biological control of nematodes, and their distribution in the soil of highland banana and plantain as a base for sampling

Tvrdon, J., 1993:
Possibilities for using supply and demand functions for analysis of the agro/food market, the example of milk and milk production

Thys, C.; Schrevens, E., 1991:
Possibilities for, and effects of, applying sludge from the treatment of waste water of the Artois brewery in Louvain. 2. Application in horticulture

Trematerra, P.; Ferrario, P.; Binda, M., 1994:
Possibilities in the control of Hyphantria cunea: studies on sexual pheromones

Chiappini, E., 1993:
Possibilities of application in integrated pest control for the protected cultivation of aubergines

Kajba, D., 1993:
Possibilities of cloning silver birch (Betula pendula) and black alder (Alnus glutinosa)

Aurich, C.; Aurich, J.E.; Klug, E., 1993:
Possibilities of controlling the oestrous cycle in mares

Kusen, E., 1994:
Possibilities of cultural tourism development in Varazdin

Datta, S.K., 1994:
Possibilities of directive mutation in ornamentals

Laciakova, A.; Laciak, V., 1994:
Possibilities of elimination of the microscopic filamentous fungi with disinfectants

Lewandowski, I.; Kahnt, G., 1993:
Possibilities of establishing an in vitro propagation system for Miscanthus Giganteus, using different plant parts as explant tissue

Jovanovac, S., 1993:
Possibilities of estimating the breeding values of Holstein-Friesian bulls in Slavonia and Baranja

Ozturk, A.; Kays, S.A.; Parlat, S.S.; Gurkan, M., 1994:
Possibilities of estimation of body weight by some body measurements in Konya Merino sheep

Krstinic, A.; Kajba, D., 1991:
Possibilities of genetic gain for vigorous growth of black alder (Alnus glutinosa) in clonal seed orchards

Pidra, M., 1992:
Possibilities of grain protein improvement in cereals by means of utilization of high nitrate reductase activity mutants

Maksimovic, S.; Antic Runjajic, D.; Sekesan, V.J., 1993:
Possibilities of growing medicinal and aromatic plants in mountainous region of Schara

Toplitsch, H., 1993:
Possibilities of highly-mechanized and fully-mechanized harvesting in thinnings

Averdunk, G., 1994:
Possibilities of improving fertility of cattle through selection

Ogcan, M., 1994:
Possibilities of improving important performance traits of Karacabey Merinos through selection. 1. Performance levels for different traits

Kozowski, S.; Golinska, B., 1994:
Possibilities of increasing seed production of Alopecurus pratensis

Stolz, P.; Meierhenrich, U.; Krooss, J., 1994:
Possibilities of interior pyrethroid decontamination and photodecomposition

Cizmar, S., 1995:
Possibilities of introducing franchising in the Croatian tourism and catering industry

Giametta, G.; Zimbalatti, G., 1994:
Possibilities of mechanical pruning in traditional olive groves

Lehnhausen, H., 1993:
Possibilities of new forms of wages in forestry

Jijffels, R.H.; Leenen, E.J.T.M.; Tramper, J., 1993:
Possibilities of nitrification with immobilized cells in waste-water treatment: model or practical system?

Pohlan, J.; Diaz Lopez, R.H., 1994:
Possibilities of non-chemical weed control in pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) for small holders in Nicaragua

Sauco, V.G., 1994:
Possibilities of non-citrus tropical fruit in the Mediterranean

Lang, K., 1991:
Possibilities of producing safe and stable Norway spruce stands

Rebula, E., 1979:
Possibilities of simplification in work study of wood transport by truck

Montanari, M.; Lovato, A.; Tisselli, V., 1992:
Possibilities of sugarbeet seed production from cellular-tray transplants grown in a glasshouse

Magyari, J.; Hajos, L., 1994:
Possibilities of supporting the scheduling of farmers' short-term activities

Paul, C.; Mainka, C.; Muller, J., 1992:
Possibilities of the NIRS technique for silage maize

Kovacik, P., 1994:
Possibilities of the nitrate content reduction in radish through saccharose and thiourea application

Linderova, R., 1993:
Possibilities of the valuation of water-management and recreational role of forests under conditions of market economy

Adhikari, S.; Mitra, A.; Gupta, S.K.; Banerjee, S.K., 1994:
Possibilities of using Calcutta sewage effluents and sludges for irrigation and manurial purposes. Part I. Physicochemical characteristics and impact of heavy metal contents on soil and water

Knize, J.; Prno, I., 1990:
Possibilities of using a simulation model of the production process in the operational control of furniture production

Ladomersky, J.; Pajtik, J., 1989:
Possibilities of using beech bark for 2-furaldehyde and adhesive for wood-based panel products

Ivanov, D., 1995:
Possibilities of using different sexual types in breeding melon

Conti, B., 1993:
Possibilities of using hydroprene against Blattella germanica L. (Dictyoptera Blatellidae) on ships

Mroczynski, L.; Mroczynski, M.; Widerski, K., 1994:
Possibilities of using integrated plant protection on private seed-producing farm

Klcalp, N.; Benli, Y., 1994:
Possibilities of using lentil flour in rations for layers

Dusek, J.; Tumova ; Duskova, J., 1995:
Possibilities of using medicinal plants from the area exposed to lead

Stolyarov, D.P.; Minaev, V.N., 1991:
Possibilities of using microlight aircraft for investigations in forestry

Genov, M., 1995:
Possibilities of using polyploidy in maize breeding

Gul, A.; Tuzel, Y.; Yoltas, T., 1994:
Possibilities of using side shoots as propagation material in greenhouse tomato production

Friedrich, A.; Mencikova, M., 1993:
Possibilities of using the techniques of plant biotechnology in non-traditional systems of breeding fruit crops

Erdinc, H.; Yavuz, H.M.; Ogan, M.; Baspinar, H., 1992:
Possibilities of using tomato pomace silage in feeding dairy cattle

Eler, U.; Senergin, S., 1992:
Possibilities of using unripe cones of Pinus brutia

Bencat, F.; Supuka, J., 1989:
Possibilities of utilizing exotic trees and shrubs in forest management for recreation forest setting and landscape greenbelt setting

Naumann, A.; Habermehl, A.; Ridder, H.W.; Katzel, R., 1995:
Possibilities of water supply in the stem of Scots pine tapped for resin

Quintana Samperio, M.A., 1994:
Possibilities open to the food industry for the preparation of more heart-healthy products

Blaha, J.; Skarkova, L.; Cai, D.V., 1992:
Possibilities to replace maize by manioc meal in broiler fattening diets - Part 1

Blaha, J.; Cai, D.V.; Skarkova, L., 1993:
Possibilities to replace maize by manioc meal in broiler fattening diets - Part 2

Cardinali, D., 1992:
Possibility and prospects of the use of SPE (solid phase extraction) in the determination using capillary GLC - ECD of chlorinated fungicides, insecticides and acaricides and pyrethroids in horticulture with particular regard to leafy vegetables

Iwanczak, M.; Reps, A.; Wisniewska, K.; Jarmul, I.; Kolakowski, P., 1995:
Possibility for increasing the potassium content in ripening cheeses

Ignatowicz, S., 1992:
Possibility for irradiation as a quarantine treatment of agricultural products

Brkic, A.; Mihelic, D.; Zobundzija, M.; Babic, K.; Gjurcevic Kantura, V., 1994:
Possibility of N. ischiadicus approach in swine

Pandey, J.C.; Raj Kumar; Gupta, R.C., 1992:
Possibility of biological control of rhizome rot of ginger by different antagonists

Talamucci, P.; Pardini, A., 1993:
Possibility of combined utilization of Morus alba and Trifolium subterraneum in Tuscan Maremma (Italy)

Byun, D.H.; Park, H.G., 1995:
Possibility of contamination during pollination in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris spp. pekinensis)

Kuznetsov, V.R., 1991 :
Possibility of creating forest clumps to shelter fields in the central Kulunda steppe

Cocozza Talia, M.A.; Lucia, B. de; Viola, A.M.F. la, 1994:
Possibility of cultivating brodiaea as a pot plant

Tyihák, E.; Rozsnyay, S.; Sárdi, E.; Gullner, G.; Trézl, L.; Gáborjányi, R., 1994:
Possibility of formation of excited formaldehyde and singlet oxygen in biotic and abiotic stress situations

Pathak, H.; Sarkar, M.C., 1994:
Possibility of incorporating rice straw into soil under rice-wheat cropping system

Woznica, Z.; Maecka, I.; Rozalski, K.; Waniorek, W., 1993:
Possibility of increasing the phytotoxicity of phenoxyalkanoic acid herbicides

Danilenko, N.G., 1995:
Possibility of increasing the resistance of potato plants to potato X potexvirus and producing virus-resistant varieties by clonal selection based on intravarietal heterogeneity

Setter, T.L.; Conocono, E.A.; Egdane, J.A.; Kropff, M.J., 1995:
Possibility of increasing yield potential of rice by reducing panicle height in the canopy. I. Effects of panicles on light interception and canopy photosynthesis

Senthivel, S.; Solaiappan, U.; Subramanian, S., 1994:
Possibility of intercropping and double cropping in rainfed red soil tract

Oyagi, N., 1993:
Possibility of landslide landform interpretation using satellite stereopair images

Ilic, Z., 1995:
Possibility of long-term storage of red pepper seed

Monib, M.; Higazy, A.; Hassan, M.E.; Ragab, A.A., 1994:
Possibility of magnifying broad bean productivity in fertile Nile valley soils

Gutmanski, I.; Pikulik, R., 1994:
Possibility of modification of soil cultivation for sugarbeet

Onda, T.; Tsuji, M.; Komiyama, Y., 1994:
Possibility of nondestructive determination of sugar content, acidity and hardness of plum fruit by near infrared spectroscopy

Kus, J.; Siuta, A.; Mroz, A.; Kaminska, M., 1993:
Possibility of offsetting the adverse effect of the manner of cropping on the yields of spring barley

Bai, X.Y.; Cheng, H.R., 1993:
Possibility of pine wilt disease epidemic in south China

Gorina, I.N., 1994:
Possibility of producing forms resistant to herbicides

Vasic, D.; Vasiljevic, L., 1994:
Possibility of shortening the breeding cycle in sunflower by means of embryo culture

Komatsu, Y.; Yoshizawa, K.; Yokoyama, M.; Satoh, K., 1994:
Possibility of shortening the freezing programme for bovine embryos using a methanol device

Krieghoff, G., 1993:
Possibility of staggering ripening of strawberries

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Possibility of the use of antifeedants in integrated control of pests

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Possibility of use of low rate of Pivot 100 SL herbicide in leguminous crops

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Possibility of using a heat pump for the pasteurization of cheese milk

Pabuccuoglu, S.; Ileri, I.K., 1991:
Possibility of using heat-treated bovine serum in place of bovine serum albumin for rabbit embryo culture

Valdivia Altamirano, H.; Sotelo Montes, C., 1993:
Possibility of using roundwood of Guazuma crinita as a structural material in wooden buildings

Mar' yakhina, I.Y.; Polumordvinova, I.V.; Shevchenko, N.P., 1994:
Possibility of using the method of in vitro polyploidization in onion breeding

Lima, M.M.; Mac Cord, J.R., 1994:
Possible absence of attraction to odor in Panstrongylus megistus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) under laboratory conditions

Makita Ngadi, J.; M.B.tchi, B.; Kilbertus, G., 1993:
Possible agricultural uses of sugarcane froth and bagasse from the Societe Sucriere du Haut-Ogooue in Gabon

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Possible anti-tumor promoting properties of marine algae and in vivo activity of Wakame seaweed extract

Gregor, D.; Hartmann, W.; Stosser, R., 1994:
Possible applications of DNA fingerprinting in fruit growing

Kurochkin, V.A.; Osmanov, T.O., 1993 :
Possible applications of multidimensional analysis to assess mudflow hazard in the Kopetdag area

Amer, A.F., 1994:
Possible best treatment of soil and plant to increase salt tolerance in barley

Mould, F.L.; Hansen, B.G.nnar, 1994:
Possible causes for the changing incidence of adverse flavours and taints detected in milk delivered to dairies in south-west Norway

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Possible causes of poor pollen germination in the pistil of jujube (Zizyphus jujuba Mill.)

Chernyshev, V.D., 1994:
Possible causes of the dying of conifer forests

Mashkovskii, V.P., 1993:
Possible changes in the predominant species caused by using the new method of determining it

Arbeiter, K.; Dickie, M.B., 1993:
Possible consequences of subinvolution of placental sites on the fertility of the bitch

Villa, P., 1995:
Possible consequences of the GATT reform for the fruit and vegetable sector

Wiberg, A., 1994:
Possible correlation between the faecal flora of horses and clinical signs of disease

Wiedenbeck, J.; Araman, P., 1993:
Possible demands for eastern hardwoods resulting from harvest restrictions in the Pacific Northwest

Wasylow, J., 1994:
Possible designs for modernization of steam boilers - of grates installed in native sugar factories

Beiguelman B.; Seva Pereira A.; Sparvoli A.C., 1992:
Possible discrimination between genotypes of lactase persistence phenotype

Deeming, D.C., 1995:
Possible effect of microbial infection on yolk utilisation in ostrich chicks

Schalkwyk, H.D. van; Rooyen, C.J. van; Jooste, A., 1994:
Possible effects of an agricultural land tax in South Africa

Ruff, M.D., 1992:
Possible effects of coccidiosis on cattle immunity examined

Cockshull, K.E., 1994:
Possible energy saving techniques for mild winter climates

Giraud, G., 1995:
Possible evolution of the horticultural production in a small agricultural region

Clark, A.M.; Spence, J.A., 1994:
Possible familial hepatic encephalopathy in a Suffolk ewe

Biswas, D.; Bhattacharyya, B., 1995:
Possible galactopoietic potency of aqueous extract fraction of some indigenous plant materials on mice

Holliman, A.; Scholes, S.P., 1995:
Possible immune deficiency in Fell ponies

Abrol, D.P., 1992:
Possible immune mechanism in indigenous honeybee Apis cerana indica F. against 'Thai sac brood virus'

Guzman, M.; Morales, A.; Alarcon Lopez, C.E.; Olano, V.A., 1990:
Possible immunological control of haematophagous vectors of human diseases

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Possible improvements to forest nursery practice through the use of 'Tepacen' - a bioactive substance produced in Romania

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Possible induction of gene block for low glucosinolate through induced mutation in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern

Hinrichsen, P.; Vicuña, R., 1993:
Possible initial steps in the catabolism of 1,2-diphenylethanone (deoxybenzoin) by Pseudomonas fluorescens DB-5

Borella, P.; Caselgrandi, E.; Fabio, G.; Gibertoni, C., 1994:
Possible intake of cadmium and lead as a result of consumption of fresh commercial mushrooms

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Possible introductions of tree species for reforestation of areas clear felled because of air pollution in the Krkonose Mountains

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Possible involvement of Planococcus halophilus in an outbreak of necrotic hepatitis in chickens

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Possible involvement of abscisic acid, ethylene and phenolic acids in potato tuber dormancy

Tanaka, S.S.; Tojo, H.; Tachi, C., 1993:
Possible involvement of amiloride-sensitive Na+/H+ exchanger and/or Na+ transport systems in hatching and the trophoblast spreading in mouse blastocysts cultured in vitro

Ishioka, N.; Tanimoto, S., 1994:
Possible involvement of spermidine in floral-bud formation in Pharbitis apex cultures

Glazier, A.P.; Kokwaro, G.O.; Edwards, G., 1994:
Possible isozyme-specific effects of experimental malaria infection with Plasmodium berghei on cytochrome P450 activity in rat liver microsomes

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Possible loss of length conservation and reciprocity during recombination or conversion in tandem arrays

Cilek, J.E.; Dahlman, D.L.; Knapp, F.W., 1995:
Possible mechanism of diazinon negative cross-resistance in pyrethroid-resistant horn flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

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Possible mechanisms by which dietary fibers affect lipid metabolism

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Possible mechanisms of peptide hydrolase activation during the cold acclimation of winter wheat seedlings

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Possible modulating effects of growth hormone and TSH on immune responses in the malnutrition of anorexia nervosa

Cadórniga, C.; López Díaz, M.C., 1995:
Possible modulation of adipose tissue responsiveness to catecholamines by available dietary protein in dairy cows during early lactation

Chasey, D., 1994:
Possible origin of rabbit haemorrhagic disease in the United Kingdom

Fivaz, J.; Robbertse, P.J., 1995 :
Possible pollination factors causing fruit drop in litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Milani, N., 1994:
Possible presence of fluvalinate-resistant strains of Varroa jacobsoni in northern Italy

Mukhopadhyay, S.K.; Mondal, D.C.; Hossain, A., 1995:
Possible production of plant herbicides from Eucalyptus

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Possible reactions of terrestrial vegetation to an increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming

Saetti, G.F., 1994:
Possible regulations for the admission of municipal solid waste and sludge to a composting plant

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Possible relationship between allergic disease and infection by Giardia lamblia

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Possible relationship of succinate dehydrogenase and fatty acid synthetase activities to Aspergillus parasiticus (NRRL 5139) growth and aflatoxin production

Cannons, A.C.; Pendleton, L.C., 1994:
Possible role for mRNA stability in the ammonium-controlled regulation of nitrate reductase expression

Blumenthal, C.; Gras, P.W.; Bekes, F.; Barlow, E.W.R.; Wrigley, C.W., 1995:
Possible role for the Glu-D1 locus with respect to tolerance to dough-quality change after heat stress

Piou, D., 1993:
Possible role of Hylobius abietis in the transport of Leptographium procerum and in the infection of Scots pine

Lauly, K.S., 1991:
Possible role of Indian Academy of Wood Science to contribute towards solving the present acute shortage of wood in the country

Petho, M., 1993:
Possible role of cyclic hydroxamic acids in the iron uptake by grasses

Ignatov, N.V.; Belyaeva, O.B.; Litvin, F.F., 1993:
Possible role of flavin components of protochlorophyllide-protein complexes in primary processes of protochlorophyllide photoreduction in etiolated plant leaves

Thomas, T.V.; Eicker, A.; Robbertse, P.J., 1994:
Possible role of fungi in negatively affecting fruit-set in avocados

Sokolov, V.E.; Bodyak, N.D.; Surov, A.V., 1994:
Possible role of the Harderian gland in chemical communication of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus Waterhous, 1839)

Gomez, N.O., 1993:
Possible sites for sunflower growing

Seeman, G., 1995:
Possible strategies in broiler breeding

Khan, M.; Howlader, A.J.; Abdulla Hel Baqui, M., 1994:
Possible suppression of the pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (L.), (Coleoptera : Bruchidae) with conspecific organismic product(s)

Senekal, J.; Reinhardt, C.F.; Rethman, F.G., 1993:
Possible use of 2,4-D in the establishment year of Digitaria eriantha: eriantha Steud. (Smuts digit grass)

Sasanelli, N.; Rana, G.L.; Basile, M.; D.A.oisio, V., 1995:
Possible use of cadusafos to control Ditylenchus dipsaci on onion in southern Italy

Pospisil, J.; Otcenasek, M., 1993:
Possible use of the disc diffusion method for assessment of the sensitivity of medically important Micromycetes

Krizek, M., 1995:
Possible ways of affecting biogenic amine content in silages

Katska, L.; Smorag, Z., 1994:
Possible ways of increasing the reproductive potential of cattle

Huyghe, C., 1992:
Possible ways to control vegetative development in Lupinus mutabilis: retrospects and prospects

Thomas, M.D., 1994:
Possum control in native forest using sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) in bait stations

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Post cleavage transformation of columella in Rhizopus stolonifer (Mucoraceae)

Crosbie, S.H.; Greulach, L.K.; Reynolds, D.A., 1994:
Post emergence control of giant foxtail (Setaria faberi), wild proso millet (Panicum miliaceum), and woolly cupgrass (Eriochloa villosa) in sethoxydim resistant corn

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Post harvest deterioration in sugarcane vis-a-vis gur and juice

Bateman, P.L.G., 1994:
Post harvest pest control

Ojha, T.P., 1995:
Post harvest technology for dryland crops

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Post mortem condemnation returns from poultry slaughterhouses in England and Wales

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Post mortem investigations on cetaceans found stranded on the coasts of Italy between 1990 and 1993

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Post shearing necrotic dermatitis of llamas of San Luis province, Argentina

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Post stratification clarifies treatment effects on pearl millet growth in the Sahel

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Post thaw keeping quality of frozen cow bull semen maintained at room and refrigeration temperature

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Post vaccinal reactions with oil-based foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

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Post weaning respiratory syndrome in the pig

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Post-UNCED forestry and mountain development: new challenges for FAO

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Post-anthesis growth and gas exchange in winter wheat as related to timing of nitrogen application

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Post-antibiotic effect and post-exposure polyene antagonism of azole antimycotics in Candida albicans: dependency on lipophilia

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Post-cholecystectomy syndrome and magnesium deficit

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Post-embryonal development of the scorpion Mesobuthus eupeus (C.L. Koch) (Scorpiones, Buthidae) in Azerbaijan

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Post-embryonic development and weight of adults of Montina confusa Stal (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) reared under different feeding regimes

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Post-embryonic development, survival rate and predation potential of Coccinella septempunctata Linn. in relation to the mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.)

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Post-emergence destruction of dicots

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Post-emergence herbicides on soyabeans

Rapparini, G., 1995:
Post-emergence treatment in sugarbeet

Rapparini, G., 1994:
Post-emergence weed control in beet

Rapparini, G., 1995:
Post-emergence weed control in maize and sorghum

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Post-emergence weed control judged by technicians

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Post-entry quarantine inspection, field observation and laboratory tests to prevent Erwinia amylovora infection in Hungary

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Post-fire development in a pine forest and dry grassland in an alpine valley in central Valais

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Post-fire land use and management and runoff responses to rainstorms in Northern Portugal

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Post-fire mortality and regeneration of larch on long-term permafrost

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Post-fire recovery and invasion by alien plant species in a South American woodland-steppe ecotone

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Post-harvest biological control: state of knowledge and prospects

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Post-harvest control of Alternaria navel-end rot with pre-harvest chemical sprays

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Post-harvest damage to maize in small farmers' stores

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Post-harvest degradation of carotenoid glucose esters in saffron

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Post-harvest deterioration in weight and juice quality of cane varieties

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Post-harvest fungal diseases of potato in Faisalabad and their chemical control

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Post-harvest handling of horticultural produce: a challenge to developing countries

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Post-harvest losses in mango: causes and control measures

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Post-harvest pathogens on cold stored carrots: Mycocentrospora acerina (Deighton), the major spoilage fungus

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Post-harvest potato tuber glycerolipid metabolism

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Post-harvest regulation of sucrose accumulation in transgenic potatoes: role and properties of potato tuber UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase

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Post-harvest rots of tomato in relation to lyases and mycotoxin production in vitro and in vivo

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Post-harvest seed dormancy effects on kleingrass germination following simulated digestion by cattle

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Post-harvest technology for reed bamboo

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Post-harvest technology of blackgram in Bangladesh

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Post-infection changes in protein content and protease activities in banana fruits infected with Fusarium roseum

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Post-infectional biochemical and physiological changes in mulberry

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Post-irradiation morphological changes in the testes of adult dogs

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Post-packaging pasteurization reduces Clostridium perfringens and other bacteria in precooked vacuum-packaged beef loin chunks

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Post-partum reproductive pattern of suckling and non-suckling Egyptian buffaloes

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Post-ruminal digestion of starch in the presence of phenolic monomers

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Post-surgical malaria in an endemic region

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Post-transcriptional inhibition of gene expression: sense and antisense genes

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Post-transcriptional regulation of nitrate reductase by light is abolished by an N-terminal deletion

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Postanthesis green area duration in a semidwarf and a standard-height wheat cultivar as affected by sink strength

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Postcyclic underdrained strength for cohesive soils

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Postdiapause development and spring emergence of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, in Israel

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Postembryonic development of accessory wing circulatory organs in Locusta migratoria (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

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Postembryonic development of corpora allata in relation to juvenile hormone biosynthesis in cockroaches

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Postemergence broadleaf weed control in potato (Solanum tuberosum) with rimsulfuron and HOE-075032

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Postemergence control of quackgrass with DPX-79406 in corn (Zea mays L.)

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Postemergence grass control in cotton using clethodim plus DPX-PE350 tank mix combinations

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Postemergence green foxtail (Setaria viridis) control in corn (Zea mays) in western Canada

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Postemergence herbicide controls johnsongrass other weeds in field corn

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Postemergence horsenettle (Solanum carolinense) control in field corn (Zea mays)

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Postemergence johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) control in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

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Postemergence velvetleaf control in soybeans

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Postemergence weed control in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) with rimsulfuron

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Postemergence weed control with Sencor (metribuzin) in field corn in the United States

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Postemergent broadleaf weed control with Confront granular fertilizer formulations

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Posterior trunk palsy due to Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in piglets

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Postexercise energy expenditure in response to acute aerobic or resistive exercise

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Postfertilization causes of differential success of pollen donors in Erythronium grandiflorum (Liliaceae): nonrandom ovule abortion

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Postfledging dispersal of white-crowned pigeons: implications for conservation of deciduous seasonal forests in the Florida Keys

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Postglacial vegetation and climate of Grand Teton and southern Yellowstone National Parks

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Postharmostomiasis in wild turkeys in New Mexico

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Postharvest application of squalene delays chilling injury in stored Valencia orange

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Postharvest attributes of 'Virosa' tomato fruit produced in an enriched carbon dioxide environment

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Postharvest control of mango diseases

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Postharvest decay of winter pear and apple fruit caused by species of Penicillium

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Postharvest diseases of lychee in Australia, and their control

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Postharvest fruit pigmentation and weight of 'Heritage' and 'Redwing' red raspberries artificially exposed to -2.5 degrees C

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Postharvest fruit rot of apples caused by Alternaria alternata and Stemphylium herbarum

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Postharvest handling of Smooth Cayenne pineapple in Hawaii for the fresh fruit market

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Postharvest handling of avocado, mango, and lychee for export from South Africa

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Postharvest handling, storage and transport of Colombian fruits

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Postharvest keeping quality of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata L.) - measurement and analysis of climatic factors and transpiration

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Postharvest life of cut roses as affected by varietal differences

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Postharvest losses of mechanically injured onions after curing

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Postharvest membrane permeability of apple

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Postharvest physiology and prolonging vase life of cut gladiolus

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Postharvest physiology and storage of rambutan: a review

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Postharvest practices for small fruit crops. A review and some new ideas

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Postharvest prune rust does not lower French prune yield

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Postharvest quality in fresh market stone fruits

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Postharvest quality of 'Valencia' orange after exposure to hot, moist, forced air for fruit fly disinfestation

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Postharvest quality of sapota fruits as influenced by soil application of calcium

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Postharvest response of winter squash to hot-water treatment, temperature, and length of storage

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Postharvest stem-end rot caused by Botrytis cinerea in kiwifruits

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Postharvest storage of apples

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Postharvest storage of avocado cv. Hass

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Postharvest storage of the aubergine cultivar Cica in relation to harvest time

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Postharvest suitability of fruit cultivars

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Postharvest sulphuring and low pH treatment for retention of red skin colour of litchi fruit

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Postharvest treatments against western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande)) and melon thrips (Thrips palmi Karny) on orchids

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Postharvest water relations in horticultural crops: principles and problems

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Postharvest water stress of an early maturing plum

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Postmarketing surveillance study of permethrin creme rinse

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Postmodernism and cultural politics in a multicultural nation: contests over truth in the Into the Heart of Africa controversy

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Potassium nitrate

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Potassium reserves in some soils of southern India and their significance to potassium nutrition of plants

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