Section 3
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Pore-size distribution of some red soils of Andhra Pradesh using mercury intrusion porosimetry

Prasadini, R.P.; Nagarajarao, Y.

Red and lateritic soils of India resource appraisal and management: 185-191


Accession: 002674408

A study was made of the swell-shrink behaviour of four red soils (a Typic Haplustalf, two Udic Haplustalfs, and a Udic Ustochrept) from Nagarjunasagar, India using the COLE index and cracking pattern and the dynamics of water retention. Pore-size distribution (psd) was calculated by mercury intrusion porosimetry. Two of the profiles were coarser textured and this was reflected in the COLE values and shrinkage.

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