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Preliminary report on the transfer of brown planthopper resistance from Oryza officinalis to Oryza sativa using male sterile indica plants as a receptor

Huang, Q.Y.; Fan, Z.L.; Liang, N.; Wu, R.Z.; Zhang, L.Y.

Guangdong Agricultural Sciences 3: 1-3, 11


Accession: 002676175

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Male sterile indica rice plants that were sensitive to brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) were crossed as females with Oryza officinalis ( which is highly resistant to N. lugens. F1-F4 hybrids from one of the cross combinations exhibited resistance to N. lugens. Among these 21 lines, 18 had medium to high resistance. For the other 2 cross combinations studied, green plantlets were regenerated from in vitro cultured rescued immature embryos.

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