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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2679

Chapter 2679 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Famiglietti, J. S.; Braswell, B. H.; Giorgi, F., 1995: Process controls and similarity in the US continental-scale hydrological cycle from EOF analysis of regional climate model simulations

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678002

Raventos, M.; Canovas, C., 1995: Process equipment and control in the food industry

Ballestra, F., 1995: Process for conservation of donkey milk and its application in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

Fellous, S.; Loste, R., 1994: Process for enrobing a food product, and product thus obtained

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Korab, A., 1994: Process for fermentation of runoff from carbonatation mud and of flumed effluents in various thermal conditions

Kiener, F., 1994: Process for holding trays on racks during drainage of whey from cheeses; clip device for implementing this process; trays and racks fitted with these clips

Bastier, P.; Cheftel, J. C., 1994: Process for manufacturing milk products with a fibrous texture using the cooking-extrusion technique, and the products thus obtained

Valansot, R., 1994: Process for moulding a ring onto a textile pouch for a cheese mould, and instrument for implementing this process

Roumeau, A., 1994: Process for moulding cheeses, and device for implementing this process

Shtukarin, N., 1994: Process for obtaining butter from milk or a liquid dairy product and an installation for carrying this out

Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678013

Carey, D. T., 1994: Process for preparing a powdered ice cream

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Anonymous, 1995: Process improvements focus on safety, quality and cleanliness

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678055

Grubbs, S. A.; Cummins, K. W., 1994: Processing and macroinvertebrate colonization of black cherry (Prunus serotina) leaves in two streams differing in summer biota, thermal regime and riparian vegetation

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678147

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678182

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678194

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678212

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678216

Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678217

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678223

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678433

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678449

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Section 3, Chapter 2679, Accession 002678457

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