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Production traits in Dhofari and Dhofari x Anglo-Nubian goats in Oman

A.Ojaili, A.A.

International Journal of Animal Sciences 10(1): 13-16


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-2857
Accession: 002678691

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37 cycling Dhofari female goats were allocated to 2 groups of 26 and 11. Females of the 1st group were mated by Dhofari and those of the 2nd group were mated by Anglo-Nubian (AN) Females were group-housed and fed 300 g concentrate plus ad libitum green Rhode grass and hay. Fifteen (6 and 9 and 12 (5 and 7 kids were produced by the mated by Dhofari and AN sires respectively. Weekly body weight and body measurements of kids were recorded from birth until weaning at about 11 weeks. Thereafter body weights were recorded monthly to 1 year of age. Milk yield of experimental was measured twice a week from kidding to 20 weeks. Conception rate was 65 and 91% and twinning rate was 23 and 50% for mated by Dhofari and AN sired respectively.

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