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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2686

Chapter 2686 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Plaugher, E.T.; Wiant, H.V.J., 1995:
Relation of Girard form class and form point in Appalachian hardwoods

Clarke, J.R.; Taylor, I.K.; Fleming, J.; Williamson, J.D.; Mitchell, D.M., 1993:
Relation of HIV-I in bronchoalveolar lavage cells to abnormalities of lung function and to the presence of Pneumocystis pneumonia in HIV-I seropositive patients

Hedden, R.; Belanger, R.; Powers, H.; Miller, T., 1991:
Relation of Nantucket pine tip moth attack and fusiform rust infection in loblolly pine families

Li, R.; O'connor, L.; Buckley, D.; Specker, B., 1995:
Relation of activity levels to body fat in infants 6 to 12 months of age

Campbell, A.J.; Busby, W.J.; Horwath, C.C.; Robertson, M.C., 1993:
Relation of age, exercise, anthropometric measurements, and diet with glucose and insulin levels in a population aged 70 years and over

Carson, C.A.; Cauley, J.A.; Caggiula, A.W., 1993:
Relation of caffeine intake to blood lipids in elderly women

Lee YongDeuk, 1995:
Relation of climatic factors and leaf tobacco quality

Hong, S.T.; Yu, J.S.; Lee, M., 1994:
Relation of cyst counts with numbers of total nuclei of Pneumocystis carinii in rats

Punit Mohan; Phundan Singh; Narayanan, S.S.; Ram Ratan, 1994:
Relation of gossypol-gland density with bollworm incidence and yield in tree cotton (Gossypium arboreum)

Paulis, J.W.; Peplinski, A.J.; Bietz, J.A.; Nelsen, T.C.; Bergquist, R.R., 1993:
Relation of kernel hardness and lysine to alcohol-soluble protein composition in quality protein maize hybrids

Kirksey, A.; Wachs, T.D.; Yunis, F.; Srinath, U.; Rahmanifar, A.; McCabe, G.P.; Galal, O.M.; Harrison, G.G.; Jerome, N.W., 1994:
Relation of maternal zinc nutriture to pregnancy outcome and infant development in an Egyptian village

Kelly, J.T.; Bacon, R.K.; Wells, B.R., 1994:
Relation of nitrogen utilization to yield components in soft red winter wheat

Hannuksela, M.L.; Liinamaa, M.J.; Kesaniemi, Y.A.; Savolainen, M.J., 1994:
Relation of polymorphisms in the cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene to transfer protein activity and plasma lipoprotein levels in alcohol drinkers

Ito, E.; Koinuma, K.; Ikegaya, F., 1995:
Relation of southern rust severity to ear and stover yield losses in silage maize (Zea mays) hybrids

Dupuis, L.A.; Smith, J.N.M.; Bunnell, F., 1995:
Relation of terrestrial-breeding amphibian abundance to tree-stand age

Silamut, K.; White, N.J., 1993:
Relation of the stage of parasite development in the peripheral blood to prognosis in severe falciparum malaria

Andersen, R.E.; Wadden, T.A.; Bartlett, S.J.; Vogt, R.A.; Weinstock, R.S., 1995:
Relation of weight loss to changes in serum lipids and lipoproteins in obese women

Hoheisel, J.D.; Ross, M.T.; Zehetner, G.; Lehrach, H., 1994:
Relational genome analysis using reference libraries and hybridisation fingerprinting

Brownell, J., 1994:
Relational listening: fostering effective communication practices in diverse organizational environments

Yu, Y.M.; Ryan, C.M.; Burke, J.F.; Tompkins, R.G.; Young, V.R., 1995:
Relations among arginine, citrulline, ornithine, and leucine kinetics in adult burn patients

Kosir, B.; Krc, J., 1994:
Relations among forest functions due to limitations in timber production

Simon, D., 1993:
Relations between amount of mycorrhization of common oak (Quercus petraea) and soil chemical features on the Arges plateau

Kardinaal, A.F.; van 't Veer, P.; Brants, H.A.; van den Berg, H.; van Schoonhoven, J.; Hermus, R.J., 1995:
Relations between antioxidant vitamins in adipose tissue, plasma, and diet

Seeland, G.; Huebner, R.; Roeder, B., 1995:
Relations between egg yield and egg quality

Choudhury, B.J.; Ahmed, N.U.; Idso, S.B.; Reginato, R.J.; Daughtry, C.S.T., 1994:
Relations between evaporation coefficients and vegetation indices studied by model simulations

Waschkies, C.; Schropp, A.; Marschner, H., 1994:
Relations between grapevine replant disease and root colonization of grapevine (Vitis sp.) by fluorescent pseudomonads and endomycorrhizal fungi

Acar, Z., 1994 :
Relations between hay yield and yield components by correlation and path analysis methods in oats

Cremoux, R. de; Poutrel, B.; Berny, F.; Heuchel, V., 1994:
Relations between milk somatic cell count and mammary infection status in goats

Braakhekke, W.G.; Stuurman, H.A.; Van Reuler, H.; Janssen, B.H., 1993:
Relations between nitrogen and phosphorus immobilization during decomposition of forest litter

Kolbe, H.; Hippe, J.; Olteanu, G.; Muller, K., 1995:
Relations between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium concentrations at harvest time and changes in weight loss and chemical composition of potato tubers during long-term storage at 4 degrees C

Malena, C., 1995:
Relations between northern and southern non-governmental development organizations

Gonzalez Requejo, A.; Sanchez Bayle, M.; Baeza, J.; Arnaiz, P.; Vila, S.; Asensio, J.; Ruiz Jarabo, C., 1995:
Relations between nutrient intake and serum lipid and apolipoprotein levels

Larson, S.J.; Capel, P.D.; Goolsby, D.A.; Zaugg, S.D.; Sandstrom, M.W., 1995:
Relations between pesticide use and riverine flux in the Mississippi River basin

Sato, A.; Oyanagi, A.; Wada, M., 1993:
Relations between shoot phosphorus content and tillering rate in wheat varieties differing in adaptability to low available phosphoric acid soil

Ares, A.; Zalba, P.; Peinemann, N., 1991:
Relations between site factors and growth of conifers introduced in Ventania (Province of Buenos Aires), Argentina

Goncalves, J.L. de M.; Dematte, J.L.I.; Couto, H.T.Z. do, 1990:
Relations between site productivity for Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus saligna and some properties of sandy soils in Sao Paulo

Wienhaus, O.; Liebold, E.; Zimmermann, F., 1994:
Relations between site, climate and air pollution damage in Norway spruce stands in the central German highlands

Liu, Z.G.; Ma, Z.Y.; Zhang, G.Y.; Wu, L.Q., 1994:
Relations between speed of boll opening and yield and fiber traits in upland cotton

Belghazi, B.; Romane, F., 1993:
Relations between stem morphometric characteristics and environment. The case of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster var. maghrebiana) in northern Morocco

Schnug, E.; Haneklaus, S.; Borchers, A.; Polle, A., 1995:
Relations between sulphur supply and glutathione and ascorbate concentrations in Brassica napus

Nallet, H.; Stolk, A. van, 1994:
Relations between the European Union and the Central and Eastern European Countries in matters concerning agriculture and food production. Report to the European Commission (15 June 1994)

Dzwonko, Zbigniew, 1993:
Relations between the floristic composition of isolated young woods and their proximity to ancient woodland

Gonzalez Ruiz, R.; Campos Aranda, M., 1991:
Relations between the phenology of Phloeotribus scarabaeoides (Col., Scolytidae) and its parasitoids (Hym., Chalcidoidea)

Coudret, A.; Sallanon, H., 1992:
Relations between the physiology and morphology of in vitro plants and their gaseous environment

L.G.llo, M.A.; Salleo, S.; Piaceri, E.C.; Rosso, R., 1995:
Relations between vulnerability to xylem embolism and xylem conduit dimensions in young trees of Quercus cerris

Galanis, D.J.; McGarvey, S.T.; Sobal, J.; Bausserman, L.; Levinson, P.D., 1995:
Relations of body fat and fat distribution to the serum lipid, apolipoprotein and insulin concentrations of Samoan men and women

Freidhoff, L.R.; Marsh, D.G., 1993:
Relationship among asthma, serum IgE levels and skin test sensitivity to inhaled allergens

Yamamoto, T.; Satoh, H., 1994:
Relationship among berry cracking susceptibility, berry morphology and skin stress distribution in several grape cultivars

Horton, David R., 1994:
Relationship among sampling methods in density estimates of pear psylla (Homoptera: Psyllidae): implications of sex, reproductive maturity, and sampling location

Torres-Boggino, F.; Sato, K.; Oka, A.; Kanno, Y.; Hochi, S.; Oguri, N.; Braun, J., 1995:
Relationship among seminal characteristics, fertility and suitability for semen preservation in draft stallions

Bandla Srinivas; Singhal, K.K.; Gupta, B.N., 1995:
Relationship among some rumen metabolites in crossbred calves

Gabor, G.; Mezes, M.; Tozser, J.; Bozo, S.; Szucs, E.; Barany, I., 1995:
Relationship among testosterone response to GnRH administration, testes size and sperm parameters in Holstein-Friesian bulls

Jagusiak, W.; Zarnecki, A., 1994:
Relationship and inbreeding among black-and-white bulls used in artificial insemination

Fernandez, G.; Diaz, A.; Perez, C.; Sanjuan, M.L.; Guitian, F.J.; Yus, E., 1994:
Relationship between Corynebacterium bovis mastitis in cows and the somatic cell count (SCC)

Gargani, G.; Zecchi Orlandini, S.; Orlandini, G.; Martini, M.; Pini, G.; Sagone, M., 1994:
Relationship between Cryptococcus neoformans and in vitro cell cultures. Preliminary observations by scanning electron microscopy

Saha, G.K., 1994:
Relationship between Dermatophagoides mite density and specific immune response in asthmatic patients

Naik, M.K.; Reddy, M.V., 1993:
Relationship between Fusarium wilt incidence and yield loss in pigeonpea

Lucey, M.; Daly, C.; Fitzgerald, G., 1993:
Relationship between Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis 952, an industrial lactococcal starter culture and strains 712, ML3 and C2

Wang, G.R.; Zhang, D.S., 1993:
Relationship between M1 damage and M2 mutation frequency in radiated barley

Torgersen, Y., 1994:
Relationship between MIC-values and inhibition zone diameter of Vibrio anguillarum and Yersinia ruckeri

Ciancio, A.; Bourijate, M., 1995:
Relationship between Pasteuria penetrans infection levels and density of Meloidogyne javanica

Mulumba, P.M.; Wery, M.; Ngimbi, N.N.; Paluku, K.; Muynck, A. de; Stuyft, P. van der, 1994:
Relationship between Plasmodium parasitaemia and fever episodes in different population groups of Kinshasa, Zaire

Epiphanio, J.C.N.; Leonardi, L.; Formaggio, A.R., 1994:
Relationship between TM/Landsat-5 spectral response and coffee agronomic variables

Gajate, P.P.; Bottazzi, M.V.; Pietrokovsky, S.M.; Wisnivesky Colli, C., 1994:
Relationship between Triatoma infestans, domestic birds and man in a rural settlement in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Hap, I.; Simecek, K., 1994:
Relationship between Zn intake, Zn absorption and Zn content in piglets

Duczek, L.J., 1994:
Relationship between a greenhouse and field assay for biological control of common root rot of spring wheat and barley

Kondo, S.; Gemma, H., 1994:
Relationship between abscisic acid (ABA) content and maturation of the sweet cherry

Cheng, N.H.; Xu, Z.G., 1993:
Relationship between accumulation of 14C assimilates in infected leaves and resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae in rice

Chandrasekaran, S.; Kennett, L.; Yeap, P.C.; Muniandy, N.; Rani, B.; Mukkur, T.K.S., 1993:
Relationship between active protection in buffalo vaccinated against haemorrhagic septicaemia and passive mouse protection and serological tests

Aylor, D.E.; Kiyomoto, R.K., 1993:
Relationship between aerial concentration of Venturia inaequalis ascospores and development of apple scab

Krumrych, W.; Wisniewski, E., 1994:
Relationship between age and serum biochemical indices in Polish konik

Gulinski, Piotr, 1995:
Relationship between age at first calving and milk and milk fat production of cows maintained in small private farms

Suzuki, H.; Togashi, M.; Moriguchi, Y.; Adachi, J., 1994:
Relationship between age-related decline in fertility and in vitro fertilization rate in IVCS mice

Xie, X.Y., 1994:
Relationship between agricultural mechanization and the methods of cultivation in South China

Burianova, J., 1993:
Relationship between agricultural production, costs and price levels, and the national economy

Ruiz S.R.; Moyano A.S., 1993:
Relationship between ammonium content and stalk necrosis in table grape bunches

Gonzalez Reyes, J.A.; Alcain, F.J.; Caler, J.A.; Serrano, A.; Cordoba, F.; Navas, P., 1994:
Relationship between apoplastic ascorbate regeneration and the stimulation of root growth in Allium cepa L

Murata, M.; Tsurutani, M.; Tomita, M.; Homma, S.; Kaneko, K., 1995:
Relationship between apple ripening and browning: changes in polyphenol content and polyphenol oxidase

Blank, R.H.; Gill, G.S.C.; Olson, M.H., 1994:
Relationship between armoured scale infestations on kiwifruit leaves and fruit

Xhunga, S.; Zafirati, V., 1994:
Relationship between assimilate supply and the economic productivity of late tomatoes

Sakamoto, K.; Oba, Y., 1993:
Relationship between available N and soil biomass in upland field soils

Sawamukai, Y.; Itho, J.; Togashi, Y., 1994:
Relationship between bacteriological and histopathological findings and fertility in cows with clinical endometritis

Abrams, S.A.; Yergey, A.L.; Heaney, R.P., 1994:
Relationship between balance and dual tracer isotopic measurements of calcium absorption and excretion

Yoshida, T.; Sakane, N.; Umekawa, T.; Kondo, M., 1994:
Relationship between basal metabolic rate, thermogenic response to caffeine, and body weight loss following combined low calorie and exercise treatment in obese women

Matoba, T.; Takamura, H.; Kitamura, K., 1994:
Relationship between behaviour of carbonyl compounds and flavour in soyabeans

Singh, B.; Yazdani, S.S.; Singh, R., 1993:
Relationship between biochemical constituents of sweet potato cultivars and resistance to weevil (Cylas formicarius Fab.) damage

Valenzuela, J.L.; Guzman, M.; Sanchez, A.; Del Rio, A.; Romero, L., 1993:
Relationship between biochemical indicators and physiological parameters of nitrogen and physiological plant age

Andres, S.; Sanchez, J.; Jimenez, A.; Rodriguez, J.; Barrera, R.; Mane, M.C., 1994:
Relationship between blood glutathione peroxidase (GSHPx) activity and the mineral content of soils

Couture, P.; Hulbert, A.J., 1995:
Relationship between body mass, tissue metabolic rate, and sodium pump activity in mammalian liver and kidney

Hwang, G.S.; Okumura, S.; Noguchi, M., 1992:
Relationship between bonding strength and acoustic emission generation for wood glued with urea resin after accelerated aging test

Ibarra F.Fernando A.; Cox, J.R.; Martin R.Martha H.; Crowl, T.A.; Post, D.F.; Miller, R.W.; Rasmussen, G.A.len, 1995:
Relationship between buffelgrass survival, organic carbon, and soil color in Mexico

Suzuki, M.; Hiromori, Y., 1993:
Relationship between bulking and swelling of amino-resins impregnated wood

Dale, N., 1994:
Relationship between bushel weight, metabolizable energy, and protein content of corn from an adverse growing season

Pogacar, J.; Stepec, M., 1993:
Relationship between calving difficulty and other traits

Nugent, R.A.I.I.I.; Notter, D.R., 1992:
Relationship between calving ease EPD and calf shape at birth in progeny of selected Simmental sires

Yang, Z.; Wang, T.; Hao, H.; Kang, Z.; Jiang, Y., 1994:
Relationship between canker-tolerance and spring-freezing tolerance of poplar clones

Medina Morales, M.C.; Fematt Flores, G.E., 1991:
Relationship between canopy position, specific leaf weight and nut dry weight in pecans

Apel, P.; Maass, I.; Lau, I., 1993:
Relationship between carbon isotope discrimination and grain yield in spring barley under drought conditions

Zhang YouDong; L.H.aJun; Zhao RenFa, 1993:
Relationship between catalase activity and cold resistance in tea plants

abuda, S., 1994:
Relationship between cation saturation state index and hydrogen ions in soil

Roux, L.; Limami, A.; Roux, Y., 1995:
Relationship between cationic balance in the chicory root and internal browning of the chicon

Kim, S.W.; Jung, K.H.; Kwak, S.S.; Liu, J.R., 1994 :
Relationship between cell morphology and indole alkaloid production in suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus

Barzilai, N.; Rossetti, L., 1995:
Relationship between changes in body composition and insulin responsiveness in models of the aging rat

Montoya, M.M.; D.L.P.aza, J.L.; Lopez Rodriguez, V., 1994:
Relationship between changes in electrical conductivity and ethylene production in avocado fruits

Liu, S.H.; Kuo, Y.H.; Yang, T.S.; Lee, K.H., 1994:
Relationship between characteristics of serum reproductive hormones and reproductive performance in Yorkshire boars during hot summer months

Stehmann, C.; D.W.ard, M.A., 1995:
Relationship between chemical structure and biological activity of triazole fungicides against Botrytis cinerea

Suchy, P.; Ingr, I.; Strakova, E., 1995:
Relationship between cholesterol concentrations in eggs and the blood plasma of hens

Baugher, T.A.xt; Townsend, E.C.; Singha, S.; Leach, D.W.; Walter, S.P., 1995:
Relationship between chromaticity measurements and visual ratings of peach cultivars

Khemira, H.; Sugar, D.; Righetti, T.L., 1994:
Relationship between chromaticity values and nitrogen content of pear leaves

Devos, K.M.; Chao, S.; Li, Q.Y.; Simonetti, M.C.; Gale, M.D., 1994:
Relationship between chromosome 9 of maize and wheat homeologous group 7 chromosomes

Bonardello, N.; Ciacera, C.; Guinazu, C.; Perez Ahumada, G., 1994:
Relationship between circulating antibodies and numbers of Candida albicans in faecal material

Ferratto, J.; Longuenesse, J.J., 1994:
Relationship between climate, mineral (N and K) and hydric nutrition in greenhouse tomatoes

Torres Ojito, M., 1992:
Relationship between climatic factors and yield in five citrus cultivars. II. Reproductive stage

Alegria, A.; Barbera, R.; Boluda, R.; Errecalde, F.; Farre, R.; Lagarda, M.J.sus, 1992:
Relationship between cobalt, copper and zinc content of soils and vegetables

Hanson, S.M.; Craig, G.B., 1995:
Relationship between cold hardiness and supercooling point in Aedes albopictus eggs

Gaspardy, A.; Bozo, S.; Szucs, E.; Anh, T.T., 1995:
Relationship between conformation traits and herd life in Holstein cows with special regard to withers measurement

Ishikawa, T.; Akita, S.; Li, Q., 1993:
Relationship between content of nonstructural carbohydrates before panicle initiation stage and grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Derbala, A.A.; Zayed, A.Z., 1992:
Relationship between coprological and serological studies on Toxocara vitulorum infesting buffalo calves

Terabayashi, S.; Sugimoto, A.; Ohshita, K.; Namiki, T., 1995:
Relationship between crease-stem abnormality and boron content in tomato plants cultured with high sulfate nutrient solution

Kajihara, M., 1994:
Relationship between crown and stem growth in even-aged stands of Cryptomeria japonica, Oita Prefecture. (II.) Reexamination of models for estimating stand volume increment and its vertical distribution

Mantovani, G.; Vaccari, G.; Marignetti, N.; Morel du Boil, P.G., 1993:
Relationship between crystal elongation and the presence of some impurities in cane sugar processing

Fougere Rifot, M.; Benharbit E.A.ami, N.; Brun, O.; Bouard, J., 1993:
Relationship between defective development of the ovaries and involution of the ovules in Vitis vinifera L. var. Chardonnay

Swaraj, K.; Dhandi, S.; Sheokand, S., 1995:
Relationship between defense mechanism against activated oxygen species and nodule functioning with progress in plant and nodule development in Cajanus cajan L. Millsp

Itakura, S.; Hirano, T.; Tanaka, H.; Enoki, A., 1994:
Relationship between degradation of wood, cellulose or lignin-related compounds and production of hydroxyl radical or accumulation of oxalic acid in cultures of brown-rot fungi

Taguchi, K., 1995:
Relationship between degree of dehydration and serum electrolytes and acid-base status in cows with various abomasal disorders

Pácha, J.; Pohlová, I., 1995:
Relationship between dietary Na+ intake, aldosterone and colonic amiloride-sensitive Na+ transport

Lyu, L.C.; Shieh, M.J.; Posner, B.M.; Ordovas, J.M.; Dwyer, J.T.; Lichtenstein, A.H.; Cupples, L.A.; Dallal, G.E.; Wilson, P.W.; Schaefer, E.J., 1994:
Relationship between dietary intake, lipoproteins, and apolipoproteins in Taipei and Framingham

Leblanc, C.; Lemaire, G.; Mandret, G., 1994:
Relationship between dry matter yield and light interception by a forage sorghum crop in Senegal

Zeledon, M.; Fernandez, C., 1991:
Relationship between drying and breaking of kernels in six Costa Rican rice mills (1987-1988 crop)

Kifuji, K.; McCullough, J.; Ownby, D.R., 1993:
Relationship between dust mite allergen and human IgA in house dust samples

Urakami, H.; Makino, T., 1995:
Relationship between dynamic elastic modulus by tapping the cross-section of sugi squared timber and the percentage of its area occupied by knots

Ferreira, M.J., 1994:
Relationship between ear-rot incidence and morphological characteristics of maize

Farchi, G.; Fidanza, F.; Grossi, P.; Lancia, A.; Mariotti, S.; Menotti, A., 1995:
Relationship between eating patterns meeting recommendations and subsequent mortality in 20 years

Ram, B.; Wason, V.; Gangopadhyay, S., 1993:
Relationship between embryo infection and expression of wheat loose smut

Bodin, L.; Reinaud, P.; Lajous, D.; Poivey, J.P.; Charpigny, G., 1994:
Relationship between embryonic interferon (oTP) and embryo survival in sheep

Gong, Y.; Abe, K.; Chachin, K., 1993:
Relationship between endogenous ethyl alcohol and browning in shiitake (Lentinus edodes Sing.) mushroom during storage in polyethylene film bags

Greenblatt, G.A.; Bettge, A.D.; Morris, C.F., 1995:
Relationship between endosperm texture and the occurrence of friabilin and bound polar lipids on wheat starch

Busetto, L.; Perini, P.; Giantin, V.; Valente, P.; Segato, G.; Belluco, C.; Favretti, F.; Enzi, G., 1995:
Relationship between energy expenditure and visceral fat accumulation in obese women submitted to adjustable silicone gastric banding (ASGB)

Ng, H.; Morey, R.; Wilcke, W.; Meronuck, R.; Lang, J., 1995:
Relationship between equilibrium relative humidity and deterioration of shelled corn

Basarab, J.A.; Milligan, D.; Stitt, J., 1994:
Relationship between expected progeny differences of Canadian Hereford sires and performance of their progeny in commercial herds

Gajendra Singh; Ahn, D.H., 1995:
Relationship between farm land structure and machine efficiency

Singh, V.A.K.; Sukhbir Singh; Venkatasubramanian, V., 1993:
Relationship between farmers' socio-personal traits and adoption of dairy innovations

Virgili, F.; Maiani, G.; Zahoor, Z.H.; Ciarapica, D.; Raguzzini, A.; Ferro-Luzzi, A., 1994:
Relationship between fat-free mass and urinary excretion of creatinine and 3-methylhistidine in adult humans

Staniewski, B.; Kisza, J.; Juskiewicz, M., 1995:
Relationship between fatty acid composition and reduction of cholesterol in milk fat upon dry crystallization

Sangakkara, U.R.; Attanayake, K.B., 1989:
Relationship between fertilizer nitrogen and nodulation characteristics of tropical pasture legumes

Bagnara, G.L.; Rivalta, L.; Laghi, M.; Quarta, R., 1994:
Relationship between fire blight resistance and some traits in pear

Ferranti, F.; Frenguelli, G.; Romano, B.; Mittempergher, F., 1994:
Relationship between flowering and seed-set in winter rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Karki, P.B., 1992 :
Relationship between flowering period and pod blight incidence in soybean

Machoy, Z.; Da^dot under~bkowska, E.; Samujo, D.; Ogonski, T.; Raczynski, J.; Gebczynska, Z., 1995:
Relationship between fluoride content in bones and the age in European elk (Alces alces L.)

Hamano, K.; Ikeda, A.; Shen, W., 1994:
Relationship between food consumption and molting of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Suzuki, M.; Hamamura, H.; Iwamori, M., 1994:
Relationship between formulations of triflumizole and their efficacy to Bakanae disease in rice seed treatment

Kubota, N.; Hikasa, E., 1995:
Relationship between fruit development and physiological drop of peach fruit

Kawai, H.; Matsuzawa, M.; Tsutagawa, Y.; Sasaki, H.; Kasuga, A.; Aoyagi, Y., 1994:
Relationship between fruiting body composition and substrate in hiratake and maitake mushrooms cultivated on sawdust substrate beds. Chemical composition and mineral content

Ali, M.; Copeland, L.O.; Elias, S.G.; Kelly, J.D., 1995:
Relationship between genetic distance and heterosis for yield and morphological traits in winter canola (Brassica napus L.)

Bar Hen, A.; Charcosset, A.; Bourgoin, M.; Guiard, J., 1995:
Relationship between genetic markers and morphological traits in a maize inbred lines collection

Oniwa, K.; Kijima, A.; Fujio, Y., 1994:
Relationship between genetic variability and quantitative traits in the Japanese scallop, Patinopecten yessoensis

Marco, J.; Artajopna, J.; Larrechi, M.S.; Rius, F.X., 1994:
Relationship between geographical origin and chemical composition of wood for oak barrels

Farooqi, A.; Shukla, Y.; Sharma, S.B.nsal, R., 1994:
Relationship between gibberellin and cytokinin activity and flowering in Rosa damascena Mill

Sanjayan, K.P., 1994:
Relationship between grasshoppers and crops in an agroecosystem of Tamil Nadu, India

Lemaire, G.; Allirand, J.M., 1993:
Relationship between growth and quality of lucerne: genotype-management interaction

Olivares E.A.; Alvarado T.W., 1991:
Relationship between growth habit of espino (Acacia caven) and production of fuelwood and charcoal

Hwang, A Shiang; Ho, K.Y.w, 1994:
Relationship between growth vigor of citrus trees and damage by white-spotted longicorn beetles

Wolever, T.M.S.; Nguyen, P.M.; Chiasson, J.L.; Hunt, J.A.; Josse, R.G.; Palmason, C.; Rodger, N.W.; Ross, S.A.; Ryan, E.A.; Tan, M.H., 1995:
Relationship between habitual diet and blood glucose and lipids in non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM)

Undurraga, P.L.; Olaeta, J.A.; Tietz, J.G., 1995:
Relationship between hairiness and maturation of cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) fruits

Saunders, R.C.; Olivier, O.J.; Heyns, D.J., 1993:
Relationship between harvest date, fruit size and knobbliness of Packham's Triumph pears

Amarante, C.V.T. do; Puschmann, R., 1993:
Relationship between harvest time and senescence in kale leaves

Gomez, H.S., 1994 :
Relationship between harvest time and the presence of insect pests in stored maize

Saur, L.; Benacef, N., 1993:
Relationship between head blight symptoms of Fusarium roseum var. culmorum and yield losses in wheat

Bua, B.; Adipala, E., 1995:
Relationship between headblast severity and yield of finger millet

Nakagawa, Y., 1991:
Relationship between health conditions and dietary habit of pre-school children

Glova, A.D.; Miao, Y.; Yoshizaki, S., 1994:
Relationship between heating value and chemical composition of selected agricultural and forest biomass

Riley, I.T.; Gill, G.S., 1994:
Relationship between herbicide resistance in Lolium rigidum and populations of Anguina funesta, the nematode vector in annual ryegrass toxicity

Tedesco, D.; Pedron, O.; Colombo, M.; Castellanelli, A.; Crotti, A., 1994:
Relationship between herd management and calf mortality in dairy cows

Fernandez Andreu, C.M.; Cadre Raton, A.M.rgarita; Martinez Machin, G.; Llop Hernandez, A.; Suarez Hernandez, M., 1994:
Relationship between histoplasmin skin test and Histoplasma capsulatum antibody levels detected by ELISA and immunodiffusion tests

Douds, David D.Jr, 1994:
Relationship between hyphal and arbuscular colonization and sporulation in a mycorrhiza of Paspalum notatum Flugge

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Relationship between incubation period and serial transmission of scrapie in mice

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Relationship between infestation and capture of adults of Ostrinia nubilalis (Hb.) in traps baited with sex pheromones and phenylacetaldehyde in pepper grown in tunnels

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Relationship between insecticidal and neurophysiological activities of imidacloprid and related compounds

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Relationship between larval length of citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Staint (Phyllocnistidae: Lepidoptera) and the leaf mine

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Relationship between laying age and repeatability of egg quality traits

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Relationship between light microclimate, fruit growth, fruit quality, specific leaf weight and N and P content of spur leaves of 'Bartlett' and 'Anjou' pear

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Relationship between light-induced growth inhibition and acidic growth inhibitors in the seedlings of dwarf and tall cultivars of Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Relationship between longevity and periods of entraining light-dark cycles in the mosquito Aedes krombeini

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Relationship between milk and progesterone levels during the oestrous cycle in dairy cows

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Relationship between milk secretion intensity, cortisol, glucose, non-esterified fatty acids and triacylglycerol in dairy cows

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Relationship between milled rice surface fat concentration and degree of milling as measured with a commercial milling meter

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Relationship between mineral coating on roots and yield performance of wheat under waterlogging stress

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Relationship between modulus of elasticity in tension and bending for timber

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Relationship between molecular and morphological distances in a maize inbred lines collection. Application for breeders' rights protection

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Relationship between mothers' and newborns' nutritional and blood lipid variables

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Relationship between movement of the trifoliolate compound leaf and environmental factors in the soyabean canopy: II. Effects of growth and environmental conditions on diurnal changes in leaf movement

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Relationship between net photosynthesis and tuber yield in potato grown under short days

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Relationship between nitrogen and mineral contents in rice grain and its palatability after cooking

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Relationship between nitrogenase synthesis and the C/N ratio in the nitrogen-fixing Cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis

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Relationship between non-olive vegetation and green lacewing eggs in a Spanish olive orchard

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Relationship between number of pales weevils trapped and subsequent seedling mortality

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Relationship between nutrient concentrations in soil and current year needles

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Relationship between nutrient elements in banana plants (cv. Dwarf Cavendish and Williams)

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Relationship between obesity/overweight and risk factors of cardiovascular diseases

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Relationship between organic acids and microorganisms on a long-term cropping site in Southeastern Australia

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Relationship between oxygen flux and biofilm performance

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Relationship between panicle weight per plant and cumulative water stress in rice

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Relationship between performance and progeny test data for fattening performance and meat quality

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Relationship between physiological parameters and grain yield in pigeonpea under different cropping systems

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Relationship between plant phosphorus status and the kinetics of arsenate influx in clones of Deschampsia cespitosa (L.) Beauv. that differ in their tolerance to arsenate

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Relationship between plant roots and benthic animals in three sediment types of a dimictic mesotrophic lake

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Relationship between plant water status and water movement in tomato

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Relationship between plasma triglycerides and apolipoprotein CII in infants during the first year of life

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Relationship between pollen-donors and quality of fruits of 12 apple cultivars

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Relationship between populations of Phyllaphis fagi L. and the mineral composition of leaves of Fagus sylvatica L. in forest nurseries

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Relationship between puberty in heifers and the cessation of luteal activity after nutritional restriction

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Relationship between regeneration and productivity of somatic embryos in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

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Relationship between resistance of salmonids to furunculosis and recovery of Aeromonas salmonicida from external mucus

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Relationship between respiratory change and temperature on flower bud blasting in Cymbidium

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Relationship between results obtained using the standard plate count reference method and the BactoScan 8000 automatic instrument for ewe and goat milk

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Relationship between root growth angle of seedlings and vertical distribution of roots in the field in wheat cultivars

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Relationship between scrotum circumference in growing and adult rams and blood testosterone concentration before and after GnRH treatment

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Relationship between seed number and seed size in fruit of Japanese persimmon

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Relationship between serum tryptophan and tryptophan metabolite levels after tryptophan ingestion in normal subjects and age-related cataract patients

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Relationship between soil organisms and structural development in newly reclaimed loess soils under agricultural and forest use

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Relationship between soil pH, exchange acidity y1 and potato scab

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Relationship between soil solution aluminium and low molecular weight organic acids in a conservation cropping system

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Relationship between somatic cell count and attributes of raw goat's milk

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Relationship between some edaphic variables and structural characteristics in grassland communities

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Relationship between sorption isotherms and zeta potential in the determination of adsorption of cobalt in montmorillonite suspensions

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Relationship between sperm ATP content and motility of carp spermatozoa

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Relationship between starch accumulation and grain weight during grain development of summer maize

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Relationship between straw and grain yield in rice

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Relationship between street tree diameter growth and projected pruning and waste wood management costs

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Relationship between superoxide dismutase and melanin in a pathogenic fungus

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Relationship between surface color and other maturity indices in wild lowbush blueberries

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Relationship between survival of cows and milk production during first lactation. 2. Influence of the production level of the heifer

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Relationship between survival of cows and milk production during the first lactation. 1. Genetic correlations and correlations between breeding values

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Relationship between survival rate and survival time of rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus (L.), challenged with myxoma virus

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Relationship between termiticide treatment and human pollution by chlordane, oxychlordane and nonachlor

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Relationship between testicular morphology and sperm production following ischaemia in the ram

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Relationship between the ATP content measured at three imbibition times and germination of onion seeds during storage at 3, 15 and 30 degrees C

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Relationship between the abscisic acid content of dormant buds of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. var. Merlot Noir) and their water content

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Relationship between the baking value of triticale flour and its chemical composition

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Relationship between the content of aconitine-type alkaloids and growth environments in clonally propagated Aconitum carmichaelii Debx

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Relationship between the development of agricultural product prices and the market in the Czech Republic

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Relationship between the developmental programs controlling nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation of mouse oocytes

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Relationship between the endosperm storage proteins composition and the breadmaking quality in hexaploid tritordeum

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Relationship between the flood season rainfall in Shanxi and the teleconnection pattern of the general circulation at the earlier stage

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Relationship between the fluctuation of blood hydrocortisone and its metabolism in the cow with alcohol positive milk

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Relationship between the growth of shoots and leaves and the fruit quality for the apple cultivar Fuji

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Relationship between the growth of the microflora of concentrates of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria and use of the preparation Aktibakt-Uglich

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Relationship between the incidence of mycotoxigenic Gibberella zeae (Fusarium graminearum) in crop fields and the occurrence of trichothecenes in wheat

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Relationship between the incidence of pod infestation of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. by Melanagromyza obtusa (Malloch) and the rate of parasitism

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Relationship between the labour market and socioeconomic indicators in municipalities of Puerto Rico

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Relationship between the level of cold hardiness of shoot tissues and buds in grapevine

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Relationship between the method of obtention and the structural and functional properties of soy isolates. 1. Structural and hydration properties

Petruccelli, S.; Anon, M.C., 1994:
Relationship between the method of obtention and the structural and functional properties of soy protein isolates. 2. Surface properties

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Relationship between the model of organizing forest work and the kind, number and scope of activity of employment positions in a forest district

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Relationship between the number of teats in sows and litter size at birth and weaning

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Relationship between the occurrence of hollowing in watermelon and the size and the number of fruit cells and intercellular air spaces

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Relationship between the origin of European landraces and the level of partial resistance to wheat leaf rust

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Relationship between the pathogenicity of Schistosoma mansoni in mice and the susceptibility of the molluscan vector. II. Number of eggs in the faeces and number and size of granulomas in the viscera

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Relationship between the pea aphid and the saponin content of lucerne cultivars

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Relationship between the pheromone trap catches of Pectinophora gossypiella and Spodoptera litura their field infestation and larval population

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Relationship between the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil and its structural stability

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Relationship between the plant characteristics and grain weight of maize in the over ton-grain farmland

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Relationship between the presence of endogenous nicks and sperm chromatin packaging in maturing and fertilizing mouse spermatozoa

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Relationship between the presence of thrips during flowering of nectarines and their incidence on russeting of fruits at harvest

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Relationship between the protective activities of several strains of Trichoderma against damping-off agents and their ability to produce hydrolytic enzymes activities in soil or in synthetic media

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Relationship between the quality of Italian ryegrass silage and the presence of phages for silage-making lactobacilli

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Relationship between the soil seed bank and aboveground vegetation in a meadow community of the Central Pyrenees

Shibata, E.; Waguchi, Y.; Yoneda, Y., 1995:
Relationship between the spatial distribution pattern of the adult sugi bark borer, Semanotus japonicus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), and its damage to trees in a stand of the Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica

Yoshihara, H.; Amano, S.; Ohta, M., 1995:
Relationship between the strength and grain orientation of wood: examination and modification of the Hankinson's formula

Juszczak, J., 1995:
Relationship between the type of body conformation in Black and White and Red and White heifers with different shares of Holstein-Friesian gene and their milk production and selected growth characteristics

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Relationship between the utilization of sugars by cultured petiole segments of Begonia x hiemalis and the optimum time for CO2 enrichment

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Relationship between the yield of grain and straw in cereals

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Relationship between thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman and Frankliniella cestrum Moulton) on grapes during flowering and scarring at harvest. II. Biological aspects

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Relationship between tillering, flowering and yield of whole grains in rice cultivars

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Relationship between tobacco-specific nitrosamines and nitrite from different air-cured tobacco varieties

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Relationship between tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) adsorption and granulometric composition of gravel in hydroponic culture

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Relationship between total amount of potassium uptake and content of potassium in sugar measuring sample solution

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Relationship between total lactation milk yield and individual test day records in the field

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Relationship between urinary excretion of p-aminobenzoylglutamate and folate status of growing rats

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Relationship between vegetation and pollen spectrum in southwest Spain

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Relationship between vegetative flushing and flowering of Macadamia integrifolia in Hawaii

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Relationship between vegetative structure and early bearing in pear seedlings

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Relationship between vitamin C and plasma concentrations of testosterone in female rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss

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Relationship between water tolerance and cyanide-resistant respiration in pear rootstocks

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Relationship between water use and yield of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam., cv. Midmar) at different rates of nitrogen application

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Relationship between weed biomass and crude protein content in wheat as influenced by various methods of weed control

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Relationship between wing length and dry weight of mosquitoes

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Relationship between woody biomass and PAR conversion efficiency for estimating net primary production from NDVI

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Relationship between work output and cardio-respiratory response to exercise in two groups of draught horses

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Relationship between yield components of rice and mineralization potential of paddy soil in Shonai as estimated by chemical method

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Relationship between yield, primary yield components and parameters of seed filling in the common bean

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Relationship in steers between lying behaviour and meteorological environment during the winter season

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Relationship issues in sport: a marital therapy model

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Relationship of Bemisia tabaci population density and yellow vein mosaic disease incidence in okra

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Relationship of DNA content in maize endosperm nuclei to kernel traits during kernel development

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Relationship of F2 segregation pattern with genetic divergence of parents in sesame

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Relationship of Meloidogyne konaensis population densities to coffee growth

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Relationship of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci races to the rhizosphere of Wisconsin-grown tobacco

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Relationship of Rotterdam peanut prices to U.S. peanut production

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Relationships between the geomorphology and soils of an area of Arapoti municipality, Parana

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Relationships in the apical region of angiosperms

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Relative effects of nitrogen and potassium and egg populations of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato damage

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Relative efficacy and economics of some insecticides for the control of sweet potato weevil

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Relative efficacy of different fungicides for the control of powdery mildew in roses

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Relative efficacy of glue and other traps for commensal rodent management

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Relative efficacy of herbicides in controlling the weeds infesting pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

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Relative efficacy of insecticides against leafminer, Chromatomyia horticola (Goureau) infesting mustard in western Uttar Pradesh

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Relative efficacy of insecticides against white grubs, Holotrichia spp. damaging potatoes in Himachal Pradesh (India)

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Relative efficacy of new granular formulations against rice hispa Dicladispa armigera Oliv

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Relative efficacy of plant extracts on beetles Maladera insanabilis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

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Relative efficacy of some insecticides and argemone seed against Chilo partellus Swin. on hybrid sorghum in different sowings

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Relative efficacy of the parasitoids of uzi fly as bio-control agents

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Relative efficacy of three pyrethroid insecticides for treating mosquito bednets

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Relative efficacy of various fungicides for the control of bitter rot of pear caused by Glomerella cingulata

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Relative efficiency of different cropping systems on runoff, soil loss and monetary returns in dryland agriculture

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Relative efficiency of different phosphorus sources as influenced by liming on the yield and P uptake by rice on an Oxisol

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Relative efficiency of mosquitocidal activities of certain indigenous fish species

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Relative efficiency of partial diallel analysis excluding and including parents for combining ability in wheat

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Relative efficiency of three wheat varieties at graded levels of fertility on farmers' fields in Sambalpur district (Orissa) under irrigated conditions

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Relative energies of simulated rainstorms

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Relative fibre degradation (in vitro) by bacteria and fungi using inoculum from cow and buffalo rumen

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Relative fitness of imazalil-resistant and -sensitive biotypes of Penicillium digitatum

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Relative frequencies of G (VP7) and P (VP4) serotypes determined by polymerase chain reaction assays among Japanese bovine rotaviruses isolated in cell culture

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Relative genetic contributions of ancestral lines to winter and spring wheat gene pools of Turkey

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Relative growth performances of chickpea genotypes to irrigation and fertilizers application

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Relative growth rate as an index for evaluating environmental effects on vegetable seedling growth

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Relative host plant preference and induction of preference for feeding behaviour in spotted bollworm

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Relative humidity as an environmental factor determining the microhabitat of the nymphs of the rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

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Relative humidity influences yield, edible biomass, and linear growth rate of sweetpotato

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Relative importance of air and floodwater temperatures on the development of rice (Oryza sativa)

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Relative importance of algae and emergent plant litter to freshwater marsh invertebrates

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Relative importance of ballistic and ant dispersal in two diplochorous Viola species (Violaceae)

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Relative importance of component soil properties on saturated hydraulic conductivity in soils

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Relative importance of ewe milk and pasture in transferring radiocaesium to lambs during the summer grazing period

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Relative importance of exchangeable and soil solution cation concentrations to the distribution of vascular plants

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Relative importance of factors controlling the leaching and uptake of inorganic ions in the canopy of a spruce forest

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Relative importance of photosynthetic traits and allocation patterns as correlates of seedling shade tolerance of 13 tropical trees

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Relative importance of plankton and benthos as food sources for Mugil cephalus and Liza ramada in Israeli semi-intensive fish ponds

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Relative importance of risk factors for spruce beetle outbreaks

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Relative importance of some factors influencing goat keeping

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Relative incidence of shoot and blossom webber, Orthaga exvinacea Hamps. and the biochemical basis for its preference to cashew types

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Relative infrequency of microsporidial infection in HIV infected patients in Queensland

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Relative interference of zinc carriers on iron utilization by crops in calcareous soil

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Relative lack of regeneration of shade-intolerant canopy species in some South African forests

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Relative linkages of Indian agriculture

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Relative merits of ELISA, Coggin's and counter immunoelectrophoresis tests in the detection of equine infectious anaemia antibodies in stored serum samples and detection of viral antigen in the spleen tissue

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Relative neutropenia in blood and spleen from cattle in the symptomless stage of chronic lymphoid leukosis

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Relative performance of cotton genotypes under different levels of salinity in irrigation waters

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Relative performance of cowpea genotypes in rainfed condition of Andaman and their genetic parameter analysis for seed yield

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Relative performance of late-sown, rainfed winter crops as influenced by sowing dates

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Relative performance of pearl millet hybrids and open-pollinated varieties in arid environments

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Relative performance of pigeonpea genotypes in sole and rice-intercropped systems

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Relative performance of some root-knot nematode resistant tomato lines derived from intervarietal crosses

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Relative performance of strawberry genotypes on fumigated and nonfumigated soils

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Relative population build up of cotton grey weevil in different isogenic lines of hirsutum cotton variety H-777

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Relative potency of 10 drugs with anti-Pneumocystis carinii activity in an animal model

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Relative potency of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans for inducing mixed-function oxygenase activity in rainbow trout

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Relative productivity of indigenous, exotic and crossbred cattle at Matopos Research Station

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Relative rates of appearance of nitrogen and sulphur: implications for postprandial synthesis of proteins

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Relative representation of Pheidole (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in local ground ant assemblages of the Americas

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Relative resistance of commercially grown wheat varieties of Haryana against karnal bunt

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Relative resistance of eighteen selections of Malus spp. to three species of Phytophthora

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Relative resistance to conventional insecticides in three populations of cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) in Andhra Pradesh

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Relative response of papaya cultivars to the interaction of Meloidogyne incognita and Fusarium solani

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Relative response of rice seed quality to different pre-germination treatments

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Relative role of eukaryotic and prokaryotic microorganisms in phenanthrene transformation in coastal sediments

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Relative sensitivity of larvae of Helicoverpa (Heliothis) zea to intrahemocoelic injections of invertebrate and vertebrate toxins

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Relative sensitivity of some crops and weeds to atrazine

Seinhorst, J.W.; Oostrom, A.; Been, T.H.; Schomaker, C.H., 1995:
Relative susceptibilities of eleven potato cultivars and breeders' clones to Globodera pallida pathotype Pa 3, with a discussion of the interpretation of data from pot experiments

Shevale, B.S.; Pokharkar, R.N., 1992:
Relative susceptibility of citrus on rootstocks to citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton

Naqvi, A.R.; Sharma, A., 1993:
Relative susceptibility of citrus species against citrus mite Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein) in a semi arid region of Rajasthan

Khanizadeh, S.; Belair, G.; Lareau, M.J., 1994:
Relative susceptibility of five strawberry cultivars to Meloidogyne hapla under three soil water deficit levels

Ujagir, R., 1993:
Relative susceptibility of lentil cultivars to Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) at Pantnagar, northern India

Sharma, P.K., 1992:
Relative susceptibility of maize and soybean to flooding at seeding and seedling stage

Ranganath, H.R.; Ram, T., 1992:
Relative susceptibility of mung bean to the pulse beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (F.)

Wood, B.W.; Reilly, C.C.; Tedders, W.L., 1995:
Relative susceptibility of pecan cultivars to fungal leaf scorch and its interaction with irrigation

Raut, S.B.; Nawale, R.N.; Mote, U.N., 1993:
Relative susceptibility of pigeonpea germplasm to plume moth, Exelastis atomosa (Walshingham)

Arya, D.R.; Khare, B.P.; Singh, H.; Singh, S.P., 1993:
Relative susceptibility of some paddy germplasms/varieties to Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier)

Bhagat, K.C.; Makhmoor, H.D., 1995:
Relative susceptibility of some pearl millet varieties of the cereal thrips Haplothrips ganglbaueri Schmutz

Kadoo, S.; Rane, A.E., 1995:
Relative susceptibility of some pigeonpea varieties to pulse beetle Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Bruchidae: Coleoptera) in storage

Bheemanna, M.; Kulkarni, K.A.; Shekharappa, 1994:
Relative susceptibility of some sorghum genotypes to rice weevil

Singh, D.P., 1993:
Relative susceptibility of soybean cultivars to pod blight caused by Colletotrichum truncatum (Schw.)

Singh, J.; Agrawal, M.; Narayan, D., 1994:
Relative susceptibility of two species of tropical fruit trees to thermal power plant emission

Barker, G.M.; Firth, A.C., 1994:
Relative susceptibility to feeding by Argentine stem weevil among warm-season weed grasses

Keane, M.G., 1993:
Relative tissue growth patterns and carcass composition in beef cattle

Biswajit Rath; Adhikary, S.P., 1994:
Relative tolerance of several nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria to commercial grade furadan (carbofuran, 3%)

Meenakumari, K.V.S.; Singh, D.V.; Srivastava, K.D., 1994:
Relative tolerance of wheat cultivars to leaf rust and components responsible for yield losses

Hussain, T.; Khan, M.M.; Akbar, M.F.; Naqvi, S.M.S.H.; Rajput, M.A., 1994:
Relative toxicity and persistence of different insecticides against white fly, Bemisia tabaci Genn. on soybean

Shah, A.D.; Lohar, M.K.; Jatoi, G.F.; Jugtani, T.K., 1994:
Relative toxicity of different insecticides against shootfly, Acanthiophilus helianthi on safflower, Carthamus tinctorous L

Bhopal Singh; Goel, S.C.; Kumar, S., 1993:
Relative toxicity of new insecticides against Aphis gossypii (Glov.) on bottle gourd in western Uttar Pradesh

Thomas, J.; Phadke, K.G., 1994:
Relative toxicity of oxydemeton-methyl, chlorpyriphos and quinalphos to honey-bee (Apis cerana indica)

Dar, G.M.; Ghani, M.Y.; Seth, P.K., 1993:
Relative toxicity of some chemicals against the mycelial growth of Agaricus bisporus

Teli, V.S.; Salunkhe, G.N., 1994:
Relative toxicity of some insecticides against sweet potato weevil

Narladkar, B.W.; Shastri, U.V.; Vadlamudi, V.P.; Shivpuje, P.R., 1993:
Relative toxicity of some modern insecticides against larvae of Culicoides schultzei

Acharya, M.F.; Koshiya, D.J., 1994:
Relative toxicity of some newer insecticides to the adults of Caliothrips indicus Bagnall on groundnut

Rowell Rahier, M.; Pasteels, J.M.; Alonso Mejia, A.; Brower, L.P., 1995:
Relative unpalatability of leaf beetles with either biosynthesized or sequestered chemical defence

Patil, B.P.; Kadam, C.S., 1993:
Relative uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus in groundnut as influenced by water stress and fertility regimes

Marszaek, T., 1993:
Relative useful value of products and services obtained thanks to economic and social functions of forests

Mahapatra, K.C., 1993:
Relative usefulness of stability parameters in assessing adaptability in rice

Singh, I.; Yunus, M., 1994:
Relative usefulness of triple test cross methods for estimating additive and dominance in breadwheat

Rajan, A.R., 1993:
Relative utilisation of different zinc carriers in rice (Oryza sativa L)

Galasso, R.; Panico, S.; Celentano, E.; Del Pezzo, M., 1994:
Relative validity of multiple telephone versus face-to-face 24-hour dietary recalls

Brown, M.A.; Fischer, J.; Johnson, M.A., 1993:
Relative validity of nutrient intakes in women does not decline with age

Dhopte, A.M.; Ramteke, S.D., 1994:
Relative variation in dry matter partitioning of peanut genotypes under moisture stress conditions

Das, P.K.; Ghosh, S.P.; Ghosh, P.R., 1994:
Relative viscosity as a solitary index for evaluating the semen quality in crossbred bulls

Diaz Perez, J.C.; Shackel, K.A.; Sutter, E.G., 1995:
Relative water content and water potential of tissue-cultured apple shoots under water deficits

Madhosingh, C., 1995:
Relative wilt-inducing capacity of the culture filtrates of isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici, the tomato crown and root rot pathogen

Morgan, D., 1994:
Relaunch urged for aid effort

Ahluwalia, N.K.; Thompson, D.G.; Barlow, J.; Troncon, L.E.; Hollis, S., 1994:
Relaxation responses of the human proximal stomach to distension during fasting and after food

Ermilov, V.V., 1993:
Relaxation stresses in wood-based materials manufactured by moulding

Handel, J., 1993:
Relaxation techniques for insects

Birky, C.W.Jr, 1994:
Relaxed and stringent genomes: why cytoplasmic genes don't obey Mendel's laws

Kuenzi, M.J.; Connolly, B.A.; Sherwood, O.D., 1995:
Relaxin acts directly on rat mammary nipples to stimulate their growth

Ohleth, K.M.; Bagnell, C.A., 1995:
Relaxin-induced deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in porcine granulosa cells is mediated by insulin-like growth factor-I

Tanaka, I.; Motoki, M., 1993:
Release and recapture of German cockroaches Blattella germanica (L.), in a vacant house

Elliott, N.C.; Burd, J.D.; Armstrong, J.S.; Walker, C.B.; Reed, D.K.; Peairs, F.B., 1995:
Release and recovery of imported parasitoids of the Russian wheat aphid in eastern Colorado

Urban, S.T.; Lieffers, V.J.; Macdonald, S.E., 1994:
Release in radial growth in the trunk and structural roots of white spruce as measured by dendrochronology

Allen, G.J.; Muir, S.R.; Sanders, D., 1995:
Release of Ca2+ from individual plant vacuoles by both InsP3 and cyclic ADP-ribose

Jadav, N.J.; Golakiya, B.A.; Yadav, B.S., 1993:
Release of K as affected by lime x K interaction

Laliberte, J.; Nicolas, O.C.atel, H.L.zure, C.M.rosol, R., 1992:
Release of a 22-kDa protein derived from the amino-terminal domain of the 49-kDa Nla of turnip mosaic potyvirus in Escherichia coli

Paquet, A.; Khan, S.U., 1995:
Release of covalently bound metabolites of organophosphate pesticides from synthetic dialkyl phosphoserine peptides by supercritical fluid extraction

Selvaraj, A.; Sundara Babu, P.C., 1994:
Release of different doses of Trichogramma and its effect on internode borer, yield and quality of sugarcane

Campos, M.; Peña, A.; Sánchez Raya, A.J., 1994:
Release of ethylene from pruned olive logs: Influence on attack by bark beetles (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)

Green, C.J.; Blackmer, A.M.; Yang, N.C., 1994:
Release of fixed ammonium during nitrification in soils

Phillips, D.A.; Wery, J.; Joseph, C.M.; Jones, A.D.niel; Teuber, L.R., 1995:
Release of flavonoids and betaines from seeds of seven Medicago species

Hudak, K.; Yao, K.; Thompson, J.E., 1995:
Release of fluorescent peroxidized lipids from membranes in senescing tissue by blebbing of lipid-protein particles

Reddy, P.V.; Morrill, J.L.; Nagaraja, T.G., 1994:
Release of free fatty acids from raw or processed soybeans and subsequent effects on fiber digestibilities

Velzeboer, R.; Drikas, M.; Donati, C.; Burch, M.; Steffensen, D., 1995:
Release of geosmin by Anabaena circinalis following treatment with aluminium sulphate

Yoshida, H.; Tsumuki, H.; Kanehisa, K.; Corcuera, L.J., 1993:
Release of gramine from the surface of barley leaves

Min, H.; Chen, M.; Qiang, Z., 1993:
Release of methane in paddy soil and its biological mechanism

Moses, R.M.; Kline, D., 1995:
Release of mouse eggs from metaphase arrest by protein synthesis inhibition in the absence of a calcium signal or microtubule assembly

Nakada, Y.; Tsukatani, Y.; Kosaka, T.; Miyamori, M.; Kuwabara, M.; Tanaka, S.; Koide, F., 1995:
Release of natural killer cytotoxic factor (NKCF) from canine natural killer (NK) cells stimulated with cytoplasmic membrane of target cells

Schulthess, R.V.; Kuhni, M.; Gujer, W., 1995:
Release of nitric and nitrous oxides from denitrifying activated sludge

Robinson, J.; Sharpley, A., 1995:
Release of nitrogen and phosphorus from poultry litter

Mehta, S.C.; Meel, P.K.; Grewal, K.S.; Mahendra Singh, 1995:
Release of non-exchangeable potassium in Entisols

Patel, J.J.; Bhandari, S.C., 1992:
Release of nutrients from rock phosphate and pyrites applied in conjunction with FYM and phosphate solublizing bacteria

Fletcher, J.S.; Hegde, R.S., 1995:
Release of phenols by perennial plant roots and their potential importance in bioremediation

Patil, C.V.; Sathyanarayana, C.; Prakesh, S.S.; Math, K.K., 1994:
Release of phosphorus from different P-fertilizers varying in solubility applied to acid soils

Biswas, A.K.; Narayanasamy, G., 1995:
Release of phosphorus from different rock phosphates by incubation with pyrites

Ghosh, S.; Hudak, K.A.; Dumbroff, E.B.; Thompson, J.E., 1994:
Release of Photosynthetic Protein Catabolites by Blebbing from Thylakoids

Pawlizki, K.H.; Rau, C., 1994:
Release of plant-bound residues by earthworms

Upadhyay, R.; Mishra, B.B., 1994:
Release of potassium from mica as affected by different factors

Wilson, M.; Lindow, S.E., 1993:
Release of recombinant microorganisms

Wenzel, W.G.; Cilliers, J.D., 1995:
Release of seven grain sorghum parental A-lines

Näslund, B.; Bernström, K.; Lundin, A.; Arner, P., 1993:
Release of small amounts of free fatty acids from human adipocytes as determined by chemiluminescence

Jagtap, P.B.; Mohite, A.V., 1994:
Release of sulphur and iron from pyrites in saline sodic calcareous soil and soil reaction

Bowman, D.T., 1994:
Release of three upland cotton germplasm lines possessing high lint percent

Angle, J.; Scott., 1994:
Release of transgenic plants: biodiversity and population-level considerations

Voisey, C.R.; White, D.W.R.; Wigley, P.J.; Chilcott, C.N.; McGregor, P.G.; Woodfield, D.R., 1994:
Release of transgenic white clover plants expressing Bacillus thuringiensis genes: an ecological perspective

Ikemizu, Y.; Kawahata, K.; Goto, T.; Takahashi, J.; Yasuda, Y., 1995:
Release period of EPF-like substance(s) in rat and bovine fertilized ova

Coulson, Jack, R., 1994:
Releases of beneficial organisms in the United States and Territories - 1983

Stary, P.; Rodriguez A.F.; Gerding P.M., 1993:
Releases of natural enemies of the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Kurdjumov), in Chile

Deveze, J.C., 1994:
Relevance and limitations of systems research in rural development

Duncan, S.E.; Hackney, C.R., 1994:
Relevance of Escherichia coli O157:H7 to the dairy industry

Avtar Singh; Gandhi, R.S., 1994:
Relevance of MOET nucleus schemes in cattle under Indian conditions

Berg, T.P. van den; Morales, D.; Gonze, M.; Meulemans, G., 1994:
Relevance of antigenic variation for protection in infectious bursal disease

Gogate, M.G.; Farooqui, U.M., 1992:
Relevance of seedling height as a function of better growth in tropical pines

Kanwar, J.S., 1994:
Relevance of soil management in sustainable agriculture

Arnold, R.W., 1994:
Relevance of understanding landscape evolution in relation to climate-induced soil behaviour

Heggum, C., 1995:
Relevant legislation and the changes to be made to facilitate protein standardization of milk products

Jang, Y.S.; Sitar, N.; Kiureghian, A. der, 1994:
Reliability analysis of contaminant transport in saturated porous media

Emert, R.; Zimmer, R.; Bukvic, Z.; Brkic, D., 1995:
Reliability and behaviour probability of system structure at tractors with built in regenerated elements

Van Steveninck, R.D.R.yter; Bialek, W., 1995:
Reliability and statistical efficiency of a blowfly movement-sensitive neuron

Christian, J.T.; Ladd, C.C.; Baecher, G.B., 1994:
Reliability applied to slope stability analysis

Anonymous, 1994:
Reliability is the supreme commandment

Tommerup, I.C.; Barton, J.E.; O'brien, P.A., 1995:
Reliability of RAPD fingerprinting of three basidiomycete fungi, Laccaria, Hydnangium and Rhizoctonia

Petrecevic, A.; Jovanovac, S.; Juric, I.; Bencevic, K.; Zivkovic, J.; Boric, A., 1993:
Reliability of application of German methods on evaluation of meat share in swine carcasses bred in the Republic of Croatia

Morselt, M.L.; Lam, T.J.G.M.; Wuijckhuise, L.A. van; Franken, P.; Hartman, E.G.; Schukken, Y.H., 1995:
Reliability of bacteriological examination of mixed (whole-udder) milk samples for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in cows

MacDonald, G.B., 1991:
Reliability of balsam fir growth and yield estimates based on black spruce normal yield tables

Lupo, L.; Pannarale, O.; Altomare, D.; Memeo, V.; Rubino, M., 1993:
Reliability of clinical judgement in evaluation of the nutritional status of surgical patients

Polak, J., 1995:
Reliability of detection and relative concentration of plum pox virus determined by ELISA in an infected peach tree during the vegetation period

Yuchas, P.I.; Labetskas, G.S., 1994:
Reliability of distributor-type fuel pumps

Sojka, A.; Kaminska, B.Z., 1994:
Reliability of egg shell quality assessment based on the specific gravity of eggs in Hisex White hens

A.A.ajy, M.H.; Heakal, M.S.; Reda, M.; Modaihsh, A.S.; Choudhary, M.I., 1994 :
Reliability of gypsum determination in soils by three existing simple methods

Schreiner, P.J.; Pitkaniemi, J.; Pekkanen, J.; Salomaa, V.V., 1995:
Reliability of near-infrared interactance body fat assessment relative to standard anthropometric techniques

Bar Eli, M., 1994:
Reliability of peer assessment in small athletic teams: a comparison between peer rating and peer ranking in basketball

Lee, M.M.; Whittemore, A.S.; Jung, D.L., 1992:
Reliability of recalled physical activity, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption

Morinigo, M.A.; Martinez Manzanares, E.; Munoz, M.A.; Balebona, M.C.; Borrego, J.J., 1993:
Reliability of several microorganisms to indicate the presence of Salmonella in natural waters

Walia, B.N.; Bhalla, A.K.; Suri, S., 1992:
Reliability of skinfold calipers as a tool for measuring body fat in human beings

Rottscheidt, W., 1994:
Reliability of testing the electrical conductivity of milk in subclinical mastitis

Reppo, B., 1995:
Reliability of the cowman and factors determining it when using pipeline milking machines

Van Schoonhoven, J.; Schrijver, J.; Van Den Berg, H.; Haenen, G.R.M.M., 1994:
Reliable and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method with fluorometric detection for the analysis of vitamin B-6 in foods and feeds

Gallagher, S.; Newberry, R.B., 1995:
Reliable foam level detection in beet processing

Thorburn, P.J.; Mensforth, L.J.; Walker, G.R., 1994:
Reliance of creek-side river red gums on creek water

Uhlirova, J., 1992:
Relict calciphilous pine woods and larch-pine woods of the Vel'ka Fatra Mountains I. (Alliance Pulsatillo slavicae-Pinion Fajmonova 1978)

Uhlirova, J., 1993:
Relict calciphilous pine woods and larch-pine woods of the Vel'ka Fatra Mountains II

Ziegler, S.S., 1995:
Relict eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) stands in southwestern Wisconsin

Noble, J.C., 1993:
Relict surface-soil features in semi-arid mulga (Acacia aneura) woodlands

Seaman, J., 1994:
Relief, rehabilitation and development: are the distinctions useful?

Toure, A.S.; Grandtner, M.M.; Hiernaux, P.Y., 1994:
Relief, soils and vegetation of a savanna in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of central Mali

Dugan, B., 1994:
Religion and food service

Cole Turner, R., 1995:
Religion and gene patenting

Doornewaard, J., 1992:
Religious role of trees and forests in South and Southeast Asia: an inventory of religious tree species and types of forests, and their possible contribution to forestry development projects

Vizjak, A., 1993:
Religious tourism as a new aspect of tourism

Bywater, M., 1994:
Religious travel in Europe

Ito, Yosiaki, 1992:
Relocation of nests by swarms and nest reconstruction in late autumn in the primitively eusocial wasp, Ropalidia fasciata, with discussions on the role of swarming

Kanevski, I.; Maliga, P., 1994:
Relocation of the plastid rbcL gene to the nucleus yields functional ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in tobacco chloroplasts

Cailliez, B., 1994:
Remain vigilant against Tilletia caries on wheat

Piepho, Hans Peter, 1995:
Remark on a desirability index for selecting genotypes

Ueda, T.; Suga, Y.; Yahiro, N.; Matsuguchi, T., 1995:
Remarkable N2-fixing bacterial diversity detected in rice roots by molecular evolutionary analysis of nifH gene sequences

Ryrholm, Nils, 1995:
Remarkable records of Macrolepidoptera in Sweden 1994

Svensson, Ingvar., 1994:
Remarkable records of Microlepidoptera in Sweden during 1993

Svensson, Ingvar, 1995:
Remarkable records of Microlepidoptera in Sweden during 1994

Kietzmann, M., 1994:
Remarks on the clinical use of eye drugs in animals. Review

Trematerra, P.; Zapparoli, M., 1994:
Remarks on the distribution of Parectopa robiniella Clemens and Phyllonorycter robiniella (Clemens) in Italy (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae)

Varga, J.; Lami, G., 1994:
Remarks on the forensic veterinary medical judgement of fowl cholera

Dominik, J., 1993:
Remarks on the occurrence of cambiophagous and xylophagous insects in the SGGW Experimental Forests at Rogow in the last forty years

Dihm, M., 1992:
Remarks on the role of unrecorded transborder trade in sub-Saharan Africa

Duhamel, G., 1993:
Remarks on the systematics of the genus Carex

Schliephake, G., 1990:
Remarks on the variability of thrips and their consequences at taxonomic statements

Tilt, M.A.; Saleem, A.; Hampton, J.; Cocker, J.; Nutley, B.P.; Brown, R.H.; Robertson, S.; Brownsill, F.; Fitzsimons, P., 1992:
Remedial (in-situ) timber treatment - a study of occupational exposure

Huang, Y-Hsiu.; Tai, C-Long.; Lu, Y-Hsiu.; Wu, T.Jui-Ting.; Chen, H-Duo.; Niu, D-Ming., 1994:
Remediating tar-contaminated soils at manufactured gas plant sites

Ceroici, W.J.; Beresford, C.R., 1993:
Remediation of an abandoned wood preserving facility in Canada

Puskas, K.; A.A.adhi, N.; Abdullah, F.; Literathy, P., 1995:
Remediation of oil-contaminated sandy soil in a slurry reactor

Phillips, E.J.P.; Landa, E.R.; Lovley, D.R., 1995:
Remediation of uranium contaminated soils with bicarbonate extraction and microbial U(VI) reduction

Kovalick, W.W.Jr, 1995:
Remediation technologies for US hazardous waste sites

Lipton, M.; Gaag, J. van der, 1993:
Remedies for poverty

Turner, Sc, 1995:
Remembering the role of research in developing a university student

Papadopoulou, A.; Rawashdeh, M.O.; Brown, G.A.; McNeish, A.S.; Booth, I.W., 1995:
Remission following an elemental diet or prednisolone in Crohn's disease

Preiss, H., 1994:
Remission of an acute renal failure after heat stroke in a dog

Brown, R.P.C.; Foster, J., 1994:
Remittances and savings in migrant-sending countries

Brown, R.P.C.; Foster, J.; Connell, J., 1995:
Remittances, savings, and policy formation in Pacific Island states

Urrutia, M.M.; Beveridge, T.J., 1993:
Remobilization of Heavy Metals Retained as Oxyhydroxides or Silicates by Bacillus subtilis Cells

Okano, K.; Komaki, S.; Matsuo, K., 1994:
Remobilization of nitrogen from vegetative parts to sprouting shoots of young tea (Camellia sinensis L.) plants

Ingram, J.R.; Matthews, L.R.; McDonald, R.M., 1994:
Remote blood sampling device. A stress free blood sampling technique for free ranging animals

Wang, J.; Larson, D.; Foster, N.; Armalis, S.; Lu, J.; Xu, R.; Olsen, K.; Zirino, A., 1995:
Remote electrochemical sensor for trace metal contaminants

Must, A.; Willett, W.C.; Dietz, W.H., 1993:
Remote recall of childhood height, weight, and body build by elderly subjects

White, K., 1995:
Remote sensing

Katsch, C., 1994:
Remote sensing - status of forest application and research needs

Singh, R.B., 1992:
Remote sensing and GIS as decision support systems in the Himalayas

Brown, D.G.; Cairns, D.M.; Malanson, G.P.; Walsh, S.J.; Butler, D.R., 1994:
Remote sensing and GIS techniques for spatial and biophysical analysis of alpine treeline through process and empirical models

Trebuil, G.; Kaojarern, S.A., 1995:
Remote sensing and farming systems in western Thailand

Pham Trung, L.; Nguyen Ba, N.; Trinh Dinh, C.; Lai Vinh, C., 1991:
Remote sensing and research on soil erosion to support soil conservation and rehabilitation of land resources

Marceau, D.J.; Howarth, P.J.; Gratton, D.J., 1994:
Remote sensing and the measurement of geographical entities in a forested environment. 1. The scale and spatial aggregation problem

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