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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2687

Chapter 2687 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marceau, D.J.; Gratton, D.J.; Fournier, R.A.; Fortin, J.P., 1994:
Remote sensing and the measurement of geographical entities in a forested environment. 2. The optimal spatial resolution

Kummer, D.M., 1992:
Remote sensing and tropical deforestation: a cautionary note from the Philippines

Veerlapati Govardhan, 1993:
Remote sensing and water management in command areas

Beck, L.R.; Rodriguez, M.H.; Dister, S.W.; Rodriguez, A.D.; Rejmankova, E.; Ulloa, A.; Meza, R.A.; Roberts, D.R.; Paris, J.F.; Spanner, M.A., 1994:
Remote sensing as a landscape epidemiologic tool to identify villages at high risk for malaria transmission

Alness, K.; Andersson, A., 1995:
Remote sensing as a tool for more efficient crop protection

Sharma, R.C.; Bhargava, G.P., 1993:
Remote sensing for assessing the distribution and characterisation of saline and alkali soils in Haryana

Siegert, F.; Liebig, V.; Wanninger, A., 1993:
Remote sensing for protection of the rain forest

Wilkie, D.S., 1994:
Remote sensing imagery for resource inventories in central Africa: the importance of detailed field data

Plebe, A.; Campisi, R., 1994:
Remote sensing of canopy temperature decrease in summer cooling experiment

Bausch, Walter C., 1995:
Remote sensing of crop coefficients for improving the irrigation scheduling of corn

Fotsing, J.M.; Chaume, R., 1994:
Remote sensing of land cover changes in West Cameroon

Diak, G.R.; Scheuer, C.J.; Whipple, M.S.; Smith, W.L., 1994:
Remote sensing of land-surface energy balance using data from the High-resolution Interferometer Sounder (HIS): A simulation study

Franklin, S.E.; Titus, B.D.; Gillespie, R.T., 1994:
Remote sensing of vegetation cover at forest regeneration sites

Sanchez Azofeifa, G.; Harriss, R.C., 1994:
Remote sensing of watershed characteristics in Costa Rica

Watson, B.; Anandajayasekeram, P.; Miller, E.; Allen, R.; Curtotti, R.; Johnston, R., 1995:
Remote sensing. Use in agricultural and resource management: a conceptual framework for economic analysis

Miller, E.; Curtotti, R.; Watson, B.; Connell, P.; Allen, R.; Reid, R., 1994:
Remote sensing: use in tree cover mapping and pasture management - an economic analysis

Pleshikov, F.I., 1993:
Remote-sensing methods in solving current problems in forestry

Pickup, G.; Bastin, G.N.; Chewings, V.H., 1994:
Remote-sensing-based condition assessment for nonequilibrium rangelands under large-scale commercial grazing

Zender, J.A.; Stuthridge, T.R.; Langdon, A.G.; Wilkins, A.L.; Mackie, K.L.; Mcfarlane, P.N., 1994:
Removal and transformation of resin acids during secondary treatment at a New Zealand bleached kraft pulp and paper mill

Olofsson, H., 1995:
Removal device for a milking means and a sliding vane motor for the operation thereof

Hirata, T.; Kawamura, K.; Yano, K.; Kaneko, M.; Moniwa, T.; Tosa, K.; Taguchi, K., 1993:
Removal efficiencies of microorganisms in wastewater treatment processes

Srivastava, S.K.; Gupta, V.K.; Yadav, I.S.; Mohan, D., 1995:
Removal of 2,4-dinitrophenol using bagasse fly ash - a sugar industry waste material

Fang, H.H.P.; Yeong, C.L.Y.; Book, K.M.; Chiu, C.M., 1993:
Removal of COD and nitrogen in wastewater using sequencing batch reactor with fibrous packing

Parfitt, R.L.; Whitton, J.S.; Susarla, S., 1995:
Removal of DDT residues from soil by leaching with surfactants

Rodda, N.; Bateman, B.; Kfir, R., 1993:
Removal of Salmonella typhi, Shigella dysenteriae, Vibrio cholerae, and rotavirus from water using a water treatment tablet

S.G.orge, S.D.; Feddes, J.J.R., 1995:
Removal of airborne swine dust by electrostatic precipitation

Schiweck, H., 1993:
Removal of ammonia from condensates

Gordon, G.L.R.; Phillips, M.W., 1993 :
Removal of anaerobic fungi from the rumen of sheep by chemical treatment and the effect on feed consumption and in vivo fibre digestion

Tzouwara Karayanni, S.M.; Karayannis, M.I.; Crouch, S.R., 1993:
Removal of ascorbic acid interference in the determination of glucose and sucrose in non-alcoholic beverages

Lewandowska, J., 1994:
Removal of biogenic compounds from biologically purified effluents discharged to surface waters

Rai, S.; Barayanswami, M.S.; Hasan, S.H.; Rupainwar, D.C.; Sharma, Y.C., 1995:
Removal of cadmium from wastewater by water hyacinth

Herman, D.C.; Artiola, J.F.; Miller, R.M., 1995:
Removal of cadmium, lead, and zinc from soil by a rhamnolipid biosurfactant

Montesso, F.; Wright, I.M., 1995:
Removal of chip fractures of the femoral trochlear ridges of three horses by arthroscopy

Stockinger, H.; Heinzle, E.; Kut, O.M., 1995:
Removal of chloro and nitro aromatic wastewater pollutants by ozonation and biotreatment

Heine, H.C.; Garti, N., 1995:
Removal of cholesterol from edibles

Ososkov, V.; Gotlieb, E.; Bozzelli, J.W.; Gotlieb, I.; Stevenson, E., 1994:
Removal of chromium from a highly contaminated soil/slag matrix by washing at low pH

Saltabas, O.; Akcin, G., 1994:
Removal of chromium, copper and nickel by water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Nagashima, H.; Kashiwazaki, N.; Ashman, R.J.; Grupen, C.G.; Seamark, R.F.; Nottle, M.B., 1994:
Removal of cytoplasmic lipid enhances the tolerance of porcine embryos to chilling

Mustafa, T.M.; A.S.rakhy, R.A.; A.S.uraiqi, Y.T., 1994:
Removal of dimethoate residues from cucumber fruits

Moudgil, B.M.; Mathur, S., 1994:
Removal of dolomite and silica from apatite by selective flocculation

Leidmann, P.; Fischer, K.; Bieniek, D.; Nuesslein, F.; Kettrup, A., 1994:
Removal of heavy metals from polluted soil with grass silage juice

Fattal, B.; Puyesky, Y.; Eitan, G.; Dor, I., 1993:
Removal of indicator microorganisms in wastewater reservoir in relation to physico-chemical variables

Mallick, N.; Rai, L.C., 1994:
Removal of inorganic ions from wastewaters by immobilized microalgae

Gillmore, B.R.; Tatum, J.D.; Huffhines, C.P.; LeValley, S.B.; Walker, F.E.; Morgan, J.B.; Smith, G.C., 1993:
Removal of kidney and pelvic fat from lamb carcasses at slaughter and its effect on dressing percentage and wholesale cut yields

Akcin, G.; Saltabas, O.; Afsar, H., 1994:
Removal of lead by water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Gahlot, T.K.; Garg, R.; Bishnoi, P.; Mathur, A.; Singh, G., 1994:
Removal of maxillary canines in cases of fractured mandible of camels

Fang, H.H.; Ling, J.W.C., 1995:
Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus in batch reactors with fibrous packing

Nasholm, T., 1994:
Removal of nitrogen during needle senescence in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

Lee, C.M.i; Lu, C.; Lu,; Chen, P.C.ung, 1995:
Removal of nitrogenous compounds from wastewaters using immobilized cyanobacteria Anabaena CH3

Singh, K.; Chauhan, K.S.; Singh, S., 1995:
Removal of nutrients by ber tree Zizyphus mauritiana L. cv. Umran

Hwang, Y.; Matsuo, T.; Hanaki, K.; Suzuki, N., 1994:
Removal of odorous compounds in wastewater by using activated carbon, ozonation and aerated biofilter

Erdelmeier, C.A.J., 1993:
Removal of pesticides from plant drugs and extracts using supercritical fluid extraction

Kouras, A.; Zouboulis, A.; Samara, C.; Kouimtzis, T., 1995:
Removal of pesticides from surface waters by combined physicochemical processes. Part I: Dodine

Nardelli, C.A.; Mazer, T.B.; Hogarth, A.J.C.L.; Suh, J.D.; Pickett, L.M.; Keller, H.W.; Nelson, W.J., 1994:
Removal of phosphorous from mammalian milk using ion exchange

Andersson, K.G.; Roed, J., 1994:
Removal of radioactive fallout from surface of soil and grassed surfaces using peelable coatings

Turro-Vincent, I.; Nitsan, Z.; Picard, M.; Dunnington, E.A.; Siegel, P.B., 1994:
Removal of residual yolk at hatch influences food choice and feeding activity in lines of chickens selected for high or low juvenile body weight

Peltoniemi, T., 1991:
Removal of seed and shelter trees mechanically, manually and by using a combination of both

D.V.lliers, A.J.; Van Rooyen, M.W.; Theron, G.K.; Claassens, A.S., 1995:
Removal of sodium and chloride from a saline soil by Mesembryanthemum barklyi

Toprak, Hikmet, 1995:
Removal of soluble chemical oxygen demand from domestic wastewaters in a laboratory-scale anaerobic waste stabilization pond

Chapman, J.A.; Correll, R.L.; Ladd, J.N., 1995:
Removal of soluble organic carbon from winery and distillery wastewaters by application to soil

Pedersen, A.R.; Arvin, E., 1995:
Removal of toluene in waste gases using a biological trickling filter

Huang, C.; Chiu, H.H., 1994:
Removal of trace Cd (II) from aqueous solutions by fungal adsorbents: an evaluation of self-immobilization of Rhizopus oryzae

Juanico, M.; Ravid, R.; Azov, Y.; Teltsch, B., 1995:
Removal of trace metals from wastewater during long-term storage in seasonal reservoirs

yduch, L.; Kitczak, T.; Gos, A.; Dobromilski, M.; Trzaskos, A., 1994:
Removal of water caused by the Dolna Odra power plant and its influence on the succession of marsh meadow vegetation

Lockeretz, W., 1995:
Removing applied agricultural research from the academy

Pedersen, B., 1994:
Removing bitterness from protein hydrolysates

Lee, B.; Maristany, A.B.unner, C.; Morrell, J., 1995:
Removing fungal stain from ponderosa pine by caustic bleaching

Stuchl, I.; Kristufkova, L., 1995:
Removing odour from wastewaters from sugar factories

Will, F.G., 1995:
Removing toxic substances from the soil using electrochemistry

Dixit, J.P.; Tiwari, K.P.; Pillai, P.V.A.; Saran, R.N., 1994:
Remunerative intercropping and irrigation schedule in pigeonpea

Segarra, J.; Chechile, G.; Sole Balcells, F., 1995:
Renal abscess due to Aspergillus fumigatus in a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Cvetkov, M.C.; Elenkov, C.; Georgiev, M.; Topov, U.; Stefanova, G., 1995:
Renal actinomycosis complicated by renoduodenal fistula and diabetes mellitus

Mathews, K.A.; Holmberg, D.L.; Johnston, K.; Miller, C.M.; Binnington, A.G.; Maxie, G.; Atilola, M.; Smith, G., 1994:
Renal allograft survival in outbred mongrel dogs using rabbit anti-dog thymocyte serum in combination with immunosuppressive drug therapy with or without donor bone marrow

Ernsberger, P.; Koletsky, R.J.; Collins, L.A.; Douglas, J.G., 1993:
Renal angiotensin receptor mapping in obese spontaneously hypertensive rats

Piketty, C.; George, F.; Weiss, L.; Lavarde, V.; Hernigou, A.; Kazatchkine, M.D., 1993:
Renal aspergilloma in AIDS

Guadano, V.; Corral, B.; Alegre, N.; Montero, A.I., 1994 :
Renal aspergilloma, a rare manifestation in AIDS

DeJonge, M.H.; Brazy, J.E., 1994:
Renal candidiasis in a low-birth-weight infant

Greenwood, A.G.; Lowe, J.W.; Gaunt, L., 1995:
Renal carcinoma in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

Singh, S.K.; Prasad, M.C.; Nem Singh, 1993:
Renal dysfunction associated with pregnancy toxaemia in sheep

Kerlin, R.L.; Van Winkle, T.J., 1995:
Renal dysplasia in golden retrievers

Nane, F.; Kocak, T.; Esen, T.; Uysal, V.; Akinci, M.; Tellaloglu, S., 1994:
Renal echinococcus alveolaris (multilocularis): a diagnostic challenge

Seghieri, G.; Martinoli, L.; Miceli, M.; Ciuti, M.; D'Alessandri, G.; Gironi, A.; Palmieri, L.; Anichini, R.; Bartolomei, G.; Franconi, F., 1994:
Renal excretion of ascorbic acid in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Jaramillo Juarez, F.; Ortiz, G.G.; Rodriguez Vazquez, M.L.; Falcon Franco, M.A.; Feria Velasco, A., 1995:
Renal failure during acute toxicity produced by tullidora ingestion (Karwinskia humboldtiana)

Finco, D.R., 1994:
Renal function in geriatric dogs - are there dietary protein effects?

Rabenantoandro, R.; Rakotondrajao, R.; Rakotondranaivo, S.; Rasamindrakotroka, A.J., 1994:
Renal glomerular lesions and Plasmodium falciparum infection

Chesney, R.W., 1993 :
Renal handling of phosphate

Alavi, F.K.; Zawada, E.T.; Simmons, J.L., 1995:
Renal hemodynamic and histological consequences of diets high in unsaturated fat, protein or sucrose in obese Zucker rats

Bank, N., 1993:
Renal hemodynamic consequences of hyperlipidemia

Beddouch, A.; Ait Houssa, M.; Alkandry, S.; Lazrek, M.; Draoui, D., 1994:
Renal hydatid cyst. 22 cases

Mak, R.H.K.; Kurtin, P.S.; Alon, U., 1993:
Renal hyperphosphatemia

Wilson, D.M.; Alon, U., 1993:
Renal hypophosphatemia

Shekhar, K.C.; Pathmanathan, R., 1993:
Renal lesions induced in experimental infection with Schistosoma malayensis

Brundin, T.; Wahren, J., 1994:
Renal oxygen consumption, thermogenesis, and amino acid utilization during i.v. infusion of amino acids in man

Chaiyabutr, N.; Chanpongsang, S.; Loypetjra, P., 1995:
Renal regulation of urea excretion in swamp buffalo fed with high protein supplementation

Roy Choudhury, S.; Maji, B.P., 1995:
Renal salvage from a giant multiloculated echinococcal cyst

Mu, J.Y.; Hansson, G.C.; Bergström, G.; Lundgren, O., 1995:
Renal sodium excretion after oral or intravenous sodium loading in sodium-deprived normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Grcevska, L.; Polenaković, M., 1993:
Renal vasculitis associated with ascaridiasis with good prognosis

Zollner, A., 1993:
Renaturalization of wooded peatlands in the state forest of Upper Bavaria

Woodgate, S.L., 1994:
Rendered products: safe products

Wang, D., 1994:
Renewability, exhaustibility, and optimal waiting: toward a general theory of resource economics

Ma, A.N.; Choo, Y.M.; Yusof, B., 1994:
Renewable energy from the palm oil industry

Tripathy, S.K.; Sharma, K.N., 1992:
Renewable energy in agriculture

Anonymous, 1993:
Renewable energy utilization: scope, economics, and perspectives

Reeser, L.G.; Acra, A.P.M., 1994:
Renewable energy's role in Latin America's future

Schrader, J.V., 1995:
Renewable raw materials - an expensive alternative?

Brokeland, R.; Groot, L., 1995:
Renewable raw materials for horticulture

Dingebauer, W.; Meyer, J., 1992:
Renewable raw materials for the chemical industry: no future problems?

Hulpke, H.; Saykowski, F., 1995:
Renewable raw materials in relation to conventionally used resources

Anonymous, 1995:
Renewal of the CGIAR: sustainable agriculture for food security in developing countries. Ministerial-level meeting, Lucerne, Switzerland, February 9-10, 1995: background documents on major issues

Anonymous, 1995:
Renewal of the CGIAR: sustainable agriculture for food security in developing countries. Ministerial-level meeting, Lucerne, Switzerland, February 9-10, 1995: summary of proceedings and decisions

Vincenzi, G., 1995:
Renewal of the appointment at Umbertide with new 'biological' experiments

Willers, P.; Neething, C., 1994:
Reniform nematode - a potentially dangerous pathogen of subtropical crops in the Ondersberg

Kirkpatrick, T.L.; Culp, S.M.; Welch, J.B.; Haney, D.J., 1993:
Reniform nematode control in cotton in Arkansas

Robbins, R.T.; Rakes, L.; Elkins, C.R., 1994:
Reniform nematode reproduction and soybean yield of four soybean cultivars in arkansas

Riad, F.; Ben Goumi, M.; Giry, J.; Davicco, M.J.; Safwate, A.; Barlet, J.P., 1994:
Renin-aldosterone axis and arginine-vasopressin responses to sodium depletion in camels

Sachdeva, S.; Patel, R.S.; Reuter, H., 1995:
Rennet coagulation of ultrafiltered milk as influenced by protein concentration, heat treatment and soluble salts

Rampilli, M.; Barzaghi, S., 1995:
Rennet paste: analytical aspects

Soares Filho, C.V.; Monteiro, F.A.; Corsi, M., 1992:
Renovation of degraded Brachiaria decumbens grasslands. 2. Seasonal variation in biochemical-physiological parameters

Soares Filho, C.V.; Monteiro, F.A.; Corsi, M., 1992:
Renovation of degraded Brachiaria decumbens grasslands. I. Effect of different fertilizer and management treatments

Baillie, P.W., 1995:
Renovation of food-processing wastewater by a riparian wetland

Grafton, Rq, 1995:
Rent capture in a rights-based fishery

Deininger, K.; Binswanger, H.P., 1995:
Rent seeking and the development of large-scale agriculture in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Poirine, B., 1994:
Rent, emigration and unemployment in small islands: the MIRAB model and the French Overseas Departments and Territories

Klare, K.; Koch, J., 1993:
Rents in the east remain lower

Zioganas, C.; Pavlou, I., 1995:
Reorganisation of greenhouse vegetable farming in northern Greece

Brandchaft, J., 1995:
Reorganising the maintenance of production equipment. Experience in Generale Sucriere

Trofimov, A.P., 1993:
Reorganization of agricultural enterprises in the Russian Federation

Tishchenko, V.T.; Surmach, E.F., 1994:
Reorganization of dairy farms into cooperatives

Shcherban' , A.B.; Filippova, G.I.; Omel' yanchuk, N.A.; Vershinin, A.V., 1994:
Reorganization of highly repetitive DNA of the barley genome under conditions of in vitro culture

de Albuquerque, B.C., 1992:
Reorganization of the Brazilian Amazon region and malaria control

Low, A., 1995:
Reorientation of research and extension for small farmers: requirements for effective implementation

Hamm, J.J.; Styer, E.L.; Steiner, W.W., 1994:
Reovirus-like particle in the parasitoid Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Desbiez, C.; David, C.; Mettouchi, A.; Laufs, J.; Gronenborn, B., 1995:
Rep protein of tomato yellow leaf curl geminivirus has an ATPase activity required for viral DNA replication

Hernández, F.J.; Goyache, J.; Orden, J.A.; Blanco, J.L.; Doménech, A.; Suárez, G.; Gómez-Lucía, E., 1993:
Repair and enterotoxin synthesis by Staphylococcus aureus after thermal shock

Krapfenbauer, A., 1993:
Repair forestry - a task of the future?

Dalmay, T.; Russo, M.; Burgyan, J., 1993:
Repair in vivo of altered 3' terminus of cymbidium ringspot tombusvirus RNA

Britt, A.B., 1995:
Repair of DNA damage induced by ultraviolet radiation

Khanna, V.K., 1994:
Repair of high pressure gasifier

Winter, R., 1995:
Repairs and useful life of farm machines

Haugland, M.; Collier, M.A.; Johnson, L.L.; Rohrer, M.D.; Walls, R.C., 1994:
Reparative and regenerative changes in surgically induced articular cartilage defects in the horse during the early post-operative period

Scherrer, H.U.; Schmidtke, H.; Oester, B., 1994:
Repeat inventories: monitoring changes in forest condition with aerial photographs

Raman Kant; Chakravarty, A.K., 1994:
Repeatability and gain in accuracy of sperm characteristics in Karan Swiss bulls

Kenttaies, H., 1995:
Repeatability and heritability of male and female fertility in foxes

London, L.; Thompson, M.L.; Sacks, S.; Fuller, B.; Bachmann, O.M.; Myers, J.E., 1995:
Repeatability and validity of a field kit for estimation of cholinesterase in whole blood

Rahumathulla, P.S.; Natarajan, N.; Edwin, M.J.; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Thangaraju, P., 1993:
Repeatability estimates for economic traits in Jersey crossbred cattle

Okonkwo, J.C.; Ibe, S.N., 1994:
Repeatability of egg number and egg quality traits in commercial pullets

Bongalhardo, D.; Dionello, N.J.; Cardellino, R.A.; Braccini Neto, J., 1994:
Repeatability of ejaculate volume in White Leghorn cocks and phenotypic correlations

Guevara Viera, G.; Romero Moronta, S.; Paneca Avila, A.; Estevez Alfayate, J.; Cero Rizo, A., 1993:
Repeatability of litter size in Pelibuey ewes

Montaldo Valdenegro, H.; Torres Nohra, S., 1993:
Repeatability of milk yield and calving intervals in a population of Holstein cows in Mexico

Lazarus, R.; Wilson, A.; Gliksman, M.; Aiken, J., 1995:
Repeatability of nutrient intakes estimated by a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire in elderly subjects

Siqueira, E.R. de; Vieira, P. de F.; Pons, S.B., 1994:
Repeatability of wool characters and post-shearing body weight in ewes of different breeds under intensive pasture management

Akhtar, M.; Tahir, M.; Saddiqui, M.Z.; Muhammad, M.S., 1993:
Repeatability of wool yield in Awassi sheep under local conditions of Punjab

Baumgartner, J.; Simeonovova, J.; Koncekova, Z., 1994:
Repeatability of yolk cholesterol content and other egg quality traits in the Japanese quail

Haraldsdóttir, J.; Hermansen, B., 1995:
Repeated 24-h recalls with young schoolchildren. A feasible alternative to dietary history from parents?

O.R.ordan, E.G.; Dodd, V.A.; Fleming, G.A.; Tunney, H., 1994:
Repeated application of a metal-rich sewage sludge to grassland: 1. Effects on metal levels in soil

Rijpstra, A.C.; Laarman, J.J., 1993:
Repeated findings of unidentified small Isospora-like coccidia in faecal specimens from travellers returning to The Netherlands

Pieri, O.S.; Gonçalves, J.F.; Sarquis, O., 1995:
Repeated focal mollusciciding for snail control in a sugar-cane area of northeast Brazil

Moissenet, D.; Marsol, P.; V.T.ien, H., 1995:
Repeated isolation of Exophiala dermatitidis from catheter blood cultures

Xue, L.; Arbeiter, K.; Breitenfellner, J., 1994:
Repeated transvaginal progesterone treatment for oestrus induction and for monitoring fertility in cows

McLean, R.J.; Campbell, A.M.; Khu, P.T.; Persaud, A.T.; Bickerton, L.E.; Beauchemin, D., 1994:
Repeated use of Bacillus subtilis cell walls for copper binding

Degens, B.P.; Sparling, G.P., 1995:
Repeated wet-dry cycles do not accelerate the mineralization of organic C involved in the macro-aggregation of a sandy loam soil

Dieguez Uribeondo, J.; Cerenius, L.; Soderhall, K., 1994:
Repeated zoospore emergence in Saprolegnia parasitica

Demirci, A.; Pometto, A.L.I.I., 1995:
Repeated-batch fermentation in biofilm reactors with plastic-composite supports for lactic acid population

Walthall, W.W., 1995:
Repeating patterns of motoneurons in nematodes: the origin of segmentation?

Xie, Y.S.; Fields, P.G.; Isman, M.B., 1995:
Repellency and toxicity of azadirachtin and neem concentrates to three stored-product beetles

Hogsette, J.A.; Koehler, P.G., 1994:
Repellency of aqueous solutions of boric acid and polybor 3 to house flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

Ansari, M.A.; Razdan, R.K., 1994:
Repellent action of Cymbopogan martinii martinii Stapf var. sofia oil against mosquitoes

Mwangi, E.N.; Hassanali, A.; Essuman, S.; Myandat, E.; Moreka, L.; Kimondo, M., 1995:
Repellent and acaricidal properties of Ocimum suave against Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks

Husain, M., 1992:
Repellent effect of Simbush on adult Tribolium confusum Duval

Langewald, J.; Scherer, R.; Schmutterer, H., 1995:
Repellent effects of different products of the neem tree on the red locust, Nomadacris septemfasciata Serv., in maize fields in the southwestern parts of Madagascar

Wu, M.L.; Liu, X.Q., 1994:
Repellent effects of some plant oils on Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi

Ciglar, I.; Baric, B., 1993:
Repellent properties of kunilent (fish oil) on oviposition by Psylla pyri L. (Homoptera: Psyllidae)

Christiansen, E., 1992:
Repellents against mammals damaging forest trees

Hoft, D.F.; Donelson, J.E.; Kirchhoff, L.V., 1995:
Repetitive protein antigens of Trypanosoma cruzi have diverse intracellular locations

Imboden, M.; Müller, N.; Hemphill, A.; Mattioli, R.; Seebeck, T., 1995:
Repetitive proteins from the flagellar cytoskeleton of African trypanosomes are diagnostically useful antigens

Baker, C.M.; Wetzstein, H.Y., 1995:
Repetitive somatic embryogenesis in peanut cotyledon cultures by continual exposure to 2,4-D

Y.ZongMao, 1992:
Replacement name for Lucilia (Phaenicia) angustifrons Ye, 1983

Kurilov, P.N.; Markin, Y.V.; Bel' denkov, A.I.; Devyatkin, V.A.; Kalaev, A.K., 1994:
Replacement of a feed mixture and oilmeal with grass meal during fattening of young bulls

Polyanskii, K.K.; Mel' nikova, E.I.; Dolnikovskii, V.I., 1993:
Replacement of citric acid in the manufacture of dried beverages

Heijnen, M.L.; Deurenberg, P.; van Amelsvoort, J.M.; Beynen, A.C., 1995:
Replacement of digestible by resistant starch lowers diet-induced thermogenesis in healthy men

Gomes, E.F.; Rema, P.; Gouveia, A.; Teles, A.O., 1995:
Replacement of fish meal by plant proteins in diets for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): effect of the quality of the fishmeal based control diets on digestibility and nutrient balances

Gomes, E.F.; Rema, P.; Kaushik, S.J., 1995:
Replacement of fish meal by plant proteins in the diet of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): digestibility and growth performance

Chaudhry, S.M.; Naseer, Z.; Rabbini, S.; Gill, S.A., 1992:
Replacement of fish meal with cottonseed meal in broiler rations

Atteh, J.O.; Ologbenla, F.D., 1993:
Replacement of fish meal with maggots in broiler diets: effects on performance and nutrient retention

Khan, M.A.S.; Rahman, M.M., 1994:
Replacement of fishmeal by Leucaena leucocephala on the performance of local dairy calves of Bangladesh

Tortuero, F.; Fernandez, E., 1995:
Replacement of maize by barley in diets for laying hens. 1. Effects of addition of linoleic acid

Tortuero, F.; Fernandez, E., 1995:
Replacement of maize by barley in diets for laying hens. 2. Effects of the addition of methionine

Falkengren Gerup, Ursula, 1995:
Replacement of nutrient losses caused by acidification of a beech forest soil and its effects on transplanted field-layer species

Das, H.; Ali, M.A., 1993:
Replacement of sesame oil cake by mustard oil cake in the diet of laying hens

Knaus, W. von; Wetscherek, W.; Lettner, F., 1994:
Replacement of skim milk powder in milk replacers for rearing calves

Toullec, R.; Lalles, J.P.; Bouchez, P., 1994:
Replacement of skim milk with soya bean protein concentrates and whey in milk replacers for veal calves

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Replacement of soyabean meal by brewers' and molasses yeast in broiler diets high in sunflower oilmeal with and without fish meal

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Replacement of soyabeans by lupins (Lupinus luteus) in the feeding of broiler fowls

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Replacement of soybean meal by sunflower meal in broiler diets supplemented with synthetic lysine and methionine

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Replacement of species in red wood ant colonies (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Replacement of the final settling basin by a fluidized pellet bed separator to improve efficiency of activated sludge system

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Replacement of vertebrate serum with lipids and other factors in the culture of invertebrate cells, tissues, parasites, and pathogens

Feldman, J.; Shistar, T., 1992:
Replacing FIFRA with sound pest management law

Cromer, K.D.; Jenkins, T.C.; Thies, E.J., 1995:
Replacing cis octadecenoic acid with trans isomers in media containing rat adipocytes stimulates lipolysis and inhibits glucose utilization

Guglya, V.G.; Eranov, A.M., 1994:
Replacing concentrates with diammonium phosphate during fattening of young bulls

Dobriyan, E.I.; Kostygov, L.V.; Planovskii, A.A.; Turevskaya, S.N., 1994:
Replacing crystalline sugar with liquid sugar

Belal, I.E.H.; A.O.aifeir, A.; A.D.sari, M., 1995:
Replacing fish meal with chicken offal silage in commercial Oreochromis niloticus (L.) feed

Ogbonna, J.U.; Adebowale, E.A.; Tewe, O.O.; Longe, O.G., 1993:
Replacing maize and wheat offal in diet of cockerels with sun-dried cassava peel meal: effect on the digestibility of cell wall constituents

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Replacing protein in corn-soybean turkey diets with methionine and lysine

Miller, J.C.; Lobbezoo, I., 1994:
Replacing starch with sucrose in a high glycaemic index breakfast cereal lowers glycaemic and insulin responses

Y.YiXin, 1991:
Replacing the homonyms with the new names for two species of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Staudacher, G.; Staudacher, M., 1994:
Replantation and fixation of luxated canine teeth in the dog

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Replanting or retaining strategies for banana plantations after the drought

Carr, J.P.; Gal-On, A.; Palukaitis, P.; Zaitlin, M., 1994:
Replicase-mediated resistance to cucumber mosaic virus in transgenic plants involves suppression of both virus replication in the inoculated leaves and long-distance movement

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Replication and morphogenesis of Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus in cultured cells of Estigmene acrea (salt marsh caterpillar)

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Replication efficiency of bovine papillomavirus type 1 DNA depends on cis-acting sequences distinct from the replication origin

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Replication in vitro and in vivo of an equine infectious anemia virus mutant deficient in dUTPase activity

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Replication initiates at a confined region during DNA amplification in Sciara DNA puff II/9A

Bao, Y.; Hull, R., 1994:
Replication intermediates of rice tungro bacilliform virus DNA support a replication mechanism involving reverse transcription

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Replication of Colorado tick fever virus within human hematopoietic progenitor cells

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Replication of Helicoverpa zea nuclear polyhedrosis virus in homologous cell lines grown in serum-free media

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Replication of avian leukosis viruses with mutations at the primer binding site: use of alternative tRNAs as primers

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Replication of barley yellow dwarf virus satellite RNA transcripts in oat protoplasts

Sijen, T.W.llink, J.H.ndriks, J.V.rver, J.K.mmen, A.V.n, 1995:
Replication of cowpea mosaic virus RNA1 or RNA2 is specifically blocked in transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana plants expressing the full-length replicase or movement protein genes

Dalmay, T.; Rubino, L., 1995:
Replication of cymbidium ringspot virus satellite RNA mutants

Blunden, A.S.; Smith, K.C.; Binns, M.M.; Zhang, L.; Gower, S.M.; Mumford, J.A., 1995:
Replication of equid herpesvirus 4 in endothelial cells and synovia of a field case of viral pneumonia and synovitis in a foal

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Replication of influenza A viruses of high and low pathogenicity for chickens at different sites in chickens and ducks following intranasal inoculation

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Replication of maize streak virus mutants in maize protoplasts: evidence for a movement protein

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Replication of some porcine parvovirus strains in various tissue cultures

Fazakerley, J.K.; Pathak, S.; Scallan, M.; Amor, S.; Dyson, H., 1993:
Replication of the A7(74) strain of Semliki Forest virus is restricted in neurons

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Replication of the broad-host-range plasmid RK2: isolation and characterization of a spontaneous deletion mutant that can replicate in Agrobacterium tumefaciens but not in Escherichia coli

Ball, L.A., 1994:
Replication of the genomic RNA of a positive-strand RNA animal virus from negative-sense transcripts

Oliveira, S.; Costa, J.V., 1995:
Replication of transfected plasmid DNA by cells infected with African swine fever virus

Turner, C.M.; Aslam, N.; Dye, C., 1995:
Replication, differentiation, growth and the virulence of Trypanosoma brucei infections

Pohl, P.; Glupczynski, Y.; Marin, M.; Van Robaeys, G.; Lintermans, P.; Couturier, M., 1993:
Replicon typing characterization of plasmids encoding resistance to gentamicin and apramycin in Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium isolated from human and animal sources in Belgium

Matthies, D.; Wahl, W.; Loffler, H., 1995:
Reply to the comment by H. Schack-Kirchner, E. E. Hildebrand and K. von Wilpert

Anonymous, 1994:
Report - Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative

Anonymous, 1994:
Report 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
Report 94. Institute for Animal Health

Anonymous, 1993:
Report for 1991

Anonymous, 1994:
Report for 1992

Anonymous, 1993:
Report for 1992 of the Westvlaamse trial garden for industrial vegetables

Anonymous, 1994:
Report for 1993 of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

Anonymous, 1995:
Report from the International FIP FECV Workshop, University of California, Davis, August 12-14, 1994

Chigot, J.P.; Menegaux, F.; Hammoud, R.; Nozais, J.P.; Hoang, C., 1995:
Report of a case of Echinococcus vogeli echinococcosis fully treated by surgery

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Report of a seedling marker character in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia Linn.)

Bittleman, D.B.; Stapleton, J.; Casale, T.B., 1994:
Report of a successful desensitization to itraconazole

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of a working group on Brassica (second meeting), held in Lisbon, Portugal, 13-15 November 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of a workshop: Research Policies and Management for Agricultural Growth and Sustainable use of Natural Resources, The Hague, Netherlands, 7-9 December 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of a workshop: strengthening the role of farmers' organizations in technology development and transfer

Anonymous, 1993:
Report of achievement 1992-93

Pritsch, G.; Bienefeld, K.; Hedtke, C., 1995:
Report of activities of the Landerinstitut fur Bienenkunde Hohen Neuendorf e V (as at 31.12.1994)

Gueglio, B.; Bordier, C.; Marjolet, M., 1995:
Report of an ELISA test for the diagnosis of human filariosis

Anonymous, 1993:
Report of an informal consultation on development of entomopathogens for vector control: current status and future prospects

Marti, O.G.Jr; Rogers, C.E.; Styer, E.L., 1995:
Report of an intracellular bacterial symbiont in Noctuidonema guyanense, an ectoparasitic nematode of Spodoptera frugiperda

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Report of catheter-associated Trichosporon pullulans break-through fungemia in a cancer patient

Golden, M.H.N.; Briend, A.; Grellety, Y., 1995:
Report of meeting on supplementary feeding programmes with particular reference to refugee populations

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of national trials 1994

Costa, G.A.; Ronco, B.L., 1995:
Report of rust caused by Frommeella mexicana var. indicae on false strawberry in Argentina

Beers, T.G. van; Regeer, H.; Molendijk, L.P.G., 1994:
Report of tests of a number of methods used for closed-container tests and an indication for possible improvements of these methods

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the 21st session of the Committee on Fisheries (Rome, 10-13 March 1995)

Anonymous, 1993:
Report of the 22nd Meeting of the Working Party on Plant Protection Products

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the 24th meeting of the working party on plant protection products

Anonymous, 1992:
Report of the 30th Meeting of the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the 32nd meeting of the working party on phytosanitary regulations

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the Animal and Plant Control Commission

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the Animal and Plant Control Commission for the year ended 31 December 1994

Siddiqui, K.M., 1993:
Report of the ECO-regional conference on intensive forest management

Saner, R., 1994:
Report of the Embryo Transfer Association in 1993

Saner, R., 1995:
Report of the Embryo Transfer Association in 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the Landesanstalt fur Bienenkunde der Universitat Hohenheim (730) for 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the National Institute for Veterinary Research, Brussels, for 1993/94

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the Nineteenth FAO Regional Conference for Europe, Killarney, Ireland, 6-10 June, 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the President of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Society (Paolo Delmonte). General Assembly of Delegates on 23 February 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters. Volume I: land policy and land tenure structure

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the Swiss Embryo Transfer Association, 1994

Anonymous, 1995 :
Report of the Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Programme

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the annual review meeting on Asialand management of sloping lands in Asia, Guiyang, China, 2-8 September 1993

Kleven, S.H. (Chairman), 1994:
Report of the committee on transmissible diseases of poultry and other avian species

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the committee to consider the ethical implications of emerging technologies in the breeding of farm animals

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the consultation on the establishment of a fisheries credit network for Asia and the Pacific, Jakarta, Indonesia, 18-22 October 1993

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the eighteenth session of the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission, Rome, 17-25 May 1994

Binker, G., 1993:
Report of the first fumigation of a church in Europe using sulfuryl fluoride

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Report of the results of a double-blind, randomized, single-dose trial of a topical 2% escin gel versus placebo in the acute treatment of experimentally-induced hematoma in volunteers

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the sixth session of the Indo-Pacific Fishery Commission Working Party of Experts on Inland Fisheries, Bangkok, Thailand, 17-21 October 1994 and Report of the regional symposium on sustainable development of inland fisheries under environmental constraints

Anonymous, 1994:
Report of the thirty-fourth North American alfalfa improvement conference, 10-14 July 1994, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Anonymous, 1995:
Report of the twenty-first session of the Committee on Fisheries, Rome, 10-13 March 1995

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Report of the working group on lactation calculation methods and related matters: the SLAC project

Rubino, R., 1995:
Report of the working group on milk recording of goats

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Report of the working group on milk recording of sheep: survey of milk recording and genetic evaluation in dairy sheep in ICAR member countries

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Report on a preliminary study of acid precipitation in Lesotho

Juillet, P., 1993:
Report on a request for authorization of the use of an antiscalant called Belclene 200 as a technological aid in sugar manufacture

Tuckwell, C., 1993:
Report on a visit to New Zealand to attend the First World Deer Congress and to investigate research on deer, alpaca and milking sheep

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Report on an experiment of Callosciurus erythraeus control

Anonymous, 1994:
Report on artificial wetland use released

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Report on bacterial wilt of potato in the Western Hills of Nepal

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Report on cockroaches collected from an animal facility in Kuala Lumpur

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Report on developments in biotechnology and the consequences for agriculture. Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly 22 February 1993

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Report on drought and desertification

Venevongphet, 1993:
Report on establishing protected area in Laos PDR

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Report on farming in the Eastern counties of England 1993/94

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Report on food in the year 2000. Current trends and current aspects of goat and ewe dairy products

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Report on forest condition for Europe

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Report on plant genetic resources activities in Greece

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Report on potato agronomy/physiology research (1992/93)

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Report on pratacultural system engineering of hillyland in Fujian Province, China

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Report on rice research outreach trials, 1992/93

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Report on summer crops (maize, rice, finger millet and soyabean) trials and demonstrations conducted in LRARC's ECA during 1992

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Report on supplementary type testing of plate heat exchangers for the milk heaters H17 Duo-Safety and N35 Duo-Safety

Anonymous, 1995:
Report on the 1995 Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Association of Fur Animal Breeders

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Report on the Working Group on beef performance recording

Anonymous, 1991:
Report on the condition of the public forests of Quebec

Nahle, C., 1995:
Report on the current state of beet soil utilization

Schaller, P.; Zanoni, R.; Peterhans, E., 1994:
Report on the prevalence of maedi-visna virus infection in Swiss sheep flocks

Moreau, R., 1992:
Report on the request for authorization for marketing of multi-layered plastic bags treated by irradiation, these bags being known commercially as CRYOVAC BK1L

Moreau, R., 1992:
Report on the request for authorization of pre-treatment by irradiation of plastic films intended for use with food products, these films being known commercially as PERFLEX 11, 12, 51, 52, 51 HD, 52 HD, 41, 42, 51 HP, 52 HP, 62 HP, 70, 72, 73, 82 and 70 A

Anonymous, 1994:
Report on the situation on the market for milk and milk products

Anonymous, 1995:
Report on the welfare of turkeys

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Report on the workshop on barriers to the application of forestry research results

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Report on type testing of a filtration plant equipped with GAF bag filters of type RB 2 BSLGM (ISP Global Technologies Deutschland GmBH, Frechen), test registration number KI-R 1/93

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Report on type testing of a measuring-, control- and recording system for milk heating plant (manufacturer: Sensycon GmbH, Hannover, Test Mark KI-M2/93)

Anonymous, 1995:
Report on verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli

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Report to Meat Research Corporation. Project DAN.060: Evaluation of terminal prime lamb sires by Central Progeny Test, New South Wales

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Report to the wool forum, international wool textile organisation, Nice, December 1994

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Reported pesticide poisonings of wildlife

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Reporter genes in transgenic mice

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Reporting response rates for telephone surveys used in agricultural economics research

Anonymous, 1994:
Reports on international conferences on food and nutrition regulations held at National Food and Nutrition Institute

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Reports on the helminth parasites of the caecum and colon of equids in Italy

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Representation of agriculture in the social change of the Czech countryside

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Representation of irrigation systems on a watershed of the Ecuador Andes: the Urcuqui region

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Representation of the soil-mantle structure on soil maps

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Representational difference analysis: finding the differences between genomes

Wiemeyer, J., 1994:
Representations of internal movement

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Representations, attitudes, and practices related to Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in people from Acosta County, San Jose province, Costa Rica. An exploratory anthropological study

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Representative soil sampling

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Representativeness of a soil sample after aerial and ground spraying in a forest environment

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Representing refugees: the role of elites in Burundi refugee society

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Repression of Artogeia rapae (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) and Plutella xylostella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae) on fresh-market and processing cabbage, using composite action thresholds for chemical and biological control

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Repression of Acetolactate Synthase Activity through Antisense Inhibition (Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Transgenic Potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv Desiree) Plants)

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Repression of bovine papillomavirus type 1 transcription by the E1 replication protein

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Repression of estrogen-dependent stimulation of the oxytocin gene by chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter transcription factor I

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Repression of gene expression at the beginning of mouse development

Kathariou, S.; Kanenaka, R.; Allen, R.D.; Fok, A.K.; Mizumoto, C., 1995:
Repression of motility and flagellin production at 37 degrees C is stronger in Listeria monocytogenes than in the nonpathogenic species Listeria innocua

Huang, C.; Dickman, M.; Henderson, G.; Jones, C., 1995:
Repression of protein kinase C and stimulation of cyclic AMP response elements by fumonisin, a fungal encoded toxin which is a carcinogen

Haecker, S.A.; Muramatsu, T.; Sensenbaugh, K.R.; Sanders, M.M., 1995:
Repression of the ovalbumin gene involves multiple negative elements including a ubiquitous transcriptional silencer

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Repression of the pea lipoxygenase gene loxg is associated with carpel development

Arnold, J.E.; Rohan, T.; Howe, G.; Leblanc, M., 1995:
Reproducibility and validity of a food-frequency questionnaire designed for use in girls age 7 to 12 years

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Reproducibility of 24-h energy expenditure, substrate utilization and spontaneous physical activity in obesity measured in a respiration chamber

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Reproducibility of a comprehensive diet history in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

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Reproducibility of a meal-based food frequency questionnaire. The influence of format and time interval between questionnaires

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Reproducibility of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire to assess the intake of fats and cholesterol in The Netherlands

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Reproducibility of computed tomography measurement of visceral adipose tissue area

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Reproducible measurement of postprandial energy expenditure in young healthy males

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Reproduction ability in different colour types of nutria

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Reproduction and analysis of half-sib families of Pokljuka spruce

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Reproduction and continuity of chloroplasts in spermatophytes

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Reproduction and egg diapause of the oriental chinch bug, Cavelerius saccharivorus Okajima (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae), in the subtropical winter season in relation to its wing polymorphism

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Reproduction and growth performance of NZW rabbits as affected by mineral supplementation in pelleted diet

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Reproduction and longevity of the predatory mite, Phytoseiulus persimilis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) and its prey, Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) on different host plants

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Reproduction and pollination biology of Centaurea and Acroptilon species, with emphasis on C. diffusa

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Reproduction and survival of the predatory bug Orius albidipennis on various arthropod prey

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Reproduction biology and phenology of Zizyphus joazeiro (Rhamnaceae)

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Reproduction biology of four species of Centrosema (DC.) Benth

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Reproduction by virgin queen fire ants in queenless colonies: comparative study of three taxa (Solenopsis richteri, hybrid S. invicta/richteri, S. geminata) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Reproduction characteristics of Heterodera avenae and its effects on the development of winter wheat

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Reproduction characteristics of Holstein cows raised on Ankara Sugar Factory Farm

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Reproduction in cats. Part 1

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Reproduction in cattle

Anonymous, 1993:
Reproduction in farm animals

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Reproduction in fungi: Genetical and physiological aspects

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Reproduction in neotropical shrubs: the occurrence and some mechanisms of asexuality

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Reproduction in pelargoniums - significant advances in physiology, genetics, and technology

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Reproduction in worker honey bees is associated with low juvenile hormone titers and rates of biosynthesis

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Reproduction of F1 Meishan, Fengjing, Minzhu, and Duroc gilts and sows

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Reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita and M. arenaria on tropical corn hybrids

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Reproduction of Meloidogyne javanica on legume crops and some weed species associated with their cultivation in Malawi

Almeida, A.A. de; Amorim Poy, L. de F., 1994:
Reproduction of Rhizopertha dominica (F., 1792) (Coleoptera, Bostrychidae) in whole and broken grains and hard and soft varieties of wheat

Nazzi, F., 1994:
Reproduction of Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans in cases of multiple infestation

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Reproduction of Viburnum opulus by seed

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Reproduction of a Florida population of Tylenchulus semipenetrans on resistant citrus rootstocks

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Reproduction of astacid crayfish in captivity-current developments and implications for culture, with special reference to Ireland and Spain

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Reproduction of cropping systems in long-term fallow grazing in the Andes: a technical and sociocultural issue

Young, L.D., 1994:
Reproduction of one-half and one-quarter Meishan, Fengjing, Minzhu and Duroc gilts and sows

Burlini, F., 1994:
Reproduction of ostriches

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Reproduction of the reniform nematode on thirty soybean cultivars

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Reproduction of tick-borne encephalitis virus in human leukocytes

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Reproduction of white perch: the annual gametogenic cycle

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Reproduction performance of New Zealand White rabbits as affected by dietary supplementation with Lacto-sacc, Bospro and a mixture of them, under Egyptian environmental conditions

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Reproduction, growth and body composition of Riviere George caribou in captivity

Quilliam, S., 2014:
Reproductive Health Matters

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Reproductive ageing and neuroendocrine function

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Reproductive and endocrine characteristics of ewe lambs after short- or long-term administration of melatonin

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Requirements and uses of evaluations for health and reproductive traits

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Requirements for applications for field trials of transgenic plants in the USA

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Requirements for turf layers that are ready to use

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Requisites for an agrarian reform program

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Research and development for sustainable irrigation management

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Research and development in the plantation industry

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Research and reality

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Research and technology transfer

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Research day on glasshouse crops

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Research development and application: promotion, diffusion and protection of novelties; institutions connecting research and production; relations between research education and technical training. The case of Italy

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Research in the relation between frost-heaving of forest road and conditions of road surface

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Research in the relation between transition of temperature in winter and frost-heaving of forest road

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Research into forest decline: a first step towards monitoring forests. Part two - Towards a better knowledge of forest ecosystem dynamics and monitoring of forests

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Research into improved techniques for high yield of Flammulina velutipe and the reuse of waste substrate

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Research into light quality and natural regeneration in mountain beech forests following regeneration fellings or transformation to a selection system

Parnuta, G., 1993:
Research into narrow-crowned Picea abies idiotypes

Piccardi, P., 1994:
Research into new methods for controlling plant fungal diseases

Georgescu, G.; Marginean, G.; Murat, J., 1993:
Research into optimizing the control over milk yields of cows

Mulder, A.; Berg, W. van den; Doornbos, J., 1993:
Research into sampling methods in industrial potatoes for the white potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida Stone, 1973

Corona, P., 1991:
Research into tending techniques in a Monterey pine plantation

Rubicky, J., 1994:
Research into the effect of air pollution on the production and utilization of timber in the central Spis

Costea, A.; Catrina, I., 1990:
Research into the improvement of growth and regeneration of European oak (Quercus robur) stands

Beek, M.A. van der; Wilting, P., 1994:
Research into the possibilities of row-application with solid nitrogen fertilizer in sugarbeet in 1990-1992

Stojanova, N.G., 1989:
Research into the reproductive ability of woody communities in the Piceto-abietum saniculosum ecosystem

Scutareanu, P., 1990:
Research into the resistance of Quercus robur to attack by Euproctis chrysorrhoea

Brinkman, H.; Cevat, H.N.; Peters, C.H.M., 1995:
Research into the susceptibility of the cut flower crop Trachelium and of celery to the free-living root nematode Paratylenchus bukowinensis and their suitability as host plants

Shimomura, Y.; Abe, D.; Masuda, N.; Yamamoto, S.; Tanaka, T., 1992:
Research into types of deforestation in the suburbs

Kodrik, M., 1992:
Research into underground biomass of spruce in forest ecosystems exposed to air pollution in the Cadca forest enterprise

Junghietu, I.I., 1994:
Research into uses of Ginkgo biloba

Murisier, F., 1994:
Research into wine in French-speaking Switzerland

Bateman, I., 1994:
Research methods for valuing environmental benefits

Bos, M.G., 1994:
Research needs for a sustainable use of coastal land in South East Asia

Auclair, D.; Cailliez, F., 1994:
Research needs in agroforestry

Smutylo, T.; Koala, S., 1993:
Research networks: evolution and evaluation from a donor's perspective

Viljoen, M.F., 1994:
Research note: the opportunity cost of water for environmental use during water shortages with reference to the Vaal river system

Reddy, K.K.; Venkaiah, K., 1994:
Research notes on instant trees of Sterculia urens

Protic, L., 1994:
Research of bug fauna (Heteroptera) in the orchards of Serbia

Iwaizumi, R.; Kumagai, M.; Katsumata, S., 1994:
Research of infestation to several kinds of fruits by the melon fly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (Coquillett) and the oriental fruit fly, B. dorsalis (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Michalak, D., 1995:
Research of stresses in pressed fibrous agricultural materials

Christoulas, K.; Kapetanios, E., 1992:
Research of the market and management of the organohumic materials in the Attika and Boeotia region, Greece

Lemmi, G.; Negri, V., 1994:
Research on 2n pollen production in Lotus tenuis at IMGV of Perugia University

Bitoga, J.P.; Flemal, J.; Lambot, C.; Snoeck, D., 1994:
Research on Arabica coffee in Burundi

Wertheim, S.J.; Kunneman, B.P.A.M., 1993:
Research on M.26 in the fruit culture phase. Rootstocks from tissue culture are usable

Denissen, C.J.M.; Kunneman, B.P.A.M.; Versteegen, F.H.M.M., 1993:
Research on M.26 in the tree nursery phase. Rootstocks from tissue culture can be multiplied rapidly

Lu, X.J.; Zhang, S.H.; Xu, L.Y., 1995:
Research on a microcomputer control system for red ginseng drying

Zhang YinKuo et al., 1993:
Research on a new killing mosquito vaporizer and its effect

Magnifico, V.; Bianco, V.V.; Marzi, V.; Tarantino, E.; Montemurro, P.; Sarli, G., 1993:
Research on a sequence of four vegetable crops for processing in one year. I. Feasibility and yields in a five year period

Magnifico, V.; Montemurro, P.; Bianco, V.V.; Vanadia, S.; Sarli, G., 1993:
Research on a sequence of four vegetable crops for processing in one year. II. Effect of herbicides on weeds

Xiang, G.R.; Wang, K.L.; Tan, Y.F.; Tao, Y.H.; Liu, X.P., 1993:
Research on a strategy for comprehensive exploitation and utilization of hill land in Hunan Province

Visser, C.L.M. de, 1993:
Research on a supervised control system for leafspot disease in onions grown from seed

Jessen, P.T.; Laubscher, R.F., 1992:
Research on a wild population of eland in northern Namibia

Hou Xinghai; L.Z.hua, 1994:
Research on agricultural development in the low hills and dry farmland

Xu, B.S.; Wu, Y.J., 1994:
Research on an evaluation system for comprehensive assessment of the level of agricultural modernization in the suburbs of Shanghai

Canestri Trotti, G.; Fioravanti, M.L.; Restani, R., 1992:
Research on anguillicolosis in Italy conducted by the Institute of Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Veterinary Regulation of the University of Bologna

Porretta, G.C.; Fioravanti, R.; Biava, M.; Cirilli, R.; Simonetti, N.; Villa, A.; Bello, U.; Faccendini, P.; Tita, B., 1993:
Research on antibacterial and antifungal agents. X. Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of 1-phenyl-2-(1H-azol-1-yl)ethane derivatives. Anticonvulsant activity of 1-(4-methylphenyl)-2-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) ethanol

Fioravanti, R.; Biava, M.; Porretta, G.C.; Landolfi, C.; Simonetti, N.; Villa, A.; Conte, E.; Porta Puglia, A., 1995:
Research on antibacterial and antifungal agents. XI. Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of N-heteroaryl benzylamines and their Schiff bases

Zhang, S.C., 1994:
Research on application of computer in choice and hybridization of wheat parents

Wang, R.B.; Zhou, Y.K.; Zhang, Y.K.; Wang, Z.Z., 1995:
Research on automated guided vehicle system. Controller design and experiments

Chlepko, V.; Tomkova, E., 1990:
Research on autovegetative propagation in Norway spruce (Picea abies) for areas exposed to air pollution

Meesters, P.; Oosten, A.A. van, 1994:
Research on autumn raspberries in Tongeren and Wilhelminadorp. Autumn Bliss not easily displaced

Weys, R.; Holsteijn, G. van, 1993:
Research on beefsteak tomatoes. Protective screens are not at the cost of early production

Highley, T.L.; Clausen, C.A.; Croan, S.C.; Green, F.I.I.I.; Illman, B.L.; Micales, J.A., 1994:
Research on biodeterioration of wood, 1987-1992. I. Decay mechanisms and biocontrol

Highley, T.L.; Micales, J.A.; Illman, B.L.; Green, F.I.I.I.; Croan, S.C.; Clausen, C.A., 1994:
Research on biodeterioration of wood, 1987-1992. II. Diagnosis of decay and in-place treatments

Matic, S.; Skenderovic, J., 1993:
Research on biological, ecological and economic treatment of the endangered Turopoljski Lug forest (Silvicultural research)

Lang, L.J., 1993:
Research on breeding and germplasm resources of autumn-sown faba bean, 1991/92

Yin YongSheng; Chang JinYu; Wang YanGui; Sun GuoJi; Pei XiangQian, 1995:
Research on control of cotton bollworms by using NPV

Ware, A.B.; Gouws, J., 1995:
Research on corrective treatments for the control of organophosphate-resistant red scale

Jin, X.M.; Ma, C.L., 1995:
Research on critical value of purchasing power for farm machinery

Ma, X.M.; Sun, D.L., 1992:
Research on cropping model and ecological effect of interplanting corn in wheat field on lime concretion black soil

Cevik, B.; Tuzcu, O.; Kaplankran, M.; Yurdakul, O.; Tekinel, O.; Korkmaz, S., 1993:
Research on determination of the most suitable irrigation method for lemon under Cukurova conditions

Wang, J.M.; Shao, Z.D.; Tang, Z.Q.; Jiang, S.; Tong, J.Q.; Wang, C.B., 1994:
Research on different transmission types of threshers

Wang, D.K.; Li, H.; Luo, X.Y., 1989:
Research on distant hybridization between Melissutus ruthenicus C. W. Chang and Medicago sativa Zhaodong

Benbelkacem, A.; Sadli, F.; Brinis, L., 1995:
Research on durum wheat quality in Algeria

Wang, D.F.; Cheng, X.Q.; Yin, Y.G.; Liu, M.S., 1995:
Research on experimental verification of soft-terrain initial spectrum and its transformation theory

Kroonen Backbier, B.M.A.; Hofmeester, Y.; Wijnands, F.G., 1994:
Research on farming systems at Vredepeel completely modified starting from 1993

Demarcq, P., 1992:
Research on first thinning in conifer stands without tree marking

Wang, Q.Y.; Jin, W.L., 1995:
Research on flower bud differentiation in adzuki bean

Marco, L.; Caruso, T.; Marra, F.P.; Motisi, A., 1992:
Research on flower thinning of early-ripening peach and nectarine with urea

Pikk, J.; Valk, U., 1993:
Research on forest improvement in stands on transitional bogs

Akbas, B.; Erdiller, G., 1993:
Research on grapevine virus diseases and determination of their incidences in Ankara, Turkey

Zheng, G.R.; Li, X.Y.; Yeh, W.L.; Liang, X.Q.; Li, Y.H., 1994:
Research on groundnut bacterial wilt in Guangdong Province, China

Falco, E. de; Amato, M.; Basso, B., 1993:
Research on growth and yield of chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.) in a hilly environment of Basilicata, Italy

Scholtens, A., 1995:
Research on growth control in plums. Various pruning methods have little effect

Sarica, M.; Karacay, N., 1994:
Research on growth performance and carcass traits of pheasants

Mheen, H.J. van der, 1993:
Research on herb cultivation for flower production

Tribulato, E.; Continella, G.; Rosa, G. la, 1994:
Research on higher density planting for orange and lemon

Trandafir, S.; Grossu, D.; Bem, C., 1991:
Research on improving husking method to increase the digestibility of barley grain

Ionescu, S., 1994:
Research on long term fertilizer applications to irrigated maize on the Caracal Plain

Marca, O.; Bertani, R.; Morgante, L.; Oradini, A.; Sanesi, G., 1994:
Research on management of even-aged beech forest in Italy

Buitelaar, K., 1993:
Research on new crops. Only a tasty pepino has chances

Draman, H., 1993:
Research on nitrite determination of cheeses produced in Thrace region

Standardi, A.; Mariani, A., 1994:
Research on oleander propagation by cuttings

Yu, Z.C.; Chang, E.R.; Chang, B.K., 1993:
Research on optimum pretreating methods of eggplant seeds with exogenous hormones

He, Y.L.; Hu, X.C.; Shao, Y.; Yuang, S.H., 1993:
Research on optimum seed harvesting stage of ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam)

Bohlin, Lars, 1993:
Research on pharmacologically active natural products at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Uppsala University

Oosterhuis, D.M.; Janes, L.D., 1994:
Research on plant growth regulators in cotton

D.Anna, F., 1995:
Research on planting density of garlic

Schnitzer, M., 1995:
Research on podzolization at Macdonald College from 1947 to 1959

Schmidt, C., 1995:
Research on propiconazole sensitivity in Septoria nodorum Berk. in long term field monitoring

Zocca, A.; Benini, D., 1993:
Research on raising young Ficus plants

Neuvel, J.J.; Floot, H.W.G.; Postma, S.; Evers, M.A.A., 1994 :
Research on reducing nitrogen fertilizer application to snap beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by inoculation with Rhizobium phaseoli

Fregoni, M.; Fraschini, P.; Egger, E.; Grasselli, C.; Morando, A., 1992:
Research on residues of cymoxanil: results on grape, must and wine from different vineyards in central-northern Italy

Lu, Z.J.; Zheng, B.D.; Chen, L.J., 1994:
Research on rheological characteristics of honeys and sucrose solution and methods of purity identification of honeys

Zhou YunShan; Song ChuanXue; Gao WenSen; Wang RongBen, 1995:
Research on robust controller in application of pneumatic actuators for a milking robot

Liang TianGang; Wei YaXing; Chen QuanGong, 1994:
Research on series mapping methods of grassland resources using PC ARC/INFO

Roelofs, F., 1995:
Research on skin specks in Elstar. Solution largely to be looked for in cultural methods

Komatsuda, T., 1992:
Research on somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in soybean

Tastan, B.; Yildirim, A., 1993:
Research on some biological and emerging properties of black grass (Alopecurus myosuroides Hudson)

Maianti, M.G.; Calamari, L.; Bertoni, G.; Cappa, V., 1995:
Research on some factors which interfere with the rate of acidification of milk

Testik, A., 1992:
Research on some performance traits in Pekin ducks and the quality of their eggs

Lassig, R.; Schonenberger, W., 1993:
Research on storm damage areas in Switzerland

Dijkstra, J., 1993:
Research on strawberries focuses on healthy plant material. Expensive cultural method requires excellent material

Dijkstra, J.; Jansen, M.; Rinsma, S., 1995:
Research on strawberry trayplants. Delayed flower initiation leads to lower production

Verheyen, J.; Kemp, H., 1994:
Research on sweet cherry cultivars in Rillaar (Belgium). Promising cultivars to be planted next year

Grubesic, M., 1994:
Research on synecological condition of beaver (Castor fiber) habitat in Bavarian river basins with a comment on potential beaver habitat in Croatia

Turk, R.; Eris, A.; Ozer, M.H.; Tuncelli, E., 1994:
Research on the CA storage of fig cv. Bursa Siyahi

Shi, Y.S., 1994:
Research on the area division of labour in agricultural production in China

Nedelea, G.; Moisuc, A.; Botau, D., 1994:
Research on the assessment of in vitro regeneration and multiplication technology in fodderbeet

Marinescu, M.; Mihailescu, D.; Povarna, F.; Ceausu, C.; Iancu, D., 1994:
Research on the behaviour of white clover at flowering, with the impact of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere, under controlled conditions

Viti, R.; Loreti, F., 1994:
Research on the bioagronomic behaviour of 22 almond cultivars of various origins

Yu, S.X.; Huang, Z.M.; Jiang, R.Y.; Yuan, R.H.; Nie, X.Z.; Xu, Z.S.; Xu, J.W., 1994:
Research on the biochemical mechanism of the aging process of different short season cotton cultivars

Gargani, E., 1993:
Research on the biological control of the thrips Frankliniella occidentalis (Perg.) and Thrips tabaci Lind. on chrysanthemum

Muntean, L.; Saltontai, A.; Tamas, M.; Cernea, S.; Morar, G.; Botez, C.; Vaida, F., 1993:
Research on the biology of the species Galega officinalis L

Zhou, Y.H.; Jiang, S.H.; Lu, R.L.; Gu, Y.H.; Ren, Q.Q., 1993:
Research on the breeding of Platanus occidentalis Linn. without cones

Ustun, N.S.; Sahin, I., 1993:
Research on the carotenoid distribution of local orange varieties

Horynski, M.; Pietrzyk, W.; Walusiak, S., 1993:
Research on the changes of grain dielectric constant under the influence of external mechanical stress

Liang, Y.; Qian, Y.; Hu, J., 1993:
Research on the characteristics of start up and operation of treating brewery wastewater with an AFB reactor at ambient temperatures

Anisimoviene, N.; Merkys, A., 1994:
Research on the composition of indolyl compounds in germinating seeds. 1. Identification of the transportable form of IAA in faba bean seedlings

Liang, Z.X.; Wang, S.; Wang, J.H., 1993:
Research on the dominant characters of hybrid wheat in ripening stage

Ekelski, S., 1994:
Research on the durability of pellets made from dried grass

Xu, H.C.; Yin, G.T.; Zeng, B.S.; Fu, J.G.; Zhang, W.L.; Fu, J.G.; Zhang, G., 1994:
Research on the ecological and biological characteristics of Daemonorops margaritae

Soylemezoglu, G.; Agaoglu, Y.S., 1994:
Research on the effect of grape guard during the cold storage of Thompson Seedless cv

Barut, E.; Eris, A., 1993:
Research on the effects of girdling, thinning and plant growth regulators on yield, quality and alternate bearing in olive cv. Gemlik

Wang Qiang; Han LiJuan; Huang XiangLin; G.Z.ongYan; Qiao XiongWu; Zhu JiuSheng, 1995:
Research on the effects of imidacloprid in cotton aphid control and its toxicity

Menguc, A.; Usta, E., 1994:
Research on the effects of silver thiosulphate + sucrose pretreatment on the cold storage period and post storage vase life of cut flowers of carnation cv. Astor harvested at different maturities

Ailincai, C.; Dumitrescu, N.; Ailincai, D.; Bucur, D., 1992:
Research on the extent and consequences of erosion processes in Moldavian Plain

Liu, D.; Luo, S.; Shu, H.; Fu, R., 1995:
Research on the factors influencing the sporogonic multiplication of Plasmodium vivax in the mosquito vector

Akyuz, N.; Tuncturk, Y., 1992:
Research on the general dairy situation of Van province

Marincek, L.; Puncer, I.; Zupancic, M., 1979:
Research on the improvement and completion of the phytocoenological classification of Slovenia

Zhu ShuiJin; Wang RuoHai; Wang HongMei; W.H.nBei, 1995:
Research on the incidence and control of bollworms on low gossypol cotton

Parigi Bini, R.; Xiccatto, G., 1993:
Research on the interaction among nutrition, reproduction and lactation in the female rabbit, a review

Zhang, L.X.; Song, S.L.; Yang, Y.J., 1995:
Research on the knowledgable decision support system and its application in decision making in forest fire extinguishing

Shang, Z.Q.; Shi, J.P.; Han, J.M., 1994:
Research on the mechanism of the drought-resistance increased by using plant growth regulator 891 in wheat

Ribeiro, H., 1992:
Research on the mosquito subfamily Toxorhynchitinae (Diptera: Culicidae). II. Description of two new species from Angola

Zheng, Z.H.; Liu, X.Y.; Li, J.W.; Jin, T., 1993:
Research on the optimization of the agro-ecological-economic structure of the Wuhu region of Hubei Province

Criste, R.D.; Burlacu, G.; Taranu, I.; Tibara, D., 1993:
Research on the optimum amount of minerals given to pigs. 1. Absorption and metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and manganese in young pigs (10 to 30 kg)

Purwanto ; Gintings, A.N., 1994:
Research on the physical and chemical soil properties under natural forest stands of Duabanga moluccana in West Nusa Tenggara

Atamer, M.; Aydn, G.; Sezgin, E., 1993:
Research on the possibilities of using hydrolysed whey concentrate in yoghurt manufacture

Qingxian, N.; Haiyan, G.; Xingmin, L., 1994:
Research on the preparation of carbonated fermented milk beverage

Georgescu, G.; Calin, I.; Vaida, M.; Chiric, L., 1993:
Research on the principal morphofunctional characteristics of the udder and their correlations with milk yield

Tian, J.H.; Ding, Y.H.; Wang, Z.J.; Zhao, Q.H.; Li, Y.Q., 1995:
Research on the pyramid type hole seedmetering device

Shen, D.J., 1995:
Research on the rational use of water resources on the Lhasa River, Tibet

Qin, T.F.; Lu, X.X., 1991:
Research on the reaction mechanism of molasses as a chemical additive in particleboard manufacture

Fordonski, G.; Gronowicz, Z.; Grochot, G.; Seredyn, Z., 1995:
Research on the reaction of lucerne cultivars to the method of sowing

Chen ChunHuan; Luo ShiMing; L.H.ngWu; W.Z.iJin, 1993:
Research on the relationship between root system and rice yield

Karakr, N.; Msrl, A.; Seferoglu, G.; Kara, S., 1994:
Research on the rooting of fig (cv. Sarlop) cuttings. I. Effect of different media

Seferoglu, G.; Msrl, A.; Can, Z.; Sahin, N., 1994:
Research on the rooting of fig (cv. Sarlop) cuttings. II. Effect of bottom heat

Mincione, B.; Leuzzi, U.; Manziu, E.; Bonaccorsi, P.; Cimino, G., 1993:
Research on the subtropical fruits produced in Calabria. The cherimoya (Annona cherimola, Mill)

Pavlin, Z.; Pervan, S., 1994:
Research on the uniformity of air velocity distribution within the stack being dried in a chamber kiln

Alina, B., 1993:
Research on the use of urea as a thinner for apples

Sowinska, A., 1993:
Research on the utility of the preparation Chalcoprax to control the population of engraver beetle (Pityogenes chalcographus L.)

Raus, ; Matic, S., 1994:
Research on the vegetation and silvicultural problems of common birch (Betula pendula) in the Pozega and Slatina areas

Miccolis, V.; Bianco, V.V., 1993:
Research on topping of broad beans

Ebert, G., 1992:
Research on tropical and subtropical fruit species at the Technical University Berlin

Gomes Dierckx, S.M.A., 1994:
Research on variations in aestivation and hibernation in silkworm eggs in diapause and treated with hydrochloric acid

Popescu, S.; Idriceanu, A.; Stan, S.; Mihaila, V.; Birlea, V.; Cremenescu, G.; Povarna, F.; Oproiu, E., 1992:
Research on wheat, maize and soyabean nutrition and quality

Mihovsky, T., 1993:
Research on white clover in Bulgaria. Biological and morphological characteristics

Mihovsky, T., 1995:
Research on white clover in Bulgaria. Yield and chemical composition

Fideghelli, C., 1994:
Research organization: the case of Italy

Anonymous, 1994:
Research papers and proceedings

Keisling, T.C.; Smith, C.W.yne, 1994:
Research plot lengths for spindle harvested cotton

Moncayo, A., 1993:
Research priorities

Flach, M., 1995:
Research priorities for sago palm development in Indonesia and Sarawak: an agenda for research

Chesselet, P.; Moessmer, M.; Smith, G.F., 1995:
Research priorities in the succulent plant family Mesembryanthemaceae Fenzl

Bergen, D.W., 1994:
Research problems for improving agricultural production systems in Burundi

Jager, W., 1994:
Research project on successions of windthrow areas

Branch, N.P.; Canti, M.G., 1994:
Research proposal for testing pollen translocation rates in coarse mineral substrates

Anonymous, 1995:
Research report 1993-1994

Roelofs, F., 1993:
Research results of red currant storage trials 1992: carbon dioxide has the greatest influence on the storage result

Roelofs, F., 1993:
Research results of storage trials with blueberries 1992: one berry crop is not the same as another

D.J.mali, M.; Jamal, S.; Ben Dhiaf, S.; Chellah, A.; Hammami, H.; Aloulou, R., 1995:
Research results on genetic evaluation of sheep and goats in Tunisia

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Research station open days 1993: possibilities for determining the optimal time of harvest. Part II. Results for Jonagold and Conference with the index method

Inglese, P.; Barbera, G.; Mantia, T. la, 1995:
Research strategies for the improvement of cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) fruit quality and production

Mason, P., 1994:
Research strategy for Eucalyptus plantations in New South Wales

Anonymous, 1994:
Research strategy for Indonesian bamboos. National meeting on Indonesian bamboo research, PUSPIPTEK Serpong, 21-22 June, 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
Research summary 1993

Himonas, C.; Antoniadou Sotiriadou, K.; Frydas, S., 1992:
Research survey on the prevalence of Toxocara ova in the soil of public parks in Thessaloniki

Ruttan, V.W. et al., 1993:
Research to meet crop production needs: into the 21st century (et seq)

Moore, R.; Baril, R.; Cloutier, E.; Farmer, B., 1992:
Research to serve your daily needs

Babicki, R.; Urbanik, E.; Wnuk, M., 1993:
Research trends in the wood industry

Ryan, C., 1995:
Research values

Balvoll, G., 1994:
Research with cultivars, nitrogen manuring and plant spacings in a bed system for winter cabbage

Puyvelde, L. van, 1993:
Research, development and production of drugs starting from traditional medicine and medicinal plants in developing countries: example of Rwanda

Bonitatibus, E., 1995:
Research, extension and training

DeFranco, A.L.; Ferreira, R.R.; Rappole, C.L., 1994:
Research, teaching, service - where is the balance?

Hart, A.D.M.; Clook, M.A., 1994:
Research-based improvements in the regulation of hazards to wildlife from pesticide seed treatments

Gomez, A.A., 1994:
Research-extension linkage: an important component of technology transfer and adoption

Wijeratne, M., 1994:
Research-extension linkage: differences in formal and actual situations

Ringia, O., 1993:
Research-extension-farmer linkage in technology generation and dissemination in Kilosa: closing the gap

Muggleston, S., 1994:
Research: biotechnology aids plant breeding

Sommer, S., 1995:
Research: shifting accents

Lanini, W.T.; Zalom, F.; Marois, J.; Ferris, H., 1994:
Researchers find short-term insect problems, long-term weed problems

Anonymous, 1994:
Researchers scrutinise biocorrosion

Florescu, G.; Negrutiu, F., 1991:
Researches concerning the effect of mulching in young broadleaved plantations

Rojancovschi, E., 1994:
Researches concerning the effectiveness of some pesticides for the protection of potato crop against the potato rot nematode, Ditylenchus destructor Thorne

Karakullukcu, S.; Abak, K., 1993:
Researches on anther culture of eggplant: I. The determination of the most available period of bud development

Karakullukcu, S.; Abak, K., 1993:
Researches on anther culture of eggplant: II. The effects of sugar and growth regulators

Secasiu, V., 1994:
Researches on cattle-isolated C. welchii strains. III. Pathogenicity of sheep-isolated C. welchii (C. perfringens) strains

Secasiu, V., 1994:
Researches on cattle-isolated C. welchii strains. IV. Cattle-isolated C. welchii (C. perfringens) strains pathogenicity

Caruso, T.; Motisi, A.; Marra, F.P.; Marco, L. di, 1993:
Researches on planting densities for Y-shaped peach trees grown in greenhouses

L.Y.nQing; Wang Bin; Ren ShengMao; H.Y., 1994:
Researches on selection and utilization of male sterile line Dong A, a double purpose line

Dong, C.X.; Cheng, G.R.; Wang, X.Y.; Zhang, F.Y.; Dong, F.Q., 1994:
Researches on the control target of first and fourth generation bollworms in cotton fields

Wang, J.W.; Li, Y.S.; Su, C.H.; Zhang, W.M.; Fan, Z.J., 1993:
Researches on the cotton plant type in dense and dwarf population and the synchronization technique

Tamas, S.; Popescu, I., 1989:
Researches on the cutting strength of osier twigs

Roman, G.; Ungurean, L.; Mihaila, M.; Ardelean, L., 1993:
Researches on the development of the generative organs in maize in relation to environmental and technological factors

Tang CanMing; Min LiuFang; Guo, M.L.; Li, Y.S., 1994:
Researches on the dominant glandless gene's effect against natural outcross

Limonta, L.; Antignati, E., 1994:
Researches on the main pollinating insects of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) in Valtellina

Ciubotaru, A., 1991:
Researches regarding the bundling of smallwood in the logging area

Johnson, G.L., 1994:
Researching needed structural adjustments of the agricultures of industrialized Asian Pacific Rim countries

Edwards, L.; Burney, J.; DeHaan, R., 1995:
Researching the effects of mulching on cool-period soil erosion control in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ryan, C., 1995:
Researching tourist satisfaction: issues, concepts, problems

Kumwenda, J.D.T.; Radcliffe, D.E.; Hargrove, W.L.; Bridges, D.C., 1993:
Reseeding of crimson clover and corn grain yield in a living mulch system

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Reserves of aluminium and mineral nutrients in seeds of Eucalyptus calophylla (Myrtaceae) with reference to the globoid inclusions

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Reserves of raw material of wild growing medicinal plants between rivers Laba and Urup (Krasnodarskii Krai)

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Reserves of water in the wood of Scots pine

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Reserves: friend or foe?

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Reservoir competence of the rice rat (Rodentia: Cricetidae) for Borrelia burgdorferi

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Reservoir hosts of maize streak virus (MSV) in the Sudan-Sahel zone: identification and spatio-temporal distribution

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Reservoir system management and environmental flows

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Reservoir system reliability constrained by salinity

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Resettlement and land reform in South Africa

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Resettlement and rehabilitation of project displaced people

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Resialylation of sialidase-treated sheep and human erythrocytes by Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase: restoration of complement resistance of desialylated sheep erythrocytes

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Residence time distribution measurement for activated sludge using pyrene as a tracer element

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Resident perceptions of tourism in Monroe County, Pennsylvania

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Residents' perceptions and the role of government

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Residual activity of linuron and pendimethalin determined by bioassays in field trials

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Residual activity of three slow-release temephos formulations against Aedes aegypti larvae

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Residual anophelism in Italy: distribution in rice-growing areas in the provinces of Grosseto and Siena

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Residual behaviour and side effects of diflufenican in soil

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Residual bodies resulting from photosensory membrane degradation are taken up by pigment cells in the eyes of the fly Lucilia sp

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Residual effect of a four weeks grazing of oestrogenic red clover on reproductive performance of ewes in the following six weeks

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Residual effect of acid rain on the soil

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Residual effect of atrazine on field-grown dry beans and sunflower

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Residual effect of composted olive oil mill sludge on plant growth

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Residual effect of expanded vermiculite incorporation on soil water retention

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Residual effect of harvested and green-manured legumes on a subsequent barley crop in a subarctic environment

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Residual effect of mineral fertilizers on vetch and oat yield on soddy-podzolic soil with varying P content

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Residual effect of mushroom spent rice straw compost on yield and nutrient uptake in green gram

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Residual effect of potassium and phosphorus fertilization on native pastures

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Residual effect of some commonly grown crops. II. Efficacy of the residual nutrient judged by succeeding wheat crop

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Residual effect of urea supergranules application in rice (Oryza sativa)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) cropping system

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Residual effect of various organic materials on soils and plants. II. Chemical composition of plants

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Residual effect of wheat straw and fertilizers applied to mung on yield and nutrient uptake by wheat

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Residual effectiveness of insect growth regulators applied to carpet for control of cat flea (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) larvae

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Residual effects of benzyl benzoate parasiticide tested on Glossina p. palpalis Robineau Desvoidy (Diptera: Glossinidae)

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Residual effects of deep tillage vs. no-till on corn root growth and grain yield

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Residual effects of integrated nutrient management in rice-rice-pulse cropping sequence

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Residual effects of irrigated soybean on the growth and yield of irrigated grain sorghum

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Residual effects of irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer application in a crop rotation on yield of spring barley

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Residual effects of long-term land application of domestic wastewater

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Residual effects of novel phosphate fertilizers derived from Dorowa rock, Zimbabwe

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Residual effects of rice straw compost after continuous application to upland alluvial soil

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Residual effects of short-term treatments with high CO2 on the ripening of cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) fruit

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Residual effects of the toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar japonensis strain Buibui in the soil

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Residual efficacy of Altosid and Bactimos briquets against field population of Aedes albopictus Skuse, 1894 (Diptera: Culicidae) in ovitraps at Gombak rubber estate in Malaysia

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Residual efficacy of Trebon WP against mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches in the laboratory

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Residual efficacy of triflumuron and methoprene against the dengue vector, Aedes albopictus (Skuse)

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Residual efficiency of cyfluthrin applied alone or in combination with piperonyl butoxide or piperonyl butoxide + chlorpyrifos-methyl as protectants of stored corn

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Residual maize fertilizer nitrogen availability to wheat on the southeastern Coastal Plain

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Residual matter in agriculture

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Residual nematocidal effectiveness of ivermectin in cattle

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Residual phosphate in acid soils-as exemplified in an iron oxide rich, kaolinitic clay loam

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Residual phosphorus evaluated for soils of Southeast Buenos aires Province

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Residual phosphorus utilisation by rabi blackgram

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Residual soil nitrate after application of nitrogen fertilizers to crops

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Residual soil water, wheat growth and yield as affected by maize varieties, mulching and tillage in rainfed maize-wheat sequence in Himachal Pradesh

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Residual stand structure and influential factors on wood production in dipterocarp forest under selective cutting system

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Residual stands and state of the natural regeneration after the spruce budworm epidemic. Charlevoix block

Dore, A., 1990:
Residual stands and state of the natural regeneration after the spruce budworm epidemic. Lac St-Jean block

Dore, A., 1990:
Residual stands and state of the natural regeneration after the spruce budworm epidemic. Lower St Laurence block

Dore, A., 1990:
Residual stands and state of the natural regeneration after the spruce budworm epidemic. St Maurice block

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Residual toxicity and persistence of chlorpyriphos, quinalphos and oxydemeton-methyl to aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.)

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Residual toxicity and repellency of essential oils to stored-product insects

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Residual toxicity of different synthetic insecticides against aphids on bhindi, Abelmoschus esculentus Moench

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Residual toxicity of herbicides on succeeding crops in soils

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Residual toxicity of pesticides for Encarsia

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Residual toxicity of some commercial synthetic pyrethroids to Eutectona machaeralis (Walk.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Residual toxicity of some insecticides against the red cotton bug, Dysdercus cingulatus (Fabr.) (Hemiptera Pyrrhocoridae) infesting okra in Madhya Pradesh

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Residual value of superphosphate for oat and barley grown on a very sandy, phosphorus leaching soil

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Residue analysis method of pyributicarb and its related compounds in soil

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Residue analysis of propiconazole in wheat grains

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Residue analysis of tralkoxydim herbicide in soil, wheat grain and straw by reversed phase HPLC

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Residue and fate of DDT in subtropical soils

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Residue and persistence of insecticide 1-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-3-(4-chlorophenyl) urea in Chinese cabbage and soils in northern China

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Residue and tillage management effects on soil properties of a Typic Cryoboroll under continuous barley

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Residue decomposition effects on nitrogen availability to corn following corn or soybean

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Residue determination of phenthoate in tomato fruits

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Residue effects on radiometric reflectance measurements of Northern Great Plains rangelands

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Residue effects on soil micro- and macroorganisms

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Residue effects on soil physical properties

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Residue from cassava flour production as a feed for laying hens

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Residue implications of using insecticides as seed treatment in wheat grains and straw

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Residue incorporation by tillage - interaction of mass and cover

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Residue level of organochlorine pollutants in the Alexandria region, Egypt

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Residue levels of carbendazim in opium poppy (Papaver somniferum)

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Residue levels of chlorinated hydrocarbons compounds in fish from El-Max Bay and Maryut Lake, Alexandria, Egypt

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Residue levels of several organochlorines in Tursiops truncatus milk collected at varied stages of lactation

Unger, P.W., 1994:
Residue management - what does the future hold?

Unger, P.W., 1995:
Residue management for continuous winter wheat production with limited irrigation

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