Response of sowing dates and varieties on pod yield of winter groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)

Rajput, R.L.; Mishra, M.K.

Agricultural Science Digest Karnal 13(3-4): 153-156


Accession: 002687892

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In a field experiment during the winter season of 1982/83 at 3 sites in Madhya Pradesh, 6 groundnut cultivars were sown on 15 or 30 Dec., 15 or 30 Jan. or 15 Feb. At all the sites, pod yields were highest from crops sown on 30 Dec., and delaying sowing after this date decreased pod yields. Cultivar M-13 gave significantly higher pod yields in all the locations and cv. AK 12-24 gave significantly higher yields at 2 out of 3 sites than the remaining 4 cultivars.