Rural farm and non-farm employment and pattern of rural non-farm employment by geo-agro base: a study of West Godavari District

Rao, G.G.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 50(1): 86-92


Accession: 002690437

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This paper: (1) estimates the relative shares of agricultural and non-agricultural sources of employment at regional and taluka level in rural areas of West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India; and (2) investigates variations in the pattern of rural non-farm employment in geo-agro regions. The period analysed is the two decades 1971-81 and 1981-91. Agriculture plays a leading role in the generation of employment, but a slight rise in the share of rural non-farm employment was evident during the period. The delta area taluks account for the highest share of rural non-farm employment. The decennial growth of rural non-farm employment during the study period was higher than the growth of agricultural employment and population, confirming sectoral transformation in the employment structure. Large variations were found in the pattern of rural non-farm employment between geo-agro regions.