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Seasonal changes in testicular size and serum testosterone levels and the relationships between serum testosterone concentrations and reproductive performance in male raccoon dogs

Yongjun, X.; Shuxian, J.; Yuren, T.; Jianhua, S.; Guosen, W.

Scientifur 18(1): 39-43


Accession: 002691910

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Serum testosterone concentration was determined and testis width was measured at monthly intervals over a period of 1 year in 20 males aged 12 or 18 months. Testis width remained the same in May-Aug., but showed a significant increase in late Sep., reaching a maximum in early Feb. Serum testosterone concentration was significantly higher in Oct. than in May-Aug., fell slightly in Nov., and reached its maximum on 10 Feb. Although there were no significant correlations between testis width and serum testosterone concentration in individual animals within each month, the correlation of average monthly testis width with monthly average testosterone concentration was 0.83 (P<0.01).

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