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Identification of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Nira (Co 86032) - a new variety of sugarcane for Maharashtra
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
An assessment of water quality of river ganga at garhmukteshwar ghaziabad uttar pradesh india
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Studies on feeding of tapioca thippi (tapioca or cassava starch waste) to swine
Effects of drum rolling on yield of summer groundnut
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Influence of a decision analysis model on selection of drug therapy
Comparative performance of West Coast Tall and Lakshadweep Ordinary cultivars of coconut
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Cellars as hibernation sites for bats
Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings
The Bangla adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination (BAMSE): An instrument to assess cognitive function in illiterate and literate individuals
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Gymnosperms of Sikkim, India
The great Coalinga cricket invasion
Psoriasis: correlation between severity index (PASI) and quality of life index (DLQI) in patients assessed before and after systemic treatment
Real-time PCR assays for the specific detection of monkeypox virus West African and Congo Basin strain DNA
Classification of fermented foods: worldwide review of household fermentation techniques
The biology of human starvation: some new insights

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 2693

Chapter 2693 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seasonal dynamics of the radial increments of aspen stems
, Lesovedenie 1: 12-19 (1991)

Seasonal dynamics of total and maintenance respiration in stems of forest trees
, Botanicheskii Zhurnal 75(8): 1138-1144 (1990)

Seasonal dynamics of two populations Culicoides punctatus (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in Slovakia
, Biologia (Bratislava): 478: 619-626 (1992)

Seasonal effect on semen producing ability of Holstein Friesian and crossbred bulls under sub-tropical environments of Punjab
, Pakistan Veterinary Journal 13(3): 133-137 (1993)

Seasonal effects of antihistamine on mean serum concentrations of luteinizing hormone, growth hormone and prolactin in ovariectomized ewes
, Animal Reproduction Science 37(1): 15-24 (1994)

Seasonal effects on superparasitism by Rhagoletis completa
, Journal of Animal Ecology 63(3): 583-588 (1994)

Seasonal effects on the rate of development and fecundity of scale insects, Pulvinaria psidii Maskell and Pulvinaria floccifera (Westwood) (Homoptera: Coccidae)
, Annals of Entomology 10(2): 7-11 (1992)

Seasonal effects on transplantability of scarlet oak, green ash, Turkish hazelnut and tree lilac
, Journal of Arboriculture 20(6): 310-317 (1994)

Seasonal effects on wound susceptibility and canker expansion in honeylocusts inoculated with Thyronectria austro-americana
, Journal of Arboriculture 18(6): 288-293 (1992)

Seasonal emergence of weeds in cultivated soil in New Zealand
, Weed Research 35(5): 429-436 (1995)

Seasonal feed digestibility and passage rate in sika deer
, Sustainable animal production and the environment Proceedings of the 7th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 11-16 July, 1994 Volume 2: contributed papers: 403-404 (1994)

Seasonal fiber growth cycles of ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) and long-term effects of melatonin treatment
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 272(6): 435-445 (1995)

Seasonal flank alopecia in affenpinschers
, Journal of Small Animal Practice 36(6): 271-273 (1995)

Seasonal flight activity and seasonal abundance of selected stored-product Coleoptera around grain storages in South Carolina
, Journal of Agricultural Entomology 11(4): 321-338 (1994)

Seasonal flight of an ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus validus Eichhoff, in Japanese cedar stands
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 29(4): 593-594 (1994)

Seasonal flowering of Dendrobium 'Jaquelyn Thomas' in Hawaii
, Scientia Horticulturae 61(3/4): 263-272 (1995)

Seasonal fluctuation of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) and some species of coccinellids in an organically managed field of faba beans
, Gesunde Pflanzen 46(8): 257-260 (1994)

Seasonal fluctuation of carboxylesterase activity in field collected populations of the green peach aphid
, Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 32(3): 348-353 (1993)

Seasonal fluctuation of susceptibility of the green peach aphid to insecticides in Chinese cabbage field
, Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 32(2): 218-221 (1993)

Seasonal fluctuation of yield and quality of cut flowers in gerbera hybrids
, RDA Journal of Agricultural Science Horticulture 36(1): 444-452 (1994)

Seasonal fluctuations in foliation of some trees and shrubs in the Sahel. Consequences for the assessment of fodder resources
, Revue d' Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 47(1): 117-125 (1994)

Seasonal fluctuations in free polyamines in Scots pine needles
, Journal of Plant Physiology 144(6): 720-725 (1994)

Seasonal fluctuations in sunflower's resistance to Orobanche crenata
, Biology and management of Orobanche Proceedings of the third international workshop on Orobanche and related Striga research, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8-12 November 1993: 351-355 (1994)

Seasonal fluctuations in the extent of colonization of avocado plants by the stem canker pathogen Phytophthora citricola
, Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 120(2): 157-162 (1995)

Seasonal fluctuations in the population of Bruchidius albizziae Arora and its effects on seeds of Albizzia lebbeck (L.) Benth. in an Indian desert
, Antenna London 19(3): 106 (1995)

Seasonal fluctuations of Phlebotominae in Algiers and its suburbs
, Archives de l' Institut Pasteur d' Algerie 59: 245-255 (1993)

Seasonal fluctuations of certain insect pests infesting maize in relation to some weather factors
, Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt 70: 71-80 (1992)

Seasonal fluctuations of mosquitoes (Diptera) and their natural enemies in urban areas of the outskirts of La Plata, Buenos Aires province
, Neotropica 39(101/102): 55-66 (1993)

Seasonal fluctuations of organochlorine compounds in the water of the Strimon River (N. Greece)
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 49(3): 375-380 (1992)

Seasonal food use by the neotropical squirrel Sciurus ingrami in southeastern Brazil
, Biotropica 27(2): 268-273 (1995)

Seasonal free amino acid fluctuations in red pine and white spruce needles
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 25(5): 697-703 (1995)

Seasonal fruit growth of Granny Smith apples
, Agro Sur 21(2): 136-141 (1993)

Seasonal growth of Scots pine in the forest-steppe west of Baikal
, Soviet Journal of Ecology 23(2): 74-79 (1992)

Seasonal growth of tree lupins (Lupinus arboreus) and the effect of defoliation on leaf production
, Annals of Applied Biology 124(2): 371-382 (1994)

Seasonal growth patterns of Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora, Nyssa aquatica, and Taxodium distichum as affected by hydrologic regime
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 25(7): 1084-1096 (1995)

Seasonal growth patterns of perennial ryegrass varieties. I. Varietal differences in spring growth
, Korean Journal of Dairy Science 13(4): 253-258 (1991)

Seasonal growth rhythms of some forage species which can be used to supplement natural pastures in Corsica
, Fourrages 133: 59-81 (1993)

Seasonal history and host range of the coriander aphid, Hyadaphis coriandri (Das)
, Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University 31(3): 283-284 (1994)

Seasonal hydrologic response at various spatial scales in a small forested catchment, Hitachi Ohta, Japan
, Journal of hydrology 168(1-4): 227-250 (1995)

Seasonal incidence and chemical control of eriophyoid mite Abacarus sacchari (C) infesting sugarcane
, Environment and Ecology 12(1): 174-177 (1994)

Seasonal incidence and control of thrips Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood in pomegranate
, Indian Journal of Entomology 55(2): 148-153 (1993)

Seasonal incidence and ecology of the tick Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae) on grazing pastures in Western France
, Experimental and Applied Acarology 19(4): 211-220 (1995)

Seasonal incidence and losses caused by head borer, Hellula undalis Fab. to cauliflower in Punjab
, Journal of Insect Science 6(2): 187-188 (1993)

Seasonal incidence of Diaphorina citri Kuw and Phyllocnistis citrella Stain at Shillong in Meghalaya
, Indian Journal of Hill Farming 5(1): 43-44 (1992)

Seasonal incidence of insect-pests and estimation of the losses caused by shoot and fruit borer on brinjal
, Indian Journal of Entomology 54(3): 241-247 (1992)

Seasonal incidence of ixodid ticks grown in pasture of Bangladesh
, Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 7(2): 197-200 (1994)

Seasonal incidence of major insect pests associated with winter crop of cabbage in Himachal Pradesh
, Annals of Agricultural Research 15(2): 222-225 (1994 )

Seasonal incidence of moringa fruit fly, Gitona sp
, South Indian Horticulture 40(1): 43-48 (1992)

Seasonal incidence of stem weevil (Hypolyxus truncatulus) and its effect on growth and grain yield of amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)
, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 64(4): 261-262 (1994)

Seasonal incidence of the cabbage seedpod weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on rapeseed in West Tennessee
, Environmental Entomology 23(4): 900-905 (1994)

Seasonal infections and nutritional status
, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 53(3): 545-555 (1994)

Seasonal infestation of uzi-fly in multivoltine silkworm seed cocoons
, Indian Textile Journal 105(4): 28-30 (1995)

Seasonal influence on certain bacterial diseases caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola on various betelvine cultivars
, Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika 6(2): 91-94 (1991)

Seasonal influence on human enteric infection by Ancylostoma caninum
, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 53(2): 158-161 (1995)

Seasonal influences on Cheddar cheese manufacture: influence of diet quality and stage of lactation
, Journal of Dairy Research 62(3): 529-537 (1995)

Seasonal ingestion of toxic and nontoxic shot by Canada geese
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 23(3): 502-506 (1995)

Seasonal intrathymic erythropoietic activity in trout
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 18(5): 409-420 (1994)

Seasonal leaf nutrient patterns and standard leaf nutrient levels for non-astringent persimmon in subtropical Australia
, Journal of Horticultural Science 70(5): 807-816 (1995)

Seasonal life cycle and autogeny in the mosquito Aedes togoi in northern Kyushu, Japan, with experimental analysis of the effects of temperature, photoperiod and food on life-history traits
, Researches on Population Ecology 36(1): 105-114 (1994)

Seasonal migration by larvae of an epiphytic chironomid
, Freshwater Biology 271: 85-89 (1992)

Seasonal morphological changes in the pore space of a Hapludand under different agricultural systems
, Agro Sur 22(1): 23-32 (1994)

Seasonal moulting in adult male raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)
, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section A, Animal Science 45(3): 186-190 (1995)

Seasonal nitrogen and carbohydrate partitioning in forage brassicas
, Agronomy Journal 87(3): 562-569 (1995)

Seasonal nutrient cycling in Potamogeton pectinatus of the lower Provo River
, Great Basin Naturalist 55(2): 164-168 (1995)

Seasonal nutrient dynamics in white pine and white spruce in response to environmental manipulation
, Tree Physiology 15(3): 141-149 (1995)

Seasonal nutrient intake and phosphorus kinetics of grazing steers in Northern Australia
, Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 45(8): 1817-1829 (1994)

Seasonal observation on some population attributes of Aedes albopictus females in Nagasaki, Japan, with emphasis on the relation between the body size and the survival
, Tropical Medicine 35(3): 91-99 (1993)

Seasonal occurrence and chemical control of the citrus red mite (Panonychus citri (McGregor)) on Indian jujube
, Journal of Agricultural Research of China 42(3): 303-308 (1993)

Seasonal occurrence and host range of the corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis Fitch at Giza and Qualubia Governorates
, Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Egypt 71: 33-40 (1993)

Seasonal occurrence and host spectrum of egg parasitoids associated with soybean stink bugs
, Biological Control 5(2): 196-202 (1995)

Seasonal occurrence and maturation of Neoechinorhynchus rutili (Acanthocephala) in carp (Cyprinus carpio) of Lake Spengla
, Ekologija 1: 67-69 (1995)

Seasonal occurrence and response of maize inbred lines to pink stem borer in the northwest of Spain
, Maydica 39(3): 191-196 (1994)

Seasonal occurrence of Spodoptera exigua in Chonnam Province and a possibility of their control in vinyl house with pheromone traps
, Korean Journal of Applied Entomology 34(2): 106-111 (1995)

Seasonal occurrence of blister beetle on pigeonpea varieties at south coastal districts of Orissa
, Environment and Ecology 11(1): 235-236 (1993)

Seasonal occurrence of different cotton bollworms on cotton in Bangladesh
, Bangladesh Journal of Entomology 2: 1-7 (1992)

Seasonal occurrence of foliar fungal and bacterial diseases of mulberry in South India
, Indian Phytopathology 47(1): 72-76 (1994)

Seasonal occurrence of horse flies in the Rio Clarillo National Reserve, central Chile (Diptera: Tabanidae)
, Acta Entomologica Chilena 18: 105-112 (1993)

Seasonal occurrence of insects and mites in a Manitoba feed mill
, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Manitoba 49: 1-15 (1994)

Seasonal occurrence of mesophilic Aeromonas spp. as a function of biotype and water quality in temperate freshwater lakes
, Water Research Oxford 28(11): 2241-2251 (1994)

Seasonal onset and disappearance of diurnal rhythmicity in melatonin secretion in female reindeer
, American Zoologist 35(3): 203-214 (1995)

Seasonal pattern of brood rearing and absconding in managed Africanized bees in Venezuela
, American Bee Journal 134(12): 834 (1994)

Seasonal pattern of cell division in the vascular cambium of some tropical timber trees
, Cytologia 59(3): 323-332 (1994)

Seasonal pattern of electrical conductivity as an indication of the growth activity of plants
, Zpravy Lesnickeho Vyzkumu 35(4): 12-15 (1990)

Seasonal pattern of litterfall and nutrient return from different species of Eucalyptus in lateritic region
, Environment and Ecology 13(1): 97-103 (1995)

Seasonal patterns and vertical distributions of fine roots of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
, Field Crops Research 40(2): 119-127 (1995)

Seasonal patterns of atrazine loading for St Lawrence river (Canada) and its tributaries
, Water Research Oxford 29(6): 1491-1504 (1995)

Seasonal patterns of growth and tissue nutrient content in strawberries
, Journal of Plant Nutrition 17(7): 1149-1162 (1994)

Seasonal patterns of light-saturated photosynthesis and leaf conductance for mature and seedling Quercus rubra L. foliage: differential sensitivity to ozone exposure
, Tree Physiology 14(12): 1351-1366 (1994)

Seasonal patterns of nonstructural carbohydrates of apple (Malus pumila Mill.) fruits: relationship with relative growth rates and contribution to solute potential
, Journal of Horticultural Science 70(1): 127-134 (1995)

Seasonal patterns of seedling growth and dry matter partitioning of deciduous broadleaved trees in Hokkaido
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Seasonal patterns of soil respiration in intact and clear-cut northern hardwood forests
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24(8): 1711-1716 (1994)

Seasonal patterns of water relationships, photosynthetic pigments and morphology of Actinidia deliciosa plants of the Hayward and Tomuri cultivars
, Agronomie 14(2): 121-126 (1994)

Seasonal payments for milk supply
, Proceedings 47th Ruakura Dairy Farmers' Conference held at Ruakura, New Zealand, 13 June 1995: 1-4 (1995)

Seasonal phenology and abundance of early-, mid- and long-season bumble bees in southern England, 1985-1989
, Journal of Apicultural Research 34(2): 79-87 (1995)

Seasonal phosphorus losses in runoff from a coastal plain soil
, Journal of Production Agriculture 6(4): 507-513 (1993)

Seasonal phosphorus removal in a phostrip process-I. Two-years' plant performance
, Water Research Oxford 29(10): 2318-2326 (1995)

Seasonal phosphorus removal in a phostrip process-II. Phosphorus fractionation and sludge microbiology during start-up
, Water Research Oxford 29(10): 2327-2338 (1995)

Seasonal population dynamics of a cyst forming nematode on carnation in Campania
, Redia 77(1): 11-22 (1994)

Seasonal population patterns and parasitizing activities of microhymenopteran parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae, Chalcididae) on filth flies (Diptera: Muscidae, Calliphoridae) in a poultry farm in Malaysia
, Tropical Biomedicine 10(2): 187-190 (1993)

Seasonal population prevalence of aphids with special reference to the production of alatoid nymphs in a potato field in Hokkaido, Japan
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 30(1): 121-127 (1995)

Seasonal preferential flow in two Sierra Nevada soils under forested and meadow cover
, Soil Science Society of America Journal 58(5): 1555-1561 (1994)

Seasonal prevalence and hibernating diapause behaviour in the lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis
, Research Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Gifu University 58: 51-55 (1993)

Seasonal prevalence and intensity of infection with Ceratothoa gaudichaudii in salmon (Salmo salar) cultured in sea water in southern Chile
, Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria 25(2): 173-179 (1993)

Seasonal prevalence of Onchocerca-like microfilaria in camels in Kuwait
, Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology 25(1): 19-24 (1995)

Seasonal prevalence of air-borne pollen and spores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
, Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology 13(1): 17-22 (1995)

Seasonal prevalence of mosquitoes collected with light trap at a cow shed in the vicinity of Taegu City, Korea
, Korean Journal of Entomology 24(1): 7-17 (1994)

Seasonal prevalence of protozoan parasites in Nsukka, Nigeria
, Journal of Communicable Diseases 24(4): 224-230 (1992)

Seasonal prevalence of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), in a potato field in Hokkaido
, Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan 45: 156-157 (1994)

Seasonal prevalence of ticks and their association with dermatophilosis in cattle on the Accra plains of Ghana
, Revue D'elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 47(2): 163-167 (1994)

Seasonal prevalence of trematode cercariae in Clypeomorus bifasciata (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) in Kuwait Bay
, Folia Parasitologica (Ceske Budejovice): 414: 247-252 (1994)

Seasonal production of forage legumes in Veracruz, Mexico
, Pasturas Tropicales 14(2): 32-36 (1992)

Seasonal productivity of forests and activity of foraging animals in Amazonian terra firme habitat
, Acta Amazonica 20(1): 61-76 (1990)

Seasonal response of groundnut genotypes to arbuscular mycorrhiza - Bradyrhizobium inoculation
, Microbiological Research 150(2): 218-224 (1995)

Seasonal sensitivity of strains of Musca domestica to three types of insecticides
, Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil 22(3): 455-461 (1993)

Seasonal soil nitrate dynamics in corn as affected by tillage and nitrogen source
, Soil Science Society of America Journal 59(3): 858-864 (1995)

Seasonal soil water storage changes beneath central Amazonian rainforest and pasture
, Journal Of Hydrology (amsterdam). 170(1-4): 233-254 (1995)

Seasonal succession in a soil algal community associated with a beech-maple forest in northeastern Ohio, USA
, Nova Hedwigia 60(1-2): 1-12 (1995)

Seasonal trend of flavonoids, flavonoid glycosides and biflavonoids in ten olive cultivars
, Acta Horticulturae 356: 372-374 (1994)

Seasonal trends and colonization patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages in two streams with contrasting flow regimes
, Great Basin Naturalist 53(4): 321-331 (1993)

Seasonal trends in the uptake and distribution of nitrogen in satsuma mandarins
, Proceedings of the International Society of Citriculture: Volume 2 Cultural practices, diseases and their control: 7th International Citrus Congress, Acireale, Italy, 8-13 March 1992: 593-597 (1994)

Seasonal ultrastructural alterations in the plasma membrane produced by slow freezing in cortical tissues of mulberry (Morus bombyciz Koidz. cv. Goroji)
, Trees: Structure and Function 8(6): 288-296 (1994)

Seasonal uptake of 15N-nitrate and distribution of absorbed nitrogen in peach trees
, Plant and Soil 150(2): 263-269 (1993)

Seasonal variability in sore characteristics of stephanofilarial dermatitis in Bay Islands
, Indian Veterinary Journal 72(2): 187-188 (1995)

Seasonal variation in airway hyperresponsiveness and natural exposure to house dust mite allergens in patients with asthma
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 93(2): 470-475 (1994)

Seasonal variation in changes of quality parameters of contrasting varieties of Lolium perenne as affected by N supply
, 'TMannetje, L, Frame, J Grassland and society 239-242 (1994)

Seasonal variation in competitive effect on water stress and pine responses
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24(7): 1440-1449 (1994)

Seasonal variation in diet composition and prey selection in the Mediterranean gecko Tarentola mauritanica
, Israel Journal of Zoology 40(1): 61-74 (1994)

Seasonal variation in essential oil yield and composition from naturalized Thymus vulgaris L. in New Zealand
, Flavour and Fragrance Journal 9(6): 347-352 (1994)

Seasonal variation in follicular dynamics of superovulated Indian water buffalo
, Theriogenology 43(2): 451-464 (1995)

Seasonal variation in growth characteristics of Lolium perenne and Trifolium repens in swards under different managements
, Grass and Forage Science 49(4): 487-495 (1994)

Seasonal variation in hybrid poplar tolerance to glyphosate
, Research Paper North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service ( NC-311): 5 pp. (1992)

Seasonal variation in hydrochloric acid, malic acid, and calcium ions secreted by the trichomes of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
, Physiologia Plantarum 94(2): 291-297 (1995)

Seasonal variation in leaf relative water content and its relationship with biomass production in some selected deciduous forest tree species
, Indian Forester 121(1): 23-28 (1995)

Seasonal variation in lipid amount of malaria vector Anopheles sacharovi
, Turkish Journal of Zoology 18(3): 161-165 (1994)

Seasonal variation in nitrogen and phosphorus in a Vertic Calcixeroll: implications for soil testing
, Al Awamia 80: 91-100 (1993)

Seasonal variation in nutrient content and nutritive value of tropical forage plants
, Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 30(3): 413-420 (1995)

Seasonal variation in nutritive value of Hardwickia binata Roxb
, Van Vigyan 31(1/2): 16-20 (1993)

Seasonal variation in nutritive value of Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC) Baker ex. K. Heyne
, Myforest 29(2): 159-161 (1993)

Seasonal variation in oil content and its composition in two chemotypes of scented geranium (Pelargonium sp.)
, Journal of Essential Oil Research 7(2): 159-163 (1995)

Seasonal variation in ovarian activity of mares in the subtropics
, Australian Equine Veterinarian 12(1): 19-24 (1994)

Seasonal variation in pattern of boll setting in upland cottons in relation to photothermal units under dryland conditions
, Annals of Plant Physiology 7(1): 91-98 (1993)

Seasonal variation in photochemical activity and hardiness in clones of Norway spruce (Picea abies)
, Tree Physiology 15(10): 685-689 (1995)

Seasonal variation in pollen catch in a black spruce orchard
, Grana 33(6): 313-320 (1994)

Seasonal variation in productivity and nutritive value of Napier grass at Muguga, Kenya
, East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 59(3): 177-185 (1994)

Seasonal variation in reproductive activity in Australian Merino rams in Patagonia
, Revista Argentina de Produccion Animal 11(4): 449-455 (1991)

Seasonal variation in salt content of soils irrigated with different quality waters
, Current Agriculture 18(1/2): 23-28 (1994)

Seasonal variation in sexual activity in Queue Fine de l'Ouest (West African) and Thibar ewes
, Cahiers Options Mediterraneennes 6: 27-34 (1994)

Seasonal variation in symbiotic nitrogen fixation of white clover
, Proceedings of the XVI International Grassland Congress, 4-11 October 1989, Nice, France: 133-134 (1989)

Seasonal variation in the antimalarial activity of Morinda lucida on Plasmodium berghei berghei in mice
, Fitoterapia 65(2): 124-130 (1994)

Seasonal variation in the composition of epicuticular waxes of Quercus robur leaves
, Zietschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 47(11-12): 800-806 (1992)

Seasonal variation in the free living phase of Amblyomma cajennense and Anocentor nitens in the municipality of Itaguai, Rio de Janeiro: epidemiological and methodological evaluation
, Revista Universidade Rural Serie Ciencias da Vida 16(1-2): 67-74 (1994)

Seasonal variation in the free living phase of Amblyomma cajennense and Boophilus microplus in the municipality of Paracambi, Rio de Janeiro State
, Revista Universidade Rural Serie Ciencias da Vida 16(1-2): 57-65 (1994)

Seasonal variation in the incidence of subclinical horizontally transmitted infection with chicken anemia virus in Danish broilers and broiler breeders
, Archiv fuer Gefluegelkunde 59(3): 165-168 (1995)

Seasonal variation in the nuclear genome size of ray cells in the vascular cambium of Fraxinus americana
, Physiologia Plantarum 93(2): 305-311 (1995)

Seasonal variation in the perceived risk of malaria: implications for the promotion of insecticide-impregnated bed nets
, Social Science and Medicine 39(1): 63-75 (1994)

Seasonal variation in the red/far-red ratio and photon flux density in an Australian sub-tropical rainforest
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 64(1-2): 111-127 (1993)

Seasonal variation in the role of grey squirrels as hosts of Ixodes ricinus, the tick vector of the Lyme disease spirochaete, in a British woodland
, Folia Parasitologica 42(1): 73-80 (1995)

Seasonal variation in the structure and red reflectance of leaves from yellow poplar, red oak, and red maple
, Remote Sensing of Environment 43(2): 115-130 (1993)

Seasonal variation in the successful propagation of Spondias purpurea hardwood cuttings
, Proceedings of the Interamerican Society for Tropical Horticulture 37: 136-137 (1993)

Seasonal variation in vitamin D
, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 53(3): 533-543 (1994)

Seasonal variation of anoplocephaline cestodes infection in sheep of Punjab
, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 65(1): 38-40 (1995)

Seasonal variation of bioelements in the epipedons of three forest ecosystems of the Sierra de Bejar (Salamanca), Spain
, Memorias del XI Congreso Latinoamericano de la Ciencia del Suelo y II Congreso Cubano de la Ciencia del Suelo Volumen 1: quimica, fisica y biologia de suelos, 11-17 Marzo 1990 La Habana, Cuba: 144-150 (1993)

Seasonal variation of certain morphometrical parameters of rice hispa Dicladispa armigera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
, Journal of the Agricultural Science Society of North East India 7(1): 22-25 (1994)

Seasonal variation of chemical properties of rice field soils from Valencia, Spain
, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 26(1-2): 1-19 (1995)

Seasonal variation of house dust mite allergen (Der pI) in a subtropical climate
, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 94(1): 131-134 (1994)

Seasonal variation of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and charged amino acids in developing apple flower buds
, Journal of Plant Nutrition 17(11): 2025-2030 (1994)

Seasonal variation of leaf glutamine synthetase isoforms in temperate deciduous trees strongly suggests different functions for the enzymes
, Plant Cell and Environment 17(12): 1331-1337 (1994)

Seasonal variation of nutrients in mango (Mangifera indica) trees on three soils of the dry Pacific region of Costa Rica. I. Macronutrients
, Agronomia Costarricense 17(2): 21-30 (1993)

Seasonal variation of oil and menthol content in Mentha arvensis. Linn
, Pakistan Journal of Forestry 44(1): 16-20 (1994)

Seasonal variation of photosynthetic carbon flow rate into young walnut and its partitioning among the plant organs and functions
, Journal of Plant Physiology 146(3): 222-230 (1995)

Seasonal variation of sap beetle (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) populations in central Illinois cornfield-oak woodland habitat and potential influence of weather patterns
, Environmental Entomology 23(5): 1215-1223 (1994)

Seasonal variation of soil protease activities and their relation to proteolytic bacteria and Bacillus spp in paddy field soil
, Soil biology and biochemistry 27(2): 197-203 (1995)

Seasonal variation of some soil structure indicators
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