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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2693

Chapter 2693 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tamm, Y.A.; Tullus, K.K., 1991:
Seasonal dynamics of the radial increments of aspen stems

Malkina, I.S.; Tsel' niker, Y.L., 1990:
Seasonal dynamics of total and maintenance respiration in stems of forest trees

Orszagh, I.; Masan, P., 1992:
Seasonal dynamics of two populations Culicoides punctatus (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in Slovakia

Usmani, R.H.; Shah, S.K.; Zafar, A.H., 1993:
Seasonal effect on semen producing ability of Holstein Friesian and crossbred bulls under sub-tropical environments of Punjab

Fonseca, V.O.; Silca, E.V.C. e; Hermanny, A.; Rios, C.M.L.; Barbeitos, R.J., 1993:
Seasonal effects on semen characters and scrotal circumference in Nelore bulls

Ullah, G.M.R., 1992:
Seasonal effects on the rate of development and fecundity of scale insects, Pulvinaria psidii Maskell and Pulvinaria floccifera (Westwood) (Homoptera: Coccidae)

Harris, J.R.ger; Bassuk, N.L., 1994:
Seasonal effects on transplantability of scarlet oak, green ash, Turkish hazelnut and tree lilac

Jacobi, W.R., 1992:
Seasonal effects on wound susceptibility and canker expansion in honeylocusts inoculated with Thyronectria austro-americana

Jeon, B.T.; Kim, K.H.; Shin, H.J.; Kim, C.W.; Lee, S.M., 1994:
Seasonal feed digestibility and passage rate in sika deer

Throne, J.E.; Cline, L.D.niel, 1994:
Seasonal flight activity and seasonal abundance of selected stored-product Coleoptera around grain storages in South Carolina

Shibata, E.I.; Waguchi, Y.; Yoneda, Y., 1994:
Seasonal flight of an ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus validus Eichhoff, in Japanese cedar stands

Sengonca, C.; Passenheim, A.; Lochte, C., 1994:
Seasonal fluctuation of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae) and some species of coccinellids in an organically managed field of faba beans

Song, S.; Oh, H.K.u; Motoyama, N., 1993:
Seasonal fluctuation of carboxylesterase activity in field collected populations of the green peach aphid

Song, S.S.ok; Motoyama, N., 1993:
Seasonal fluctuation of susceptibility of the green peach aphid to insecticides in Chinese cabbage field

Shin, H.K.; Kim, J.Y.ung; Shin, R.W.o; Ko, J.Y.ung, 1994:
Seasonal fluctuation of yield and quality of cut flowers in gerbera hybrids

Hiernaux, P.H.Y.; Cisse, M.I.; Diarra, L.; Leeuw, P.N. de, 1994:
Seasonal fluctuations in foliation of some trees and shrubs in the Sahel. Consequences for the assessment of fodder resources

Ish Shalom Gordon, N.; Jacobsohn, R.; Cohen, Y., 1994:
Seasonal fluctuations in sunflower's resistance to Orobanche crenata

E.H.malawi, Z.A.; Menge, J.A., 1995:
Seasonal fluctuations in the extent of colonization of avocado plants by the stem canker pathogen Phytophthora citricola

Ahmed, S.I.; Kumar, S.; Gaur, M., 1995:
Seasonal fluctuations in the population of Bruchidius albizziae Arora and its effects on seeds of Albizzia lebbeck (L.) Benth. in an Indian desert

Harrat, Z.; Izerouel, S.; Belkaid, M.; Tabet Derraz, O., 1993:
Seasonal fluctuations of Phlebotominae in Algiers and its suburbs

Farag, A.I.; Abdelfattah, M.I.; Abdelrahim, M.M.; Elnaggar, M.A.Z., 1992:
Seasonal fluctuations of certain insect pests infesting maize in relation to some weather factors

Campos, R.E.; Macia, A.; Garcia, J.J., 1993:
Seasonal fluctuations of mosquitoes (Diptera) and their natural enemies in urban areas of the outskirts of La Plata, Buenos Aires province

Garriz, P.I.; Bartusch, A.M.; Alvarez, O.A., 1993:
Seasonal fruit growth of Granny Smith apples

Zabuga, V.F.; Zabuga, G.A., 1992:
Seasonal growth of Scots pine in the forest-steppe west of Baikal

Keeland, B.D.; Sharitz, R.R., 1995:
Seasonal growth patterns of Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora, Nyssa aquatica, and Taxodium distichum as affected by hydrologic regime

Kim, S.K.; Lee, J.S.; Jo, I.H., 1991:
Seasonal growth patterns of perennial ryegrass varieties. I. Varietal differences in spring growth

Lelievre, F.; Volaire, F., 1993:
Seasonal growth rhythms of some forage species which can be used to supplement natural pastures in Corsica

Kumar, N.; Sagar, P., 1994:
Seasonal history and host range of the coriander aphid, Hyadaphis coriandri (Das)

Tsukada, Morio., 1994:
Seasonal host alternation by the andromeda lace bug, Stephanitis takeyai (Heteroptera: Tingidae) between its two main host-plant species

Patra, A.; Mukherjee, A.B.; Mandal, S.M.A., 1994:
Seasonal incidence and chemical control of eriophyoid mite Abacarus sacchari (C) infesting sugarcane

Bagle, B.G., 1993:
Seasonal incidence and control of thrips Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood in pomegranate

Singh, L.; Singh, H., 1993:
Seasonal incidence and losses caused by head borer, Hellula undalis Fab. to cauliflower in Punjab

Singh, U.C.; Dhamdhere, S.V.; Misra, U.S.; Bhadauria, N.S., 1991:
Seasonal incidence and toxicity of some newer insecticides against Myllocerus undecimpustulatus maculosus Desb

Gangwar, S.K.; Singh, Y.P., 1992:
Seasonal incidence of Diaphorina citri Kuw and Phyllocnistis citrella Stain at Shillong in Meghalaya

Mall, N.P.; Pandey, R.S.; Singh, S.V.; Singh, S.K., 1992:
Seasonal incidence of insect-pests and estimation of the losses caused by shoot and fruit borer on brinjal

Gaisuddin, M.; Haq, M.M.; Sarker, N.R.; Rahman, M.L., 1994:
Seasonal incidence of ixodid ticks grown in pasture of Bangladesh

Bhatia, R.; Verma, A., 1994:
Seasonal incidence of major insect pests associated with winter crop of cabbage in Himachal Pradesh

Murthy, J.N.A.; Regupathy, A., 1992:
Seasonal incidence of moringa fruit fly, Gitona sp

Phogat, B.S.; Bhalla, S.; Mal, B., 1994:
Seasonal incidence of stem weevil (Hypolyxus truncatulus) and its effect on growth and grain yield of amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

Boyd, M.L.; Lentz, G.L., 1994:
Seasonal incidence of the cabbage seedpod weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on rapeseed in West Tennessee

Suttle, N.F., 1994:
Seasonal infections and nutritional status

Dwarakinath ; Ramanjaneyulu, Y.V.; Nagaraj, C.R., 1995:
Seasonal infestation of uzi-fly in multivoltine silkworm seed cocoons

Wasnikar, A.R.; Nayak, M.L., 1991:
Seasonal influence on certain bacterial diseases caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola on various betelvine cultivars

Croese, J., 1995:
Seasonal influence on human enteric infection by Ancylostoma caninum

Kefford, B.; Christian, M.P.; Sutherland, B.J.; Mayes, J.J.; Grainger, C., 1995:
Seasonal influences on Cheddar cheese manufacture: influence of diet quality and stage of lactation

Destefano, S.; Brand, C.J.; Samuel, M.D., 1995:
Seasonal ingestion of toxic and nontoxic shot by Canada geese

George, A.P.; Nissen, R.J.; Collins, R.J.; Haydon, G.F., 1995 :
Seasonal leaf nutrient patterns and standard leaf nutrient levels for non-astringent persimmon in subtropical Australia

Sota, T.; Mogi, M., 1994:
Seasonal life cycle and autogeny in the mosquito Aedes togoi in northern Kyushu, Japan, with experimental analysis of the effects of temperature, photoperiod and food on life-history traits

Sedivy, J., 1994:
Seasonal migration of wheat midges, Contarinia tritici (Kirby) and Sitodiplosis mosellana (Gehin), (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae)

Ellies, A.; Ramirez, C.; Figueroa S.H., 1994:
Seasonal morphological changes in the pore space of a Hapludand under different agricultural systems

Xiao, Y., 1995:
Seasonal moulting in adult male raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Guillard, K.; Pietrzyk, S.W.; Cassida, K.A.; Wiedenhoeft, M.H.gemann; Hough, R.L.; Barton, B.A.; Allinson, D.W., 1995:
Seasonal nitrogen and carbohydrate partitioning in forage brassicas

Lytle, C.M.l; Smith, B.N., 1995:
Seasonal nutrient cycling in Potamogeton pectinatus of the lower Provo River

Munson, A.D.; Margolis, H.A.; Brand, D.G., 1995:
Seasonal nutrient dynamics in white pine and white spruce in response to environmental manipulation

Hendricksen, R.E.; Ternouth, J.H.; Punter, L.D., 1994:
Seasonal nutrient intake and phosphorus kinetics of grazing steers in Northern Australia

Suzuki, A.; Tsuda, Y.; Takagi, M.; Wada, Y., 1993:
Seasonal observation on some population attributes of Aedes albopictus females in Nagasaki, Japan, with emphasis on the relation between the body size and the survival

Wen, H.C.; Hao, H.H.; Lin, C.C., 1993:
Seasonal occurrence and chemical control of the citrus red mite (Panonychus citri (McGregor)) on Indian jujube

Ismail, I.I.; Semeada, A.M.; Abd E.S.lam, S.A., 1993:
Seasonal occurrence and host range of the corn leaf aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis Fitch at Giza and Qualubia Governorates

Moravec, F.; Scholz, T., 1994:
Seasonal occurrence and maturation of Neoechinorhynchus rutili (Acanthocephala) in barbel, Barbus barbus (Pisces), of the Jihlava River, Czech Republic

Oskinis, V., 1995:
Seasonal occurrence and maturation of Neoechinorhynchus rutili (Acanthocephala) in carp (Cyprinus carpio) of Lake Spengla

Cartea, M.E.; Malvar, R.A.; Revilla, P.; Ordas, A.; Alvarez, A., 1994:
Seasonal occurrence and response of maize inbred lines to pink stem borer in the northwest of Spain

Kim,; Park, J.D.e.; Choi, D.S.o., 1995:
Seasonal occurrence of Spodoptera exigua in Chonnam Province and a possibility of their control in vinyl house with pheromone traps

Sahoo, B.K.; Jena, B.C.; Behera, P.K., 1993:
Seasonal occurrence of blister beetle on pigeonpea varieties at south coastal districts of Orissa

Ali, M.I., 1992:
Seasonal occurrence of different cotton bollworms on cotton in Bangladesh

Gunasekhar, V.; Philip, T.; Govindaiah ; Sharma, D.D.; Nagaraj, B.; Datta, R.K., 1994:
Seasonal occurrence of foliar fungal and bacterial diseases of mulberry in South India

Gonzalez, C.R., 1993:
Seasonal occurrence of horse flies in the Rio Clarillo National Reserve, central Chile (Diptera: Tabanidae)

Mills, J.T.; White, N.D.G., 1994:
Seasonal occurrence of insects and mites in a Manitoba feed mill

Asante, S.K., 1994:
Seasonal occurrence, development and reproductive biology of the different morphs of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in northern Tablelands of New South Wales

Eloranta, E.; Timisjarvi, J.; Nieminen, M.; Leppaluoto, J.; Vakkuri, O., 1995:
Seasonal onset and disappearance of diurnal rhythmicity in melatonin secretion in female reindeer

Montesinos A.P., 1994:
Seasonal pattern of brood rearing and absconding in managed Africanized bees in Venezuela

Venugopal, B.; Krishnamurthy, K.V., 1994:
Seasonal pattern of cell division in the vascular cambium of some tropical timber trees

Martincova, J., 1990:
Seasonal pattern of electrical conductivity as an indication of the growth activity of plants

Maity, P.K.; Mishra, T.K.; Banerjee, S.K., 1995:
Seasonal pattern of litterfall and nutrient return from different species of Eucalyptus in lateritic region

Rhoades, C., 1995:
Seasonal pattern of nitrogen mineralization and soil moisture beneath Faidherbia albida (syn. Acacia albida) in central Malawi

Lemieux, C.; Quemerais, B.; Lum, K.R., 1995:
Seasonal patterns of atrazine loading for St Lawrence river (Canada) and its tributaries

May, G.M.; Pritts, M.P.; Kelly, M.J., 1994:
Seasonal patterns of growth and tissue nutrient content in strawberries

Hanson, P.J.; Samuelson, L.J.; Wullschleger, S.D.; Tabberer, T.A.; Edwards, G.S., 1994:
Seasonal patterns of light-saturated photosynthesis and leaf conductance for mature and seedling Quercus rubra L. foliage: differential sensitivity to ozone exposure

Pavel, E.W.; DeJong, T.M., 1995:
Seasonal patterns of nonstructural carbohydrates of apple (Malus pumila Mill.) fruits: relationship with relative growth rates and contribution to solute potential

Okano, T.; Nakai, T., 1992:
Seasonal patterns of seedling growth and dry matter partitioning of deciduous broadleaved trees in Hokkaido

Save, R.; Olivella, C.; Biel, C.; Adillon, J.; Rabella, R., 1994:
Seasonal patterns of water relationships, photosynthetic pigments and morphology of Actinidia deliciosa plants of the Hayward and Tomuri cultivars

Byles, D.R., 1995:
Seasonal payments for milk supply

Goodwin, S.G., 1995:
Seasonal phenology and abundance of early-, mid- and long-season bumble bees in southern England, 1985-1989

Truman, C.C.; Gascho, G.J.; Davis, J.G.; Wauchope, R.D., 1993:
Seasonal phosphorus losses in runoff from a coastal plain soil

Ambrogioni, L.; D'errico, F.P.olo, 1994:
Seasonal population dynamics of a cyst forming nematode on carnation in Campania

Khidr, A.A.; Abdo, M.Z.; Kostandy, S.N.; E.F.el, E.A., 1991:
Seasonal population dynamics of the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saund.) as monitored by gossyplure traps

Sulaiman, S.; Omar, B.; Omar, S.; Jeffery, J., 1993:
Seasonal population patterns and parasitizing activities of microhymenopteran parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae, Chalcididae) on filth flies (Diptera: Muscidae, Calliphoridae) in a poultry farm in Malaysia

Nakata, Tadafumi., 1995:
Seasonal population prevalence of aphids with special reference to the production of alatoid nymphs in a potato field in Hokkaido, Japan

Sakurai, H.; Kumada, Y.; Takeda, S., 1993:
Seasonal prevalence and hibernating diapause behaviour in the lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis

Inostroza, R.; Sievers, G.; Roa, J.; Aguirrebena, R., 1993:
Seasonal prevalence and intensity of infection with Ceratothoa gaudichaudii in salmon (Salmo salar) cultured in sea water in southern Chile

Narladkar, B.W.; Shastri, U.V.; Shivuje, P.R., 1993:
Seasonal prevalence of Culicoides spp. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in the Marathwada region

Abdul-Salam, J.; al-Taqui, M., 1995:
Seasonal prevalence of Onchocerca-like microfilaria in camels in Kuwait

Ho, T.M.; Tan, B.H.; Ismail, S.; Bujang, M.K., 1995:
Seasonal prevalence of air-borne pollen and spores in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Yoon, J.H.; Park, H.C.eon; Jung, B.G.n; Sohn,; Park, S.H., 1994:
Seasonal prevalence of mosquitoes collected with light trap at a cow shed in the vicinity of Taegu City, Korea

Nzeako, B.C., 1992:
Seasonal prevalence of protozoan parasites in Nsukka, Nigeria

Nakata, T., 1994:
Seasonal prevalence of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), in a potato field in Hokkaido

Koney, E.B.; Walker, A.R.; Heron, I.D.; Morrow, A.N.; Ambrose, N.C., 1994:
Seasonal prevalence of ticks and their association with dermatophilosis in cattle on the Accra plains of Ghana

Abdul-Salam, J.; Sreelatha, BS.; Ashkanani, H., 1994:
Seasonal prevalence of trematode cercariae in Clypeomorus bifasciata (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) in Kuwait Bay

Valles, B.; Castillo, E.; Hernandez, T., 1992:
Seasonal production of forage legumes in Veracruz, Mexico

Ghilardi, R.J.; Alho, C.J.R., 1990:
Seasonal productivity of forests and activity of foraging animals in Amazonian terra firme habitat

Byres, D.P.; Johnson, J.D.; Dean, T.J., 1992:
Seasonal response to slash pine (Pinus elliottii var. elliottii Engelm.) photosynthesis to long-term exposure to ozone and acidic precipitation

Oliveira, P.C.S.; Trevijano, L.K.G.; Belo, M., 1993:
Seasonal sensitivity of strains of Musca domestica to three types of insecticides

Grondin, A.E.; Johansen, J.R., 1995:
Seasonal succession in a soil algal community associated with a beech-maple forest in northeastern Ohio, USA

Heimler, D.; Pieroni, A.; Cimato, A.; Sani, G.; Tattini, M., 1994 :
Seasonal trend of flavonoids, flavonoid glycosides and biflavonoids in ten olive cultivars

Robinson, C.T.; Minshall, G.W.yne; Van Every, L., 1993:
Seasonal trends and colonization patterns of macroinvertebrate assemblages in two streams with contrasting flow regimes

Mooney, P.A.; Richardson, A.C., 1994:
Seasonal trends in the uptake and distribution of nitrogen in satsuma mandarins

Rai, R.B.; Ahlawat, S.P.S.; Snani, S., 1995:
Seasonal variability in sore characteristics of stephanofilarial dermatitis in Bay Islands

Wulfes, R.; Taube, F.; Kornher, A., 1994:
Seasonal variation in changes of quality parameters of contrasting varieties of Lolium perenne as affected by N supply

Perry, M.A.; Mitchell, R.J.; Zutter, B.R.; Glover, G.R.; Gjerstad, D.H., 1994:
Seasonal variation in competitive effect on water stress and pine responses

Gil, M.J.; Guerrero, F.; Perez Mellado, V., 1994:
Seasonal variation in diet composition and prey selection in the Mediterranean gecko Tarentola mauritanica

Netzer, D.; Hansen, E., 1992:
Seasonal variation in hybrid poplar tolerance to glyphosate

Lazzaro, M.D.; Thomson, W.W., 1995:
Seasonal variation in hydrochloric acid, malic acid, and calcium ions secreted by the trichomes of chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Naidu, C.V.; Swamy, P.M., 1995:
Seasonal variation in leaf relative water content and its relationship with biomass production in some selected deciduous forest tree species

Kasap, M.; Demirhan, O., 1994:
Seasonal variation in lipid amount of malaria vector Anopheles sacharovi

Ryan, J.; Abdel Momen, M.; E.G.arous, M., 1993:
Seasonal variation in nitrogen and phosphorus in a Vertic Calcixeroll: implications for soil testing

Silva, C.M.M. de S.; Faria, C.M.B. de, 1995:
Seasonal variation in nutrient content and nutritive value of tropical forage plants

Palani, M.; Dasthagir, M.G., 1993:
Seasonal variation in nutritive value of Hardwickia binata Roxb

Palani, M.; Dasthagir, M.G., 1993:
Seasonal variation in nutritive value of Peltophorum pterocarpum (DC) Baker ex. K. Heyne

Rao, E.V.S.P.; Rao, R.S.G.; Srinivasaiyer Ramesh, 1995:
Seasonal variation in oil content and its composition in two chemotypes of scented geranium (Pelargonium sp.)

Dowsett, K.F.; Knott, L.M.; Woodward, R.A.; Bodero, D.A.V., 1994:
Seasonal variation in ovarian activity of mares in the subtropics

Rahangdale, S.L.; Dhopte, A.M.; Akarte, M.M.; Bhongle, A.T.; Malkhandale, J.D., 1993:
Seasonal variation in pattern of boll setting in upland cottons in relation to photothermal units under dryland conditions

Westin, J.; Sundblad, L.G.; Hällgren, J.E., 1995:
Seasonal variation in photochemical activity and hardiness in clones of Norway spruce (Picea abies)

Salas Luevano, M.A.; Reyes Villanueva, F., 1994:
Seasonal variation in populations of Aedes aegypti in Monterrey, Mexico

Anindo, D.O.; Potter, H.L., 1994:
Seasonal variation in productivity and nutritive value of Napier grass at Muguga, Kenya

Gibbons, A.E.; Willems, P.; Garcia Vinent, J.C.; Gonzalez, R., 1991:
Seasonal variation in reproductive activity in Australian Merino rams in Patagonia

Yaduvanshi, N.P.S., 1994:
Seasonal variation in salt content of soils irrigated with different quality waters

Lassoued, N.; Khaldi, G., 1994:
Seasonal variation in sexual activity in Queue Fine de l'Ouest (West African) and Thibar ewes

Sugawara, K.; Isawa, T.; Yashima, Y.; Ito, I., 1989:
Seasonal variation in symbiotic nitrogen fixation of white clover

Makinde, J.M.; Awe, S.O.; Salako, L.A., 1994:
Seasonal variation in the antimalarial activity of Morinda lucida on Plasmodium berghei berghei in mice

Guelz, P.G.; Mueller, E., 1992:
Seasonal variation in the composition of epicuticular waxes of Quercus robur leaves

Souza, A.P. de; Serra Freire, N.M., 1994:
Seasonal variation in the free living phase of Amblyomma cajennense and Anocentor nitens in the municipality of Itaguai, Rio de Janeiro: epidemiological and methodological evaluation

Souza, A.P. de; Serra Freire, N.M., 1994:
Seasonal variation in the free living phase of Amblyomma cajennense and Boophilus microplus in the municipality of Paracambi, Rio de Janeiro State

Jorgensen, P.H.; Otte, L.; Bisgaard, M.; Nielsen, O.L., 1995:
Seasonal variation in the incidence of subclinical horizontally transmitted infection with chicken anemia virus in Danish broilers and broiler breeders

Craine, N.G.; Randolph, S.E.; Nuttall, P.A., 1995:
Seasonal variation in the role of grey squirrels as hosts of Ixodes ricinus, the tick vector of the Lyme disease spirochaete, in a British woodland

Ritter, S., 1993:
Seasonal variation in the successful propagation of Spondias purpurea hardwood cuttings

Maxwell, J.D., 1994:
Seasonal variation in vitamin D

Halls, S.C.; Gang, D.R.; Weber, D.J., 1994:
Seasonal variation in volatile secondary compounds of Chrysothamnus nauseosus (Pallas) Britt.; Asteraceae spp. hololeucus (Gray) Hall. & Clem. influences herbivory

Kaur, A.; Bali, H.S.; Duggal, C.L., 1995:
Seasonal variation of anoplocephaline cestodes infection in sheep of Punjab

Gonzalez, M.I.; Egido, J.A.; Santa Regina, A.; Gallardo, J.F., 1993:
Seasonal variation of bioelements in the epipedons of three forest ecosystems of the Sierra de Bejar (Salamanca), Spain

Ali, R.; Hazarika, L.K., 1994:
Seasonal variation of certain morphometrical parameters of rice hispa Dicladispa armigera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Quesada, A.; Sanchez Maeso, E.; Fernandez Valiente, E., 1995:
Seasonal variation of chemical properties of rice field soils from Valencia, Spain

Khanizadeh, S.; Buszard, D.; Zarkadas, C.G., 1994:
Seasonal variation of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and charged amino acids in developing apple flower buds

Ponchner, S.; Rojas, R.; Bornemisza, E., 1993:
Seasonal variation of nutrients in mango (Mangifera indica) trees on three soils of the dry Pacific region of Costa Rica. I. Macronutrients

Gul, Pazir, 1994:
Seasonal variation of oil and menthol content in Mentha arvensis. Linn

Dowd, P.F.; Nelsen, T.C., 1994:
Seasonal variation of sap beetle (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) populations in central Illinois cornfield-oak woodland habitat and potential influence of weather patterns

Korsunskaya, L.P.; Sokoowska, Z.; Hajnos, M.; Jozefaciuk, G., 1995:
Seasonal variation of some soil structure indicators

Stengele, M.; Stahl Biskup, E., 1993:
Seasonal variation of the essential oil of European pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium L.)

Forbes, T.D.A.; Pemberton, I.J.; Smith, G.R.; Hensarling, C.M., 1995:
Seasonal variation of two phenolic amines in Acacia berlandieri

Mingaleva, G.N.; Artem' ev, M.M., 1993:
Seasonal variations in Anopheles numbers in northern Tajikistan

Pande, P.K.; Sharma, S.C., 1994:
Seasonal variations in carbohydrase activities in soils of some tropical plantations

Kabore Zoungrana, C.; Zoungrana, I.; Sawadogo, E., 1994:
Seasonal variations in dry matter production and chemical composition of Andropogon gayanus in Burkina-Faso

Adams, A.M., 1995:
Seasonal variations in energy balance among agriculturalists in central Mali: compromise or adaptation?

Guelz, P.G.; Boor, G., 1992:
Seasonal variations in epicuticular wax ultrastructures of Quercus robur leaves

Ray, P.K.; Sharma, B.B., 1993:
Seasonal variations in evapotranspiration and the crop (water-use) coefficient of young Kinnow trees

Rahman, W.A.; Abdul Rahman, H.; Adanan, C.R., 1993:
Seasonal variations in faecal egg counts and trichostrongyle species of goats

Fathi, M.M.; Zein, A.; E.A.tar, A.H.; Ayoub, H., 1993:
Seasonal variations in feed consumption and conversion as affected by naked neck gene

Tan, Z.; Mclaren, R.G.; Cameron, K.C., 1994:
Seasonal variations in forms of extractable sulfur in some New Zealand soils

Dhar, R.L.; Peerzada, M.Y., 1993:
Seasonal variations in helminth populations of common snow trout Schizothorax niger Hackel of Wular Lake, Kashmir

Brar, H.S.; Gatoria, G.S.; Jhajj, H.S., 1992:
Seasonal variations in honey stored by Apis mellifera Linn. colonies in different agroclimatic regions of the Punjab

Citek, J.; Rehout, V.; Hajic, F.; Kosvanec, K.; Soch, M., 1994:
Seasonal variations in levels of microelements in cow milk

Patra, D.D.; Anwar, M.; Sukhmal Chand; Singh, D.V., 1992:
Seasonal variations in microbial biomass in soil cropped with Japanese mints and Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii)

Cruz Lazo, C.; Fernandez Baca, S.; Alvarez Leon, J.A.; Perez Ramirez, H., 1994:
Seasonal variations in ovulation, fertilization and embryo survival in Tabasco ewes in the humid tropics

Perez, B.; Mateos, E., 1995:
Seasonal variations in plasma testosterone levels in Verata and Malaguena bucks

Pesek, M.; Kral, M.; Vejcik, A.; Kalous, R., 1994:
Seasonal variations in raw milk freezing point in South Bohemia

Ding, C.K.; Chen, Q.F.; Sun, T.L., 1995:
Seasonal variations in the contents of nutrient elements in the leaves and the fruits of Eriobotrya japonica L

Hang, Y.H.; Xu, Z.X.; Wang, G.; Zhou, Y.B., 1992:
Seasonal variations in the contents of six minerals in tea plants

Pesek, M.; Kral, M.; Cermak, B.; Vejcik, A., 1994:
Seasonal variations in the freezing point of raw milk purchased in the Czech Republic

Quesada, A.; Sanchez Maeso, E.; Fernandez Valiente, E., 1995:
Seasonal variations in the physical and chemical characteristics of a shallow water ecosystem, the ricefields of Valencia, Spain

Adrian, U., 1993:
Seasonal variations in the quantity of sedimentation dust in a fattening pig house

Bhargava, S.K., 1995:
Seasonal variations in the silk yield contributing characters of forty-two strains of the silkworm, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

Garriz, P.I.; Egidio, M.A. del; Bartusch, A.M., 1992:
Seasonal variations in the size of Red Delicious apples

Blackburn, G.A.; Milton, E.J., 1995:
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Sedum surculosum and S. jaccardianum (Crassulaceae) share a unique 70 bp deletion in the chloroplast DNA trnL (UAA)-trnG (GAA) intergenic spacer

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Seed 12S globulins in the identification of cabbage cultivars

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Seed Satyagraha

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Seed bank as a resource for reconverting fertile meadows to extensively managed, species-rich grassland?

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Seed certification and control in Spain and Germany

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Seed damage of tree Terminalia arjuna Bedd. by roseringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri (Scopali))

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Seed discolouration of rice: location of inoculum and influence on nutritional value

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Seed disinfection of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) from Alternaria Nees

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Seed dispersal and distribution of seedlings and saplings in Castanopsis cuspidata var. sieboldii forest at its northern limit

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Seed dispersal and predation by small rodents on the herbaceous understory plant Symplocarpus renifolius

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Seed dispersal by vervet monkeys in rehabilitating coastal dune forests at Richards Bay

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Seed dormancy and germination mechanisms in Eremophila (Myoporaceae)

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Seed dormancy and tissue culture response in wheat

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Seed dormancy in common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.)

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Seed Dormancy in Red Rice (Oryza sativa) (IX. Embryo Fructose-2,6-Bisphosphate during Dormancy Breaking and Subsequent Germination)

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Seed dormancy in some genotypes of finger millet (Eleusine coracana)

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Seed dormancy in two Medicago species typical of natural pastures of Ragusa plateau

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Seed dormancy of rice cultures

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Seed dormancy period in winter durum wheat varieties

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Seed dressing - obsolete routine treatment or the basis of economic grain cultivation?

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Seed drills for vegetable growers

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Seedling vigour and rhizome development in Trifolium ambiguum M. Bieb. (Caucasian clover) as affected by density of companion grasses, fertility, drought and defoliation in the first year

Hur, S.N.; Nelson, C.J.; Beuselinck, P.R.; Coutts, J.H., 1994:
Seedling vigour of birdsfoot trefoil entries differing in seed size

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Seedling vigour of some Leucaena spp. and their hybrids

Kang, J.H.; Brink, G.E.; Rowe, D.E., 1995:
Seedling white clover response to defoliation

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Seedlings from large seeds tolerate defoliation better: a test using phylogenetically independent contrasts

Ibarra Manriquez, G., 1992:
Seedlings of Ficus subgenus Pharmacosycea in Veracruz, Mexico

Johnsen, O.; Kohmann, K., 1994:
Seedlings of Norway spruce (Picea abies) lose some frost tolerance during winter cold storage

Barrera Torres, E., 1992:
Seedlings of some native and acclimatized woody plants in the andino woods, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Krishnapillay, B.; Marzalina, M.; Haris Mohd, 1993:
Seeds and fruits of some common tropical species used as medicine by folk healers

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Seeds of Kosteletzkya virginica (Malvaceae); their germination and salt tolerance

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Seeds of Puerto Rican trees and shrubs: second installment

Pickett, F.B.; Meeks-Wagner, D.R., 1995:
Seeing double: appreciating genetic redundancy

Terzaghi, W.B.; Cashmore, A.R., 1995:
Seeing the light in plant development

Bouyer, P.H., 1995:
Seeing, reflection, action: GRAAP: a means of enabling rural people to analyse, interpret and take decisions about their world

Kato, T., 1994:
Seeking coexistence with small tree-farmers: the case of PICOP in Mindanao

Gutte, P., 1995:
Segetal and ruderal plant communities in residential areas of the Kallawaya (Bolivian Andes)

Il' ichev, A.L., 1992:
Segeton - the food attractant of Agrotis segetum

Birthal, P.S.; Singh, R.P., 1993:
Segmentation and interest rate in rural credit markets: some evidence from eastern Uttar Pradesh, India

Gabriel, G.E.; Cornfield, D.B., 1995:
Segmentation and standardization of income determination in developing nations: an analysis of urban-rural differences in income determinants in Sri Lanka

Shatadal, P.; Jayas, D.S.; Bulley, N.R., 1994:
Segmentation of connected cereal grain images

Navarro, R.L.J.; Turco, D.M., 1994:
Segmentation of the visiting friends and relatives travel market

Havitz, M.E.; Dimanche, F.; Bogle, T., 1994:
Segmenting the adult fitness market using involvement profiles

Bason, M.L.; Zounis, S.; Ronalds, J.A.; Wrigley, C.W., 1995:
Segregating red and white wheat visually and with a tristimulus colour meter

Whittemore, A.S.; Gong, G., 1994:
Segregation analysis of case-control data using generalized estimating equations

Paredes, O.M.; Gepts, P., 1995:
Segregation and recombination in inter-gene pool crosses of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Ilchovska, M.; Khristov, K., 1995:
Segregation for the gene Yellow in transformants of maize

Mitnik, L.; Heller, C.; Prost, J.; Viovy, J.L., 1995:
Segregation in DNA solutions induced by electric fields

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Segregation of molecular markers in hybrid population derived from a japonica x indica cross of rice

Greif, G.; Pevetz, W., 1994:
Segregation processes in the cultivated landscape. Definition of a research module for the research initiative 'Sustainable development of Austrian cultivated landscapes'

Slatkin, M.; Lande, R., 1994:
Segregation variance after hybridization of isolated populations

Sharma, S.K., 1993:
Seismonastic movement of stamens of Opuntia dillenii

Dunigan, C.E.; Oglesbee, M.J.; Podell, M.; Mitten, L.A.; Reed, S.M., 1995:
Seizure activity associated with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

Podell, M.; Fenner, W.R.; Powers, J.D., 1995:
Seizure classification in dogs from a nonreferral-based population

Balisacan, A.M., 1994:
Selected Asian experiences on agrarian reform: some lessons

Andreini, R., 1994:
Selected and traditional cultures for Italian cheeses

Gostynska Jakuszewska, M.; Lekavicius, A., 1994:
Selected boreal and subboreal species of vascular plants in the flora of Poland and Lithuania. Part II

Anonymous, 1995:
Selected countries' Uruguay Round commitments for tobacco

Moomaw, R.S., 1995:
Selected cover crops established in early soybean growth stage

Johnson, S.H.I.I., 1995:
Selected experiences with irrigation management transfer: economic implications

Power, H.T.; Ihrke, P.J., 1995:
Selected feline eosinophilic skin diseases

Fernandez, R., 1993:
Selected forest reproductive material in France: a critical analysis

Sekowski, B., 1992:
Selected forms of angiosperms. Part R-T

Antoniou, V.; Zantopoulos, N.; Tsoukali-Papadopoulou, H., 1995:
Selected heavy metal concentrations in goat liver and kidney

Wojcikowska Soroczynska, M.; Sztych, D., 1994:
Selected microelements in wool of Polish sheep

Markiewicz, K.; Zadernowski, R.; Nowak Polakowska, H.; Lossow, B.; Markiewicz, E., 1993:
Selected mineral components of rapeseed oil

E.S.wi, N.M.; Abdel Nasser, M.; Abu Amra, E.; Seddek, A.S., 1994:
Selected minerals in meat, liver, fat and kidney in buffaloe and cattle in Assiut, Egypt

Chen, Y.; Robinson, W.S.; Marion, P.L., 1994:
Selected mutations of the duck hepatitis B virus P gene RNase H domain affect both RNA packaging and priming of minus-strand DNA synthesis

Anonymous, 1994:
Selected papers from the Seventh International Symposium on Iron Nutrition in Soils and Plants, June 27-July 2, 1993, Zaragoza, Spain

Anonymous, 1995:
Selected papers from the Third International Symposium on plant-soil interactions at low pH

Tregaskis, K.L.; Prathapar, S.A., 1994:
Selected papers researching the effects of salinity and waterlogging on crops within the Murray Basin

Krajcovicová-Kudlácková, M.; Simoncic, R.; Béderová, A.; Ondreicka, R.; Klvanová, J., 1994:
Selected parameters of lipid metabolism in young vegetarians

Lee, A.; Bai, X.P.ralta, P., 1994:
Selected physical and mechanical properties of giant timber bamboo grown in South Carolina

Hubbard, C.M.; Weller, C.L.; Jones, D.D., 1994:
Selected physical properties of jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica Host.)

Mieszkalski, L., 1993:
Selected physical properties of the stems of leguminous plants from the point of view of combine harvesting

Szoszkiewicz, J., 1994:
Selected plant communities of marshy grasslands around Jamno Lake

Davis, M.A.; Jardine, D.J.; Todd, T.C., 1994:
Selected pre-emergent herbicides and soil pH effect on seedling blight of grain sorghum

Oleksiak, T., 1994:
Selected problems in the organization of seed production, registration of varieties and protection of breeders' rights in some countries

Suchta, J.; Wasniewski, R., 1994:
Selected problems of ownership change in the state agricultural sector, as exemplified by Poland's north-eastern region

Spawa Neyman, S., 1994:
Selected properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) wood in dependence upon forest stand type and age of the trees

Mcnatt, J.; Myers, G., 1993:
Selected properties of commercial high-density hardboards

Molinski, W.; Raczkowski, W.M.J., 1993:
Selected properties of grand fir (Abies grandis Lindl.) wood of domestic origin (preliminary investigations)

Szoszkiewicz, K.; Szoszkiewicz, J., 1994:
Selected reed communities in the valley of the middle Notec river

Abou Hadid, A.F.; E.B.ltagy, A.S.; Gaafer, S.A.; Youssef, S.M., 1993:
Selected soilless media for greenhouse crop seedlings: 1. Tomato

Steiner, I.; Hruschka, G.; Washuttl, J.; Kroyer, G., 1993:
Selected vitamin B complex in food after conventional preparation and microwave treatment

Kramer, Koen, 1994:
Selecting a model to predict the onset of growth of Fagus sylvatica

Garrett, K.A., 1995:
Selecting a sampling method for weed densities: the case of weed removal in strips

Greene, S.L.; Bohning, M., 1993:
Selecting accessions from the United States Lotus germplasm collection

Jagtenberg, C.J.; Scheppingen, A.T.J. van, 1994 :
Selecting animals for AMS. Adaptability of the Automatic Milking System makes demands on the cow

Chauhan, V.P.S.; Kumar, V.; Singh, B.P., 1994:
Selecting bull calves for progeny testing

Carter, B.; Batte, M., 1994:
Selecting delivery methods for outreach education programs

Swanepoel, F.J.C.; Lubout, P.C., 1994:
Selecting for fertility in cattle in tropical and sub-tropical environments

Abdullah, M.; Akram, M.; Khan, W.A.; Davidson, N.J., 1993:
Selecting halophytic shrubs for the Cholistan desert

Haas, A.O. de; Bond, R.S., 1993:
Selecting mosaic resistant sugarcane varieties for the Natal midlands

Poulsen, P.R., 1995:
Selecting packaging systems

Cheung, K.C.; Venkitachalam, T.H.; Scott, W.D., 1994:
Selecting soil amendment materials for removal of phosphorus

Dangi, O.P.; Lin, C.S.; Andre, D.; Johnson, J.J.; Hamilton, R.I., 1994:
Selecting stable and high-yielding sorghum cultivars for the semi-arid tropics

Bulygin, Y.E., 1992:
Selecting the number of characteristics and properties for integrated evaluation of woody plants

Pellett, Harold, 1994:
Selecting trees for cold climates

Guenoche, A.; Vandeputte Riboud, B.; Denis, J.B., 1994:
Selecting varieties using a series of trials and a combinatorial ordering method

John, C.K.; Joshi, M.S.; Nadgauda, R.S.; Mascarenhas, A.F., 1994:
Selection - a valuable method for bamboo improvement

James, S.H.; Kennington, W.J.son, 1993:
Selection against homozygotes and resource allocation in the mating system of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh

Zhou YuZhi; Han GuiYun; Q.Y.Chen; Liu Chen; H.X.ngYuan, 1994:
Selection and application of superior ectomycorrhizal fungal strains from Larix spp

Chen, Z.U.; Wang, T.C.; Xie, X.Y.; Wu, J.S., 1993:
Selection and breeding for a new Narcissus cultivar `Pingtan Narcissus 8189'

Rao, I.M.; Zeigler, R.S.; Vera, R.; Sarkarung, S., 1993:
Selection and breeding for acid-soil tolerance in crops

Delabays, N.; Benakis, A.; Collet, G., 1993:
Selection and breeding for high artemisinin (qinghaosu) yielding strains of Artemisia annua

Chen, H.X.; Liu, F.L.; Zhao, Y.Z., 1994:
Selection and breeding of Zhong Zhi 9 - a new black-seedcoated sesame cultivar with superior quality

Horta de Sa, N.M.; Scotti, M.R.M.M.L.; Paiva, E.; Franco, A.A.; Dobereiner, J., 1993:
Selection and characterization of Rhizobium spp. strains stable and capable in fixing nitrogen in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Ichinose, K.; Che FangSik; Kimura, Y.; Matsunobu, A.K.; Sato, F.; Yoshida, S. , 1995:
Selection and characterization of protophyrinogen oxidase inhibiting herbicide (S23142) resistant photomixotrophic cultured cells of Nicotiana tabacum

Hu, J.P.; Wang, J.; Lu, W.; Weng, J.Q.; Xu, B.; Lu, B.R., 1995:
Selection and crossing of lean-type pig lines

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Selection and cultivation of cellulose- and lignin-degrading fungi

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Selection and development of livestock production systems: some lessons of selection of dairy sheep in Corsica

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Selection and domestication of indigenous edible plants among food gatherers in eastern Ecuador

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Selection and evaluation of a criterion of agrolandscape tolerance for erosion on the basis of computer technology

Eccher Zerbini, P.; Spada, G.L.; Liverani, C., 1994:
Selection and experimental use of colour charts as a maturity index for peach and nectarine harvesting

Sun, D.F. et al., 1995:
Selection and genetic analysis of nucleo-cytoplasmic male sterile line 88BCMS in barley

Endo, H.; Hara, T.; Fukui, H., 1994:
Selection and germination of tomato seeds

Centurion, M.A.P.C.; Kimati, H., 1994:
Selection and identification of antagonistic microorganisms to bean rust (Uromyces phaseoli)

Oger, R., 1994:
Selection and interpretation of nitrogen fertilizer response functions for cereals

Suwanwong Surawattananon, S., 1994:
Selection and mechanism of tolerance to herbicides inhibiting amino acid metabolism in carrot cell suspension culture

Shu, Q.Y.; Xia, Y.W.; Wu, X.F.; Wu, R.X.; Jiang, R.H., 1994:
Selection and observation of photoperiod/temperature-sensitive genic male-sterile rice Xinguang S

Zhang, B.H.; Li, X.L.; Li, F.L., 1993:
Selection and plant regeneration of NaCl-tolerant variant of cotton callus in vitro

Fimbel, R.; Fimbel, C.; Kuser, J., 1995:
Selection and processing of serotinous pitch pine cones

Rekhif, N.A.rih, A.L.febvre, G., 1994:
Selection and properties of spontaneous mutants of Listeria monocytogenes ATCC 15313 resistant to different bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria strains

Song, H.S.; Lim, S.M.; Widholm, J.M., 1994:
Selection and regeneration of soybeans resistant to the pathotoxic culture filtrates of Septoria glycines

Zhao, Y.; Kang, M.S.; Wan, F.Q., 1994:
Selection and storage of cotton seeds

Cabria, F.N.; Culot, J.P., 1994:
Selection and use of soil characteristics for the classification of Argiudoll series in southeast Buenos Aires

Xin, J.W.; Liu, M.C.; Han, Q.X.; Lu, Z.Z., 1994:
Selection and utilization of vegetable soyabean cultivar Luqingdou 1

Leithold, B., 1993:
Selection between and within progeny from wheat crosses for quality, based on NIT crude-protein analysis

Zhao, Yuguang; Fernandez, George C.J.; Bowman, Daniel C.; Nowak, Robert S., 1994:
Selection criteria for drought-resistance breeding in turfgrass

Landi, P.; Conti, S., 1992:
Selection criteria for tolerance to low temperatures during the initial growth phases in maize (Zea mays L.)

Bhat, B.V.; Shariff, R.A., 1994:
Selection criteria in finger millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.)

Liu, W.; Liu, Y.; Duan, Y.; Wu, A., 1993:
Selection effect of resistant soyabeans on the race 3 of soyabean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines

Balocchi, C.; Bridgwater, F.; Bryant, R., 1994:
Selection efficiency in a nonselected population of loblolly pine

Prakash, B.G.; Sarkar, A.; Chaturvedi, H.K., 1994:
Selection environment in mulberry (Morus spp.) by joint scoring of yield and its components

Nielsen, M.K., 1994:
Selection experiments for reproductive rate in mice

Fuxa, J.R.; Abot, A.R.; Moscardi, F.; Sosa Gomez, D.R.; Richter, A.R., 1993:
Selection for Anticarsia gemmatalis resistance to NPV, and susceptibility of field populations to the virus

Garcia Agustin, P.; Primo Millo, E., 1994 :
Selection for NaCl tolerance of Troyer citrange

Konovalov, A.A., 1994:
Selection for allelic variants of alcohol dehydrogenase in inbred and hybrid progenies of sugarbeet

Lee, S.T.; Liu, H.Y.; Lee, S.P.; Tarn, C., 1994:
Selection for arsenite resistance causes reversible changes in minicircle composition and kinetoplast organization in Leishmania mexicana

Irawati, 1994:
Selection for cold hardiness sweet potatoes from Baliem valley by in vitro culture

Peever, T.L.; Brants, A.; Bergstrom, G.C.; Milgroom, M.G., 1994:
Selection for decreased sensitivity to propiconazole in experimental field populations of Stagonospora nodorum (syn. Septoria nodorum)

Kherialla, K.A.; Mahdy, E.E.; Dawood, R.A., 1993:
Selection for early heading and correlated response in grain yield and its components of spring wheat

Bebber, J. van; Mercer, J.T., 1994:
Selection for efficiency in broilers: a comparison of residual feed intake with feed conversion ratio

Marks, H.L., 1994:
Selection for eight-week body weight in two randombred chicken populations under altered water to feed ratios. 1. Selection responses

Johnson, D.A.; Asay, K.H., 1994:
Selection for enhanced seedling establishment in cool-season range grasses

Albrecht, S.; Mollers, C.; Robbelen, G., 1994:
Selection for fatty acid composition in microspore-derived embryoids (MDE) of rapeseed, Brassica napus (L.)

Bellows, R.A.; Staigmiller, R.B., 1994:
Selection for fertility

Bordas, A.; Tixier Boichard, M., 1994:
Selection for food utilisation: responses and genetic correlations between traits of males and females

Oliveira, P.R.D. de; Paim, N.R.; Czermainski, A.B.C., 1993:
Selection for forage yield and quality in Crioula alfalfa

Benitez Riquelme, I., 1994:
Selection for grain size in F3 bulk families of wheat

Pornprom, T.; Usui, K.; Ishizuka, K., 1994:
Selection for herbicide tolerance in soybean using cell suspension culture

Reddy, Y.A.N.; Sheshshayee, M.S.; Shaanker, R.U.; Virupakshappa, K.; Prasad, T.G., 1994:
Selection for high canopy assimilation rate is a good strategy to increase productivity in sunflower

Marks, H.L., 1995:
Selection for high eight-week body weight in normal and dwarf chickens under high-protein and high-energy diets

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