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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2699

Chapter 2699 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698020

Singh, B. K.; Misra, N. M.; Rawat, N. S., 1994: Sorption characteristics of phenols on fly ash and impregnated fly ash

Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698022

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698026

Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698027

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698034

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698040

Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698041

Bartoszewicz, J., 1995: Sorption of phosphate ions by muck soil

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698049

Fuwape, J. A., 1992: Sorption properties of wood-cement particleboard as influenced by cement/wood ratio

Seeda, M. A.; Khater, A.; Salem, N.; Rasheed, M., 1992: Sorption studied of arsenic by soils irrigated with sewage sludges

Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698052

Sundaram, K. M. S.; Curry, J.; Landmark, M., 1995: Sorptive behavior of the neem-based biopesticide, azadirachtin, in sandy loam forest

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698056

Palta, J. P., 1994: Sorting genes controlling freezing stress resistance. Strategy for moving desired traits by merging physiological and genetic approaches

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698078

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698087

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698092

Menard, J. L.; Sanaa, M., 1994: Sources and prevention of contamination of raw milk by Listeria monocytogenes

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698135

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698149

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698153

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698155

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698162

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698200

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Section 3, Chapter 2699, Accession 002698244

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