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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2704

Chapter 2704 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jiang, Z.Q.; Wu, J.T.; Zhang, L.Y., 1993:
Studies on the formation of biotype of the brown planthopper (BPH), Nilaparvata lugens

Sung, K.C.; Kim, C.S., 1991:
Studies on the formation of forest product's price in Korea

Lazary, S.; Marti, E.; Szalai, G.; Gaillard, C.; Gerber, H., 1994:
Studies on the frequency and associations of equine leucocyte antigens in sarcoid and summer dermatitis

Symmangk, M., 1993:
Studies on the fungal flora of elder (Sambucus nigra) woods in southeast Germany

He, P.C.; Zhang, Y.L., 1994:
Studies on the gametophytic development and cleistogamy of grapes

Wu, M.C.; Wung, L.C.; Kuo, C.C.; Chang, F.S.; Chen, S.Y., 1995:
Studies on the gelatinization degree of corn starch on the performance of piglets

Yang, W.G., 1994:
Studies on the genetic correlation of important traits and classification of restorer lines of sorghum

Zhou, W.C.; Zhao, Y.H.; Zou, M.L.; Wang, S.; Wang, S.W.; Gu, M.H., 1993:
Studies on the genetic effects of Rht3 gene in wheat

Oliveira, D.L. de; Araujo, A.M. de, 1992:
Studies on the genetics and ecology of Heliconius erato (Lepidoptera; Nymphalidae). IV. Effective size and variability of the red raylets in natural populations

Huang, J.W.; Sun, S.K.; Maa, H.Y., 1992:
Studies on the genus Fusarium of Taiwan (1)

Guo, Y.L.; Liu, X.J., 1992:
Studies on the genus Pseudocercospora in China VI

Zhang, G.X.; Zhang, W.Y.; Zhong, T.S.; Tian, S.B., 1993:
Studies on the genus Thripsaphis Gillette from China (Homoptera: Drepanosiphidae)

Ismail, B.S.; Shukri, M.S.; Juraimi, A.S., 1994:
Studies on the germination of mission grass (Pennisetum polystachion (L.) Schultes) seeds

Kircher, W.; Trunk, R., 1994:
Studies on the germinative behaviour of several endangered arable wild plants

Wang RenXiang; Shen MeiJuan, 1993:
Studies on the germplasm of fudijian pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Seo, S., 1992:
Studies on the grassland development in the forest. XII. Effect of nitrogen fertilizer application on nitrate nitrogen concentration and water soluble carbohydrate content of grasses by growing season and growth stage under shading condition

Seo, S., 1993:
Studies on the grassland development in the forest. XIII. Effect of potassium fertilization on grass production, nutritive value and nitrate nitrogen concentration by growing season and growth stage under shading conditions

Remund, U.; Boller, E., 1995:
Studies on the green vine cicadellid in eastern Switzerland

Gao, L.P.; Tao, H.Z.; Xia, T.; Cheng, Z.Y.; Cheng, S.Z., 1994:
Studies on the growth and development of Actinidia fruit

Banerjee, A.; Singh, K.; Majumdar, S.K., 1993:
Studies on the growth and development of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Linn.) and lesser grain borer, Rhizopertha dominica (Fab.) in maize treated with organic acids

Qasim, M.; Ahmad, K.; Shah, N.Z.hir; Razaullah, 1994:
Studies on the growth and nodulation in some kharif legumes and their effects on soil properties

Shanmughavel, P.; Francis, K., 1993:
Studies on the growth of Bambusa bambos at Kallipatty, Tamil Nadu

Xu, H.Y.; Chen, Z.S., 1994:
Studies on the growth of I-69 poplar plantations at different spacings

Kim, T.H.; Chung, J.H.; Lee, C.H.; Koo, K.S.; Lee, W.K.; Kang, I.A.; Kim, S.I., 1991:
Studies on the growth of major tree species by forest soil types

Ando, M.; Nakane, I.; Kawanabe, S., 1991:
Studies on the growth of planted stands in Kyoto University Forest in Ashiu. III. History of tree introduction into Ashiu and the growth of several planted exotic tree species

Lin, X.Q.; Chen, H.Q.; Li, F.L.; Shi, H.S.; Chai, Y.F.; Tao, F.Z.; Liang, L.P., 1992:
Studies on the growth rhythm of summer soyabeans yielding 200 kg/mu in the Heze area

Lin JiaBao; Chen HuoYing; Lin GuanJian, 1995:
Studies on the heredity of nitrate content in spinach

Rasool, T.J.; Bhat, P.P.; Dechamma, H.J.; Kumar, S.; Bhat, P.N., 1995 :
Studies on the heterochromatin content among zebu and taurus cattle detected by C-binding technique

Yu, Y.; Lian, W.N., 1991:
Studies on the histochemistry and ultrastructure of experimental liver amoebiasis

Sun, J.H.; Wang, Z.Y.; Lian, W.N.; Liu, S.L., 1993:
Studies on the histochemistry of Culex tritaeniorhynchus larvae infected with Coelomomyces indica

Islam, S.; Rahman, R.; Quayum, M.A., 1993:
Studies on the histopathological effects of gamma radiation on the hindgut of adult Dermestes maculatus DeGeer (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)

Varghese, M.A.; Jagadish, S.; Bhalerao, D.P., 1994:
Studies on the hospital incidence of dermatitis in dogs in Bombay

Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, S.C., 1994:
Studies on the host-range and incidence of Hyalomma (H.) dromedarii Koch, 1844

Lei, C.L.; Zong, L.B.; Zhong, C.Z.; Shu, C.Y.; Liu, T.Y., 1994:
Studies on the host-searching kairomone of Ephedrus plagiator (Ness)

Lin, Y.X.; Qin, W.Y.; Luo, Z.W., 1993:
Studies on the hybrid breeding of Freesia

Peter, C.; David, BV., 1993:
Studies on the hyperparasites of Diaphania indica (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) through Apanteles taragamae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Pundarikakshudu, K.; Gray, A.I.; Furman, B.L., 1994:
Studies on the hypoglycaemic activity of Galega officinalis (goat's rue)

Lei ZhenSheng; Lin ZuoJi, 1994:
Studies on the ideotype characters of winter wheat in Huanghuai wheat region

Zhen RongFen; Xue CaiFang; Zhang RongQing; Chen BaiHong; Mei Dan, 1995:
Studies on the immune response and the role of IL-2 and IFN- gamma in immune regulation in mice infected with Plasmodium yoelii of erythrocyte stage

Nair, S.P.; Sen, A.K., 1994:
Studies on the immune response of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine type Asia-1 in pregnant ewes, lambs and evaluation of type O vaccine by challenge

Nair, S.P., 1995:
Studies on the immune response to type 'O' foot and mouth disease vaccine in pregnant ewes and lambs born out of them

Xie MingQuan et al., 1994:
Studies on the immunogenicity of merozoites of Eimeria tenella

Sharma, R.S.; Narsimhan, M.V.V.L., 1993:
Studies on the impact of bio-environmental restraints, radical treatment and malathion spray on DDT and dieldrin resistant females of Anopheles culicifacies Giles, 1901 (Diptera: Culicidae) in reducing malaria parasite index in Faridabad District, Haryana State, India

Tan Yi;, 1993:
Studies on the impact of deltamethrin on the life span of three anopheline mosquitoes

Yu, C.L., 1992:
Studies on the impregnation of wood with melamine-formaldehyde resin

Iwao, T.; Fang, W.; Im, G.; Takeyama, K.; Fujiura, T.; Asao, T., 1993:
Studies on the improvement of aquaculture systems (I). The performance of dissolved oxygen supplying nozzle

Tian, J.X.; Hu, J.W.; Li, Y.C.; Lu, H.Q., 1992:
Studies on the improvement of farm rodents control method in the unirrigated area of the Huabei Plain

Chen, S.C.; Shieh, C.K.; Shih, Y.S.; Chang, F.S.; Chen, S.Y., 1993:
Studies on the improvement of milk replacer for piglets

Ge, Y.X.; Wei, J.L.; Lu, M.Y.; Wei, J.K., 1994:
Studies on the in vitro culture of immature embryos of homonuclear-heterocytoplasmic maize lines

Yang, Q.; Xu, X.J.; Liu, G.; Sun, Q.; Han, Y.; Xu, L.; Xia, P.; Qian, R.; Song, X.; Qin, P., 1994:
Studies on the in vitro fertilization in cattle

Lo, S.F.; Liao, C.H., 1993:
Studies on the in vitro maintenance techniques of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) I. Influence of carbon source

Shwakat, M.E.; Awad, F.I.; Abdel Halim, M.M.; E.S.yed, M.; Afify, M., 1994:
Studies on the incidence and changes associated with abomasal nematodes in sheep

Sheikh, K.M.; Bajwa, M.N.; Rashid, A.; Mahmood, T., 1995:
Studies on the incidence of bacterial leaf spot of mango caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferae-indicae in Multan region and its sensitivity to various chemicals

Stroe, E.; Craciun, T.; Nicolae, I., 1993:
Studies on the induction of variability in soyabean by gene transfer

Ailincai, C.; Ailincai, D.; Bucur, D., 1994:
Studies on the influence of crop rotations and fertilizers on yields of wheat and maize and some agrochemical indices in the soil

Onisie, T.; Timariu, G.; Jitareanu, G., 1993:
Studies on the influence of different fertilizer rates on yields of Phaseolus and maize grown together on sloping land subject to erosion

Naplava, V.; Weingartmann, H.; Boxberger, J., 1994:
Studies on the influence of drying and processing on maize seed quality. 1. Mechanical damage

Onisie, T.; Timariu, G.; Jitareanu, G., 1994:
Studies on the influence of fertilizers on yields of soyabeans and maize, intercropped on sloping land

Chen, Q.Y.; Qian, Z.Q., 1994:
Studies on the influence of floating mulch on soil, air temperatures and the growth of vegetable

Ramachandra, C.; Shivaraj, B.; Gowda, A., 1993:
Studies on the influence of intercrops grown for forage and seed on the seed yield and quality of fodder maize

Sopinska, A.; Lutnicka, H.; Guz, L., 1994:
Studies on the influence of levamisole in carps after chronic intoxication with nitrogen compounds

Schmidt, G.H.; Othman, K.S.A., 1994:
Studies on the influence of pheromones on the reproduction of virgin and mated females of the acridid Aiolopus thalassinus (Fabr.) (Insecta, Orthoptera, Acrididae)

Schiemann, R.; Hennig, A.; Jentsch, W.; Ludke, H., 1993:
Studies on the influence of phosphorus supply on the energy metabolism of growing pigs

Zhao, H.; Lu, S.Y.; Li, Z.Z., 1994:
Studies on the inheritance and variability of high molecular weight glutenin subunits and their correlation with quality and other agronomic characters in wheat

Kim, W.C.; Ko, K.C., 1993:
Studies on the inheritance of major characters in oriental pear cultivars (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai and P. pyrifolia X P. ussuriensis). 3. The inheritance of fruit characteristics concerned with sensory characteristics of fruit firmness, soluble solids, pH, astringency, and oxidative browning

Pan, J.J.; Zhang, T.Z.; Kuai, B.; Guo, X.P.; Wang, M., 1994:
Studies on the inheritance of resistance to Verticillium dahliae in cotton

Saavedra del Rio, M.; Melero Vara, J.M.; Fernandez Martinez, J.M., 1994:
Studies on the inheritance of sunflower resistance to Orobanche cernua Loefl

Chen, Z.; Chen,; Hou, Q.M., 1993:
Studies on the inheritance of the resistance of 4 somaclonal mutant lines of rice to blast

Takemura, Y.; Ju-ichi, M.; Ito, C.; Furukawa, H.; Tokuda, H., 1995:
Studies on the inhibitory effects of some acridone alkaloids on Epstein-Barr virus activation

Zhao, Z.M.; Liu, Y.H.; Zhang, C.L., 1994:
Studies on the insect community structures in vegetable fields adopting different cropping systems in the suburbs of Chongqing City

Yadav, LB.; Rizvi, SMA., 1994:
Studies on the insect pests of wasteland plantations at Faizabad (India)

Yadav, L.B.; Rizvi, S.M.A., 1995:
Studies on the insect-pests of lime, Citrus aurantifolia Swinh. in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Yasudomi, N.; Usui, M.; Osaki, N.; Aoki, Y.; Umetsu, N., 1994:
Studies on the insecticidal properties of benfuracarb against the brown rice planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Hemiptera: Delphacidae)

Bang JongRyeol; Lee HyungRae; Kim JeongHa, 1993:
Studies on the insecticide resistance of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.). I. Comparisons of toxicity by bioassay

Bang JongRyeol; Lee HyungRae; Kim JeongWha, 1993:
Studies on the insecticide resistance of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.). II. Resistant development and cross resistance

Bang, J.R.; Kim, J.W.; Lee, H.R., 1993:
Studies on the insecticide resistance of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.). III. Comparison of esterase activity

Chen, X.E.; Gao, J.C., 1992:
Studies on the inspection of rice pests preyed upon by spiders

Wang TingZheng; L.J.nGang; Zhang JuXiang; Yang HongLiang; Liu Su; Nin ZhengDong; Wang Qiang, 1993:
Studies on the integrated control of the Gansu zokor and Chinese zokor on the loess plateau

Cheng Fang; Wang YanJun; L.X.Xian, 1995:
Studies on the integrated database of wood information system

Gao, G.Z.; Ling, J.B.; Lu, J.R.; Lu, Q.G.; Dai, Y.W., 1994:
Studies on the intelligent neutron moisture gauge

Ruess, F.; Stosser, R., 1993:
Studies on the intercellular system of apple fruit by digital image processing methods

Lee, H.B.m; Lee, S.Y.ul; Hong, C.K.; Kim, D.Y.ul; Huh, B.L.ang; Kim, D.R.e, 1992:
Studies on the intercropping system on the established sesame field

Lee, Y.H.; Park, B.H., 1993:
Studies on the interspecific and intergeneric hybridization in herbage grasses. III. Isolation and culture of protoplasts from cultured cells of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.)

Chen JianYe; Ning YuXia; Zhao CuiHua; Ning YuTing; L.Z.enQing, 1995:
Studies on the isoperoxidase of Osmanthus fragrans varieties in Henan

Spakulová, M.; Králová, I.; Cutillas, C., 1994:
Studies on the karyotype and gametogenesis in Trichuris muris

Bian, X.; Cai, H.; Li, Q.; Ning, S., 1993:
Studies on the karyotypes of 10 species of birds

Lu, H.F.; Zhou, L.H.; Gu, Z.J.; Xia, L.F., 1993:
Studies on the karyotypes of five species of Camellia

Wei, J.C.; Wang, R.L.; Cheng, G.Y., 1994:
Studies on the kinetic properties of ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase from F1 hybrid rice

Kim, J.W., 1994:
Studies on the lactose intolerance of Koreans

Zhang JianHua; Chen HueYing; Jin XingLong, 1995:
Studies on the leaf arrangement characteristics at the late stamen development stage in popcorn

Basak, A.B.; Mridha, M.A.U.; Jalil, M.A., 1992:
Studies on the leaf spot disease of Piper betel L. caused by Colletotrichum piperis Petch

Padmavathi, P.; Mallaiah, K.V.; Rao, A.S., 1993:
Studies on the leaf spot of chilli

Rajashekhargouda, R.; Yelshetty, S.; Devaiah, M.C., 1992:
Studies on the life-history of Archips micaceana Walker (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a pest of mulberry

Guan, L.; Xu, Y.X.; Zuo, X.P.; Zhang, S.; Chai, J.J., 1994:
Studies on the living environment of great gerbil and its natural infection of Leishmania and sandfly vectors in north Xinjiang, China

Bai, Q.; Liu, G.Y.; Zhou, J.Y., 1993:
Studies on the long-term storage method at ultra low-temperature for trypanosomes

Sato, K., 1992:
Studies on the macropore structure of soils formed by grass roots: 2. The morphology of the macropores in the Inner Mongolia steppe soil determined by X-ray and contrast media

Sato, K.; Tokunaga, K., 1989:
Studies on the macropores structure of grassland's soil

Seo, S.; Kim, J.K., 1992:
Studies on the management and utilization of reed canarygrass. I. Comparison of growth characteristics, dry matter yield, and nutritive value in four cultivars of reed canarygrass

Seo, S.; Kim, J.K.; Lee, H.W., 1994:
Studies on the management and utilization of reed canarygrass. II. Effect of cutting height on the grass regrowth, dry matter yield, and weeds development in three cultivars of reed canarygrass pasture

An, M.H.; Cho, K.L.; Ham, J.K.; Min, H.K.; Huh, B.L.; Jeon, U.S., 1993:
Studies on the management of machinery farming groups of rice in Kangwon province

Chen, T.Y.; Wu, J.P., 1993:
Studies on the manufacturing of particleboard from fast-growing tree species (IV-1) - Effect of particleboard density on the properties of the PMDI and UF glue bonded particleboard

Chen, T.Y.; Wu, J.P., 1993:
Studies on the manufacturing of particleboard from fast-growing tree species (IV-4) - Effect of mix ratio of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI) of polyurethane (PU) glue on the properties of particleboard

Yu, C.H.; Lee, W.W.; Choi, Y.J.; Kwun, K.C., 1993:
Studies on the marketing and management of mushrooms. I. Survey on the marketing and management of oyster mushroom farming

Supek, Z.; Bedo, S.; Szucs, S., 1993:
Studies on the mastitis situation on a large-scale dairy farm

Mahamat, H.; Hassanali, A.; Odongo, H.; Torto, B.; E.B.shir, E.S., 1993:
Studies on the maturation-accelerating pheromone of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Kawamura, M.; Ito, K., 1994:
Studies on the maturity of resources for man-made forests. (I.) Thinning problems of national forests in Japan

Tang, S.J.; Qin, H.Z.; Wang, J.M.; Gu, P., 1992:
Studies on the mealy-bug Planococus citri (Risso)

Okado, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Yamazaki, M., 1995:
Studies on the measurement of the color of rice leaves by image processing (Part 2). Discrimination software applied neural network on rice field images

Skubisz, G., 1995:
Studies on the mechanical properties of winter rape stems

Sawada, M.; Carlson, J.C., 1994:
Studies on the mechanism controlling generation of superoxide radical in luteinized rat ovaries during regression

Wang, Z.; Gu, Y.J.; Gao, Y.Z., 1994:
Studies on the mechanism of anthesis in rice. V. Comparison of lodicule and filament structure between male sterile and fertile lines

Thomas, G.; Branco, U.J.; Barbosa Filho, J.M.; Bachelet, M.; Vargaftig, B.B., 1994:
Studies on the mechanism of spasmolytic activity of (O-methyl-)-N-(2,6-dihydroxybenzoyl)tyramine, a constituent of Aniba riparia (Nees) Mez. (Lauraceae), in rat uterus, rabbit aorta and guinea-pig alveolar leucocytes

Gan, X.W.; Su, G.D.; Li, Y.Q., 1994:
Studies on the mechanism of yield and sugar content increase of sugarcane by application of 2% CNKAA

Serwatowski, R.; Quiroz R.J.C.; Cabrera Sixto, J.M.; Torres M.J.J., 1995:
Studies on the mechanized harvest of peanuts in the Bajio region

Nawchoo, I.A.; Buth, G.M., 1994:
Studies on the medicinal plants used by the Gujar and Bakarwal tribes of Jammu and Kashmir

Shen YanFa; Bodeker, D.; Hau ZhengKang, 1994:
Studies on the metabolism of nitrogen and minerals in the rumen of swamp buffalo

Sahoo, A.K.; Choudhuri, G.; Koley, N., 1994:
Studies on the metaphase chromosomes of crossbred cattle of divergent exotic inheritance

W.RongWang, 1993:
Studies on the microbial flora of the Tansui River Mangrove forest

Adler, A.; Lew, H., 1993:
Studies on the microbial quality of grass and maize silages

Patwari, R.D.; Chavan, B.R., 1995:
Studies on the microbial quality of ice cream sold in Udgir Town

Kornillowicz, Teresa, 1993:
Studies on the microflora colonizing keratin-bark-urea manure

Pramanik, S.; Sasmal, N.K.; Mukherjee, G.S., 1994:
Studies on the migratory behaviour of Toxocara vitulorum larvae in rabbit

Kang ZhiXian et al., 1993:
Studies on the mode of action of chlorfluazuron in oriental armyworm larvae (Mythimna separata L.)

Zelck, U.; Karnstedt, U., 1993:
Studies on the mode of action of selenium supplements in inflammatory disease. Influence of the activity of antioxidative enzymes in patients with acute pancreatitis

Yu, G.; Nakayama, K.; Yi, Y., 1994:
Studies on the moisture characteristic curve and the water absorption character of soil

Yoshida, S.; Ishii, H., 1993:
Studies on the morphology and structure of the tree-crown in the old-aged stand of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica). (II.) In case of 89-year-old sugi stand in Iwate University Forest

L.C.eng; G.S.ouLin; Jiang ShaoDe; Hao GuiYu; Zhang Tan, 1993:
Studies on the morphology of a Chinese isolate of bovine ephemeral fever virus

Geevarghese, G.; Mishra, A.C.; Jacob, P.G.; Bhat, H.R., 1994:
Studies on the mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus in Mandya District, Karnataka, India

Xiang ChaoQun et al., 1989:
Studies on the mosquitoes and horse flies in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region

Ryu, G.H.e; Park, J.E.p; Lee, H.K.u; Lee, J.O.n; Kim, K.S.k; Hwang, C.J.; Shin, H.S.ung, 1994:
Studies on the movement and herbicidal efficacy of pyributicarb/bensulfuron-methyl SC in paddy rice fields

Chen, X.R.; Wei, Y.L.; Zhang, J.W., 1993:
Studies on the muskmelon black rot fungus and its biological characters

Zhou, Y.B.; Peng, D.X.; Zhou, Z.X.; Zhang, J.Y.; Dai, Z.G., 1995:
Studies on the mutagenic effect of an electron beam on citrus budwood

Takahashi, I., 1991:
Studies on the mycofloral succession on Yezo spruce (Picea jezoensis Carr.) in various stages of growth, with special reference to the role of fungi in the natural regeneration of the host

Isk, M.; Yanlmaz, A.F., 1992:
Studies on the natural enemies and control measures of the fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea Drury. Lep.: Arctiidae) in hazelnut plantation in Samsun

Elmali, M.; Toros, S., 1994:
Studies on the natural enemies of aphids damaging wheat plants in Konya province

Mani, M., 1995:
Studies on the natural enemies of oriental mealybug, Planococcus lilacinus (Ckll.) (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) in India

Lu, X.; Li, J.P.; Xin, Y.F., 1993:
Studies on the natural population life table of the Asian corn borer

Oh, M.Y.; Oh, J.S.; Sung, J.H.; Shin, J.H.; Kim, S.I., 1991:
Studies on the natural regeneration of Fraxinus rhynchophylla and Betula costata

Park, K.Y.; Jung, S.D.; Yeh, J.G.; Seo, I.B., 1994:
Studies on the necrotic enteritis of chicken in Korea

Ruess, Liliane., 1995:
Studies on the nematode fauna of an acid forest soil: spatial distribution and extraction

Hur, S.N., 1992:
Studies on the nitrate accumulation in forages

Xu, K.; Zhao, D.W.; Jiang, X.M., 1993:
Studies on the nitrogen absorption rule in ginger by using isotope 15N

Lee, H.W., 1993:
Studies on the nitrogen fixation of legumes. I. Effects of nitrogen fertilization level on nitrogen fixation and growth of Ladino clover

Chen YouRong; Hou RenZhao; Fan ShiRong; Chen HuaiYang; L.S.engYuan; Liang XingHong, 1993:
Studies on the no-tillage method in rice cultivation and its physiological and ecological effects

Jeong, M.W.n; Kim, J.H.un; Kim, W.K.p, 1995:
Studies on the nodule formation factor and mechanism of the hemocyte in Lucilia illustris

Sun FaRen; Wang HuaiKuan; J.M.n, 1993:
Studies on the nuclear polyhedrosis virus disease of Clanis bilineata tsingtauica Mell

Fardossi, A.; Wunderer, W.; Hepp, E.; Meyer, C.; Kalchgruber, R., 1994:
Studies on the nutrient uptake ability of clones of different grape cultivars in the years 1991 and 1992

Bockenhoff, A.; Grundler, FMW., 1994:
Studies on the nutrient uptake by the beet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii by in situ microinjection of fluorescent probes into the feeding structures in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kim, M.S.; Lee, H.C.; Kim, S.B.; Kim, J.H.; Song, N.H.; Kim, M.J.; Shin, K.C., 1993:
Studies on the nutritional diagnosis of non-astringent persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thumb.) cultivar 'Fuyu' trees

Swarnakumari, V.G.M.; Madhavi, R., 1993:
Studies on the ocular trematode Philophthalmus nocturnus in the eyes of chick: the phenomenon of migration and the effects of challenge infections

Gupta, R.P.; Srivastava, P.K., 1992:
Studies on the onion storage diseases in India

Gu, X.H.; Bei, Y.W.; Gao, C.X., 1994:
Studies on the ontogeny of Elenchinus japonicus (Elenchidae: Strepsiptera): egg formation and embryonic development

Matsushima, N., 1993:
Studies on the organization of the collecting system in the domestic log market

L.C.engYi; W.H.uYong, 1994:
Studies on the overwintering physiology of the flea Citellophilus tesquorum sungaris

Habib Ahmad; Khan, I.M., 1994:
Studies on the pairing behaviour of chromosomes in turnip rape (Brassica campestris ssp oleifera)

Rogalski, M.; Kryszak, J., 1994:
Studies on the palatability of plant components of riparian meadows grazed by Polish horses

Guo, M.F., 1992:
Studies on the parasitic behaviour of Trichogramma. II. Effects of mating behaviour on the sex ratio of progenies

Uzun, S., 1994:
Studies on the parasitoid-host relationship of Trichogramma brassicae Bezdenko (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) and eggs of the Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuehniella Zell. under different temperatures and storage periods

Rangilal, D.S.; Dinorkar, C.V.; Kaikani, A.S., 1995:
Studies on the partial replacement of maize by tapioca meal in broiler ration

Noordhuizen Stassen, E.N.; Kremer, W.D.J.; Lohuis, J.A.C.M.; Werven, T. van, 1995:
Studies on the pathogenesis of Escherichia coli mastitis

Madej, J.A.; Gawe, A.; Kuryszko, J.; Mazurkiewicz, M., 1994:
Studies on the pathogenesis of lathyrism as a cause of the spontaneous rupture of arteries in turkeys

Zhao, X.J.; Wang, Z.X.; Xie, Y.F.; Qin, S.; Liu, B.F., 1994:
Studies on the pathogenicity of Absidia corymbifera to chickens

Yao, B.A.; Zhao, J.L.; Ma, L.H.; Liu, Z.L., 1994:
Studies on the pathogenicity of Babesia bovis in water buffaloes after cryopreservation and thawing

Miljkovic, B.; uricic, B.; Drezga, J.; Ivetic, V.; Ilic, Z., 1995:
Studies on the pathogenicity of a field isolate of infectious bursal disease virus

Koizumi, S.; Kato, H.; Yoshino, R.; Komada, H.; Ichinoe, M.; Umehara, Y.; Hayashi, N., 1993:
Studies on the pathogens and epidemiology of wheat and barley scab

Samanta, A.R.; Samanta, G.; Pal, A.K., 1992:
Studies on the pathological changes in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) fed with jute seed (Corchorus olitorius) cake

Zeng, B.P.; Chen, C.F.; Ji, G.L., 1995:
Studies on the pathology of the grass carp. III. The change of the relative activity of malate dehydrogenase (MDH) isozyme in some tissues and organs of the haemorrhagic grass carp

Zhu, P.L.; Shen, Y.; Yuan, X.P., 1994:
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Study circle issue: forests as a top attraction

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Study of a method for estimating the high and stable yield performance of maize hybrids by means of the high stable yield coefficient

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Study of airborne pollen allergens in the atmosphere of Krrkkale

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Study of antibody immunofluorescence directed against antigens of the intestinal epithelium of Schistosoma mansoni. V. Modulation of the granulomatous reaction surrounding the egg by an IgM monoclonal antibody

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Study of autogenic and stenogamic characters in populations of Culiseta annulata (Schrank, 1776) and Anopheles petragnanii (Del Vecchio, 1939), in Portugal

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Study of automated epifluorescent microscopy for evaluation of bacteriological quality of raw milk

Teger, S.G., 1995:
Study of automated epifluorescent microscopy for evaluation of raw milk bacteriological quality

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Study of breeding goals including protein yield for dairy cattle

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Study of determining the digestibilities of coarse fodders with cellulase method

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Study of different levels of sulphur, spacing and frequencies of irrigation on total volatile sulphur content of onion

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Study of disease vectors at the site of the proposed hydroelectric dam at Memve'ele (Cameroon)

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Study of dispersion of soldier beetles (Col.: Malacodermata) in a chemically untreated orchard and its neighbourhood

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Study of extranuclear inheritance in seed propagation of ash-leaved maple

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Study of factors affecting apple quality and storability

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Study of farmers' gardens in mountain villages III: gardens in agricultural plots, the case of the Hiji area of Hase village

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Study of feathering phenotypes in Hisex Brown parent lines and their hybrids-a population genetic analysis

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Study of forest dipteran fauna (Diptera - Brachycera) in the valley of the Metuje river near Nove Mesto nad Metuji

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Study of forest health using colour infrared aerial photography in the Carrega woods, Parma

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Study of forest science in a state of flux

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Study of forest tree species allelopathy during forest regeneration

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Study of genetic aspects of nutrition in maize at the Osijek Agricultural Institute (1971-92)

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Study of genetic diversity of the Iranian common bean landraces in relation to geographical and climatical classification

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Study of genetic variability for yield and its component characters in pigeonpea

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Study of genome structure in Triticum-Agropyron disomic addition lines (2n = 44)

Vishnyakova, K.S.; Yachevskaya, G.L.; Polyakov, V.Y., 1994:
Study of genome structure in two forms of incomplete Triticum-Agropyron amphidiploids (2n = 56)

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Study of genotype x cropping system interactions in pigeonpea

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Study of genotype x environment interaction in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench)

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Study of goats grazing on undergrowth of cork oak in the western Pyrenees (France). Analysis of feeding behaviour of goats and impact on vegetation

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Study of grazing potential in the savannas of north-west Benin

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Study of growth and development of buds of peach cultivated on the island of Reunion: application to the elaboration of a cultural method

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Study of habitat for overwintering Nilaparvata lugens Stal and its effects on the insect source in spring in North Fujian

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Study of harvest index and its correlation with yield in some released varieties of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Study of heavy metal contamination in a field used for waste water disposal in Marrakech (Morocco). Variability of Zn, Cu and Cd concentrations in a prosobranchian gastropod: Melanopsis praemorsa L. in a subterranean aquatic ecosystem (Khettara)

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Study of ideal nonlinear elasticity and its realization in driver seat suspension

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Study of immunosuppressive properties of ram seminal plasm

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Study of inheritance of two different types of branching in sunflower (H. annuus L.)

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Study of integrated control against root-knot nematode of fruit vegetables (oriental melon and cucumber) in vinyl house

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Study of interception in conifer plantations on Mt. Goc

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Study of intravarietal variation in the variety Ramonskaya 06

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Study of karyotypes and electrophoretic haemoglobin spectra in six species of chironomids from the Baikal region

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Study of loading technology of indoor accelerated reliability testing

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Study of mangrove environment of Maharashtra coast using remote sensing data

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Study of marine algae as supplements in animal feeds

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Study of mass migration of beet-webworm moths (Loxostege sticticalis) (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) on the basis of analysis of their elemental composition

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Study of metabolism of carbohydrates in fattening steers fed on diets with different compositions

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Study of moisture stress pattern before monsoon flowering in citrus orchard

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Study of moong and urd beans using salt soluble protein

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Study of morbidity of personnel with potential exposure to vinclozolin

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Study of moulding recovery and quality of several Indonesian industrial woods

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Study of mycoflora of cancerations on apple shoots in orchards unprotected and chemically protected

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Study of mycorrhization of tap roots of Eucalyptus globulus seedlings grown in a clinostat

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Study of neutral lipids of Lupinus mutabilis meal and isolates

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Study of nitrogen transport around rice root by numerical model

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Study of oestrus in N'Dama and Baoule trypanotolerant cows in the Cote d'Ivoire. II. Hormonal component (LH)

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Study of operating process of an agricultural machine - issues involved in the estimation of the moment of inertia of solid bodies

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Study of optimizing boll formation for a ginned cotton yield of 100 kg/mu

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Study of optimum conditions for slowing down the crystallization of honey

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Study of organophosphorus pesticide residues in water and sediment samples of Thermaikos Gulf, Greece

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Study of ovarian steroids during post-partum period of Surti buffaloes in relation to suckling and milking practices

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Study of oxalic acid content in vegetables and its implication on health

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Study of pasture communities in a mountainous area. II. Changes in diet selection by two breeds of sheep (Churro and Merino)

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Study of plant radiation mutagenesis at different development stages of the rice embryo

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Study of possibility of increase of nitrogen efficiency utilization in wheat nutrition

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Study of potassium levels in three sugarcane varieties grown on compacted red ferrallitic soil

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Study of prevalence of Theileria sporozoites in the salivary gland acini of Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum ticks in west district of Tripura (India)

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Study of production efficiency in piglets from birth to three months old

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Study of proper varieties

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Study of purine degradation in aqueous solutions by Paracoccus denitrificans

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Study of radiation interception, dry matter production and yield in cotton + mung intercropping system

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Study of radiosensitivity and selection of doses useful for breeding in Teramnus labialis cv. Semilla Clara

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Study of resistance to potato Y virus (PVY) in transgenic tobaccos expressing the coat protein of lettuce mosaic virus (LMV)

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Study of rye chromosome composition in different hexaploid triticales

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Study of seasonal variation in morphological characteristics of Apis mellifera iberica

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Study of self fertility in populations of common and hybrid lucerne

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Study of sensitivity to the pollen of Fraxinus spp. (Oleaceae) in Cordoba, Spain

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Study of soil preparation during plantation of multiple cropping

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Study of solar radiation transmission in transparent PVC plastic gable-type greenhouse

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Study of some external and internal properties of narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus oxycarpa) seeds

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Study of some genotypes from the linseed collection at the Institute for Cereals and Industrial Crops, Fundulea

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Study of some haematological constituents of cattle naturally poisoned by sporidesmin mycotoxin

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Study of some maize mutants obtained by irradiation with thermal neutrons

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Study of some methods of evaluating winter hardiness and the selection of winter swede rape genotypes with increased winter hardiness

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Study of some new varieties of nectarine in the Western Plain

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Study of some of the reproductive traits of Kathi mares in Gujarat state

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Study of some parasitic infections in horses in Mosul region, Iraq

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Study of some physical factors affecting germination of Microsporum gypseum strains

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Study of some quince varieties with a view to completing and diversifying the varietal assortment for Bacau district

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Study of some types of Alticinae of the French fauna (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

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Study of some water stress indexes for sweet sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers.)

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Study of sorption and desorption of phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus fractions in Cuban soils

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Study of specific cutting resistance during the planning of fir wood

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Study of storing jute seeds in drier

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Study of substrates used in gerbera soilless culture in plastic greenhouses

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Study of succession in abandoned fields in Brittany

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Study of surface hydrophobicity of whey protein fractions after different coagulation processes

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Study of surface water fluctuations in various soil types with different hydromorphy in Transimeno

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Study of the beta -galactosidase content of a culture of Lactobacillus delbrueckii var. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius var. thermophilus

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Study of the Tettigometridae of Africa. IV. New species in the genera Hilda Kirkaldy and Raatzbrockmannia Schmidt (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha)

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Study of the abundance and distribution of some scale insects on citrus

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Study of the acaricidal activity of Vetiol against sheep scab

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Study of the accumulation of CO2 in the casing soil and the substrate during sporophore formation in the mushroom

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Study of the action threshold of the rice yellow stem borer on successive second cropping rice

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Study of the activities of lipogenic-related enzymes in various breeds of geese

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Study of the adult wheat and Aegilops resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pathovar atrofaciens

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Study of the afforestation of loessial formations on a slope in Kebo

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Study of the agroclimatic characteristics of Metaponto area

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Study of the agronomic performance of Andropogon gayanus CIAT-621 in a typical carbonated soil. III. Sowing density

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Study of the agronomic performance of B. purpurascens. III. State of initial utilization

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Study of the amino acid sequence of the black widow spider venom latroinsectotoxin

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Study of the amount of mineralizable nitrogen in the Teline linifolia environments of cork oak woods in Mamora (Morocco)

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Study of the ant fauna of the oak forests of Granada province (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)

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Study of the antagonism of some bacterial strains from potato rhizosphere to Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica

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Study of the antibiotic effect of cabbage cultivars on the cabbage moth Mamestra brassicae L. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)

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Study of the antifungal properties of different brominated compounds extracted from a terebellid polychaetous annelid, Thelepus setosus from Kerguelen islands

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Study of the antigenic structure of glycoprotein E2 of the virus of Venezuelan equine encephalitis with the help of rat monoclonal antibodies

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Study of the antimicrobial activity of the total aqueous extracts of ten medicinal plants

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Study of the aphids which attack Spanish conifers

Shi, S.E.; Ma, B.K., 1994:
Study of the application of antitranspirants at transplanting to apple plantlets in vitro

Mikhailova, O.G., 1990:
Study of the atherogenic potential of the pesticide Romucid during its hygienic normalization

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Study of the basic specific gravity of three species from the cerrado

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Study of the behaviour in the field and of performance of local varieties of sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas, in the Ituri sub-region of eastern Zaire

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Study of the behaviour of Toona ciliata in the conditions of Alto Parana

Castilla Gutierrez, C., 1994:
Study of the benefits of the forest ecosystems of the Canary Islands from the standpoint of ecological economics

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Study of the biological activity of Melissa officinalis on the mouse central nervous system in vivo and on rat duodenum in vitro

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Study of the biological characters of Blepharipa schineri (Diptera: Larvaevoridae)

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Study of the biosynthetic pathway of aflatoxins

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Study of the breakdown of particleboard structure by fungi at increased moisture content

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Study of the cardiac nervous plexus in acute Trypanosoma cruzi infections of albino rats

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Study of the combining ability of inbred maize lines originating from native flint types

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Study of the community ecology of Astragalus adsurgens in the loess plateau

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Study of the determination of endogenous rhythmic growth of young pedunculate oak by modulating light intensity

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Study of the development and germinative ability of carrot (Daucus carota L.) seeds

Bonnet, A., 1993:
Study of the development and the germination of carrot seeds (Daucus carota L.)

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Study of the development of caseins during ripening of Cendrat del Montsec goat milk cheese

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Study of the distribution of the natural vegetation and soils in a microbasin at the scale of 1/500. Pedralba (Valencia)

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Study of the economic viability of various techniques and formation of cooperatives for the industrial use of whey

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Study of the effect of bambermycin on production and biochemical values

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Study of the effect of diet containing omega -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and different amounts of vitamin E on lipid peroxidation in patients with hypertension

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Study of the effect of erythrosin B on the growth of house fly larvae

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Study of the effect of seeding rates on yielding of varieties of white and black chickpea in Kurdistan

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Study of the effect of the height of trapping on catches of alate aphids at different sites and over several years

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Study of the effect of thinning Grenache Noir grapes on maturation

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Study of the effectiveness of some compounds in the control of mites on grapevine

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Study of the effects of calcium and other ions on fruit maturation

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Study of the effects of drought on the yield of soyabeans

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Study of the effects of sowing rates on grain yield of wheat variety Azadi in Gachsaran

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Study of the effects of three flower-inducing substances on 'Kent' and 'Zill' mango

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Study of the effects of threonine supplementation in broiler chickens from 0 to 3 weeks old

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Study of the electrophoretic motility of the virus-specific proteins of strains of the tick-borne encephalitis virus isolated in various regions of the CIS

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Study of the entomofauna of an olive-growing area of Monte Pisano, with particular reference to the presence of Dacus oleae (Gmel.)

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Study of the epizootiological status of echinococcosis in the central regions of the Ukraine

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Study of the epizootiology of Lyme borreliosis in Bulgaria

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Study of the Essential Oil from Juniperus communis "Berries" (Cones) Growing Wild in Greece

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Study of the establishment of H x L genotype suspension cell lines capable of plant regeneration in maize

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Study of the flotation of microorganisms in suspension

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Study of the forage potential of two naturally-occurring species of the Venezuelan Goajira region: Phyla nodiflora (L.) Greene and Stemodia durantifolia (L.) Swartz

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Study of the forest and pre-forest groupings of eastern Morocco

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Study of the free-living stage of the cattle tick in cultivated and native pastures in the Federal District

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Study of the functional activity of a T-DNA fragment of the plasmid pTiBo542 in transgenic plants of tobacco

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Study of the general and specific combining ability of certain characters in bread-wheat cultivars by diallel crosses

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Study of the generative organs of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in relation to hybridization

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Study of the genotype x environment interaction and the adaptability of sorghum hybrids in Zanjan region

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Study of the genus Gallerucida (I) Species in which the elytra have black punctures (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae)

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Study of the growth and development of common ash, Fraxinus excelsior, grown in controlled conditions

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Study of the growth of plantations and managed second-growth stands of native species in the Andes area of the provinces of Cautin and Valdivia

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Study of the habitat and activities of the wild ox (Bos javanicus d'alton ) in the area of Alas Purwo, Baluran National Park, East Java

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Study of the hermaphrodite flower in asparagus and its utilization in breeding

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Study of the higher fungi from Goa

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Study of the histopathological effects of gossypol on ram's testes

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Study of the hyoscyamine and scopolamine composition of a wild population of Datura stramonium L. in Algeria

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Study of the immatures of Oebalus ypsilongriseus (De Geer, 1773): II description of the nymphs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

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Study of the immatures of Oebalus ypsilongriseus (De Geer, 1773): III duration and mortality of the egg and nymphal stages

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Study of the immune response in cattle vaccinated with foot and mouth disease vaccine combined with bovine herpesvirus 1 and foot and mouth disease vaccine combined with rotavirus/enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

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Study of the impact sulphur compounds polluted Agroecosystem on Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) in 1991, 1992 and 1993

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Study of the influence of soil nematodes on the density of invasive elements of strongyles

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Study of the influence of year season on the taxanes content in Taxus baccata bark

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Study of the inheritance of some morphological and yield characters in winter wheat in a diallel crossing system

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Study of the inter- and intraspecific variation of Eimeria spp. from the rabbit using random amplified polymorphic DNA

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Study of the lead content of the leaves and some organs of the vine plant

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Study of the life table and its analysis of paddy stem borer on the early rice

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Study of the lipolytic activity of cheeses from evaluation of diglyceride and free fatty acid content

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Study of the mechanism of improvement in lipid metabolism of rats by porcine plasma peptides

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Study of the mesohygrophilic grasslands of the alliance Agrostion stoloniferae Soo (33)71 in Romania

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Study of the mutagenicity of newly synthesized pesticides in bacterial test systems

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Study of the mycorrhizal status of some greenhouse plants

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Study of the national land use of arid regions

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Study of the natural environment of 'El Camp de Turia' district (Valencia, Spain)

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Study of the natural predators of a mosquito Culex tritaeniorhynchus in rice field areas by using precipitin tests. 1. Laboratory tests for the detection of the antigens specific to Culex tritaeniorhynchus extract

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Study of the nematopopulation found in arable land

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Study of the nutritional status of the population of Kinshasa, Zaire (1991-1994)

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Study of the ontogeny of Aphytis vandenboschi (Hymen.: Aphydnidae)

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Study of the osmotic adjustment ability of winter wheat cultivars with different drought resistance

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Study of the pathogenicity of Microdochium bolleyi isolates on maize seedlings under laboratory conditions

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Study of the performance of electrical grain moisture meters

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Study of the phage sensitivity of Lactobacillus helveticus and isolation of phage-resistant mutants

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Study of the physico-chemical characteristics of hays and straw. 1. Effects on intake, apparent digestibility and transit time of DM, pH and concentration of ruminal ammonia

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Study of the physiology of the host parasite relationship of Dysdercus cingulatus and Aspergillus flavus

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Study of the polysaccharide fraction of stem and branch wood of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in relation to felling season

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Study of the population of Dactylogyrus similis Wegener, 1910 (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) in Lake Arakul'

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Study of the presence of Typhlodromus in the vineyard. Some results from Champagne

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Study of the process of intracellular penetration of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

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Study of the relation between auxin, zeatin and cytoplasmic male sterility in maize

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Study of the relationship between biomass C and N, and organic matter C and N in soils and fertilizers

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Study of the relationship between morphological characteristics and lodging in kenaf

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Study of the relationship between water deficit and nitrogen fixation in white clover

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Study of the relationship of the antigenic characteristics of the virus of tick-borne encephalitis with the level of protective activity of inactivated cultural vaccines

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Study of the resistance of Passifloraceae in French Guyana to Fusarium pathogens in passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) growing

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Study of the resistance of soils to penetration with different penetrometers

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Study of the rhizosphere microflora of the potato planted in different substrates

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Study of the sediment yield of the No.3 stream on Mt. Mayuyama in the Unzen volcanic area

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Study of the seed bank in a burnt plantation of Pinus radiata

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Study of the sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to quinine bichlorohydrate (Quinimax) in a outer quarter of Pointe-Noire Siafoumou

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Study of the sensitivity of Tuareg ewes to progestogen treatment

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Study of the sensitivity to insecticides and activity of detoxification enzymes during ontogenesis in the cotton bollworm

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Study of the sensitization to storage mites in a pediatric population in Barcelona

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Study of the sexual development of large pine weevil females caught in kairomone-baited pitfall traps

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Study of the simuliid fauna of Aragua State, Venezuela

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Study of the sorption, desorption and sorption isotherms of phosphates in two soils

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Study of the structural protein of rabbit plague virus

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Study of the structure of elite sainfoin genotypes in respect of dry matter production

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Study of the susceptibility of different species of triatomines (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) to Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae)

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Study of the synanthropic flora of the Balkan peninsula

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Study of the thrips fauna of Cheju Island in South Korea

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Study of the tinctorial species of flora of the Canary Islands

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Study of the tree and wood structural parameters influencing Pilodyn pin penetration

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Study of the varietal susceptibility of olive in Morocco to Pseudomonas syringae pv. savastanoi, the olive knot pathogen

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Study of the vegetation above the timberline on Mount Killini (Peloponnese-Greece)

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Study of the vegetation and flora of Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

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Study of the ventilatory function in dogs with flail chest

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Study of the volatile aroma compounds of wine: contribution to the characterization of Riesling and Riesling-derived cultivars

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Study of the water-soluble compounds of beechwood (Fagus sylvatica) during storage

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Study of the weed flora in hops (Humulus lupulus L.) in Leon province

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Study of the xylophage cerambycids of Pinus sylvestris using artificial diets

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Study of the yielding ability of sunflower varieties to introduce suitable variety for Zanjan region

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Study of three lucerne/perennial grass mixtures in the semi-arid zone of Tunisia

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Study of thrips populations (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in fruit orchards

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Study of treatment of congenital Toxoplasma gondii infection in rhesus monkeys with pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine

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Study of tree density of Pera orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) grafted on Cleopatra mandarin (Citrus reshni, Hort)

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Study of variation in yield potential and some quality indices of sunflower seeds produced in different ecological zones

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Study of virulence in the population of powdery mildew on wheat (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. tritici) in the territory of the Czech Republic in 1994

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Study of water infiltration in the soil under different tillage systems

Song, G.C.; Song, N.H., 1993:
Study of water status in relation to berry splitting in 'Kyoho' grape

Madzou, G.; Moyen, G.; Makaya, C.; Nzingoula, S., 1993:
Study of weaning foods for new-borns babies in Brazzaville

Omana, J.M.; Sanz, A., 1993:
Study of weed control in spring-sown sugarbeet by using programmes of low rate herbicide treatments

Bernard, C.; Peltier, R., 1994:
Study of wooded parklands of the Senoufo village lands in northern Cote d'Ivoire: utilization of GIS to map cultivated areas and correlate tree type with given agronomic and socioeconomic conditions

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Study of wool quality and skin follicles in some of the typical Indian sheep breeds

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Study of zinc release from urea fertilizers coated with resin and tricalcium phosphate

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Study of, and protective measures against, pests, disease pathogens and weed plants in the conditions of the industrial Donbass region

Deng, Y.; Lu, Y.W., 1995:
Study on CMC-Na edible film

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Study on Chinese species of the genus Sphaerophoria (Diptera: Syrphidae)

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Study on DNA in situ hybridization of hybrids between common wheat and Haynaldia villosa

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Study on Dendrobium quality by chemical pattern recognition

Wang, T.K.; Rong, W.G., 1992:
Study on Grapholitha delineana Walker

Li, F.C.; Nie, G.F.; Feng, Y.; Xia, Z.M., 1993:
Study on Hexamermis agrotis Wang et al. - an important natural enemy of cutworms

Wang, S.P.; Jia, H.J.; Gao, Z.J.; Wang, S.Z., 1993:
Study on PP333 application to the growth and development of young peach tree

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Study on Phassus jianglingensis and its control

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Study on Plasmodium falciparum vaccine. II. A new method to recombine gene of hybrid peptide antigen

Zhou, Z.L.; Fang, Z.H.; Zhang, W.C., 1995:
Study on a computer analysis method for the load of the tractor-plough unit

Chen, F.X.; Chen, S.P., 1992:
Study on a new citrus yield-increasing agent, Zengguoling

Fang, H.; Chen, C.Z.; Wang, T.F.; Tian, Z.Z.; Wang, H.F.; Liu, X.R.; Tang, S.L., 1994:
Study on a new fimbrial antigen of Escherichia coli. I. Determination of the fimbrial antigen and its haemagglutinating activities

Wang ShiXue; Kamide, J., 1995:
Study on a plow to invert furrow slice at the same position (Part 3). Motion of furrow slice and measurement of the acceleration

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Study on a seroepidemiological method for malaria evaluation at late stage of malaria control

Ying, Y.B.; Zhang, L.B.; Dong, M.D.; Xu, F., 1994:
Study on absorber of vibration transmitted by handles of walking tractor

Shimonasako, Hiroshi, 1992:
Study on accurate discharge rate of granular materials for crop production in agriculture

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Study on adoption pattern and constraints analysis in paddy

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Study on agronomical measures for high yield and good quality in irrigated sugarbeet

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Study on algae in a synthetic biological pond. (II)

Hirunagi, T.; Kitani, O.; Okamoto, T.; Torii, T., 1995:
Study on an expert system for preventing accident in farm work

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Study on antifungal effects of domestic fluconazole

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Study on applications of artificial pacemakers for complete atrioventricular block in dogs

Xu, R.W.; Hu, Q.H.; Jin, W.; Li, L.P., 1992:
Study on behaviour of pesticide Dimehypo in soil

Farid, A., 1994:
Study on bio-ecology and control of Aonidiella orientalis in Jiroft and Hormozgan

Zhu JinQin et al., 1994:
Study on biological features and epidemiological significance of Yersinia pestis in Qinghai plague natural focus

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Study on biology of Ooencyrtus ennomophagus Yoshimoto and its application in the field

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Study on blood types in Meishan pigs

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Study on boron nutrition of red clover

Yamaguchi, T., 1994:
Study on breeding method of F. Camellia chrysantha

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Study on brix degree, total sugar content and their relationship in the juice of sweet sorghum stem

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Study on canopy structure and photo-productivity of tussah-feeding Mongolian oak

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Study on changes of nutritive composition of some important species in grass heath in Guizhou

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Study on chemical characteristics of salinized soil in the area of 'one line and two lakes'

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Study on chemical constituents of essential oil in chlorophyll-carotene pastes from pine needles and twigs

Xing HengTai; Liang WanFu; Liu ShiQian, 1995:
Study on chromosomal patterns of mitosis of Astragalus adsurgens