TL-1 - a new variety of teosinte (Euchlaena mexicana Schrad.)

Sohoo, M.S.; Beri, S.M.; Bhardwaj, B.L.

Journal of Research, Punjab Agricultural University 30(1/2): 123


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-6019
Accession: 002707156

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This cultivar of teosinte [Zea mexicana], locally known as makchari, was developed through mass selection from indigenous material. It is taller and matured 10 d later than the control cv. Improved Sirsa, and produced 14% more green fodder (56.4 t/ha), 26.% more DM yield (15.7 t) and 14.9% more grain (0.99 t). It was less susceptible to leaf spot diseases caused by Curvularia trifolii and Pyricularia spp. and was equally resistant to maize borer as the control cultivar.