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The effect of fertilization with nitrate and urea forms of nitrogen on quality and storage ability of lettuce grown in a foil tunnel. II. Nitrate and nitrite content, activity of nitrate and nitrite reductase

Rozek, S.; Sady, W.; Leja, M.; Myczkowski, J.

Folia Horticulturae 7(1): 107-116


ISSN/ISBN: 0867-1761
Accession: 002712408

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The results are presented of a 2-year experiment on the effects of nitrate-N and urea-N fertilizers on nitrate and nitrite reductase activity, and nitrate and nitrite contents of lettuces grown in a foil tunnel and stored at a low (5 degrees C) or a high (20 degrees ) temperature after harvest. Of the two investigated cultivars, Prado was characterized by a higher nitrate content as well as higher nitrate and nitrite reductase activity than Oresto.

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