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Thiophene bioconversions in Tagetes protoplasts

Jacobs, J.J.M.R.; Stalman, M.; Croes, A.F.; Wullems, G.J.

Plant Science (Limerick) 104(2): 139-145


ISSN/ISBN: 0168-9452
DOI: 10.1016/0168-9452(94)04029-g
Accession: 002721881

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The thiophene content of Tagetes protoplasts isolated from various organs, and the ability of these protoplasts to convert or synthesize thiophenes were investigated and compared with the thiophene content and metabolic capacities of intact organs. A substantial fraction of thiophenes is localized intracellularly in hypocotyls, whereas another significant fraction is localized in the extracellular spaces. Protoplasts originating both from hypocotyls and leaf blades can perform the reactions required for formation of the second thiophene ring and for hydroxylation and acetylation of thiophenes, although the organs from which these protoplasts are isolated differ greatly in thiophene content and thiophene synthesizing capacity. All reactions of thiophene synthesis from formation of the first ring onwards can be carried out by hypocotyl protoplasts.

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