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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2725

Chapter 2725 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schroeder, Mia; Dixelius, Christina; Rahlen, Lennart; Glimelius, Kristina, 1994: Transformation of Brassica napus by using the aadA gene as selectable marker and inheritance studies of the marker genes

Hosoki, T.; Kigo, T., 1994: Transformation of Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera Zenk.) by Agrobacterium rhizogenes harboring a reporter, beta -glucuronidase gene

Liu YuanLi; Hsiao, W. C. L.; Li Qing; Liu XingZhu; Ren MingHui, 1995: Transformation of China's rural health care financing

Mendez Alvarez, Sebastian; Pavon, Victoria; Esteve, Isabel; Guerrero, Ricardo; Gaju, Nuria, 1994: Transformation of Chlorobium limicola by a plasmid that confers the ability to utilize thiosulfate

Cao, J; Kapke, Pa; Minion, Fc, 1994: Transformation of Mycoplasma gallisepticum with Tn916, Tn4001, and integrative plasmid vectors

Tao, Q. Z., 1993: Transformation of Pyricularia oryzae with a dominant selectable marker

Banerjee, S.; Naqvi, A. A.; Mandal, S.; Ahuja, P. S., 1994: Transformation of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal by Agrobacterium rhizogenes: infectivity and phytochemical studies

Vinohradsky, K. et al., 1992: Transformation of agricultural cooperatives in the context of Czechoslovak agricultural policy

Smelt, Johan H.; Van De Peppel Groen, Ariette E.; Leistra, Minze, 1995: Transformation of aldicarb sulfoxide and aldicarb sulfone in four water-saturated sandy subsoils

More, S. D.; Agale, B. N., 1993: Transformation of applied P in irrigated cotton

Chandrappa, K.; Srinivasamurphy, C. A.; Siddaramappa, R.; Ali, M. K., 1993: Transformation of applied phosphorus in the red soil of GKVK, Bangalore

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724011

Alkema, Mark J.; Van Der Lugt, Nathalie M. T.; Bobeldijk, Rene C.; Berns, Anton; Van Lohuizen, Maarten, 1995: Transformation of axial skeleton due to overexpression of bmi-1 in transgenic mice

Szmodits, T., 1992: Transformation of beef cattle production in some socialist countries

Mansour, M.; Feicht, E. A., 1994: Transformation of chemical contaminants by biotic and abiotic processes in water and soil

Abid, M; Palms, B; Derycke, R; Tissier, Jp; Rambour, S., 1995: Transformation of chicory and expression of the bacterial uidA and nptII genes in the transgenic regenerants

Endoh, Hiroshi, 1994: Transformation of ciliates with a circular plasmid derived from an overamplified macronuclear DNA of Stylonychia lemnae

Luk' yanova, L. E.; Luk' yanov, O. A.; Pyastolova, O. A., 1994: Transformation of communities of small mammals under the action of technogenic factors (on the example of the taiga zone of the Central Urals)

Jie XiaoLei; Liu Fan; Zhou DaiHua; Xu FengLin; Li XueYuan; Wang DianFen, 1995: Transformation of coordinate forms of phosphate adsorbed on goethite surfaces under conditions of varying pH

Agzhigitova, N. I.; Allanazarova, U.; Kapustina, L. A.; Mutalov, K. A., 1994: Transformation of desert pasture vegetation under effect of anthropogenic pressure

Borkowska, M.; Kleczkowski, K.; Kos, B.; Jakubiec, J.; Wielgat, B., 1994: Transformation of diploid potato with an Agrobacterium tumefaciens binary vector system: I. Methodological approach

Okruszko, H., 1993: Transformation of fen-peat soils under the impact of draining

Azachi, Malkit; Henis, Yigal; Oren, Aharon; Gurevich, Peter; Sarig, Shlomo, 1995: Transformation of formaldehyde by a Halomonas sp

Friedrich, A.; Vachova, J.; Vondracek, P., 1995: Transformation of fruit trees as a possible means of regulating yield

Scorza, R.; Cordts, J. M.; Ramming, D. W.; Emershad, R. L., 1995: Transformation of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) zygotic-derived somatic embryos and regeneration of transgenic plants

Krastanova, S; Perrin, M; Barbier, P; Demangeat, G; Cornuet, P; Bardonnet, N; Otten, L; Pinck, L; Walter, B., 1995: Transformation of grapevine rootstocks with the coat protein gene of grapevine fanleaf nepovirus

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724027

Pan, S. Z.; Sun, H. Y.; Xu, R. K.; Wu, Y. X., 1994: Transformation of iron and manganese in variable charge soils caused by submergence

Evstigneeva, Yu, 1993: Transformation of management in spheres of the agroindustrial complex

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724030

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724031

Hosoki, T.; Kanbe, H.; Kigo, T., 1994: Transformation of ornamental tobacco and kale mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes harboring a reporter, beta -glucuronidase (GUS) gene

Wang, J. L.; Shuman, L. M., 1994: Transformation of phosphate in rice (Oryza sativa L.) rhizosphere and its influence on phosphorus nutrition of rice

Ambrozy, S., 1993: Transformation of pioneer stands of grey alder on abandoned agricultural grounds in the Carpathians

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724035

Ying, Y.; Ge, K. L.; Yang, J. S., 1993: Transformation of potato plants with Agrobacterium tumefaciens tumour inducing pTiA208 and pTiAch5

Dobigny, A.; Ambroise, A.; Haicour, R.; David, C.; Rossignol, L.; Sihachakr, D., 1995: Transformation of potato using mannopine and cucumopine strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724038

Zaghmout, O. M. F., 1994: Transformation of protoplasts and intact cells from slowly growing embryogenic callus of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Matsumura, Takeshi; Tabayashi, Noriko, 1995: Transformation of rice plants by plant reovirus genes

Prietzel, J.; Mayer, B.; Krouse, H. R.; Rehfuess, K. E.; Fritz, P., 1995: Transformation of simulated wet sulfate deposition in forest soils assessed by a core experiment using stable sulfur isotopes

Coulomb, I.; Caneill, J.; Manichou, H., 1992: Transformation of soil structure during and after ploughing

Mrozek, D. J. et al., 1995: Transformation of sport in the age of television, discord, and personal fulfillment, 1945-present

Blair, G. J.; Till, A. R.; Shedley, C. D., 1994: Transformation of sulfur in soil and subsequent uptake by subterranean clover

Grayburn, W. S.; Vick, B. A., 1995: Transformation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) following wounding with glass beads

Knittel, N.; Gruber, V.; Hahne, G.; Lenee, P., 1994: Transformation of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.): a reliable protocol

Otani, M.; Mii, M.; Shimada, T., 1994: Transformation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam.) and I. trichocarpa Ell. by Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Newell, C. A.; Lowe, J. M.; Merryweather, A.; Rooke, L. M.; Hamilton, W. D. O., 1995: Transformation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) with Agrobacterium tumefaciens and regeneration of plants expressing cowpea trypsin inhibitor and snowdrop lectin

Terzenbach, Detlef P.; Blaut, Michael, 1994: Transformation of tetrachloroethylene to trichloroethylene by homoacetogenic bacteria

Divila, E.; Sokol, Z., 1994: Transformation of the agricultural sector. Conceptual questions of forming new entrepreneurial entities in Czech agriculture

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724051

Michalek, A., 1995: Transformation of the economic functions of rural settlements

Rowinski, J., 1994: Transformation of the food economy in Poland

Borek, Vladimir; Morra, Matthew J.; Brown, Paul D.; Mccaffrey, Joseph P., 1995: Transformation of the glucosinolate-derived allelochemicals allyl isothiocyanate and allylnitrile in soil

Ruhland, M.; Engelhardt, G.; Wallnoefer, P. R.; Schaefer, W., 1994: Transformation of the mycotoxin ochratoxin A in wheat and maize cell suspension cultures

Staykova Strnadova, D.; Przybylska, M.; Vlasak, J.; Rakousky, S.; Stiller, J.; Legocki, A. B.; Nasinec, V., 1993: Transformation of tobacco and birdsfoot trefoil by lupin leghemoglobin I cDNA clone

Ozowa, V. N., 1994: Transformation of traditional university agricultural education and training in Nigeria and the role of university agricultural libraries

Bhargava, S. C.; Smigocki, A. C., 1994: Transformation of tropical grain legumes using particle bombardment

Sharma, J. P.; Chauhan, R. P. S., 1992: Transformation of urea under extreme saline conditions

Singh, M. P.; Chauhan, R. P. S., 1993: Transformation of urea-nitrogen in saline soil

He, D. G.; Mouradov, A.; Yang, Y. M.; Mouradova, E.; Scott, K. J., 1994: Transformation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through electroporation of protoplasts

Magda, S., 1994: Transformation processes in agriculture

Heberle Bors, E., 1995: Transformation via microspore embryogenesis

Tracey, Jb; Hinkin, Tr, 1994: Transformational leaders in the hospitality industry

Hinkin, T. R.; Tracey, J. B., 1994: Transformational leadership in the hospitality industry

Demeyer, D. I.; Nevel, C. J. van, 1995: Transformations and effects of lipids in the rumen: three decades of research at Gent University

Ruffio, P.; Barloy, J., 1995: Transformations in higher education in agricultural and food sciences in Central and Eastern Europe

Fache, W., 1995: Transformations in the concept of holiday villages in Northern Europe

Szwaczkowski, T.; Wezyk, S.; Czelusniak, H., 1994: Transformations of performance trait data in laying hens

Patel, A. V.; Blunden, G.; Crabb, T. A., 1995: Transformations of solasodine and derivatives of hecogenin by Cunninghamella elegans

Tu, S.; Racz, G. J.; Goh, T. B., 1994: Transformations of synthetic birnessite as affected by pH and manganese concentration

Rajnchapel Messai, J., 1993: Transformed plants: the laws of the market

Tomich, T. P.; Kilby, P.; Johnston, B. F., 1995: Transforming agrarian economies: opportunities seized, opportunities missed

Anonymous, 1995: Transforming agriculture and agro-industry: policies, concepts and cases from Central and Eastern Europe

Snyder, M., 1995: Transforming development: women, poverty and politics

Singh, B; Armstrong, Dt, 1995: Transforming growth factor alpha gene expression and peptide localization in porcine ovarian follicles

Roy, S. K.; Kole, A. R., 1995: Transforming growth factor- beta receptor type II expression in the hamster ovary: cellular site(s), biochemical properties, and hormonal regulation

Kostjaev, A., 1994: Transforming ownership and farm structures in Russian agriculture

Gibson, C. C.; Marks, S. A., 1995: Transforming rural hunters into conservationists: an assessment of community-based wildlife management programs in Africa

Moxey, A.; Mcclean, C.; Allanson, P., 1995: Transforming the spatial basis of agricultural census cover data

Mohareb, Fahed A., 1995: Transfusion malaria

Canny, M. J., 1993: Transfusion tissue of pine needles as a site of retrieval of solutes from the transpiration stream

Iyengar, A.; Maclean, N., 1995: Transgene concatemerization and expression in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Page, R. L.; Canseco, R. S.; Russell, C. G.; Johnson, J. L.; Velander, W. H.; Gwazdauskas, F. C., 1995: Transgene detection during early murine embryonic development after pronuclear microinjection

Hall, T. C.; Xu, Y.; Huntley, C. C.; Yu, H.; Seay, J.; Connell, J. C.; Lepetit, M.; Dong, J.; Wallace, D.; Way, M. O.; Buchholz, W. G., 1993: Transgene expression and agronomic improvement of rice

Elomaa, P; Helariutta, Y; Griesbach, Rj; Kotilainen, M; Seppanen, P; Teeri, Th, 1995: Transgene inactivation in Petunia hybrida is influenced by the properties of the foreign gene

Romano, C. P.; Robson, P. R. H.; Smith, H.; Estelle, M.; Klee, H., 1995: Transgene-mediated auxin overproduction in Arabidopsis: hypocotyl elongation phenotype and interactions with the hy6-1 hypocotyl elongation and axr1 auxin-resistant mutants

Van Blokland, R.; Van Der Geest, N.; Mol, J. N. M.; Kooter, J. M., 1994: Transgene-mediated suppression of chalcone synthase expression in Petunia hybrida results from an increase in RNA turnover

Moore, Cj; Mepham, Tb, 1995: Transgenesis and animal welfare

Anonymous, 1994: Transgenesis and targeted mutagenesis in immunology

Meunier, J., 1994: Transgenesis and the agricultural situation in developing countries

Tozzo, E.; Shepherd, P. R.; Gnudi, L.; Kahn, B. B., 1995: Transgenic GLUT-4 overexpression in fat enhances glucose metabolism: preferential effect on fatty acid synthesis

Hollick, Jb; Gordon, Mp, 1995: Transgenic analysis of a hybrid poplar wound-inducible promoter reveals developmental patterns of expression similar to that of storage protein genes

Daniel, S. G.; Becker, W. M., 1995: Transgenic analysis of the 5'- and 3'-flanking regions of the NADH-dependent hydroxypyruvate reductase gene from Cucumis sativus L

Brooks, G., 1994: Transgenic animals

Lang, Julie A.; Sinclair, Norma L.; Burson, John M.; Sigmund, Curt D., 1994: Transgenic animals as tools in hypertension research

Romagnolo, D.; DiAugustine, R. P., 1994: Transgenic approaches for modifying the mammary gland to produce therapeutic proteins

Knauf, Vic C., 1995: Transgenic approaches for obtaining new products from plants

Cremers, H. C., 1993: Transgenic bull to sow wild oats

Falco, S. C.; Guida, T.; Locke, M.; Mauvais, J.; Sanders, C.; Ward, R. T.; Webber, P., 1995: Transgenic canola and soybean seeds with increased lysine

Van Altvorst, Anne Claire; Riksen, Tjitske; Koehorst, Herma; Dons, Hans J. M., 1995: Transgenic carnations obtained by Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of leaf explants

Bowen, R. A.; Reed, M. L.; Schnieke, A.; Seidel, G. E, Jr; Stacey, A.; Thomas, W. K.; Kajikawa, O., 1994: Transgenic cattle resulting from biopsied embryos: expression of c-ski in a transgenic calf

Dunwell, J., 1995: Transgenic cereal crops

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724113

Squires, E. J.; Drake, D., 1994: Transgenic chickens by liposome-sperm-mediated gene transfer

Kubisch, H. Michael; Wang, Junqian; Luche, Ralf; Carlson, Elaine; Bray, Tammy M.; Epstein, Charles J.; Phillips, John P., 1994: Transgenic copper/zinc superoxide dismutase modulates susceptibility to type I diabetes

Joel, D. M.; Kleifeld, Y.; Losner Goshen, D.; Herzlinger, G.; Gressel, J., 1995: Transgenic crops against parasites

Zhang, G. D., 1995: Transgenic crops by direct treatment of exogenous DNA without Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid and tissue culture

Chen, T. T.; Lin, C. M.; Shamblott, M.; Lu, J. K.; Kight, K., 1994: Transgenic fish and aquaculture

Mchughen, Alan; Holm, F. A., 1995: Transgenic flax with environmentally and agronomically sustainable attributes

Nishihara, Masahiro; Seki, Motoaki; Kyo, Masaharu; Irifune, Kohei; Morikawa, Hiromichi, 1995: Transgenic haploid plants of Nicotiana rustica produced by bombardment-mediated transformation of pollen

Krogh Pedersen, H., 1995: Transgenic laboratory animals in gene regulation research

Shin, Dong Ill; Podila, Gopi K.; Huang, Yinghua; Karnosky, David F., 1994: Transgenic larch expressing genes for herbicide and insect resistance

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724128

Kooyman, D. L.; Pinkert, C. A., 1994: Transgenic mice expressing a chimaeric anti-E.coli immunoglobulin alpha heavy chain

Grass, David S.; Saini, Urmil; Felkner, Roland H.; Wallace, Racheal E.; Lago, William J. P.; Young, Stephen G.; Swanson, Mark E., 1995: Transgenic mice expressing both human apolipoprotein B and human CETP have a lipoprotein cholesterol distribution similar to that of normolipidemic humans

Johnson, Kevin A.; Lerner, Charles P.; Di Lacio, Lena C.; Laird, Peter W.; Sharpe, Arlene H.; Simpson, Elizabeth M., 1995: Transgenic mice for the preparation of hygromycin-resistant primary embryonic fibroblast feeder layers for embryonic stem cell selections

Geisler, V.; Ernst, E.; Eloit, M.; Adam, M.; Marchandise, J.; Grobet, L.; Hanset, R.; Dessy Doize, C.; Pastoret, P. P., 1994: Transgenic mice harboring Aujeszky's disease virus gD gene

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724135

Vos, S. de; Epstein, C. J.; Carlson, E.; Cho, S. K.; Koeffler, H. P., 1995: Transgenic mice overexpressing human copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zn SOD) are not resistant to endotoxic shock

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724137

Liu, Chengyu; Litscher, Eveline S.; Wassarman, Paul M., 1995: Transgenic mice with reduced numbers of functional sperm receptors on their eggs reproduce normally

Anonymous, 1993: Transgenic modification of germline and somatic cells

Stinnakre, M. G.; Devinoy, E.; Thepot, D.; Chene, N.; Bayat Sarmadi, M.; Grobowski, H.; Houdebine, L. M., 1993: Transgenic mouse: a mini living fermenter

Spangenberg, G.; Wang, Z. Y.; Wu, X. L.; Nagel, J.; Potrykus, I., 1995: Transgenic perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) plants from microprojectile bombardment of embryogenic suspension cells

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Rogers, H. J.; Parkes, H. C., 1995: Transgenic plants and the environment

Mason, Hugh S.; Arntzen, Charles J., 1995: Transgenic plants as vaccine production systems

Poulsen, G. S.; Jensen, J. E., 1995: Transgenic plants as weeds - glufosinate tolerant oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Zaccomer, B.; Cellier, F.; Boyer, J. C.; Haenni, A. L.; Tepfer, M., 1993: Transgenic plants that express genes including the 3' untranslated region of the turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) genome are partially protected against TYMV infection

Stumpf, P. K., 1995: Transgenic plants: effect on the Third World

Scorza, R.; Ravelonandro, M.; Callahan, A. M.; Cordts, J. M.; Fuchs, M.; Dunez, J.; Gonsalves, D., 1994: Transgenic plums (Prunus domestica L.) express the plum pox virus coat protein gene

Ebora, R. V.; Ebora, M. M.; Sticklen, M. B., 1994: Transgenic potato expressing the Bacillus thuringiensis CryIA(c) gene effects on the survival and food consumption of Phthorimea operculella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Smith, H. A.; Powers, H.; Swaney, S.; Brown, C.; Dougherty, W. G., 1995: Transgenic potato virus Y resistance in potato: evidence for an RNA-mediated cellular response

Willmitzer, Lothar; Frommer, Wolf Bernd; Kossmann, Jens; Mueller Roeber, Bernd; Riesmeier, Jorg; Sonnewald, Uwe; Fluegge, Ulf Ingo; Heldt, Hans, 1994: Transgenic potatoes changed in carbohydrate partitioning and allocation

Hansson, L., 1995: Transgenic production of EC-SOD

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Spangenberg, G.; Wang, Z. Y.; Wu, X. L.; Nagel, J.; Iglesias, V. A.; Potrykus, I., 1995: Transgenic tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) and red fescue (F. rubra) plants from microprojectile bombardment of embryogenic suspension cells

Leclerc, D.; AbouHaidar, M. G., 1995: Transgenic tobacco plants expressing a truncated form of the PAMV capsid protein (CP) gene show CP-mediated resistance to potato aucuba mosaic virus

Li, Tai Yuan; Tian, Ying Chuan; Qin, Xiao Feng; Mang, Ke Qiang; Li, Wen Gu; He, Yong Gang; Shen, Lei, 1994: Transgenic tobacco plants with efficient insect resistance

Paul, M.; Sonnewald, U.; Hajirezaei, M.; Dennis, D.; Stitt, M., 1995: Transgenic tobacco plants with strongly decreased expression of pyrophosphate: fructose-6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferase do not differ significantly from wild type in photosynthate partitioning, plant growth or their ability to cope with limiting phosphat

Kapil Mehta; Ramaswamy Chandrshekar, 1995: Transglutaminase activity in the microfilarial sheath

Babaev, A. G.; Amanniyazov, K. N.; Fedin, V. P., 1994: Transgression of the Caspian Sea and ways to overcome it

Iqbal Singh; Behl, R. K., 1994: Transgression vis-a-vis genetic divergence and combining ability in triple test cross progeny of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Wilcox, James R.; Burton, Joseph W.; Rebetzke, Gregory J.; Wilson, Richard F., 1994: Transgressive segregation for palmitic acid in seed oil of soybean

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Anonymous, 1995: Transhumant cattle. Colloquium, French Association of Animal Ethnology, CEMAGREF, Saint-Martin d'Heres, Isere, France, 19 May 1995

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724172

Suzuki, K; Shinshi, H., 1995: Transient activation and tyrosine phosphorylation of a protein kinase in tobacco cells treated with a fungal elicitor

Murdoch, L. C., 1994: Transient analyses of an interceptor trench

Zhang, Q., 1995: Transient behavior of mixing induced by a random velocity field

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724178

Hussain, A.; Lukow, O. M., 1995: Transient changes in wheat endosperm polymeric proteins during the later stages of grain development

Hay, Irene; Lachance, Denis; Von Aderkas, Patrick; Charest, Pierre J., 1994: Transient chimeric gene expression in pollen of five conifer species following microparticle bombardment

Beck, I.; Wittig, C.; Link, G., 1995: Transient expression activity of RbcS promoter regions from Brassica napus in mesophyll protoplasts from Nicotiana tabacum

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Panitz, R.; Borisjuk, L.; Manteuffel, R.; Wobus, U., 1995: Transient expression of storage-protein genes during early embryogenesis of Vicia faba: synthesis and metabolization of vicilin and legumin in the embryo, suspensor and endosperm

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Mahn, Andreas; Matzk, Anja; Sautter, Christof; Schiemann, Joachim, 1995: Transient gene expression in shoot apical meristems of sugarbeet seedlings after particle bombardment

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Prevedello, C. L., 1995: Transient groundwater dynamics between parallel drains

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724197

Perera, M. K.; Carter, R.; Goonewardene, R.; Mendis, K. N., 1994: Transient increase in circulating gamma / delta T cells during Plasmodium vivax malaria paroxysms

Saladin, Regis; De Vos, Piet; Guerre Millo, Michele; Leturque, Armelle; Girard, Jean; Staels, Bart; Auwerx, Johan, 1995: Transient increase in obese gene expression after food intake or insulin administration

Cook, D; Dreyer, D; Bonnet, D; Howell, M; Nony, E; Vandenbosch, K., 1995: Transient induction of a peroxidase gene in Medicago truncatula precedes infection by Rhizobium meliloti

Waddle, James A.; Cooper, John A.; Waterston, Robert H., 1994: Transient localized accumulation of actin in Caenorhabditis elegans blastomeres with oriented asymmetric divisions

Chiovato, L.; Lapi, P.; Santini, F.; Fiore, E.; Vitti, P.; Aghini Lombardi, F.; Pinchera, A., 1994: Transient neonatal hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency

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Claassen, E. M., 1994: Transition and price stabilization policies in East European agriculture

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724206

Scow, K. M.; Somasco, O.; Gunapala, N.; Lau, S.; Venette, R.; Ferris, H.; Miller, R.; Shennan, C., 1994: Transition from conventional to low-input agriculture changes soil fertility and biology

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Anonymous, 1994: Transition point from milk to water

Calkins, P., 1995: Transition to a new world economic order. Part 1: the framework

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Morrison, P. S., 1993: Transitions in rural Sarawak: off-farm employment in the Kemena Basin

Section 3, Chapter 2725, Accession 002724222

Saab, I. N.; Ho, T. H. D.; Sharp, R. E., 1995: Translatable RNA populations with maintenance of primary root elongation and inhibition of mesocotyl elongation by abscisic acid in maize seedlings at low water potentials

Leupolt, M.; Meyer Ruhen, H., 1994: Translating experience into new concepts of regional rural development - the GTZ approach

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