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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2726

Chapter 2726 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Popova, L. G.; Yurinova, A. A.; Kuz' mina, M. V.; Kiprianov, A. I.; Egorov, A. E., 1991: Trial in growing seedlings of spruce and pine using a growth stimulator based on black sulfate liquor

Bel' kov, V. P.; Egorov, A. B.; Stepanov, V. M.; Barkova, L. I., 1994: Trial in the commercial control of vegetative regeneration of aspen

Chernyshev, Yu F., 1993: Trial in using compressed wood of Siberian larch in the friction elements of machines in the cement industry

Appel, L. J.; Espeland, M.; Whelton, P. K.; Dolecek, T.; Kumanyika, S.; Applegate, W. B.; Ettinger, W. H.; Kostis, J. B.; Wilson, A. C.; Lacy, C.; Miller, S. T., 1995: Trial of Nonpharmacologic Intervention in the Elderly (TONE). Design and rationale of a blood pressure control trial

Agundez, D.; Alia, R.; Stephan, R.; Gil, L.; Pardos, J. A., 1994: Trial of Spanish and German provenances of Pinus sylvestris: nursery behaviour and survival in the forest

Belousova, R. V.; Kopenkin, A. E.; Zhumabaev, Kh Zh; Korol' kov, V. I., 1993: Trial of a combined vaccine against adenoviral infection and pasteurellosis in cattle

Sall, M. G.; Kuakuvi, N.; Mbaye, N. G.; Fall, M., 1992: Trial of a commercial weaning food in the treatment of grave protein-energy malnutrition in hospital. Study of 76 cases

Gorzelak, A.; Konarzewski, J., 1991: Trial of application of Arsenal for control of weeds in forest plantations

Hartmann, W.; Haberlein, E., 1995: Trial of different types of German Hauszwetsche

Wali Ur Rehman, 1993: Trial of insecticides and a fumigant against forest seed pests

Schreiner, M.; Geyer, M.; Ludders, P.; Bullert, S.; Albrecht, H. J., 1993: Trial of sea buckthorn selections

Hedin, I. B., 1993: Trial of the Tree-Max tree-pulling implement in southeastern British Columbia

Folkema, M. P., 1994: Trial of the model 1400 Track Bandit chipper for row removal in softwood plantations

Delaunay, P.; Petithory, J. C., 1994: Trial of two new ELISA kits: 'Echinococcus serology', specific to the genus Echinococcus, and 'Echinococcus multilocularis', specific to the species Echinococcus multilocularis

Nevzorov, V. M., 1991: Trial on diagnosing tree resistance to Heterobasidion annosum in young pine plantations

Deng, W. H.; Huang, Z. L.; Lin, X. M.; Lin, J. B., 1993: Trial on the control of the rice gall midge with isofenphos-methyl

Lescure, J. P.; Ducatillon, J. P.; Hochart, J. M.; Delgove, R.; Decock, A., 1993: Trial on using chromatometers for measuring visual appearance

Jurschitzka, P., 1993: Trial plantings of walnut

St Amour, M., 1993: Trial results of a Munger brushcutting head mounted on a Robotec H2000 in stand tending operations

Wertheim, S. J.; Scholtens, A., 1994: Trial results with M.27 as rootstock and interstock. M.27 can be used as an interstock

Meesters, P.; Lieten, F., 1995: Trial with ever-bearing cultivars 1994

Mazzone, P.; Vitale, C., 1994: Trial, under isolated conditions, on the pollination of Actinidia deliciosa (Chevaliere) by honey bees and some observations about the pollination

Tojo, J. L.; Santamarina, M. T.; Ubeira, F. M.; Leiro, J.; Sanmartin, M. L., 1994: Trials for the control of ichthyophthiriosis in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Cichonska, A.; Swiezynska, H., 1993: Trials of application of fungal biopreparations for reducing the population density of some forest pests

Demarcq, P.; Beaury, P., 1993: Trials of different methods for management of slash after clear-felling in Scots pine stands

Deneken, G., 1994: Trials of herbage plants, root crops, maize, green fodder plants and potatoes 1994

Cole, D. M., 1993: Trials of mixed-conifer plantings for increasing diversity in the lodgepole pine type

Shu ChuNe; Cao ChiYang; Bai LiXin; Cao YanPing; Sun HongWu; Zhang YongXiao; Yan YouJian; Lu ZhongQuan; Jin ZhongShi; Qu HanZhong, 1994: Trials of new pheromone formulations for controlling pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) in cotton

Gouteux, J. P.; Blanc, F.; Cuisance, D.; D' Amico, F.; Guinza, A. K., 1995: Trials of olfactory attractants to enhance trap catches of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae) in the Central African Republic

Avolio, S.; Ciancio, O., 1991: Trials of silvicultural conversion from beech coppice-with-standards to high forest in the Sila

Zhou, X. C.; Xu, P. Z.; Yao, J. W.; Zeng, Q. P., 1994: Trials of successive balanced fertilization in double-cropping rice field

Mihok, S.; Kang' ethe, E. K.; Kamau, G. K., 1995: Trials of traps and attractants for Stomoxys spp. (Diptera: Muscidae)

Tan, B. L.; Xiong, J. J.; Du, T. Y.; Tian, S. D.; Ding, Y.; Liang, W. G.; Lu, Y. D.; Huang, M. D., 1992: Trials on a petroleum oil emulsion for control of pest mites on Citrus

Arndt, M.; Leuprecht, B., 1994: Trials on alternatives for control of nematodes in vegetable crops

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725036

Kazarinova, N. V., 1991: Trials on establishing a garden of medicinal plants in Novosibirsk

Kretschmer, A.; Spellmann, H., 1992: Trials on growing forest poplars in Lower Saxony

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725039

Li, X., 1994: Trials on milk-increasing effects of a mineral additive preparation

Spring, J. L., 1993: Trials on soil management along the line of trees: intermediate results

Apahidean, A. S., 1992: Trials on the technology of growing direct sown onions

Hassan, S. A., 1992: Trials on the use of Trichogramma spp. to control the codling moth Cydia pomonella L. and the summer fruit tortrix moth Adoxophyes orana F.R

Gorzelak, A.; ukaszewicz, J., 1992: Trials on the use of a mixture of Velpar and Azoprim in pine silviculture

Moreno, P.; Piquer, J.; Navarro, L.; Carbonell, E. A.; Pina, J. A., 1994: Trials to avoid decline caused by citrus tristeza virus (CTV) on citrus trees grafted on sour orange rootstock

Jarchow, D., 1994: Trials to control black cherry (Prunus serotina)

Mohrah, I. M.; Zaki, M. M., 1995: Trials to prepare potent vaccine against Salmonella gallinarum-pullorum infection

Ticknor, R. L.; Mukhtar Ahmad, 1994: Trials to produce Ilex x 'September Gem' for pot plant use

Glinski, Z.; Meresta, T., 1993: Trials to standardize the antibacterial activity of propolis

Job, G. D.; Trengove, R.; Realey, G. J., 1995: Trials using a mobile ultraviolet disinfection system in South West water

Siddiqi, N. A.; Islam, M. R.; Khan, M. A. S., 1994: Trials with Melaleuca leucadendron in the coastal areas of Bangladesh

Lopinto, M., 1994: Trials with aseptic grafting of chestnut against Cryphonectria parasitica

Ekeberg, E., 1994: Trials with different sowing dates in 1985-89

Cobo Munoz, M., 1992: Trials with perennial tropical crops in commercial fields in 1971-1989

Del Fueyo, Georgina M.; Taylor, Edith L.; Taylor, Thomas N.; Cuneo, N. Ruben, 1995: Triassic wood from the Gordon Valley, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica

Salvatella Agrelo, R.; Basmadjian, Y.; Rosa, R.; Puime, A., 1993: Triatoma delpontei Romana & Abalos, 1947 (Hemiptera, Triatominae) in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul

Lent, H.; Jurberg, J.; Galvao, C.; Carcavallo, R. U., 1994: Triatoma melanosoma, new status for Triatoma infestans melanosoma Martinez, Olmedo & Carcavallo, 1987 (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

Schofield, C. J., 1994: Triatominae: biology & control

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Davies, PE.; Cook, LSJ.; Barton, JL., 1994: Triazine herbicide contamination of Tasmanian streams: sources, concentrations and effects on biota

Raghava, R. P.; Nisha Raghava, 1994: Triazoles: a new range of synthetic bioregulators in orchards and nurseries - a review

Kadaba, P. K., 1994: Triazolines. XXIX. 1,5-Diaryl- Delta superscript 2-1,2,3-triazolines as aphicides: mechanism of action via aziridine formation

Dutzmann, S., 1994: Triazoxide - a seed treatment fungicide for the control of seed-borne Pyrenophora species

Munshi, I., 1995: Tribal communities in their natural environment: the changing context in Western India

Kinhal, G. A.; Narayan, K. R., 1994: Tribal dependence on forests - case studies from Rajasthan

Yamauchi, K., 1993: Tribal dialects and official languages as a tool for extension

Rizvi, B. R., 1993: Tribal land and changing economies of Indian tribes: an overview

Reddy, R. C. M.; Ranjan, L.; Yadav, R., 1993: Tribal land and forest problems in Tripura

Iyer, K. G., 1993: Tribal land and forest question in Bihar

Rao, B. J.; Murthy, N. L., 1993: Tribal land rights in Andhra Pradesh: reflections on dispossession process

Ashok Majumdar, 1991: Tribal medicines and their role in community herbal gardens

Saleh, M. A. E., 1995: Tribalism, genealogy and the development of Al-Alkhalaf: a traditional settlement in southwestern Saudi Arabia

Fernandes, W., 1993: Tribals, land, natural resources and displacement

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725075

Andersson, L., 1995: Tribes and genera of the Cinchoneae complex (Rubiaceae)

Barreiros, H. de S., 1994: Trichilia luciae (Meliaceae), new species

Andrews, J. R. H.; Ainsworth, R.; Abernethy, D., 1994: Trichinella pseudospiralis in humans: description of a case and its treatment

Andrews, J. R. H.; Ainsworth, R., 1993: Trichinella pseudospiralis in man

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725080

Haralabidis, S.; Frydas, S.; Karagouni, E.; Himonas, C., 1992: Trichinella spiralis-Ab3 (IgG, IgM, IgA), IL-6 and TNF levels in murine trichinellosis

Connolly, Bernadette.; Ingram, Lisa J.; Smith, Deborah F., 1995: Trichinella spiralis: cloning and characterisation of two repetitive DNA sequences

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725084

Brglez, J., 1995: Trichinellosis

Wacker, K.; Tackmann, K., 1994: Trichinellosis in foxes in Brandenburg

Olteanu, G.; Gherman, I.; Panaitescu, D.; Stratulat, G.; Teveloiu, I.; Ontanu, G.; Poll, V.; Branescu, G.; Meica, S.; Poparlan, N., 1994: Trichinellosis in man and animals in Romania: current situation

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Losson, B.; Protz, M.; Brochier, B.; Evers, J.; Patigny, X., 1995: Trichinellosis in the wild boar (Sus scrofa): results from a survey conducted in 1993-1994 and comparison between trichinoscopy, peptic digestion and enzyme-linked immunoassay

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Boyer, D.; Boyer, T. H., 1991: Trichlorfon spray for snake mites (Ophionyssus natricis)

Marco, E.; Orus, M. I., 1993: Trichlorfon-induced inhibition of nitrate and ammonium uptake in cyanobacteria

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Juuti, Soile; Hirvonen, Arja; Tarhanen, Juhani; Holopainen, Jarmo K.; Ruuskanen, Juhani, 1993: Trichloroacetic acid in pine needles in the vicinity of a pulp mill

Jahng, D.; Wood, T. K., 1994: Trichloroethylene and chloroform degradation by a recombinant Pseudomonad expressing soluble methane monooxygenase from Methylosinus trichlosporium OB3b

Uchiyama, H.; Oguri, K.; Nishibayashi, M.; Kokufuta, E.; Yagi, O., 1995: Trichloroethylene degradation by cells of a methane-utilizing bacterium, Methylocystis sp. M, immobilized in calcium alginate

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Heald, S; Jenkins, Ro, 1994: Trichloroethylene removal and oxidation toxicity mediated by toluene dioxygenase of Pseudomonas putida

Napravnik, J.; Nevakova, M.; Nevak, M., 1992: Trichocephalus suis as the dominant parasite species in pig breeding

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725112

Anonymous, 1993: Trichogramma news

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725145

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725149

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725161

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725172

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725175

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725182

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725187

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725191

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Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725193

Section 3, Chapter 2726, Accession 002725194

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