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Triple testcross analysis for yield and yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Neeraj Kulshreshtha; Mani, S.C.; Chandra, S.

Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 53(3): 243-246


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5200
Accession: 002725178

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Information on genetic variance is derived from data on 7 yield components in parents Govind (early) and Jaya (medium), their F1 hybrids and crosses of the F1 hybrids with 7 other varieties. Epistasis contributed significantly to all traits. Additive effects were the main source of variation for plant height, days to flowering, 1000-grain weight and grain yield/plant, while dominance effects were important for 1000-grain weight, grain weight/panicle and grain yield/plant.

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