US dairy export council created to help increase US dairy exports


Cheese Reporter 119(46): 1, 8


Accession: 002726178

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Creation and purpose of the US Dairy Export Council, created by Dairy Management International Inc. (DMI; the staff and management organization formed by the National Dairy Board and the United Dairy Industry Association), are discussed. The Council is intended as a promotional organization, not a trading company, and anticipated services will include: US trade support (market research, seminars, advocacy on policy issues, and specialized counselling on exports); market penetration, eg. access to in-country offices for market data and guidance on regulatory issues; and market expansion (generic advertising, promotions, and point-of-sale materials). The Council will be funded by DMI, membership fees from processors and exporters, and US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service allocations. Effects of previous generic advertising on US exports of cheese, yoghurt and ice cream are also considered.