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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2730

Chapter 2730 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baruah, D.P.; Goud, J.V., 1993:
Variability studies in hybrid and segregating populations of sesame

Kansagra, U.M.; Shukla, P.T., 1993:
Variability studies in induced mutants in mung bean

Sharma, N.K.; Burman, U.; Tewari, J.C.; Bohra, M.D.; Harsh, L.N., 1994:
Variability studies in pod and seed characteristics of Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC

Singh, A.P.; Singh, G.P.; Singh, A.K., 1993:
Variability studies in tall and dwarf peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Srinivas, T.; Ranganatha, A.R.G., 1993:
Variability studies with bulk and single capsule descent methods of sesame

Sood, B.C.; Gartan, S.L.; Kalia, N.R., 1994:
Variability, correlation and path studies in horsegram

Hooda, M.S.; Raj Bahadur, 1993:
Variability, correlation and path-coefficients analyses for some seed traits in subabul (Leucaena leucocephala L.)

Mehetre, S.S.; Mahajan, C.R.; Desai, N.S.; Shinde, R.B., 1995:
Variability, heritability and character association in M3 families of gamma irradiated soybean

Sreekumar, K.; Kuriakose, J.M.; Mathew, T.; Alexander, D.; Santhakumari, S., 1994:
Variability, heritability and correlation studies on the yield and quality characters of sugarcane

Shabana, R.; Amer, I.M.; Taha, R.S.; Azzam, C.R., 1994:
Variability, heritability and expected genetic advance in irradiated and non-irradiated populations of sunflower after two cycles of mass selection for short stature

Chaudhary, S.K., 1993:
Variability, heritability and genetic advance in groundnut under mid altitude conditions

Sawant, D.S.; Patil, S.L.; Bhave, S.G., 1994:
Variability, heritability and genetic advance in pure lines of lowland rice

Reddy, K.R.; Veena, K.N.; Reddy, C.R., 1993:
Variability, heritability and genetic advance in sesame

Wojcicki, J.J.; Marhold, K., 1993:
Variability, hybridization and distribution of Prunus fruticosa (Rosaceae) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Sahoo, S., 1994:
Variability, selection and mutation for palmarosa oil production in India

Jagadev, P.N.; Naik, B.; Sahoo, S.C.; Sashikala Beura; Maharana, T., 1993:
Variability, selection and planting material in kewda (Pandanus fascicularis Lam.)

Pays, E.; Berberof, M., 1995:
Variable and non-variable antigens of African trypanosomes

Dake, C.K.G., 1994:
Variable animal performance and farm diversification

Kalra, A.; Parameswaran, T.N.; Ravindra, N.S.; Dimri, B.P., 1995:
Variable cultivar response to control of powdery mildew in coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Melrose, P.A.; Keadle, T.L.; Kamerling, S.G.; Horohov, D.W., 1993:
Variable effects of proopiomelanocortin peptides on the proliferative response of equine immune cells

Mukherjee, J.; Scharff, M.D.; Casadevall, A., 1995:
Variable efficacy of passive antibody administration against diverse Cryptococcus neoformans strains

John, H.A., 1994:
Variable efficiency of retroviral-mediated gene transfer into early-passage cultures of fetal lamb epithelial, mesenchymal, and neuroectodermal tissues

Fritz, R.S.; Kaufman, S.R., 1993:
Variable enemy impact at three scales: herbivore species, plant species, and plant genotype

Wallis, M., 1994:
Variable evolutionary rates in the molecular evolution of mammalian growth hormones

Levy, E.; Roy, C.C.; Thibault, L.; Bonin, A.; Brochu, P.; Seidman, E.G., 1994:
Variable expression of familial heterozygous hypobetalipoproteinemia: transient malabsorption during infancy

Collick, A.; Norris, M.L.; Allen, M.J.; Bois, P.; Barton, S.C.; Surani, M.A.; Jeffreys, A.J., 1994:
Variable germline and embryonic instability of the human minisatellite MS32 (D1S8) in transgenic mice

Orme, B.; Mcmahon, D.; Thunell, R., 1994:
Variable growth and acid production of lactococci in whole milk concentrated by ultrafiltration and diafiltration

Matkovits, T.; Christakos, S., 1995:
Variable in vivo regulation of rat vitamin D-dependent genes (osteopontin, Ca,Mg-adenosine triphosphatase, and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 24-hydroxylase): implications for differing mechanisms of regulation and involvement of multiple factors

Daponte, T.L.F.; Verschaeren, P.C.M., 1994:
Variable incidence photometer with solar simulation

Burd, M., 1995:
Variable load size-ant size matching in leaf-cutting ants, Atta colombica (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Tanaka, Y.; Vincent, D.L.; Ledgerwood, K.S.; Weems, C.W., 1995:
Variable progesterone response and estradiol secretion in prepubertal beef heifers following treatment with norgestomet implants

Mo, J.A.; Bona, C.A.; Holmdahl, R., 1993:
Variable region gene selection of immunoglobulin G-expressing B cells with specificity for a defined epitope on type II collagen

Waisman, A.; Mozes, E., 1993:
Variable region sequences of autoantibodies from mice with experimental systemic lupus erythematosus

Andereck, K.L.; Caldwell, L.L., 1995:
Variable selection in tourism market segmentation models

Weis, A.E.; Kapelinski, A., 1994:
Variable selection on Eurosta's gall size. II. A path analysis of the ecological factors behind selection

Bunikis, J.; Olsén, B.; Westman, G.; Bergstroöm, S., 1995:
Variable serum immunoglobulin responses against different Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato species in a population at risk for and patients with Lyme disease

Antolin, M.F.; Ode, P.J.; Strand, M.R., 1995:
Variable sex ratios and ovicide in an outbreeding parasitic wasp

Doumbia, M.D.; Hossner, L.R.; Onken, A.B., 1993:
Variable sorghum growth in acid soils of subhumid West Africa

Nirmala, A.; Rao, B.H.; Rao, A.N., 1993:
Variable sterility and apospory in pearl millet

Rothuizen, J.; de Gouw, H.; Hellebrekers, L.J.; Lenstra, H.A., 1995:
Variable structures of mitochondrial DNA in dogs

Roces, F., 1995:
Variable thermal sensitivity as output of a circadian clock controlling the bimodal rhythm of temperature choice in the ant Camponotus mus

Reinhardt, C.F.; Nel, P.C., 1993:
Variable tolerance of some crop species to atrazine in various soils

Kjelgren, Roger, 1995:
Variable urban irradiance and shade acclimation in Norway maple street trees

Ponce, V.M.; Chaganti, P.V., 1994:
Variable-parameter Muskingum-Cunge method revisited

Leyva Pacheco, R.; Bacardi Gascon, M.; Jimenez Cruz, A., 1994:
Variables associated with patterns of breast feeding in Tijuana, Mexico

Thorburn, Margaret A., 1995:
Variables associated with the use of chemotherapeutic agents on trout farms in Ontario, Canada

Sundaraswamy, B.; Perumal, G., 1992:
Variables influencing the job performance of assistant agricultural officers

Plesnik, S., 1993:
Variance analysis of some soybean quantitative traits in M2 generation after laser units and ethylenimine treatment

Zhang, Z.Q., 1995:
Variance and covariance of ovipositional rates and developmental rates in the Phytoseiidae (Acari: Mesostigmata): a phylogenetic consideration

Ota, T.; Nei, M., 1994:
Variance and covariances of the numbers of synonymous and nonsynonymous substitutions per site

Kars, A.A.; Erasmus, G.J.; Van Der Westhuizen, J., 1994:
Variance component and heritability estimates for growth traits in the Nguni cattle stud at Bartlow Combine

Veerkamp, R.F.; Emmans, G.C.; Cromie, A.R.; Simm, G., 1995:
Variance components for residual feed intake in dairy cows

Gregoire, Timothy G., 1995:
Variance derivations and related aspects of growth component estimators with successive variable-radius-plot samples

Nienhuis, J.; Sills, G.R.; Martin, B.; King, G., 1994:
Variance for water-use efficiency among ecotypes and recombinant inbred lines of Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae)

Vencovsky, R., 1994:
Variance of an estimate of outcrossing rate

Dimov, G.; Albuquerque, L.G.; Keown, J.F.; Van Vleck, L.D.; Norman, H.D., 1995:
Variance of interaction effects of sire and herd for yield traits of Holsteins in California, New York, and Pennsylvania with an animal model

Xu, L.P.; Chen, R.K.; Xue, Q.Q., 1993:
Variant mechanism and selective technique in sugarcane tissue culture. IV. Selection for the technique of apical meristem culture

de Souza, M.S.; Smith, A.L.; Beck, D.S.; Kim, L.J.; Hansen, G.M.; Barthold, S.W., 1993:
Variant responses of mice to Borrelia burgdorferi depending on the site of intradermal inoculation

Nash, T.E.; Mowatt, M.R., 1993:
Variant-specific surface proteins of Giardia lamblia are zinc-binding proteins

Makosa, K., 1992:
Variants of boggy site types based on moisture level and their relation to forest management

Townsend, A.M.; Douglass, L.W., 1994:
Variation among Alnus progenies grown in Ohio

Hanks, L.M.; Paine, T.D.; Millar, J.G.; Hom, J.L., 1995:
Variation among Eucalyptus species in resistance to eucalyptus longhorned borer in Southern California

Brandt, Kirsten, 1994:
Variation among and within clones in formation of roots and shoots during micropropagation of Campanula isophylla

Miller, B.F.; Armstrong, K.L.; Wilson, L.A.; Hohenboken, W.D.; Saacke, R.G., 1994:
Variation among inbred and linecross mice in response to fescue toxicosis

Clark, C.; Hoy, M.; Nelson, P., 1995:
Variation among isolates of Fusarium lateritium from sweetpotato for pathogenicity and vegetative compatibility

Mezencev, N.; Clement, G.; Guiderdoni, E., 1995:
Variation among progenies of diploid plants regenerated from haploid, microspore-derived cell-suspension protoplasts of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Shiraiwa, T.; Hashikawa, U., 1993:
Variation analysis of efficiency of intercepted radiation conversion in the accumulation of dry matter by soybean

Bala, A.; Satija, D.R.; Gupta, V.P., 1994:
Variation and association analysis among protein quality traits in chickpea

Sarma, R.N.; Roy, A., 1995:
Variation and character association in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Houssard, C.; Escarre, J., 1995:
Variation and covariation among life-history traits in Rumex acetosella from a successional old-field gradient

Miedaner, T.; Ziegler, D.E.; Geiger, H.H., 1995:
Variation and covariation for quantitative resistance to head blight (Fusarium culmorum) in two testcross series of S2 lines in winter rye

Rattunde, H.F.W.; Geiger, H.H.; Weipert, D., 1994:
Variation and covariation of milling- and baking-quality characteristics among winter rye single-cross hybrids

Ochiai, Y.; Kawase, M.; Sakamoto, S., 1994:
Variation and distribution of foxtail millet (Setaria italica P. Beauv.) in the mountainous areas of northern Pakistan

Antal, M.; Micko, M.M., 1994:
Variation and field estimation of wood quality parameters for black spruce

Avrov, F.D.; Melent' eva N.V., 1991 :
Variation and heredity of elements of mineral nutrition in larch needles

Wang, Z.Z.i; Li, K.Q.n; Zhang, D.L.; Hao,; Duo, D.Z.i; Liu,; Xiao,; Zhang,, 1994:
Variation and high frequency somatic embryogenesis of embryogenic callus in Gossypium hirsutum

Rapson, G.L.; Maze, J., 1994:
Variation and integration in the rare grass Achnatherum (Oryzopsis) hendersonii: phenotypic comparison with parapatric common congeners

Esikava, K.; Yamagisi, K.; Bunin, M.S.; Ignatov, A.N., 1995:
Variation and phylogenetic relationship of varietal populations of Raphanus sativus L. subspecies from east Asia

Uyeda, I.; Murao, K.; Ando, Y.; Suga, H.; Kimura, I., 1995:
Variation and reassortment within the rice dwarf virus genome

Clark, D.C.; Moore, A.J., 1995:
Variation and repeatability of male agonistic hiss characteristics and their relationship to social rank in Gromphadorhina portentosa

Lee, G.J.; Atkins, K.D.; Mortimer, S.I., 1995:
Variation between Merino ewes in pasture intake. 1. Between flock differences and some environmental sources of variation

Zhu JingJie, 1995:
Variation developed in in vitro culture of banana and its control

Shpota, V.I.; Konovalov, N.G.; Galkin, P.M., 1994:
Variation during storage of laboratory emergence of Brassica juncea seeds treated with mutagens

Benedito, J.L.; Gutierrez Panizo, C.; Hernandez, J.; Castillo, C.; Sanchez, L.; Vallejo, M., 1994:
Variation factors of variables in bovine physiology: I. Haematological parameters

Garcia Partida, P.; Hernandez, J.; Castillo, C.; Cano, M.J.; Vallejo, M.; Benedito, J.L., 1994:
Variation factors of variables in bovine physiology: II. Variations in enzymes and metabolites

Castillo, C.; Benedito, J.L.; Hernandez, J.; Fidalgo, L.E.; Diez Prieto, I.; Vallejo, M., 1994:
Variation factors of variables in bovine physiology: III. Minerals and trace elements

Msikita, W.; Wilkinson, H.T.; Dias, J.C.S.lva, 1995:
Variation for black rot resistance in tronchuda regenerated from epicotyl segments

Alvarez, J.B.; Martin, L.M., 1994:
Variation for breadmaking quality characters in several crosses of hexaploid tritordeum (xTritordeum Ascherson et Graebner) with a common parent

Bothmer, R. von; Salomon, B.; Linde Laursen, I., 1995:
Variation for crossability in a reciprocal, interspecific cross involving Hordeum vulgare and H. lechleri

Spence, N.J.; Walkey, D.G.A., 1994:
Variation for pathogenicity among isolates of bean common mosaic virus in Africa

Spence, N.J.; Walkey, D.G.A., 1995:
Variation for pathogenicity among isolates of bean common mosaic virus in Africa and a reinterpretation of the genetic relationship between cultivars of Phaseolus vulgaris and pathotypes of BCMV

Clarke, J.M.; Depauw, R.M.; Mcleod, J.G.ant; Mccaig, T.N., 1994:
Variation for preharvest sprouting resistance in durum wheat

Chauhan, R.S.; Singh, B.M., 1995:
Variation for some morphological traits and leaf rust reaction among regenerants of bread wheat cultivar Sonalika

Li, J.; Berke, T.G.; Glover, D.V., 1994:
Variation for thermal properties of starch in tropical maize germ plasm

Sharma, L.D.; Sastry, E.V.D., 1992:
Variation for yield and yield traits in the advanced progenies of salinity tolerant x susceptible crosses of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell) evaluated under salinity

Hill, W.G.; Caballero, A.; Keightley, P.D., 1994:
Variation from spontaneous mutation for body size in the mouse

Houston, D.B.; Houston, D.R., 1994:
Variation in American beech (Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.): isozyme analysis of genetic structure in selected stands

Islam, M.S.; Paul, T.K.; Rashid, M.A.; Ahmad, A., 1994:
Variation in Bangladeshi coconut as compared with exotic coconut cultivars

Creber, H.M.C.; Davies, M.S.; Francis, D.; Walker, H.D., 1994:
Variation in DNA C value in natural populations of Dactylis glomerata L

Sugaya, M.; Niwa, M.; Harada, K.; Yanagisawa, T.; Marubashi, W., 1995:
Variation in DNA fingerprints detected in plants regenerated from horseradish (Armoracia rusticana Gaertn.) callus

Thompson, R.C.; Lymbery, A.J.; Constantine, C.C., 1995:
Variation in Echinococcus: towards a taxonomic revision of the genus

Kushairi, A.; Rajanaidu, N.; Jalani, B.S.; Zakri, A.H., 1994:
Variation in Malaysian dura x pisifera planting materials. I. Bunch yield

Hasegawa, H.; Ichii, M., 1994:
Variation in Michaelis-Menten kinetic parameters for nitrate uptake by the young seedlings in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Salim, K.A.; Gordon, D.B.; Shaw, S.; Smith, C.A., 1995:
Variation in Molinia caerulea (L.) Moench, the purple moor grass, in relation to edaphic environments

Blanco, F.; Segui, E., 1992:
Variation in Na content and its relation with yield of Panicum maximum cultivars

Merrin, S.J.; Nair, N.G.; Tarran, J., 1995:
Variation in Phomopsis recorded on grapevine in Australia and its taxonomic and biological implications

Burgess, T.; Malajczuk, N.; Dell, B., 1995:
Variation in Pisolithus based on basidiome and basidiospore morphology, culture characteristics and analysis of polypeptides using 1D SDS-PAGE

Kolari, Kimmo K., 1994:
Variation in Scots pine needle nutrient concentrations in relation to position in crown and needle age

Thompson, A.E.; Dierig, D.A.; Kleiman, R., 1994:
Variation in Vernonia galamensis flowering characteristics, seed oil and vernolic acid contents

Ren, X.L.; Li, J.R., 1991:
Variation in active oxygen and some physiological indexes in the processes of maturation and senescence of apricot fruits

Miguel, M.D. de; Cases, B.; Moya, I., 1994:
Variation in agricultural income from horticultural products of the Mediterranean basin

Hardie, Jim, 1994:
Variation in behavioural migration in aphids

al-Kaff, N.; Covey, S.N., 1994:
Variation in biological properties of cauliflower mosaic virus clones

Deshmukh, D.D.; Dev, D.V., 1994:
Variation in biomass, leaf area and yield in groundnut under different agro techniques

Bertoni, G.; Trevisi, E.; Cappelli, F.P.; Cappa, V., 1994:
Variation in blood parameters with mastitis of different severity in dairy cows

Rao, R.C.N.geswara; Udaykumar, M.; Farquhar, G.D.; Talwar, H.S.; Prasad, T.G., 1995:
Variation in carbon isotope discrimination and its relationship to specific leaf area and ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase content in groundnut genotypes

Zhang, J.; Marshall, J.D., 1995:
Variation in carbon isotope discrimination and photosynthetic gas exchange among populations of Pseudotsuga menziesii and Pinus ponderosa in different environments

Khan, N.A., 1994:
Variation in carbonic anhydrase activity and its relationship with photosynthesis and dry mass of mustard

Ali, Z.I.; Mahalakshmi, V.; Singh, M.; Ortiz Ferrara, G.; Peacock, J.M., 1994:
Variation in cardinal temperatures for germination among wheat (Triticum aestivum) genotypes

Krutul, D., 1994:
Variation in cellulose content in the stem of pine wood (Pinus silvestris L.)

Podgornyi, Y.K.; Mitrofanova, T.K.; Alarkon, N.L., 1990:
Variation in chemical composition of pollen of Pinus pallasiana between individuals and with altitude

Siddiqui, P.J.A.; Rashida Qasium, 1994 :
Variation in chemical constituents of mangrove foliage Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. (Avicenniaceae)

Singh, H.S.; Agrawal, S., 1992:
Variation in chitinoid structures of Hamatopeduncularia wallagonius n. sp. in relation to season

Brenner, V.; Hernandez, B.S.; Focht, D.D., 1993:
Variation in chlorobenzoate catabolism by Pseudomonas putida P111 as a consequence of genetic alterations

He, Q.Q.; Liu, X.Z., 1994:
Variation in chloroplast DNA and mitochondrial DNA in tissue culture of lucerne

Ucar, G.; Fengel, D., 1995:
Variation in composition of extractives from wood of Pinus nigra varieties

Hunter, M.D.; Hull, L.A., 1993:
Variation in concentrations of phloridzin and phloretin in apple foliage

Iason, G.R.; Hodgson, J.; Barry, T.N., 1995:
Variation in condensed tannin concentration of a temperate grass (Holcus lanatus) in relation to season and reproductive development

Beaulieu, J.; Simon, J.P.erre, 1995:
Variation in cone morphology and seed characters in Pinus strobus in Quebec

Vidyakin, A.I., 1991:
Variation in cone shape in populations of Pinus sylvestris in the east of the European part of the USSR

Sehgal, R.N.; Chauhan, S.K.; Khosla, P.K., 1994:
Variation in cone, seed and nursery characters in high resin yielding trees selected in Himachal Pradesh

Collett, O., 1992:
Variation in copper tolerance among isolates of the brown-rot fungi Postia placenta (Fr.) M. Lars. & Lomb. and Antrodia xantha (Fr.) Ryv

Kummala, T.; Vuorela, P.; Sumelius, S.; Fagerstedt, K.; Vuorela, H.; Hiltunen, R., 1993:
Variation in coumarin content in naturally growing plants of Peucedanum palustre

Amalraj, S.F.A.; Rao, G.R., 1994:
Variation in damage-yield relations arising out of Globodera species infestation on potato

Helleck, AM.; Hartberg, WK.; Vodopich, D., 1994:
Variation in development times of Eretmapodites quinquevittatus Theobald (Diptera: Culicidae)

Kernich, G.C.; Halloran, G.M.; Flood, R.G., 1995:
Variation in developmental patterns of wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum L.) and cultivated barley (H. vulgare L.)

Townsend, A.M.; Bentz, S.E.; Douglass, L.W., 1993:
Variation in diameter growth of red maple progenies grown in Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota

Kraaijeveld, A.R.; Van Alphen, J.J.M., 1995:
Variation in diapause and sex ratio in the parasitoid Asobara tabida

Periago, M.J.; Ros, G.; Englyst, H.N.; Rincon, F., 1994:
Variation in dietary fibre content of peas (Pisum sativum) as a function of cultivar, size and analytical method

Inoue, N.; Yamamoto, F., 1992:
Variation in digestibility of corn grain (Zea mays L.). Relationships among degradability by alpha -amylase, ruminal dry matter disappearance and chemical composition

Miller, R.H.; Fulton, L.A.; Erez, B.; Williams, W.F.; Pearson, R.E., 1995:
Variation in distances among teats of Holstein cows: implications for automated milking

Lazar, M.D.; Salisbury, C.D.; Worrall, W.D., 1995:
Variation in drought susceptibility among closely related wheat lines

Moore, P.P., 1993:
Variation in drupelet number and drupelet weight among raspberry clones in Washington

Lopez Castaneda, C.; Richards, R.A.; Farquhar, G.D., 1995:
Variation in early vigor between wheat and barley

Mozzetti, C.F.rraris, L.T.mietti, G.M.tta, A., 1995:
Variation in enzyme activities in leaves and cell suspensions as markers of incompatibility in different Phytophthora-pepper interactions

Thomson, C.A.; Sporns, P., 1995:
Variation in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) components to lower sulfathiazole detection limits

Neil, D.; Yu, B., 1994:
Variation in estimated rainfall erosivity on the Southern Tablelands, NSW, over the last one hundred years

Hassan, M.A.; Ramchandran, V.R., 1994:
Variation in evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of rice at the regional agricultural research station, Pattambi

Queiroz, M.M.C.; Milward de Azevedo, E.M.V.; Cunha Filho, L.A. da, 1992:
Variation in eye colour of Chrysomya albiceps (Diptera, Calliphoridae) in the laboratory

Kamal Eldin, A.; Appelqvist, L.A.e, 1994:
Variation in fatty acid composition of the different acyl lipids in seed oils from four Sesamum species

Coppedge, B.R.; Stephen, F.M.; Felton, G.W., 1995:
Variation in female southern pine beetle size and lipid content in relation to fungal associates

Kerby, T.A.; Keeley, M.; Watson, M., 1993:
Variation in fiber development as affected by source to sink relationships

Ouborg, N.J.op; Van Treuren, R., 1995:
Variation in fitness-related characters among small and large populations of Salvia pratensis

Shifriss, C.; Pilowsky, M.; Aloni, B., 1994:
Variation in flower abscission of peppers under stress shading conditions

Vike, E.; Habjorg, A., 1995:
Variation in fluoride content and leaf injury on plants associated with three aluminium smelters in Norway

Waring, R.; Silvester, W., 1994:
Variation in foliar delta 13C values within the crowns of Pinus radiata trees

Garten, C.T.Jr, 1993:
Variation in foliar 15N abundance and the availability of soil nitrogen on Walker Branch Watershed

Maisey, S.; Loughridge, J.; Southon, S.; Fulcher, R., 1995:
Variation in food group and nutrient intake with day of the week in an elderly population

Mcroberts, R.E.; Hahn, J.T.; Hefty, G.J.; Van Cleve, J.R., 1994:
Variation in forest inventory field measurements

Stanosz, G.; Laudermilch, G., 1992:
Variation in frequency of sugar maple bole damage from tree-marking materials

Keys, R.N.; Smith, S.E.; Mogensen, H.L., 1995:
Variation in generative cell plastid nucleoids and male fertility in Medicago sativa

Delesalle, V.A.; Blum, S., 1994:
Variation in germination and survival among families of Sagittaria latifolia in response to salinity and temperature

Krivoruchenko, N.I., 1994:
Variation in grain protein content and yield in winter wheat breeding lines in relation to the genotype of the parental forms

Sanginga, N.D.nso, S.; Bowen, G., 1992:
Variation in growth, sources of nitrogen and N-use efficiency by provenances of Gliricidia sepium

Croce, G. della; Nannipieri, S.; Sbrana, A.; Bezzecchi, G.; Demi, S.; Biagi, G., 1993:
Variation in haematological and haematochemical values in calves fed on different diets during the first two months life

Pathak, S.C.; Kulshreshtha, V., 1993:
Variation in haemocyte types with reference to reproductive activity in Blattella germanica L. (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) and the occurrence of undescribed haemocyte types in some adult stages

Proebsting, E.L.; Ophardt, D.; Howell, W.E.; Mink, G.I.; Patten, D.P., 1995:
Variation in horticultural traits of 'Bing' sweet cherry associated with ilarvirus infection

Hohenhaus, M.A.; East, I.J.; Eisemann, C.H.; Pearson, L.D.; Douch, P.G.C.; Green, R.S.; Outteridge, P.M., 1995:
Variation in immune responsiveness of sheep to the antigens of intestinal nematodes and blowfly larvae

Singh, K.P.; Saharan, R.P.; Sareen, P.K., 1994:
Variation in kabuli gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

Ataga, C.D., 1994:
Variation in kernel size in Nigerian oilpalm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) germplasm collection

Dhopte, A.M.; Shekar, V.B.; Pandrangi, R.; Wankhade, S.G.; Rahangdale, S.L., 1995:
Variation in leaf amino acid contents in drought tolerant and susceptible genotypes and relationship of physiological traits with yield stability in grain sorghum

Kao,; Comstock, J.P.; Ehleringer, J.R., 1994:
Variation in leaf movements among common bean cultivars

Li, H.; Miadden, J.L.; Davies, N.W., 1994:
Variation in leaf oils of Eucalyptus nitens and E. denticulata

Ne'eman, G., 1993:
Variation in leaf phenology and habit in Quercus ithaburensis, a Mediterranean deciduous tree

Pautov, A.A., 1994:
Variation in leaf structure in representatives of the genus Populus (Salicaceae)

Dahlgren, G.; Svensson, L., 1994:
Variation in leaves and petals of Ranunculus subgenus Batrachium on the Aegean Islands, analysed by multivariate analysis

Dutta, P.C.; Helmersson, S.; Kebedu, E.; Alemaw, G.; Appelqvist, L.A., 1994:
Variation in lipid composition of niger seed (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.) samples collected from different regions in Ethiopia

Perombelon, Y.F.; Soutar, A.K.; Knight, B.L., 1994:
Variation in lipoprotein(a) concentration associated with different apolipoprotein(a) alleles

Sharma, S.D., 1994:
Variation in local apricots growing in district Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh (India)

Boe, Knut, 1994:
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Variation in microbially bound nitrogen of a loess-parabraunerde during the summer months

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Variation in microfibril angle among three genetic groups of Pinus radiata trees

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Variation in nectar volume and composition of Impatiens capensis at the individual, plant, and population levels

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Variation in needle nutrient concentrations in the crown of Scots pine on peatland

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Variation in net primary productivity and biomass of forests in the high mountains of Central Himalaya

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Variation in oak (Quercus robur) leaves in Moldova

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Variation in palatability of queen butterflies (Danaus gilippus) and implications regarding mimicry

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Variation in pathogenicity of Meloidogyne incognita on chickpea at different inoculum densities

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Variation in phenolic compounds in florets of two gerbera varieties determined by HPLC

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Variation in phenology and nutritional quality between host plants and its effect on larval performance in a specialist butterfly, Zerynthia rumina

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Variation in plastic response to a salinity gradient within a population of the halophytic plant Spergularia marina

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Variation in pollen performance among plants of Fagopyrum esculentum

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Variation in productivity of short-term credit used for wheat production in different zones of Uttar Pradesh Hills

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Variation in properties of cinnamonic carbonate soil under the influence of herbage

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Variation in protein and RNA synthesis activity in isolated mitochondria of the developing rice (Oryza sativa L.) panicle

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Variation in quality traits of karonda (Carissa carandas L.) germplasm

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Variation in quantitative characters in F1 rice hybrids as affected by male-sterile cytoplasms

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Variation in quantitative characters of mungbean after seed treatment with DES

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Variation in randomly amplified DNA markers and storage root yield in 'Jewel' sweetpotato clones

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Variation in reproductive investment among and within populations of the scorpion Centruroides vittatus

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Variation in response of accessions of minor millets, Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke (pearl millet) and Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn (finger millet), and Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter (tef) to salinity in early seedling growth

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Variation in seedling characters of three different coconut cultivars and their use in identification in the nursery

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Variation in seeds and seedlings, in introduced populations of Robinia pseudoacacia

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Variation in selected blood plasma constituents during the post-partum and breeding periods in dairy cows

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Variation in selected properties of industrial grade particleboard

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Variation in sensitivity of Azaleas to herbicides

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Variation in Sensitivity of Gaeumannomyces graminis to Antibiotics Produced by Fluorescent Pseudomonas spp. and Effect on Biological Control of Take-All of Wheat

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Variation in serum lipids and minerals determined during different productive periods in fasted goats

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Variation in soil moisture availability in South African plantations: initial results of parameter sensitivity tests of model WETNES

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Variation in soil parameters: implications for modeling surface fluxes and atmospheric boundary-layer development

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Variation in somaclonal progeny of Saintpaulia as influenced by explant phenotype

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Variation in some anatomical biometric and physiological parameters of the leaves from particular strata in a young beech stand

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Variation in some characteristics of Pinus strobus var. chiapensis from three sites in its natural range: relative density and tracheid length in wood

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Variation in some performance traits in Friesian x zebu cows

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Variation in some physical characteristics of poplar wood in a polyclonal forest nursery

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Variation in sorghum: application to the management of genetic resources and to selection

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Variation in survival and biomass of two wetland grasses at different nutrient and water levels over a six week period

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Variation in susceptibility and tolerance within and between populations of Tussilago farfara L. infected by Coleosporium tussilaginis (Pers.) Berk

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Variation in susceptibility to insecticides in the leafminer parasitoid Ganaspidium utilis (Hymenoptera: Eucoilidae)

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Variation in temperate cereals in rainfed environments. III. Water use and water-use efficiency

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Variation in the Eucalyptus globulus complex revisited

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Variation in the ability of Acremonium endophytes of Lolium perenne, Festuca arundinacea and F. pratensis to form compatible associations in the three grasses

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Variation in the amount of triacylglycerols and steryl esters in the outer sapwood of Pinus sylvestris L

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Variation in the annual dormancy cycle in buried seeds of the weedy winter annual Viola arvensis

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Variation in the antioxidant metabolism of drought tolerant and drought susceptible varieties of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. exposed to high light, low water and high temperature stress

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Variation in the chemical composition and test weight of barley and wheat grain grown at selected locations throughout Manitoba

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Variation in the chemical composition of slash pine for pulpwood

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Variation in the chemical composition of star grass during ensiling

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Variation in the competitive ability of four cultivars of winter wheat

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Variation in the composition and nature of the insoluble fraction of industrial wheys

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Variation in the composition of water-soluble polysaccharides in flaxseed

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Variation in the cuticular hydrocarbons of larvae of Anopheles gambiae and A. arabiensis

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Variation in the cytoadherence characteristics of malaria parasites: is this a true virulence factor?

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Variation in the developmental period of the cotton white fly Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) on different host plants

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Variation in the diagnostic morphological features of Corixa punctata (Illiger) and Corixa iberica Jansson (Hem.-Het., Corixidae)

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Variation in the distribution and density of trees in forests on mountain slopes

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Variation in the enteric distribution of cryptosporidia in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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Variation in the fibre fraction in Trigonella foenum-graecum and spontaneous forage species during one vegetative cycle

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Variation in the form of fruits of East Asiatic maples when introduced into Ukraine

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Variation in the growth and biosynthetic activity of cloned cell cultures of Capsicum frutescens and their response to an exogenously supplied elicitor

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Variation in the growth of Cedrela odorata under natural conditions: influence of crown illumination

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Variation in the growth of lupin species and genotypes on alkaline soil

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Variation in the hymenopteran parasitoid fraction on Bahamian islands

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Variation in the immune response of rabbits given food experimentally contaminated with organophosphorus insecticides

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Variation in the mating system of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis): evidence for partial assortative mating

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Variation in the morphological and anatomical features of Scots pine in the 'island' forests in the south of the Russian plain

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Variation in the morphology and flowering time of cluster clover (Trifolium glomeratum L.) and its relationship to distribution in southern Australia

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Variation in the natural abundance of 15N in the halophyte, Salicornia virginica, associated with groundwater subsidies of nitrogen in a southern California salt-marsh

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Variation in the nitrogen fraction in Trigonella foenum-graecum and spontaneous forage species during one vegetative cycle

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Variation in the number of cotyledons in seedlings of spruce of different geographical origin

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Variation in the nutritional characteristics of wheat straw

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Variation in the operating income and environmental impact of trout culture from a Danish fish farm utilising different production strategies

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Variation in the performance of fruit maturing time, fruit weight, and soluble solids content in oriental persimmon grown at Akitsu, Japan and Meixian, China

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Variation in the phenology of shoot elongation between geographic provenances of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) - implications for the synchrony with the phenology of the twisting rust fungus, Melampsora pinitorqua

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Variation in the production and transformation of aflatoxins from Aspergillus parasiticus in the presence of lactic acid bacteria

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Variation in the production of ascochitine by Ascochyta fabae

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Variation in the radial increment of Larix sibirica in the high mountains of the Baikal region

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Variation in the ribosomal RNA units of the genera Lens and Cicer

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Variation in the rooting of mung bean (Vigna radiata) seedling stem cuttings

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Variation in the seed scales and covering scales of Abies sibirica cones

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Variation in the sensitivity of aquatic species to toxicants

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Variation in the soil arthropod fauna of stands affected by emissions from the 'Police' chemical works

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Variation in the subtropical group of Dactylis glomerata L. - 1. Evidence from allozyme polymorphism

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Variation in the surface lipids of the grasshopper, Schistocerca americana (Drury)

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Variation in the susceptibility of Spodoptera littoralis (Lep.: Noctuidae) to the entomopathogenic hyphomycete Nomuraea rileyi

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Variation in the susceptibility of starved insects to fungal infection

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Variation in the symbiotic characteristics of lucerne following inbreeding

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Variation in the two internal transcribed spacers and 5.8S ribosomal RNA from five isolates of the marine parasite Perkinsus (Protista, Apicomplexa)

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Variation in the vector competence of Aedes polynesiensis for Wuchereria bancrofti

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Variation in the vitality of tea pollen during its storage

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Variation in thylakoid proteins and photosynthesis in Syrian landraces of barley

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Variation in tolerance to Bacillus thuringiensis among and within populations of the spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Ontario

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Variation in total germination, rate of germination and seed weight among cultivars of Poa pratensis

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Variation in toxicity of malathion to air and water-breathing teleosts

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Variation in virulence in isolates of Mycosphaerella graminicola from six geographical wheat-growing regions

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Variation in virulence of net and spot forms of Pyrenophora teres (Died.) Drechsl. on barley

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Variation in virulence patterns of Mycosphaerella graminicola on wheat in Kenya

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Variation in water retention characteristics of peat growth media used in tree nurseries

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Variation in wood anatomy of white spruce in response to dune activity

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Variation in wood characteristics of Italian poplars for pulpwood

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Variation in wood specific gravity in different morphoforms of Bombax ceiba Linn (Semul)

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Variation in worker response to honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) queen mandibular pheromone (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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Variation in yield and energy components in maize hybrids and inbred lines for silage

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Variation in yield and some physiological characteristics of two Hevea clones in north Konkan

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Variation in yolk absorption and early growth of brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill), Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus (L.), and their hybrids

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Variation of Cannabis for phenological development and stem elongation in relation to stem production

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Variation of Cannabis with reference to stem quality for paper pulp production

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Variation of Helminthosporium resistance and biochemical and cytological characteristics in somaclonal generations of barley

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Variation of ascorbic acid content in different live food organisms

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Variation of behavioural traits in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster in Eurasia

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Variation of breadmaking quality traits within wheat sister lines having the same HMW glutenin subunits composition

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Variation of charge characteristics of some soils of West Bengal

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Variation of cholostase enzymes (5'nucleotidase and alkaline phosphatase) during specific therapy of malaria infection and illness in Gabonese children

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Variation of clonal, mesquite-associated rhizobial and bradyrhizobial populations from surface and deep soils by symbiotic gene region restriction fragment length polymorphism and plasmid profile analysis

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Variation of cultivated flax (Linum usitatissimum L. subsp. usitatissimum) and its wild progenitor pale flax (subsp. angustifolium (Huds.) Thell.)

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Variation of decursin content with root age in floral inhibition cultured Angelica gigas Nakai

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Variation of equilibrium moisture content of sheet cork with relative humidity. Non-linear regression models for the adsorption isotherms

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Variation of fatty acid composition in amphidiploidy strains preserved by self or sib-cross pollination from F1 hybrids (AABC) between Brassica juncea (AABB) and B. napus (AACC)

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Variation of fatty acid profile with solar cycle in outdoor chemostat culture of Isochrysis galbana ALII-4

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Variation of favism-inducing factors (vicine, convicine and L-DOPA) during pod development in Vicia faba L

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Variation of final moisture content of 4/4 yellow-poplar lumber dried in a small dehumidification kiln

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Variation of glucosephosphate isomerase and phosphoglucomutase isozymes in Vitis and their use in grape breeding

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Variation of growth rhythm among families and correlation between growth rhythm and growth rate in Betula pendula Roth

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Variation of iron, copper, free fatty acid content and lipoxygenase activity in peanut kernels subjected to various pretreatments and roasting

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Variation of leaf and seed characteristics in selected populations of Machilus thunbergii

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Variation of monoterpene composition of chir pine wood oleoresin

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Variation of nuclear components during cell cycle reactivation in germinating seeds of Pisum sativum L

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Variation of physical and mechanical properties of Calamus erectus

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Variation of physicochemical soil properties under long-term potassium, magnesium and sodium fertilization

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Variation of phytoalexin content in Phytophthora-pepper leaf interactions with different compatibility levels

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Variation of plant-test phosphorus for individual lupin and wheat tops

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Variation of resistance to broomrape (Orobanche ramosa) in tomatoes

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Variation of ribosomal DNA and inheritance of polymorphisms in 6 Petunia hybrida hort lines

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Variation of scopolamine and atropine in different parts of Datura metel during development

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Variation of seasonal growth and some characters in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) populations and cultivars originated in Central and South Europe, North Africa and West Asia

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Variation of soil water storage across a sand plain hillslope

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Variation of somatic cell counts in colostrum and milk of first and second lactation cows during ten days after calving

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Variation of some morphometric characteristics in the Sardinian honey bee population during the last twenty years

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Variation of some physical characteristics (structure, water content) of a sloping soil in relation to tillage methods and crops

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Variation of specific gravity, fibre length & cell wall thickness in young Salix clones

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Variation of stomatal resistance on two sides of wheat leaves under different soil moisture contents

Liu, D.L.; Kingston, G., 1993:
Variation of sugar and fibre components of dry matter in leaf, top and stalk of sugarcane

Bruand, A.; Cousin, I., 1995 :
Variation of textural porosity of a clay-loam soil during compaction

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Variation of the dark respiration rate of tissues and organs of rice (Oryza sativa L.) with differential physiological age and causal factors

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Variation of the fungus Cryphonectria parasitica (Murr.) Barr. cause of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) blight

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Variation of the light curves of photosynthesis within the crown of spruce

Wang, S.Y.; Chiu, C.M., 1993:
Variation of the modulus of toughness and wind resistance of Taiwan-grown Japanese cedar originated by seed and vegetative reproduction

Geerken, C.M.; Garcia Lopez, R., 1994:
Variation of the notation of body status (NBS) with lactation stage in a Holstein cow herd. Technical note

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Variation of the percentage of bark along the stem and between trees of Eucalyptus

Buschmann, C., 1995:
Variation of the quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence under different intensities of the actinic light in wildtype plants of tobacco and in an aurea mutant deficient of light-harvesting-complex

Precht, D., 1995:
Variation of trans fatty acids in milk fats

Wei ; ss ; mann, E.; Wei ; ss ; mann, S., 1992:
Variation of various constituents in seeds Lupinus mutabilis under German climatic conditions

Helinska Raczkowska, L., 1994:
Variation of vessel lumen diameter in radial direction as an indication of the juvenile wood growth in oak (Quercus petraea Liebl.)

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Variation of vitamin C concentration and character correlation between and within natural sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) populations

Wilkins, K.; Larsen, K., 1995:
Variation of volatile organic compound patterns of mold species from damp buildings

Kaibiyainen, L.K.; Sazonova, T.A., 1993:
Variation of water potentials in the 'soil-plant-atmosphere' system, using Scots pine as an example

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Variation within and among blueberry taxa in flower size and shape

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Variations on a theme of hype

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Varietal description. Avilara-Sortilege

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Varietal description. Badacsony

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Varietal description. Judeline

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Varietal description. Judor

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Varietal description. Moncav-Opale

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Variety 'Cavalier'. Application no. 91/061

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Variety: '9582' synonym: 'Soya 582'. Application no. 91/122

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Variety: '9641' synonym 'Soya 641'. Application no. 91/123

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: '9791' synonym: 'Soya 791'. Application no. 91/125

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: 'Amber Gold'. Application no. 93/177

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: 'Ambrosia'. Application no. 92/153

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: 'Antares'. Application no. 92/141

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: 'Ausblush' synonym 'Heritage'. Application no. 90/047

Anonymous, 1993:
Variety: 'Auscot' synonym 'Abraham Darby'. Application no. 90/046

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