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Variation in the morphology and flowering time of cluster clover (Trifolium glomeratum L.) and its relationship to distribution in southern Australia

Smith, F.P.; Cocks, P.S.; Ewing, M.A.

Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 46(5): 1027-1038


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-9409
DOI: 10.1071/ar9951027
Accession: 002729293

Cluster clover is a widely distributed and ecologically successful introduced legume in southern Australia. In an attempt to understand the role of genetic variation in this success, morphological and physiological traits were measured in 94 accessions from southern Australia and 6 from the Mediterranean basin. Time to flowering ranged from 105 to 185 days after sowing, but was not strongly correlated with annual rainfall or length of growing season at the site of collection.

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