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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2734

Chapter 2734 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barnes, E.H.; Dobson, R.J.; Barger, I.A., 1995:
Worm control and anthelmintic resistance: adventures with a model

Khalil, S.B.; Mansour, N.S., 1995:
Worm development in hamsters infected with unisex and cross-mated Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium

Wiesinger, E.C.; Winkler, S.; Egger, S.; Burgmann, H.; Graninger, W., 1995:
Worm in the eye as first manifestation of loiasis

Briant, E., 1993:
Worming foals and horses in New Caledonia (stud horses and riding club horses)

Holdsworth, M., 1993:
Wormkill - past, present and future

Grove, D.I., 1993:
Worms in Australia

Sharp, D., 1995:
Worms, spirals, flukes as carcinogens

Gearhart, M.O., 1994:
Worsening of liver function with fluconazole and review of azole antifungal hepatotoxicity

Anonymous, 1994:
Worst things first? The debate over risk-based national environmental priorities

Lehmann, A.; Schaub, M.; Firmin, F., 1994:
Worthwhile community service: the medium of sport; Addiction prevention in the Swiss 'Youth + Sport' (J+S) movement

Stahelin, H.B., 1992:
Worthwhile old age - nutritional aspects

van Amstel, H.; Dyke, T.; Crocker, J., 1993:
Would people with a disability in the highlands benefit from a community-based rehabilitation program?

Seward, K., 1995:
Would you credit it?

Mcanulty, J.F.; Hattel, A.; Harvey, C.E., 1995:
Wound healing and brain stem auditory evoked potentials after experimental total ear canal ablation with lateral tympanic bulla osteotomy in dogs

Mcanulty, J.F.; Hattel, A.; Harvey, C.E., 1995:
Wound healing and brain stem auditory evoked potentials after experimental ventral tympanic bulla osteotomy in dogs

Heggers, J.P.; Kucukcelebi, A.; Stabenau, C.J.; Ko, F.; Broemeling, L.D.; Robson, M.C.; Winters, W.D., 1995:
Wound healing effects of Aloe gel and other topical antibacterial agents on rat skin

Mehta, A.; Kaul, H.N., 1994:
Wound healing in potato tuber tissue: cultivar variation

Proffer, T.J.; Hart, J.H., 1994:
Wound inoculations of Colorado blue spruce with isolates of Leucostoma (Cytospora) kunzei and other Cytospora species

Oven, P.; Torelli, N., 1994:
Wound response of the bark in healthy and declining silver firs (Abies alba)

Graham, M.Y.; Graham, T.L., 1994:
Wound-Associated Competency Factors Are Required for the Proximal Cell Responses of Soybean to the Phytophthora sojae Wall Glucan Elicitor

Koda, Y.; Kikuta, Y., 1994:
Wound-induced accumulation of jasmonic acid in tissues of potato tubers

Barker, A.M.; Wratten, S.D.; Edwards, P.J., 1995:
Wound-induced changes in tomato leaves and their effects on the feeding patterns of larval lepidoptera

Mcmanus, M.T.; Laing, W.A.; Christeller, J.T., 1994:
Wounding induces a series of closely related trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitory peptides in leaves of tobacco

Schumann, G.; Dimitri, L., 1993:
Wounds and wound rot in beech

Gall, A. le; Corrot, G.; Campagnaud, M.; Garrigue, G., 1993:
Wrapping: a technique for optimizing lucerne harvesting

Chauhan, P.S.; Gupta, S.K., 1994:
Wrenching and fertilization of Acacia catechu Willd. stock - effect on morphology of seedlings

Ramchandra, P.; Basheermiya, M.; Krupadanam, G.L.D.; Srimannarayana, G., 1993:
Wrightial, a new terpene from Wrightia tinctoria

Witt, P.A., 1995:
Writing for publication: rationale, process and pitfalls

Lardeux, F.; Nguyen, N.L.; Cartel, J.L., 1995:
Wuchereria bancrofti (Filariidea: Dipetalonematidae) and its vector Aedes polynesiensis (Diptera: Culicidae) in a French Polynesian village

Plessmann de Camargo, E., 1994:
X Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology, Caxambu, Minas Gerais, November 7-9, 1994

Cooper, K.V., 1994:
X Triticosecale (triticale) cv. Abacus

Anonymous, 1994:
X annual reunion of applied research on Chagas' disease - Uberaba, 28 to 30 October, 1994

Anonymous, 1993:
X congress

Tidwell, V.C.; Glass, R.J., 1994:
X ray and visible light transmission for laboratory measurement of two-dimensional saturation fields in thin-slab systems

Omeje, S.I.; Berepubo, N.A.; Nwako, P.C., 1994:
X-chromatin study of native breeds of cattle and small ruminants in Nigeria

Migeon, B.R., 1994:
X-chromosome inactivation: molecular mechanisms and genetic consequences

Thornton, S.W.; Tenenhouse, H.S.; Martel, J.; Bockian, R.W.; Meyer, M.H.; Meyer, R.A., 1994:
X-linked hypophosphatemic Gy mice: renal tubular maximum for phosphate vs. brush-border transport after low-P diet

Andary, C.; Wylde, R.; Maury, L.; Heitz, A.; Dubourg, A.; Nishibe, S., 1994:
X-ray analysis and extended NMR study of oraposide

Fang, H.H.P.; Liu, Y., 1995:
X-ray analysis of anaerobic granules

Linington, S.; Terry, J.; Parsons, J., 1995:
X-ray analysis of empty and insect-damaged seeds in an ex situ wild species collection

Khetwal, K.S.; Subodh Harbola; Cai, P.; Snyder, J.K.; Newton, M.G.; Pelletier, S.W.; Joshi, B.S., 1993:
X-ray crystal structure and absolute configuration of kaerophyllin (chaerophyllin)

Stuart, S.A.; Evans, R., 1995:
X-ray diffraction estimation of the microfibril angle variation in eucalypt wood

Anton, D.; Corneanu, M.; Corneanu, G.C.; Frangopol, C., 1993:
X-ray effect on some quantitative and qualitative features in Freesia hybrida (X1 generation)

Sobue, N.; Shibata, Y.; Mizusawa, T., 1992:
X-ray measurement of lattice strain of cellulose crystals during the shrinkage of wood in the longitudinal direction

Van Steveninck, R.F.M.; Fernando, D.R., 1995:
X-ray microanalytical studies on two modes of strontium binding in fronds of Lemna minor

Thibaut, M., 1994:
X-ray scanning microanalysis of Sporothrix schenckii

Pares, S.; Cohen-Addad, C.; Sieker, L.; Neuburger, M.; Douce, R., 1994:
X-ray structure determination at 2.6-A resolution of a lipoate-containing protein: the H-protein of the glycine decarboxylase complex from pea leaves

Kr"stev, M.T., 1993:
X-ray studies of graftable scion buds

Montigaud, J.C.; Albisu, L.M.; Avermaete, U.; Ekelund, L.; Meijaard, D.; Kleijn, E. de, 1995:
XIIth international symposium on horticultural economics

Milliken, J.E.; Paccamonti, D.L.; Shoemaker, S.; Green, W.H., 1995:
XX male pseudohermaphroditism in a horse

Floeter Winter, L.M.; Yoshida, N., 1994:
XXI Annual Meeting on basic research in Chagas' disease, Caxambu, Minas Gerais, November 7-9, 1994

Anonymous, 1995:
XXVI Dairy Industry Conference, New Dehli. Conference special issue

Anonymous, 1993:
XXXIX Annual meeting

Anonymous, 1992:
XXXVIII Annual meeting

Sutherland, I.W., 1993:

Bilanovic, D.; Shelef, G.; Green, M., 1994:
Xanthan fermentation of citrus waste

D.R.scala, E.C.; Fortuna, M.A.; Catalan, C.A.N.; Diaz, J.G.; Herz, W., 1994:
Xanthanolides and a bis-norxanthanolide from Xanthium cavanillesii

Marco, J.M.; Sanz Cervera, J.F.; Corral, J.; Carda, M.; Jakupovic, J., 1993:
Xanthanolides from Xanthium: absolute configuration of xanthanol, isoxanthanol and their C-4 epimers

Tsankova, E.T.; Trendafilova, A.B.; Kujumgiev, A.I.; Galabov, A.S.; Robeva, P.R., 1994:
Xanthanolides of Xanthium italicum Moretti and their biological activity

Hellsten, Y., 1994:
Xanthine dehydrogenase and purine metabolism in man. With special reference to exercise

Baburaj, D.S.; Britto, S.J.; Michael, P., 1994:
Xanthium spinosum L.- a new record for Tamil Nadu

Anonymous, 1993:

Yang, Y.; Gabriel, D.W., 1995:
Xanthomonas avirulence/pathogenicity gene family encodes functional plant nuclear targeting signals

Chand, R.; Singh, B.D.; Singh, D.; Singh, P.N., 1995:
Xanthomonas campestris pv. parthenii pathovar nov. incitant of leaf blight of parthenium

Butayarov, A.V.; Batirov, E.K.; Tadzhibaev, M.M.; Malikov, V.M., 1993:
Xanthones and flavonoids of Gentiana karelinii

Abou Shoer, M.; Suwanborirux, K.; Habib, M.; Chang, C.J.r; Cassady, J.M., 1993:
Xanthones and vismiones from Psorospermum febrifugum

Harrison, L.J.; Leong, L.S.n; Sia, G.L.e; Sim, K.Y.ow; Tan, H.T.W., 1993:
Xanthones from Garcinia forbesii

Beerhues, L.; Berger, U., 1994:
Xanthones in cell suspension cultures of two Centaurium species

na Pattalung, P.; Thongtheeraparp, W.; Wiriyachitra, P.; Taylor, W.C., 1994:
Xanthones of Garcinia cowa

Rodriguez, S.; Wolfender, J.L.c; Odontuya, G.; Purve, O.; Hostettmann, K., 1995:
Xanthones, secoiridoids and flavonoids from Halenia corniculata

Varadi, G.; Darko, E.; Polos, E.; Szigeti, Z.; Lehoczki, E., 1994:
Xanthophyll cycle patterns and in vivo photoinhibition in herbicide-resistant biotypes of Conyza canadensis

Demmig Adams, B.; Adamsi, W.W.I.; Logan, B.A.; Verhoeven, A.S., 1995:
Xanthophyll cycle-dependent energy dissipation and flexible photosystem II efficiency in plants acclimated to light stress

Wilson, P.G., 1993:
Xanthostemon arenarius (Myrtaceae), a new species from the Cooktown area

Courtier, B.; Heard, E.; Avner, P., 1995:
Xce haplotypes show modified methylation in a region of the active X chromosome lying 3' to Xist

Seka, D.C.oss, H., 1995:
Xenia and maternal effects on maize agronomic traits at three plant densities

Seka, D.C.oss, H., 1995:
Xenia and maternal effects on maize kernel development

Gallandt, E.; Balke, N., 1995:
Xenobiotic glucosyltransferase activity from suspension-cultured Glycine max cells

Westernhagen, H. von; Klumpp, D.W., 1995:
Xenobiotics in fish from Australian tropical coastal waters, including Great Barrier Reef

Steinbauer, M.J.; Clarke, A.R., 1995:
Xenoencyrtus hemipterus (Girault) (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), and egg parasitoid of Coreidae (Hemiptera) in Tasmania

Nishimura, Y.; Hagiwara, A.; Suzuki, T.; Yamanaka, S., 1994:
Xenorhabdus japonicus sp. nov. associated with the nematode Steinernema kushidai

Sugimoto, T.; Maruo, K.; Imaeda, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Shirota, K.; Ejima, H.; Endo, S.; Nomura, T., 1994:
Xenotransplantation of canine tumors into severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice

Felton, C., 1995:
Xerolycosa miniata (C. L. Koch) in an unusual habitat

Gujral, S.; Abbi, R.; Gopaldas, T., 1993:
Xerophthalmia, vitamin A supplementation and morbidity in children

Rhind, N.R.; Miller, L.M.; Kopczynski, J.B.; Meyer, B.J., 1995:
xol-1 acts as an early switch in the C. elegans male/hermaphrodite decision

Christov, L.; Prior, B., 1993:
Xylan removal from dissolving pulp using enzymes of Aureobasidium pullulans

Singh, A.; Kuhad, R.C.ander; Kumar, M., 1995:
Xylanase production by a hyperxylanolytic mutant of Fusarium oxysporum

Wiacek Zychlinska, A.; Czakaj, J.; Sawicka Zukowska, R., 1994:
Xylanase production by fungal strains in solid-state fermentations

Pinaga, F.; Fernandez Espinar, M.T.; Valles, S.; Ramon, D., 1994:
Xylanase production in Aspergillus nidulans: induction and carbon catabolite repression

Moreau, R.A.; Powell, M.J.; Whitaker, B.D.; Bailey, B.A.; Anderson, J.D., 1994:
Xylanase treatment of plant cells induces glycosylation and fatty acylation of phytosterols

Wang, P.; Mason, J.C.; Broda, P., 1993:
Xylanases from Streptomyces cyaneus: their production, purification and characterization

Hespell, Rb, 1994:
Xylanolytic activities of Spirochaeta thermophila

Carrai, C., 1992:
Xyleborus affinis Eichh. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) on Dracaena canes imported into Italy

Alexander, K.N.A., 1994:
Xyleborus saxesenii (Ratzeburg) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) new to Cornwall

Ranasinghe, M.S.; Milburn, J.A., 1995:
Xylem conduction and cavitation in Hevea brasiliensis

Skogerbo, G.; Mage, F., 1992:
Xylem cytokinin content of apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) as affected by season, soil management and root temperature

Kijidani, Y.; Oda, K.; Tsutsumi, J., 1992:
Xylem development at the base of sprouts in the branch of diffuse-porous species

Kijidani, Y.; Oda, K.; Tsutsumi, J., 1994:
Xylem development at the bases of sprouts in the branches of ring-porous species

Mapfumo, E.; Aspinall, D.; Hancock, T.; Sedgley, M., 1993:
Xylem development in relation to water uptake by roots of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)

Sperry, J.S.; Nichols, K.L.; Sullivan, J.E.M.; Eastlack, S.E., 1994:
Xylem embolism in ring-porous, diffuse-porous, and coniferous trees of northern Utah and interior Alaska

Zhu, J.J.; Zimmermann, U.; Thurmer, F.; Haase, A., 1995:
Xylem pressure response in maize roots subjected to osmotic stress: determination of radial reflection coefficients by use of the xylem pressure probe

Coppen, J.J.W.; Gay, C.; James, D.J.; Robinson, J.M.; Mullin, L.J., 1993:
Xylem resin composition and chemotaxonomy of three varieties of Pinus caribaea

Gil de Carrasco, C.; Guzman, M.; Lorente, F.A.; Urrestarazu, M., 1994:
Xylem sap extraction: a method

Loopstra, C.; Sederoff, R., 1995:
Xylem-specific gene expression in loblolly pine

Roberto, I.C.; Felipe, M.G.A.; D.M.ncilha, I.M.; Vitolo, M.; Sato, S.; D.S.lva, S.S., 1995:
Xylitol production by Candida guilliermondii as an approach for the utilization of agroindustrial residues

Gurgel, P.V.; Mancilha, I.M.; Pecanha, R.P.; Siqueira, J.F.M., 1995:
Xylitol recovery from fermented sugarcane bagasse hydrolyzate

Yamamoto, T.; Moriwaki, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Suda, M.; Higashino, K., 1995:
Xylitol-induced increase in the concentration of oxypurines and its mechanism

Silva, S.S. da; Vitolo, M.; Mancilha, I.M. de; Roberto, I.C.; Felipe, M.G.A., 1994:
Xylitol: an alternative sweetener for food industry

Dunkel, F.V.; Ivie, M.A., 1994:
Xylocoris galactinus (Fieber) (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae) newly discovered in Montana stored grain

Sudibyo, A.S.; Anderson, J.W., 1993:
Xylogenesis and phenylpropanoid metabolism in cultured Zinnia mesophyll cells

D.S.lva, J.; Arrowsmith, D.; Hellyer, A.; Whiteman, S.; Robinson, S., 1994:
Xyloglucan endotransglycosylase and plant growth

Levieux, J.; Piou, D.; Cassier, P., 1994:
Xylophage weevils of conifers - possible vectors of phytopathogenic fungi

Van Wyk, B.E.ik; Nicolson, S.W., 1995:
Xylose is a major nectar sugar in Protea and Faurea

Banerjee, S.; Archana, A.; Satyanarayana, T., 1994:
Xylose metabolism in a thermophilic mould Malbranchea pulchella var. sulfurea TMD-8

Quesada Allue, L.A.; Hagelin, K.; Loschiavo, F., 1993:
Xylose transfer to lipids by membranes of carrot cell suspensions

Anonymous, 1995:
Xyrofin at Forum Food Division

Raharjo, A.W.B., 1993:
Xystrocera festiva: a threat to sengon plantation stems

Tang HengLi; Cai JianHua; L.Z.enGang, 1995:
YAC-base transfer of fibroin gene from Antheraea yamamai to domestic silkworm Bombyx mori (I) - Identification of fibroin clones from a YAC library of Antheraea yamamai constructed from its posterior silk gland

Diamond, L.S.; Clark, C.G.aham; Cunnick, C.C., 1995:
YI-S, a casein-free medium for axenic cultivation of Entamoeba histolytica, related Entamoeba, Giardia intestinalis and Trichomonas vaginalis

Mahrub, E., 1993:
YRSB egg parasitoid potential on different rice varieties in an IPM

Magasch, A., 1995:
Yak livestock in Mongolia - a contribution to maintenance and utility of genetic resources

Hola, Z.; Michl, J., 1994:
Yakon (Polymnia sonchifolia), non-traditional source of fructose

Anonymous, 1994:
Yam breeders breakthough

Palaniswami, M.S., 1991:
Yam scale insects Aspidiella hartii Ckll. and its parasitoids

Degras, L., 1994:

Castro-Faria-Neto, H.C.; Araújo, C.V.; Moreira, S.; Bozza, P.T.; Thomas, G.; Barbosa-Filho, J.M.; Cordeiro, R.S.; Tibiriçá, E.V., 1995:
Yangambin: a new naturally-occurring platelet-activating factor receptor antagonist: in vivo pharmacological studies

Good, K., 1995:
Yanomami of Venezuela: foragers or farmers - which came first?

Zhong, L.S.; Chen, G.T.; Ye, S.X.; Ye, S.L.; Ye, J.Z., 1994:
Yanxi Wanyou, a late Pongan variety

Grobe, K., 1994:
Yard trimmings reach farms and vineyards. Composted and uncomposted yard trimmings are being evaluated by California farmers in five locations through state funded demonstration program

Anonymous, 1992:
Yard waste as a resource

Jacard, L.; Lehmann, P.; Civilini, M.; D.B.rtoldi, M., 1993:
Yard waste composting with heat recovery

Criley, R.A.; Lekawatana, S., 1995:
Year around production with high yields may be a possibility for Heliconia chartacea

Tongaram, D.; Schrevens, E.; Rijck, G. de; Proft, M. de, 1993:
Year-round cultivation of leek in hydroponics

Meesters, P.; Pitsioudis, A., 1993:
Year-round culture of autumn raspberries under heated glass (part 1)

Bunker, K.V., 1995:
Year-round production of Australian daisies (Asteraceae) as flowering potplants

Goi, M.; Nagayama, Y.; Hasegawa, A.; Tanaka, M., 1994:
Year-round production of Platycodon grandiflorum A. DC

Ikeda, H.; Wada, T.; Mirin, T.; Okabe, K.; Tazuke, A.; Furukawa, H., 1995:
Year-round production of spinach by NFT and DFT in the greenhouse

Sakai, K.; Takamatsu, M.; Yamaguchi, N., 1993:
Year-round production of spray carnation by cropping system combining with pot culture and planting. IV. Effects of lighting on flowering time and of ethychlozate on stem strength of cut flower

Anonymous, 1994:
Yearbook - South African Avocado Growers' Association

Anonymous, 1995:
Yearbook - South African Litchi Growers' Association

Anonymous, 1993:
Yearbook 1992/1993. Reports of completed research projects at the Regional Research Centres and the Research Station for Agriculture and Outdoor Vegetable Culture

Anonymous, 1995:
Yearbook agricultural engineering

Anonymous, 1994:
Yearbook of Italian agriculture, volume 47, 1993

Fukui, H.; Wakayama, Y.; Nakamura, M., 1993:
Yearly fluctuation of abnormal embryo sacs observed in Japanese persimmon Diospyros kaki cv. Nishimurawase

Ajioka, J.W.; Espinoza, J.; Swindle, J.T., 1993:
Yeast artifical chromosome cloning and contig construction in protozoan parasites

Nieuwenhuize, C., 1994:
Yeast coating on apples is still a mystery

Lachance, M.A.; Gilbert, D.G.; Starmer, W.T., 1995:
Yeast communities associated with Drosophila species and related flies in an eastern oak-pine forest: a comparison with western communities

Rosa, C.A.; Morais, P.B.; Santos, S.R.; Peres Neto, P.R.; Mendonca Hagler, L.C.; Hagler, A.N., 1995:
Yeast communities associated with different plant resources in sandy coastal plains of southeastern Brazil

Morais, P.B.; Rosa, C.A.; Hagler, A.N.; Mendonca-Hagler, L.C., 1994:
Yeast communities of the cactus Pilosocereus arrabidae as resources for larval and adult stages of Drosophila serido

Yamani, M.; Abu-Jaber, M., 1994:
Yeast flora of labaneh produced by in-bag straining of cow milk set yogurt

Li, H.; Venendaal, E.; A.S.ukor, N.A.; Cobbinah, J.R.; Leifert, C., 1995:
Yeast populations on the tropical timber tree species Milicia excelsa

Spencer, D.M.; Spencer, J.F.T.; Fengler, E.; Figueroa, L.I. de, 1995:
Yeasts associated with algarrobo trees (Prosopis spp.) in northwest Argentina: a preliminary report

Vadkertiova, R.; Slavikova, E., 1994:
Yeasts from sediments and soil along the lake Jakubov

Yoshida, T.; Matsumura, R., 1992:
Yeasts from tree exudates and others in the Uryu Experiment Forest

Pozvari, M.; Scherbarth, R.; Heilkenbrinker, T.; Frerking, H.; Lehmacher, W., 1993:
Yeasts in cervical swabs from mares, with reference to case history and the results of clinical examination

Anonymous, 1991:
Yellow cypress: Can we grow it? Can we sell it? Proceedings of a symposium held at the Richmond Inn, Richmond, B.C., 26-28 March, 1990

Monath, T.P., 1994:
Yellow fever and dengue - the interactions of virus, vector and host in the re-emergence of epidemic disease

Nobre, A.; Antezana, D.; Tauil, P.L., 1994:
Yellow fever and dengue in Brazil: epidemiology and control

Doug Deen, R.; Hospedales, J.; Laurent, E.C., 1991:
Yellow fever in Trinidad and Tobago 1978-1980: epidemiological aspects

Rawlins, S.C.; Martinez, R.; Chadee, D.D.; Hull, B., 1991:
Yellow fever studies in Trinidad, 1988-1989: attempts to demonstrate transovarial transmission of yellow fever virus in Haemagogus mosquitoes in nature

Aitken, T.H.G., 1991:
Yellow fever: evolution of ideas concerned with demonstrating the natural occurrence of transovarial transmission of virus in mosquitoes

Berger, R., 1992:
Yellow glue-traps: a technique for controlling spruce sawflies

Gurumurthy, K.T.; Badiger, M.K., 1993:
Yellow leaf disease in arecanut

Harris, J.D.; Davis, E.S.; Wichman, D.M., 1995:
Yellow mignonette (Reseda lutea) in the United States

Bhattacharya, P.K.; Ram, H.H., 1994:
Yellow mosaic disease of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) - a review

Schroeder, J.; Kenney, M.J.; Thomas, S.H.; Murray, L., 1994:
Yellow nutsedge response to southern root-knot nematodes, chile peppers, and metolachlor

Danisova, C.; Sarocka, I., 1994:
Yellow pigments of the flowers of Carthamus tinctorius L

Moody, R.C.; Hernandez, R.; Davalos, J.F.; Sonti, S.S., 1993:
Yellow poplar glulam timber beam performance

Abraham, V.; Kotwal, S.A., 1995:
Yellow seeded Trombay mustard varieties with increased oil and protein content

Mochizuki, M.; Ohtaishi, M.; Honma, K., 1994:
Yellow sticky trap of lat type is useful for monitoring the occurrence of tea green leafhopper, Empoasca onukii Matsuda (Homoptera: Cicadellidae), in tea fields

Mitich, Larry W., 1993:
Yellow toadflax

Valdez, J.A.ila; Wolfenbarger, D.A., 1995:
Yellow traps and insecticides for control of a strain of sweet potato whitefly and associated virus incidence on pepper

Wongteerasupaya, C.; Sriurairatana, S.; Vickers, J.E.; Akrajamorn, A.; Boonsaeng, V.; Panyim, S.; Tassanakajon, A.; Withyachumnarnkul, B.; Flegel, T.W., 1995:
Yellow-head virus of Penaeus monodon is an RNA virus

Rindal, T.K.; Solberg, S., 1993:
Yellowing of Norway spruce and nutrient content in needles and soil

Duarte, A.P.; Voltan, R.B.Q.; Furlani, P.R., 1993:
Yellowing of upland rice plants under flooded conditions on soil of low fertility

Belyeart, P., 1994:
Yellowing/reddening syndrome of parsley (Petroselinum crispum (Mil.) Nyman ex A. W. Hill): results of research carried out in 1993

Parker, J.; Johnson, D., 1994:
Yemen: determinants of wheat import demand

Hahn, G., 1994:
Yersinia enterocolitica

Mahal, J.S.; Singh, A.; Sharma, D.K.; Brar, R.S., 1994 :
Yersinia enterocolitica enterotoxins and their pathogenicity in rabbits

Karib, H.; Boussatta, H.; Seeger, H., 1994:
Yersinia enterocolitica: occurrence in slaughtered pigs, raw beef and chicken in Morocco

Vasil' ova, Z., 1994:
Yersinia infection is a serious disease of chinchillas in Slovakia

Orloski, K.A.; Eidson, M., 1995:
Yersinia pestis infection in three dogs

Sousa, J.A.; Nunez, S.; Eiras, J.C.; Toranzo, A.E., 1994:
Yersinia ruckeri in Portugal: characterization of the first isolates from fish and environment

Escudero, M.E.; Velazquez, L.; Cortinez, Y.M. de; Genaro, M.S. di; Guzman, A.M.S. de, 1994:
Yersinia spp. in surface water in San Luis, Argentina

Korpel' , S.; Saniga, M., 1994:
Yew from the silvicultural and yield standpoint

Schmidt, O., 1994:
Yew in Bavaria

Aichholz, H., 1994:
Yew in the dip of the SW Alb

Dietz, H.H.; Host, O.; Wiese, C., 1994:
Yew poisoning in fallow deer in Denmark. Report of an outbreak

Rae, C.A.; Binnington, B.D., 1995:
Yew poisoning in sheep

Mwakha, E.; Ngugi, D.N., 1990:
Yield advantage in intercropping of high density arabica coffee with dry beans

Gill, M.S.; Narang, R.S., 1993:
Yield analysis in gobhi sarson (Brassica napus subsp. oleifera var. annua) to irrigation and nitrogen

Sharif, A.E.; Eghbal, K., 1994:
Yield analysis of seven sugar beet varieties under different levels of nitrogen in a dry region of Egypt

Lopez Salinas, E.; Villar Sanchez, B.; Cano Reyes, O., 1994:
Yield and adaptation of the bean cv. Negro E-44 in the humid tropics of Mexico

Padilla Valenzuela, I.; Montoya Coronado, L.; Castillo Torres, N., 1992:
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Yields in processing of seed lots of Mimosa scabrella and Mimosa scabrella var. aspericarpa using a gravity table

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Yoghurt for the health-conscious

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Yogurt-induced pruritus ani in a child

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Yolk protein factor 1 is a Drosophila homolog of Ku, the DNA-binding subunit of a DNA-dependent protein kinase from humans

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Yolk thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and n-3 fatty acids in response to whole and ground flaxseed

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Young people & sport: a strategy

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Yunkeracarus (Acariformes, Gastronyssidae) - parasites of the nasal cavity of rodents

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Zagreb - new middle European tourist destination

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Zeitz sugar factory on stream

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Zoning of the territory of the Czech Republic for the purposes of dumping the agriculture

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Zoogeographical implications from rodent ectoparasites in Sulawesi

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Zoogeographical status of insects openly living on seed-bearing plants in the Kara Kum Desert

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Zoogeography and ecological aspects of the formation of horse fly fauna (Diptera: Tabanidae) in Turkmenistan

Kryzhanovsky, O.L.; Atamuradov, K.I., 1994:
Zoogeography of Coleoptera in Turkmenistan

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Zoohygienic methods for improving the husbandry environment and their correlation with milk production by cows

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Zoonoses in countries of the former Soviet Union

Meslin, F.X., 1995:
Zoonoses in the world: current and future trends

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Zoonoses transmitted by ticks (tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis): preliminary results

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Zoonosis research in Central Europe

Yaghoobi Ershadi, M.R.; Javadian, E., 1995:
Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis north of Isfahan: extent of human infection in 1991

Thompson, J., 1995:
Zoonotic diseases of dogs and cats in New Zealand

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Zoonotic filaria of possible American origin in Italy

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Zoonotic hantaviruses; new concerns for the United States

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Zoonotic transmission of giardiasis: a case control study

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Zoonotic transmission of sporotrichosis

Anonymous, 1994:
Zoonotic tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis): memorandum from a WHO meeting (with the participation of FAO)

Havens, K.E.; Hanazato, T., 1993:
Zooplankton community responses to chemical stressors: A comparison of results from acidification and pesticide contamination research

Anonymous, 1995:
Zooseum: the new way of presenting animals

Horne, P.L.M. van, 1994:
Zootechnical and economic comparison of field flocks in aviary systems and battery cages

Bielak, Franciszek, 1994:
Zootechnical conditions of high-quality milk production

Woods, S.G.; Elewski, B.E., 1995:
Zosteriform zygomycosis

Lutomski, J.; Czabajska, W., 1993:
Zoty an - Polish variety of common camomile (Chamomilla recutita Rausch)

Lecoq, H.; Wipf Scheibel, C.; Desbiez, C.; Dufour, O.; Allex, D.; Hostachy, B., 1994:
Zucchini yellow mosaic virus. A new threat for cucurbit crops in Martinique

Cleveland, D.A.; Bowannie, F.J.; Eriacho, D.F.; Laahty, A.; Perramond, E., 1995:
Zuni farming and United States government policy: the politics of biological and cultural diversity in agriculture

Misra, S.K., 1993:
Zycox - a new generation herbal anticoccidial system for higher profitability

Fingeroth, J.D.; Roth, R.S.; Talcott, J.A.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1994:
Zygomycosis due to Mucor circinelloides in a neutropenic patient receiving chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia

Schuster, M.G.; Stern, J., 1995:
Zygomycosis orbital apex syndrome in association with a solitary lung carcinoma

Tucker, R., 1995:
Zygopetalum hybrids

Smati, D.; Hammiche, V.; Nehari, H.; Alamir, B.; Merad, R., 1993:
Zygophyllum geslini Coss.: chemical investigation, hypoglycemic activity

Weitzman, I.; Whittier, S.; McKitrick, J.C.; Della-Latta, P., 1995:
Zygospores: the last word in identification of rare or atypical zygomycetes isolated from clinical specimens

Raghavan, V.; Sharma, K.K., 1995:
Zygotic embryogenesis in gymnosperms and angiosperms

Ambrogioni, L.; Rapetti, S., 1992:
Zygotylenchus guevarai (Tobar Jimenez) Braun and Loof associated with disease in Viola odorata L. cultivations

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Zymodeme alteration of Entamoeba histolytica isolates under varying conditions

Mullally, M.M.; O'callaghan, D.M.; Fitzgerald, R.J.; Donnelly, W.J.; Dalton, J.P., 1995:
Zymogen activation in pancreatic endoproteolytic preparations and influence on some whey protein hydrolysate characteristics

Ramachandran, M.; Reddy, A.G.S.; Kumar, V.B.S., 1993:
`Top working` of Coffea canephora `Robusta` cv. S.274 with Coffea arabica cv. `Cauvery`

Krofta, K.; Ticha, J., 1997:
Alpha -bitter acids in hops and the problems of their analytical determination

Haraux, F.; Diolez, P.; Chernyak, B.V.; Valerio, M.; Velours, J.; Goubern, M.; Sigalat, C., 1995:
Delta micro H+-regulation of F0F1 ATPase in chloroplasts and mitochondria

Wolff, R.L.; Marpeau, A.M., 1997 :
Delta 5-Olefinic acids in the edible seeds of nut pines (Pinus cembroides edulis) from the United States

Ottini, L.; Marziali, G.; Conti, A.; Charlesworth, A.; Sorrentino, V., 1996:
Alpha and beta isoforms of ryanodine receptor from chicken skeletal muscle are the homologues of mammalian RyR1 and RyR3

Stano, J.; Bezakova, L.; Kovacs, P.; Kakoniova, D.; Liskova, D., 1996:
Alpha -Galactosidase in immobilized plant cells

Saso, L.; Casini, M.L.; Mattei, E.; Valentini, G.; Mazzanti, G., 1996:
Alpha -Hydroxy acids, anti-ageing compounds, protect albumin against heat-induced denaturation

Ort, O.; Doller, U.; Reissel, W.; Lindell, S.D.; Hough, T.L.; Simpson, D.J.; Chung, J.P., 1997:
Alpha -Hydroxyarylacetamides: a new class of fungicidally active compounds

Bremel, R.D., 1995:
Alpha -Lactalbumin regulation and its role in lactation

Andersen, G.I.; Baardseth, P.; Slinde, E.; Bremer, J.; Nilsson, A., 1995:
Alpha -Oxidation of fatty acids in cucumber

Manfredi, E.; Piacere, A.; Ricordeau, G.; Elsen, J.M.; Bibe, B.; Grosclaude, F., 1995:
Alpha s1-Casein polymorphism and goat selection

Yun CheolHeui; Estrada, A.; Kessel, A. van; Gajadhar, A.A.; Redmond, M.J.; Laarveld, B., 1997:
Beta -(1->3, 1->4) oat glucan enhances resistance to Eimeria vermiformis infection in immunosuppressed mice

Solorzano, E.; Peteira, B.; Fernandez, A., 1996:
Beta -1,3 glucanase induction in tomato plants infected with Alternaria solani. Preliminary results

Meyer, H.H.D.; Stoffel, B.; Hagen Mann, K., 1995:
Beta -Agonists, anabolic steroids and their receptors: new aspects in growth regulation

Khafagi, I.K.; Dewedar, A.; Powling, H., 1995:
Beta -Carboline concentrations in Peganum harmala plants and hairy root cultures

Stano, J.; Bezakova, L.; Kovacs, P.; Micieta, K.; Neubert, K.; Menon, V.P.; Andriamainthy, F.M.H., 1997:
Beta -Galactosidase in immobilized cells of Panax ginseng (C.A. Mey)

Kasten, B.; Reski, R., 1997:
Beta -Lactam antibiotics inhibit chloroplast division in a moss (Physcomitrella patens) but not in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

Kang ByongKyu; Son ChangHo; Kang HyunKu; Yang DongKun, 1995:
Beta -Lactamase production in twelve staphylococcal species isolated from bovine mastitic milk

Luf, W., 1996:
Beta -Lactoglobulin and immunoglobulin denaturation in milk: kinetic aspects - description as a consecutive reaction

Lin ChunZen; Mao, F.C., 1996:
Beta -Lactoglobulin genotyping and its correlation with milk producing ability of Holstein bulls

Recio, I.; Fernandez Fournier, A.; Martin Alvarez, P.J.; Ramos, M., 1997:
Beta -Lactoglobulin polymorphism in ovine breeds: influence on cheesemaking properties and milk composition

Kunau, W.H.; Dommes, V.; Schulz, H., 1995:
Beta -Oxidation of fatty acids in mitochondria, peroxisomes, and bacteria: a century of continued progress

Zheng XiaoYing; Bino, R.J.; Bergervoet, J.H.W., 1996:
Beta -Tubulin synthesis and DNA replication in imbibing seeds of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

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Beta 2-adrenoceptor densities do not correlate with growth, carcass quality, or meat quality in cattle

Meyers, D.S.; Skwish, S.; Dickinson, K.E.; Kienzle, B.; Arbeeny, C.M., 1997:
Beta 3-adrenergic receptor-mediated lipolysis and oxygen consumption in brown adipocytes from cynomolgus monkeys

Goto, S.; Yoneyama, T.; Yamagishi, J.; Chino, M., 1996:
Delta 15N studies on the plant uptake of nitrogen derived from sewage sludge in an Andosol

Langhorne, J., 1996:
Gamma delta T cells in malaria infections

Ungar-Waron, H.; Brenner, J.; Paz, R.; Moalem, U.; Trainin, Z., 1996:
gamma delta T-lymphocytes and anti-heat shock protein reactivity in bovine leukemia virus infected cattle

Lucien, J.; Reiffenstein, R.; Zbitnew, G.; Kaufman, W.R., 1995:
Gamma -Aminobutyric acid (GABA) and other amino acids in tissues of the tick, Amblyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae) throughout the feeding and reproductive periods

Wisden, W.; Moss, S.J., 1997:
Gamma -Aminobutyric acid type A receptor subunit assembly and sorting: gene targeting and cell biology approaches

Micunovic, J.; Zadnik, T.; Nemec, M.; Jazbec, I., 1996:
Gamma -Globulin status of newborn calves

Sharma Rajan; Kumar, C.G., 1996:
Gamma -Glutamyl-transpeptidase (GGTP) - a new indicator for pasteurization

Anonymous, 1995:
Gamma -Linolenic acid: metabolism and its role in nutrition and medicine

Nebola, M.; Dvorak, J.; Szulc, T., 1996:
Kappa -Casein gene polymorphism in cattle breeds in the Czech Republic and Poland

Pabst, K., 1995:
Kappa -Casein polymorphism of milk: influence on functional properties and product quality according to present opinion

Grynberg, A.; Oudot, F.; McLennan, P.L.; Athias, P., 1997:
Omega 3 Fatty acids and prevention of cardiovascular disorders

Spencer, T.E.; Ott, T.L.; Bazer, F.W., 1996:
Tau -Interferon: pregnancy recognition signal in ruminants

Nauright, J., 1996:
A besieged tribe?: Nostalgia, white cultural identity and the role of rugby in a changing South Africa

May, J.; Norton, A., 1997:
A difficult life: the perceptions and experience of poverty in South Africa

Sheley, R.L.; Jacobs, J.S., 1997:
Acceptable levels of spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) control

Dery, D.; Salomon, I., 1997:
After me, the deluge: uncertainty and water policy in Israel

Hofer, E.; Harder, W., 1995:
Agricultural policy 2002 - the second stage of the agricultural reform

Hansen, G.; Chilton, M.D., 1996:
Agrolistic transformation of plant cells: integration of T-strands generated in planta

Watanabe, M.; Ichikawa, K.; Nohara, S.; Kuwabara, T., 1995:
Aigamo rice production at the Ogaki City Agricultural Cooperative

Teglassy, T., 1995:
And what happens if - copying the successes of others - in the course of forcing modernization, we lose all that was ours? Marketing strategy plan

West, D.M., 1996:
Animal friendly nutrition - designer plants?

Galvez Cloutier, R.; Yong, R.N.; Hadjinicolaou, J., 1995:
Assessing ex/in-situ full scale soil bioremediation processes through laboratory experiments: 2 case studies

Yamakawa, O.; Yoshinaga, M.; Hidaka, M.; Kumagai, T.; Komaki, K., 1997:
Ayamurasaki: a new sweet potato cultivar

Deml, R.; Dettner, K., 1995:
Balloon hairs of gipsy moth larvae (Lep., Lymantriidae): morphology and comparative chemistry

Boshoff, G.B.E., 1997:
Barefoot sports administrators: laying the foundation for sports development in South Africa

Scheer, M.; Pirro, F.; Schmeer, N., 1996:
Baytril I.E.R. 2.5%, a new formulation of enrofloxacin for oral administration to pigs. Antibacterial activity, pharmacokinetics and biological availability

Altomare, G.F.; Capella, G.L., 1994:
"Bee sting therapy": the revival of a dangerous practice

Yin JianMing, 1996:
Big head disease of sheep

Mesini, A., 1995:
Biological rearing of rabbits

Garbe, H.; Kuhn, B., 1995:
Biotope network in the Meissner community - a project for testing and development of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Lorenz, S.L., 1995:
Bowing down to Babe Ruth: major league baseball and Canadian popular culture, 1920-1929

Soum, B., 1995:
Building by acting: a method of adapting sunflower cultivation to Morocco

Baldet, P., 1996:
CEMAG - a new transplanting machine for forest nurseries

Domke, A., 1996:
Commercial diet programmes evaluated in the view of the requirements of the German regulation on special diets

Bibe, B.; Barillet, F.; Poivey, J.P., 1996:
Contribution of automation in breeding programmes for small ruminants

Taylor, R.K.; Schrock, M.D., 1994:
Correct inflation pressure - an assessment of Kansas tractors

Bartels, T., 1995:
Defective and abnormality breedings in poultry

Melling, P., 1996 :
Definitions for definers, not the defined

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Denti de cani (= xHaynaldoticum sardoum) spontaneous hexaploid wheat: agronomic and technological characteristics

Bogenschutz, H., 1997:
Die Tannenschmetterlinge der Slowakei and studies on fir pest insects in the Black Forest (Southwest Germany)

Ross, S., 1995:
Do I really have to eat that?: a qualitative study of schoolchildren's food choices and preferences

Weltert, J.P., 1996:
Elofoam P3. Controlled exterior cleaning of filling machines

Diskus, A., 1996:
European species of mining moths (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae, Opostegidae, Tischeriidae, Bucculatrigidae) in the fauna of Central Asia

Golze, M., 1996:
Even a new nail can be too much. Suitable new- and converted buildings as solutions for keeping suckler cows

Buchowski, M., 1995:
Everyone tills the land as he can: a village in great Poland faces transition

Amaudruz, M., 1995:
FURCA or Fertilizer rate rapidly calculated and adapted

Mortensen, H., 1996:
Feta now only for Greece?

Kpea, N.; Zywocinski, C., 1995:
"Flies in the flesh": a case report and review of cutaneous myiasis

Jay, J.M., 1995:
Foods with low numbers of microorganisms may not be the safest foods or, why did human listeriosis and hemorrhagic colitis become foodborne diseases?

Dawson, D.; Harrington, M., 1996:
For the most part, it's not fun and games. Homelessness and recreation

Ireland, C.; Andrew, M.H., 1996:
Fossil paddocks: a new idea for discerning the historical effects of domestic stock on the landscape

Correra, C., 1996:
Freshness of food products between quality advertising and cases of misleading publicity

Anonymous, 1997:
Front desk? send me a computer! The hotel and tourism sector: new technology spawns a revolution in travel jobs

Iyam, D., 1996:
Full men and powerful women: the reconstruction of gender status among the Biase of southeastern Nigeria

Devegowda, G., 1997:
Giriraja a disease-resistant coloured breed for rural conditions

Taggart, A.; Medland, A.; Alexander, K., 1995:
Goodbye superteacher! Teaching sport education in the primary school

Silvestre, J.R.A.; Madalena, F.E.; Madureira, A.P., 1996:
Half-blood F1 crosses for milk yield in Minas Gerais

Deloria, P., 1996:
I am of the body: thoughts on my grandfather, culture, and sports

Bialeschki, M.D.; Pearce, K.D., 1997:
I don't want a lifestyle - I want a life: the effect of role negotiations on the leisure of lesbian mothers

Mullens, A., 1996:
"I think we have a problem in Victoria": MDs respond quickly to toxoplasmosis outbreak in BC

Dover, P., 1995:
I want to play with a woman. Gender relations, sexuality and reproductive health in rural Zambia

Moore, F., 1997:
"I've just been bitten by a dog"

Mareggiani, G.; Pelicano, A.; Fraschina, A.; Bilotti, G.; Gorosito, N.; Zipeto, G., 1997:
In vitro activity of natural plant products on Meloidogyne incognita larvae (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae)

Oliveira, A. de; Cruz, L.C.H. da; Botelho, G.G., 1995:
In vitro binding of citrinin to serum albumin

Freire, R.B.stos.; Lopes, C.W.lson G., 1995:
In vitro excystation of Cystoisospora felis (Wenyon, 1923) Frenkel, 1977 (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae)

Balardin, R.S.; Rodrigues, J.C.rlos V., 1995:
In vitro sensitivity of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum races to systemic and protectant fungicides

Wilson, B.; Sparks, R., 1996:
It's gotta be the shoes: youth, race, and sneaker commercials

Kaufman, W.; Reuben.; Lomas, L.O., 1996 :
Male factors in ticks: their role in feeding and egg development

Bellini, E., 1997:
Maria Dolce, a late, yellow fleshed nectarine qualitatively innovative

Anonymous, 1997:
Milk from Danish cows must be supplied in the dairies' own cartons

Anonymous, 1995:
Morozhenoe-95: the 2nd international exhibition and trade fair

Smith, M.J., 1996:
Moving in harmony with nature's laws: sport, leisure, and health in Victorian North America

Anonymous, 1997:
Mucoore (trusted friend), let's share with others! developing radio and illustration materials for the healthy women counselling guide

Vipul Kumar; Singh, B.B.; Srivastava, V.K., 1996:
NPK fertiliser qualitative analysis at selected stations of the Gorakhpur region of eastern U.P

Pecht, G., 1996:
Natural substances for animal nutrition

Gherbin, P.; Pardo, A.; Monteleone, M., 1994:
Newman vs. core break method for determining root length density of sweet sorghum (Sorghum vulgare L. var. saccharatum)

Donough, C.R.; Corley, R.H.V.; Law, I.H., 1995:
Non-shedding variants of the oil palm

Carlson, T., 1995:
Now, I think I can. The reaction of eight low-skilled students to sport education

Volmicke, C., 1997:
Olympic Games in Schools: an interdisciplinary teaching project - the opportunities and difficulties of interdisciplinary school teaching

Greene, C.; Calvin, L., 1997:
Organically grown vegetables: U.S. acreage and markets expand during the 1990's

Millet, A., 1995:
Oui or Non to biotechnology: the other French referendum

Dantas, J.L.L.; Alves, E.J.; Felix, A.I.L.; Oliveira e Silva, S. de, 1995:
Pioneira: a new yellow sigatoka resistant dessert banana

Carvalho, E.P. de; Canhos, V.P.; Ribeiro, V.E.; Carvalho, H.P. de, 1996:
Polvilho azedo: physicochemical and microbiological aspects

Moller, S., 1996:
Protein penalty in cows consuming pasture

Radchenko, V.G.; Pesenko, Y.A., 1996:
Protobee and its nests: A new hypothesis concerning the early evolution of Apoidea (Hymenoptera)

Kralik, J.; Rosenberger, J., 1994:
Pukanec black mulberries protected nature reserve

Cannon, B.Q., 1994:
Quite a wrestling match: the adaptation of dryland farmers to irrigation

Kfoury, J.R.berto, J.; Okamoto, N.; Tanaka, M.; Yoshimizu, M.; Lapatra, S.E.; Maita, M., 1996:
Rash skin disease of rainbow trout

Garcia, V.V., 1996:
Respecting your home: economic change and gender ideology in a native community in southern Veracruz, Mexico

Volkl, W.; Mackauer, M., 1996:
Sacking the host: oviposition behavior of a parasitoid wasp, Dyscritulus planiceps (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae)

Thakur, U., 1995:
Sick tea plantations in Assam and Bengal

Varga, P.; Badea, E.M.; Schitea, M.; Martura, T., 1994:
Sigma the first alfalfa cultivar composed exclusively of somaclones

Varga, P.; Badea, E.M.; Schitea, M.; Martura, T., 1995:
Sigma, the first alfalfa cultivar composed exclusively of somaclones

Levitskii, A.; Sherstobitov, V.; Orlov, L.; Gogol' , B., 1994:
Soevit for fattening of pigs

Coppola, S.; Villani, F., 1996:
Starter and protective cultures of lactic acid bacteria for technological valorization of buffalo milk

Donkin, D.J.; Mans, C.C.; Slabbert, M.J.; Levin, J.; Wolstenholme, B.N., 1995:
Stepped down storage temperature regimes for Fuerte fruit grown in the Kwazulu/Natal Midlands: do they reduce the incidence of physiological disorders?

Damke, M.M.; Kawarkhe, V.J., 1996:
Surakta (AKC 79-18) - an improved chilli variety

Backer, I.L., 1995:
Sustainability and benefits to the community concerning the release and use of genetically modified organisms in the Norwegian Gene Technology Act

Garozzo, M.; Riciputo, R.; Greco, A.M.; Oliveri, S.; Guardo, M., 1994:
Switching of C. albicans in cases of vaginitis: analysis of phenotype in diverse growth conditions

Traeder, W., 1997:
Synulox RTU, a combination of amoxicillin protected by clavulanic acid for parenteral administration against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria resistant to beta-lactam

Kodagali, S.B., 1995:
Terramycin/LA (oxytetracycline) therapy of peri-parturient cows

Weiss, M.R.; Smith, A.L.; Theeboom, M., 1996:
That's what friends are for: children's and teenagers' perceptions of peer relationships in the sport domain

Haag, P., 1996:
The 50,000-watt sports bar: talk radio and the ethic of the fan

Fisher, J.T., 1996:
The great beader: Pete Axthelm and the bonds of tradition

Smith, M.J., 1996:
There's no penalty when you hit the fence: sporting activities in Central and Eastern Nova Scotia, 1880s to 1920s

Anonymous, 1995:
Three North shelterbelt system

Jones, W.A., 1996:
To bee or not to bee: honey-bees in the Australian environment

Vanni, M.J.; Layne, C.D.; Arnott, S.E., 1997:
Top-down trophic interactions in lakes: effects of fish on nutrient dynamics

D.Auzac, J., 1996:
Toxic oxygen: protection against pathogens

Renne, E.P., 1997:
Traditional modernity and the economics of hand woven cloth production in southwestern Nigeria

Lim, T.M., 1997:
Tree-Ject - a portable hand-operated pressurised tree injector for pesticide and nutrient application

Penny, R.H.C.; Farmere, A.M.T.; Lomas, A.J., 1995:
Up and away - do hot air balloons scare outdoor pigs?

Manesse, M.; Sautet, J.; Delverdier, M.; Schelcher, F.; Espinasse, J.; Cabanie, P., 1995:
Waldeyer's ring of bovine: topographic and microscopic anatomy of tonsils

Verlaat, E., 1995:
We don't want a road, it will bring development. Management of natural vegetation by indigenous peoples

Flintoff, A., 1996:
We have no problems with equal opportunities hereWe've got mixed changing rooms!

Shaw, T.A., 1994:
We like to have fun: leisure and the discovery of the self in Taiwan's new middle class

Williamson, D.F., 1996:
Weight cycling and mortality: how do the epidemiologists explain the role of intentional weight loss?

Finlinson, H.A.; Guberti, B.; Robles, R.R.; Colon, H.M., 1996:
What we want to know about HIV/AIDS: an analysis of questions asked by substance abuse clients attending AIDS education classes in Puerto Rico

Castle, K., 1995:
Why have we done all of this for you?

Hankins, A., 1997:
Wild-simulated forest farming for ginseng production

Anonymous, 1995:
You bring out the music in me: music in nursing homes

Sager, G., 1995:
'A burger and a coke' and other environmental problems: reflections on diet and the environmental crisis

Sach, T., 1996:
'A service for people.'

Layne, R.E.C., 1996:
'AC Harflame' nectarine

Layne, R.E.C., 1996:
'AC Harrow Dawn' peach

Layne, R.E.C., 1996:
'AC Harrow Fair' peach

Beuselinck, P.R.; Steiner, J.J., 1995:
'ARS-2620' birdsfoot trefoil

Misra, P.N.; Roma Mitra; Tewari, S.K.; Abdul Rauf, 1995:
'Aatrilal' (Ammi majus Linn.) - A potent drug for cutaneous disorders

Simon, L., 1997:
'Agenda 2000': prospects for the Common Agricultural Policy

Pulina, P., 1996:
'Agro-industrial complexes' in the national economy: an investigation by means of multivariate analysis

Qualset, C.O.; McGuire, P.E.; Warburton, M.L., 1995:
'Agrobiodiversity' key to agricultural productivity

Durgapal, J.C., 1996:
'Albino' mutation in rice bacterial blight pathogen

Vail, D., 1996:
'All Sweden shall live!': reinventing community for sustainable rural development

Armstrong, S.D.; Russell, A.C.; Ovenden, G.E., 1995:
'Allure': a new white field pea (Pisum sativum L.) for Southland, New Zealand

Kirsch, P., 1997:
'Amazing daze: confusion brings change'

Krahenbuhl, R., 1996:
'An eternally given tapestry': traces and pictures of forest in literature and painting

Cueto, D.J. del, 1995:
'Apitoxin' : a defence weapon for the honey bee and for human health

Buysse, A.; Van Oost, P., 1997:
'Appropriate' male and female safer sexual behaviour in heterosexual relationships

Lewis, D.J., 1996:
'Appropriating' technology? Tractor owners, brokers, artisans and farmers in rural Bangladesh

Gray, L.; Pastrana, C.; Collavino, N.; Erskine, W., 1996:
'Arbolito,' a new cultivar of lentil in Argentina

Spiegel Roy, P.; Cohen, S.; Baron, I.; Assaf, R.; Ben A' haron, S.; Striem, M.J., 1996:
'Argaman': a new, highly colored productive, vinifera wine cultivar

Osunade, M.; Reij, C., 1996:
'Back to the grass strips': a history of soil conservation policies in Swaziland

Granger, R.L.; Khanizadeh, S.; Groleau, Y.; Fortin, C.N.; Rousselle, G.L.; Spangelo, L.P.S., 1996:
'Belmac' apple

Lowles, A.; Harrington, R.; Mann, J., 1996:
'Beyond the infectivity index'

Neilsen, G.; Kappel, F., 1996:
'Bing' sweet cherry leaf nutrition is affected by rootstock

Nunes, M.V.; Veerman, A., 1997:
'Bistability' experiments and the photoperiodic clock in the spider mite Tetranychus urticae

Sheard, K.G., 1997:
'Breakers ahead!' professionalization and Rugby Union Football: lessons from Rugby league

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